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The Skateboard 5

Jerry woke at his usual time the next morning; his body was just accustomed to waking at 7 am. He rolled onto his side to see that Devon was still soundly asleep, his beautiful face highlighted by the natural morning light.

`It wasn't a dream', Jerry said to himself, as he listened intently to the boy's breathing. Devon was only partially covered by the sheet, giving Jerry a nice view of his slumbering body. Devon was lean, of that there was no doubt, but he was still smooth. Jerry's eyes explored the naked teen lying in his bed beside him. Once again, he counted himself lucky; having a boy in his bed was an impossible dream, something right out of those stories he liked to read on the Internet.

Getting Devon to stay had been easy; the pair lazed about until almost midnight, when Jerry declared it too late for him to drive the boy home, and far too late for a young man to be out on the streets. Whether Devon agreed with the old man or was just tired didn't matter; that he stayed was the point. Jerry had offered him the option of the couch; along with sharing his bed, and the boy immediately chose sharing. The confident youngster seemed unconcerned about sleeping naked with another man. Jerry figured that Devon's household must have been practically clothing optional for him to be so comfortable nude. He deduced that Devon's mother was inattentive for the most part, and imagined that he grew up in a fairly permissive environment, one in which a young Devon was dressed only when he did it himself.

Jerry's imagining Devon as a naked toddler came to halt the moment his eyes caught the boy's erection just under the sheet. It was hardly surprising that a fifteen year old woke with a woody, but Jerry still found it captivating. He reached down and slowly caressed it, figuring he had implied permission.

The teen's eyes snapped open as he reminded himself where he was and whom he was with.

"What time is it?" Devon asked, as he stretched.

"Just past seven," Jerry replied, allowing the cock to slip from his grasp.

"Fuck, that's early," Devon said with a yawn.

"We have to get you home before your aunt," Jerry reminded. He imagined Devon would be challenged to explain where he'd been all night, should he arrive after the woman got home.

Devon pulled the sheet over himself as if denying the existence of morning. Jerry remained silent, when suddenly the teen threw off the sheet and ordered,

"Pull your shorts off!"

Jerry eased his boxers down to reveal his own semi erect cock. Devon climbed over the man, straddling him as he lowered his body. Now that Devon's cock was proximate to his own, Jerry realised it wasn't as thick as he'd estimated; the boy still had some growing to do. Devon eased his body down, putting his full weight on Jerry's chest as he mashed their cocks together in that timeless boyhood need for sexual relief. Jerry had resisted the urge to cuddle with the boy that night, thinking it might be too forward, too needy, but now he was enjoying the boy's warmth against his old skin. As Devon humped him, Jerry ran his hands all over the boy's back and squeezed his firm, yet soft ass. Jerry's mind wondered back to a time when he did things like this as a young teen. He knew ejaculation was the quick result of such rubbing, and wasn't shocked when Devon urgently announced

"Gunna cum!"

"Sit on my chest and put it in my mouth!" Jerry ordered quickly. He wanted to taste the boy again.

Devon moved swiftly to straddle the man's chest and placed his cock into the inviting mouth. The teen moaned in that sweet tone that Jerry enjoyed, an urgent adolescent high-pitched sound of pleasure. Devon was eager to release his first load of the day, and began to thrust his hips forward, pushing his cock deeper into the man's throat. Jerry gagged a few times, as the insistent teen forced his cock in and out of the man's mouth. He could tell by the whiny moaning sounds that Devon loved it and was very close to ejaculation. Devon didn't make Jerry wait long, unloading his warm fluid into the man's mouth. Jerry swallowed quickly and then kept sucking. Devon's moans got louder, until he finally pulled his cock out.

As he straddled the man on all fours, he sighed and said,

"I didn't know stuff like this felt so good."

"There's lots of things I can show you that feel good," Jerry promised, hoping that Devon would take him up on the offer.

"Like what?" Devon quizzed.

"You'll find out soon enough," Jerry teased. "But now we've got to get you cleaned up and on your way home."

Devon waddled off to the bathroom, mostly because of his urgent need to urinate. Jerry followed and started the shower. He watched the boy pissing, and then urged Devon to join him. Once in the shower, he took pleasure from washing the boy's hair and body; taking care of Devon was such a joy.

"You didn't cum," Devon announced, as he noticed Jerry was still semi erect.

"You did; that's what's important, Devon; don't worry about me," Jerry said selflessly.

Devon reached over and began stroking the man's cock as he cupped the testicles with his other hand. The teen showed that he had some skill handling man meat as he teased the back of Jerry's balls. The man was lost in pleasure overload, again living out a fantasy, a teen boy standing right there in his shower, stroking him off. Jerry figured this could take a while, as he wasn't a quick squirting teenager any more, but he surprised himself with an unexpected surge, followed by a powerful orgasm. As he moaned, he had to steady himself against the shower wall.

"Oh my god, Devon; that was amazing! I love you!" Jerry gushed, in his post-orgasmic bliss. It was the best he'd had in a great many years, and it was the first he'd had with another person in a long time.

"No, you don't; you just liked that I jacked you off," Devon said matter-of-factly, as he turned to wash the cum from his hands.

Jerry put an affectionate hand on the boy's back. He was embarrassed that he he'd been so emotional with Devon. He did care for him, but loving him wasn't something that he'd planned to express. Now that it was out there, how could he pull it back? How could he possibly say that Devon was correct; that it was just the reaction of a sentimental old man getting a hand job? He decided to just let it drop; saying nothing was better than saying the wrong thing to Devon. Jerry suspected the teen thought of their relationship in a casual sense, likely having no idea how important he was to him.

"I'll drive you home," Jerry suggested, as they dressed. "I'm sorry we don't have time for a proper breakfast, but I can get you a bagel"

"Yeah, bagel is fine, but I'll go home on my own. I don't want anyone to see you dropping me off," Devon reasoned.

Jerry hurriedly prepared a warm bagel with jam and juice for his boy. He wanted to feed him, but he didn't want to make him late. Questions from his aunt would most certainly make their lives difficult, especially now that things had turned sexual.

"Ok, see ya, Jerry," Devon called from the doorway, as he disappeared with a half eaten bagel in his hand.

Jerry stood, somewhat surprised to see Devon just bolt out the door. He knew there was a time crunch, but he had hoped for a hug, or some other form of affectionate touching.

Jerry collected himself as he made his own breakfast. His deductive mind replayed the events of the night before and this morning. He worried that Devon would find the sexual situation strange, once he thought about it. Perhaps this would be a one-time event, or maybe an infrequent release of sexual energy with a trusted friend; but Jerry knew it wouldn't lead to a coupling. He was still considering Devon a transient person in his life. He began to consider how easy it was to get into Devon's pants; the boy seemed to know where the massaging was going to lead. Jerry had another thought, as his heart sank; Devon was clearly keen and skilled at reciprocating. Perhaps because it was his first sexual partner in ages, but it seemed to Jerry that Devon knew how to masturbate him. He required no instruction, no urging to get the motion correct, or to fondle his testicles the way he had. Jacking off someone else was clearly different from doing it to your self, and Devon knew what he was doing. That, and his casual nudity, had Jerry wondering just who seduced whom, as he sat drinking his morning tea.

He considered whether Devon was some kind of man slut, or if the innocent boy felt obligated to do it. He had, after all, given Devon what he claimed to be a two hundred dollar skateboard. Did he think he really had to work it off, Jerry wondered? He knew that Devon's generation was more casual with sex than his, but still it just seemed too easy. Devon required no convincing or even an explanation. He'd just lain back with his flagpole waiting.

Jerry continued his routine. He tried not to miss Devon, but that was impossible. He was excited about the possibility of seeing him again, but would he come? Based on experience, Jerry knew that he wasn't working and should arrive around three for his board. Jerry went to the closet to get the board out and have it ready for Devon's return, but he couldn't find it. It would be where it always was, unless Devon took it. Why would the boy take it, when he'd insisted that wasn't possible? Jerry came up with only one conclusion: Devon had no plans to return. His heart sank, as he suspected his comment about loving him had finally tipped the scales; he'd freaked the kid out.


Jerry went down to the skate park at his usual time and took his seat. The regulars were there, but Devon was absent. Jerry had waited at his apartment, in case Devon did arrive, but figured he would more likely see him at the park. He considered the possibility that Devon wouldn't want to engage him; that he would remain distant. He had to accept whatever Devon wanted, he told himself. The boy would set the tone for whatever relationship they had left, he decided.

It was close to four when the shaggy haired boy arrived. Jerry tried to check his excitement, but to no avail; his heart was thumping with anticipation. He watched Devon's movements, but tried not to look like he was doing so. Sure enough, Devon did have the skateboard as he entered the park. Jerry watched as Devon's young friend came over to him.


"Hey, Dev," Jeremy greeted

"Hey," Devon replied with casual disinterest.

"You going to Northern next year?" Jeremy asked.

"Yeah, We'll be in the same school next year," Devon replied, hoping the younger boy wouldn't be too clingy

"Devon," Cody and Sam greeted, as they arrived.

"Hey, guys," Devon replied.

"Your granddad has been here for a while, Dev," Jeremy reported.

"Granddad?" Sam asked.

"That's not his granddad; that's the park weirdo," Cody said, when Jeremy pointed to where Jerry sat.

As all eyes focused on Devon, he knew he had to get out of his lie.

"He's practically my grandpa," Devon began. "He's dating my grandma. So if he wants to impress her, he can buy me stuff anytime he wants," Devon completed, as he gestured to his board.

Cody seemed unconvinced, but Jeremy wasn't fussed as he led off. Devon went right behind him, seeking to end the conversation.


Jerry saw the boy's talking before they skated around. He couldn't hear them from that far, but figured it was the usual teen banter. Jerry watched them skate for an hour and, at five, stood to go. Devon hadn't come near him, so he had his answer. From now on, they'd be friends from afar. Perhaps he'd get an occasional estranged greeting as they passed, but that was all he could hope for. It could have been worse he comforted himself. He had Devon, if just for a night, and it seemed the boy hadn't turned on him. Jerry stepped aside quickly as he heard a board coming up from the bowl. Devon landed and stopped ahead of the man, with enough margin that Jerry now realised that a collision was unlikely. Still, at his age, he didn't want to risk getting taken out by one of the boys on the edge of control.

"You going?" Devon asked, as though nothing had changed.

"Yes, it's five," Jerry replied, as though he barely knew the boy.

"I didn't think it was that late," Devon stated.

"I see you took your board," Jerry noted.

"Yeah, I made enough money at the grocery for my aunt to believe that I bought it now. I don't have to bother you anymore," Devon explained.

"You were never a bother, Devon," Jerry advised, wanting to say something far more positive. He wanted to say that he enjoyed their time; that he needed him, but this wasn't the place; and he figured such a message wouldn't be appropriate, regardless.

"I gotta go, too; I got work tonight," Devon explained.

"Some one away?" Jerry said, knowing the boy's schedule.

"Yeah, I got a call today. Hey, can you loan me twenty?" Devon asked.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jerry saw Cody and Sam in close attendance. They skated by a few times as he was talking to Devon. Jerry took out his wallet and pulled out a twenty. Devon had yet to pay him for the skateboard, not that he expected it; but still, asking for money seemed rude. Jerry wondered if Devon expected to be paid off; would the hustler need twenty every time he saw him now?

"Thanks, grandpa," Devon said, as he accepted the money.

Devon skated off, having demonstrated his relationship to Jerry while the others watched. He could tell they were hanging nearby as he spoke to the man. Devon used his strength to push hard, skating to get home, as he needed to get his uniform before work.

Jerry trudged home in a daze. It had gotten worse; he would have to leave the park for a while; put some distance between himself and Devon. He knew that wouldn't prevent the boy from seeking him out, but at least it wouldn't make him an easy target for the bandit's consensual mugging. Jerry watched, as the athletic shaggy haired boy propelled himself quickly down the street, and he wondered how his dream had become a nightmare.


Chapter six coming soon