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The Skateboard 7

Jerry returned from the bathroom with a damp cloth and towel. Devon was able to go again, and now lay on his back, totally spent. The boy's condom was filled with two loads of his cum, but hadn't failed, a testament to its design. Jerry gently took it off and wiped down Devon's wonderful cock. The teen squealed at the gentle touches on his sensitive manhood.

Devon had been great the second time, well third, counting the blowjob Jerry, reminded himself. He had given Jerry a great fuck, maintaining his pace right to the end. Jerry had little left to expel, but he did have a wonderful prostate massage, resulting in a warm and fuzzy orgasm. Jerry couldn't recall a time when he had better sex, either in the distant past or with his vibrator.

Once Devon had been towelled off, Jerry joined him back in bed, cuddling as he nuzzled the boy's neck.

"You were amazing!" Jerry praised softly.

"You really got into it," Devon replied. "Do you think fucking a girl is like this?" he asked

"I suppose it's similar," Jerry replied, wondering if Devon would soon consider what he'd done too `gay' to be repeated. He reminded himself that Devon wasn't interested in sucking cock, so his sexuality was likely still undetermined. Jerry mused about him in a couple of years; oh, to have a seventeen-year-old Devon pounding his ass.

"But you like taking it?" Devon asked.

Jerry explained the mechanics of anal sex to the boy and then said,

"To be honest, Devon, I've used a vibrator to give me that pleasure for years, but you, my friend, were so much better," Jerry gushed, as the cuddling continued.

"Can I see it?" Devon asked, with a curious grin.

"You want to see my vibrator? Alright," Jerry said, before rolling over and retrieving it from his night table.

He handed the seven-inch tool to the boy.

"It's big," Devon said, as he examined it.

"You don't have to put all of it in," Jerry noted, as he took the machine back. He turned it on and touched it to the boy's arm to give him the idea, and then moved to his cock.

Devon squealed, and was hard again as Jerry moved the vibrator around. He eased the boy's leg up and put the machine against his balls. Then he touched it against Devon's hole.

Devon giggled, as he was stimulated, amazing Jerry with the thought that the boy might be ready to go a fourth time.

"You want me to put a little of it in?" Jerry asked in a raspy voice. Devon was spent and relaxed; the vibrator would likely slip easily in.

Devon shook his head, so Jerry put the vibrator back in it's place, and lay on the boy, resuming their cuddle. Jerry rubbed noses with his young friend as he thought himself so lucky.

"I really care about you," Jerry expressed.

"Yeah, yeah, you love me, I know," Devon dismissed.

"Can I kiss you?" Jerry asked with breathless anticipation. He knew the answer was likely negative, but he wanted to so badly.

"Ok. Once, and no tongue," Devon sighed.

Jerry pressed in against the boy's luscious lips and made his one kiss count.

"Can you stay the night?" Jerry asked, as he brushed Devon's hair with his fingers.

"No, my aunt's home, I'd better go," Devon replied.

Jerry watched Devon get dressed, handing him each item of clothing as he restored himself to civility. He then followed the boy to the door; he wasn't letting him just leave this time.

"Well, thank you for a wonderful time, Devon," Jerry said, before crushing him with a hard hug.

"Yeah, it was hot. Well, see ya," Devon replied, and was gone.

Devon found himself rather tired as he pushed his board home. The hills seemed a little steeper, as he finally gave up and just walked, reserving his skateboard for the downside. He went quickly through the complex and up to his aunt's apartment. Devon retrieved the key from his wallet and unlocked the door. His aunt had given it to him on a lanyard, but he discarded it, thinking wearing a key around his neck was childish.

He was in the door and on his way to his room when she called him.

"Devon, where've you been all day?" his aunt asked.

"Skateboarding," Devon replied with irritation.

"Who was that you were with at the grocery?" she quizzed.

Devon's mind raced to find an answer; surely he couldn't just deny it; she must have been the one calling out to him.

"Customer," he said dismissively, as he continued down the hallway.

"You weren't working, Devon," she continued.

"He pays me to help with his groceries; I do it when I can take them up to his apartment," Devon replied loudly; then closed the door to his little bedroom. He knew that he wasn't a good liar, so he hoped she'd let it go. She was generally disinterested in his life as long as he didn't get into trouble, so Devon hoped the issue was closed.

He lay on his bed and wondered about where things were going with Jerry. He wasn't really attracted to the man, but he certainly liked the sex. He'd never considered that an old man would be his first fuck, but Jerry had given him amazing pleasure. He suspected that Jerry would want to do it to him some day, but he figured he could just refuse; it wasn't like the man pressured him.

Devon recalled a time when he had been pressured. His twenty-year-old camp counsellor had insisted on stroking his cock almost two years ago. Devon was very reluctant to allow it, but by the time the guy was finished, he had his first real orgasm. Devon recalled begging to have the man touch him all the time, but the price was stroking off the twenty-year-old's cock. It was huge, compared to Devon's, but he learned how to handle it. As he compared the man to Jerry, he considered that, while they both wanted into his pants, Jerry would still be his friend, even without the sex.


Devon woke the next morning to find that he'd slept in his clothes all night. He got up and stripped down to his underwear; then headed for the shower. His aunt tended to sleep during the day, with her shift work, so he tried to be quiet as he got something to eat. He really couldn't do much like watch TV, so his thoughts turned to Jerry. He'd missed his time with the man the past few days, and was glad to have caught him home yesterday. Once school started, he'd have stuff to do; but for now, all he had was skateboarding. Devon chuckled at the thought of looking forward to school.

Grabbing his skateboard, Devon went down toward the park, but he knew his destination was really Jerry's. It wasn't just boredom that drove him there; it was that he felt comfortable. At his aunt's, Devon always felt like he was in the way, but that's where he was going to be for the next couple of years.

"Hey, Devon," Jeremy greeted, as he skated alongside.

"Hey, Jer," Devon replied.

Devon was happy to have a friend around while he skated, working up a sweat in the hot sun. They were both pretty much done by mid afternoon, long before Jerry would normally show up, but he hadn't been seen in the park for a few days.

"You wanna go swim?" Devon asked.

"Where?" Jeremy quizzed.

"My granddad's pool," Devon said, perpetuating his lie.

"Ok, sure," Jeremy replied.

The pair of shirtless skaters rolled into the retirement complex and toward building B. They came off their boards in a smooth motion as they got to the door. Devon pressed the buzzer, figuring Jerry would be home; he didn't consider the man having a life of his own.

"It's Devon," he said to the speaker, and was allowed in.

Jerry opened the door to a pair of shirtless boys, not something he'd counted on when he heard Devon's voice.

"Hey, this is Jeremy," Devon noted, as he entered.

"Hi," the other boy greeted.

"Come in, please," Jerry allowed. Devon was already in the kitchen by the time he closed the door.

Jerry was a little ticked that Devon got himself and his friend colas. He would have allowed it, but still the boy could have asked.

"Can we go swim?" Devon asked, as he gulped his drink.

"You may, but I'll have to come down to watch," Jerry advised, happy to have a reason to go to the pool. He wasn't keen on having this other boy in his apartment. Oh, he was nice to look at, but it complicated things.

"You're swimming, too," Devon ordered.

"I suppose I will," Jerry agreed. He figured that it wouldn't be like the last time, though, as Devon had a playmate now.

They arrived to find the pool empty. Both boys jumped right in, while Jerry made his way slowly in on the stairs. As expected, the boys played as though they were seven, splashing and wrestling about. Jerry was content to watch, but was surprised when Devon grabbed him from behind, using him as a shield from a chasing Jeremy. Jerry thought it time to show Devon his true strength; he turned and grabbed the boy by the waist and turned him to face Jeremy, holding him as the other boy splashed. Wriggle and plead as he might, Jerry held him, finally releasing him to get revenge on Jeremy.

Jerry got out of the pool before the boys, and got towels ready. He was surprised to find Devon was out and behind him already.

"You're stronger than I thought," Devon greeted, as he took a towel.

"Perhaps you're just getting weaker," Jerry joked.

Devon didn't seem amused as he and Jeremy dried themselves in the sun. As he watched the beautiful boys lying on the lounges, Jerry wondered if Jeremy might soon be his replacement, as the other boy would likely be closer to what Devon was accustomed to. As the boys flipped over, Jerry noticed that they both had nice backsides, if only they would wear speedos, he thought.

"I gotta go, Dev," Jeremy announced, as he got up and collected his skateboard. Thankfully, Devon left his upstairs and would have to stay a bit longer.

After thanking Jerry for the swim, he left quickly through the gate. They could hear the sounds of his skateboard as he left.

Devon went upstairs with Jerry as the man wondered if Devon wanted more action. Not knowing kept him on edge; he wanted Devon, but would the boy want him again.

Devon was quiet as they went upstairs and into the apartment. As soon as they were in the door, Jerry gripped Devon by his bare shoulder and turned him with his back to the wall. Devon seemed surprised as Jerry gripped him in a full body hug, arms wrapped tightly around the boy. Devon put his arms around Jerry, but didn't squeeze. Devon needed this, Jerry told himself. The boy had enough stress in his life; he needed someone to love him.

He thought he heard Devon sigh a few times, and wondered if it was impatience or, hopefully, contentment. He released the boy and looked right into his eyes.

"You ok?" Jerry asked the quiet boy.

"Yeah," Devon responded, but didn't move. He seemed to want to stay close to the man.

"Do you want anything?" Jerry asked, thinking the boy might want something to eat, recalling how he was pretty much taking care of himself.

"Blow job," Devon said with a chuckle and a big smile.

"On the couch or in the bedroom?" Jerry replied, thinking he'd become Devon's willing sex slave.

"Couch," Devon said, and headed there.

Once the boy's pants were down, Jerry went to work pleasing the wonderful cock that had given him so much joy. Devon freely expressed himself with moans and gasps, as though tension was escaping his body like steam. Jerry left the cock to work the teen's sensitive testicles.

"I wanna cum," Devon pleaded.

"Soon," Jerry teased.

He went back to the penis and started going right down to the pubes slowly. It was driving Devon crazy, he knew, by the boy's whiny pleading noises. Devon was trying to thrust his hips up, seeking his orgasm, and finally announced, "Gunna cum."

Jerry continued his motions, as Devon filled his mouth, sucking the boy through his panting, grunting rapture.

"Oh, fuck," Devon moaned, as Jerry continued to lick his cock head.

Jerry finally stopped, and released the boyhood from his mouth. He went to the kitchen and returned with a paper towel to clean up the mess. Devon remained reclined as he recovered, his tanned body in contrast to his pale crotch.

"You want to get off, too?" Devon asked.

Jerry was happy that the boy thought of him, but he also knew that Devon would enjoy fucking him again, too.

"No, I'm fine. I don't need it as often as you," Jerry replied.

"That's too bad. I was going to let you fuck me, but I didn't bring any condoms," Devon answered, with a smirk.

"Oh really? In that case, you're in luck; I bought a box of them," Jerry replied, as he took Devon by the hand and gently pulled, as if trying to get him off the couch.

"Um ... I didn't mean..." Devon stammered

"It's ok; I know you were joking, Devon," Jerry reassured.

Jerry sat on the couch and allowed Devon to lay down on his back, with his head in the man's lap. He gently stroked Devon's soft chest with one hand, and ran his fingers through the boy's hair with the other. He considered himself so lucky to have Devon in his life, he'd settle for just this; gentle touching, if that was all the boy wanted. Jerry wondered if their relationship was truly balanced, or if he was taking advantage of a lonely boy. Gone were the thoughts of Devon the bandit hustler; all that remained was the soft innocent creature in his lap. He would take care of Devon; he wanted to; he needed Devon as much as he hoped the boy needed him.

"You ready for school next week?" Jerry asked.

"No!" Devon spat. "My aunt doesn't have any money for me to buy clothes, and the cheque my grandma said she'd send, didn't come yet."

"I can buy you some clothes," Jerry replied, without thinking that process through.

"No, I'll wait," Devon replied softly.

"I like being fucked by a well-dressed man," Jerry noted. He wanted to say he liked a well-dressed boyfriend, but figured Devon wouldn't think about himself as someone's boyfriend.

"I'm naked when I fuck," Devon reasoned. "Besides, I don't want you to spend your money on me."

"I have lots," Jerry advised. He wasn't rich, but he could afford to buy clothes for a teenager.

"That's your money," Devon refused.

"You can pay me back," Jerry pushed, and saw a little bit of a smile.

"Fine," Devon gave in. In fact, he would be happy to have Jerry help him, but worried about spending too much of the man's money. This wasn't like borrowing twenty bucks. As Devon allowed Jerry to stroke him, he wondered why he liked what the man was doing, as he wasn't usually one for being babied. He sighed as his cheek was caressed, giving into the moment.


Chapter 8 coming soon.