Chapter 11

This story contains scenes of sex between males wearing diapers, boys and men, if this is not to your liking, please feel free not to read. I am by no means a professional writer and I claim in no way that this story is perfect, nor is it real, so only constructive criticism please should you feel the need. If you would like to comment on my story in any way I would be happy to hear from you, you may email me at, and you may also visit my site at should you wish to read other stories by me, as well as by a few others. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

Monday morning, time for everyone to head back out to their weekday drudgeries, the boys to school, and Lance off to a very busy week of emergency surgeries. Austin and Scotty were both still a little sore and tender in the backside areas, and even though the cream helped, it wasn't quite enough, and when they walked, you could tell they were sore. The largest problem came from the fact that both boys were walking the exact same way, and to anyone who cared to notice, they would easily spot it, and because the boys were friends, and kids are cruel, they could easily put two and two together.

And that was exactly what happened at lunch time, Austin and Scotty were on their way to the cafeteria to get their lunch when one of the boys from their class happened to notice.

“You two are a pair of fagots aren't you?” Trevor called out loud enough for anyone around them to hear.

Austin and Scotty calmly turned around to face their attacker, and although they had both feared the day this would happen, they were as ready for it as they could be, and they did not let the fact that they were mad and embarrassed show.

“And just what makes you think that Trevor?” Austin asked calmly.

“You are both walking like you had baseball bats shoved up your asses.” Trevor taunted.

“Ah, I see, so if you went horseback riding for the first time in your life and were walking like this as well, then that must mean that you're gay as well?” Scotty asked.

“Yeah right, your fags and you fucked each other so hard you can't walk properly now.”

By now a large crowd had gathered around and were watching the scene with interest, loving any type of conflict, and they didn't care who the conflict was about.

“Okay, first of all, we are gay, not fags, that is a vile word, and second, you are obviously either too small minded to mind your own business or are gay yourself and are trying to hide the fact. So which is it, small mind or gay?” Austin asked calmly.

“I ain't no fagot and I am smarter than you are.” Trevor tried.

“Oh, and you are not in any of our advanced classes because?” Scotty asked, sounding confused.

Well Trevor in his lack of knowledge, and not wishing to look bad, decided that instead of an answer he would instead charge at the boys to fight them both. Austin and Scotty never even once thought about this, they just grasped hands, stepped apart from each other, and clothes lined Trevor as he came charging at them at full force.

Trevor had no chance, it had all happened too fast, he was running too fast and not thinking clearly enough, so the sudden impact to his chest as he hit Austin and Scotty's arms was a major shock, and blow, to him. All three of the boys ended up in a pile on the floor, Austin and Scotty pretty much on top of Trevor, because when Trevor hit them with the force that he did, it caused both boys to recoil towards each other quite a bit more than they had anticipated. They had been ready for some of the hit, but when Trevor hit them, they ended up crashing into each other and falling on the ground as well.

As luck would have it, a teacher had finally arrived and had seen the last few seconds of the talk, the charge, and the subsequent hit, so Austin and Scotty had all the proof that they needed that they were not the ones to have started the so called fight.

“Everyone, get to where you are supposed to be, there is nothing to see here.” The teacher yelled out, and everyone very quickly dispersed.

The teacher, Mr. Crawford, could hear all three boys on the ground moaning a little at the pain they were in, and Trevor was still gasping a little, trying to get his breath back. He could also see a little blood from the two boys who had impacted each other, one looked to have a bloody nose and the other a bloody lip.

“Are you all alive down there, and if so, are you able to stand up?” Mr. Crawford asked.

It took a minute, but the three boys stumbled up onto their feet and were standing in front of the amused teacher. Mr. Crawford had seen many fights in his twenty plus years of teaching, but never anything quite like that, and he thought it quite comical, and it almost showed on his face.

“Follow me boys, we need to go see the principal!” He commanded.

The three of them followed the burly PE teacher all the way to the office and into the principals office. Austin and Scotty knew that they had nothing to fear, and Trevor knew that he was in really big shit, because the school absolutely did not tolerate fighting or harassment, and he had done both, and he knew that Mr. Crawford had seen enough.

“And what can I do for you this afternoon Ben?” Mr. Simmons, the principal, asked.

“Well it seems that young Trevor here does not like gays and he decided to try and fight Austin and Scotty here, and when Trevor ran at them at full force without thinking, the other two just calmly clasped hands and stepped apart and performed the best clothes line move I have ever seen. The impact of a much bigger boy to the two smaller boys caused them to crash into each other and that is where the blood came from. Although I can assure you they hurt far less than Trevor does, he's still gasping, trying to get his breath back.” Mr. Crawford grinned.

“I see, and what all did you hear them say before the little incident happened?” Mr. Simmons asked.

“I was in time to hear Austin tell Trevor that they were gay and not fagots, and that he must either be small minded or gay and trying to hide it. Trevor then said that he was not gay and that he was smarter than they were, to which Scotty asked why he was not in any of their advanced classes then. I guess he didn't have an answer to that so charged them instead.” Mr. Crawford said in amusement.

“I see. Austin and Scotty, is there anything else you care to add to this?”

“The only thing that needs to be added sir is the first part of the conversation.” Austin said, sounding a little nasal as it was his nose that was bloody and he was busy pinching it off and tilting his head back. Austin then told the entire conversation, from start to finish.

“Thanks for that, I take it then that the two of you are boyfriends?”

“Yes sir, we are, and now the entire school will know it as well.” Scotty said simply.

“That's okay, you are welcome to join our gay youth group here at the school if you wish. As for you Trevor, you know our policy for harassment and fighting, what do you think you deserve for this?” Mr. Crawford asked softly.

“I don't know sir.” Trevor said, his head hanging down, and silent tears running down his cheeks.

“You don't know, or you don't want to say?”

“I don't know sir, I know what I did was wrong, but I don't know how you deal with situations such as this.”

“Okay, your punishment for this little scuffle will be; first, you have to write a one thousand word essay on why it is not considered good to harass people, especially for being gay, and I need lots of details as to why gay people are no different than anyone else, this essay is due next Monday before you start school. Second, is that you must attend every gay group meet for the next month, they meet Tuesday's and Thursday's, and if I hear so much as one disparaging remark from you, and I am the leader of that group, I will expel you so fast it will make your head spin. Third, is that your parents are going to be called and they will be requested to come in for a meeting, and you yourself gets to tell them the reason for all of this. Fourth, is that by the end of tomorrow you will have an apology letter for both Austin and Scotty, of which you will get to read to us. I must tell you that I do not approve of harassment of any sort, but this is totally unacceptable, I am gay myself, hence the reason I run the club, and I happen to believe that you are as well, because I have seen you trying to come in the classroom where we hold our meetings a few times. Do you understand everything that you have been asked to do?” Mr. Crawford asked even more softly now, Trevor had started openly crying, and nearly sobbing, when the principal said the last part.

“Yes sir, I understand, and I will do it all.” Trevor said through tears.

“Good, you are all excused, Austin and Scotty, you are to head to the nurse and then go home for the rest of the day, I will inform your teachers.”

“Thanks sir.” Scotty said.

They turned and left the office and Trevor followed them out a second later, they all headed to their proper places.

“Did you know that there was a gay youth group in the school?” Scotty asked.

“No, I didn't. They must keep it somewhat quiet to help protect the students in there better.” Austin answered.

“That's what I figured as well. So how is your nose?”

“My nose is fine, it is almost better, it is my arm that hurts, how about you?”

“Yeah, mine too, my lip isn't bleeding any more, so that's good.”

“I know my arm isn't broke, cracked, or even fractured, so it is probably just bruised badly, that was some hit, I wasn't expecting Trevor to hit us that hard.”

“Yeah, my arm is fine as well, just sore, and I wasn't expecting that either, but it was funny to see the panicked look on Trevor's face at that last second when he realized what was about to happen.” Scotty grinned.

“Yeah, that was funny, and even worth it. Man did Mr. Crawford really lay it on thick though, Trevor is not going to be able to do anything this week at all with all the homework he will have, and that essay won't be easy either.”

“No kidding, I would have just given him the other things to do, that essay would be hard for even me to do, and I love to write.” Scotty admitted.

“Yeah.” Austin said, just as they were walking in the nurses office.

“Ah, you must be the boys that got into a bit of a fight, come on in and let me look at you.” The nurse said.

She first looked at Austin and then Scotty, checking them both out thoroughly, making certain that there was nothing wrong that she could see.

“Well, you both seem fine, you will be a little sore for the next day or so, but I don't see anything that will be permanent. The bruises on your arms though will probably turn some pretty interesting colors, but they should heal. If your parents feel it necessary, they can take you in to get them x-rayed to be certain, but I do not feel that there is anything other than bruising.”

“Thanks, our dad is a pediatric surgeon, and I am certain that he will check it all out again when he gets home tonight.” Austin said.

“Great, then you will be in good hands then, you are free to go, and have a good day.” She smiled and they headed out.

“So, should we check out the gay club tomorrow then?” Scotty asked on their way out of the school, after picking up their stuff.

“Sure, couldn't hurt to go check it out, and maybe even find a few more friends. I wonder how many kids are in the club and how they all heard about it?”

“Yeah, it would be nice to actually know other people at school, but I have all I need with you. It was probably the principal who found the students, between the counselors and the teachers, I am sure he would have heard of nearly every student who is gay.” Scotty suggested.

“Possibly, and I have all I need in you as well. So what should we do when we get home then?”

“Well we both have a bit of homework to do, and then I say we get diapered and lay down on the couch and cuddle up watching movies until daddy gets home.”

“Okay, sounds great to me.” Austin smiled.

The two of them walked the rest of the way home in silence, wishing they could hold hands, but knowing they really shouldn't. Everyone at school would know by tomorrow anyways, but still, seeing two boys holding hands walking down the street, it sometimes made people uncomfortable and they knew that, so they resisted the urge. When they got home they headed straight up to their room and started stripping. Scotty was the first one naked so he went and grabbed their diapers and the medicated cream for their bruised holes and met Austin back at the bed where he had laid down as soon as he was also naked.

Scotty first opened one of the diapers and slipped it under Austin's raised bum and then he took a generous scoop of the cool cream and rubbed it onto and into Austin's still sore hole. When Scotty's finger slipped in slightly, Austin gasped because it actually hurt a little today, but that went away quickly, and the cream started working. Once Austin was properly coated in cream, Scotty got him all diapered up and then laid down for his turn.

Austin did the exact same thing for Scotty, and Scotty also groaned a little at the painful entrance to his tender bum, but it was over quickly and Austin had him diapered up nice and snug within a few seconds as well.

“There we go, just like the little babies we are, let's go do our homework.” Austin smiled warmly.

“We may be babies, but only for each other and daddy, no where else, if anyone else were to call us babies, well let's just say Trevor would have gotten off easy.” Scotty grinned.

“Yeah, I agree. So how did we even do that anyways, I never even thought about it, just did it?” Austin asked.

“Don't ask me, it just happened, I have no idea how either, but it worked quite well. I'm just glad we didn't get in trouble. In my old school we would have gotten at least a two week suspension, even if a teacher saw the whole thing and it was no where near our fault.”

“Normally both parties in a fight in our school do get punished as well, and I am not quite sure why we didn't either.” Austin said, sounding a little puzzled.

“Maybe the principal figured that being outed to the entire school by tomorrow would be more than enough punishment. I mean, like how many students do you know of that are gay?”


“Exactly, so they either hide really well or have good friends that won't tell, well the entire school knows about us now, cause some of girls in the crowd were the biggest mouth pieces around and I doubt very seriously they wouldn't tell everyone they knew.”

“True. Oh well, nothing we can do about it now right, so we will just have to grin and bear it. If we don't make a big deal about it, neither will anyone else.”

“I hope your right, some of the kids at that school are so damned snooty and think their shit don't stink, something like this would be great for them to use against us.”

“True again, but again there is nothing we can do. All we can really do is go about our business and hope no one does anything stupid. Should we get our homework done then?” Austin asked.

Scotty just nodded and they headed back downstairs to where they left their school bags and headed to the kitchen table to do their homework. For the next hour the two lovers sat side by side in silence, touching nearly everywhere, doing their homework. It was a good thing that Austin was left handed or they never would have been able to do this, but he was and they did, and they both loved sitting like this and doing their work. More than once they had wished that they could do it this way at school, just not in their present attire.

Once their homework was completed for the day, they both headed to the living room to put a movie in and they cuddled on the couch and watched it. It was the first Lord of the Rings movie, and they both enjoyed it a great deal. As soon as the first movie was done they went and made some dinner and then went back and cuddled up on the couch, putting the second installment in and watching that while they ate. Of course once they were finished eating, they cuddled back up and continued watching. The movie was just ending when Lance came home, almost half an hour later than normal, and looking very tired.

“Hi daddy.” Both boys said brightly.

“Hello babies, how was your day, and why does it look like you have a fat lip Scotty?”

“Cause I do, go grab some dinner, come back in and eat, and we will tell each other all about our days.” Scotty said.

Lance just did as he was told, too tired to really argue at the moment, and way to hungry to think of doing anything else other than eat. He loaded up a plate full of dinner, finishing off every last bit that was left, and took it to the living room to join the boys. Once Lance was seated and eating, Scotty and Austin both animatedly told Lance all about their day and what was being done and what they would do. By the time they finished telling the story, and what the nurse had said and everything, Lance was just about finished eating, so they waited patiently for him to finish for him to start.

“Well we knew it would probably happen sooner or later, I guess it is better sooner though, and you dealt with it well, and your probably right about why you didn't get punished, even though you should have. I am not surprised that the principal is gay, I kind of knew it, but I am surprised that he told you, some parents would not like that in the least, but I think it's fine. How do your arms feel now though?”

“Oh mine feels fine, just a little sore because of the bruising, but I am absolutely certain it is not broken or anything, but I know you will be checking for yourself.” Austin grinned.

“Same here.” Scotty added.

“You're right.” Lance said and then did that. He checked both boys faces first and deemed them healthy, and then moved to their arms and poked and prodded, making sure he did not feel anything that was out of the ordinary, and he didn't.

“Well, you both seem to be in good shape.” Lance said.

“Told ya so.” Austin said, sticking his tongue out.

“Brat, get over here so I can spank that over padded butt of yours!” Lance said, Austin had smartly enough backed away with that comment, so he grinned and shook his head no.

“So how was your day daddy?” Scotty asked, cuddling into Lance.

“Horrible, a preschool transport van was in an accident and we were a madhouse all day trying to get those seven children all mended up. None of them were in critical condition or anything like that, but they all needed some work. One poor little guy I worked on most of the day is going to need a plastic surgeon though, he has a nasty gouge out of one of his cheeks, I did everything I could to lessen that damage, but it really was not a priority at the time. He was the worst of the lot though, other than the driver who I hear is not expected to make it. Some big truck blew a stop light and nailed him in the driver side door. I guess it is lucky it hit where it did though, if he had have hit further back, it would have killed a few of the kids for sure, and had it hit forward more, the police officer said it would have likely caused the van to spin into oncoming traffic, which could have been even worse.”

“Man, and I thought our day was bad, those poor kids, I'm just glad they have you to help them out.” Scotty said.

“It wasn't just me in there, everyone was helping, and they are all okay, most of them will probably be released in a day or two because their injuries were so minor, but a couple might be there for a couple weeks.”

“Yeah, we know, but I bet you did more than your fair share, you always do.” Austin smiled warmly at his daddy.

“I probably did, but that's just who I am, I can't help it. So have my two babies just been laying around all day watching movies then?”

“No, we did our homework first, and then we got lazy. I would love to watch the last movie in the trilogy, but it is too late to start watching it now, so we'll have to wait for another night I guess.” Austin answered.

“That's good, glad you did your homework first, but I figured you would have. So are you guys going to go to the gay youth group at the school tomorrow then?”

“I don't think we have entirely decided yet, but we probably will, we may as well really. Certainly couldn't hurt to have a few more friends at school.” Scotty answered.

“Yes, and to be around others that know what you are going through and understand you, would also be nice.”

“True.” Both boys said.

“Well we may as well just lay back and cuddle up for the rest of the evening and watch TV then.”

“Okay daddy.” Both boys said again.

Lance just smiled and shook his head at his boys and sat back and they both cuddled into him, one on either side, and they watched TV for the rest of the evening until bedtime.

James had had a not so interesting day at school and at home, he did all his schoolwork while at school and then went home and played on the internet for a while, then had dinner with his family, and sat and watched TV with them for the evening before going to bed himself, painfully hard but not wanting to jack off, wanting to save it all for the weekend.

The next morning when Austin and Scotty arrived at school, they could easily tell that everyone they saw knew, everyone looked at them, a few snickered, and a few more made whispered comments to their friends. No one though was brave or stupid enough to actually say anything to the boys. A few times though when they saw a boy in the hall and they were all alone they would get the thumbs up sign or a friendly hello, but next to nothing else all day long. As seemed to be customary in this school, no one really talked to them all day long.

“So, we're going aren't we?” Scotty asked at the end of their final class of the day.

“Sure, let's go.” Austin said all chipper sounding and they headed off to the classroom where they were told to meet. It was in a room neither of them had ever had a need to go into before, so they were not aware that it was a fairly large room, nearly an auditorium, so they were surprised when they got there and found a sign saying knock to enter. They knocked and Mr. Crawford came and answered the door and waved them inside.

“I'm glad you two could join us, not everyone is here quite yet, but they should be here soon, go ahead and mingle around and we will get started in a few minutes.”

“Thanks sir.” They both said.

They looked around the room and saw that there was probably forty students already there, probably thirty boys and ten girls or so, and both more than a little surprised that there were so many students in the group. Pretty much as soon as they left the principals side, the oldest student in the room came up to them, and he was the best wrestler in the school as well.

“Hi guys, I'm Gavin, but you probably already know that, I am the student gay club president and I have been in this club since the very first day I started in this school. Glad to see a couple new faces in here, and I heard all about what happened yesterday.”

“Hi Gavin, we know you, just never figured you were gay, and you have known since you came to this school, that's cool.” Austin said.

“Well technically I am bi, but I am probably ninety percent gay, I didn't mind straight sex the couple times I tried it, but let's just say it was not nearly as good as with a guy.” Gavin grinned.

“Cool. Never tried with a girl, and can't says I even want to, I have Austin and he's all I'll ever need.” Scotty smiled warmly.

“Yeah, I could tell you two were a couple, and I almost talked to you last Thursday to invite you to that meeting, but I couldn't find you.” Gavin grinned.

“When did you know?” Austin asked curiously.

“I was pretty certain about you last year Austin, but I knew Scotty was the second I saw him. I didn't approach you because I didn't want to embarrass you.”

“Cool, I have known for a while now, and even our dad knows and accepts, but then again, with his new boyfriend, he can't say much either. He's bi and I have known about that for a very long time.”

“That's cool, my parents threw me out when they found out I was gay, so I went to stay with my uncle, who is also gay, but my parents don't know that, and he is stupid rich so that is how I can go to school here. I was nine when they found out and I admitted it to them. So how come you guys live together then?”

“That's cool, I'm glad you have your uncle then. My dad found out about a couple things about me and tried to take me to be cured, the hospital assured him they would cure me, but he did not realize they were going to cure me of him. I had been staying the weekend at Austin's and we became boyfriends, so when I was at the hospital I asked to have them call Lance, that's my dad now, and he came and took me and now I am going to be his son as well. So Austin and I now have a horrible shameful gay incestuous relationship, it's awesome.” Scotty grinned.

“Wicked. I tried to get it on with my uncle once, cause I was so horny, I think I was thirteen, maybe twelve, but he told to fuck off and go get my horny ass a boyfriend, so I did.” Gavin grinned.

“Man, what a big ole meany huh.” Austin deadpanned.

“Tell me about it, I had blue balls something fierce and playing with myself just wasn't doing it anymore. Well I think that was the last of the students and Mr. Crawford is heading to the front, so we're almost ready.”

“Hello, I am glad that everyone was able to make it today, and as many you have already noticed, we have three new faces in our midst. I am certain that all of you now know what happened yesterday, and you all know that they were in a little altercation, and you all also know that normally Austin and Scotty would be being punished just as severely as Trevor is, however I felt that being outed to the entire school was punishment enough. I now call Austin and Scotty up to introduce themselves.”

“Oh great” Both boys mumbled together, but walked to the front together, hand in hand.

“Hi, I'm Austin, and I'm gay, and I like myself. I have a boyfriend, and here he is.” Austin said said, pointing to Scotty.

“I'm Scotty, I'm gay as well, and I also like myself, just not my dad, but I love my new dad and boyfriend.”

“Thanks boys. Now we have Trevor here who is here as part of his punishment, I now call him up to read out his apology letter to Austin and Scotty.”

Trevor, who had been off to the side all alone, not looking at anyone or anything, came trudging up to the front, head hung low, with what appeared to be a few tears running down his cheeks. He took a few minutes to compose himself, and when he started, it was with just barely enough volume for everyone to hear, but they did hear.

“To Austin and Scotty, for what I did to you yesterday I can never be forgiven, I gave away one of your largest secrets without your permission, and yet I ask forgiveness. I was stupid, I was small minded, I was scared, I was lashing out at you when I should have been lashing out at me. I have tried to come to this meeting a few times, I knew it was here, I had heard it whispered, and I tried, I really tried, I wanted to understand what and why I was going through what I am going through. I am gay, I finally admitted it to myself last night, something I have always really known, but never allowed myself to believe. If my family were to ever find out I would surely be thrown out and maybe even beaten, my dad hates gays with a passion, so I took it out on you two. I can tell that you truly love each other and you deserve to be with each other, more than I can say for me. I will serve my month here and then you will never have to see me again, I am going to ask to change schools.” Trevor said and then started to walk away from the front, head still hung low.

Both Austin and Scotty rushed up to Trevor and wrapped their arms around him and gave him a big hug.

“Trevor, please do not hate yourself. People do stupid things at times, and we understand, maybe even more than you do, why you did what you did. Stay here, not because you have to, but because you want to. Stay in school, not just any school, but this school. As long as you try and open up and make friends and learn more about yourself, you will never be shunned here.” Austin said softly, but loud enough for everyone to hear.

“And we do forgive you Trevor, we are mad for what you did, but there was really no harm done and now everyone knows about us, and knows that we are not bothered by it, so we will be fine.” Scotty added.

“Well said boys, that was a very nice apology Trevor, and a nice way of accepting Austin and Scotty. Okay, here's how it works, mostly we just sit around talking, telling each other all about us, but lots of the time we just hang out and relax. Never feel that you have to tell anyone anything, and we never tell the dirty details of our relationships, that is your own personal business. For today we will just sit around and talk, get to know each other a bit better.” Mr. Crawford said with a warm smile to the boys.

For the next hour everyone sat around telling each other stuff, mostly telling the three new boys all about themselves, whether they were bi or gay, and many of them saying whether they currently had a girl or boy friend, a good portion of them did. They all just had a good time chatting and learning about each other. When their time ended, everyone said goodbye to each other and they all got up to go. As Austin and Scotty were heading out, Trevor caught up to them.

“Hi guys, I really am sorry for what I did to you yesterday.” Trevor said, sounding a lot happier now.

“We know, and you don't ever have to say it again. So are you going to be at the next meeting because you have to be or because you want to be?” Austin asked.

“Because I want to be, it was very nice. Are you guys going to be there?”

“Sure.” They both said as one.

“Good, I will be happy to see you there then, well I have to go, so see you later.”

“So do we, see you later as well.” Scotty said and they all separated and went their own way.

Once again Austin and Scotty walked home in near silence, wanting to hold each others hands, but looking to each other every so often and smiling warmly, both happy with the way things were turning out for them. When they got home they went and got changed, diapering each other, and then they started in on their homework and got it all done. Once that was out of the way, they both started making dinner as it was already getting quite late.

“Should we take our dinner and go watch the third Lord of the Rings?” Scotty asked once they were finished cooking.

“Sure, sounds good to me.”

They both dished up and went and put in the final movie and watched it while eating dinner. Tonight Lance made it home a little early, in time to catch the last half an hour of the movie, so he too went and dished up some dinner, at the boys' prompting, and came and cuddled up with his boys. Once he was finished dinner, and the movie had ended, the boys told Lance all about their day.

“Well I am glad that you boys had a good day and I am proud that you accepted Trevor's apology, he was obviously hurting a great deal. Well today was thankfully not as hectic as yesterday was, and that little boy that I told you about yesterday, well he is doing a lot better and is in real good spirits and has nearly thirty signatures on his leg cast already.”

“What about all the other kids that were in the van and what about the driver?” Scotty asked.

“All the other kids are doing well as well, most of them were released and only two had to stay, and the boy I worked on will be the longest, and that might only have to be one week now. As for the driver, he unfortunately did not make it, he passed away due to his injuries late last night.”

“That's too bad, I hope his family is okay and I hope he didn't have to suffer too much pain.” Scotty said sadly.

“I saw his wife there and she looked upset, understandably, but she seemed more concerned for the kids, but then I would have been as well. I guess she had come to grips with his passing and was just worried that the kids would have lasting injuries. The accident investigator and I talked today as well, and the driver of the truck that hit them also died, it seems that he had a massive heart attack, which caused the accident, however they have reason to believe that this was not his first heart attack, and that he was supposed to have been prohibited from driving for that reason. The company he worked for is going to have to answer some pretty serious questions, and they will probably be sued by every family member of every person in that van.”

“Wow, that really sucks. I mean if it was the first time, no one can do anything about that, and it would have just been a horrible accident, but his company should never have allowed him behind the wheel if they knew about it, and I bet they did.” Scotty said, sounding disgusted.

“Yeah, they probably did, but they probably just did not care.”

For the rest of the evening the three of them sat around, all cuddled up on the couch, watching TV, enjoying the cuddles.

James had had a not too interesting day again, nothing much happened, no one really even talked to him, no one ever really did unless they couldn't help it. He again got all his work done at school and went home and played on his computer for a while and then ate dinner with his family and sat down and watched TV with them for the evening. Pretty much the same thing that he did every night. Same as the night before, he really wanted to jack off to relieve some of the pressure build up, but he also wanted to save it for the weekend, but it was not approaching fast enough, and he was missing his baby.

The rest of the week went by with next to nothing happening, mostly just the boring old stuff that happens while at work and school. The only things that did happen was that James did go over and visit with Austin and Scotty, and he stayed until Lance came home, then he left soon after with a goodnight kiss that nearly made them both spontaneously explode in their pants. Thursday Austin and Scotty went to their gay club meeting and it was much more relaxed, everyone talking, everyone having a good time, and even Trevor seemed far more relaxed and happy, something everyone was happy to see. Austin and Scotty were also very happy to see that he and Gavin were talking to each other during the meeting, and from the blush on Trevor's cheeks during the conversation, they sort of guessed the topic.