Chapter 3

This story contains scenes of sex between males wearing diapers, boys and men, if this is not to your liking, please feel free not to read. I am by no means a professional writer and I claim in no way that this story is perfect, nor is it real, so only constructive criticism please should you feel the need. If you would like to comment on my story in any way I would be happy to hear from you, you may email me at, and you may also visit my site at should you wish to read other stories by me, as well as by a few others. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

The following morning Scotty was the first to wake up, and he rolled over and propped himself up on his elbow and watched his boyfriend sleep, he looked so peaceful in his sleep, so incredibly gorgeous. Then Scotty got a wild idea and started sliding his hand down Austin's shapely chest, down to his taught tummy, and to the very wet diaper bulge. Austin was already hard in his diaper, so when Scotty started rubbing the bulge lightly, Austin started moaning in his sleep cutely.

Scotty purposely kept his motions very slow and light, he did not want to wake Austin up, at least not yet, and he didn't want him to cum either. He was just lightly caressing his boyfriend to bring him the utmost in awesome dreams. And boy was Austin having a great dream. Scotty did not even wrap his hand around the bulge, just kept rubbing Austin lightly, and Austin was starting to pant and hump himself up a bit now, he was getting very close, and Scotty knew it. He grinned and grabbed on and started really stroking Austin, and within only a few seconds Austin exploded in his diaper, still asleep, and with the cutest little squeak Scotty had ever heard, and then a huge deep sigh and Austin was fully back to sleep.

“Wow, that was hot.” Scotty whispered and giggled to himself.

Scotty then noticed he had developed a large problem, he was painfully hard himself and had no one to give him a helping hand, oh well, he figured he may as well take care of it himself. So Scotty started rubbing himself and because he was so hot from doing this to Austin, he was very close and a few seconds later added even more wetness to his diaper. Scotty slumped back down and with a huge sigh and grin on his face, and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes. Once his orgasm subsided, Scotty got back up and continued watching Austin sleep for the next ten minutes until he started waking up.

“Good morning baby, have a good dream did you?” Scotty grinned once Austin was fully awake.

“Yeah, how did you know?” Austin asked with a huge smile remembering it.

“Cause I caused it.” Scotty said with a huge grin now.


“I woke up quite a while ago and I had an urge to pet you a little, and then you came, you didn't even wake up, it was really hot.” Scotty smirked.

“Wow, no wonder it felt so realistic, thanks though, I think that was the best dream I ever had.” Austin smiled and kissed Scotty.

“The worst part though was I had to take care of myself because you were still asleep.”

“Well, I owe you one then.” Austin grinned.

“I don't see a downside to that.” Scotty smiled and reached in for another kiss, this one a lot longer and deeper and more tender.

“Come on, let's go get some breakfast, I'm starving.” Austin said.

“Me too.”

Both boys hopped out of bed, and this time with absolutely no embarrassment from Scotty, they went straight to the kitchen, both holding hands again. When they got to the kitchen Austin noticed the note on the table, he always looked there first, because that's where his dad always put them.

“Looks like daddy got called into work.” Austin said and went and grabbed the note.

“How do you know that?”

“Because daddy always puts a note on the table for me so that I know what's happening. Yep, he got called in at four this morning.” Austin said as he read the note.

“Wow, that must suck sometimes.”

“No, it's way worse when we have plans or when we are already out, sometimes he can have a different surgeon called, but mostly he goes, depends on what we had planned. I got used to it a long time ago, so it doesn't bother me much anymore.”

“Yeah, I guess that would be worse”

“Yeah, so what should we have for breakfast then?” Austin asked.

“Don't know, have any fresh fruit?”

“Oh yeah, we always do, we can have fruit and toast and cottage cheese then.”

“Perfect.” Scotty grinned.

They got breakfast ready and then ate, sitting across from each other and looking into each others eyes, and playing footsie again, this time they realized it though and meant to do it.

“Let's go get these very wet diapers off and have a shower, I don't think even I have ever been this wet before, and it's getting a little uncomfortable.” Austin admitted.

“Yeah, it is, let's go.”

They headed to the bathroom and each removed the others diaper, got the shower started, and then hopped in. They both washed each other again, but this time not taking their time and not playing, although they were both very hard again. They both had plans to wait until they were back in the bedroom, they just did not know the other planned it as well. So once they climbed out and dried each other off they took hands and walked back to the bedroom, their erections pointing the way. They got to the bedroom and fell onto the bed in a tangle of limbs, touching and petting each other tenderly, and kissing so softly that they were barely touching.

“Can you get that lube and make love to me again, I really want you in me again?” Scotty moaned after pulling away from the kiss.

“I'd love to, just as long as you do me as well.”

“Okay.” Scotty sighed as Austin got up and grabbed the lube from the dresser.

Austin laid back down on his lover and they kissed a little more passionately this time, but only for a minute, then he started slowly kissing his way down Scotty's body, taking time to stop and lick his armpits, nipples, and belly button, driving Scotty very nearly crazy. That was nothing as compared with what Austin did next though, he took Scotty's entire ball sack in his mouth and sucked, and tongued, and hummed on it, and Scotty's poor body didn't know what to do, it first jumped up and he was only touching the bed on his feet and shoulders and then it slumped down and then started vibrating wildly, and even still that was nothing. Austin let go and engulfed Scotty's entire erection, sucking it in all the way, not even gagging as it went slightly into his throat. Well this was just too much for Scotty, and seconds after the blowjob started, he started blowing. Austin felt it happening and backed off a bit so that he could enjoy the taste of his boyfriend, and enjoy he did. Scotty still did not have a large load by any means, but there was plenty for a thirteen year old boy, and it was pure sweet, and Austin lapped it all up, savoring every drop he could get.

Austin finally let go of Scotty's dick and then started licking his way down even more, lifting Scotty's legs at the same time, Scotty not even realizing what was happening, just grabbed a hold of his legs and held them. Scotty was still in orgasmic bliss, and still wasn't totally aware, so when Austin started licking his asshole just as he was finally coming down from his cum, it caused another surge of erotic pleasure through his body, and he screamed out from the intense pleasure it caused him. Austin for his part was enjoying this as well, he was uncertain as to whether he could do this or not, but now that he was, he was loving every second of it. He was jabbing his tongue in and really opening Scotty up, but his tongue started getting sore, far too soon for his liking, but he just grabbed the lube and got a good amount on his finger and put it on Scotty's hole and started working it. With his other hand Austin was busy lubing up his own cock and as soon as both were ready, Austin slowly crawled up Scotty's vibrating body.

Austin grabbed hold of himself, positioned, and then very slowly sunk into his lover, and as soon as he was in fully, he leaned down and started kissing Scotty deeply. Two minutes later he started a slow gentle rocking motion, barely pulling out at all, but the feelings were driving both boys insane with lust, and it was not long before Austin felt he had to speed up or explode. Soon he was virtually pounding into his boyfriend, and both boys were grunting and panting from the exertion and feelings this caused. Less than ten minutes after they started making love, it ended with a huge grunt and screech from both boys, Austin pushing himself up in his orgasm, and Scotty's dick now pointing towards his face, painting it with is load, blowing even further than before. Austin was also having an incredible orgasm, and for being so young, he had an impressive six good shots spray deep into Scotty, and when their orgasms ended, Austin collapsed.

“Oh god that was incredible, I can't believe it just keeps getting better and better.” Scotty sighed nearly ten minutes later.

“Oh yeah, and you have your cum all the way up to your forehead, that's so hot.” Austin said and then started licking it off.

“I thought I felt myself spray that far, wow.” Scotty said and then gasped as Austin licked the remaining cum from his face and dove in for a kiss, sharing the treat.

“Guess what!” Scotty said with a silly grin a few minutes later.


“It's my turn now.”

“Oh, goody.” Austin grinned.

Scotty rolled Austin off himself and onto his back and then Scotty started kissing and licking Austin, starting with his face and lips first, and then moving down his body. Scotty had the bonus of his cum was also splattered and smeared all over Austin's hot chest and stomach as well, so he really gave Austin a good cleaning, paying close attention to his nipples, armpits, and belly button though. Scotty also skipped past Austin's cock and went straight to his balls first and sucked the whole sack in, just as Austin had done to him.

Austin very nearly jack knifed as well when Scotty did this to him, and as much as he thought he was prepared for the feelings, he wasn't, and he too was vibrating all over from what Scotty was doing to him. For nearly five minutes Scotty sucked and licked and hummed on Austin's delicious balls, and Austin was going nuts. Finally Scotty released the balls and dove onto Austin's erection, he however did gag slightly as Austin slipped into his throat a little, but Scotty quickly fought that down and started sucking his boyfriend for all his worth and Austin lasted nearly a full minute before he exploded. Scotty of course felt it happening, so backed off and enjoyed his treat immensely.

Also not letting Austin come down completely from his orgasm, Scotty started licking his way down and lifting Austin's legs up, and Austin too took them from Scotty without hardly realizing it, and then Scotty dove in and started rimming Austin tenderly. He too was uncertain as to whether he could do it or not, but knew he would, because it had felt so good to him. Scotty was as well very much enjoying what he was doing, but he too got very sore, very quick, and had to detach far sooner than he had wanted to, so he grabbed the lube and with one hand was preparing himself while the other was preparing Austin.

Once they were both ready, Scotty slowly kissed his way back up and guided himself in and sank in slowly until he was inside Austin as far as he could get. Once fully inserted, Scotty stopped and leaned down, and they started kissing deeply for a few minutes without even moving. Finally though Scotty started moving very slowly, he however was pulling almost his entire length out and then slowly slipping back in. Scotty had a lot more control now that a few loads had been drained out of him this morning, so for the next fifteen minutes he did not change pace at all and slowly made love to Austin. They were both moaning quietly and panting lowly, and kissing sweetly, and not once did Scotty increase his speed, not even when they both slipped into their orgasms, Scotty never even broke their kiss, and they gasped into each others mouths while still battling tongues. Once they both came crashing down, Scotty literally came crashing down and slumped down on top of Austin, totally passed out.

“Oh man was that awesome.” Austin sighed out nearly ten minutes later.

Because Scotty was asleep, and Austin was getting a bit uncomfortable from being laid upon like he was, he rolled over and he and Scotty rolled onto their sides, still nearly attached like they had been, just on their sides now. Austin watched Scotty sleep for nearly twenty minutes before he started coming to again.

“Wow.” Scotty sighed when he did wake up.

“No kidding, I think we should get up, I have to go pee something fierce and I'm not gonna be able to hold it much longer, problem is I'm not so sure I can stand yet.” Austin grinned.

“Me too and me neither.”

“Then let's try together.”

Scotty just nodded and they both climbed out of bed together, leaned on each other and walked to the bathroom, holding each other for support, walked to the toilet, took each others penis and aimed and they both let go.

“Ah, now that feels better.” Austin sighed out.

“Yeah.” Scotty also sighed out.

And even though they were holding each other while they peed, neither boy got hard again, and Austin was surprised at just how much Scotty peed, and Scotty was surprised with how little Austin peed, and the fact that there was very little pressure.

“Come on, let's go get something to drink and a snack.” Austin said after they finished washing their hands.


“Good morning boys, I wondered when you'd come downstairs, I went looking for you, but you were a little busy, so I didn't disturb you.” Lance said as soon as the boys walked in the kitchen.

“Oh my god, you saw us.” Scotty said, instantly covering himself as neither boy had bothered to get dressed.

“Boy, would you quit being so damned embarrassed around me, remove your hands, and yes I did. I walked in on you giving Austin the most tender rimming I have ever seen, and then I stayed and saw you sink in and start making love to him, it was very loving and tender, I then left you guys to enjoy in peace.” Lance said simply.

“And what exactly did you tell me the last time I stayed and watched when you were with someone?” Austin asked, crossing his arms and trying to look upset.

“To get yourself a boyfriend and never mind watching others. I wasn't watching to get off though, I wanted to make sure you were gentle with each other, and you were.” Lance grinned.

Scotty just stood there, hands still covering, and mouth wide open in shock at what he'd just heard, and blushing.

“Close your mouth before your boyfriend decides it's a good place to store something.” Lance teased.

“Like that'd happen dad, I couldn't get hard right now if I tried.” Austin said perfectly straight faced.

Scotty just gasped and went even more red yet.

“I really don't see why you're so embarrassed, it's not like I didn't know what you were doing up there, I could hear you guys from the front door, I knew you are doing it anyways, and it's not like I haven't seen you hard already.” Lance said.

“But you watched us having sex.”

“No I watched you for a minute making very sweet and tender love.” Lance corrected.

“Either way, you watched.”

“Yeah, and it was very sweet, don't worry, but if you don't want me to see in the future, try closing the door. In this house anything is open for the viewing, if the door is open. I'm sure you didn't realize I'd be home already, but that's besides the point.” Lance smiled.

“Doesn't matter to me anyways daddy, but we'll close the door in the future, don't want to embarrass Scotty too much.” Austin grinned.

“Good idea.” Lance grinned.

“I still can't believe you saw us.” Scotty said, finally uncovering himself and most of the blush fading away.

“It's not like you have anything to be embarrassed of, you are a good sized for a young boy of thirteen, and you seem to know how to use what you have. So what did you guys have planned for the day, I told the hospital not to call me again until I came in for my shift tomorrow?”

“We hadn't had anything planned, we hadn't even talked about it yet.” Austin said.

“Ah too busy with other things.” Lance teased.

“You bet.”

“Thought so, you boys want to head to Play Land today then?”

“That would be awesome daddy.”

“Great, go get dressed, and both of you put on the daytime diapers you have so that neither of you have an accident.”

Austin just excitedly grabbed Scotty's hand and dragged him upstairs to their room and went to his closet and grabbed a couple diapers.

“Lay down, I'll get you diapered first.” Austin commanded.

“I don't want to wear a diaper out of the house, what if someone else notices?”

“No one will, trust me, we'll put our boxers over top and wear baggy shorts and you'll never even be able to tell. Come on, lay down, trust me baby.” Austin said, saying the last part softly, soothingly.

“Okay, but you have to promise I can take it off if I can tell.” Scotty said and laid down.

Austin grabbed a diaper and slid it under his boyfriend and taped it up. These diapers were thinner and less full all around, so they would not puff up, they were also with a cloth like cover, instead of plastic like the night time ones, so they would make next to no noise. Austin then laid down and Scotty diapered him and then they got dressed as Austin said they would, and as promised, you could not tell.

“Wow, I cannot even tell, and I know I'm wearing it.”

“Told ya so.” Austin grinned.

“Yeah, but what about when they're wet and swollen up a bit?”

“With our baggy shorts and how thin these diapers are, you won't be able to tell, unless you pee more than three times, but I wouldn't suggest that anyways cause they might leak.”

“Oh, okay.”

Austin then grabbed his backpack and put a change of clothes for each of them in there, for just in case of emergency, a dozen diapers, and the wipes, and then closed it up and slung it over his shoulder.

“There, now we're ready to go.”

“Good, I was just coming to get you boys.” Lance said as he walked in the door, just catching what Austin said.

“Cool, we're ready, let's go.” Austin said excitedly.

They headed out and took the bus to Play Land and when they got there Lance paid and they all went in. Austin went in search of an open locker and put their pack in there and then met the other two and they hit the rides. Scotty had never been to any sort of amusement park before, so he was having so much fun, riding all the rides, playing the games, everything he could do. He was also peeing his diaper, a lot, so much so in fact he started to leak a bit a little while after lunch, and thankfully it was Austin that noticed first.

“Hey baby, you're leaking a little, we better go get changed.”

“Oh shoot, I was so excited I wasn't paying attention and just kept peeing.” Scotty said, a little upset, but not bad.

Austin went and told Lance what was happening and they all went and collected the backpack and they all went to the large family washroom and waited for a room to come available, and when one was, the three of them went inside.

“I may as well change you at the same time Austin, I am starting to notice the bulge, so you must be pretty wet as well.” Lance said.

“Yeah, I am and was planning on changing right now anyways.”

“Okay Scotty, hop up on the table.”

“Wow, this changing table is huge, it could hold an adult, how come?”

“Do you think we're the only ones here wearing diapers, did you not notice who came out of this room before we came in, they were teens, and they were both diapered, I could tell. Lots of people have to wear diapers, so they have rooms like this here for everyone to use.” Austin said simply.

“Oh, I never thought of that, and I hadn't noticed that either.” Scotty said.

Lance made quick work of changing both boys and getting Scotty into one of the dry pairs of shorts, and within only a few minutes they were headed back out, and this time Scotty did notice who was coming in after them, it was a pair of boys and their mom, and the boys were twelve and fourteen probably, and Scotty did see the bulge on both boys, they just grinned at each other as they passed.

“See, told ya.” Austin said again, noticing the entire thing.

“Yeah, you did, I just thought that we'd be the only ones, but I guess not.” Scotty grinned.

And after that they all went back out and had a great deal more fun, riding every ride as many times as they could, playing every game they could, and just generally having a blast. They stopped and had dinner when the time came, and both boys were changed again, and then they played even more. They stayed right through till closing, having tons of fun, eating and drinking the whole time, and the boys both needed another two diaper changes before they went home for the night, again taking the buses home.

“Man, it's a good thing that it's a long weekend and we don't have school tomorrow, 'cause I'm so tired I don't think I could get up in time.” Austin yawned and said on the way home.

“Lucky you, I have to be to work by seven and it is a standard twelve hour day for me, so I'm going to be beat. Oh well, I've worked forty eight hours before with only two ten minute naps, this'll be nothing.” Lance grinned.

“Ouch.” Scotty said.

“It can be a pain sometimes yes, but I wouldn't give it up for the world.”

“Can you diaper us again tonight please daddy?” Austin asked as soon as they walked in the house a while later.

“Sure baby, that is if Scotty is okay with it as well.”

“Okay, I don't mind, you've seen me having sex, changing my diaper is nothing I guess.” Scotty grinned.

“No, I suppose it isn't.” Lance grinned back.

The three of them headed upstairs and Austin went to the closet to grab the diapers while Lance started by getting Scotty undressed. When Scotty was undressed, Austin passed his dad an opened diaper and Lance took it and put it underneath Scotty and closed it up. Scotty stood up and Austin went in for his dad to undress him and then diaper him. While Austin was being stripped, Scotty had grabbed the other diaper and got it opened and ready, and as soon as Lance was ready for it, Scotty passed the diaper over and a few seconds later Austin was diapered up as well.

“We all need to get to bed, so good night babies, I love you, and I will see you tomorrow evening.” Lance said and gave both boys a hug and kiss goodnight.

“Goodnight daddy, love you.”

“Good night Lance, have a good sleep.”

Lance tucked the boys in and gave them each another kiss and left the room, turning the light off on the way out. He too went to bed seconds later.