Chapter 4

This story contains scenes of sex between males wearing diapers, boys and men, if this is not to your liking, please feel free not to read. I am by no means a professional writer and I claim in no way that this story is perfect, nor is it real, so only constructive criticism please should you feel the need. If you would like to comment on my story in any way I would be happy to hear from you, you may email me at, and you may also visit my site at should you wish to read other stories by me, as well as by a few others. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

This morning it was Austin that awoke first, and remembering what Scotty did to him the day before, he got a silly grin on his face and decided to repay the favor. So gently stroking his way down Scotty's hot body, Austin lowered the blanket as he stroked, and soon he was stroking the front of Scotty's bulging diaper, it seemed he was happy this morning as well.

Austin used the same light touches that Scotty had used yesterday, wanting to really pleasure his boyfriend, but not wanting to bring him off fast, or wake him up. Austin was gently rubbing Scotty, and Scotty was moaning in his sleep and had the cutest look on his face, and Austin had to smile. For ten minutes Austin very slowly and gently brought Scotty closer to the edge of orgasm, and as he felt Scotty getting closer and closer, he sped up his movements just slightly, and then all of a sudden Scotty's entire body began shaking, he started panting and gasping and he was in the throes of his orgasm, but during his orgasm, Scotty woke up, and just barely managed to stifle a loud yell. A few moments later his body slumped back down and with a glazed over look he looked to his boyfriend and smiled.

“Good morning baby, how did you like being paid back?” Austin asked with a silly grin when Scotty finally came down.

“Wow, I loved it.” Scotty said and then rolled over and on top of Austin and they started kissing tenderly.

The kiss started tenderly, but that's not what it was a few minutes later. As the kiss turned more passionate the boys started rubbing their crotches together, causing them both to start climbing towards orgasm, Scotty again, and this caused the kiss to become even more intense. The more they kissed, the more they rubbed, the more they rubbed, the more they kissed. Even though Austin had already been pretty close earlier to cumming, he had calmed down enough, to the point that he was able to last quite a few minutes, but with the sheer intensity of their kissing and lovemaking, he exploded, and Scotty followed again only seconds later.

“Oh shit that was good.” Scotty moaned out a few minutes later, still laying on top of Austin.

“Tell me about it, but you have to get off please?”

“Oh sorry.” Scotty said, but reached in for a quick kiss before he did as he was asked, and Austin gladly gave it to him.

Scotty rolled over and onto his back and for the next five minutes neither boy said or did anything, just laid back and stared at the ceiling, still panting a little.

“How are we going to survive during the week, I love you so much I don't think I can stand not sleeping with you?” Austin asked a while later.

“I don't know, we'll at least see each other during the week while at school, but I'll certainly miss waking up next to you as well and cuddling up with you all night long.” Scotty sighed out.

“Yeah, but I don't think it'll be enough to just see each other during the week.”

“Well I can come over after school as well, we can do our homework together and then cuddle, but I'm sure that we will not be able to play around a lot during the week.”

“I guess it'll have to do.” Austin sighed.

“Yeah, it'll have to, but imagine how good the weekends are going to be.” Scotty grinned.

“Oh yeah, especially if we can hold it and not jack off during the week.”

“I don't know about that, I've never been able to go more than two days without jacking off since I started.” Scotty admitted.

“Me neither, but let's really really try okay, it would be so hot if we could do that.”

“Oh yeah, but I bet neither one of us lasts more than a few seconds Friday afternoon.” Scotty grinned.

“Mmmm, can't wait to suck that load out of you on Friday afternoons then.” Austin grinned even more.

“Yeah, but I bet we don't even get the door fully closed before we're sucking each other in the entrance way to the house.”

“I wouldn't be willing to take that bet.” Austin said and they both cracked up laughing.


“Well baby, let's get our soggy butts out of bed and go get some breakfast.”

“Sounds good to me.”

They got out of bed and clasped hands and walked to the kitchen and made themselves some breakfast and sat down to eat.

“So what should we do today?” Scotty asked.

“First thing I want to do is go back upstairs, remove my babies diaper and then let you remove my baby diaper and then we can make love to each other as many times as we can stand it.” Austin grinned.

“Well what are you waiting for, take me upstairs!”

“Okay.” Austin said brightly and they again clasped hands and walked upstairs slowly.

“Lay down on the bed and close your eyes, don't open them at all!” Austin instructed.

Scotty did as he was instructed, and Austin could already see the bulge that Scotty's erection was making, but then again he was already super hard again. Ah to be young and perpetually horny. Austin first started by tenderly kissing Scotty, and when Scotty went to hold Austin, Austin took his hands and laid them back on the bed, this time above his head to expose his tender and smooth armpits, clearly telling Scotty that he was to do nothing. Austin continued the gentle kiss again, but quickly detached their mouths and started in on Scotty's neck. Scotty was moaning and groaning at this as the feelings were just incredible, and Austin was moving all over, kissing and licking, and even carefully sucking so as not to leave a love mark, and Austin spent a fair amount of time just on Scotty's neck, but eventually moved.

He then moved down Scotty's chest, carrying on the same ministrations, but paying special attention to the dime sized erect nipples, and Scotty was enjoying this as well. Austin then moved to Scotty's right armpit and carried on in there. At first this tickled Scotty and he started laughing, but then it started to get incredibly hot, and the giggling turned to moans of extreme pleasure, and then Austin switched to the opposite armpit and carried on in there as well, and this time it was not ticklish.

From Scotty's armpit, Austin moved down to Scotty's flat and firm belly, making love to Scotty's belly button with his tongue. At first this tickled Scotty a little as well, but he soon was growling and groaning with the pleasure Austin was sending through his body yet again. Austin did not spend a lot of time here though, he wanted to continue, but Scotty's diaper area was not where he was headed yet.

Austin dove into the crease where the leg meets the groin and kissed and sucked and licked the tender skin in there, and this was driving Scotty insane, and because Scotty's diaper covered balls were right there, they were getting a fair bit of attention because every time Austin moved his face on the diaper, he was rubbing Scotty's balls as well, but this was all the attention that Austin wanted to pay there, at least for the time being. Austin did get both sides, and this time he turned the suction on to maximum and gave Scotty twin hickies right in the crease where it was unlikely anyone would ever see, and Austin grinned at his handiwork for a few minutes and then continued down.

One place that neither boy had any idea would be erotic, but they both found out very quickly, was the backs of Scotty's knees, he damn near came just from what Austin was doing to them, he was again licking and sucking and kissing, but Scotty very nearly jumped off the bed with this, even more so then in the leg joint.

Austin then moved down and began sucking on Scotty's toes, something he had been unsure he could do, but once again he just did it and found it quite erotic, and highly amusing from what Scotty was doing. Scotty was now vibrating all over the place, grabbing and grasping the sheets below him, panting and gasping for breath.

“Oh god, I'm gonna cum real soon if you don't stop doing that.” Scotty gasped out.

Austin grinned and stopped, he did not want Scotty to cum yet, he did want him extremely hot, but not to critical points. So Austin put Scotty's feet down and rolled Scotty over and then just laid down for a minute to let Scotty cool down, and once he was, Austin started up on Scotty's back, neck first and working his way down. When Austin reached Scotty's diaper he reached underneath and released the tapes holding it on, and Scotty raised his hips slightly to help in this endeavor, and as soon as he was able to, Austin pulled the soggy diaper out and tossed it to the floor.

Austin dove in to the hot ass and while pulling the cheeks apart with his hands, his face went right to the prize hidden inside. And like a starving man on a buffet, he ate. Austin was licking and jabbing his tongue inside the hole, really making love to Scotty with his face, and while Austin was busy tonguing Scotty, his hands were busy removing his own diaper and working his own hole with his fingers and the lube that had been on the bedside table. When Austin's tongue became too sore from rimming Scotty, he removed his face and inserted his hand and started really fingering Scotty, with the same lubed hand that had just been inside his own ass seconds before. For the next five minutes Austin worked from gently fingering Scotty with one finger, all the way up to still slowly fingering him with four. Scotty was moaning and groaning, and grunting and gasping, still moving all over the bed, and Austin was certain that Scotty was again getting dangerously close to explosion, so all of a sudden he pulled his fingers out, rolled Scotty over, and stopped.

Scotty tried to take hold of his pulsing dick to take care of it as he thought Austin was being very mean, but Austin just slapped the wandering hand away and then put it back up above Scotty's head. Scotty got the cutest little pout on his face when Austin did this to him, so Austin reached in and gave Scotty another slow gentle kiss. Five minutes later when Austin was certain that Scotty was ready for the next part, he climbed on and sat down on Scotty's proud erection in one swift move.

“Oh fuck.” Scotty hissed.

He was so hot and horny, and his cock so hard and sensitive, that Austin plunging himself down like that, very nearly made Scotty cum. Austin for his part also moaned deeply from the way awesome feelings and just sat there for a few minutes enjoying the feel of his boyfriend being buried so heavenly deep inside him. Scotty had tried starting a humping motion, but Austin would have none of it, and just sat down more and pinned Scotty so that he could not even move, this of course caused Scotty to slip just a little further inside of Austin, which caused both boys to moan lowly.

Fully five minutes after Austin had sat down, he started moving, very slowly, pulling all the way up until Scotty was in danger of popping out, and then he very slowly sat back down again, for ten minutes Austin very slowly rose and lowered himself onto Scotty's boner and both boys moaned and panted the entire time, and both boys were starting to get very close, but Austin didn't want either of them to cum quite yet, so he sat down and waited for another five minutes until they both came down again.

Once they were both down, Austin started back up again, still going just as slowly, but this time leaning forward and rocking himself backwards and forwards to change how it felt. For another ten minutes the boys slowly rose in their orgasms again, moaning and groaning the entire time, and when Austin felt they were again getting too close, he stopped and sat down fully and waited a further five minutes.

“Oh you can't stop again, you're killing me, I have to cum.” Scotty panted out.

“Oh quit whining and enjoy.” Austin grinned and panted.

Five minutes later again Austin started up again, still going just as slowly, but this time moving his hips from side to side to again make it different. This time though only five minutes later, no matter what Austin did, Scotty knew that he would be exploding, and Austin was feeling the same, so for the last few seconds Austin started moving rapidly and they both came at the same time, and because Austin was sitting up, he sprayed his first shot clear past Scotty's head and sprayed the headboard with the first two shots of seven, the rest of his load landing from Scotty's face to his belly button. Scotty also sprayed roughly seven times inside Austin, and the force was considerable as well. Once their orgasms were complete, Austin slumped forward and they both laid there panting and gasping for nearly five minutes, until Austin rolled off of Scotty and laid on his back as well.

“Oh god that was fantastic, but don't open your eyes yet, I'm not finished with you yet, I just need a rest.”

“Oh god, there's more.” Scotty panted.

“Oh yeah, plenty more where that came from.” Austin giggled lightly.

Scotty just moaned, not so certain he could take much more of that, but willing to try. Austin just laid there and stared at the ceiling until he came back to his senses fully, a full five minutes, and once he was ready, he rolled back over onto his lover. Austin slowly and passionately started kissing Scotty and they both moaned into each other, both getting fully hard again from the power of the kiss. Austin started moving down Scotty's body, this time going a bit faster, but still taking the time to hit every one of Scotty's hot spots and licking off his mess.

When Austin reached Scotty's prize, he started lightly licking it, not taking Scotty fully into his mouth, just teasing the poor boy, and while Austin was teasing Scotty with his mouth, his hands were busy with the lube, one hand was targeted for his own erection, while the other hand was zeroing in on Scotty's quivering back door. Without so much as a seconds notice, Austin buried three fingers into Scotty, and Scotty went ballistic, his body started vibrating, he started grunting and panting, his hands were grasping the sheet, now ripping them right off the bed, and had it not been for Austin pinching Scotty's dick at the last possible second, he surely would have exploded and hit the ceiling.

“Oh fuck.” Scotty gasped as he came down a little, more than a little upset that Austin did not let him cum, but totally dazed at what just happened.

A few minutes later when Scotty had come down enough, Austin started licking and kissing Scotty's dick again and this time started moving his fingers in and out very slowly, matching the pace for which his mouth was also moving. Austin did this right up until he knew that Scotty would blow again if he didn't stop, so he stopped. And he waited, a full ten minutes this time as Scotty was just too hot at the moment.

Finally though Austin started, but not with his mouth and fingers this time, no this time he started crawling up Scotty's body, taking Scotty's legs with him. Once Austin was in position, he sat up readjusted Scotty a little by pulling him up, and then very slowly and methodically slipped inside Scotty's hot tunnel. With a hiss from both boys, Austin slipped all the way in, and then pulled all the way back out, he then counted to five in his head, and then slipped back in and then back out again just as slow as he possibly could. Once fully extracted, Austin again counted to five and then slipped back in and back out as slowly as he could. In, out, five second pause, in, out, five second pause, Austin kept this up for a remarkable amount of time, and it was totally driving Scotty nuts, four times he was near the point of orgasm, four times Austin denied it again, but there was no holding back the fifth time.

Fully twenty minutes after they started this session of lovemaking, Austin knew that neither of them could hold on any longer, so he started ramming himself in and out of Scotty as fast as he had ever gone, and then all of a sudden, the most powerful cum they had had yet was upon them. Scotty's muscles completely spasmed, causing his legs to straighten, essentially throwing Austin backwards, thus causing Austin to slip out of Scotty's ass, and they were now both laying on their backs, their own dicks pointed towards their heads, and they both started firing, seven or eight shots each, Scotty hit the wall above the bed, and Austin firing well past the end of the bed.

And that was it, as soon as the orgasms ended, both boys completely passed out, and that was how Lance found them fifteen minutes later, each laying in a puddle of cum and pee. He took one look at the carnage and knew that it had to have been extremely intense, there was cum splattered on the wall behind Scotty, splattered on the floor behind Austin, and both of them had streaks of cum running from their foreheads down to their now totally deflated dicks.

“Holy shit, I don't think even I've ever fired that far before.” Lance chuckled to himself.

He figured there was little point in putting a diaper on either of the boy now, the bed was totally ruined and would need the help of a pressure washer to clean it anyways, so he just grabbed a couple of the blankets that had managed to find there way to the floor and threw them over the boys, he did have to adjust Austins legs though as the way he was positioned would be very uncomfortable, he had been kneeling when he was pushed over, so his feet were still under his bum. Lance then went and grabbed a wet cloth and took care of the messes on the wall and floor, thankfully hard wood or it would never have come out. Once he was done he went and got changed and went to make some lunch, he had a sneaking suspicion that the boys would wake up very hungry in a little while.

Lance had made lunch, and he had taken his time doing so, and sat down to eat, and he was nearly finished when a pair of very tired looking boys walked in the kitchen, both naked and very soft.

“Lunch is on the stove, and it is a good hearty lunch, from what I saw of your aftermath, you're gonna need it, and don't worry about the bedding, I will go get it in the wash in a few minutes, I doubt either of you have the strength, you can barely walk at the moment.” Lance greeted the boys.

“Hi daddy, thanks, how come you're home though?” Austin asked.

“It was a slow day at work, and I'm tired, so I told them to call if they needed me for anything. I came home and couldn't see you boys or hear you this time, so went in search of you and found you passed out in puddles of pee and cum and splatters of cum on the wall and floor, and I must say the one on the floor was a good three feet from the end of the bed, and the one on the wall was two feet above the headboard. I have no idea how you guys worked up that much steam to spray that far, but that's impressive, not even I've ever managed to get a shot off like that.” Lance grinned.

“It was all his fault, I wasn't even allowed to open my eyes or touch either of us.” Scotty said in shock at what he'd just heard.

“Oh yeah, it was awesome, I can't believe we shot that far though.” Austin grinned.

“How are you both feeling?”



“Any pain at all?”

“Nope.” They both answered.

“Good, sit down and eat and then you can go have a shower, you both stink.” Lance said, wrinkling his nose at the last part.

“Like you've never stunk before after a long night.” Austin teased.

“Never said I didn't, however I don't smell like pee and sex, of which you both do.” Lance grinned.

“Oh, good point.” Austin grinned and both boys went to get their lunch and came and sat down.

Once the boys were eating and Lance was done, he got up and went and collected the dirty bedding, and took it to the laundry room to clean. Even the pillow cases and the top blanket had had to be thrown in, as they were both covered with cum or pee, and Lance had to chuckle again at the sight he had walked in on. He did have to admit that he really needed to find a partner and soon, it had made him super horny seeing that. By the time Lance got everything in the wash and headed back to the kitchen, both boys were already on their second large helpings of lunch, and they were still hungry when that was finished as well, but they had eaten it all. Lance had just sat and watched the ravenous boys eat and thought it quite comical.

“That's it boys, that's all the food there was, so go climb in the shower, and no playing around.” Lance grinned.

“Yeah right.” Austin scoffed.

“Couldn't right now even if I wanted to.” Scotty added.

“Me neither.” Austin grinned.

They again clasped hands and walked upstairs together and Lance just shook his head and smiled and watched the two lover boys walk off, hand in hand. Lance quickly got the kitchen cleaned up and then went and waited in Austin's room for the boys to be finished. They took a long time, but other than kissing each other gently a few times, they only lovingly washed each other, but slowly. Once they were out of the shower and dried off they headed back to the bedroom and were almost surprised to see Lance sitting there waiting for them.

“Lay over the edge of the bed boys, I want to check out your bums again, you had some pretty intense sex earlier, so I just need to be sure.”

Neither boy even bothered to say anything, they knew it would do no good, and by now Scotty was far from being embarrassed, they just laid down as asked. Lance went to Austin first this time, opened his cheeks and inspected the entrance and then slipped a lubricated finger in and checked internally as well. He then went and checked Scotty as well, doing the same things and finding the same things.

“Well, you're both perfectly fine. You're well stretched, more than a little bruised, but there is no tearing. Scotty, you are either going to need to tell your doctor that you are gay and have a boyfriend, or just not go to him or her and come see me, because he or she will be able to tell instantly.”

“I don't have a doctor Lance, haven't even been to see a doctor in a long time, in fact the only doctor I ever remember seeing was the ones at our school from time to time.” Scotty said.

“Oh, well okay then. So you have never had a physical or anything?”

“Not that I'm aware of, probably did at school though.”

“Then with your permission I'd like to do that right now, I may as well give you yours at the same time Austin, let me go get my bag.”

“I have no problem, like you haven't seen everything already anyways right!” Scotty grinned.

“Nope.” Lance grinned and went and grabbed his bag and a few things from his locked storage.

“First I want you to each pee into these cups, squeeze as much into them as you can.” Lance said, handing them both a large container.

Because they both had peed in the bathroom before their shower, they both found it tricky to go, but they both managed to squeeze some out, about the same amount. Lance then got the blood testing stuff ready and went to Austin first and drew some blood and then set it aside and then did the same for Scotty.

“Wow, I didn't even feel that, the nurse at school had to do that once for some reason, and it hurt like hell.” Scotty said incredulously once Lance was finished.

“I can't imagine a school nurse gets lots of practice doing that, whereas I get tons of practice, so I am good at it.” Lance smiled.

Lance then grabbed his stethoscope and blood pressure monitor and checked each boys blood pressure and pulse and then listened to their hearts and lungs, writing everything down as he got the information, each onto different cards. He then grabbed his little light and checked both their eyes, ears, and throats. He then put that away and grabbed each boys testicles, one in each hand and felt around and made them turn and cough. Then came the prostate exam, he had been inside both their bottoms just a few minutes ago, but he had not checked either one, so he still needed to do so, and both boys grunted, but neither got hard.

“Wow, I do believe that's the very first time a patient did not get hard when I gave them that exam, you were both very sexually exhausted I think. I also think I can put semen production as a very large yes.” Lance grinned.

Lance then went about feeling each boys bodies in all the right places, making sure everything was good, checking their reflexes, and muscles, he did a full physical on both the boys.

“There you go. I will take these to the lab at the hospital when I go next and have them check for everything, but otherwise everything seems perfectly normal, except your bladder Austin, which we already knew about. Yours seems to be normal Scotty, but without further scans I would not be certain as to the cause of your bed wetting, and we can do those if you so desire.”

“No thanks, that's okay.” Scotty answered.

“You sure, you don't mind wetting the bed?”

“Not anymore.” Scotty grinned.

“Ah, I see.”

“What?” Scotty asked.

“Your boyfriend does as well and you like the diapers.” Lance smiled warmly.

“Yeah.” Scotty smiled.

“So how many diapers do you want to take home with you tonight when you go home?”

“Just enough to last till the weekend thanks.” Scotty answered.

“Okay, you can take a whole pack if you'd like, that way you don't have to keep taking some home with you.” Lance offered.

“Thanks, but I'd never fit a whole pack in my bag and I don't really want to carry that home, if you know what I mean.”

“Good point, take a whole pack and we'll drive you home then when you want to leave. You don't have servants or anything do you?”

“No, just a weekly house cleaner, but she comes in on Friday's, and I point blank told her that I would take care of my own room and all my own laundry, and she was fine with that. In fact she seemed happy about that.” Scotty said, a little puzzled with the last part.

“She either has boys or has had to clean places with boys, and let's just say most women hate boy messes, find them totally disgusting. For instance that mess I cleaned up earlier, probably would have made her quit.” Lance giggled.

“Oh yeah, I bet, that would be funny to see though.” Austin giggled as well.

“Yeah, she's a bit of a prude, but she's nice and does good work.” Scotty said with a giggle as well.

“So, are you boys going to stay naked, get dressed, or do you want me to diaper you?” Lance asked, pretty sure he knew the answer to that.

The boys both looked to each other quickly, gave a silent nod, and Lance just got up and went and grabbed two diapers, the wipes, and the cream.

“I assume that this was what the nod was?” Lance asked, holding the items up.

Both of them just nodded so he went and got them cleaned up from the lube he had recently put on them, creamed them both and then diapered them. They stood up and he gave them each a swat to their cute diapered rear ends. They both giggled and ran from the room and went and watched TV for a while, all cuddled up on the couch. Lance got some work done around the house and cleaned up while the boys rested. Other than getting up to get drinks or to go to dinner when they were called, the boys did not even move from the couch for the entire rest of the day, they were so tired from their incredible morning they needed the rest, and Lance knew it too. Finally it was nearing seven pm and Scotty knew that he had to be going home soon.

“Well baby, I hate to say it, but I have to get going home, even though I really don't want to leave.” Scotty said, sounding a little depressed.

“I know, and I don't want you to leave either.” Austin said, matching the tone.

“Better go get dressed and ready to go then.” Scotty said, standing up.

“That diaper will hold a while longer, are you going to bother taking it off?”

“Nah, it's too comfy, and besides dad won't be home anyways.” Scotty grinned.

“Cool, I'm gonna wear mine till bedtime as well, are you going to be able to change yourself though?”

“I should be fine, I'd prefer it if you did it for me though.” Scotty grinned.

“Me too.”

They both leaned in for a nice tender kiss and then stood up and went to find Lance and get dressed.

“Lance, I should be going now, can you take me home please?”

“Sure thing kiddo, I have a new bag of diapers all ready and waiting for you and all your clothes are clean and in your pack. I left a pair of Austin's bigger shorts and shirt out for you to get dressed into so that your diaper doesn't show any, I didn't figure either of you would bother removing them and they both look like they'll hold a while longer. Austin, same clothes are waiting for you.”

“Cool, thanks.” They both said.

They both ran to their room and found the clothes waiting on the freshly made bed and they both grabbed a pair of shorts and put them on and then grabbed a shirt and put it on as well. Scotty then grabbed his bag that was by the door and went to find Lance, who was by now at the front door waiting for them, waiting with a huge bag of diapers in his arm.

“My god, how many diapers are in that thing, it looks huge?” Scotty asked.

“Ninety six, it should last you a few days I hope.” Lance grinned.

“A few months more like it.” Scotty said in shock.

“I would hope so, and with you staying the weekends here, it will probably last you even longer, at least I assume you'll be here nearly every weekend?”

“I certainly hope so, I always hated spending a whole weekend at home all by myself, now I don't have to.” Scott said happily.

“Good, glad to hear it. Let's get you home then I guess.”

“Yeah, I guess I'd better.” Scotty said, again sounding depressed.

“I know.” Lance said, ruffling Scotty's hair. “But, you'll get over it and before you know it, next weekend will be here again.”

“I know, and we'll get to see each other at school and I'm gonna come here to do my homework after school.” Scotty said.

“But no playing around, right!”

“We already know that.” Both boys said.


They headed out to the car and Scotty showed them where his house was. They pulled up the large hidden driveway and parked.

“You know what's funny, when I bought our house, this was on the market as well and I looked at it, but I didn't like it, it was so cold and sterile almost, and I don't think you could make it feel warm and cozy.” Lance said.

“It still doesn't, but that's how my dad likes it, that's how he is.” Scotty said.

“The house is huge though, how may bedrooms does it have, and only for you and your dad?”

“I don't know, twelve or something, never bothered to count. I don't even look around the house any, I have my bedroom and bathroom that are mine, and then I go into the kitchen, and that's it. I can't even stand going in the living room, it's so boring I almost fall asleep in there. I just watch TV and do anything in my own room.” Scotty said.

“Yeah, same house, just how I remember it. I guess some people are just like that, not me. Even our house was a little too cold for my liking when I bought it, but I was able to warm it up a lot, but sometimes it still reeks of that coldness. I guess you cannot always totally get rid of it.” Lance grinned.

“Well, I better go before I tell you to turn around and take me home with you.” Scotty said and then reached over the large pack of diapers and his pack and gave Austin a nice tender kiss goodbye.

“Bye baby, love you.” Scotty whispered.

“Bye baby, love you too.” Austin whispered back.

“Bye Scotty, see you later, and try and have a good night.” Lance said just as Scotty was crawling out the door with his stuff.

“Bye Lance, and thank you so much for everything, you have no idea what it means to me.” Scotty said, a tiny tear showing in his eye.

“I think I do, and I love you too.” Lance said.