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The Skateboard 9

It had been a week since Devon last saw Jerry. School had started and, as expected, his aunt was keeping tabs on him, calling from work to see that he was home by ten and always asking about where he was going. A cease-fire had been called between them with no further threats of shipping him off to a boy's home. Devon missed Jerry's company, but at least he had school to occupy him. Not getting his cock sucked regularly was becoming an issue for him though. He needed to go back and get serviced; he actually looked forward to fucking the old man again, just using his own hand didn't cut it anymore. Devon had some understanding as to why guys stayed with a bitch of a girl friend; as long as they were `getting some' made more sense to him now. He had a plan though; his aunt wouldn't miss him on Saturday; he'd see Jerry before work. He just hoped the man would be home, as he didn't have any contact info for him; that would be something to resolve this weekend as well.

School was the typical high school bullshit; being popular was all that mattered. He was, again, one of the smallest in his class and, not being a local, he was pretty much ignored.

"Hi Dev." He heard a voice call from a throng of kids moving toward the lunchroom.

He didn't see anyone talking to him, until Jeremy grabbed him by the arm.

"Oh, hey, Jeremy," Devon said, smiling at seeing one familiar face. He hadn't seen Cody or his one-man entourage yet, but he wasn't sure he wanted to foster that friendship.

"We're going to lunch," Jeremy reported, as though it wasn't obvious. "Come with," he offered.

Devon followed Jeremy and his group to a lunch table. The kids seemed ok; all around his size, but he knew they must be in the grade below his. Soon, they'd ask what teachers he had for this and that class, and then he'd become known as the 10th grade loser having to hang out with the 9ers.

Devon saw Jeremy in a new light; surrounded by kids he'd come up with from middle school, he appeared completely comfortable and confident. He had worried about the younger boy becoming too clingy, and, yet, here he was hanging out with Jeremy's friends. The straight-haired preppy boy's face was beaming as he chatted. Devon was happy to hide in a group for a while, but he still felt like the outsider.

He found it strange that Jeremy chose to walk back to the lockers with him, almost as though he was escorting him.

"You wanna come over after school?" Jeremy asked.

"Sure, I guess," Devon replied, as he was stunned by the invitation. He considered that it could be some elaborate prank, but figured that Jeremy wasn't that kind of person. Devon thought this might play well with his aunt; he'd have a school friend to visit now - an excuse to be away.

Jeremy's house was a typical middle class home, much better than any place Devon had ever lived. Jeremy ushered his friend upstairs to his bedroom as soon as they arrived.

"You have a computer in your room," Devon said, not realising how obvious his statement was.

"Yeah," Jeremy replied, as he turned it on. "You wanna play something?"

"We could watch porn," Devon suggested.

"Ok," a wide-eyed Jeremy answered.

Devon typed up an amateur porn site and loaded one of his favourite clips. It was of a well-endowed man having his cock sucked by a skilled young woman. Devon liked it, as most of the time the camera was focused on the cock.

Jeremy sat beside his friend, watching with his mouth agape. Devon figured that the boy had never seen any real porn before, but he was certainly reacting to it, with his pants well tented. Devon unbuttoned his pants and eased them down a bit; then took out his cock and started to stroke it.

"What are you doing?" Jeremy protested, having been absorbed by the video.

"Jacking off; we all do it," Devon responded self assuredly.

"Not together!" Jeremy shrieked.

"I have; lots of guys do," Devon noted.

Eventually, Jeremy followed his lead, pulling out his cock and starting to stroke his own meat. It was clear that Jeremy was very aroused, with his reactions to the woman's deep throating. Devon reached over and grabbed the boy's cock.

"What the fuck!" Jeremy exclaimed.

"It's better this way; we jack each other," Devon explained.

Jeremy allowed Devon to stroke him, the pleasure overriding any preconceived notion about mutual masturbation.

"Stroke me, too," Devon ordered, as he realised that he was doing all the work.

Jeremy gingerly took Devon's cock in hand, as though he thought it disgusting.

"Do it like you do to yourself," Devon said, irritated.

Eventually, Jeremy lost himself in the video again, as the woman's genitals came into view when the man moved in to fuck her.

"You close?" Devon asked, as he could feel Jeremy starting to pre-cum.

"Yeah," Jeremy whined.

Devon leaned over and started going down on his friend. Jeremy moaned, and began to unload into Devon's mouth. Jeremy's cock wasn't as big as Jerry's, so it didn't gag him. Devon spit the cum back out onto the other teen's belly.

"How was that?" Devon asked.

"Wicked!" Jeremy hissed.

"Finish me," Devon ordered, as the video showed the man penetrating the woman anally.

"He's doing her in the ass?" Jeremy asked his mentor.

"Yeah," Devon sighed, as Jeremy stroked him.

"Gunna cum," Devon exclaimed, hoping Jeremy would suck him to the finish, but the boy didn't. Instead, he kept his distance from the spray of cum.

"Are you gay, Dev?" Jeremy questioned, as they cleaned up.

"I don't know; maybe. Why, you wanna do some other stuff?" Devon asked. Devon thought about what it might be like to fuck someone his own age.

"Naa," Jeremy dismissed.


Jerry had no illusions that Devon would still be a daily visitor once school started, but he'd grown concerned now that it had been ten days since he last saw him. He had kept a watchful eye on the skate park after school, waiting for his shaggy haired boy. He'd gone down a couple of times to watch the middle schoolers who still used the park, but he was no longer going there daily. He knew now that had been too much, even in the summer. From what Devon had told him, the older boy's did notice him; he wasn't the invisible observer that he though he'd been. He would have to start attending functions in the building, like bingo or some other inane activity, to fit in.

His musing was broken when the buzzer sounded shortly afternoon. It was Saturday so his first thought was that Devon was finally here, and rushed to the panel.

"Yes?" He asked expectantly.

"It's Devon," came the welcome reply.

Jerry pushed the door button and went to the apartment door. He stood with it open, watching intently for his boy to come out of the elevator. Sure enough, Devon strode out, skateboard in hand, and sauntered down the hallway. Jerry imagined him a fashion model coming onto the runway, when he suddenly made a horrific realisation. Devon cut his hair!

It was much shorter, exposing his ears slightly, but his hair had resisted attempts to straighten.

"Hello, Devon," Jerry greeted, as he ushered the boy inside.

"Hey," Devon replied casually.

Jerry closed the door and gripped the boy by his shoulder. Devon allowed himself to be turned to face the man. Jerry put his hand on Devon's chest, not knowing exactly what the boy would be willing to allow. Devon opened his arms and enveloped Jerry as the man put one hand behind the boy's neck and the other on his back. The two embraced until Devon released.

"I see you cut your hair," Jerry noted, as Devon turned away.

"Yeah, my fucking aunt made me," Devon replied, as he gestured toward the kitchen.

"Yes, help yourself," Jerry allowed.

"She's such a bitch. I got all these rules now, and she says if I don't like it she'll send me to some boys home in Michigan," Devon whined, as he got a drink.

"Well, I suppose you'll have to obey her; I surely don't want you to move away," Jerry replied evenly.

Devon decided right then that it wasn't a good idea to tell Jerry that he wasn't allowed to see him. He might side with his aunt and insist that he not come over anymore; Devon wasn't going to let his aunt win.

"How's school?" Jerry asked.

"Usual," Devon replied.

"Have you made any friends?" Jerry pressed.

"Not really; Jeremy goes there, too," Devon replied

Jerry was sad for the boy; he'd hoped that the school year would bring something good for him.

Devon got out his wallet and thrust a wad of mixed up bills onto the table.

"260," he said.

"Thank you, Devon; you're a man of your word," Jerry complemented.

"Sit over here and you can rub my feet," Devon ordered, as he crashed onto the sofa.

"I suppose," Jerry replied.

"You don't' want to?" Devon asked.

"Of course I want to," Jerry said, as he sat down with the reclined teen and began to remove his socks. Devon's bare feet were soft to the touch, as Jerry eased his fingers in. Devon's moans were music to Jerry's ears. Eventually, the foot rub turned into a full massage, as Jerry worked his way up Devon's body, taking off his clothes as he went. He could tell that Devon was more tense than usual, but he put it down to the first week of school as the likely cause. Devon let Jerry work his magic on him, giving him feedback with gasps and moans. Jerry ended up squeezing Devon's wonderful smooth ass cheeks as the massage concluded. He took an interest in the boy's hole, as he brushed his finger up and down Devon's crack. The boy parted his legs and lifted his hips slightly, as the man touched his balls.

Jerry leaned over and replaced his finger with his tongue. Devon squealed, as Jerry gently lapped between his legs, and then moaned with full force as Jerry started rimming the boy.

"Oh, fuck yeah! I didn't know my ass could feel like that," he gushed, while the man worked him with full fury.

"You like that?" Jerry asked, as he sat back up.

"Yeah," Devon said, as though the answer was obvious.

"You want me to get my fingers in there?" Jerry suggested, not thinking the boy would be ready for a fucking.

Devon paused, considering his answer, his aunt's voice in the back of his head warning him.

"No, let's do something else," Devon rejected, as he braced himself for Jerry to pressure him.

"Ok, roll over; I've got an idea," Jerry ordered.

Devon flipped onto his back, surprised that Jerry let the anal probing just drop. He didn't think the man would force him, but he did expect Jerry to push it a bit. Devon now wondered what fingering might be like, after discovering the delightful pleasure of having his ass licked. He considered if he should ask for it, but figured that would seem lame just after rejecting it.

Jerry disappeared into the bedroom and returned with the lube and box of condoms. Devon was, of course, rock hard already as Jerry rubbered him. Devon was perplexed, as Jerry straddled him to sit on his legs, until Jerry gripped his cock, placing it at the entrance to his ass. The man eased himself back on the boy's cock, and slowly started moving up and down. Devon sighed with the pleasure of the man riding him, but it wasn't at a sufficient pace to make him cum.

"Stroke my cock," Jerry asked in a raspy voice.

Devon realised that this position was more for Jerry than himself, as he obliged and started stroking the man's cock. Devon's cock wasn't large enough to fill him, but there was enough to give Jerry wonderful feelings as he controlled the fucking this time. Devon's stroking was moving things along, as Jerry moaned his approaching orgasm. Jerry felt Devon's hard cock inside him as he started to squirt all over the boy. He felt Devon trying to thrust up as his ass gripped the boy's meat. Jerry grunted as he controlled the prostate massage this time, working the young cock for his own pleasure.

Jerry was satiated and pulled himself off of Devon's rod. He could tell that the boy hadn't cum, and wondered what he could do next. He thought about leaving him to fuck again later, but figured that unfair.

"That was great, Devon," Jerry complemented.

"I didn't' do anything; you did it all," Devon noted.

"Yes, I quite liked that position, but I see that you still need to cum," Jerry replied.

"Yeah, you want me to fuck you?" Devon asked softly.

"Later, if you like, but maybe I'll just suck for this load," Jerry suggested.

"Ok, but I can't stay long; I gotta be at work for 5," Devon explained.

Jerry took the condom off the boyhood; for the first time the rubber wasn't filled. He licked up and down, giving Devon some pleasure as he squeezed the boy's balls.

"You really do like it up the ass," Devon noted, as he was serviced.

"Yes, it's rather a nice feeling once you get used to it," Jerry explained, before returning to sucking the boy's cock.

"Maybe you could finger me," Devon suggested.

"Ok, while I suck you. Just stay relaxed; don't push out, and tell me to stop if it hurts" Jerry explained, excited about getting to finger a teenager.

He lubed up a finger and eased it in. As expected, Devon did offer some resistance, but having his cock sucked at the same time seemed to help. Jerry finger-fucked the boy right down to the knuckle. After a while, he sensed Devon was relaxing, so he withdrew his finger for more lube, and replaced it with two.

"Ahhhoww," Devon whined.

"Stop?" Jerry confirmed.

"Just slowly, ok" Devon ordered.

Jerry complied, until he got both fingers fully in; then he began to finger-fuck again. He picked up speed, as Devon neared his orgasm. He felt the boy's ass grip him hard as Devon's fluids gushed into his mouth. He rubbed the boy's prostate, pushing as deep as he could get, extending Devon's pleasure. Once he felt the boy's ass relax, he eased his fingers out.

"How was that?" Jerry asked.

"Wicked!" Devon sighed.

"Perhaps one day, I'll let you feel what it's like to really get fucked," Jerry said with anticipation.

Once the pair had cleaned up, Devon dressed in his work uniform, which he'd brought in a bag.

"Are you able to come back after work, maybe stay the night? I'd pick you up," Jerry asked, hopeful of a positive response.

"Can't, but give me your e-mail and phone number, so I can tell you when I'm coming over again," Devon replied.

"Ok, I'll write it down, but be careful; you don't want your aunt to see our e-mails; delete them from the trash," Jerry warned.

"Yeah, I know what to do," Devon said, irritated that an old guy was giving him computer advice.

"Can I get you something to eat?" Jerry asked, concerned his boy was about to head off to work on an empty stomach.

"Don't have time," Devon lamented; he really was hungry; sex always made him hungry.

"I'll drive you and we can get some fast food on the way," Jerry suggested.

"Ok," Devon agreed. It was a risk, but he'd make sure Jerry dropped him well away from the grocery entrance.

Once the boy had been fed and dropped off, Jerry drove away feeling rather happy at having had Devon for an afternoon's delight. He did really want him to sleep over, but he knew Devon's time would be restricted during the school year. Jerry was excited about seeing Devon again soon, now that they had begun to explore his anal pleasure. That evening, Devon replaced all the main characters in the stories that Jerry read online.


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