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The Skateboard 8

Devon looked out at the boats in the river as Jerry's car sped along the causeway. The late afternoon sun reflected off the water. They were heading to the mall to get his school clothes. Devon still wasn't sure about letting Jerry buy him stuff, but he resolved that he would pay the money back. He hoped that the cheque from his grandmother would arrive as promised; otherwise he'd be in a lot of debt.

Once in the mall, they made the rounds of clothing stores, with Devon putting on a private fashion show for his man. Jerry enjoyed watching the boy come out of the dressing room and prance about. He especially liked the tighter jeans that the boy tried on as they showed off his ass. The shirts all seemed too bulky for his liking, but it was the boy's choice, Jerry reminded himself.

"You like these?" Devon asked, as he wriggled his butt.

"Behave, Devon," Jerry said sternly. He enjoyed Devon's playful side, but the boy didn't seem to know when to control himself. The last thing they'd need would be "issues" in public.

They went to so many stores that Jerry wondered how Devon could keep them all straight in his head; youth fashion seemed a lucrative industry. Finally, with all the clothes purchased, they went to the food court to eat, as it was well into dinnertime.

"So how much did it all come to?" Devon asked, as he slurped on his near empty drink.

"Pretty close to your budget, I think," Jerry answered, hoping Devon would leave it at that.

"I wanna know," Devon replied, knowing that Jerry was hedging.

"257," Jerry answered softly.

"More than I figured," Devon said, despondently.

"There's no rush; pay me when you can," Jerry reassured.

"I hope I get that 200 from my grandma, or I'm fucked," Devon noted, as he picked at the remains of his meal.

"Devon, I think of this as a gift," Jerry explained, as he put his palm toward the boy to stop his expected interruption. "If you pay me back, that's great, but If you can't, then it's my gift to you; it won't mean anything to our relationship," he continued, thinking friendship would have been a better word; relationship seemed to formal.

"I'm paying you back," Devon insisted sharply. "I'll give you some money when I get paid, and the rest when I can."

"That's perfect, Devon," Jerry told his beautiful skater.

"I guess we should get going," Devon announced.

"You have to be home?" Jerry wondered.

"Naa, she's working tonight, but maybe we can do something at your place," Devon replied with a wonderful grin.

Jerry knew what that meant; he'd be servicing his prince this evening, and he couldn't wait to do it. He rushed the boy directly to the car, but drove at his usual pace; he'd never forgive himself if anything happened to Devon while he was at the wheel.


Jerry slipped into bed and lay on his belly with his hips up and legs apart. Devon slipped on a condom and joined the man in bed. The boy got his blowjob as soon as they arrived home; the anticipation of sex had Devon extremely excited. He practically exploded into Jerry's mouth without much time to really enjoy the man's effort; so getting him to agree to a fuck was easy.

Jerry sighed as Devon entered him, pushing in hard this time, as he put his weight down on the man. The position he had selected forced Devon to do that, adding to Jerry's pleasure.

"Pace yourself, Devon," Jerry instructed, as the young man began to thrust in and out.

Jerry relaxed and enjoyed having the soft warm body on his back and the wonderful cock massaging his prostate. The constant rhythmic motion, along with the teen's hair brushing along his back, caused Jerry to moan in rapture. The kid was into it; he wanted to fuck, Jerry assumed.

"I'm really close," Devon whined, as he resumed his breathy "Nha, nha, nha" noises.

Jerry could tell that already, by the boy's hot breath on the back of his neck. Devon was trying to keep to the pace, but he had inevitably quickened.

"Fuck me, Devon, fuck me hard!" Jerry urged. "Come on!"

Devon went to "town," thrusting hard and fast, "Ah, ah, ah," he moaned in a higher pitch.

Jerry could tell the teen was coming, as his sounds turned to gasps and his young body twitched.

"Keep going, Devon!" Jerry ordered, wanting the boy to empty himself.

Devon complied, fucking through his orgasm as he groaned loud throaty expressions of pleasure. Finally, he collapsed down the on man's back, totally spent.

"How was that?" Jerry asked.

"Awesome!" Devon mumbled.

Jerry rolled Devon off and flipped over so that he could lie on the boy and cuddle. He kissed Devon's shoulder and up to his neck, as the boy's breathing returned to normal. Jerry rubbed noses with his lover, and then moved in for a gentle kiss. Jerry boldly continued to kiss Devon's luscious lips and, much to his surprise, Devon began to return the kisses. Jerry resisted the urge to be passionately aggressive, until he felt the teen's tongue. Jerry opened his mouth and let Devon tongue wrestle with him, unable to hold back his passion. Breaking the kiss, Jerry lifted himself up and sat on Devon's chest. His own urgent need to cum taking over, Jerry rubbed his hard cock against Devon's chest and face. He felt the occasional lick as his cock passed the boy's mouth. Jerry paused and waited for the tongue again, but this time thrust his cock forward and into Devon's' mouth. The boy gagged immediately as the man mouth fucked him. Jerry tilted Devon's head to get a better angle as he felt the boy's hands on his belly pushing back. The man eased off, pushing just the cock head past Devon's wonderfully thick lips. He gave Devon a mouthful of his juice and then pulled out, spraying all over his face. Devon swallowed, allowing Jerry to put his cock back in as he moaned loudly. Devon pushed back hard this time, causing Jerry to pull it out.

"Sorry," Jerry offered breathlessly.

"Trying to choke me?" Devon replied, irritated.

Jerry wasn't sure how Devon felt about his first mouth fuck as he towelled his cum from the beautiful face.

"Was that ok?" Jerry asked, looking right into the boy's eyes.

"Yeah," Devon sighed, "That was a big load"

"You have no idea how big your loads are, buddy; I swallow it all," Jerry retorted. "Just look at how much is in your condom; that's the second load!"

"I guess," Devon smiled.

Jerry kissed him again, happy that Devon was willing to return to their tongue wrestling.

"Can you stay the night?" Jerry asked.

"She'll be home pretty early tomorrow morning; be best if I went now," Devon replied sadly.

"Ok, I'll drive you," Jerry replied, before getting one last kiss from his boy. He wanted to keep him so badly, but he knew Devon was right about getting home.


"Are you ok with what we did tonight?" Jerry asked, as he drove the car towards Devon's apartment.

"Yeah," Devon replied defensively.

"It's just that you're so quiet," Jerry explained.

"I pushed you off when you tried to choke me, but it's ok; you gotta cum, too," Devon reasoned.

"I was just worried that we got a bit carried away; that's all," Jerry continued.

"It's fine," Devon said with finality.

As they approached his Aunt's apartment, Devon ordered Jerry to stop at the usual street corner.

"I had a great time, Devon," Jerry said in parting.

"Yeah. Thanks for the clothes; I am going to pay you back," Devon reminded.

"No rush," Jerry replied, as Devon was getting out.

The teen closed the car door and walked off quickly. The pair separated as though they were strangers, with no waves goodbye. Jerry watched his boy in the rear view mirror as he drove off, missing Devon already.

Devon went up to the apartment and used his key to gain entry. He could hear that the TV was on as he came in, and wondered if he'd left it on, or perhaps his aunt did before she left to go to work.

"It's almost eleven thirty, Devon," he heard her say aggressively.

"It's eleven seventeen," Devon replied, as he looked at his watch. "I though you were working tonight"

"I switched shifts last week; this is the one I traded. Do you come home late every time I work? We had a deal, Devon. You're supposed to be in by ten," his Aunt growled.

"Sorry," Devon blurted, and turned to head for his bedroom. He knew arguing with her was a losing proposition.

"Hey, wait a minute! What's in those bags," she continued.

"Clothes," Devon replied, as he stopped in the hallway.

"Who paid for them?" she asked.

"I did," Devon replied curtly.

"Devon, you work a few hours a week. You don't have that kind of money," his Aunt retorted.

"I used grandma's money," Devon lied.

"Oh, you mean the money in this letter?" she said, holding up an open envelope.

"You opened my mail?" Devon accused.

"Grandma's not so `with it' these day's, Devon. I just checked to see if she made the cheque out correctly," she snapped.

"She seemed ok to me," Devon snorted. His grandmother was feeble, but her mind was strong, as far as he was concerned.

"So where did the money come from?" the woman pressed.

"I borrowed it, and now I'll pay it back," Devon said, as he returned to claim his letter.

"From who?" his aunt pressed, as she withheld the envelope, despite Devon's outstretched arm.

"A friend," Devon snapped

"What friends do you have that would loan you that kind of money, Devon?" she continued.

"Give me my letter," Devon whined, desperately wanting to go to his room and end this banter.

"Devon, we agreed that when you moved in that there would be no lying," she accused.

"The guy I help with his shopping," Devon snorted, as he ripped the letter from her grasp.

"Your customer loaned you the money?" she asked, disbelievingly.

"Yeah," Devon said, as he turned to head for the safety of his bedroom.

"What kind of work are you really doing for this guy, Devon?" his aunt pressed, as she followed him into the hallway.

"Have another drink, Aunt Cathy," Devon dismissed. She didn't indulge as much as his mother did with alcohol, but they both shared a propensity for it.

"Devon!" she snapped, forcing him to turn and face her before he could open his bedroom door. "A strange man doesn't buy clothes and a skateboard for some kid unless he wants something".

"I paid for the skateboard. In cash!" Devon shouted, as he used to do at his mother.

"Devon, that skateboard wasn't used. Come on; I'm not stupid, and neither are you, honey, but this guy is going to keep buying you things until he's ready to collect, and then you'll feel obligated to do things you don't want to," his aunt explained.

"No old guy is going to make me do stuff. I could take on him and you at the same time," Devon said angrily. He didn't mean to threaten his aunt, but rather refute the accusation that Jerry could force him into something he didn't want.

"I think we should take another look at that boy's home in Michigan," Cathy snapped.

"I'll go live with grandma again; she took care of me," Devon said venomously, as all his pent up issues came out.

"She's too old, Devon. We're putting her in a long-term care facility. She's been on the list for a while, but we had to get you sorted out first," she explained.

"Oh, so now you can kick me out," Devon accused, as the situation became clear to him. She took him in just to get grandma to agree to the nursing home.

"Devon, I'm alone here. If you're not going to work with me, then we've got to consider other options. Better options for you," Cathy said, softening her tone.

"Oh, good! I'll learn to jack a car and maybe get to join a gang," Devon said, with mock excitement.

"Devon, it's not that bad, and we have to consider what's best for all of us," she continued.

"Ok, I'll move out tomorrow," Devon snapped.

"Devon, be serious. You can stay with me if you follow the rules we agreed to. If that doesn't work, then some kind of foster care might be best for you. If you want to go back to live in Michigan, you could visit grandma regularly, once she's settled," Cathy explained, as Devon slumped against his bedroom door.

"Think about it, but either way I don't want you to see this customer of yours anymore," Cathy closed, now that she had the boy on his knees.

"He's my friend, and I'll see him when I want to," Devon replied quietly, with sad eyes. His mother didn't intimidate him, so he certainly wasn't going to let his bitch control him.

His aunt turned without replying, leaving Devon to finally enter his room, still clutching the letter from his grandmother. He looked at the cheque; it was for two hundred, as promised, and then he read the letter. He imagined her voice as he read it. She asked about how he was doing, and how lucky he was to be in Florida. He had a fleeting thought of calling her to protest, but it seemed that she was powerless now. No wonder his aunt pushed so hard to get him to come here. Devon got teary eyed as he thought about how much he hated his aunt and his mother. His life was fucked, and now she wanted him to stop seeing his only friend.

Devon thought about how his aunt characterized Jerry, and wondered if she might be right. Sure, Jerry wanted him for sex, but he wanted the sex, too. He considered that he was the one asking for it most of the time. Jerry hadn't pushed him into doing anything he didn't' want to, and Devon knew he never would. The skateboard was likely more than twenty, but he'd met the old lady that sold it to Jerry, so it could be true, Devon thought.

Devon resolved to continue to see Jerry; he'd just have to be more careful about being in public with him, and getting home on time. It would be easy to deceive his aunt; she was just a stupid woman, like his mother. He thought about Jerry as he stripped down for bed. He figured the man would listen to him pour it all out for as long as it took. He supposed that Jerry really did love him, in a caring way, as he drifted off into a fitful sleep.


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