Chapter 7

This story contains scenes of sex between males wearing diapers, boys and men, if this is not to your liking, please feel free not to read. I am by no means a professional writer and I claim in no way that this story is perfect, nor is it real, so only constructive criticism please should you feel the need. If you would like to comment on my story in any way I would be happy to hear from you, you may email me at, and you may also visit my site at should you wish to read other stories by me, as well as by a few others. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

It was now Wednesday, only just a few days after Scotty first came to stay the weekend at Austins, and so much had changed in everyones lives now because of it. Scotty is now living with his boyfriend and has a very loving daddy, who now also has a very nice young man as a boyfriend, how could life get any better? That was the question going through Scotty's mind as he woke up, luxuriating in the loving embrace of his boyfriend.

“Mmm, good morning baby.” Scotty sighed and stretched and then turned and gave Austin a nice good morning kiss.

“Good morning to you too baby, so are you ready to get up and get ready for school?”

“Laying here next to you, no, I'm not ready to get up. I guess though no matter how much I'd rather stay cuddled up here next to you all day, we really should get up.” Scotty sighed again and threw off their covers and hopped out of bed.

“Here, scoot down and I will remove your soggy diaper baby.” Scotty said lovingly.

Austin scooted down as he was asked and Scotty quickly removed Austin's very wet diaper and then laid down and Austin got up and removed his as well, and then hand in hand they headed to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Less than half an hour later they were ready to go for their day, and they went downstairs and grabbed some cereal and toast for breakfast and then headed out. Lance had already headed to work a little while before the boys woke up, but before he left he kissed both boys foreheads and said goodbye to them.

James had waken up with his alarm, and for the first time in a very long time, his bed was not wet, but his diaper sure was, and he liked it. He too went and got his shower, got cleaned, put on one of the new diapers Lance had given to him, and got dressed. He too went and had breakfast, but both his parents were there, and he kissed and hugged them both good morning, and goodbye, and headed to school with a spring in his step.

The school day was going by quickly for all three boys and the day was going equally as fast for Lance, only having a couple routine minor surgeries and his rounds. Once the boys were all out of school they headed home, well James to Austin and Scotty's that is, but they all met there within only a few minutes of each other, in fact James was there first, but his school was a bit closer.

“Hi James, how was your day at school today?” Austin called out as soon as they saw each other.

“Good, and you guys?”

“Great. So how did you like the new diapers at school today?” Austin asked.

“Way better than the goodnites, I only had to change once just before I left, whereas with the goodnites I sometimes had to change two or three times during the day.” James smiled happily.

“And they feel tons better too I bet?” Austin grinned.

“Oh yeah, they are tons more comfortable and wicked soft.”

“That's good. Well do you have homework to do cause we sure do?” Scotty asked.

“Yeah, quite a bit.”

“Okay, let's go inside then and get it done”

“Sure, I just have to call my mom to tell her I am here then, oh and we talked last night and they are happy for me that I am going to see your dad, and I am allowed to spend the weekend.”

“Cool.” Both boys said.

“Yeah, problem is I am so horny now, but I know your dad is not ready for that type of relationship yet, so I will just have to hold on.” James sighed, and the other two grinned.

“He'll be ready by the weekend, trust me.” Austin said.

“How do you know?”

“Because he is getting very antsy and horny himself, it's been three months since the last time he had sex and he has never gone more than two before. He does jack off of course, all guys do, but he misses sex, I know him too well, trust me. Just start slow on him and he'll be fine. He's just having a hard time with how young you are, but if you give him a hand, he'll return the favor and then you just move from there, and by the end of the weekend you'll have him buried in that itchy ass of yours.” Austin grinned again.

“Man, is there anything you don't know about your dad?”

“Don't think so, he knows everything there is to know about me as well though, so it's only fair.”

“Yeah, and now about me as well.” Scotty laughed.

“That's just too cool.”

By this time they were in the house and seated at the kitchen table and were already getting their books open and ready to do their homework, and with no further words, they all started their homework and worked for the better part of an hour, James totally forgetting to call his mom. It was not until they all finished their homework that James realized this error.

“Oh shit, I never called my mom, I'm probably going to be in so much trouble, she's so protective of me now.”

“Call now and plead your case and pray for forgiveness.” Scotty said helpfully.

“Yeah, I better.”

“Here's the phone.” Austin said, handing the cordless phone over.

“Thanks.” James said and then started dialing. “Hi mom, sorry, I'm at Austin and Scotty's and we started our homework and just got finished and I forgot to call.”

“I figured you were over there, so I was not so worried, but for the next time, remember or you will not be allowed over for a few days.” Elizabeth said.

“Thanks mom, I won't forget. I am staying for dinner as well, I hope that's okay.”

“Yeah, it will be fine for tonight, but tomorrow you are to come home okay, you do still have a home and we do still want to see you every so often.” Elizabeth chuckled.

“Okay mom, thanks, I love you.” James said and hung up before his mom could replay, she just chuckled and shook her head and hung up her end as well.

“All's good on the home front I take it?” Austin asked.

“Yeah, she just told me not to forget again or I would not be allowed to come over for a few days, problem is I know they are so happy that I have friends, that I could probably stay the night and forget to call and I wouldn't get in trouble, but I won't test it.” James grinned.

“That's cool then. So what should we do until dinner time then?” Austin asked.

“I don't know, we could go play on the computers or something.” Scotty said.

“Sounds good to me.” James said.

“Yeah, I could show you a really cool story site for boys that wear and like diapers.” Austin grinned.

“Cool.” Both Scotty and James said.

They ran up to the bedroom and Austin grabbed his computer and booted it up and they all sat around it on the bed, and when the computer was ready, Austin went to the site he loved and picked a really good story, one he'd read before, but had some wicked sex scenes in it and it featured all boys about their age. Not even ten pages into the story, all three boys had their hands buried in their pants, trying to relieve some of the pressure build up the great story was causing them all. By page twenty all three boys were now working on their second orgasm, and by page thirty, and almost an hour after they started, their third orgasms were being added to their underwear, or in James' case, his diaper. It was a good thing the story was only a few pages more after that because they were all getting worn out.

“Wow, that story was awesome, I don't think I've ever cum three times in a row like that.” James said, sounding much more relieved.

“Try five or six then, and two hours worth of the most incredible sex ever, that'll make you totally pass out.” Austin grinned.

“I can always dream anyways.” James grinned.

“You won't have to dream soon.” Scotty said.

“Man, I hope not.”

“You won't, so let's go make dinner then guys.” Austin smiled warmly.

“Okay, but could I use one of your diapers please, I think I need a change.”

“Sure, we can all get diapered for the night then.”

The three of them all got diapered, or cleaned, and then went down and made and ate dinner and then went and watched TV until Lance came home. When Lance walked in he found all three boys in the living room, naked except their night diapers, of course he did not see that until they all got up to hug him.

“Hello my babies, how was your day today?”

“Great.” All three of them said together.

“Good to hear, my day was nice and quiet as well.”

“Well, I suppose I should go get dressed and head home then, Lance, care to come and help me?”

“Sure baby.” lance smiled happily.

James grabbed Lance's hand and they walked upstairs to the boys' bedroom where James' clothes still were, Lance just grabbed the clothes and started dressing James.

“I didn't actually mean for you to dress me, I just wanted you alone for a few minutes, but I sure did like that anyways.” James smiled warmly.

“I know, I just wanted to do that for you, and it was nice.” Lance said and leaned in for a kiss. It was long and tender, and their tongues danced together as if they were a professional dance couple.

“Mmm, that was nice.” James sighed.

“Just being with you is nice.” Lance sighed as well.

“And guess what, my parents are very happy for us and they said I could stay the weekend, you won't have to work I hope”

“That's good, I'm glad they are okay with it, and I can't wait for you to stay the weekend either. As for work, I am not scheduled, but if an emergency comes up and I am needed, then I will go, but only if I have to okay.”

“That's okay, I understand more than anyone how important what you do is, because if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here.”

“You fought as well, if it weren't for that, you would not be here as well, and thanks, sometimes people need me and I will almost always go. This weekend however, I made sure that I would not be disturbed.”

“Cool.” James grinned.

“Well, I guess you should be heading out, will you be here tomorrow as well?”

“Yeah, I had better, but no, mom said I should come right home tomorrow, but I will be here Friday right after school.”

“Good, I will see you Friday when you get off school then.”

“Yeah, you will.” James said and then went in for another tender kiss, and they kissed for a couple minutes before James pulled away and left the room with a wave.

“Bye guys.” James said when he got downstairs, and both boys' heads popped up above the back of the couch, they had been sneaking a kiss of their own.

“Bye, see you Friday after school.” Austin said.

“Bye.” Scotty said.

James was just opening up the door to head out when a man was just about to push the doorbell button, and they both stopped in shock and both started laughing.

“Um hi, is Lance in?” Randy asked.

“Yes he is, I will call him, who should I say is here, I was just heading home, so as soon as I do, I have to go.”

“I'm Randy.”

“Oh, the social worker, just a second.” James said. “Lance, Austin, Scotty, Randy is here to see you.” James called out.

“Thanks, well have a good night.” Randy said.

“Thanks, and you too.” James said, nearly skipping away all happy with the world.

“Oh, hello Randy, wasn't expecting you this evening.” Lance said as he was just coming down the stairs and both boys coming from the living room, both in their diapers and not caring.

“I like to get these visits over with as quickly as possible, but I didn't expect the boys to already be ready for bed.”

“We are usually in bed pretty early around here, so we get ready usually soon after dinner.” Austin said, not a little ashamed.

“Oh I see, these visits are usually pretty quick, I just check the house, ask some questions, the usual, so I will be out of your hair pretty quick.”

“No problem, take all the time you need, you can either tour the house yourself or we can show you around, whichever you wish.” Lance offered.

“If you would show me around would be great. I would like to see Scotty's bedroom first though please.”

“Scotty and Austin have been sharing a room for the time being, just sleeping together as that was what they were used to as that was where Scotty stayed when he stayed here. When he's ready to move, he may choose any of the other bedrooms, but he has been a little down since it all happened, but follow us and we will show you all the bedrooms.”

“I understand and I cannot say I blame you Scotty, it had to be a little tough on you, I'm glad you have such a close friend to help you out. Lead the way.”

For the next hour the three of them showed Randy around the house and answered all sorts of boring questions, and finally the tour and interview was over.

“Well guys, I'm happy to say that you passed this inspection and the paperwork to put Scotty here is now being put forth. Scotty, your father has already been served papers for neglect and mental abuse, we even tried to see what else we could hit him with, but that will do. All his parental rights have been stripped from him and they are now being transferred to you Lance. It can take up to six months for everything to go through the courts, but we have no intention of it taking that long, we are so backlogged right now that the judges are pretty much taking our word for things and just signing off on them when we find suitable families who will adopt. It might only take a couple weeks, but I won't promise anything.”

“Thanks a lot for everything Randy, we all appreciate it.”

“Yeah, thanks.” Both Austin and Scotty said happily.

“You are all very welcome. I probably won't have to come back again, and if I do, I will call first.”

“Not a big deal, we're not shy anyways.” Scotty said.

“Yeah, I noticed, I never would have walked around in my diapers when I was a kid, at least while anyone was home, I did quite often when no one was though.”

“That's cool, how long did you wet the bed for?” Scotty asked.

“Who said I stopped?”

“Oh, so you still wet, I will as well, and it is likely to get worse.” Austin said.

“Yeah, I still do, both my brothers and quite a few of my uncles have the same condition, it seems to run in the family. One of my uncles went for some operation that was supposed to help, only made it worse so now he's in diapers permanently, however I'm not so sure he is saddened by it. After that though, none of us have even tried for the operation.”

“Yeah, the operation is only a total success about twenty percent of the time, and about ten percent of the time it totally fails causing what happened to your uncle. The rest of the time the severity is reduced, but not enough to make any real difference. And that is why Austin will not go for it either, he has a slightly different problem because his bladder has not grown at all, but it is essentially the same operation, however his outcomes of any help, are even lower.”

“Well it seems like you are not too terribly bothered by it.”

“Why worry about something so inconsequential as wearing diapers, and besides, it really is not a big deal and easy to manage. It will be more difficult in a few years when I totally lose control, but there is nothing that can be done to prevent it, so no point in worrying about it.”

“Very well said, well you guys have a good night, I should be going.”

“Thank you, and you too.” Lance said.

“I will thanks.” Randy said and then headed out after getting his shoes on.

“Well Scotty, son, how do you feel?” Lance asked once the door was closed.

“I feel great, and I am so happy I could laugh and scream and cry and yell, all at the same time.” Scotty said in extreme happiness.

“We feel the same way too kiddo.” Lance said and then picked up his newest son and gave him a nice kiss on his forehead and then gave him a big hug that Austin also joined, and for nearly ten minutes the three of them stood in the foyer hugging.

“Well babies, I am going to go eat something because I'm starving, and then we can cuddle up on the couch until bedtime.”

“Otay daddy.” Austin teased.

Lance just grinned and disengaged from the hug and headed to the kitchen for some dinner. He had seen his food on a plate in the oven keeping warm, so he grabbed that and went and joined the boys who were sitting in the living room watching TV. For the next hour the three of them sat there, Lance eating, and the boys cuddled up, one on either side of him, until bedtime.

“Do you think we could sleep with you tonight daddy?” Austin asked.

“Sure, I would like that.”

“Thanks.” Both boys said at the same time.

The TV was turned off and all three headed upstairs and got ready and climbed into bed, a boy on either side of Lance, cuddled right into him. They all slept straight through the night, and Scotty could not remember feeling so safe and loved as he slept.

They all woke the following morning and laid and cuddled for only a few minutes as they all had to get ready for their day, so after only a few minutes they all got up, even though they didn't want to, and went and got ready for their days, each getting a nice hot shower, then getting dressed and meeting in the kitchen for a quick breakfast.

“You boys behave today and I will meet you when I get home, have a good day and I love you.” Lance said when he was heading out, the boys still had almost twenty minutes before they had to leave.

“Bye daddy, love you too.” They both said.

Lance went to work and the boys waited until it was their time to go as well and then they headed out. All their days went by quickly and before they knew it they were home, and they all spent the rest of the day mostly relaxing, and all slept together again.

On Friday morning almost the exact same thing happened again, except Lance got to stay home and the boys trudged off to school. Lance spent the day spotlessly cleaning the house and getting some much needed baking done, and by the time the boys got home he had the house clean, ten loaves of bread made, a cake, two kinds of cookies, and even a pie for desert. The boys all had a good day at school and had nothing much happen other than learning. James though was getting very excited, and was hard nearly all day long, anticipating the weekend to come. Finally though the boys all made it home, James first again and Lance letting him in, and the boys minutes later.