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The Skateboard 6

It was nearly noon as Jerry sipped on the last of the morning tea. He'd begun to consider lunch, now that he'd finished the paper and done his online routine - checking out new stories and videos. He wasn't planning to go to the skate park today; he hadn't gone the two days prior, either. He'd gotten too close, too involved he told himself, and he was no longer just an observer, but had become a character in the play. Jerry had decided to take his afternoon walks on the beach, like he did when he first arrived at his retirement community. He went right down near the water where the harder sand was, as the soft sand was too difficult for him to walk on. There were lots of boys to look at on the beach; he was especially interested in the speedo-clad European tourists who seemed totally comfortable with his passing glances. In fact, one little guy had actually smiled and waved.

The door buzzer interrupted Jerry's musing. He wasn't expecting a delivery, so he assumed it was a wrong number.

On the second buzz, Jerry got up and went over to the console. "Yes?" he answered.

"Hey, it's me," came the reply.

Jerry couldn't be sure, with the poor sound quality, but it sounded like Devon. It was the voice of a young person for sure.

"Who?" Jerry replied, buying for time. He wasn't sure he wanted to see the boy, but he didn't want the kid to make a scene right in the lobby, either.

"Devon Watson ... your grandson," Devon said slowly and clearly.

Jerry wondered at the boy's choice of words, and assumed he wasn't alone in the lobby. A simple `Devon' would have sufficed, so he figured the boy was specific for the benefit of his audience.

"Come in," Jerry sighed, as he pushed the door button. He'd run out of time to come up with an excuse not to see the teen.

Jerry paced, waiting for Devon to make it up to the apartment. He tried to steel himself to the idea that he wouldn't give the boy any more money. Perhaps, once he'd made that clear, Devon would leave him alone.

Jerry heard a light rap at the door and opened it immediately.

"Hey," the shaggy haired boy greeted, as he walked past Jerry into the apartment.

Jerry closed the door and tried to calm himself. "Can I get you a drink?" he asked casually, as his heart thumped in his chest.

"Sure, the usual," Devon said happily. "I came yesterday, but you didn't answer," Devon noted.

"I took my ... I was out," Jerry replied, not keen on revealing where he was during the afternoons, as he gave the boy his cola. He wasn't sure what Devon was up to, but he figured playing it cool would be his best course.

"So what can I do for you, Devon?" Jerry asked, as he saw little purpose in beating around the bush.

"I thought maybe something had happened, like you were sick or something," Devon explained, as he looked up at Jerry from his seated position on the couch.

How nice. He was worried about my health, Jerry thought sarcastically.

"I'm fine, thank you," Jerry said, appearing the epitome of calm.

"Well, I wanted to hang out, too, and, you know ... get a blow job," Devon said, with a devilish grin.

"How much money will that cost me?" Jerry mumbled aloud, thinking he'd rather bring this to a head.

"Oh yeah, money," Devon said with a giggle; clearly he was amused by the whole thing.

As the teen took out his wallet, Jerry braced himself; he wasn't going to give in; not this time. He had to stop it right now.

Devon removed forty dollars from his wallet and held it out to the man. At first, Jerry thought it was a joke.

"Twenty for the board and the twenty you lent me," Devon explained, as Jerry hadn't moved to accept the bills.

"You can keep it," Jerry said unsure of where this was going.

"No a deal's a deal" Devon said, putting the money on the table.

As Jerry's mind evaluated the situation, Devon spoke again, "So can I take off my pants now?"

"Perhaps I don't want you to," Jerry replied. He wasn't ready to believe that the whole story had been told.

"Bummer. I just thought ... that you know ... I guess you want me to do it to you first," Devon said, obviously not keen on the idea.

"Have you sucked cock before?" Jerry questioned, as he moved to stand directly in front of Devon.

"No ... I guess I could try," Devon offered reluctantly.

"What have you done?" Jerry asked, keeping his tone direct, yet even.

"I had a jerk off buddy back in Michigan," Devon replied softly

"Just one?" Jerry pressed.

"Well, one regularly, but I did it with other guys, too; mostly at camp," Devon offered, as he kept his head down, clearly embarrassed at his revelations.

"Any adults?" Jerry presumed.

"Well, there was one counsellor; he was twenty," Devon replied, looking up through his shaggy hair, with that hopeful smile of a child wishing he'd said the right thing.

Jerry sat down beside his boy and sighed. That was it all along; Devon was experienced with other horny young men, and he sought that type contact again. Jerry's thoughts of Devon as a hustler began to melt.

"I have one last question; why did you take the skate board without telling me?"

"I figured it would be easier, and I thought it was mine. Is that why you've been pissed off, dude?" Devon replied, as he regained his confidence.

"I suppose," Jerry offered calmly, as inside he thought himself so stupid to doubt the boy.

"Were you a cop, you know ... before you retired?" Devon asked.

"No, why?" Jerry said, as he dared to put his arm around the boy again, reclaiming his friendship.

"You sure can talk like one" Devon reasoned.

"I was an investigator," Jerry revealed, as he wondered what experience Devon had with the police.

"Like a P.I.?" Devon asked, clearly excited.

"No. Private investigators mostly follow around cheating husbands; it's not like what you see on TV. I was an insurance investigator," Jerry explained.

"What did you do exactly?" Devon asked, not understanding the difference.

"I went through large claims, and checked peoples stories for inconsistencies. It amazed me how many people tried to get away with false claims," Jerry explained.

"Like what?" Devon replied, still not experienced enough to understand.

"I'll explain it too you over lunch; but first I need a little snack," Jerry said, as he smiled. "Take your pants off," Jerry ordered, when Devon didn't get it.

Devon put his hands behind his head and gave the man an impish grin. Jerry reached over and fumbled with the boy's button, finally releasing it. He yanked down Devon's pants and underwear in one go, to find the teenage cock rather soft.

"I thought you'd be more excited," Jerry noted, as he knelt down in front of his boy.

"I was, `til you started barking at me like a cop," Devon complained.

"Should I tie the prisoner's hands, then?" Jerry asked in jest.

He could tell that Devon was seriously considering the possibility, and added, "The only thing I have would be duct tape; I don't have handcuffs or anything like that."

"Suck it, grandpa," was Devon's reply. Just as well, Jerry thought, as he started going down on the boy. Devon was quickly hard and moaning as Jerry enjoyed his appetizer. He could tell that Devon was enjoying it, based on his reactions as he pulled Devon forward on the couch and lifted the boy's legs. Jerry then began to lap the boy's balls, and then the area right beneath them. Devon was clearly in heaven with the new sensations, as Jerry caught his pleading eyes. They looked the same as that night when Jerry first brought him home.

"Make me cum," Devon whined.

Jerry continued to tease the boy, sucking and licking the wonderful young cock, but not sufficiently to bring about a release.

"Beg me," Jerry ordered, as Devon's hands were intercepted before he could do the job himself.

"Please, Jerry, make me cum," Devon said, as he played along.

"Mmmumph, cumming. Oh, fuck yeah," Devon moaned, just before he filled Jerry's mouth and started grunting. The teen was thrusting his hips up as he unloaded, and a big load it was. Jerry assumed that Devon had been saving it all day, just for this moment.

Jerry cleaned up Devon, and left him to put his clothes back on, while he went to the kitchen to prepare lunch. The two had a conversation about insurance fraud, but Jerry was able to steer the topic around to something far more interesting - Devon himself.

"So you've only done stuff with boys, not a girl?" Jerry asked.

"Girls don't like me" Devon replied.

It was an interesting thing to say, Jerry thought. It wasn't as bold as `I don't like girls' but it had the same ring. Jerry knew that Devon was shy, so an early rejection by a girl might lead him to swear them off. He considered young Jeremy, and wondered if Devon was angling to get himself a new jack off buddy, but then why was here instead, with an old man, getting his dick sucked?

"What don't they like?" Jerry asked softly, as he tried not to interrogate the boy again.

"I guess I'm not tall enough, or funny. I'm not the bad boy either, even though I'm a skater," Devon explained.

Jerry could tell that Devon didn't like the questions, so he let the issue drop, as he thought about skateboarding as a young male's sport; girls were indeed rare. Some came out to watch their boyfriends, but, for the most part, they didn't skate themselves. The conversation wandered around until it came time for the skate park. Jerry could tell that Devon was excited to go, as he kept looking out the window to see who was there. He didn't offer the boy his binoculars, as he thought Devon might be freaked out if he learned about the man's secret observations.

"I suppose you want to go to the park, now," Jerry noted.

"Yeah," Devon smiled.

"Off you go then," Jerry replied cheerfully. He knew Devon would go soon, even though he wanted to keep him all to himself.

"You're not coming?" Devon asked

"No, I'm tired; you go," Jerry replied

"I like it when you come watch," Devon said softly.

"Yet, last time I watched, you ignored me," Jerry accused.

"Sorry," Devon said casually.

"Go have fun," Jerry dismissed. "Are you coming back for dinner?"

"Sure," Devon said with a big smile. "My aunt is home, but she won't care if I'm not there."

Devon was gone a second later, as Jerry was left to realise that Devon wasn't big on goodbyes. Perhaps that's why his sudden departure a few mornings previously had caused such confusion.


Devon returned later that afternoon, as promised, but was surprised to find Jerry waiting for him at the lobby door.

"What's up?" Devon wondered, as he entered, still sweaty from the skate park.

"We need to do some quick shopping," Jerry explained, as he led the teen to his car.

They went to the place where Jerry always shopped, and where Devon worked. The two toured the isles, selecting, with haste, what the man needed. Jerry noticed that Devon was actually bouncing at the checkout line, as if willing it to go faster. He put a calming hand on the boy's soft shoulder, settling him right away. As they left the store, Devon paused, his head swivelling.

"What's wrong?" Jerry asked.

"I thought someone called me; maybe someone I work with, but I can't tell... let's go," Devon explained.

The grocery was naturally loud, so Jerry didn't give any more thought to Devon's being called by another worker; he could talk to his friends later. They had dinner to make.

Devon lay on the couch, satisfied with the evening's meal. They had watched an hour's worth of TV, as Jerry massaged the soles of Devon's feet. The boy loved it, and was showing no signs that he was going to ask Jerry to stop.

"Are you horny, Devon," Jerry asked, knowing the likely answer.

"Yeah," Devon said slowly.

"I was wondering if you could do something for me?" Jerry suggested, but he didn't want to push the boy into trying things he didn't want. After all, another hand job would still be a wonderful thing, Jerry thought.

"I guess," Devon hedged.

"Would you fuck me, Devon?" Jerry asked.

"Up the ass?" Devon asked in shock.

"That's the only option," Jerry replied.

"Won't it hurt?" Devon continued.

"Only if you do it wrong," Jerry suggested jovially.

"Ok, I guess," Devon replied, less than enthusiastically.

"Only if you want to, Devon; don't feel obligated," Jerry said, wishing he hadn't, but Devon had to choose for himself.

"Isn't it supposed to be the old guys fucking the young guys?" Devon asked, as he stood.

"Not always," Jerry replied, as he led Devon to the bedroom, holding his hand.

Once in the bedroom, they both undressed quietly. Jerry could tell that Devon was nervous, and so he prepared himself for the boy to bail. He got his lube and lay on the bed. Using his fingers, Jerry opened himself up quickly and put more fluid in. He was very excited about the prospect of Devon fucking him.

"This will make it easier for you," Jerry explained, as Devon waited.

Jerry reached over and began stroking Devon into a firm erection, excited by the thought that he would be fucked by a real cock tonight.

"Don't we need a condom?" Devon asked.

"I don't have any, but given our respective lack of recent experience, I think we'll be ok without one," Jerry advised.

"No glove, no love," Devon chimed. Jerry had heard it before on TV. It was a warning that one shouldn't have sex without a condom, and if this was the out that Devon needed, Jerry resigned himself to accepting it. He wouldn't push the boy any further.

Devon pickup up his pants, but surprised the man by producing a condom.

"They give them out at school," Devon explained.

"Oh, how nice," Jerry said, with meaning. He didn't dare ask if it was expired; Devon was going to fuck him!

Jerry guided the boy into position, putting his legs up on the kid's shoulders. He wanted an easy entry, and to be able to see Devon's face; otherwise he'd have preferred it on his stomach.

"Push harder," Jerry ordered, as Devon seemed unwilling to get it in.

Suddenly, he felt his anus part and the young cock enter. Jerry sighed as Devon went to it, automatically getting his rhythm as he braced himself with his arms. The teen was picking up speed, as his breathing became heavy. Devon was close, too close.

"Devon, slow down; let me enjoy it," Jerry ordered.

Devon did slow, gasping as he went. Jerry was enjoying it, but he knew Devon wouldn't last much longer. He started pulling on his cock to move things along, as Devon's shaggy hair brushed his face. The teen's masculine smell and hot breath drove Jerry over the edge, as he pulled furiously on his cock.

"Harder, Devon; get it deeper!" Jerry snapped in urgency.

The teen got right into it, and was close to cumming as he fucked the man. Jerry fired his first volley up into Devon's belly. His constricting hole pushed Devon into his own orgasm as the two moaned. Jerry could feel Devon's sweat dripping on him as the boy slammed in hard, filling his condom. Finally, Devon collapsed down on Jerry, panting as his cock slipped out.

"Oh, fuck! That was crazy, dude," Devon said, his chest still heaving.

"It was great for me, too, Devon," Jerry said, as he kissed the boy's cheek. "Can you go again?"


Chapter 7 coming soon.