Chapter 12

This story contains scenes of sex between males wearing diapers, boys and men, if this is not to your liking, please feel free not to read. I am by no means a professional writer and I claim in no way that this story is perfect, nor is it real, so only constructive criticism please should you feel the need. If you would like to comment on my story in any way I would be happy to hear from you, you may email me at, and you may also visit my site at should you wish to read other stories by me, as well as by a few others. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

Friday afternoon finally came, and to all three boys and Lance, it could not have come fast enough. Lance had of course had the day off and he spent most of it scrubbing the house, baking, and shopping. Lance actually had to laugh that afternoon when he heard all three boys come crashing in the house at the same time, sounding like a tornado, and probably doing nearly as much damage to his nice clean house.

“Well good afternoon my babies, think you can tone down the noise and the mess a bit, I just finished cleaning.” Lance grinned at them.

“Hi daddy, sorry.” Both Austin and Scotty said, sounding very happy to be home.

“Hi baby yourself, sorry 'bout that, bit excited to finally be with you.” James said with a shrug.

“It's okay, you all go on up and get changed.”

“I'd rather you came up and helped me.” James grinned.

“I better not, we might not make it back down if I did.” Lance said straight faced.

“And that would be bad, how?”

“Because we don't need to spend the entire weekend cooped up in our bedrooms, now go get changed, all of you, put on your daytime diapers and some comfortable pants and shirts.”

“Fine.” James pouted and Austin grabbed his arm and pulled him upstairs with them.

Lance just again shook his head and smiled at the antics of his young lover. Once they were upstairs he decided that he too probably needed a change, he had worn his diapers most of the day as well, of which he was surprised the boys had either not noticed or did not bother to mention. Lance crept upstairs to his bedroom and quickly got himself changed while the three boys changed each other.

The boys had all got to Austin and Scotty's room, and Austin pushed James onto the bed and started stripping him of his pants and very soggy diaper, while Scotty was grabbing the needed diaper supplies. By the time Scotty got back, Austin had James completely stripped, and was busy cleaning James' diaper area with a wipe. Once cleaned up, Scotty moved in with the cream and a clean diaper and then slid the diaper under James' raised bum and then applied a generous coating of the cool cream to James' entire diaper area, ignoring the very obvious erection that James had going on. Once all creamed up, Scotty stepped away to clean his hands and Austin moved back in and taped James up nice and snug.

As soon as James was finished, he stood up and Austin was pushed onto the bed and James made quick work of stripping him down as well. The only difference was that Austin was not already in a diaper. Scotty again moved in with a clean diaper and the cream and quickly creamed up his boyfriend, just not in one of the ways he would have liked, and then as soon as he was finished, James moved in and taped up Austin's diaper, nice and snug as well.

Once Austin was completed, he got up and Scotty was pushed onto the bed, and the same thing happened to him, James stripping him, Austin creaming him, and then James taping him up.

Once all three boys were freshly diapered and still almost naked, they all removed their school shirts and went and grabbed clothes and they all got dressed in some nice loose, comfortable clothes.

Lance had of course made it back downstairs before the boys were even half way through getting changed and he waited in the kitchen for them, making each of them a plate with a good sized slice of cake and a tall glass of milk. Five minutes later, when they came rushing downstairs and found Lance in the kitchen, they hardly even saw him, just saw the cake and milk, and dove into it. Lance had to, once again, shake his head and grin at the boys, if he let them, Lance was certain that the three hungry boys could polish off the entire cake in only a few seconds. As it was the boys very nearly inhaled their cake and milk, and as soon as they were finished they all hopped up and put their dirty dishes in the sink.

“I haven't even gotten a kiss from you yet.” James said, coming up to Lance and pulling Lance down for a nice tender hello kiss.

The kiss lasted nearly five minutes when they both finally stood up, gasping and grinning,

“Well, it's about time.” Scotty commented when they did come up for air.

“What, we've only been able to get in one good kiss this week, how often do you two get to kiss?” James asked.

“Fine, you win that one, but next time get a room.” Scotty grinned.

“I wanted to.” James grinned back.

“I bet you did.” All three of the others said at the same time.

“So what are we going to do today?” James asked.

“I was thinking that we could all go out and maybe catch a movie and then go for dinner somewhere.” Lance offered.

“Cool.” All three boys said together.

“Good, then get your shoes and let's get going then.”

They all got their shoes on and then headed out to the car and took off for the theater. When they got there they all went in and chose a movie and then grabbed drinks and popcorn and then headed to their chosen movie. The movie was nearly three hours long and was very good, but it was long and they had all drank a lot. It was with very little surprise to the boys that they were all extremely soaked, and leaking more than a little.

“Um dad, I think we should have worn our night time diapers.” Austin said.

“Looks that way huh. Good thing I thought well ahead and already had a diaper bag packed and in the car, meet me out back again and I will come and get you.”

“Okay, if you go now we will meet you out back as soon as the crowd clears.” James said.

“Sounds good to me.”

Lance headed out with the crowd and the three of them sat and waited patiently until all the crowds had disappeared and then strolled down the aisle towards the back door. When they got outside they had to blink because of the light difference, but as soon as they could see again they all stood and waited for Lance to come and pick them up. As soon as Lance pulled up he shut off the car and hopped out and grabbed the bag from the trunk, by the time he came to the side the boys were at, James was already laying on the back seat of the car, naked from the waist down, waiting to be cleaned and diapered.

Lance quickly wiped James down and then diapered him up and then Scotty climbed in and got the same treatment, and then Austin was last. All their wet pants were put into an included plastic bag, and everything was tossed back in the trunk and they took off for dinner.

“So where are we going for dinner dad?” Austin asked.

“I was thinking The Keg. I was feeling like having myself a huge slab of medium rare beef and a huge serving of other assorted things that are horrible for me.” Lance answered.

“Ooh, sounds good.” All three boys said.

“Good, let's go then.” Lance said and they hopped in and headed off to the restaurant and got in line for a table.

Nearly twenty minutes later they were shown to their table and their drink orders were taken and a large loaf of hot bread was delivered. Once the waiter came back with their drinks, they had all had enough time to peruse the menu and had all decided on what they wanted, so told the waiter. Lance and James both took the prime rib special, Austin took the surf and turf platter, and Scotty took the lasagna and new york strip. Lance did order a large platter of oysters to start, to go with the salad that would probably come at the same time. Slowly, bit by bit, their meal was delivered to them, and they all ate and ate and ate, stuffing themselves silly with the good food.

“Oh god, that was the most incredible meal I have ever eaten, and I am so bloody full I'm not sure I can walk.” Scotty groaned, leaning back and popping his top button on his pants.

“Me too.” Everyone said and they sat back and chatted and let their meals digest while waiting for the bill.

“Pardon me young man, but there are two things I think I should tell you and your boyfriend.” The waiter said to Scotty, some ten minutes later when he was finally able to make it over.

“What's that?” Scotty asked curiously.

“Well first of all, your diaper is showing well enough that should anyone look, they would clearly see it, and second, from across the room people can also see you two playing footsies under the table.” The waiter whispered, but loud enough for all at the table to hear.

“Oh, thanks for that, I didn't even realize we were doing that again, it happens so automatically.” Scotty said nonchalantly, stopping their playing and pulling his shirt down to cover his diaper back up. Scotty's shirt had ridden up a little when he stretched, hence the showing of his diaper.

“No problem sir, happens here all the time, just thought I should tell you so that some other rude person did not say something, sadly we still get them here sometimes.”

“Thanks for that, it wouldn't have bothered us anyways, but thanks.”

“I trust you have the bill with you?” Lance asked.

“Yes sir.” The waiter said and handed it over.

“Thanks.” Lance said, took the offered bill, took a look at it, grabbed his wallet, and took out plenty to cover the bill and enough to make the waiters night in tips.

“Thanks sir, you gentlemen have a good night.” The waiter said and left to attend his other tables.

“Well boys, I think it's off to home where I am certain that this entire meal will be worn off before we go to sleep.” Lance said with a straight face again.

“You bet.” All three boys said together.

Not one of the boys realized the sexual powers of oysters, but they all knew they were super horny, and now they had tons of energy, it could be a very long night for all. In the back of Lance's mind, he hoped the neighbors would be able to sleep. They all climbed in the car and headed home and the drive was short, thankfully, they all thought, and then headed in.

“Goodnight boys, I love you.” Lance said as soon as they got in the door.

“Night dads, love you too.” Austin grinned.

“I am not your dad, I'm only a year older than you.” James grinned back.

“You may as well be, anyways, love you, have a good night.”

“Yeah, love you too and have a good night, because I know we will.” Scotty grinned.

“Oh, I almost forgot, I wanted to check your bums again one final time, I know I said they were healing up nicely on Wednesday, but let's just give them one final checkup.” Lance said as they were halfway up the stairs.

“Okay.” Austin said dejectedly, knowing it was no use in fighting it.

They all headed to the boys' room and both boys stripped quickly, their soggy diapers falling to the floor with a thud, and they both bent over the side of the bed and assumed the positions. Lance made quick work of checking them out, and with a quick slap to each boys bared bum, he stood up.

“Ouch, hey what was that for?” Scotty squealed.

“Just cuz. Well you both seem to be healed well enough, but no more fisting, at least for a while.”

“No worries, not so sure we will do that again, unless by accident, although it was sorta hot.” Austin said.

“Yeah, what he said.” Scotty smiled.

“Well, have a good night.” Lance said and he and James headed to their room.

“God, I thought they'd never leave, I'm gonna blow like right quick, I thought I was gonna blow when dad has his finger up my bum, I'm so hard it hurts.” Scotty moaned out and then threw himself on the bed on his back.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly, but we have not even jacked off all week either, so that's probably half the problem.” Austin grinned and then crawled onto the bed and got them into a nice 69.

No sooner had Austin's incredibly hard erection come into range of Scotty's mouth, that Scotty was already sucking it, and Austin was doing the same to Scotty. It was with very little surprise to either boy that their orgasm's were so fast in coming for their first time tonight, they had not cum in almost a week, they were very horny, and they wanted each others loads so bad, they were sucking like the average vacuum. With one of the largest cums either boy had ever had, they each came into the others mouth, and they both savored their boyfriends tasty treat.

“Oh god that was good, I needed that so bad.” Austin moaned as he rolled off of Scotty.


A few moments later Austin turned himself around and zeroed in for a nice deep and passionate kiss, their tongues were working, their hands were working, and they were clearly ready for round two. Austin first started kissing and licking his way down Scotty's quivering body, touching every sensitive spot he had found so far on Scotty, driving his poor boyfriend wild, but skipping right past the good bits. Scotty moaned in frustration, obviously not liking Austin skipping past his dick, but Austin didn't care at the moment, he just wanted Scotty as hot and horny as he was a few minutes before, and that was getting very close already.

Austin continued making love to Scotty's body for nearly five minutes more before he pushed Scotty's legs open and back, dove in, and started licking and tonguing Scotty nice and tenderly, being careful to not be too forceful, but really getting in there and loosening him up. Scotty was by now all fired up and ready to explode, and Austin knew it, and he also knew that as soon as he entered his very hot ass, Scotty would explode. Austin removed his face, stuck in three fingers instead, now lube coated, and inhaled Scotty's ultra hard erection to the base, sucking Scotty clear into his throat and working him into a near frenzy. With a roar, Scotty erupted, and Austin barely had enough time to lift up to be able to enjoy the treat Scotty was feeding to him, but he did, and oh how he did enjoy his tasty treat.

Scotty collapsed backwards as soon as his orgasm cleared, and Austin licked the last remaining drops of his favorite liquid, and before Scotty was even totally aware, Austin crawled up and inserted himself fully, in one agonizingly slow motion, deep into the caverns of his lover. And that was where he stayed for a few minutes, trying desperately not to cum, but sadly he was losing the battle and just let it go, and with a scream that he let out into Scotty's bare and exposed armpit, Austin came.

A few moments later, when they were both down from their orgasms, Austin started a deep lovemaking, pushing in as deep as he could go, and pulling out as far as he could before slipping out, and repeating. With two earth shattering orgasms a piece out of the way, their love making was now able to be enjoyed to its fullest, and for as long as possible, and boy did they. For nearly ten minutes Austin kept up the painfully slow and deep penetration, and kissing his lover just as slow and deep.

They were not just having sex, they were making love with their entire bodies and souls, fully intertwined together, so deep into each other that they were no longer aware of anything around them, and the house could have been on fire, and they still would have continued, and they continued for the ten minutes more they were able to last.

With deep groans into each other, they came, just as powerful as the two previous, just as intense, just as mind blowing. Then they collapsed, Austin on top of Scotty, both with a deep sigh of contentment.

“Did that hurt at all baby?” Austin asked tenderly a few minutes later.

“No, not at all, but god it felt great.”

“Tell me about it. It must have been something we ate, but god dammit am I horny and I need you in me right now!”

“Okay.” Scotty said brightly, and quickly flipped Austin over, surprising him a fair amount, but Austin loved it.

The flip was fast and furious, but the rest was slow and tender. Scotty first started out with a gentle kiss, long and deep, and then slowly working his way down Austin's body, hitting every sensitive spot that he knew of on him. Austin was now the one pulsing and vibrating, moaning and groaning, clutching the blankets, trying with his every fiber to not explode, but when Scotty dove into his asshole with vigor, it increased it ten fold, and Scotty knew Austin would not be able to hold on for much longer. So once his fingers were nicely lubricated, Scotty removed his mouth from Austin's hot hole and slipped his fingers in and engulfed Austin's turgid member to the root.

“Oh holy fuck, I can't hold it.” Austin grunted out, and before he could say anything further, Scotty was sucking down Austin's fourth load of the night.

Scotty slowly removed his hand and crawled up Austin's still shaking body and lined up and slipped his erection as deep into Austin as he could. Scotty did not explode from the initial entrance as Austin had, but admittedly he was again close, so he gritted his teeth and calmed himself down and then started a quick thrusting motion to have a little fun and get rid of this load quickly, and quick it was. No more than thirty seconds later, and just as Austin was coming down from his orgasm, Scotty slipped into his.

A full two minutes later Scotty was coherent enough to start again, but this time he kept the rhythm slow and steady, long and deep. For nearly ten minutes longer, they made love to each other with their whole bodies again, kissing deeply the whole time. They both exploded in their fifth orgasms together, almost as strong as their first ones of the night, and just as intense.

“Oh god, I'm still hard and horny, but I am so tired.” Austin gasped out almost five minutes later, once they both came down from their orgasms.

“I know what you mean, here, swing around and we can suck each other again, but together this time.”

Austin did as Scotty suggested and they started sucking each other, sucking a further two loads out of each other over a twenty minute period, and finally they were spent, they were now very soft and very content.

“I feel like I am going to sleep until noon now.” Scotty groaned out a few minutes after they finally went soft.

“Me too, we better get ready for bed or we might fall asleep and drown in the middle of the night.”

“Yeah.” Scotty agreed.

They both got up, Scotty went and grabbed the diapers and Austin fixed the bedding, most of it was strewn across the room now. As soon as Austin was done, he laid down on the bed and let Scotty tenderly diaper him up. Scotty was next, and Austin diapered him up as well, just as tenderly, and then they crawled into bed, and with a final kiss goodnight, they passed out until the next morning.

* * * * * * * * *

James and Lance made it to their room, and James did not even last until they got the door closed before he very nearly attacked Lance, tearing off his clothes and kissing him as deeply as he could as they were kissing and undressing.

“Well, aren't we just the horny little buggerer tonight!” Lance teased when he was able to breath for a second.

“You bet I am, I haven't jacked off since last weekend, my balls hurt so bad they feel like they are going to explode, I am so hard I could chip concrete if I fell, and I am so horny that I don't know what I want to do first.” James said desperately.

“Ah, so the oysters were probably not such a good idea then huh?” Lance asked.

“What do you mean?” James asked as he was now ripping his own clothes off.

“Well oysters have a bit of a sexual power to them, they sort of have the tendency of making people a little horny, well you more than likely already were if you have not jacked off in what, five days, so they may not have been necessary.”

“Fuck no, I already hurt before we went to dinner, I wanted to rape you the second I got here from school.” James was nearly panting now, and pushing Lance towards the bed.

“Should be a fun night then.” Lance grinned as he was pushed backwards onto the bed, he fell onto his back, but before James could jump on him, Lance moved so that he was in the middle of the bed.

James grabbed the lube and started fingering his hole as he was climbing on the bed, and Lance could clearly tell what James wanted first, so just laid back and waited. The wait was not long, James probably only just had his hole coated before he was climbing onto Lances hardon and sitting down. With a bit of a grunt James fell all the way down, impaling himself fully on Lance's boner.

James had to grit his teeth hard to stop himself from cumming, and Lance could see this, but he wanted to torture his young lover a bit, so he started thrusting his hips up and down quickly.

“Oh holy fucking shit.” James gasped out at the sudden friction, and then exploded. A total of eight shots fired from James, the first four hitting the wall with enough force to be heard, and the final four hitting the headboard, Lance's face and his chest.

“Wow, I'm glad those first few shots didn't hit me in the chest, or I might not have survived.” Lance teased as soon as he could see that James' eyes had cleared a little.

“Wow.” James gasped out.

“That good huh?”


“I'll take that as a yes.”


“You said that already.”

“Wow, that was incredible. My dick head is still burning from the first few shots.” James panted out a little more this time.

“And so it should, I have never seen or heard cum fired that hard before. Now get those awesome lips down here and kiss me sexy.”

James did as he was asked and bent down and they kissed passionately for a few minutes, Lance still buried deep inside James, having not yet cum, and no longer close. Once Lance felt that the kiss had lasted long enough, he grabbed hold of James and flipped them over so that he was on top, and James instinctively pulled his legs up and wrapped them around Lance.

Lance started a slow and gentle rhythm, going nice and deep on every push in, and coming all the way out on every pull out, then pushing all the way back in again. For ten minutes, Lance kept it up, but he could tell that James was getting very close again, and he too was getting near to explosion, but that was not what Lance wanted right now, he wanted for them to hold off for as long as possible.

So when Lance pulled out, he stayed out, and then started kissing his way down James' quivering young body, licking and sucking lots, making tender love to the rest of his body. James was moaning in frustration, he had been getting close, and now Lance was driving him insane with lust even more, but not doing anything to let him cum, and he so wanted to do so. In fact every time that James tried to touch himself in any way, Lance smacked his hands and he was forced to put them back up above his head where Lance had positioned them. For the next ten minutes Lance did everything to James' body short of stimulating him enough to make him cum, and James was now nearly crying in pain.

Lance knew that James was going to spontaneously explode any minute now, and not wanting another precious load to go to waste, he zeroed in on James' pulsing young erection with his mouth and licked off the healthy amount of precum that had oozed down the shaft, and then sucked just the head into his mouth. Using only his tongue, Lance used every dirty nasty trick he knew of to really bring James off, and boy did it work.

“Oh god, what are you doing to me?” James gasped out quite loudly, and then exploded.

Lance counted out another eight shots, the first few quite strong and so powerful they went straight down his throat without him being able to enjoy, but the next few shots, he kept in his mouth and savored until the entire load was safe inside hiss mouth.

Once Lance had the entire load in his mouth he crawled up James' still heaving body and then kissed James tenderly, sharing the load, and simultaneously inserting himself back inside James' hot hole. With a deep moan from both, that was muffled by their mouths, they continued to kiss and make passionate love. Lance had come down a great deal during the time outside of James, so he was again nowhere near close enough to explode, and James with two strong orgasms already, was also not close, so they were able to enjoy some more tender loving. No longer pulling all the way out, Lance was still going just as deep and staying just as slow, lovingly riding his boyfriend. For a further ten minutes they lasted, and this time Lance knew that it was he that was not going to be able to hold on, so he picked up speed and spilled his seed inside James in an intense orgasm, just nowhere near the power that James had shown on his previous two orgasms. James had also cum again, almost at the same time as Lance had, and this time not so powerful either, but still impressive for a boy of only fourteen.

“Oh my god, that was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced in my life.” James panted out a few minutes later.

“Me too, I have never had such strong cums before either, but now I need you inside me please?”

“Okay.” James said with a nice warm smile on his face.

Lance rolled off of James and onto his back and put his hands above his head, laying there waiting expectantly and still hard. James started off by kissing Lance tenderly, pouring his love for his big savior out of him and as deep into Lance as he could, and Lance could feel it. From the sweet and gentle kiss, James moved to gently petting and kissing every square inch of Lance's hard body, moving so slowly and softly that Lance nearly fell asleep and went soft, it was so soft and loving. This was exactly what James wanted, he didn't want this part to be sexual, he wanted this to be pure love, not that everything they did with each other was anything but, but this was different. For nearly an hour James did this to Lance, and even when James started in on Lance's groin area, it was a long time before Lance became hard, because it was so slow and gentle.

James grabbed the lube and lubed his fingers up and slipped them into place once Lance was fully hard, and started gently licking his erection at the same time. With a deep guttural moan from Lance, James knew that he was doing this the right way, it was low, powerful, but not really sexual, just very satisfied. For nearly ten minutes longer James kept this up, still very gentle, not trying to bring Lance off or anything, in fact Lance was hours away from an orgasm at this pace. Finally James felt that this was enough foreplay and removed his mouth and fingers at the same time, went in for another deep kiss first, and then moved down and inserted himself slowly. Once fully inserted, James stopped and waited for a few minutes, just enjoying the feelings of being inside his big lover.

Lance had started moaning deeply again as James had slipped inside him, and when James started thrusting slowly, the moans increased to match the pace that James was using. It was fifteen minutes later that they both came again, James deep inside Lance, Lance spraying James clear to his chin, but James didn't stop. James gritted his teeth so that he wouldn't stop, and just kept right on going, and even he was surprised that he was able to do so. Lance was very surprised as well, and was almost halfway to another orgasm before he even came down from that one, and well before he was ready for it, he was again firing off more shots, these not going quite so far. James had not been quite as close, but as soon as Lance's strong ass muscles clamped down on him during the strong orgasm, it caused James to explode again, but again James didn't stop.

He kept right on going, and going and going, through yet another two orgasms, and Lance was getting very sore now, not from his ass, although it was starting to burn a little, no it was his dick head, he was now firing blanks, and it really burned, especially the last one, another strong cum, without the cum.

“Oh god baby, no more, you're killing me here, I have nothing left.” Lance pleaded after the final orgasm.

“Don't worry, I have nothing left in me either, didn't on the last cum either come to think of it.” James panted out with a grin.

“Good, let me up and I will get the stuff and we can diaper each other?”

“Okay.” James smiled and rolled off of Lance.

Lance got out of bed, attempting to stand up three times before he was successful, and even then his legs were so shaky he looked as if he were walking on a storm tossed ship. Lance finally made it to the closet, where their diapers were kept, and he grabbed two and the diaper rash cream, he felt he was going to need it, and James could probably use a good coating as well. He got back to the bed and James was already ready and waiting in the correct position for his clean diaper, so Lance slipped one under him and got him heavily creamed up and then pulled the diaper up and taped it closed, nice and snug, just like they both liked it.

Once James was all diapered for the night, he hopped up and Lance took his place, and Lance got the same treatment, including a good heavy coat of cream. Once they were both ready for the night, they hit the lights, climbed into bed and snuggled up together and kissed for only a minute.

“Good night baby, I love you.” James whispered.

“Good night baby, I love you too, more than words can say.” Lance whispered back and then kissed James again for a second before they both passed out for the night.

The following morning they all woke up at more or less the same time, all very wet, all very tired still, and all still sexually satisfied. They all got up and had plans of going to the kitchen, none of them bothering to get changed, their diapers would hold lots more before they exploded, and they met in the hallway.

“Good morning my little babies, we were just heading down to get breakfast started.” Lance said in a little surprise as they opened their doors at the same time to find each pair standing there.

“Look who's talking, you're as wet as we all are, and you're the only one who doesn't actually have an excuse.” Scotty giggled.

“I do too, my boyfriend here has gotten me hooked, and now I wet at night without noticing it, but it might not hurt that I went to bed without draining myself first and I was so exhausted that I doubt the fire alarms going off would have waken me. Well seeing as how you boys are up, you may as well join us for making breakfast then.”

“We were actually heading down to do just that as well anyways, so sure.” Austin grinned.

They all headed down to the kitchen and started getting breakfast all ready to go, and it was a good tasty and filling meal that they sat down to eat nearly half an hour later.

“Oh dad, there's a message on the machine, we didn't check it last night, I hope it wasn't anything important.” Austin said when he happened to notice the little blinking light as they were cleaning up.

“If it were an emergency, my pager would have gone off, go ahead and check it.”

“Hi guys, this is Randy, I have some good news for you and I would like to come over and deliver it to you tomorrow at noon, I just got it and it is time to go home for the night, so I will stop by, I hope you are home, if not, just call and we can rearrange.” The message said.

“Oh shit, it's five minutes to twelve, quick, we better go get dressed.” Lance said.

They all rushed upstairs, got fresh diapers on and clean clothes on and then rushed back downstairs and started cleaning the kitchen quickly, and they were nearly done when the doorbell rang. They all went to answer it.

“Hello Randy, good to see you again, you said you had good news, so come on in.” Lance showed Randy in.

“Thanks, I hope that this is not too much of a trouble, but I knew you would want what I have for you and it is not right over the phone.”

“Oh no, no trouble at all, only got your message maybe ten minutes ago, but for what I think you have, it's no problem at all.” Lance grinned.

“Good, well as we expected, everything went through and Scotty, Lance is now your dad, and your boyfriend is also your brother, congratulations.”

“Yippee.” Everyone shouted, and Randy just grinned and started pulling the paperwork from his briefcase.

“Well I am happy you are all happy, I just need two final signatures and then everything is taken care of.”

“Consider it done.” lance said and then signed the papers where he was shown.

“So how did you know we were boyfriends then?” Scotty asked.

“I could tell by how you looked at each other.” Randy said simply.

“People keep telling us that, oh well.” Scotty said with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Well guys, I will leave you to your celebrations, have a good day, and an even better life.” Randy said, standing up and waving them off when they stood to show him out.

As soon as Randy was gone, the celebration did start, they all hugged and cried and screamed and laughed, and then they went out for the day and played.

The end