Chapter 6

This story contains scenes of sex between males wearing diapers, boys and men, if this is not to your liking, please feel free not to read. I am by no means a professional writer and I claim in no way that this story is perfect, nor is it real, so only constructive criticism please should you feel the need. If you would like to comment on my story in any way I would be happy to hear from you, you may email me at, and you may also visit my site at should you wish to read other stories by me, as well as by a few others. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

“Good morning boys.” Lance said as a pair of bleary eyed, wet diapered, boys walked in the kitchen.

“Morning daddy.” They both said.

“How come you're still here, it's almost nine, you should be at work shouldn't you?” Austin asked.

“I called in a family day and told them not to call unless they absolutely needed me. Your school has been informed of the changes, and they understood and know that it is strictly confidential. How did you sleep last night?”

“Like babies.” Scotty said with a grin.

“Oh that is so old and used in this house, Austin has been saying it since he was five.” Lance grinned.

“Sorry, I'll think of something better next time.” Scotty said, sounding as dejected as he possibly could, and both Austin and Lance broke into laughter at that.

“Oh come here and give me a hug and kiss good morning you stinker.”

“Oh no, did I accidentally poop my diaper?” Scotty said, sniffing the air and turning to look at his backside.

“I didn't mean that you actually stunk, now get over here you soaker you, and that you cannot deny.” Lance said shaking his head and laughing, and Austin was just plain laughing.

“Oh, okay.” Scotty grinned and went over and gave his new dad a hug and kiss good morning.

Austin also went over and joined the hug and kiss and they sat and cuddled for a few minutes, just enjoying the closeness.

“Well boys, seeing as how we suddenly have another child living here, we're going to need a few more things, so I guess we should go shopping. I don't know when or if we'll be able to get your stuff from your old place Scotty, so we'll just buy you all new stuff.” Lance said once the hug was done.

“You don't have to buy me anything, Austin and I are the same size, until we get my stuff from my old place I can just wear his clothes, and I don't really need anything else.”

“Yes, you could, and you boys will probably end up sharing everything anyways, but Austin does not have that many clothes because we do not buy tons, and you will probably share everything else as well, but you do need other things of your own. Not to mention we do have to go grocery shopping as well, you guys will soon suck all the food out of the house if we don't.” Lance grinned.

“Okay, but don't be buying me lots, I don't need much.” Scotty sighed.

“No worries there, we do not buy lots like I said, we only buy what we need, but I will be getting you a new notebook computer so that both of you have one, that way you don't have to share.”

“No, I have a perfectly good computer at home, you don't need to buy me a notebook.”

“It wasn't a question you could answer yes or no to Scotty, now quit arguing before I take down your diaper and spank your cute little baby bum.”

“Fine.” Scotty sighed again.

“That's better, you two go get those leaky diapers off and hop in the shower and get cleaned off.” Lance said, standing both boys up and swatting their padded butts.

They clasped hands again and scampered upstairs where they went to the bathroom and started the shower and then removed each others soggy diapers and threw them in the trashcan. They hopped in the shower and lovingly washed each other down, and they both got hard, but they knew they did not have time for that this morning. Once they were all cleaned and dried off they headed to their bedroom to get dressed.

“I don't know about you, but I'm wearing a diaper today.” Austin said.

“If you wear one so will I, but why?”

“Well we will be going shopping and there is not always a washroom close by that I can get to in time, and there will be tons of traffic, so sometimes with all the stop and go traffic I end up having to go, and you know the other reason, same reason you said you'd wear one as well.” Austin grinned.

“True, but those are good points as well.” Scotty grinned as well.

Scotty went to the closet and grabbed two of the daytime diapers and Austin went to the dresser and grabbed their clothes for the day, and they both met at the bed. They quickly diapered each other and then got dressed, and as before, you could not even tell they were diapered. Once they were all ready to go they headed downstairs to meet Lance who was patiently waiting in the living room for them.

“Ah, I see you decided to wear diapers for the shopping trip today!” Lance smirked.

“Yes, but how did you notice?” Austin asked.

“Couple reasons really. First is I know my babies better than they realize, and second, your shirt is tucked into your diaper and your pants are pulled down a bit.” Lance said and started laughing because it looked so damned funny.

“Oh crap, that would have been embarrassing. Thanks.” Austin shyly smiled and rectified the mistake.

“Good thing daddy noticed, cause even I didn't, and I was watching your cute butt all the way down the stairs.” Scotty giggled.

“No kidding.” Both Lance and Austin said together, laughing at Scotty.

“Come on boys, let's get going.” Lance said with a shake of his head.

They all headed out to the car, seeing as how they would be going shopping Lance wanted to use the car instead of taking the buses. Their first stop was the clothing store they liked, they had all the good names at decent prices, and together they picked out a few new outfits for the boys to wear, a couple new pairs of shoes, and more socks and underwear.

Their next stop was the uniform place for the school uniforms, they ended up being there for well over an hour; with waiting for the person to do the fitting, and getting all the required clothes for the boys' school.

They then headed to a large pharmacy where they picked up another couple packs of the daytime diapers the boys used as well as more diaper rash ointment, a few assorted medical supplies, and a few personal items, such as; deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, and razor, for Scotty.

“You do know I don't need to shave right Lance!” Scotty said when they left the store.

“Maybe not yet, but with that tiny bit of peach fuzz on your upper lip, you're gonna need to soon, same with Austin, and he has one already as well for when he's ready to start.”

“Oh, okay.” Scotty said with a shrug. He saw no point in buying something he did not yet need, buy it later when it's needed he figured, but with the amount of times Lance had told him not to worry about it, he never bothered to say anything.

Their last stop of the day was the huge Costco store where they got all the rest of their groceries and the new notebook for Scotty, and he tried to protest when Lance grabbed the best and highest priced one there, but Lance just gave him a look. They ended up loading up two of the huge carts full of assorted groceries and a few other things they needed, and it took both boys to push the second cart by the time it was full, it was so heavy. Finally their shopping trip done for the day, they headed to the car and tried to figure out how and where to stuff it all. Lance had only a small sensible car, and they stuffed it to the max, barely enough for the boys to climb in as well.

They were finally on their way home, it had been a long day of shopping, and the car was loaded up fully, and when they got home Lance pulled the car as close to the front door as he could and they all helped to unload everything, and nearly an hour and a half later it was all in the house and unpacked into their proper homes, all the clothes of course in the laundry room to be washed.

“You boys go on and head upstairs and get the new computer unpacked, and change those soaked diapers, you both look like your full and will probably start leaking soon.”

“Okay.” Both boys said brightly.

Scotty grabbed the computer box and they nearly skipped up the stairs and headed to their room. As soon as they got there, Scotty set the computer on the desk and then when he turned around Austin started stripping him of all his clothes, but left him standing in his diaper.

Scotty then did the same for Austin and stripped him of all his clothes, but also left him standing in his diaper. Austin then got a very sweet smile on his face and wrapped his arms around Scotty and started kissing him deeply and passionately, his hands roaming up and down Scotty's fine sculpted back and bum. Scotty was enjoying himself so much to begin with, he had forgotten to reciprocate at first, but as soon as he came to, he started stroking his boyfriends back as well. All of a sudden Austins hands moved to Scotty's front and released the tapes holding his saturated diaper on, and fell off in the back, but hung on his proud young erection. Scotty then reached to the front of Austin's diaper and did the same for him, but his diaper fell right off somehow.

“I know we said we'd wait till Friday night, but I can't wait, I need you buried in me, make love to me now please?” Austin whispered huskily right into Scotty's ear.

“Oh god yeah, but you have to make love to me as well.” Scotty moaned out.

“Okay.” Austin gasped just as Scotty grabbed him by the erection and led him to the bed.

Scotty grabbed the lube on their way past and as soon as Austin was in range, he wiggled free of Scotty's grasp and nearly jumped on the bed, rolled onto his back, set the lube beside himself, and pulled his knees up and out, opening himself completely for his lover. Scotty by now had lost the diaper that had been hanging out, so he dove right onto the bed, burying his face in Austin's ass, tonguing him deeply to prepare him for the main attraction.

Once Scotty's tongue was tired, he switched tactics. He moved up, engulfed Austin's boner all the way, grabbed the lube and coated his fingers quickly and buried two of his slender fingers as deep inside Austin as they could go. Scotty started bobbing up and down slowly, while jacking his fingers deeply inside Austin's hot ass at the same speed, and Austin was moaning and groaning with the effort not to cum right away, but that was what Scotty wanted, he wanted Austin to blow his first load into his mouth, he wanted, no needed, to taste his lovers seed again. Scotty could tell that Austin was trying to hold back as long as he could, so he doubled his efforts, he started going even faster, trying to make Austin explode, and it worked too. Within only a few seconds of Scotty increasing his speed, Austin was spewing forth his load.

While Scotty was sucking every last drop of cum his boyfriend could produce, his hand was still going full tilt, and Austin was still cumming and crying out in ecstasy. Finally though, as soon as Scotty was certain that he was not going to be able to suck any more delicious boy seed from Austin, he quickly withdrew his hand and mouth, and just as quickly crawled up and sunk his hard as nails dick as deep in Austin as he could possibly go.

The first orgasm that Scotty had worked from Austin may have been fast and furious, almost brutal, but this one would be very loving. Once he sunk in, Scotty started a slow gentle motion, leaning down to kiss Austin with the same slow gentleness that he was making love to Austin, and Austin reciprocated. They kissed so deeply and passionately that more than once they forgot to breath and Scotty stopped moving, but each time they would remember to start again, and for the next fifteen minutes, they made love.

Finally though, after nearly twenty minutes of slowly making love to Austin, Scotty knew that neither one of them would be able to hold on much longer. They were both losing concentration in their kissing, they were both vibrating from trying to hold back, and they were sweating furiously from the effort, so Scotty increased his speed only slightly, signaling both their bodies that it was time, and with a deep moan and a grunt from both, they blew. Scotty spilling his first load deep inside Austin's incredible ass, and Austin spraying his slightly smaller second load on their chests and stomachs. Once both their orgasms subsided, Scotty crashed down, laying fully on top of his lover, and that was where they stayed for nearly ten minutes.

“I can't believe what you just did to me.” Austin finally gasped out.

“Yeah, it was fun, wasn't it.” Scotty gave a tired grin.

“Oh yeah, but you do realize that now I am way too tired to make love to you now, but revenge will be mine.” Austin grinned back.

“Oh no, you wouldn't do that to me would you.” Scotty squealed in mock fear.

“Of course, and I will enjoy every second of it too.” Austin said with a smile and kissed Scotty again.

“Me too. I love you so much.” Scotty smiled warmly.

“And I love you too.”

“Oh good, you two finally finished, for a while there it sounded as if you were ritually sacrificing a heard of rhinos in here. Get up and get cleaned up and get dressed again, and put diapers on, we're going out again.” Lance said with a huge grin.

“We weren't that noisy were we?” Scotty asked.

“Yeah, the neighbors down by the ocean complained they couldn't hear the seagulls, I told them not to complain, they were annoying anyways.” Lance said with a perfectly straight face.

“Musta bin an old straight couple who forgot what sex was like, poor bastards.” Scotty grinned.

“Musta bin. Come on you two, in the shower, and no more playing around, let's go.” Lance grinned and shook his head at Scotty.

He was amazed at how much more open Scotty already was, and how funny and wild he could be. He had seen the two boys for a few minutes when Scotty was feverishly sucking and fingering Austin, and he had been amazed at the intensity the boy had, where normally he was so quiet and reserved. The boys did get up and clasped hands again and walked to the shower, right past Lance who smacked both boys' bare asses as they walked past, and they both just smiled.

Ten minutes later a squeaky clean and dried off pair of boys emerged from the bathroom to find Lance still in their room with all the diaper supplies ready. Without a word from either boy, they just went and laid down on the bed and Lance lovingly diapered them both, and then had them stand and he dressed them both as well, not one word being said. Scotty thought it was very nice and loving, what having a daddy must really be like. He was so happy at the moment that even if he wanted to speak, he wouldn't have known what to say. His smile however was enough to say it all, and as soon as Lance finished, Scotty dove at him and gave him a huge rib crushing hug.

“You're welcome baby.” Was all Lance said, and then bent and kissed Scotty on the forehead.

Scotty didn't say anything still, he just continued to smile, and both Austin and Lance knew the reason. Austin just grabbed his hand lovingly and the three of them went downstairs and put on their shoes and headed to the car. It was a good five minutes after they were in the car and driving that anyone said anything further.

“So where are we going daddy?” Austin asked.

“I thought I'd take you both to a movie.”

“Sounds nice, thanks.”

And for the rest of the trip nothing more was said, but when they got to the theater complex, they were all excited. There was something like twenty movies playing, and ten of those starting in the next thirty minutes or less, so they were talking excitedly trying to figure out what they should go and see. Finally they decided on a good action, and Lance went and paid and got their tickets, they then went and got the obligatory snacks and drinks, and then they went to their chosen theater and sat down. They still had nearly ten minutes to wait for the movie to start, so they all talked quietly amongst themselves, but once the movie started, they didn't say another word.

Two and a half hours later, the movie ended and they were all pumped from the awesome movie, they had all loved it. It had tons of great action, explosions, stunts, and even a sex scene where the two little gay boys got to see a really fine naked male ass. There however was a little problem with the fact that the movie was so long and they had all had a large amount to drink. Both boys had well used their diapers, and they were both showing marks saying that they each leaked a bit, Austin more so.

“Oh shoot, what do we do now dad?” Austin asked.

Because they had been in the back row and no one was paying attention to them now that they were all leaving, the guys were relatively safe from being seen, for the moment, but as soon as they left the dim theater and got out into the crowds, anyone that looked would very clearly see two diapered boys that had sprung leaks, there was simply no way to hide it. An usher came in to start cleaning up and he noticed the three of them up at the top, and because he was used to seeing in the dimmed room, he clearly saw what the issue was, not a huge surprise to him, he'd seen it more than a few times. So he went up to the guys, and they had not even noticed him coming until he spoke.

“I see that you had a bit of a leak boys, no worries, happens all the time. Here's what we normally do in a situation like this to prevent embarrassment, if you drove here, have you boys go out the back doors, and you drive the car back and the boys can get in, no one being any the wiser, and there is never anyone back there unless they are in the same boat. If you did not drive, then I'm afraid there's not much we can do except bring you the lost and found box and hope there's some clothes that will fit and we can sneak you through the projection room to an employee washroom.”

“We drove, but that's awesome, thanks. Must be a normal occurrence if you guys have a backup plan like that!”

“About once or twice a week I suppose. Problem though of course is that we usually have no pants in the lost and found, I mean honestly, how could you forget your pants, but it does happen. Usually most people take a sweater or something and tie it around their waists, but for how wet you guys are, it would have never worked, you really leaked, and here I thought my brother was a heavy wetter.”

“Really, your brother has to wear diapers as well?” Austin asked.

“Oh yeah, he was in an accident when he was six and it nearly killed him, but some doctor fixed him right up. He lost one of his kidneys, his bladder was nearly destroyed, he lost a huge section of his bowels, but he can still use a toilet for the dirty business, he had to have his left lung and his heart repaired. He has so many scars on his chest and stomach it is surprising he lived. But he's fourteen now and other than being a little more fragile than normal, he seems to be fine.”

“Oh my god, Jimmy Watson, I had hoped he was doing good still. I had to work on him for nearly three days straight.”

“You're Doctor Freeman, I can't believe you still remember Jimmy, although he goes by Jim or James most of the time now, that was a lot of years ago now.”

“How could I forget him, he was one of my favorite patients, he was so damned cute and one hell of a fighter. He was my patient for three months in the hospital and we got to know each other quite well, and one day when I bent over to check something on him, he grabbed onto me and kissed me so deeply it made my head spin, and you know, both before and after, I still have never been kissed like that. Damn near made your parents have heart attacks at what he did, but I thought it was sweet, he was just trying to thank me.”

“He has never forgotten you either, and he worshiped you for the longest time, and no, mom and dad were very shocked at that, but they did think it was quite funny a while after the fact. Little gay boy always was an affectionate little guy though, we all love him to death.”

“It doesn't surprise me that he would be gay, any boy that can kiss a man like that is almost destined to be gay.” Lance grinned.

“I knew he was gay since he was four, he would sneak into my room and spy on me while I got dressed, or did other things, and I caught him so many times it wasn't funny.” He grinned.

“That's what older brothers are for, I hope you told him everything he needed to know.”

“Of course, like you said, what are older brothers for. But you guys really should be heading out before the next crowd starts appearing and I better get cleaning up, but do you have a card or something, I know Jimmy would love to see you again.”

“I do have a card, but that is not really allowed so much, but I will give you my card because I would like to see him again as well.” Lance said and handed him the card.

“Thanks, he will be so thankful, well you guys have a good day.”

“Thanks, you too.” They all said.

“You boys go ahead and go out the back door and I will come around in the car in a minute.”

“Okay.” They both said.

They all headed out with another wave, not even thinking to get his name, all they knew was his last name, the boys went and exited the back door and found themselves in a brightly lit back alley, the sunlight nearly blinding them for a minute.

“Man you guys are even more wet than I am.” They heard from their right as they exited.

“Huh, oh yeah, you had a bit of an accident as well, oh, no a leak, same as us.” Austin said, looking over and then getting a closer look at the boy. He was about twelve, cute, skinny, and probably a little on the short side.

“Yeah, I can't hold my pee for long periods of time, so when I come to the theater I usually wear one of my goodnites, but I drank too much and it leaked like crazy.”

“Same with us, except we wear something a lot better than goodnites, they normally hold lots, but we drank too much as well.”

“I hate the goodnites cause they never hold enough, but they are all my parents buy for me, so I make do. Kind of annoying at night though, I thought diapers were supposed to prevent wet beds, yeah well, for me they don't, I suppose my bed probably isn't quite as wet, but still wet.” He said with a shrug.

“Tell them to buy you something better then. By the way, I'm Austin, and this is Scotty, we're thirteen.”

“I'm James and I'm fourteen, my brother works here, but he didn't know I was here today because I'm supposed to be at school, so I just came back here to wait for my pants to dry before I headed out.”

“Oh, so you're James, we were just talking to your brother and he told us all about you, but the way he said it, you could not hold your pee at all.”

“Well I can hold it, but for only a few minutes, and yeah, I wear diapers almost all the time.”

“Would it be okay if we asked if we could see your scars?” Scotty asked.

“Huh, oh Jason told you about the accident and my surgeries did he?” James asked and lifted up his shirt.

“Wow, no wonder he said it was a surprise you even lived. And yeah he did.” Scotty said.

“And would you like to know something, my dad knew who you were when Jason told us about your injuries and what all had to be fixed.” Austin said.

“How could he have known that?”

“Because Dr. Freeman remembers you very well, you were his favorite patient and he remembers your kiss very well. He even said he would not have been surprised for you to have turned out gay with how well you kissed him, and at only six, but don't worry, we're gay as well.” Austin said.

“No way, your dad is the doctor who fixed me up, is he picking you up today?”

“Yes he is, and yes he is, he brought us today, he just had to go get the car to come and get us. Would you like us to take you home or somewhere?” Austin asked.

“I have another hour before I'm supposed to be at home, so if I could go with you guys to your place would be awesome, I'd love to meet your dad again.” James said excitedly.

“Well, you'll get to meet him in a second, he's coming right now.” Scotty said as he noticed the car coming.

Lance pulled up and got out to go see the boys, and he recognized Jimmy, and Jimmy recognized him as well.

“Jimmy, is that you, you still look the exact same as the last time I saw you, just bigger?” Lance asked.

“Yeah Dr. Freeman, it's me, I was just talking to your sons and they told me you were their dad, it's so good to see you again.” James said, nearly crying.

“Yes, it's very good to see you again as well. I understand you go by Jim or James now, what should I call you?”

“For you, anything, but normally James.”

“Okay James it is then.”

“Dad, James is kind of skipping school today, and he had a bit of a leak as well, in case you hadn't already noticed, and he was just out here waiting for his pants to dry before he went anywhere else, he'd like to come to our place for a bit, can he?” Austin said.

“I suppose so, where do you live James?”

“I live down on Sunset drive, down by the ocean.”

“Oh really, we live on Sunrise drive, only one block over from you.” Austin said excitedly.

“Really, that's cool, had I have known that, I would have come over before, this is going to be so cool.” James said, obviously very happy.

“Hop in then boys, and we will head home.”

They all climbed in, both Austin and Scotty waving James into the front seat with Lance.

“So how come you skipped school today James?” Lance asked.

“I'm so far ahead and I just wanted a bit of a break, so I decided to go watch a movie, I'm just glad my brother didn't see me or I woulda been toast, but one of his friends, I think he kinda likes me, told me which rooms he was working today, so I saw a show in a different one, so I wouldn't get caught.”

“Well, you probably shouldn't skip school, but neither I nor your brother would actually stop you when you are so far ahead, we all did it. So how far ahead are you then?”

“I'm supposed to be in grade eight, but I'm in grade ten. I don't really have a lot of friends, all the kids at school know that I have to wear diapers and I am so small, they kinda just stay away from me. I think they also know I'm gay, so that makes it even harder, no one wants to be my friend, so I have lots of time to do my schoolwork.” James admitted.

“Wow, you are far ahead, that's pretty impressive. I know it must be hard, but if they cannot see through all that to the person you really are, then they are not the type of people you want as friends anyways. I know it's hard though, I had issues like that in school as well, I was way ahead in school and I got teased all the time. I was so small for my age that I couldn't defend myself. And even though I'm bisexual, they all thought I was gay. Now way back then it was far worse to be labeled gay than it is now, trust me, still isn't easy, but it was worse then. Jeez, you suck one guy in the shower room and get caught and you're labeled for life.” Lance grinned.

“Wow Dr. Freeman, we are a lot alike, except I never got caught, mainly because no one will be seen near me, I'm not even sure how they know, or if they just guessed.”

“First of all, I'm not your doctor anymore, so it's Lance please, and maybe they just guessed, or they are trying to tease you, you know how cruel kids can be sometimes.”

“Okay, Lance it is, thanks, and trust me, I know all too well. I don't let it bother me though, I just ignore them, they're too small minded for me to waste the energy on them.”

“Good for you, I was a lot older than you are now before I figured that out, and by then it was almost too late.”

“Yeah well for the longest time after I did go back to school the teasing really hurt, and I had to go see a psychiatrist because I was so depressed, and he taught me that. The only thing that kept me going was that I thought you had done so much work and were so kind to me, that if I died because of that, you'd never forgive me, I was young, what can I say.” James blushed.

“It would have hurt a great deal to hear you die because of that, but I do understand what that kind of hurt can do to a child. Sadly many young patients that have come through my doors after suicide attempts, did not make it. Nearly every time that a young child does such a horrific thing, it is because they were bullied and teased to the point of breaking, a truly sad thing, and it makes me cry.”

“Yeah, and I was almost one of them too, but my parents realized it before it was too late, thankfully, and they took me to see the shrink, but he was real nice, almost as nice as you were, and he helped me a lot.”

“And it sounds like you are doing a great deal better now.”

“Oh yeah, I haven't had to see him for over two years now, and I feel tons better now. So do you still work at the same hospital?”

“Yeah, I never moved.”

“I almost went and asked to see you so may times to say thanks again, but I figured that by then you would have moved.”

“No, I like the hospital a great deal, and you wouldn't have been the first either.” Lance smiled warmly.

Just then they pulled into the drive way of the house, and as soon as they parked they all got out. Austin and Scotty had been having a whispered conversation of their own in the back seat, mostly about how they felt about James and Lance getting together, because they both knew it was going to happen, Austin could tell, and Scotty was certain as well. They had been trying to figure out how to set it all up though, and they had figured they knew a way to do it.

“James, once school is over, why don't you call your parents and ask if you can stay the evening and walk home tonight, you can tell them you met a couple boys from another school and you became friends.” Austin offered.

“I'd really like that, thanks. Can you point me to the bathroom though please, I really need to get changed?”

“No need, we need to get changed as well and we can all just go get changed together, dad can come and help as well, and we can all just go around in our diapers, and you can even try one of ours to see how much better they are.” Austin said, nearly in once long breath.

“And I can wash your clothes for you as well, and I can talk to your parents and tell them it's okay with me as well.” Lance said.

“Thanks a lot guys.” James said with a huge beaming smile.

They all went inside, Austin and Scotty holding each others hands, and went straight up to the boys' bedroom. Scotty went right to the closet and grabbed three new diapers, the nice thick ones, he figured if they were going to show James good diapers, then he'd show them the best. By the time he came out of the closet, Austin and James were halfway through getting undressed and Lance had already grabbed the wipes and the cream. Scotty laid the diapers down and took over undressing his boyfriend, and when James saw this he looked to Lance and gave him a look that clearly said what he wanted as well, so Lance complied and stripped James down to his very soaked goodnite diaper. He tore it at the sides and it fell to the floor, leaving James very naked, and very hard, and he didn't even blush or try to hide himself. Either he was enjoying this or was very used to it, and Austin figured it was the first one.

Scotty had also by that time removed Austin's diaper and it too fell to the floor, and Austin was just as naked and hard. Both Lance and Scotty grabbed a wipe and started cleaning their boys, gently and lovingly they did so, and as soon as they were cleaned, they were pushed onto the bed and a nice fresh diaper was opened up and slid under their upraised bottoms. A generous coating of diaper rash cream was applied and then the diapers were taped closed.

Austin then got up and started stripping and cleaning up Scotty, and then creaming him up real good and then then diapering him as well.

“Thank you so much, no one ever does that for me anymore. I used to ask Jason to do it for me, but I think he started feeling awkward doing it, but I still miss it when he did it, he was always the most loving about it.” James said and then gave Lance a nice big hug.

“You're welcome, so what do you think of these diapers?”

“I love them, man are they ever thick and comfortable. Do you wear diapers too, and can I diaper you?” James asked with a bit of a blush.

“No, I do not wear them, so no thanks.”

“He won't wear them either, I've offered to diaper him lots, and he never accepts.” Austin said with a grin.

“You really should try them, they are so comfortable, and they can be very handy at times, especially at the movies.” James grinned.

“Yeah, and look how much it helped you boys today.” Lance said dryly.

“You can't always control how much you pee, and leaks just sometimes happen.” Austin shrugged.

“Especially when all your parents buy you are those crappy goodnites.” James said.

“Why do they buy them anyways?” Lance asked.

“Not too sure, I asked once and I was told it was just what they could get. But even I know that's not true, I have seen tons of good ones that would fit me and work lots better, I even pointed them out to my mom once.”

“Were they pull on styles or tape on styles?” Austin asked.

“Tape on, why?”

“Maybe they just don't want to have to change you anymore so as not to embarrass you, but if that's the case, there are a bunch of lots better pull on style diapers that hold way more than goodnites do, and the tape on work a whole lot better for at night, and you can do that yourself, I do it all the time.”

“Not too sure, I should ask them about it, I mean it is my problem right, and I should be able to deal with it in any way I see fit.”

“That is true, and the goodnites are actually more expensive than some of the other alternatives because they are targeted for bed wetters and they have all the fancy designs on them, the good plain white ones work better and don't look so childish.” Lance said.

“Cool, I will tell them that as well, but they don't care about cost because the insurance company pays them back for all that, all my medical needs will be taken care of for life, so I don't have to worry about that.”

“That's at least good to hear. I'm guessing that the insurance company also had to pay a huge payout to you?”

“Yeah, it was a lot too, and when I turn nineteen I will never have to worry about money, but my parents already don't need to worry too much, my dad is the lawyer that sued the driver who did all this to me, and he's really good.”

“So what happened then, if you don't mind my asking?” Scotty asked. By now they had all sat down on the bedroom floor to talk, so they were all comfortable.

“Well, I was coming home from school and this car came screeching through the intersection I was walking through and he hit me. I went over the hood, because I jumped at the last second, so I wouldn't get run over, and then I hit the windshield, nearly going through it, and then bounced off the roof of the car, hit the pavement, and then another car that was coming around the corner couldn't avoid me, as he only just barely saw me, and he hit me too, but he wouldn't have if the car who had hit me in the first place hadn't have very nearly hit him and he swerved and there I was. Well when he hit me, I went flying again and landed stomach down on a picket fence. Of course I don't remember any of this, it was all the witnesses that saw it happening, especially the poor old lady whose garden fence I landed on. The poor guy who hit me second was so distraught he was in shock and had to be taken to the hospital as well, and the guy who first hit me is probably still in prison on the multiple charges.” James said.

“Oh my god, and you survived all that?” Scotty gasped.

“Had it not been for a certain doctor, I probably wouldn't have.” James said and then hugged Lance.

“That wasn't all of it though, had you not have fought to stay alive, you wouldn't be here.”

“Maybe, but I think there was more, I remember dreaming about someone telling to fight, they kept saying, 'come on big guy fight with me.” James said, remembering back.

“Wow, you remembered that, that's exactly what I kept saying to you.” Lance said in shock.

“So did your dad ever tell you what the guy was charged with?” Austin asked.

“Yeah, he told me the guy was drunk and high, he had stolen the car he hit me with, and was trying to get away. Apparently it was also not his first offense, so he got hit with everything.”

“Wow. So the poor old lady whose fence you landed on, she saw the whole thing then?” Scotty asked.

“Yeah, and thankfully she had her cordless phone in her front garden with her at the time, she was also in shock and ended up going to the hospital too apparently, but because of her testimony, I never once had to go to court.”

“So how come you were walking home by yourself, you were only six?” Austin asked.

“My older sister was supposed to be walking home with me, but she got detention, and I being the big boy I thought I was, just left without her. She tried blaming herself for the longest time, but once I was a little better I had to tell her it was my fault that I left, and not hers, her only fault was getting lippy with her teacher and having to stay after school. I tell you she's never done it again and is now in university with very good grades and scholarships.” James grinned.

“I bet that scared her right straight, I also bet that it was a very long time before you would walk home by yourself.” Lance said.

“Yeah, it was only a couple years ago actually that I finally worked up the courage to do it again.” James admitted.

“I don't doubt that it was very hard, especially at first, but you did it.”

“You have no idea, it was a real good thing I had on a dry diaper at the time, because I sure soaked it by the time I got to school, and it's only a ten minute walk, and I had to go change as soon as I got there.” James grinned.

“Wow, not even I've ever soaked a diaper in only ten minutes, but then again the goodnites are barely considered a diaper, but still.” Austin grinned.

“Yeah, I did that the first few days, both to and from school, but now I'm fine.”

The four of them ended up sitting there for nearly thirty minutes longer before James realized that he had to call his mom and tell her where he was, and he almost panicked when he did, but Austin passed him the phone in his room and he called right away.

“Hi mom, I'm at a friends house, sorry I didn't get a chance to call till now, no, I'm fine. I met a couple boys after school, they don't go to my school and they are really nice, and guess who their dad is, it's Dr. Freeman, and he even remembers me as well. No of course I won't kiss him again like that. Anyways, can I stay for a while please? Yes, here he is.”

“Hello Mrs. Watson, it's been a long time since I talked to you last, how have you been?”

“Clara please, and we have been great since you kept our family in one piece, thanks, and how about you?”

“I've been doing well as well, and I was happy to see who my son's brought home with them, and I apologize for him not calling sooner, we all got caught up in talking about the past when James realized what time it was. Anyways if you will allow it James is welcome to stay for dinner and he can either walk home or I can drive him home, we only live a block away from you.”

“No problem, I was getting a little worried when he didn't show up on time, but I'm fine now, just the normal parental worries, and after what happened to him, well I'm afraid that even though he's fourteen, I still probably worry too much. If James wants to stay for dinner, he is welcome to as well, and I'm glad he's finally met some boys his age to call friends. I trust since you know a lot about James already, that you know that he has to wear diapers and that is not a problem with your boys.”

“I understand about the worrying bit, I'm a parent too, and it doesn't matter what your child has or has not had happened to them, it's a parents right after all. The boys are happy to meet another friend as well, they don't have many either, and you have no fears there, all three boys are currently sitting here in their diapers, they all need them, so they are good in that respect. I do however have a question for you, why do you only buy the goodnites, they leak so easily?”

“Because I wanted to switch to those a few years back so that James could have his own privacy and put them on more like underwear. He's growing up after all and does not need his mommy looking after him all the time.”

“I figured as much, but there are much better products out there that work so much better, and still pull up design as well, I can give you the best places to look. Also, especially for night time, I recommend going with a good tape on style, James will be able to put them on himself, my boys do so easily enough, and I can even teach him how to do so tonight before he leaves, that way you don't have to be embarrassed.”

“Oh, I never even thought about that, I guess it makes sense, and if you would do that it would be great, and why not just go ahead and give James the names, and he can tell me and then I can get them.”

“I can do that, and I will give him a couple from our supply for until you get him some, and don't worry, we have lots, trust me there.”

“That's very generous of you, well I will let you go, it was very nice talking with you again.”

“And same to you, have a good day.”

“Wow, you got her to buy me real diapers and good pull on styles as well, that's awesome. You have to write it all down for me, and I love these, so make this the top of the list.” James said happily.

“Will do. I suggest you just go with the tape on style for all around, Austin finds them more comfortable and less bulky for when he has to wear during the day, plus I think they hold a bit more.”

“Okay, thanks a lot.”

“So what should we have for dinner?” Lance asked.

“I don't know.” All three boys said at the same time and started giggling.

“Well that was helpful, thanks. I will go see what I can figure out, you guys go ahead and do whatever.” Lance said and got up to leave, and James' eyes followed him all the way out the door until he could no longer see Lance, and his eyes snapped back and he blushed as soon as he realized both boys were watching him.

“You still love him, don't you?” Austin asked gently.

“I don't know what you mean.” James tried quietly.

“I think you do. I think you fell in love with him when he fixed you up when you were six, and I think you still love him. I can tell by the way you look at him, and don't worry, we're okay with that. You have to be careful with my dad though, he's a lot more fragile than he seems, he's very emotional. He told us earlier that when you kissed him it was the best kiss he had ever had, and still is, in a way I think he fell in love with you as well, he just doesn't quite know it, or maybe didn't know how to deal with it. Now that you are older, and, more importantly, legal, you are free to pursue a relationship with him if you so desire, you are fourteen right?”

“Yeah, I'm fourteen, just turned during the summer, and are you serious, do you think your dad would actually love me like that?”

“I think maybe he always has. He has never had a long term relationship since my mom died, but he had a few long ones when I was younger, since about that time though, he has not, a couple little flings here and there, but nothing more than a few weeks. I always wondered why, but now I think I know. You didn't see his eyes when your brother was telling us about you and when he knew who he was talking about, but I did, I saw love flash there, I know the signs, and I saw them more this afternoon, I think he does still love you. What you need to do is go downstairs and be with him, and do exactly what you told your mom you wouldn't do, but I know you wanted to, I saw how you looked when you said it, you were mentally crossing your fingers.” Austin said, all this very softly, very gently.

“I was, ever since I saw your dad again I wanted to do that to him, you're the greatest.” James said and hopped up and left the bedroom.

“Wow, that worked out better than we hoped it would.” Scotty said.

“The hardest part is yet to come, getting dads head to see what his heart has seen all along, but for that I think we have to leave them alone. Let's just lay down, cuddle up, and watch some TV for a while, let them be together.”

“Sounds good to me, and man are you smart about this stuff.”

“Thanks, but I just know my daddy very well, more than he knows himself in some ways.”

They hopped up onto the bed, curled up and watched TV until dinner was called.

* * * * * *

“Lance, would you like some help in here?” James asked once he found the kitchen.

“Sure James, I'd love your help, come on in. I'm making spaghetti, so if you'd like to start chopping the stuff on the cutting board would be great?”

“Sure.” He said and went and started chopping everything while Lance was busy at the stove.

They worked in near silence for the better part of ten minutes until James was finished chopping everything and then he took the cutting board over to Lance to add to the meat.

“Here you go, I hope you like it chunky, it's the only way if you ask me?”

“Perfect, I don't like it cut so fine you can't see or taste it either.”

“Can you come over here for a second, away from the stove, I don't want to get burned?” James asked once everything was mixed together and cooking.

“Sure.” Lance said and walked over.

Instead of saying anything though, James just grabbed Lance in a big hug and hugged him tightly, and it was nearly a minute later that Lance also joined in on the hug, hugging James back as well. Lance could feel the silent tears James was shedding trickling down his back, and other than softly rubbing James' back, he did nothing, he just let the boy pour out his emotions. They stood and hugged for nearly ten minutes before James started to break the hug, but he didn't pull away, he moved in for a kiss, and planted one right on Lance's lips that very nearly rivaled their first kiss nearly eight years ago. James tried to get Lance to join the kiss, but he wouldn't, finally James pulled away to find tears in Lance's eyes.

“There's no need to cry, I know you're scared, so am I, but I love you, I always have, and from what Austin says, maybe you have always loved me as well. And just in case you wonder, I am gay, I have always been gay, I have always known, just did not know what it meant, and when I kissed you when I was six, it was because I loved you then, but back then I don't know if I loved you like I do now. I have been dreaming of a nice man to love me, to teach me, to be the other part of me, and I know now that you are that man.” James said, pouring his soul out.

“I am scared, not because I love you, but because I cannot love you, I am old enough to be your father and that is not looked upon favorably in our society. I know what the law says, you're fourteen now which means you may pursue any relationship you choose, the problem is that people still try and twist things because you are so young, but dammit I do love you. Did you know that that kiss you gave me so many years ago now, was the most tender and passionate kiss I have ever had, and now you just did it again. I have never been able to stay with anyone because the passion was not there. However I fear that your love for me is still hero worship, I saved you, we cannot deny that, you would be surprised at how many kids have written letters professing themselves to me, it is all hero worship.” Lance said, tears still running down his cheeks.

“Maybe when I was a kid it was hero worship a bit, but I knew I loved you, but I know that more now that I got to meet you again. I know all about the law as well, I have read up tons about it in my dads law books, and as long as I give my permission and if my parents know about it, and they know I gave my permission, then there is nothing to worry about, no one could take us away from each other. They know I'm gay, my whole family does, and they are okay with that, and who do you think showed me which books to look in for that information, my dad knows who I want and what I want. My parents are very open, and when I tell them, they will be very happy for us. You see, I have everything covered, now all you have to do is quit crying and kiss me back, and we can be each others halves. Now I am going to kiss you again, and I want you to join in this time?”

“Before you do James, I need to say something as well. I am glad that you know so much about all this, and I am glad that your parents know, and I am glad you know what you're looking for, the only problem is, well me. I'm not sure, I know I love you too, but I'm not certain it could be in a sexual way, like you want.”

“That's fine, I've waited fourteen years to have sex, eight of it waiting for you, I can wait a little longer if I need to, you can have all the time you need, but I still want that kiss.” James said, and this time he did not wait for Lance to add anything further, he just threw his arms around Lance and planted another incredible kiss right on Lance's shocked lips. The intensity of the kiss, if possible, was even more so than the last kiss, especially once Lance did start kissing back. Lance ended up grabbing James under his diapered bum, lifting him up, and kissing him, James wrapping his legs around Lance. They kissed and cuddled like that in the kitchen for nearly ten minutes before Lance's sense of smell finally registered the near burning sauce on the stove, and he ripped away from the kiss with a gasp.

“Oh god, I have to stir our dinner, hop down baby.”

“That was wonderful.” James said in a haze of love.

“Wonderful, maybe, spectacular, maybe, incredulous is not even truly close enough to what that was.” Lance sighed.

Lance finished stirring the sauce on the stove and turned around and went in for another kiss. This kiss lasted less in time, but the love that they each felt from it was even more so than the last one.

“If possible, I love you more now than I did a few minutes ago.” James sighed when they both pulled away.

“And I don't know what's happening to me, but I could see us together or a long time.”

“Good, because that's how I feel about you as well.” James smiled warmly.

For the rest of the time the two of them hardly even talked, except what should be done for dinner, what to do and all that, and not even an hour later they had dinner on the table and the boys had been called down. When Austin and Scotty came in the room, Austin took one look at his dad and saw the look of happiness and knew it had happened, and he smiled warmly at his dad.

“What was that smile for Austin?” Lance asked curiously.

“Because you two deserve each other and I'm happy for you is all.” Austin said happily.

“And just how do you know we are together?”

“Because I can see it in both of you, you are far happier than you were before, and you have kissed, you both just look in love.” Austin smiled warmly again.

“Thanks Austin.” Lance said, not quite sure what, if anything, should be said.

They all sat down and started eating, and for the next half an hour the only sound you could hear was four hungry boys devouring a delicious meal. Once they were all done they all got up and cleaned up, all with next to no talking.

“Let's go sit down and watch TV for a while before James has to go home.” Lance said.

“Okay.” They all said and they went to the living room, Austin and Scotty cuddled up on one end of the couch and Lance sat down and then James cuddled right into him, just like the other two were cuddling each other.

Together they all watched a couple good comedy evening shows, but after an hour Lance turned the TV off.

“Well James, I hate to tell you this, because I have been enjoying your cuddles a great deal, but I think it is about time you headed home.” Lance said.

“Yeah, I know. Can I come over tomorrow as well?”

“You may come over, but I work until seven Monday through Thursday so I won't be home until about this time tomorrow, so we won't get to really see each other, however you are more than welcome to join the boys so that you have some friends your own age at least.”

“Oh, well I'd like to come over for sure so that I can play with Austin and Scotty, but I won't leave until you get home. Do you think that I could stay the weekend?”

“I don't know, talk to your parents, but don't expect anything from me, at least not yet.” Lance said a little uncomfortably.

“I won't, if you need to take it slow, I can too.” James said and then reached in for a gentle kiss.

“I better go get you your clothes from the dryer, you can come upstairs and grab your pack and I will give you a few diapers to take home, and because you are soaked, I will teach you how to change yourself quickly as well.” Lance said.

“Okay, I'd like that.” James smiled widely.

“Try not to take too long boys.” Austin teased.

“You sir, are horrible.” Lance said, sticking his tongue out at his son lovingly.

“I know, I get it all from you.”

“Yeah, that you do.” Lance grinned and he and James headed upstairs.

Lance went and grabbed the clothes, and James found his pack and waited.

“Here you are, now lay down and I will get everything for you, then you can change yourself and I will watch to make sure you do it all right.”

“I'd rather you do it for me though!”

“I know you would, but that would defeat the purpose of me teaching you how to do this on your own, now wouldn't it?”

“I suppose so, but you can take my wet one off and clean me up, I know how to do that all already.” James grinned.

“I guess I could do that for you, but no fooling around remember.”

“I know.”

Lance went up to his young boyfriend and released the four tapes and then brought the front down, and then using two baby wipes cleaned James' entire diaper area gently, and James was completely hard the entire time. James was about the same size as both Austin and Scotty were in this area, also hairless, and it looked as if his balls had only recently dropped as well, he was not circumcised, as both the other boys were not, but his penis head was peaking through the ample foreskin, and it was cute.

“There you go, all clean and ready to go, although you might want to go to the bathroom and relieve that first so it is easier to diaper yourself.”

“That's okay, I prefer to take care of it once my diaper is wet, I kinda like it like that.” James grinned shyly, but grabbed the offered diaper and opened it up and then slid it under himself and proceeded to tape it up as if he had done it hundreds of times, and then got up and got dressed quickly.

“Perfect, are you sure you haven't done this before?”

“I have, but it was a while ago.” James grinned.

“Well, you're all set then, here's your diapers to get you through a few days, and you have the paper I gave you earlier still right?”

“Yep, I brought it up here quickly earlier and put it in my bag already.”

“Then I guess you best be heading out then, give me one more kiss though before you leave.”

“Yeah, I better, and I'd love to.” James said and they moved in and kissed each other tenderly.

“Bye baby, I love you.” Lance said dreamily.

“Bye, I love you too.” James said and then skipped happily from the room.

“Bye guys, see you tomorrow afternoon.” James said as he skipped down the stairs and started putting his shoes on.

“Bye, we get home by about three, so see you then. Have a good night.” Austin said.

“Yeah, what he said.” Scotty said.

“You too.” James said and then again skipped happily from the house.

“He sure looks happier.” Scotty remarked.

“Yeah, almost as happy as daddy looked.”

Lance came back downstairs a minute later, still in la la land, nearly floating, and he joined the boys on the couch and turned the TV back on and they watched for another hour before going to bed.

* * * * * * *

“Mom, dad, I'm home.” James shouted happily when he walked in the door not even ten minutes later.

James' parents were a little surprised with how happy he sounded. He was not depressed or anything, he was as happy as they could possibly make him, but he never sounded so upbeat, well not since before the accident, so both curious they went to meet their son, and so did his brother, as he thought the same thing. Jason had told his parents who he had met today and they had told him that James had met him as well and that James was at Lance's house, this confused Jason a bit, but he left it alone.

“Hi, you sound happy.” Bill, James' father, said.

“Thanks, I am, I have something to tell you guys, can we go sit down, you can come too Jason?”

“Sure.” Elizabeth, his mom, said.

They went to the living room and James sat on a chair facing the couch and the others all sat on the couch, all with looks of confusion and curiosity on their faces.

“Please don't say anything until I finish please, I need to tell you everything, with no comments?” James asked them all.

“Okay.” They all said, even more confused now.

“Thanks. Well you all know I'm gay, and you all know I was very much in love with Dr. Freeman, Lance, and that I met him today. You all knew that I wanted someone older, well I think Lance is that person, I never stopped loving him, and apparently he even loved me, but I will get more into that in a bit. Well today I kinda did a bad thing, I needed a break from school, some time to think away from everyone, I have been wanting a boyfriend, so anyways I skipped school today and I went to the theater for one of the afternoon shows, for the morning I just wandered around town, but anyways I watched the movie and I leaked quite a bit, so I went out the back entrance as anyone who wets does. And that was when I met Austin and Scotty, Lance's sons, and we got to talking, and they knew who I was. It seemed that they had been talking to Jason a few minutes before, they too were wet and he told them to come out back, and he told them all about me. We got to talking and they told me who their dad was and then they invited me to their house, so when Lance came around, to pick them up, he saw me and recognized me right away. We got to talking a bit more and then we all went to their house. We all went up to Austin and Scotty's room and we all got changed and Lance diapered me, and man those diapers are awesome, way better than the goodnites, and then we all sat around and talked until I remembered I had to call home, and yes, they were all in the room when I said I wouldn't kiss Lance again like that, but they all knew about it anyways. Anyways a little after I called Lance went down and started making dinner and I stayed with the others and we talked more, and that was when Austin told me that his dad had never had another long term relationship after I kissed him, the way he says it I ruined him for others, and he told me that we both needed each other, but to be careful with his dad, because he may not be ready to admit his feelings yet. He told me to go downstairs and talk to him and kiss him again, so I did go down, and we talked for a bit, and then he hugged me and I kissed him, sorry mom, I kinda lied to you, because I really wanted to do it. Anyways he started crying and we talked even more, and I asked him to be my boyfriend, and he has agreed, but says he needs time to adjust, that he's not quite ready yet. I need for you guys to say you agree with our relationship though, and I want to stay there this weekend, but don't worry, Lance is not ready to fool around yet, he will take a while.” James said so fast and excited that his family had a hard time keeping up at times.

“I guess it's not exactly a huge surprise that you found yourself the older guy you wanted, and it is not even a surprise that it is Dr. Freeman, I remember the day you kissed him, and he was not shocked so much that you kissed him, but how intense it had to have been, he nearly floated from the room in shock. As for skipping school, you know it's bad, and I hope you don't do it again, but a guy needs time to think every so often, so don't make a habit of it. We will give you our blessing, but take it easy on the doctor, you have known for a long time what it is you wanted, he hasn't, and it will take some time for him to adjust. We will also allow you to stay the weekend, but you have to make sure all your chores are done first.” Bill said.

“Thanks dad, but honestly, when was the last time I did not get my chores done.”

“I cannot even remember the last time we had to tell you to do your chores, but that was then, and now you have a huge something to distract you, boyfriends have a tendency to do that to a boy, especially a teen.” Elizabeth said with a grin.

“Tell me about it.” Jason said.

“Are you saying you've had a boyfriend who distracted you from doing things?” James asked evilly.

Jason spluttered for a few seconds with that, blushing furiously. “Of course that's not what I meant, it happened to me with girls you evil little brat.”

Everyone broke up laughing, it was rare that anyone was able to get anyone in their family like that, because they were so open about things, but Jason was about as far away from gay as James was away from being straight, and their sister was right in between, being bi.

“So did you bring home a couple diapers like Dr. Freeman said he'd give you?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yeah, wait till you see these things, and Lance did show me how to put them on, so you don't have to change me.” James said and rushed and grabbed his pack.

“Good grief, I hope this is the night diaper, this thing is massively thick?” Bill asked.

“Yeah, it is, but it is what I'm wearing right now, Lance didn't see a need to put one of the thinner ones on me when I'd just be changing it soon anyways. I think that wearing these I will not have to do laundry every day anymore.”

“I should think not, and you can't even tell your wearing one of those, but then again, your clothes are a little baggy to help conceal the fact you wear diapers anyways. This thinner one does not look that much thicker than the goodnites, are they going to work better though?” Elizabeth asked.

“Austin assures me that they hold a lot, a lot more than they look like they should, so they should be perfect.”

“That's good.”

“Yeah, and they are a lot more comfortable as well, so soft and warm, not so stiff and scratchy like the goodnites, a lot like the pampers I used to wear, I still miss those.”

“I know, you were so depressed when we had to switch you to the goodnites because you grew out of the pampers. But you survived. Well, you should probably head up and read and then go to bed.” Bill said warmly.

“Yeah thanks, I will, have a good night, love you.” James said and then went and hugged and kissed each of them, something he had not done for over two years, in fact since he did grow out of the pampers, and ran up to his room with his pack in hand.

“Wow, he is way happier than he has been since before the accident.” Jason commented.

“Yeah, finding all that you want in life does have a way of doing that to a person.” Bill said with a warm smile.

“Yeah, and I wish him the best.” Jason said with a warm smile on his face as well.

“Can you believe those diapers though, I never figured he'd wear something so big, but he really seems to like them.” Elizabeth said.

“Yeah, but he loves his diapers, I never told you about some of the conversations he had with me when he was younger, and I won't now either, but he loves his diapers.” Jason said.

“In a way I guess I already knew that, he really always has, hasn't he. And I suppose if they are as soft and comfortable, then they would be a lot better.”

For the rest of the night they sat around talking about James, and they were all very happy for him, for a little boy who nearly lost everything, he was getting a lot back in return, from the very man who gave his life back to him to begin with.