Chapter 2

This story contains scenes of sex between males wearing diapers, boys and men, if this is not to your liking, please feel free not to read. I am by no means a professional writer and I claim in no way that this story is perfect, nor is it real, so only constructive criticism please should you feel the need. If you would like to comment on my story in any way I would be happy to hear from you, you may email me at, and you may also visit my site at should you wish to read other stories by me, as well as by a few others. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

“Can I undress you please?” Austin whispered. They had seen each other undressed before in gym class, since they were made to strip and shower after every class, so they knew what each other looked like, but this was much more intimate.

“Yes, but I'm really hard right now.” Scotty whispered back, blushing completely.

“Me too.”

Austin first went to his closet and grabbed two diapers, laid them on the bed, and then went and started slowly stripping his very new boyfriend. First Austin removed Scotty's shirt and then unbuttoned his pants and slid them down, and boy was Scotty hard. He was so hard that you could tell he was pulsing even under his tight white briefs, and right now they were very tight.

“Lay down on the bed please?” Austin whispered again.

As soon as Scotty did as he was asked, Austin pulled Scotty's pants down his slim legs, pulling them right off and dropping them on the ground. He then carefully removed each of Scotty's socks, being careful not to get them inside out. Austin then reached for the waist band of Scotty's remaining article of clothing and pulled the underwear down and off, Scotty raising his bum so that Austin could do so.

Both boys were as red as can be, Scotty totally naked and hard in front of his boyfriend, Austin just looking longingly at the four inch slim erection, wanting to do so much with it. Finally he snapped out of it though and grabbed the diaper, unfolded it and slipped it under Scotty's once again raised bum. Austin then found he had a bit of a problem, one he often had himself, he couldn't very well bend Scotty's erection to point it down, but he couldn't leave it the way it was either, so he took matters into his own hand.

“Oh god, what are you doing?” Scotty moaned out as Austin grabbed his dick and started jacking it slowly.

“I can't diaper you when you're hard like this, and this is what I have to do most nights before I diaper myself, please don't tell me you've never jacked off before?” Austin said, blushing a little more still.

“I jack off all the time, oh god this feels so good.” Scotty gasped out.

“Good, enjoy.” Austin said and then sped up, only about thirty seconds later Scotty exploded in the most fantastic orgasm he had ever had, hell probably better than any ten combined. Scotty had only just started having wet cums very recently, within the last month, so the ejaculation was still mostly clear and watery, but what there was of it, sprayed clear up to Scotty's chest, something that he had never had happen before, and his entire body felt as if it were on fire, but a really good fire.

“Wow, you really sprayed, I've never gotten further than my belly button before.” Austin said in surprise with the largest smile Scotty had ever seen.

“Holy shit that was awesome, I've only been cumming for about a month now and I've never sprayed past my belly button either.” Scotty said, still panting as if he just ran a marathon.

Without another word, Austin tucked Scotty's now deflated penis down, pulled the diaper up and deftly taped it into place. Once the diaper was firmly attached, Scotty got the tiniest of grins and slowly reached with his right hand and started feeling the soft plastic of the diaper, pretty soon he was nearly caressing it and his grin grew in size.

“See, told you you'd like it, it feels even better when wet, trust me.” Austin said, matching the wide grin.

“I never thought it would feel like this, I can't believe I never tried diapers before, and now I have no idea how I'm gonna get more for at home.”

“Easy, my dad gets them from the hospital, he can get more for you and you can take them home. Now can you diaper me please?”

“Only if I get to undress you as well.”

“Wicked.” Austin smiled even more.

Scotty slowly undressed his boyfriend in the exact same manner as he had been undressed himself only minutes before, and soon Austin was laying on the bed with only his smile and a proud erection, nearly the exact same size as Scotty's. Scotty opened up the diaper and slid it under Austin's raised bum and then Scotty also had to take matters into his own hand as well, as there was no way Scotty could not give his boyfriend a hand. Not even a minute after Scotty started, and Austin moaning and groaning and saying holy shit, Austin too blew with his most powerful cum ever and he too sprayed to his chin.

“Oh, my, god, was that ever awesome.” Austin gasped out a few moments later.

“Yeah, it was.” Scotty said and then tucked the now deflated member down and pulled Austin's diaper up and taped it in place. He had no idea how or why he knew how to put a diaper on someone, because he had never done it before, but Austin seemed pleased with the job as he ran his fingers around the edges to make sure it was snug enough, and he smiled.

“You did a great job, I didn't figure you had ever changed a diaper before, so I thought I'd have to teach you how to do it.”

“Actually, I have never put a diaper on anyone before, just seen it on TV and watched you, I'm as surprised as you are that I did that.” Scotty grinned.

“You're a natural then. Come on up and lay down and let's cuddle up and talk for a while.” Austin said, patting the bed beside him.

Scotty just nodded and hopped in and both boys scooted up and into the middle of the large bed and Austin laid on his back and Scotty cuddled up to Austin's side on his side, resting his head on Austin's chest and shoulder. Austin pulled up the blanket over them and they started talking.

“So you said earlier you have a problem with your bladder, so what's wrong with it” Scotty asked curiously.

“It's very small and has not grown since I was five, they don't expect it will either, which means as I get older it will get worse. I already have to go to the bathroom every hour or I'll wet my pants, it used to be two only a couple years ago, so within another one to two years I could have to wear diapers full time, or else.”

“Wow, that must really suck.”

“No, not as much as you'd think, as you kinda found out earlier, I really like diapers, so it won't bug me too much. I have gone out tons of times in diapers and no one ever notices when I wear the thinner daytime ones. Dad always has some in the house for when we have to go anywhere, so I already am fine with going out.”

“Well, I'm glad you're okay with it.” Scotty smiled warmly at his boyfriend.

“So have you ever jacked off with anyone else before?” Austin asked suddenly, changing the direction of the conversation entirely.

“No, never, I only learned about jacking off like eight, maybe nine, months ago, and I didn't really have any close friends cuz of my little night time problem.” Scotty admitted.

“Wow, I've been jacking off since I was like eight, so how many times a day do you do it?”

“At least twice, but now that I'm home alone so much it has been closer to four or five.” Scotty blushed.

“It's been that since I started shooting, I can't seem to get enough, it just feels so good.”

“Oh yeah. So have you ever jacked off with anyone before?”

“No, I have a few friends at school, but no one I'm really close to, and I've had a couple sleepovers with a couple other boys, but they didn't seem right. Would it be alright if I kissed you?” Austin asked quietly.

“I'd really like that, but I've never kissed anyone before.” Scotty said quietly as well.

“Me neither.”

And with that Austin leaned in and gently pressed his soft lips to Scotty's, and they kissed each other tenderly for a few seconds.

“Wow, that was way better than I ever imagined it would be, I want to kiss you now.” Scotty moaned out.

Scotty did not wait for an answer, just moved in and pressed his equally soft lips to his boyfriends and kissed as well. The kiss lasted for a little longer before they both pulled apart with a bit of a gasp each.

“Wow, that was very nice.” Austin sighed.

“Yeah, but are you so hard it hurts?” Scotty asked softly.

“Oh yeah, can I touch you again?”


Austin reached down and started stroking the diapered bulge, really rubbing it and making Scotty moan and pant, Austin sped up his stroking, actually grabbing the erection through the diapers bulk, and jacking him. Scotty was very quickly losing control, and his pants and groans were get faster and louder, and then with a squeal, Scotty came in his diaper, and then slumped back down, panting hard from the perfect experience. It was a full two minutes later that Scotty was able to talk or move again, and slowly a huge grin spread across his gorgeous face.

“Wow, that was incredible, you've jacked off in your diapers a few times I think.” Scotty moaned out.

“Oh yeah, it feels the best.”

“Oh that it did, now it's my turn.” Scotty said seductively.

Without waiting for a response, Scotty started rubbing the bulge and Austin gasped as well and started panting. Within a few seconds Scotty grabbed Austin's boner through the diaper and started really stroking him. Now Austin had already gotten very close to cumming himself while he was stroking Scotty, so he was very close still. He had backed off slightly while waiting for Scotty to come down, but it only took a few seconds for Scotty to bring him back up again. Austin was now gasping and moaning very quickly, his entire hot body was pulsing and vibrating, and only a few seconds later, Austin came as well with a squeal. Two minutes later Austin came down from his fantastic orgasm and a huge grin spread across his beautiful face as well.

“Wow, that was way better than doing it to myself, thank you.” Austin said and leaned in for another kiss.

They kissed tenderly for a few minutes and then separated. Austin stuck his hand down the front of his diaper and repositioned himself quickly.

“You better point yourself back down or when you wet during the night you'll wet the bed. Trust me, I've done it enough times, hell, still do if I pass out before doing it.” Austin grinned at Scotty's odd look.

“Oh, never thought of that, good idea though. That would explain the extra sheet underneath I can tell is there.” Scotty grinned and stuck his hand down the front of his diaper and pointed himself down as well.

“So what should we do tomorrow, my dad has to work this weekend, so we're by ourselves?”

“I don't know, anything we do together will be just fine with me.” Scotty sighed, basking in the love he felt at the moment.

“We could walk down to the beach maybe and spend the day at the pier.”

“That would be great, I haven't been to the beach before, is it really nice?”

“The beach is nice, it is pretty sandy, but the water is pretty cold, but that's okay, you get used to it after a few minutes.”

“That sounds cool then. I brought some money as well so we can go for lunch and do whatever we want.”

“And maybe even go to the arcade, I will bring some money as well, I'm sure dad will give me a few bucks.”

“I don't think you need to worry about it, I have a hundred dollars with me, it'll be my treat.”

“Wow, your dad gives you that much money?”

“Yeah, he just leaves money on the table for me and they're usually hundred dollar bills, so I can get lunch and clothes and whatnot, mostly I put it in my bank account, 'cause I don't need it, but I grabbed the money he left for me today, he usually leaves a hundred on the table every Friday.”

“Wow, that's a lot of money, if I ask dad for money, he might give me ten, I practically have to beg for a twenty, and I doubt he'd even consider giving me a hundred. Sounds to me though like he's trying to buy your happiness, he obviously thinks that's how it must work, I feel sorry for him.” Austin said sadly.

“I do too, I honestly don't think he has a clue about how to raise a child, he had others do it for him, that and he's never home. I'm glad I can come here now.”

“It really is his loss, and I think you turned out awesome anyways.” Austin grinned.

“You maybe wouldn't think so if I weren't gay.” Scotty grinned back.

“Yeah, but your raising wouldn't have changed that any, you're gay from birth my dad says.”

“Yeah, I've heard that too.”

“So should we go to sleep, I'm getting pretty tired?”

“Yeah, but can I have another kiss first?”

“Only if I can kiss you too.” Austin grinned and they leaned in together and gave each other a nice tender kiss.

Austin rolled over, hit the switch for the lights and rolled back over and both boys curled up together and fell asleep quickly, both happier than they ever had been.

* * * * * *

“Good morning, how did you sleep, you feel real soggy so you wet real good last night?” Austin grinned as Scotty woke up.

“Huh, what do you mean, I don't feel wet at all, and I slept real good?”

“Feel the front of your diaper, you're soaked, but then again so am I, I always am.”

“Eww, weird, it feels real squishy, but it feels way better than waking up cold and wet, I think I like these.”

“Feel mine, it feels the same, yours felt cool to me.” Austin grinned.

“You only want me to do it so I can jack you off.” Scotty grinned and did just that.

“Oh yeah.” Austin moaned out as Scotty took a hold of him and started stroking.

Austin reached over and grabbed Scotty's now very hard little boy cock, and started stroking him at the same time. With a deep groan Scotty stopped jacking for a second as the feelings enveloped him, and then started again and they both quickly brought each other off with squeals and moans of pure delight.

“Oh wow.” Both boys said, a full two minutes later, at the same time.

They both leaned in for a good morning kiss, and this time Austin started brushing his tongue against Scotty's lips, and Scotty moaned and opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out as well. Their tongues met tentatively at first, and then quickly moved to full out deep kissing each other. Nearly five minutes later they pulled apart, gasping for breath.

“Holy shit, that was awesome.” Scotty gasped out a moment later, feeling almost as good as if he came.

“No kidding.” Austin panted, feeling the same way.

“Oh crap, I've got to go to the bathroom, but I'm so comfy here.” Scotty moaned.

“So, go then, it's not gonna go anywhere, you're wearing a diaper remember.”

“I can't do that, I'm awake.” Scotty said aghast.

“Sure you can, I do it all the time, it's not a big deal, and believe me, these things will hold lots more than what you have in it already.” Austin said.

“But...” Scotty said but Austin put his finger to his lips and leaned in to whisper in his ear.

“Go pee.... You're standing next to a large waterfall, the sound of the rushing water is making you need to go pee very badly.... Now you're standing next to a raging river, that's what you need to do...... Now your hand is being held in warm water, you can feel the urge rising and you can't stop it.... Pee my gorgeous boyfriend.” Austin whispered slowly and lovingly into Scotty's ear.

Austin had his hand just barely touching the front of Scotty's already soggy diaper, so when Scotty did finally relax enough to start peeing, Austin knew it right away.

“There you go, let it all go, pee until you can't pee any more. Put your hand on the front of my diaper, I have to pee as well, I want you to feel it like I can feel yours.” Austin continued to whisper.

Scotty just nodded and put his hand on the front of Austin's diaper and not even a second later, he too felt the warm flow. Finally Scotty's flow ended and then Austin's did a few seconds later as well.

“So, what did you think?” Austin smiled warmly at his boyfriend.

“It felt really weird, both peeing the bed, in a diaper, while awake, and feeling you pee into your diaper, but I think I liked it.” Scotty grinned.

“It felt totally awesome to me. Come on, let's go get breakfast.” Austin said and threw the covers off and hopped out of bed.

Scotty climbed out as well and was about to release the tapes on his diaper when Austin stopped him.

“Just leave it on until after breakfast, that's what I always do.”

“But what about your dad?”

“Who cares, he sees me in my diapers all the time, and it was only a few months ago really that he stopped changing me, and he still does if I ask him to, and he's probably not even home anyways, he's usually gone by now.”

“This feels really weird to be walking around in a wet diaper, but if you're sure, I'll follow you.”

Austin just grinned and walked out of the room as if it were a daily occurrence, of which it actually was. He went downstairs and to the kitchen, Scotty following behind him, in a darting fashion, peeking around every corner, seeming to expect his entire school to jump out from behind a corner at every step.

“Would you quit being so damned scared, no one's even here, and even if dad was, he wouldn't care.”

“That's right, I don't care that you look cute wearing just a diaper in my house.” Lance said, coming out of the kitchen in just his boxers.

“EEK.” Scotty screeched and darted from sight.

“Oh for crying out loud, would you get out here, it is not a big deal. Morning dad, sorry about Scotty, he's still not quite used to wearing diapers, but he sure likes them for bed wetting.” Austin said and gave his dad a good morning kiss and hug.

“And no doubt for the other reasons you like your diapers I'm sure.”

“Of course, it was you that told me that felt the best, and you never heard me complain.” Austin grinned.

“Nope, come to think of it, I didn't, and I seem to remember finding a nasty mess in your diaper the very next morning, probably did it too many times, which would also explain why your penis was so red that morning.”

“Yep, it was a fun night. So how come you're still home, I figured you'd be gone to work by now, you said you had to work this weekend?”

“Hospital called and said my first surgery today was postponed so I don't have to leave for another hour. Scotty, come here please, I can see you hiding there, and I'm not moving, and you cannot hope to move from that position without me seeing you.” Lance called out.

A few seconds later Scotty came out, covering his diaper as best he could with his hands. He walked so slowly towards Lance you would think he was walking towards the hang mans noose or something as equally horrific.

“Scotty, please don't be shy around me. I'm a doctor, believe me, I've seen for more embarrassing things than your wearing a diaper. Hell I've seen Austin in a diaper every day since he was born, I've seen him with more erections than he's seen on himself, I've seen his semen spilled in his diaper many times, and then there are the hundreds of embarrassing situations I see at the hospital every day. Trust me, this is not bad.” Lance said gently.

“Really, if my dad saw all that about me I'd just die, not that he ever would, I doubt he's ever even seen me naked before.” Scotty said, with a huge amount of blush going clear down his chest.

“Oh yeah, boy if I told you some of the stories, you'd pee yourself, not that you haven't taken care of that quite well already, your a right soaker, just like my little baby here.” Lance said and grabbed Austin in a hug.

“I've been telling you since I was three, I'm not a baby.” Austin grinned.

“Two things going against you on that one kiddo, first is you'll always be my baby, no matter how old you get, and second, look down.” Lance teased.

“Just cause I wear diapers doesn't mean I'm a baby, jeesh, how many times I gotta tell you that.” Austin said with a huge grin on his face.

“You guys are so cool. You just talked more in the last few minutes than I ever have with my dad.”

“And we love to joke around and tease each other all the time as well. Now come here and give me a hug before you make me come over there, and it won't be pleasant.” Lance growled the last part out.

“You better do it or he'll make you pee so much you'll leak like crazy.” Austin said straight faced.

Scotty started towards Lance and as soon as he was in range Lance grabbed Scotty, picked him up and put an arm underneath Scotty's soggy bum and held him, and then pulled the startled boy in for a warm embrace, definitely the nicest and longest hug Scotty had ever experienced, in fact the whole experience caused Scotty to start crying from the love he felt in the near strangers arms. Lance felt this and knew the reason why and started stroking Scotty's back gently and lovingly, letting the boy cry out the neglect he had felt for so long. Five minutes later Scotty stopped crying and lifted his head off of Lance's strong shoulder and looked at Lance.

“What was that for?” Scotty asked quietly.

“I knew you needed it. It was hard on you this morning doing this, plus I knew you needed to feel love from a father type figure, seeing as how you get nothing near that at home.” Lance answered gently.

“Thank you, it felt really nice, no one has ever held me like that before, well until last night when Austin held me like that, but this was different.” Scotty admitted, blushing a little when he realized what he said.

“Yes, Austin is a loving young man, and he loves his cuddles, and you will get lots of nice cuddles from him, and from me as well, we like to touch and hold in this family.” Lance said, setting Scotty down and giving him a gentle kiss on the forehead.

“Yes he is, and I know where he gets it from, thanks.” Scotty smiled warmly.

“You're welcome.”

“So have you had breakfast yet daddy?”

“Nope, I was waiting until you boys got up, what would you like?”

“Crepes with apples and cinnamon and whipped cream, with bacon and eggs?” Austin asked hopefully.

“Mmmm, that sounds good.” Scotty said.

“Yes it does, and that's what we shall have then.”

“Cool, we'll get the apples ready then, you get the rest, I still can't figure out how to make the crepes as perfect as you do.” Austin said.

“You'll get it one of these days, growing up in France helped me a little, but you almost have it. You get the apples and the whipped cream ready, and I'll get the rest.”

“Cool, come on Scotty, you can help me.” Austin said and lovingly took Scotty's hand and led him to the kitchen.

For the next half an hour the three boys worked in the kitchen together and made breakfast. Once it was all finished they all sat at the kitchen table in their night wear and feasted on the great meal, Scotty having to watch the other two to figure out just what he was supposed to do with the odd pancake like things. He may never have had them, and he may not have known how to eat them, or even what to do with them for that matter, but once he figured that all out, he sure did enjoy them.

“Oh wow, that was such an awesome meal, it was so good and I'm so full.” Scotty groaned once he had his fill.

“Glad you liked it, we always eat way too much when we make this as well, that's why we don't make it too often, don't want to get fat now do we.” Lance grinned.

“I can see why you'd not want this all the time, if you did you'd sure get real fat real fast huh.” Scotty grinned, patting his very full tummy.

“Oh yeah.” Lance and Austin both said.

“So what kind of trouble are you boys going to get up to today while I'm at work, keeping you in the lap of luxury?”

“Rob a couple banks, ransack a couple seniors homes, oh and streak through an elementary school, you know, the usual.” Austin said with a surprisingly straight face, Scotty thought.

“Yeah but the last time you streaked through an elementary school all the kindergartners made fun of you because your peepee was smaller than all theirs, remember you cried for three days after that.” Lance said back, also with a straight face.

“Oh yeah, forgot about that, think we'll scratch that one off the list, maybe I'll steal all their candy, let's see the little buggers make fun of me now.” Austin grinned.

“That's the spirit.”

“Nah, we're just gonna walk down to the beach and spend the day down there.”

“Sounds like fun, just remember to be careful. I have to go get ready, if you want to go get ready I can run you down so that you don't have to walk.”

“That's okay dad, it's only six blocks away, we can walk, it's a really nice day out.”

“Okay, well I'll be right down then.” Lance said and gave each boy a quick hug and a pat to the diapered behind and then headed up to his bedroom.

“You guys are strange.” Scotty said with a wide smile.

“Yeah, we are, it's great, dad and I get along so well, he's like my best friend.” Austin said proudly.

“That's so nice, nothing like me and my dad.”

“Well, now you have us. Should we go upstairs and have a shower and get cleaned up and ready to go for the day?” Austin asked warmly.

“Thanks, and sure.”

“Come on then baby.” Austin said and grabbed Scotty's hand.

“I'm not a baby!” Scotty said with the biggest pout he could manage.

“No, but your my baby, and unless baby doesn't want to have his very soggy diaper taken off and then cleaned lovingly in a shower by his boyfriend, who might even clean your fun parts, you can stay here.” Austin said sadly.

“Fine, I'm your baby, but your mine too.”

“Awesome.” Austin said and nearly dragged Scotty up the stairs again.

They got to Austin's bathroom and Austin turned on the shower and then turned and faced Scotty and leaned in for a tender kiss and then reached down with his hands, as their tongues sought entry into each others mouths, and released the tapes on Scotty's wet diaper. Because they were standing so close though, the diaper did not fall off, but as Soon as Austin's hands were clear, Scotty moved in and did the same. Not even breaking the tender loving kiss they were sharing, they both stepped back slightly so that the diapers could fall to the ground, and with a splat they did, and then the boys moved back in. They were now totally naked, still kissing, with both lips and dicks.

As soon as their erections came in contact with each other, when they moved back in, they both groaned into each others mouths and started gyrating their hips, grinding their cocks together, and they both enjoyed this completely, so much so that they both came only a few minutes later. And with a few grunts and then a deep sigh each, they parted.

“Wow, that was hot, and you have cum all over your stomach.” Scotty sighed.

“Yeah, it was, and so do you. Can I lick it off of you, I've tasted mine before and I liked it, I would really like to lick ours off you?” Austin asked quietly.

“I've tasted mine too, and I'll let you if you let me.”

Austin just grinned and nodded and then knelt down in front of his lover and started licking the mess from Scotty's quivering stomach.

“Oh my god, that feels awesome.” Scotty gasped out way too loudly.

Scotty started at the topmost section and worked his way down until he was licking the cum from all around Scotty's groin, and then being very daring, dove in and sucked the last little bit from the tip of Scotty's limp dick. At least it had been limp until then, because when Austin licked it like he did, it shot back to full hardness almost instantly, and Austin giggled, but stood up.

With a shudder and a sigh, Scotty grinned and then went down his boyfriends body and cleaned him up as well. Austin moaned out as well, because he too was not prepared for the feeling of someone licking his stomach like Scotty was, but when Scotty worked his way down and licked the remaining cum from the tip of Austin's half hard cock,, he too shot up and screeched lightly.

“Oh god, that was awesome. We should probably go get cleaned up.”

On shaky legs they both climbed into the large shower and got wet from the four shower heads spraying water on them. Austin first grabbed one of the soap scrunchies and applied a generous helping of the musk body wash he loved, and then started lovingly washing all of Scotty's front side, everything that is except his groin, he started on Scotty's face, then did his neck, arms, armpits, chest, stomach, legs and then feet. He then moved around Scotty and did the same to his back, going from top to bottom, but skipping his bottom.

Once finished Austin grabbed the body wash and applied another generous helping, this time straight to his hands, and then started gently washing Scotty's cheeks, slowly moving in towards the center and the hole hidden inside. He washed Scotty very slowly and gently, both boys impossibly hard from how this was feeling, but Austin did not play, he just washed very slowly, even going so far as to stroke the puckered lips slightly, and then he removed his hands.

Staying behind Scotty though, Austin moved in closer with a new dose of shower gel, reached in front of Scotty, and started very slowly washing Scotty's entire groin, even being sure to pull back the long foreskin and washing the head of Scotty's penis, slowly and lovingly. Scotty was moaning, groaning, grunting, and sighing as Austin was essentially jacking him off, and one other thing he was doing was grinding himself backwards.

Because of how Austin was standing, and given they were virtually identical in height, Austin's very hard boner was rubbing in the crack of Scotty's ass, and it was driving him mad. With the soap that was still in there making it so slick, and with how incredibly horny Scotty was at the moment, he began thinking that if he moved just right, he could easily get Austin inside himself, and that was what he did, he moved just right, he raised up slightly, got Austin centered, and then slid back down again, impaling himself on Austin's dick.

“Holy fuck.” Both boys hissed at the same time as Austin slipped inside his lover for the very first time.

“Oh god, that feels way better than my fingers ever did, and way better than I ever imagined.” Scotty grunted.

Austin had stopped all movements, too shocked to continue, he had dreamed of this day when his dick would be buried deep inside his boyfriend, and when Scotty's dick would be buried in him as well, he just never thought it would be so soon, not that he minded though, he was all for it, he had been wishing he could just slip in as well, but he didn't want to hurt his boyfriend.

“Oh wow, this feels so hot, I never imagined it would feel this good either.” Austin moaned out and started a slow gentle rocking, which Scotty joined as well.

After a few seconds of lovemaking as they were, Austin got his hands back to work, no longer pretending to clean Scotty, he was slowly stroking his hands in Scotty's groin, one hand held his lovers balls, the other his dick, and they were both stroking. The foreplay had gotten both boys very hot, so it was with little surprise that they both squealed at the same time and shot, Scotty hitting the shower wall opposite him, and Austin shooting deep inside Scotty.

“Oh god, that was incredible, I need you to do me now please?” Austin moaned a few minutes later when he finally regained his breath.

Scotty didn't answer, he wasn't sure he could, he just turned Austin around, gave him a slow tender kiss and then grabbed the sponge and the body wash and pulled back and started cleaning Austin. Doing the exact same things, in the exact same way, Scotty slowly made it to Austin's back where he first slowly and lovingly, with his hands, cleaned and essentially lubricated, Austin's backside.

Once clean and ready, Scotty stepped closer, nestling his very hard dick in the crack, and reaching around front with a fresh handful of the cleaning gel, and started soaping and fondling Austin, making him as hot and horny as he had made Scotty a while before. Scotty however was not going to just insert himself, he wanted it to be Austin's choice, and he wanted Austin to work for it like he had to, and soon Austin did just that. He was too hot, too horny, he was as ready as he ever thought he'd need to be. He raised up, wiggled around until Scotty was in position, and then sank back and down, and again with squeals of delight, Scotty was buried inside Austin.

“Oh god, your right, this does feel way better than my fingers.” Austin sighed as he got used to the feelings.

“Oh yeah.” Scotty moaned.

A few seconds later, they both started moving again, neither boy fully believing just how good anal sex could feel, with moans and groans, and sighs and shudders, they made love.

“Oh god, I love you, I've loved you ever since I first saw you.” Austin groaned out.

“Oh man, I love you too, and I know I loved you from the first time I saw you too, I hoped and prayed that you'd be gay and that we could, oh god do that again, make love.” Scotty grunted out.

Austin had done something with his ass muscles that had temporarily driven Scotty nuts, so he attempted to do it again, and Scotty jerked and moaned again, and started thrusting faster and harder. Scotty was still jerking Austin, and both boys were now getting very close to another orgasm, but they both wanted to hold off for as long as possible, they were grunting and groaning with the effort, and they were both going faster and faster, yet still trying to hold off, and then finally, in the most intense orgasm either boy had ever had, they both exploded. Austin sprayed so hard they actually heard his first spray of cum hit the shower wall, even above the noise of the shower and the boys' grunting, and Austin felt Scotty shoot inside himself and he was surprised at how weird and good it felt.

Both boys, now totally drained, slumped to the floor of the shower, Scotty's limp dick slipping from Austin's hot ass as they went down. They sat on the floor of the shower for quite a few minutes, letting the hot water cascade down their tight young bodies, as they came down from a series of extremely powerful cums. Finally both boys' eyes cleared and they both came to, Austin turned around and kissed Scotty with a tenderness he had never known. The amount of love spilling out of Austin filled Scotty up to the bursting point and he was loving it.

“Wow, that was so nice, I love you so much.” Scotty sighed.

“Yeah, it was very nice, and I love you too. Here, stand up.” Austin said, standing up, his legs visibly shaking from the effort.

Scotty stood up and then Austin grabbed the body wash and very quickly, but gently, cleaning up Scotty's bum and crotch. Scotty squeaked at first as he was still highly sensitive, but he did not get hard, he doubted he could, but soon Austin was done. Scotty then took the offered shower gel and did the same for Austin. Austin then grabbed the strawberry shampoo and washed Scotty's hair and rinsed it out, and then repeating. And then Scotty did the same for Austin.

Nearly an hour had passed since they had entered the bathroom, and Lance had had to go to work after about half an hour, so he had knocked on the door and then entered, only to hear the boys in the middle of something, and from the sounds they were making, he was pretty sure he knew what as well. He was not worried, he knew that both boys were virgins, and he knew that Austin knew everything there was to know about gay sex, they had talked enough about it, he knew they were in love with each other, so he was happy for the boys.

Finally the boys stumbled out, grabbed towels and dried off. Austin noticed that the bathroom door was open, and he knew he had closed it, so he knew his dad had come in at some point to say goodbye, he did not care though, he would tell his dad all about it later.

“Man, I don't think my legs will cooperate enough to walk to the beach.” Austin grinned as they were holding hands and walking into their bedroom.

“Me neither, let's just lay down and cuddle for a bit.”

“Sounds nice to me, and then we can go in a bit.”

They both smiled warmly at each other and crawled into bed, still naked and hair damp and not brushed. They laid down together on their sides, facing each other and they started kissing softly and gently, very lovingly. Their hands were busy as well, just lightly touching and stroking each others sides and backs, and even their bums, but it was not sexual, just very loving, and neither boy even got half hard, neither thought they could at the moment. With how sexually exhausted they were it was with no surprise that after ten minutes, they both passed out, deep in sleep, not even covered up, in either way. It was an hour later that Austin first woke up, and the first thing he noticed was that they were all wet.

“Scotty, wake up, we wet the bed.” Austin said with a giggle as he shook his lover awake.

“Huh, what, oh no, we wet the bed.” Scotty said in panic.

“Don't worry about it, it's not a big deal, not the first time it's happened to me, well not for the same reason mind you, but this bed has been wet many times. I guess we need to go wash up again huh, but not another shower like the last, as much as I enjoyed that, I don't think I can go again so soon.” Austin grinned.

“Good, and me neither.”

They both got up and Austin grabbed the sheet and the waterproof cover and they walked to the laundry room and Austin put them both in the washer. Because the boys had not covered up, the two items were the only ones to have suffered the soaking, so they were the only ones needing to be washed. They then silently walked to the bathroom and Austin grabbed a washcloth and his shower gel and then proceeded to wash Scotty and then rinsed him off, not bothering to have another shower as only their mid sections had gotten wet. Scotty then did the same for Austin and then they went back to get changed.

“Did you bring shorts?” Austin asked.

“No, can I borrow some of your please?”

“Of course, I even have some really awesome speedos we can put under our shorts for swimming.” Austin grinned.

“Cool, I used to wear them when I swam at the school, I always liked them, even though most of the others hated them, they just didn't have enough to fill em.” Scotty giggled.

“Well we do, let's wear em proud.”

“Oh yeah, make all the other boys jealous.”

“And all the gay ones want us.” Austin grinned again.

“Well they can't have me, I'm all yours.”

“And same with me, I'm all yours.”

Austin then went and grabbed two identical pairs of speedos and two pairs of shorts. He tossed one set to Scotty who took them and inspected the speedos. They were red and black and had a really cool design on them, they were the small V cut style that barely covered the bum and left very little to the imagination in the front. Scotty slipped them on, adjusted himself and stood up.

“Wow, these are the coolest speedos I've ever seen or worn before, and they are so small they feel like they should be for a ten year old, but their so damned hot.”

“Yeah, dad and I found those in France last year when we went back to visit some of his friends that are still there, he lived there for a long time. Anyways we found them and I wanted them, so he bought me two pairs. They really look hot on you too, you're gonna drive the guys nuts.”

“And maybe even the girls.” Scotty said and they both made the same sour face and started giggling.

Austin put his on and then adjusted himself as well and Scotty thought he looked incredibly sexy in the skimpy swim wear, and he smiled, and then they both put on their shorts and shirts and snuck another quick kiss.

“Come on sexy baby, let's go to the beach, you got your wallet?” Austin asked.

“Yep, I do sexy, you got your keys?”

“Yep, let's go then.”

Austin grabbed a large backpack he had in his room, grabbed a blanket, two towels, and the sunscreen, and stuffed them all in the pack and they headed out. As much as they wanted to hold hands on the walk down to the beach, they knew they couldn't, so they laughed and joked and talked the entire way there. It was only a twenty minute walk, because they were walking so slow, and they both had a good time, but finally made it to the pier.

“Wow, that pier is huge, I've never seen one this big before.” Scotty said.

“Yeah, it is pretty big. Let's go put the pack in one of the lockers over there and then we can wander around the pier and look around at all the shops. There's some pretty cool places out here.”

“Okay, sounds great to me.”

They took the pack and rented one of the lockers and stuffed it inside and then they went walking down the pier, going into and looking around in a lot of the different shops. Scotty bought them both ice cream at the huge ice cream shop and they stopped at the arcade and played for nearly an hour in there, and then continued looking around. They ended up looking around for a long time, totally missing lunch, and even though they had had a huge filling breakfast, they had worked it all off this morning, so by the time they got to the other end of the pier, they both realized they were very hungry, the ice cream having only dampened their hunger slightly.

“What's the best restaurant out here?” Scotty asked.

“Depends on what you like, if you want seafood then there is that place over there, pizza is that one over there, pasta that one, Asian food that one, and for the worlds best burgers, and I've tried lots, definitely that one there.” Austin said, pointing at each place.

“What would you like, the burger place sounds great to me?”

“It's really expensive though.” Austin warned.

“That's okay, I don't mind. Let's go there then, it sounds like you really like the place.”

“Oh yeah, they are the best.” Austin smiled.

They quickly walked over to the restaurant and managed to just barely get in without a wait. They were both passed a menu and they looked it over, and without saying anything, they both chose the same. They each wanted the hickory bacon and jalapeño jack burger and onion rings to go with it.

“Oh, you have good taste as well, that's my absolute favorite, you'll love it.” Austin said as the waiter took Scotty's order, and then Austin gave the waiter the same order, the waiter just smiling.

“I'm sure I will, it sounds very good.”

Twenty minutes later their burgers and rings were delivered, and the conversation they were having stopped instantly, and Scotty stared at possibly the largest burger and mound of onion rings he had ever seen, a whispered wow was all that was heard, and then both boys dug in, the poor waiter nearly losing his entire arm.

“Oh my god, that really was the worlds best burger wasn't it.” Scotty moaned as he finished every last bite.

“Oh yeah, we don't come here often, 'cause fifteen dollars for a burger and rings is expensive, and hugely fattening, but damn is it worth it every so often.”

“And that is what everyone says, and we're damned proud of it boys.” The waiter said, sneaking up on them.

“I bet.” Both boys said.

“Will there be anything else for your date gentlemen?” He asked softly and with a warm smile on his face.

“No thanks, but how did you know?” Austin asked a little shyly, but not upset.

“Let's just say that us gay guys can normally tell, plus I could see you playing footsies under the table as you were staring into each others eyes and talking and giggling like young boys in love. Believe me, if you don't want others to know yet, be careful how you act in public, anyone who has the sense to notice, would have seen, no one else in here did though, I was watching out for you, you're a cute young couple and I didn't want you getting embarrassed.” He said warmly.

“Oh man, thanks, we didn't even realize we were being so obvious.” Austin sheepishly said.

“And that was why I warned you, that was exactly how I was outed when I was fourteen, I didn't really care, but my friends were shocked.” He grinned.

“I wouldn't care either, the one other person that matters has known I was gay since before I really knew, and that's my dad.”

“Mine was the same, he said he figured I was gay when I was eight, I didn't even admit it to myself until I was eleven, and told him when I was thirteen, but he said he already knew.” He grinned again.

“Wow, me too.” Austin said.

“My dad hardly even knows I exist, so I doubt he knows anything.” Scotty said quietly.

“That's too bad kid, some day it will be your dad though that realizes he missed an awful lot. Well here's your bill.” He said and handed it over and Scotty took it, he took one look at the bill and noticed there was only the one meal on it.

“You accidentally forgot one of our meals.” Scotty said, handing the bill back.

“Oh really, silly me, oh well, you boys enjoy the rest of your day together.” He said with a warm smile and passed the bill back to Scotty.

“Thanks, you didn't have to do that though.” Scotty said, and grabbed twenty five dollars and handed to the waiter, giving him a great tip.

“Thanks a lot, you don't have to give me a tip though.” He said.

“No, and you didn't have to give us a tip either, keep it, I have enough, and thanks.” Scotty said warmly.

“Thank you, and you're welcome as well.” He said and the boys left.

Austin and Scotty walked from the restaurant and out onto the crowded pier again and then just started walking back towards the beach and where their locker was, neither one saying anything, just heading there. When they made it back to the locker, they grabbed the backpack out and headed down the beach a little ways to an area that was more quiet. Still without saying anything at all, the blanket was spread out and their shorts and shirts came off. Austin first grabbed the suntan lotion and applied some to Scotty's back and neck, and then Scotty did the same for Austin, and then they did the rest of their bodies themselves.

“How exactly did we end up out here?” Scotty asked, sounding a bit confused almost ten minutes after they had both laid down to sunbathe.

“Not too sure, I was following you.”

“But I was following you!” Scotty said, sounding more confused yet.

“Don't really know, I just felt this is what we both wanted to do.” Austin shrugged.

“And I felt the same too, I think.”

“Who knows, time to roll over baby.”

They both rolled over onto their stomachs and got some sun on their fine backs. For the last fifteen plus minutes that they had been on the beach, stripping, putting lotion on, and laying there sunbathing, a large number of people had noticed them, lots of girls, many women, tons of boys, and quite a few men, they all saw how gorgeous both boys were and how well they filled out the incredible brief swimmers they were wearing. More than a few of the young gay boys tripping over something and or drooling, but neither boy paid any attention to any of them, they only had eyes for each other. They switched sides every ten minutes or so so that they would get a nice even tan, and after forty minutes in the hot sun, they both got up, again without a word, and headed towards the water. The last few feet Austin started running and Scotty gave chase and they crashed into the very chilly water.

“Oh man, when you said it was cold, I never expected it to be this cold.” Scotty stuttered out.

“Yeah, but you get used to it in a few minutes.” Austin said with a grin.

“Yeah but the worst part is, I can't even feel my dick, it sucked inside so fast it actually hurt, I feel like a girl.” Scotty giggled.

“It'll come back out, mine always does, and it probably looks the same right now.” Austin also giggled.

Once they were both used to the cold water, they started playing around and swimming, having a lot of fun, and Austin was right, both of their dicks did come back out, a bit. After almost an hour of playing in the water they both got out and went and laid back down on the blanket and dried off in the warm sunlight.

“This has been probably one of the best days I've ever had.” Scotty sighed nearly half an hour later.

“Yeah, it has been.” Austin also sighed out.

“It's all because of you, I love you.” Scotty whispered.

“I love you too.” Austin whispered back, the smiles on their faces telling anyone, perceptive enough to notice, just what they were saying.

“I think I'm ready to go now, how about you?” Scotty asked a minute later.

“Yeah, me too.” He answered and they both got up, got dressed and packed the backpack back up and headed out, many a person on the beach saddened to see such fine bodies to be covered so unnecessarily.

They walked back to Austin's house, laughing and talking the whole way again, and when they got home they found Lance already there and waiting for them.

“Hi boys, how was your day out?”

“Great dad, we looked at all the stores, played at the arcade, had ice cream, ate at the great burger place, and the guy who served us told us to enjoy our date, he was really nice, gay too, and he told us to be careful cause he could tell easily, we went swimming and we got a bit of a tan.” Austin said excitedly.

“Sounds like a nice date then. So how was he able to tell?” Lance grinned.

“Well he said that we were talking and staring right into each others eyes and playing footsie under the table, we didn't even realize we were doing it until he told us. He said he was watching out for us as he didn't want us to get found out, he said no one else even sort of noticed.” Austin grinned.

“Well after what I heard you two doing earlier it was not at all surprising, you just have to be more careful in public.”

“What did you hear us doing?” Scotty asked nervously.

“First of all, don't sound so panicked, and second, I don't think I really have to tell you now do I, and get that blush off your face. I knew you two would eventually make love to each other, I could tell from the moment I saw you two that you were in love, and it shows even more now, I just want to check you both before bed to make sure there was no tearing or damage okay, and Scotty, that is not negotiable okay, I am a doctor and it is my right.” Lance said, and if he thought Scotty was blushing when he said the first part, it was nothing compared to the blush he got at the last part.

“Okay dad, but I can tell you that I feel no pain at all, it felt so good, both ways, way better than I ever thought it would.” Austin admitted happily.

“I bet it did, anal intercourse, when done properly, can feel incredible, and I too have enjoyed it on occasion.”

“You're gay!” Scotty gasped out, blushing even more yet.

“Oh no, I'm bisexual, but mostly straight, but I sure do enjoy gay sex every so often, it's a lot of fun and feels great, especially if your partner knows what he's doing.” Lance said happily.

“I don't believe I'm hearing all this.” Scotty said, a bit of the blush receding finally.

“You'll find that we are very open here and Austin has known about my relationships with both men and women, and I have known he was gay for a long time. We talk about everything and I doubt seriously there is anything we do not know about each other.”

“And Austin says that you knew he was gay before he really even knew it, or at least admitted it.”

“He probably knew it, just didn't realize it, he was probably a little bit young still to fully understand at the time.” Lance said warmly, rubbing Austin's still slightly damp hair.

“I think I always knew, but I think you're right, I just didn't really understand, I am pretty sure I have never looked at girls in more than a friends kind of way.”

“Me too.” Scotty admitted.

“So how come you're home so early daddy?”

“Because the person I was supposed to operate on unfortunately did not make it to me, probably for the best, the poor guy had a less than twenty percent chance of even surviving the surgery, and because he was the reason I was even there this weekend to begin with, there was no point in me staying.”

“Oh that's so sad.” Scotty said.

“Yes, for his family it probably is, but he shouldn't have been having the surgery anyways. Even if he had have survived the surgery, and it was slim, he would not have had any sort of life afterwards, he was very nearly in a vegetative state, and even though we told the family this, they wanted to go ahead anyways. It really was a very selfish thing they were trying to do to keep him around, because the accident really already killed him, and they would never have gotten him back, no matter how good I am.”

“Wow, that has to be so hard to tell someone all that, I don't think I could do it.”

“It can be very hard yes, and these people were especially difficult, since their son was the same age as you guys are, and I especially hate having to give that sort of news to parents of young children. It is however part of my job, you learn to push down the emotions and do it as best you can, and then go and cry out of sight of the family. It doesn't boost their confidence to see their doctor cry, even though sometimes we cannot always help it, especially when we have to come right out of the operating room and tell them the bad news. I'm usually crying then, I'm too emotional sometimes for my own good.” Lance admitted.

“Oh how horrible, but I guess it must feel real great when you get to come out and tell them the opposite thing though.”

“Yes, and that makes up for every bad thing we have to deal with as doctors. Just last week I had this little boy of about five years old come in, he was in a pretty bad car accident, and although he was very bad when he came in, he will have little lasting affects in just a few weeks. His grandmother however was not so fortunate, but she had a heart attack and that was the reason for the accident to begin with, so in a way it was best she did not live, because she would have felt horrible for hurting her grandchild.”

“Yeah, that's cool.”

“And dad has saved tons of kids.”

“I'm a pediatric surgeon, so I specialize in children, but I help adults as well.” Lance said at Scotty's questioning glance.

“Oh, cool.”

“So what should we do tonight boys?”

“Can we go rent a few movies and lay back and watch them?” Austin asked.

“Sounds good to me, it's been a while since we last laid back and watched movies, how does it sound to you Scotty?”

“Sounds great to me.”

“Excellent, let's go now and walk there.” Lance said and both boys nodded so they headed right back out.

Almost an hour later they got back home with their selection and full bag of treats they got at the corner store on the way home. Both boys talking excitedly the entire way there and back and Lance just had to smile.

“Which one should we watch first?” Lance asked.

“Don't know, don't care, just reach in and pick one and we will watch that one.” Austin said.

And that was just what Lance did. He ended up pulling out the action they had grabbed, so he put that in and started it up. Lance sat at one end of the couch, Austin sat right beside him, and then Scotty sat right beside Austin, they were all cuddled into the person beside them, it was very relaxing. They watched the entire movie, but half way through Austin had to get up to go to the bathroom, which annoyed him, but he was used to it, and they all enjoyed it a great deal.

“I think I am just going to order pizza in and while it is on its way, I think we should all get ready for bed.” Lance said.

“Okay.” Both boys said, neither really catching exactly what Lance meant.

“Okay boys, come to your bedroom please?” Lance called out a few minutes later.

“What is it dad?” Austin asked as they entered the room.

“I said we're going to get ready for bed, well I have two bed wetters here who need to be diapered for bed, and remember I said I wanted to check your bums to make sure they're okay, so I will spoil you and diaper you tonight, and early.” Lance smiled warmly.

“Cool.” Austin said, Scotty just gulped.

“Come on Scotty, you first, I'll be very gentle with you, no need to be afraid, just come here and I will do everything, you can even close your eyes if it makes you feel any better, oh and by the way, don't worry when you get an erection, I've seen thousands of them and yours is no different.”

Scotty couldn't say anything, just blushed and nodded and slowly walked to in front of Lance and stood there, eyes closed tightly. Lance gently undressed the fearful boy, smiling when he saw the small speedos, and well packed just like Austin's were, and gently lowered those as well. He then turned Scotty around and pushed him forward softly so that he would lay on the bed with his feet over the edge. As soon as Scotty was in place, Lance took some of the lube he had with him and put a little on his finger and then opened Scotty's cheeks, happy to see no obvious damage. He gently stroked the hole, preparing it for entry and as soon as it was ready he deftly slipped his finger in and felt around, also happy to feel no damage. With a bit of a moan as Lance pulled his finger out, he rolled Scotty over and cleaned him with one of the baby wipes he had already put on the bed, and then grabbed one of the diapers, opened it up, slid it underneath Scotty's bum and then grabbed the diaper rash ointment and put a generous coating of the thick gooey paste on Scotty's entire groin and bum, little Scotty reacting quickly to this. Scotty of course felt it happen and his hands flew to his face to cover it, was so embarrassed. Lance just ignored this of course, pointed the erection down, pulled the diaper up, and taped him up.

“There, you're all done, that wasn't so bad now was it? And you should both be happy to know that there was absolutely no damage. Now I figure you guys either used shower gel or shampoo as a lube, it'll do in a pinch, but this is a lot better stuff, I will accidentally forget it in here and a new one will always be found in the bathroom cabinet when you need a new one. Austin, you're next.”

Scotty got up and finally opened his eyes and smiled, he was happy to be back in a diaper, and as embarrassing as that was, it also felt amazingly nice, almost like having a caring father to diaper him. Lance went through the entire process with Austin, going just as slow and gentle as he had moments before with Scotty. The only difference between the boys was that Austin had an erection the entire time and did not blush at all. Scotty did have to admit though that watching his boyfriend be diapered the way he was, was kind of hot to watch.

“And Austin, you too are perfectly fine, you may now enjoy each other as often as you wish, and I will spot check every so often, unless you feel sore, in which case I want you to come and find me as soon as possible okay.”

“Thanks dad, you're the best, and thanks for the lube.” Austin said happily and gave his dad a huge hug and kiss.

“Come on you, I want a hug and kiss from you as well in thanks.” Lance grinned and Scotty just hopped up and gave Lance a huge hug and kiss as well.

Lance went and got himself changed as well, just throwing on a clean pair of boxers, and meeting the boys in the living room. When the doorbell rang Lance just got up, grabbed the money, went to the door in his boxers and paid the delivery boy, neither one of them at all embarrassed. The pizza boy would be unable to see how the boys were dressed, as he could only see the back of the couch, but they both looked at him. Once the delivery guy was paid, Lance closed the door and came and set the boxes on the table to join the plates and glasses and other assorted goodies they had. The second movie was chosen the same way as the first was, and it was put in and they all enjoyed their second movie and the pizza.

“Ah, that was much better, I think I like wearing a diaper for watching a movie, I got to watch all the way through and not have to get up once to go to the bathroom, I just went right here.” Austin said happily.

“I know for a fact that you already knew that, you have watched movies when I'm not home, and when I'm not home I know you wear diapers whenever your doing anything.” Lance grinned.

“Busted.” Scotty grinned.

“What, you're wet too, so you obviously didn't mind, and yes, it is true.” Austin grinned.

“Yeah, it was really nice, after the first movie I was nearly busting, but I didn't want to get up, it was sure easier going right here.” Scotty admitted.

“Come on babies, let's watch that last movie and then it's bedtime.” Lance grinned at the boys and hopped up and switched the movies.

Both boys just smiled and snuck a quick kiss while Lance's back was turned, and then cuddled back up as soon as Lance was back. Lance of course knew that they had kissed, he could clearly see them in the reflection of the TV, and he thought it cute. So with the final movie of the night in, they laid back and watched it, and by the time it was finished, both boys were very nearly asleep.

“Come on you two, go get into bed, your diapers should hold until the morning, oh and I took the liberty of putting your sheets in the dryer earlier, since I found them in the washer, so they should be ready to make the bed.”

“Thanks daddy, I forgot about that. Goodnight, I love you.” Austin smiled warmly at his dad and then reached in for his goodnight hug and kiss.

“Goodnight baby, I love you too.”

“Goodnight Lance.” Scotty said and went in for a hug and kiss as well.

“Goodnight baby, sleep well.”

“Thanks, you too.”

Austin and Scotty clasped hands and walked upstairs to their bedroom and then realized they had to get the sheets so headed to the laundry room and Austin grabbed the sheets, not even letting go of Scotty's hand. They walked back to the bedroom and together they quickly made the bed. Once it was made, the boys both fell into it and the covers were pulled up and they started kissing tenderly.

“Goodnight baby, I love you.” Austin whispered a few minutes later when the kiss finally ended.

“Goodnight baby, I love you too.” Scotty whispered back and then yawned, which set Austin off, they giggled for a few seconds and then kissed each other again briefly and both boys fell asleep.