Chapter 10

This story contains scenes of sex between males wearing diapers, boys and men, if this is not to your liking, please feel free not to read. I am by no means a professional writer and I claim in no way that this story is perfect, nor is it real, so only constructive criticism please should you feel the need. If you would like to comment on my story in any way I would be happy to hear from you, you may email me at, and you may also visit my site at should you wish to read other stories by me, as well as by a few others. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

As soon as they made it to their room, James ripped off his diaper, laid on his back on the edge of the bed with his ass hanging over just a little, pulled his legs back, and gave Lance a come and get it look. Lance took one look at James and with a horny smile, ripped off his diaper, grabbed the lube and went in for his offered treat.

Lance first dove his face in, giving James a world class rim job, really working his tongue in and out, getting James' hole nice and wet and loose. Poor James was in another world, he had heard of rimming before, but thought it sounded nasty, but man did it ever feel incredible, and when Lance finally pulled out, James almost protested, that is until he felt a lube coated finger slide back into his hole, joined shortly thereafter by a second, and then by a third a while later.

James was moaning and groaning from the feelings and was enjoying this all so much, and again he almost protested when Lance pulled his fingers out, but James saw Lance quickly add some lube to his dick and then he moved in and sunk into James' hot hole. With a low moan from both, as Lance slipped all the way in, Lance started a slow motion, pulling all the way out and then inserting again as slowly as he could manage. Lance made sure that in every in stroke he was pushing in as far as he was able to, because the first time he accidentally did it, James gasped out in pleasure. All the way out until he popped out, and then all the way back in as far as he could possibly reach, and going as slowly as he was able to, Lance kept up the excruciatingly pleasurable lovemaking for a long time.

It was James that was not able to hold on and exploded in his orgasm first, but as soon as the contractions in his ass hit Lance's dick, he too exploded. Because Lance was standing up, and there was nothing to stop James' eruption, James' first shot went clear over his head and landed nearly a foot past it, and it was followed by four more shots that sprayed everything from James' eyebrows down to his belly button and then a little more just oozed out the tip, but he was still hard. Lance erupted about seven shots deep inside of James' incredibly hot and tight ass, only because when James shot, it became even hotter and tighter, and it was nearly too much to bear.

“Ah, that felt marvelous.” James sighed out a few minutes later.

“I'll say.” Lance gasped out a few seconds later.

James just grinned, rolled over, causing Lance to pop out of his ass, and then tucked his knees up underneath himself, now placing his ass just a little higher, but splaying it wide open. James just reached back and gave his own ass a couple come and get it pats, and then started fingering himself. Lance was more than a little shocked, but in his dazed and confused mind, he started thinking with the other head, and the other head was telling his body that it wanted to be buried deep inside James again. So before Lance really even realized what was happening, he was buried deep inside James again, thrusting away merrily.

Both James and Lance had to admit that this particular position added a whole new level of feelings to their lovemaking, Lance's dick went in at a different angle and was touching different things inside of James, and the pressure was totally different on different places of Lance's dick as well. The only complaint that either of them had was that they could not look at each other near as easily this way, nor could they kiss, however at the moment, it was difficult to tell that this bothered either of them.

Lance was thrusting very deeply at a moderately fast pace, and they were both sweating and grasping, and on every deep insertion, Lance could just barely hear James grunt out, 'oh yeah, fuck me hard.' And so he kept it up, it was apparent that James was thoroughly enjoying this just as much as he was, and Lance wanted to give James as much pleasure as he could possibly stand.

Finally with a series of extra loud grunts and groans, and a deep gasp for breath, they both came at the same time, Lance painting the interior walls of James' ass with a good healthy load of man cream, and James painting the bedding below him with a good sized load of boy cream.

As soon as his cum ended, Lance popped out of James and fell to his knees, and just barely was able to stay upright, with his head resting on James' soft silky ass. A few minutes later Lance came to again and started kissing and caressing James' hot little bum with his hands, and then got up on shaky legs and rolled James over to find him very hard again and some of his previous load stuck to his groin, so he bent down and licked up the little mess that was there. James Grabbed Lance's head and groaned and then positioned Lance's head right over his again throbbing erection and jabbed it inside. Lance however had other ideas as to where he would rather have James' awesome dick, so he gave James a few sucks to tease him, and then lifted off, climbed on the bed on all fours, and then while still kneeling, Lance put his head and shoulders down and left his ass sticking up. Once Lance was in position, he gave it a bit of a wiggle, and because James had been watching the whole time, he jumped up and grabbed the lube and dove in, face first, to Lance's hot steamy hole.

For the next five minutes James ate out Lance's hole, and for the last couple Lance seriously thought that James was actually trying to climb inside him. James had two fingers from each hand, as well as his tongue buried inside Lance, and even though Lance found it a little uncomfortable, he also found it oddly erotic and pleasurable. James could tell that Lance was enjoying himself from the moans he was making, but Lance could also tell James was enjoying himself for the same reason. Finally though Lance figured that James must have gotten sore, because he suddenly pulled out, got up on his knees and rammed himself as deep inside of Lance's tender tush as he was able to, and with a deep grunt from both, James was in fully.

James had gotten sore and he wanted to move on to bigger and better things, so he wanted to get up, but he couldn't grab the lube with both hands in Lance's ass, but then he realized that with the amount of natural lube that Lance was producing at the moment, and the amount of spit he was pushing inside Lance's ass, Lance was about as ready as he could ever be, and he figured he had to face the facts that his dick was not really that large, but he knew how to use it, and enjoyed doing so.

So as soon as they had both gotten used to the feelings, it took a minute, and they came down a little, they both nearly came from the insertion, James started pumping his hips slowly. He went a nice moderate pace, not too fast, and not too slow, but very enjoyable. James was also purposely pushing himself in as far as he could possibly reach, and he was grinding his hips in different ways to increase the sensations as much as he could for the both of them.

It was nearly ten minutes later that they both gave up yet another load, and while smaller than the last two, it was still a good sized load from both for their third orgasm in short order. Lance had gone off first this time and his anal contractions had brought off James, and as soon as they each came down from their cum, they both collapsed, James backwards, and Lance to his right with his knees still tucked up in front of him.

James came down from his orgasm first, he was still young enough for rapid fire orgasms, and when he saw Lance's position, he couldn't help but wonder how that would feel. So he went in to find out. With Lance on his side and his knees pulled up in front of him, James got back up on his knees and moved into position and entered Lance in one long, slow push.

Lance, having not even fully come down from his last cum, just gasped out, “Holy fuck.” and started panting even more than he had been before. This was a new position, even for him, and Lance had to admit it was quite a different feel altogether, and it was really fun and felt good as well. James found that with their awkward position though it still made it impossible to kiss because he was so small, but this way they could at least make love to each other with their eyes as well, and that was what they were doing while James was slowly making love to his big man.

“Oh god, I'm cumming again, oh no I can't hold it!” Lance gasped out only a few minutes later, and then exploded, without the external explosion, because he was nearly dry now, only just the tiniest of dribbles seeping out the end of his dick, and then as soon as he finished, he passed out.

James had not quite cum yet, so he just ignored the fact that his lover passed had out on him, and continued for the further thirty seconds it took for him to cum as well. James' load, had he have been able to see it, would have been only a drop or more than what Lance had seeped out, but James did not pass out, but he was very tired.

“Now that was hot.” James gasped out a few seconds later and climbed off the bed, nearly falling as his legs did not want to work properly.

James went and grabbed their diapers and then went back to the bed and first diapered himself and then bodily rolled Lance over onto his back, and then worked the diaper under him with a little difficulty, and then when he finally made it, James pulled the diaper up and taped it closed. Finally James pulled the blankets up, turned off the lights, and curled up to his big strong baby lover and fell asleep, and he and Lance never woke until the next morning.

* * * * * * * * *

Austin and Scotty, when they made it to their room, took a more sedate pace and started softly kissing and caressing each other, slowly working their way to their bed. By the time they made it to their bed, they were both naked, and they fell onto the bed, still nearly attached at every point of their bodies. During their caressing of each other they had been removing each others diapers, so by the time they fell into bed, they were more than ready for what the night was for bring them.

They started out by Scotty slowly kissing his way tenderly down Austin's body and moving his other end up so that by the time he reached Austin's dick, his was in Austin's face, and the both engulfed each other at the same time to give each other a nice slow and tender blowjob.

Austin reached over and grabbed the lube off the bedside table and put some onto his finger and then laid the tub in an easy to reach location for Scotty, and then started working a finger slowly into Scotty's tender hole, with a moan from Scotty. Scotty found the offered lube and also got some on his finger and then started working it into Austin's hot hole as well, and Austin moaned out as well.

For nearly fifteen minutes the two of them very slowly pleasured each other, not trying to bring each other off, just trying to get as much enjoyment from their playing as they could possibly get, but eventually, no matter how much they didn't want to, they both came, both at almost the exact same time, both just as strong. Once they were both drained totally of their first loads of the night, they collapsed and stayed resting like that for a few minutes, each others dicks still in their mouths and a finger buried in each others holes.

“Oh that felt so nice.” Austin sighed out a few minutes later and Scotty swung back around and continued their kiss for a minute.

“Oh yeah, it did, but you know what would feel even nicer right now?”

“I have a few ideas, but tell me anyways?”

“It would feel so nice to have your hot baby dick up my little baby bum.” Scotty said.

“And it would feel super nice for you to do the same to me afterwards.”

Scotty just grinned and nodded and then rolled over onto his back and pulled his knees up and Austin got into position and slowly sunk in, not even bothering to add any more lube. With a deep sigh from both boys, Austin bottomed out and then started a slow sensual motion. Again he was trying to bring the utmost pleasure without actually making them cum, and it worked, for nearly fifteen minutes again, and with a deep groan from each boy, they both came.

“Oh I was right, that did feel so nice.” Scotty sighed out a few minutes later again.

“Yeah, and now it's my turn to find out.” Austin said and rolled over onto his back and pulled his knees back, same as Scotty had.

Scotty got up and got into position and he also sunk in slowly, and they again sighed deeply as Scotty bottomed out, and everything was virtually identical, except Scotty was going even slower yet, bringing them ever closer to their orgasm, but at a slower pace. This time it was nearly twenty minutes later that they shared yet another powerful orgasm, and this time it was Austin that collapsed and they rested for a few minutes.

“You know what?” Austin said, reaching in for a nice tender kiss for a minute, “I think I love you more than anything.”

“You know what?” Scotty asked, reaching in for another kiss, “I think I love you more than that.”

And they went in and shared a nice deep passionate kiss for quite a few minutes until Austin pulled apart, got up and grabbed their diapers, came back and diapered Scotty up, and then Scotty got up and diapered Austin as soon as he laid down. As soon as Austin was diapered as well, Scotty laid down and pulled the covers up over them and Austin hit the lights, and they kissed passionately for a few more minutes before they whispered goodnight, I love you to each other and then fell asleep.

* * * * * * * *

The next morning was Sunday and everyone slept very well the night before, all waking up at roughly the same time and smiling to their lovers and saying their good mornings and I love yous.

“Mmmm, you're nice and hard this morning baby.” James said, being the first to start anything in the house this morning, feeling Lance's nice diapered bulge.

“I'm a boy, I always wake up hard.” Lance grinned.

“Maybe if you have to pee, but I felt you pee a while ago, so you are hard for another reason, I hope I am that reason!” James giggled.

“You got me.”

“Oh yeah, I finally have you, and now I need you, in me that is.” James said, and with that he started poking a hole in the front of Lances soggy diaper and then fishing out his buried treasure.

“Oh god, what are you doing?” Lance gasped out, partially in awe, partially in pain as his dick had to bend in a slightly painful way to go through the hole that James had made.

“Shh, just a little fantasy I want you to help me out with, now lay back and enjoy.” James grinned and then reached in behind himself and poked a nice big hole in the bum of his diaper and then started to finger his tight hole with some lube.

As soon as James was ready, he got up and sat down over Lance, and lowered himself, guiding Lance's diapered erection into his diapered bum hole, and with a slight grunt, lance popped inside, and then James started working his way, all the way down, until Lance was buried in him all the way, and that was where James sat for a few moments.

To anyone looking at the moment, they would not be able to tell anything was out of the ordinary, because with the diapers hiding everything so well, you could not tell Lance had his big adult cock buried in the tiny hole of his little lover, but it was, and they both loved it. It wasn't until James started his motions, that you would be able to tell anything was awry, and with the moans and groans coming from them, you could easily tell they were enjoying themselves a great deal.

James leaned forward a little, placing his hands under Lance's armpits, and started kissing his big lover tenderly at the same slow loving pace that he was moving his hips. Lance was amazed at what James was doing to him, not only was it really quite kinky, but it was very erotic, and it felt totally weird and wonderful all at the same time. James was so happy that this was feeling even better than he imagined it would and he was loving it so much that he wanted for it to last for forever, but he knew that could not, would not, happen. He was however very happy with the near twenty minutes of pure love they were making, and ever since their kiss started, it did not break once during the entire time. Finally though, their first act of the mornings play had ended with a burst of stars and cum and they both collapsed together.

“Oh that was possibly the most erotic and incredible thing I have ever done, my god you're corrupting me.” Lance gasped out.

“I know, ain't it great?” James asked with a big cum eating grin.

“Oh yeah, I so want you to do that to me one day, but if we put any more holes in these diapers, they will fall apart, so we will have to settle without, but I need you in me now please baby?”

James just nodded with a big smile on his face and dismounted and then quickly removed first his diaper and then Lance's and then grabbed the lube and lubed himself up quickly. Lance rolled over onto his side, because he liked it a lot like that, and James moved in and mounted his lover in one long slow steady movement. The y both moaned lowly the entire time that James was putting his hot dick in Lance's even hotter hole, and when James bottomed out, he stayed there, just relaxing for a second to cool down, and very much enjoying the feel of his lover squeezing him so tightly in this way.

It was only a minute or two later that James started moving, but he started off with an incredibly slow motion, so slow that it would take over five seconds for each outward stroke and then each inward stroke. The problem with this of course was that James was in a little bit of an awkward position, and after nearly ten minutes, his muscles were starting to protest heavily, and also because of the slow movements, neither one of them was getting anywhere near their orgasms. After fifteen minutes James had no choice but to move as his muscles were giving out on him, so he pulled out, grabbed a pillow and laid it behind Lance and then laid down with his hip on the pillow to raise him up a little. They were now both on their sides and James reinserted and started thrusting only just a little faster now.

This position had the added benefit that because James was laying right behind Lance, he could easily stroke Lance's firm body lovingly, and kiss his back tenderly. It also allowed for Lance to reach his hand back and lightly stroke James' smooth silky skin as they made love, and they both enjoyed this, it was slow and sensual, very loving.

For a further ten minutes they laid there making sweet love to each other, touching and stroking, and James was kissing and licking Lance's back, until they both came again. With large sighs each, they stopped moving, but started panting to get their breath back.

“How is it I can love you this much and not explode?” James asked lovingly a few minutes later.

“I don't know, because I can't figure it out myself.” lance sighed out.

James pulled his now softening penis from Lance's bum and pulled Lance onto his back and then James climbed on top of his lover and laid don on him and started to gently kiss his man. Lance put his hands onto James' small back and bum and started caressing him slowly as they kissed deeply. For over ten minutes they kissed, holding each other gently, and just loving each other with their entire souls.

“Come on baby, let's get up and make us all some breakfast!” Lance said once they pulled apart with a contented sigh.

“Okay, let me get our diapers and then we can diaper each other!”

Lance just smiled warmly and James hopped out of bed and went and grabbed the stuff and came back and then gently diapered his boyfriend, making sure to put a good coating of cream on before closing the diaper up. As soon as Lance was done, James laid down on the bed and Lance got up. Before Lance grabbed the diaper though, he grabbed the lube and coated a finger in it.

“What are you doing, I thought we were going to go make breakfast?” James asked curiously.

“Because we have been having a lot of sex, and you are still quite small, I just have to check to make sure there is no damage is all.” Lance said and then visually inspected the exterior parts and then stuck his finger in and checked everything internally, James moaning the whole time.

As soon as Lance was certain there was no damage, he pulled his finger out, with a grunt of disapproval from James, and proceeded to cream and diaper James up nice and thick.

“There you go baby, all diapered and I am happy to say that you are nice and healthy in there.” Lance smiled warmly.

“Thanks, but you went and made me hard again, the least you could have done was jack me off or something.” James pouted.

“Ah, you'll survive, and it was necessary.”

“I know I'll survive, but I would survive better with your tender hands caressing my hot cock. As for my ass, you don't have to worry, I would have told you had I felt any pain at all. I accidentally tore myself a little quite a while ago now, and it did heal pretty quick, but man did it hurt to shit for a while, I just kept it good and clean and put antibiotic ointment on it, it only tore a tiny bit on the outside, so it was all good.”

“I'm glad you would have told me, but I still prefer to check, and I am glad that you did not do more damage, it can be very dangerous. Come on, let's go make Breakfast.” Lance said and put out his hand for James to grab onto, and he did, but as soon as he was standing, James did not let go and they walked to the kitchen together.

* * * * * * * * *

During their tender kiss good morning, Austin started undoing Scotty's diaper and slipping his inside, feeling Scotty's hardness inside, he grinned and wrapped his fist around it and started to gently stroke his lover. Scotty not wishing to be outdone did the same thing and within only a few seconds also had his hand inside Austin's diaper, stroking him. Both of their diapers were still on, and mostly covering, until they started moving and writhing around in ecstasy and then they just fell off altogether. All the while they were still kissing deeply, each attempting to swallow the others tongue, and they damn near succeeded.

Scotty was the first to break their kiss and he kissed down Austin's body, turning his at the same time, going for another incredible 69 as they both loved them so much. As soon as they were in position though, Austin rolled them so they were both on their sides and instinctively they each raised their top leg and positioned it for maximum comfort wile opening themselves up the most for their lover.

They each latched onto the others incredibly hard dicks and inserted their fingers into each others hot moist asses at the same time, and with a deep groan from each, they started gently playing with each other, again not trying to bring each other off, but giving each other the maximum amount of pleasure that they could give. Nearly ten minutes later Scotty added a second finger, and Austin followed seconds later with a second of his own, and they slowed down even more, barely even moving, but both young lovers feeling as if they were on fire.

Another five minutes later they each added another finger, and then slowed down even more so that they were now barely even moving, but now getting incredibly close to cumming, and it was not even a minute later that they both did that, spraying healthy teen loads of nice sweet cum into each others mouths, both enjoying the unique flavor of their boyfriend. They didn't stop however, Austin inserted one more finger into Scotty and then they started back at the same slow pace they had been going at to begin with.

It was totally by accident that ten minutes later Scotty nearly inserted his entire hand into Austin's very stretched hole, and he was nearly to his wrist before he even realized it. They were both so far into their lovemaking that he did not realize that his thumb was inwards and his hand was going in further than it ever had before. Scotty, realizing what he had done, and not hearing any complaints from Austin, just slid it back in again, going just a little further so that his entire hand was buried inside Austin now, and he wiggled his fingers. This drove Austin insane and he started bucking almost uncontrollably, but also shoving the rest of his hand inside Scotty in his convulsions, and in doing so set Scotty off, and seconds later they had another orgasm, larger than the first, and spraying all over each others faces as they had pulled off each other in their fits.

They each came down from their highs a few minutes later, still in a tangle of limbs, and their hands still buried inside each other.

“Oh god I feel so full!” Scotty gasped.

“Me too, I hope we're okay, but it feels so good, oh fuck, don't wiggle your hand like that.” Austin moaned out, and Scotty did it again, and Austin gasped in pleasure, and his dick went back to full hard.

In payback, Austin did the same thing, and Scotty also moaned deeply. They started jacking their hands inside each other and latching back onto each others dicks, sucking and fist fucking each other in a near frenzy, going from the caring, loving, sensual lovemaking they were doing a few minutes ago, to pure animal sex. With the speed and intensity they had going, it was with little surprise that they both came again in very short order, both passing out, dicks in mouths and hands in asses.

It was ten minutes later that Scotty spluttered awake in shock, feeling as if he were drowning. In his sex hazed mind it took a few seconds to realize what exactly he was rapidly drinking down in order not to drown, and he realized that it was not nearly as nasty as he figured it would be, drinking someone else's pee. A few seconds after he made this realization he heard Austin spluttering awake as well, and he realized he too was now peeing, totally by accident.

Austin woke up also feeling as if her were drowning and instinctively swallowing, and he too took a few seconds to realize a few things, he was peeing, Scotty was peeing, they were both still in each others mouths and they were each drinking the others pee, and it did not taste as horrid as he thought it might.

Given that they were both still peeing and they did not want to make any more mess on the bed, they just continued drinking until they were both finished. Once they were each drained, they both slowly removed their still buried hands from their lovers bums, and let each others soft dicks fall from their mouths, and they rolled over onto their backs, both staring at the ceiling in wonderment.

“Wow, what just happened there?” Scotty managed to ask first in shock and awe.

“I don't know, but I had no idea that our butts could stretch that far or that pee would not taste as horrible as I thought it would.” Austin answered in shock and awe as well.

“Yeah, but I think we better go tell dad, he will want to check us out and you know he will be mad if we don't tell him!” Scotty said.

“Yeah, he would be mad if we didn't tell him. You don't hurt any do you?”

“A little bit, more uncomfortable, kind of like a pulled muscle, how about you?”

“Almost the exact same thing.” Austin said and then stood up and on shaky legs offered his hand to Scotty and he too stood up and together they walked downstairs, still very naked, but Scotty remembered to grab the lube on their way out.

The boys first checked the other bedroom and Lance and James were not in there, so headed downstairs and found them in the kitchen, looking as if they had just started getting breakfast prepared. Both Lance and James looked up when the boys entered, and they both did a double take to see both boys not in diapers, and Scotty holding the lube.

“Good morning boys, what's up?” Lance asked curiously.

“Well daddy, we accidentally did something to each other this morning and we both figured you'd be mad if we didn't tell you about it. So here goes, we were giving each other blow jobs and fingering each other and we had gotten up to four fingers in each other, as we have done before, but as we were getting hotter and hotter Scotty accidentally stuck his whole hand in my bum and then my body went crazy and I started cumming and when I did I accidentally shoved my whole hand into Scotty as well and then he started cumming. It felt incredible and when we both came down, we still had our hands inside each other, we started jacking each other like that and it felt even better, and we were still sucking each other as well, and then we came again and passed out. I don't know quite how long we were passed out but we still had our hands inside each other and our dicks in each others mouths, and we both woke up peeing, and we ended up drinking it.” Austin said, not ashamed, not sad to be telling his dad this, just stating it all in nearly one long breath.

“Ah finding out about fisting and watersports all in one morning, and accidentally as well, quite a morning.”

“Huh, we actually did stuff that other people do?” Scotty asked incredulously.

“Oh yeah, I have never been fisted before, but I fisted a guy once, he seemed to really enjoy it, and I have tried watersports before, but don't care for it any, it just seems so wrong. Well I see you brought the lube because you knew I would want to check you out, you're right, each grab a chair and assume the position.” Lance grinned at the boys.

To say that James was also shocked at the revelations was an understatement, and as the boys both bent over the chairs, he was right in there to look as Lance was looking as well. Lance added a lubed finger to each boy, feeling around and making certain nothing was wrong. As he pulled his fingers out, he gave each boy a swat to the naked backsides.

“Well you boys are lucky, there does not seem to be any damage at all. The human asshole can stretch a considerable amount, when prepared properly, so you must have managed to do it correctly. As for drinking each others pee, it really is no worse than drinking each others cum, so your safe there. I know you are both more than a little sore, as your holes are very bruised and swollen, so until that goes down, no more sex, not that you can anyways, it's Sunday and you have school tomorrow anyways. Go on up and get diapered.”

“Thanks daddy.” They both said, each giving Lance a hug and kiss and then slowly scampered their way up the stairs.

“And as for you, don't even think of asking me to do that to you, and I really have no interest in you doing it to me. My hand is way too large for your little bum hole to take, and it would tear.” Lance said to James before James could ask.

“Oh, okay, and don't worry about me wanting to try your pee, unless it's an accident, then I don't want to try it.” James grinned.


They continued where they left off, cutting up all the stuff for the omelets they were making, and the boys joined them a few minutes later, now freshly diapered and looking better, if not walking a little gingerly still.

“Wow, I hope no one at school sees you two walking like that, if they know anything at all, they will guess instantly what you two were doing!” James said as they walked in. They were now starting to feel a bit of the pain as their good feelings were starting to wear off further.

“Yeah, I kinda thought the same thing when I saw Scotty walking on the way back down, it doesn't really hurt, but it is really uncomfortable now.” Austin sighed.

“I probably have some analgesic cream in my bag that may help with that, we can find it after breakfast. You two want help out?”

“That sounds good daddy, and sure.” Scotty said and Austin nodded.

For the next half an hour the four boys all worked together to make a huge breakfast and then they all sat down and ate, enjoying each others company. As soon as they were finished, the three boys went about cleaning up, while Lance went in search of some good cream for the boys poor bruised bums. He did manage to find some, and he figured there was only two to three days worth in the jar, so he made a mental note to pick some more up. Lance went and helped the boys finish up the last bit of the cleanup and then he grabbed the cream.

“Here, you boys take this and apply some to each other, and be gentle.” Lance said, tossing the cream to Scotty who was closest.

“Thanks, I think we might just take a bit of a nap too, I am really tired.” Scotty said and Austin nodded as well.

“Okay, you just lay back and relax, we will probably just do the same in the living room.” Lance said warmly, he knew that fisting did have a tendency to take a lot out of a person.

Austin and Scotty clasped hands and slowly walked up the stairs to their bedroom, and as soon as they got there, Austin lowered the back of his diaper and bent over the edge of the bed, and Scotty, who still had the cream, applied a generous coating off the soothing cream to Austin's now very bruised and swollen hole. Once Austin was finished, he stood up and Scotty passed him the cream, lowered the back of his diaper and laid down in the same fashion and Austin gave him a good coating of cream as well.

Austin stood up temporarily and pulled the back of his diaper up and then crawled into bed and Scotty crawled in behind him, and then they cuddled up and fell asleep, not even having time to kiss each other.

James and Lance had headed to the living room and turned the TV on to watch, Lance at one end and James laying down with his head in Lance's lap, Lance softly playing with James' hair, very nearly putting the boy to sleep he was so relaxed.

They watched TV for an hour in this fashion before James decided that he wanted to play a little bit. Trying not to let Lance see what he was doing, he reached in behind himself with the arm that was already under him, and poked a hole in his diaper and then started fingering himself to prepare his tight hole for penetration. When James felt that he was as ready as he needed to be, he slowly poked a hole in the front of Lance's diaper, and then fished his soft meaty cock out, and a grin crept onto Lance's face, knowing full well what James was doing, and getting very hard because of it.

Once Lance was out and fully hard, James started sucking on Lance to get him nice and wet, he did that for only a few seconds before detaching and moving into position, sitting on Lance's lap, facing him and lowering himself onto Lance's engorged dick. Once James was fully impaled, he stopped for a few moments and just enjoyed the fullness, kissing Lance tenderly the whole time.

James started slowly rising and falling, gently making love to Lance, trying to make everything as loving as he could, they were still kissing each other deeply, they had their eyes closed, just loving each other. It was ten minutes later that they heard something they wished they had not heard, Austin and Scotty coming down the stairs. James looked up and sure enough, the boys were awake and coming downstairs.

“Sit right down and make no moves.” Lance whispered into James' ear.

James did as he was told and then they waited. At first both boys thought nothing of it, that James and their dad were just cuddling, and when they came into the room and they did not move, they thought something might be up.

“Hi boys, have a good sleep?” Lance asked, trying to sound as normal as he could, but both Austin and Scotty could tell that they had interrupted something.

“Yeah, we feel lots better now, are we interrupting something?” Austin asked and Scotty happened to spot something strange.

“No, we were just kissing and cuddling.” James said.

“James, did you know you have a hole in your diaper, oh wait, oh no, you guys aren't, are you?” Scotty asked, and then realized just where that hole was likely to be leading.

“Oh my god, you guys are kinky, I never thought of that, we'll head to the kitchen so that you guys can finish up.” Austin said with a grin.

“Thanks.” Both James and Lance said at the same time, not even bothering to deny it.

As soon as the boys left, James started bouncing up and down again, this time going a little faster to try and get them both off, now that they had been interrupted and just needed release. They made love for not even five minutes more before they both exploded, and with a grunt and a deep sigh each, they collapsed for a few minutes. Once they were both down enough, James climbed from Lance's lap and stood up. Lance joined him a second later, standing in front of the couch and they took each others hand and walked up to their bedroom.

“Oh my god, we totally caught them making love to each other through their diapers.” Austin beamed as soon as they got out of earshot, but whispering anyways.

“Oh yeah, and didn't that look so hot to you too?”

“Definitely, and as soon as our asses heal, we are so doing that to each other.” Austin grinned.

“Hell yeah.” Scotty beamed.

They each grabbed a large glass of milk and a piece of cake and sat down and ate silently, waiting for the other two to show up. Lance and James had went up to their room and quickly changed each other, lance taking a few moments to inspect James' bruised hole to make sure they had still done no damage to it. Lance was happy to find that James was good and healthy back there and as soon as they were both diapered, they headed out to find the boys.

“Now that was possibly the hottest thing I have ever seen or heard of.” Austin said, standing and applauding as the two of them entered the room.

“Oh sit down and stop that you brat, but it was super hot.” Lance grinned.

“Oh yeah.” James sighed.

“Good, I'm glad that you guys had some fun as well, just never figured we'd catch you at it in the living room.” Austin smiled warmly at them.

“Wasn't my idea, but I rode along with it.” Lance said with a perfectly straight face, and James smacked him for the bad joke, but everyone giggled.

James saw what the other two were eating and drinking and thought that it looked like a great idea as well, so went and grabbed both himself and Lance one as well and went and joined the others at the table, and Lance did as well and they too ate their cake and drank their milk. Once they were finished their snack they went and watched TV until it was decided that lunch time was nearing and they got up and made a quick lunch of soup and sandwiches and sat down to eat.

“Well guys, as much as I'd love to stay for even longer, I suppose I should be heading home before my parents send out a search party for me.” James said, sounding saddened.

“Yeah, I suppose you should, but I will miss you.” Lance said, sounding even worse.

They grabbed hands and slowly walked up the stairs together and to their bedroom, where Lance dressed his baby. Once James was all dressed, Lance leaned in for a deep sensual kiss that they shared for nearly ten minutes.

“I love you so much baby, and I can't wait until I can see you again. I don't know how you have stolen my heart and made me love you so much, but you did.” Lance gushed.

“And I love you more than I can say baby, and I can't wait to see you again either, but I will come by during the week, and I will be back for the weekend. As for how I stole your heart, I didn't, we gave each other our hearts to keep safe and full of love for forever.” James poured out his love.

“Good, well you better go before I stop you from leaving.”

“Yeah, I better, because it wouldn't take much.”

With another kiss, James headed out of the bedroom and down the stairs, Lance staying behind so that he did not have to see his baby leave. When James got downstairs he put on his shoes, grabbed his bag and with a final goodbye to the boys, he was gone.

For the rest of the evening Lance, Austin, and Scotty just sat around cuddling on the couch and watching TV before going to bed, and had they known what the following week would bring, they would have all just stayed home the next few days.

When James got home that afternoon he excitedly told his parents all about his weekend, and even the sex parts, he just didn't go into detail, but definitely told them that he felt incredible and so loved. They were very happy for him, they knew he had finally found what he needed to make him whole, and they knew that many people never found that.