The sleepover

This story contains scenes of sex between males wearing diapers, boys and men, if this is not to your liking, please feel free not to read. I am by no means a professional writer and I claim in no way that this story is perfect, nor is it real, so only constructive criticism please should you feel the need. If you would like to comment on my story in any way I would be happy to hear from you, you may email me at, and you may also visit my site at should you wish to read other stories by me, as well as by a few others. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

“Man, I am so glad you came, you have no idea how happy I am that you finally decided to come for a sleepover.” Austin said effusively as he opened the door to find his new friend Scotty.

“Yeah, I'm happy to be here as well.” Scotty said apprehensively, coming inside.

“What's the matter, don't you want to be here?” Austin asked as he closed the door, sounding a little hurt.

“No, I really want to be here, it's just that I have a bit of a problem, I have never slept over at someones house before.” Scotty said a little fearfully.

“Really, I mean you just moved here a couple weeks ago and all, but you had to have had friends where you used to live!”

“Yeah, I did, sort of, it's just I never slept over at their houses before, but I really wanted to.”

“Then why didn't you, you don't wet the bed or something like that do you?” Austin asked curiously.

Instantly tears came to Scotty's eyes and he turned to run back out the door in embarrassment, forgetting that Austin had already closed it. He smacked face first into the door, bounced back slightly, and then crashed to the floor on his butt, crying openly now.

“Oh god Scotty, I didn't mean it like that, please don't cry, I wasn't going to, and I won't, make fun of you for that, 'cause I do too, I just don't worry about it, I wear protection to bed and no one has to know.” Austin said quietly, bending down to try and console his new friend.

“You're just saying that to make me feel better.” Scotty sobbed out.

“No, honestly, I'm not, come on up to my bedroom, I'll show you.” Austin said, grabbing his friends hand and started dragging him up the stairs.

Scotty actually had to stagger up to his feet in order to follow his friend who was pulling him like a locomotive. Once he was following, Austin led Scotty all the way to his room that overlooked the backyard.

“See, here they are, I wear diapers to bed, always have.” Austin said, opening his closet and showing the stacks of youth sized disposable diapers.

“Wow, you really are a bed wetter, aren't you?” Scotty asked in amazement.

“At least you finally stopped crying. You see, I am the same as you, well not the same, but we both wet the bed. I knew you did the first time I asked you to sleepover and you tried to make an excuse, I used to be like that too. Then I realized that it was not a big deal, I take goodnites when I sleep over at someone else's house, but for at home I use these, lots more comfortable and they hold more, what do you wear?”

“I don't wear anything, I just get cleaned up in the morning.” Scotty admitted.

“Why, I mean isn't that like, totally uncomfortable?”

“I hate it, I just wish I'd quit, but I can't, no matter what I do, I'm thirteen, I shouldn't be wetting the bed like a baby.” Scotty said, sounding very depressed.

“You know what, I'm thirteen too, and I know I'm not going to quit, probably ever, unless they find a way to fix my bladder, and you know something else, I'm not a baby.” Austin said, sounding a little hurt now.

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, it's just that I hate wetting the bed so bad. How come you will never stop?” Scotty asked sincerely.

“It's okay, I wasn't mad at you, I used to feel the same way, but then I realized, it's not my fault. So why don't you wear something, do you wet every night?”

“Yeah, I wet nearly every night, and I just don't want to, I already feel bad enough wetting, I don't want to wear no diapers too.”

“They're not so bad, you really should try them. They would be hella better than waking up cold and soggy.”

“Maybe I should here, at the very least, just so I don't pee your bed, but I will only do it on one condition, you put it on me.” Scotty said with the tiniest bit of a grin.

“You are gay, I knew it.” Austin said excitedly.

“Hhhooooww did you know?”

“Just thought I felt it, I'm gay too, man this weekend is gonna be so awesome, I've had a crush on you since you moved here.” Austin nearly squealed.

“Really, you're gay too, I never thought I'd meet another boy like me, and we're so much alike.” Scotty asked in shock.

* * * * *

Two weeks ago, Scotty Stevens moved into town, damn near clear across the country, he moved from Toronto to a small town just outside of Vancouver. His dad, a top telecommunications geek, had taken a hefty pay raise and promotion and moved to the B.C. offices of the company he worked for, so he bought a nice little house by the ocean, and sent Scotty to a nice little private school, only the best for his boy. The best schools, the best clothes, the best toys, the best everything, the only thing Scotty did not have that he really wanted, was a dad, sure he had a father, but that was all he ever was. His mom had died when he was young, so it was just the two of them for the past eleven years, and for all of that time, until they moved, Scotty was raised by nanny's, hardly ever seeing his father. Scotty was not even sure if his dad even knew he wet the bed or not, but considering how often he was around, Scotty figured not.

Scotty is thirteen years old, just turned at the end of June, and it was now only the beginning of September, he had short cropped platinum blond hair, deep blue eyes, a little button nose, a few cute little freckles scattered across the bridge of his nose, and such deep dimples, entire cities could get lost in them when he smiled. However Scotty didn't smile very often, he was a very shy, soft spoken young man, barely making friends so as not to get disappointed when he had to turn down sleepovers and things like that, easier to stay away then be made fun of.

Austin Freeman is also thirteen, turning thirteen at the beginning of July, in fact two weeks to the day after Scotty's. Austin has reddish blond hair cut in a medium length scraggly cut, emerald green eyes, lush full lips, and also a few freckles. It was also just Austin and his dad, his mom having taken off with her boyfriend nearly five years ago now.

Austin's dad was a pretty good surgeon in town, had a good practice, made really good money, and loved his son dearly, and tried to show it as often as possible. The problem was that being a doctor meant that he was often away from home a lot and worked crazy hours, and even when they did get some time together, he could get a call and have to leave. Austin knew his dad loved him, and Austin loved his dad, and although when he was younger it hurt him sometimes that his dad would leave like that, he now knew the reasons, other people sometimes needed his dad more than he did. Austin had everything he needed, just not necessarily everything he wanted, he was not a spoiled child, and he did not act like it

Both boys are bed wetters, have been their entire lives. Austin was always treated with love and diapered lovingly, and when he got older, the chore was passed to him to take care of. Scotty was another story, his first few nanny's made him feel horrible about the extra work and teased him horribly, and he was glad to be rid of them, but he never once told his father, because his father was always so much more busy, and with far more important things than his son.

Two weeks ago, Austin was in his first day of classes, in the school that he had gone to his entire school life, for the new school year, he was now in grade eight. At the start of each day in the school they had a briefing class and it was in this class on the first day of school that everyone got their schedules, well Austin was already seated when in walked this boy god into the class. Austin had known he was gay for at least a year, more if he really thought back on it, and even his dad knew, so when he saw the new boy, and suspected right away that he too was gay, Austin knew he had to do everything in his power to make friends with the boy. Austin was popular, but did not have many close friends, most of the kids at the school were too snobby for him, so he hoped the new boy would be different.

“And class, this young man is Scotty Stevens, I am told he just moved here from Toronto, and he will be in many of your classes, so let's show him a warm welcome.” Mrs. Vulture said. Well actually it was Mrs. Venture, but she looked more like a vulture and that was what most of the students, and even some of the staff, called her behind her back.

“Welcome Scotty.” Everyone in the class said half heartedly as if they could not care less, and Scotty knew they didn't, and he did not care either, he was rather embarrassed with having to stand up at the front of the class.

Scotty did hear one voice though that did sound genuine, but he could not tell where it came from, but he found out soon enough. A short time later the students had their first recess, and Austin and Scotty had again been in the same class, so far they were both in all the advanced classes together, and Austin caught up to Scotty as he nearly bolted from the room to get away from the crowds.

“Hey man, why did you bolt from class like that, I was trying to come and say hi and welcome you to snob central. Don't worry about all the other assholes here, you and me both know they couldn't give a rats ass that you are here, but I'm not like that. I have gone to this school since preschool and they have always been like that. So you moved from Toronto huh, bin there once, was pretty cool, how do you like it here so far?” Austin asked so fast Scotty nearly had to pause and replay in slow motion to catch it all.

“Wow, do you always talk so fast?”

“Just when I'm excited about meeting a new friend, I can tell you're not like the others, you're more like me, calm, cool, and relaxed, they are all so stuck up and think their shit don't stink.” Austin grinned.

“Yeah my old school had lots a those too. And yeah, I could tell the others really cared I was there, hell, a couple of them looked at me as if I were a maggot on their lunch, oh well, I'm used to it. Yeah, I just moved from Toronto, it's been three weeks already, but I like it here so far, Vancouver is a way nicer city.” Scotty said, opening up a little bit.

“Cool, we should have a sleepover sometime, get to know each other better.” Austin said all happy.

“Um, um, I, I can't, I'm not allowed.”

“Ah, all you have to do is ask, get your parents to call my dad, it'll be no problem.”

“Just dad, but I hardly ever see him. I saw him more on the plane ride here than I have in the past three months. But he'll say no, I have to concentrate on my school he always says.”

“Wow, that way sucks. I mean my dad's a surgeon and all, but we still talk tons and we spend as much time together as we can, but sometimes he has to go for an emergency”

“Must be nice, I think my dad is a vice president now or something, and I have no idea what company he even works for.” Scotty said sadly.

“Oh shit, there's the bell already, meet me at lunch okay.” Austin said and they both ran to get to their next class, together again.

The rest of their first day was the same, their first two weeks were the same. The boys were both in every class together, and Austin had commented that Scotty must be really smart as well to be in all those classes as well. Finally Austin wore Scotty down enough to where Scotty just decided, to hell with it, and said yes, he just had no idea what he'd do if he peed the bed. Then there was the other secret, what if somehow Austin found out that he had a huge crush on him, Scotty thought that Austin was so damned cute, and nearly every time they talked together, he was so hard he had to hide his erection behind his books, like most of the other boys have to do throughout the day, just not for the same reason.

* * * * * *

“Wow, we're so much alike yeah, but probably not quite still, maybe I'll tell you my other secret another time.” Austin said conspiratorially.

“You have more secrets than being a bed wetting gay boy, wow, can't imagine what else, but you don't have to tell me anything. So where is your dad then?”

“I do, and thanks for not pushing, and dad's at work, he works till about seven most nights, and if we're lucky, he actually gets three days off, just not this weekend.”

“That's cool, my dad hasn't taken a day off ever that I know of, he leaves before I get up, and he gets home usually after I get to bed, sometimes a minute or two before. Sometimes I wonder if he knows who I am when he sees me.” Scotty said sadly.

“That really sucks, no wonder you look so sad so much. Well you can come here anytime you want, so where do you live anyways?”

“Only three streets down, I walked here, and it only took like ten minutes.”

“Wicked, I would like to see your house sometime.”

“No you wouldn't, yours is way nicer than ours is. They're about the same size, but yours feels like home, ours feels so cold and empty. Dad likes it very plain. Probably because he's never there.”

“Eww yuck.”


“So what should we do then?”

“Don't know, what do you have to do around here?”

“Lots I suppose, have you had dinner yet, I haven't and I'm getting hungry, we can go make some dinner.”

“No, I haven't eaten yet, was too nervous about coming here, couldn't eat.” Scotty grinned.

“And here you had no reason to be so uptight, and had you have taken my invitation a couple weeks ago we could have gotten all this over with a long time ago, but oh well, come on.”

Austin again practically dragged Scotty out of his bedroom and back down the stairs and to the kitchen. When they entered Scotty just stopped and stared in awe.

“Wow, this is the most gorgeous kitchen I have ever seen, and it's huge.” Scotty said.

“Thanks, I helped dad redesign it a few years ago. He took the designs we made and took it to someone and they made this for us, we love to cook.”

“Me too. We have a nice kitchen, but this is beautiful.” Scotty said, still looking around in awe.

“So what should we have, do you like lasagna or fettuccine?”

“I love both actually, fettuccine is probably a lot faster though, I like mine with Alfredo sauce and chicken.” Scotty grinned.

“Me too, let's do that, cuz you're right, it is faster.”

The boys played in the kitchen for a while making dinner and both having a lot of fun. Had Scotty realized he would have just this much fun cooking with his friend, he would have said yes two weeks ago.

“Man, this smells good enough to eat.” Austin grinned.

“You know, I think that might possibly be the stupidest thing I have ever heard, I cooked it, of course it's good enough to eat.” Scotty beamed.

“Oh ha ha, very funny. Come on, let's go eat.”

They each grabbed a large plate full of the pasta and salad and bread they prepared and went to the table in the kitchen and sat down and ate until they were totally stuffed, leaving barely enough for Austin's dad when he came home. Once they were finished they both silently got up and cleaned up the kitchen, often looking at each other and smiling, but neither boy saying a word.

“My dad should be home soon, wanna just go watch TV until he gets here so you can meet him?”


They went to the living room and they both sat on the couch, each at an opposite end, and Austin turned the TV on and then passed the remote to Scotty who took it and scrolled through the channels and picked something, The Simpson's, he looked to Austin for his approval, and the grin he got, said Austin approved.. They sat and watched the show, laughing at all the funny zany things the cartoon family did. Throughout the show though, both boys slowly moved closer to the center, until by half way through the show, they were sitting side by side, touching slightly, they each turned when they touched, and smiled warmly at the other, still not saying anything, but both blushing very cutely.

Not even ten minutes after they met in the center of the couch, the front door opened and in walked Austin's dad, he saw the boys both sitting on the couch, nearly cuddled up together, and he thought it cute, he knew Austin has been looking for a boyfriend, and it looked as if he just might have finally.

“Hi daddy, how was work today?” Austin asked, jumping off the couch and running to hug and kiss his dad hello.

They hugged and kissed for a few moments, and Scotty watched the display of affection with envy, he had always dreamed his dad would be like that, but he wasn't.

“My day was good kiddo, and you must Scotty, I have heard so much about you.” Dr. Freeman asked.

“Yes sir, hopefully all good. Austin talks a lot about you as well Dr. Freeman.”

“First of all, stop the sir and the Dr., I get enough of that at work, at home it's just Lance, plain and simple. I think it was all good, so no worries, and how was you boys' day at school today?”

“Okay sir, I mean Lance, it was good.”

“It was really good dad.”

“That's good. So what have you boys been up to since you got home?”

“Well Scotty didn't get here till almost a couple hours ago now, we talked for a bit, made dinner and just turned the TV on a while ago, dinner's in the oven keeping warm for you.”

“Sounds nice, I will go and eat, you boys continue what you were doing then.” Lance smiled warmly at the boys.

“Kay dad, enjoy.”

Austin went back and joined Scotty on the couch and he sat right back down next to Scotty again, not even thinking of moving away.

“Wow, you and your dad are real close, I couldn't even tell you if my dad has ever hugged me, and I'm certain he's never kissed me before.”

“We have always been like that, but even more so since mom left us for another man.”

“My mom died when I was real young, two I think, so I don't know if he was nicer before that or not, but I doubt it.”

“Well, if you'd like, you can come over here, and if you want to be my boyfriend, dad can be just like your dad as well.” Austin said warmly, with just hint of a blush.

“I'd like that, both parts really.” Scotty said also with a blush.

“Oh pardon me, I didn't mean to intrude on such a private conversation.” Lance said from right behind them.

“Oh god, I'm gonna be dead now, my dad will kill me.” Scotty nearly screamed and started sobbing.

“Whoa little man, why would your dad even have to know if you don't want him to know, I have known Austin was gay for a couple years and I'm okay with it.” Lance said, quickly setting his plate down and going to hug the obviously frightened child.

“You'll tell my dad, and he'll kill me.” Scotty sobbed out more, Lance just hugged him tighter and Austin joined the hug.

“I won't tell him if you don't want me to, you have nothing to fear. I think it is nice that the two of are going to be boyfriends, Austin needs a good boy like you, and I know he has been hoping you were gay as well.” Lance grinned at his son at the last part, Austin just grinned back.

“You don't mind us being gay and being boyfriends, really!” Scotty asked in shock, still with a few tears coming down.

“Of course I don't, now come give me a nice big hug, I think you could use it, especially after what I heard you two saying.” Lance said warmly.

Scotty just hugged Lance, hugging him for all his worth, hugging out thirteen years of no love, he hugged Lance for so long, that Lance actually was starting to hurt from bending over and kneeling down as he was, Scotty of course was still sitting on the couch. Finally though Scotty let go, wiped a few tears from his eyes and smiled a warm, happy smile.

“There now, much better. You're much better looking without the tears and with a smile. Any time you feel you need a hug, come and see me.” Lance smiled warmly again.

“Thank you so much, that felt so nice, way better than I imagined it would feel, I'd really like that as well.”

“Good, well if you two are going to be boyfriends Austin, have you told Scotty your other secrets yet?”

“I only have one other secret dad!” Austin said, sounding puzzled.

“Oh please, I'm your dad, and I buy your supplies for you, but if you're not ready to tell me yet, then that's okay as well.”

“Oh, well as for wetting the bed, so does Scotty, but yeah, I like wearing my diapers sometimes as well, even when I'm not in bed.” Austin said, a little embarrassed.

“Not such a big deal, and you've been doing it for years, why do you think I have always kept a good stock for you.”

“Wow, you like wearing your diapers?”

“Yeah, I do, but they are really comfortable, and sometimes when I'm at home I just don't want to go to the bathroom every hour like I always have to do, I'm sure you've noticed before. I hope that doesn't bother you and still want to be my boyfriend?” Austin asked hopefully.

“I still want to be your boyfriend, but I don't know if I'll even wear them at all, I said I'd try one tonight, and we'll see for later.” Scotty said with a cute grin.

“There, now isn't that so much better.” Lance smiled and grabbed both boys and hugged them.

“Yeah, it is.” Both boys said.

“Well, I am going to try and eat dinner now, but my favorite show is over, oh well, you guys find something else.”

“Okay.” They both said again and Lance grabbed his dinner and sat at one end so the other two could cuddle up together.

They did cuddle together and found another show and they all watched it and enjoyed the show. For the next couple hours they sat and watched the evening shows together, not talking lots, but having fun.

“Well boys, I'm going to bed, try not to stay up too late tonight, and try not to make any noise okay.” Lance said and Austin got up and gave his dad a hug and kiss, even Scotty got up and got a hug as well.

“Well what should we do now?” Austin asked.

“Don't know, do you wanna just go up to your room and lay down and talk for a bit?” Scotty asked innocently.

“Sure, I'd like that, and we can get each other ready for bed right away, just in case we fall asleep.” Austin grinned.

“Oh, yeah, I guess we can do that.”

“Don't worry, I guarantee that you'll love it.” Austin said softly.

Scotty just nodded and Austin took him by the hand, this time affectionately, and led Scotty to his bedroom, and Scotty followed, almost fearfully.