Chapter 8

This story contains scenes of sex between males wearing diapers, boys and men, if this is not to your liking, please feel free not to read. I am by no means a professional writer and I claim in no way that this story is perfect, nor is it real, so only constructive criticism please should you feel the need. If you would like to comment on my story in any way I would be happy to hear from you, you may email me at, and you may also visit my site at should you wish to read other stories by me, as well as by a few others. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

“Good afternoon baby.” Lance said when he opened the door to find James there.

“It is now.” James said, coming inside and letting the door close, then he attacked Lance in a very passionate kiss, with Lance's back to the door.

Three or so minutes later they had no choice but to unlock their lips, because Austin and Scotty came home and tried to use the door, but there was something blocking it, and it actually took a few seconds for Lance's love hazed mind to realize what the pressure on his back was.

“Um baby, we have to move, the boys are home and want in I think.” Lance said, releasing their kiss.

“Oh yeah, I guess we should let them in then huh?”

“Hi guys, how was your day at school?” Lance asked, as he finally let the door open.

“I was going to ask what was blocking the door, but James is here, you both have silly grins on your faces, and there is a lack of anything else in the way, what, you couldn't even get out of the doorway before you just had to kiss?” Austin looked around and asked with a grin.

“It was all his fault.” Both James and Lance said at the same time, pointing at the other, and then breaking out laughing.

“Yeah, I bet it was both your faults, but we had a good day at school, just glad we're finally home for the weekend.” Austin said with a chuckle.

“Yeah.” Scotty added.

“Yeah, it probably was. So what should we do this weekend boys?”

“Stay home all weekend, watch movies, hang out, eat tons of horrible bad food, make out with our boyfriends, and anything else we can think of without ever leaving the house, except to pick up some stuff right now.” James offered.

“Cool.” Austin and Scotty said as one.

“I can live with it as well. Let's go ahead and go now and we can pick out a few things.”

“Cool.” All three boys said.

The only person that had to put his shoes on was Lance, so he did so quickly, and they all headed out. They decided to walk, because it was not that far, and it was a nice day out. They hit the video store first and picked out five good movies, and then they hit the grocery store around the corner and picked out a bunch of things from there, but before they left, James whispered something to Lance and they had a whispered conversation.

“Can I diaper you this weekend, I think you'd really like it, we can be each others babies?”

“I don't know James, I haven't worn diapers since I was a little kid, and it might be a bit weird because I don't need them.”

“No one else needs to know that, you have a night time problem as well for all anyone knows or cares.”

“I'll do it this weekend just for you baby, but if I don't like it, I would like to have the option of no longer doing it okay.”

“Of course, I would never want you to do anything you felt uncomfortable with, but I think you'll really like them, all you have to do is try it, trust me, I really don't mind having to wear them, they are very comfortable, especially the new ones, which my mom bought a whole bunch of for me yesterday.”

“Thanks.” Lance said and detoured to the diaper aisle where both baby and adult diapers were kept.

Lance proceeded to look through the meager selection this store carried and picked out the smallest pack of the best diapers they had, they were not nearly as good as the ones the boys would be wearing, but they would do, and he added them to their basket.

“Was there anything else we needed from this aisle while we are here?” Lance asked.

“I could use more diaper rash ointment, and some baby lotion would be real nice, I miss the smell.” Austin said.

“Me too.” James grinned.

“Okay, anything else?” Lance asked and found the two largest of the two items they needed.

“Can't think of anything else.” Austin said, crinkling his nose cutely in concentration.

“Okay, anything else you guys want or need before we head home then?”

“Nope.” All three boys said happily.

With that out of the way they went up front and paid, and all three boys were right there when the diapers went through and it did not bother Lance at all either, and they were obviously for him, as they were the perfect size. The lady at the till though never even said anything, just kept ringing their items through, and when she finished they paid and left for home.

“I need a diaper change, can you change me please?” James asked as soon as they walked in the front door.

“Sure, come on up.” Lance said and James did as he was asked, but grabbed the bag that had the diapers, cream and lotion in it.

Austin and Scotty both knew where this was heading, so they too headed upstairs, both deciding they may as well get diapered as well. Neither boy had said anything at the store about the diapers, they did not want to push Lance, this weekend was already going to be hard on him, but he would enjoy it a great deal, and Austin secretly was happy his dad was going to try the diapers as well. They all arrived in the bedroom and Lance started stripping James, and Austin went to the closet and grabbed three diapers, and the cream he had left, and went to the bed and laid them down and then started stripping Scotty.

At almost the same time both boys were naked and they were both laid on the bed, side by side, and a nice soft diaper was opened and placed under their cute bums and then a generous coating of the thick gooey ointment was rubbed into their entire diaper areas, and then their diapers pulled up and taped on, and then they both stood up.

Austin and Lance were next and Scotty and James did the exact same thing to their boyfriends, first stripping them slowly until they were naked, then pushing them down to lay side by side, then a diaper placed under them, then creamed up generously, and then the diaper pulled up and taped in place. All three boys did notice the tiny smile that appeared on Lance's face and his hand going down to stroke the diaper gently, but none of them said a thing, they knew he had to come to terms about it in his own time. They all just got up and headed downstairs, all wearing only crisp white, and for the minute, dry diapers.

“I made a few treats today, would anyone like some cake or cookies and milk?” Lance asked.

“Yes!” Was the resounding response Lance was not surprised to receive.

“Okay, I will go have some and you can all watch me eat it.” Lance said with as straight a face as he could manage.

“I hate to tell you this baby, but there are three of us and only one of you. You may be bigger and stronger, but I doubt you could stand a chance with only one of us when you get in the way of food, we are growing teens remember.” James said seriously.

“Don't I know it. Last month Austin and I went to reach for the last sausage at breakfast and I damn near lost my arm, he was all the way up to my elbow before he realized it wasn't the sausage he had stabbed and was trying to eat.” Lance said blandly.

“It wasn't my fault, it got in the way.” Austin grinned.

“You guys are too funny.” James said, peeing himself laughing, literally, and Scotty was only just behind him, but not peeing.

They went and Lance grabbed the trays and each boy took a good helping of nice chocolate cake and four cookies and a huge glass of milk and then they all sat at the table. Lance had only taken a piece of cake half the size of the boys' and two cookies, and they still managed to down all of theirs before he was halfway done, and they all almost got halfway to grabbing more when Lance stopped them.

“Uh uh, save room for later, we have to have dinner eventually, and there is pie for desert, plus you don't really have to eat all in one shot.” Lance chuckled, especially at the looks he got, they all looked as if he were trying to starve them to death.

“Fine, be that way.” Austin moped.

“Honestly, sometimes you make me wonder if I forget to feed you for weeks at a time sometimes with the way you eat. It's a good thing you have a boyfriend to help wear off all the excess energy all that food gives you.” Lance said, shaking his head in amazement.

“Yeah, and I need to eat lots and lots, cause I plan on wearing off a lot of energy this weekend.” Austin said with only a hint of a smile.

“Jesus boy, with the amount of exercise you boys got last weekend, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you were still trying to replace the energy you lost then.”

“That is true, we should really pack in the food then, I am still a bit worn out from all that.” Scotty said this time.

“You guys are amazing. I can talk about lots of stuff with my parents, and we have talked about sex lots, but never like this.” James said in surprise.

“Yeah, they made me blush a whole lot last weekend, but finally I think I just ran out, and now I can joke right along with them.”

“For the first couple days you had a permanent blush baby.” Austin said with a quick kiss.

“I know.” Scotty said, returning the quick kiss.

“Should we go watch one of the movies right now and then make dinner?” Lance asked.

“Sure.” They all said.

So that was what they did. They picked out a movie and then Scotty went and put it in and then Austin and Scotty cuddled up on one end of the couch, while Lance and James cuddled up on the other end. They watched the movie and each drank nearly a liter of the pop they had bought, and for the first time since Lance was out of diapers as a baby, he wet himself, and he had to admit, it was a considerable amount easier than getting up to go to the washroom.

James had felt Lance peeing because of the way they were laying, and he just looked up to Lance and smiled warmly, saying I felt that, and looked back and continued watching the movie. When it was over they all got up and they all had wet spots showing well, and the boys all saw Lance's, but again they did not say anything.

When they were at the store they had all decided on home made pizzas and had bought all the necessary ingredients they did not already have, so they all made their separate pizzas and put them in the oven for the required twenty minutes to bake. When they were done they all went back to the living room, popped in another movie, refilled their glasses, and chowed down on their food while they watched. Lance only managed three of the six slices he had, Scotty five, Austin six, and James all six of his plus one of Lance's. For the rest of the movie they cuddled back up and finished watching it.

Because it was still pretty early, they put one final movie in for the night and they watched it as well. This time they grabbed some of the pie for desert, each of them taking a full quarter of the pie, thankfully it was not large, and piling it full of whipped cream. Once the movie was finished they all cleaned up the mess and all prepared to head upstairs for the night.

“Well I think it is time we all head for bed, it's getting pretty late.” Lance said.

“Okay.” All three boys said excitedly.

And with that all three boys jumped and ran upstairs and Lance was left shaking his head in amusement. Lance quickly went through the house and made sure all the lights were off and the doors were locked, and once the house was secured, he also went upstairs at a more sedate pace. He knew something was going to happen tonight, he just was not quite certain he was ready for it yet, but he was happy.

“I'm going to take a few diapers and Lance's diapers and one of the jars of cream to Lance's bedroom okay?” James asked as soon as they got to the bedroom.

“Okay, take whatever you need, and have fun, but remember to be gentle with him.” Austin said warmly.

“Believe me, I will.” James said warmly as well.

James then went and collected the items he wanted and headed to Lance's bedroom to wait for him, and he was there in only a few seconds.

Meanwhile in Austin and Scotty's bedroom, as soon as James left and the door was closed, the boys latched onto each other in a deep and passionate, nearly mind blowing, kiss.

“Oh god baby, I need you to make love to me, I need you buried so deep inside me, please give me what I need?” Austin broke away and pleaded.

“On one condition, you give me the same thing.”

“I thought you'd never ask.”

They went back in to continue their kiss, tongues battling, hands now groping anywhere they could reach, and both boys moaning from deep within their very souls. They both reached each others diapers at the same time and both diapers were untaped and fell to the floor, and as soon as they were gone, it left the boys totally naked and very hard. They moved back in together and started grinding their naked crotches together while they kissed and their hands continued to grope and feel and touch and stroke and caress. Eventually they moved themselves to the bed, Austin snatching the lube off the dresser as they passed it, and they fell onto the bed, not even breaking the kiss.

Scotty rolled Austin onto his back and then started kissing his way down Austin's incredible body, paying special attention to his erect little nipples and his oh so sensitive belly button. When Scotty reached Austin's proud boner, standing tall and pulsing to the beat of his heart, Scotty started licking it, but not the head, just treating it as if it were his personal favorite flavor of lollipop, and after getting Austin even more turned on and panting from the pleasure, Scotty stopped licking. He moved his way down to Austin's still hairless sac and sucked the entire tasty treat into his mouth and started tonguing it and humming lowly, thus causing Austin's body to completely start vibrating.

For nearly five minutes Scotty tortured Austin's balls like this, and just as Austin thought he could take no more and he would explode, Scotty stopped. He had felt the impending explosion as well and did not want that to happen yet, he wanted Austin to be super hot, and he was only just very hot at the moment, and he wanted to taste the first tasty load. So for two minutes Scotty just laid there, licking and kissing Austin's thighs gently and lovingly, waiting for Austin to come down from the peak, and as soon as he did, Scotty started again, but this time on a new target.

With a quick lick to Austin's swollen balls, Scotty pushed Austin's legs up and dove into his moist crack and began eating Austin out, jabbing his tongue in and out and eventually adding a finger from each hand, really opening Austin up for the main attraction. As soon as Scotty got sore from the awkward position he pulled his face out, but added another finger from each hand, and dove back onto Austin's still swollen balls, sucking the entire sac in again and giving it the same treatment.

By now Austin was nearly wailing, his body was moving wildly, his hands were grasping at the sheets, and he had pulled them clear off and they were bunched up around him, and had he been thinking anywhere near clear, he would have realized the neighbors could probably hear him, but at the moment he did not care, all he cared about was the pleasure his boyfriend was giving to him. Austin was now rapidly approaching super hot and Scotty was certain that even if he were to stop now, there was no chance that Austin could, so as soon as Scotty had Austin worked up just about as far as he could go, he dropped Austin's balls and latched onto his dick and started bobbing up and down, taking Austin clear into his throat and continuing the humming. Well this proved just way too much for Austin, and in under ten seconds of this exquisite torture, he exploded with a deep holler, and Scotty drank down his lovers seed.

As soon as Scotty had all that Austin was capable of offering at this time, he slowly crawled up Austin's body, licking and kissing the entire way up, until he was kissing Austin deeply, sharing the rest of the load he still had in his mouth, and Austin shared his own load from his boyfriends mouth with joy.

Once Austin was completely down from his orgasm, he rolled Scotty onto his back and repaid the entire favor, and for the next fifteen minutes Austin did exactly to Scotty as Scotty had just done to him a few minutes before, but Scotty was already approaching very hot before they started, so he was unable to last nearly as long. As soon as Austin had sucked out every drop of cum that he could from Scotty, he too crawled up Scotty's firm body and they shared a nice sweet cum kiss.

As he had been crawling up Scotty's body, Austin paused long enough to grab the lube and by the time that Austin was kissing Scotty, he was already lubing himself up, getting ready for the next act in their play of love, and just as the last of the cum was shared, Austin moved himself and in a quick thrust, buried himself as deep inside his lovers hot ass as he could get, and with a deep moan from each, Austin stopped for a few moments.

“Oh god, you feel so good inside me, do it, make love to me baby, I need you so much, I love you so much.” Scotty half panted, half sighed out.

“It feels so good to be inside you too baby, I need you so much, I love you so much as well it hurts.” Austin sighed out passionately and then started lightly thrusting.

With such a slow pace that was driving them both mad with lust, Austin very slowly made love to his boyfriend, pulling all the way out and then thrusting all the way back in, but going so slow. Now because they had each had huge orgasms not all that long ago, they were both able to hold on for a long time, Austin very slowly thrusting in and out of Scotty, in fact his muscles were burning from the efforts long before they were ready to cum. Austin though did not pay attention to the burning, he just kept right on going at the same pace for nearly ten minutes further, until he could not hold it any longer, and they both exploded in another fantastic orgasm.

“Oh fuck!” They both gasped out and then Austin crashed, literally, his body just slumped down on top of Scotty, and he passed out.

The stress on poor Austin's body from what they had just done was way too much, every muscle in his body had been burning for the better part of the last fifteen minutes, and as soon as his orgasm was complete, he passed out from it.

“Wow, that was awesome.” Scotty moaned out a few minutes later and rolled Austin off of himself.

Scotty took a few minutes to clean all the cum that had sprayed his tummy and chest, using his fingers he scooped it all up and licked it up, and then he lovingly licked all the same cum mess off of Austin's sleeping body. Scotty then got a wicked idea, he wondered how long Austin would stay passed out if he started making love to him as well, so he grabbed the lube, greased himself up and got into position.

After getting Austin's legs into a decent position, it was difficult to do because he was so limp at the moment, he then slipped inside his baby. Scotty went with the same slow passionate motions that Austin had used on him, and he watched closely to see when Austin woke up, and it was not until ten minutes later that he did, and by then they were already both about halfway to their final cum of the night. It had taken nearly five minutes of lovemaking before Austin's dick had started to rise again, and by the time Austin did wake up, he was dripping and pulsing again.

“Oh god baby, what are you doing to me?” Austin gasped out.

“What does it feel like?” Scotty grunted and grinned.

“You're incredible, you know that right?”

“No more so than you, now shut up and kiss me.” Scotty panted out.

Austin did shut up, and he did kiss Scotty, deeply and passionately, just the way Scotty was making love to Austin, and they lasted another five minutes before they both came again, Scotty nearly passing out this time, but he managed to stay awake, his muscles had not taken quite the beating, since they did not last quite as long this time.

“Oh wow.” Austin sighed out a few minutes later.

“Yeah.” Scotty said and then rolled over and then started licking up the mess from Austin's chest and stomach, and as soon as he was finished, Austin did the same for him, and then they shared the loads in another deep kiss.

The kiss broke a few minutes later and they both silently got up from the bed and remade it, all the covers, including the waterproof mattress cover, were puddled on the floor at the end of the bed now, then as soon as that was done they both went and grabbed the supplies and lovingly diapered each other, then crawled into bed and with one final kiss, they passed out and slept straight through till morning.

* * * * * * * *

James had made it to Lance's bedroom first and set everything on the chair in the corner and then went and sat on the bed, back to the headboard, and waited the few seconds for Lance to nervously enter the bedroom. James saw the nervousness and just patted the bed next to him, non verbally telling Lance to come and sit down as well. Lance did as he was asked to do and sat down next to his young lover. Lance had had nerves nearly every time he was with someone, but those times were nothing like this, he actually felt the butterflies fluttering, and he was sweating, he was just like a young boy in love for the first time, and in a way he thought he was, he had never felt this way for anyone before, even for his wife he did not feel half of what he felt for James.

As soon as Lance sat down, James went to work, very slowly cuddling up to his bigger lover, just touching him softly, and whispering sweet nothings into Lance's ear. Because they were sitting side by side, it limited the amount that James could touch Lance, but he did everything in his power to touch Lance in every loving and tender way he could think to. He was not experienced at all, but he had fantasized a lot and read a lot more, and he knew what felt good on his own body, so he transferred every last bit of that knowledge onto Lance that he was able to.

For his own part, Lance was very much enjoying the tender embrace and touches, and James whispering into his ear so softly was driving him mad with love and he felt that he was so hard that he would explode out the front of his diaper very soon. And just when Lance thought that he couldn't possibly feel any better, any more loved, he was wrong, James had slowly worked his way down until his hand was stroking the very bulged diaper front, and Lance gasped and then gulped, and James started stroking the soggy bulge and Lance thought he had died and gone to heaven.

The feelings that this incredible young boy was causing to shoot through his entire body were indescribable, not that Lance was capable of doing so at the moment. For nearly ten minute James lovingly stroked Lance's erection through the sodden mass of diaper, and then without any warning at all, Lance hit his orgasm, his most intense ever, and gasped and panted through the entire thing.

Once Lance was finished his orgasm, but was still coming down from it, James stopped stroking his dick, and moved back to Lance's chest. Once Lance's eyes cleared and James knew he was back down, James moved and sat down on Lance's lap, facing him, and then moved in for a gentle kiss. For a couple minutes Lance was only a passive partner in the kiss, but eventually he started moving his hands up and down James' small back and diapered bum, feeling him, touching him, stroking him, and caressing him.

After kissing each other for nearly ten minutes, Lance broke the kiss and easily lifted and turned James and sat him down so that James was sitting in Lance's lap, back to front, and Lance started gently kissing and nibbling James' neck, and stroking the front side of James' scarred little chest and stomach. James had never been kissed and nibbled like this, and he was loving it, his whole body was vibrating from the incredible feelings of this as well as the caressing, and because he was already close, when Lance started to gently stroke James' diapered erection, he exploded.

“Oh my god, that was the most fantastic thing I have ever felt.” James gasped out a few minutes later.

“Me too baby, me too. You caused feelings in my body that I have never felt before, and I cannot believe how much I love you.” Lance said with loving tears rolling down his cheeks.

James felt one of the tears hit his shoulder and he knew what it was, he got up, spun around and hugged and kissed Lance lovingly, so tenderly that it caused the dam to totally break in Lance and he started crying even more from the love he felt.

For ten minutes Lance cried and James comforted him, neither of them saying a word, neither of them needing to say a word. When Lance finally stopped crying, James moved and kissed Lance again, very tenderly and softly, pouring as much love and emotion into Lance as he could, and then he released and started kissing and licking his way down Lance's body, licking and sucking his big hairy nipples, caressing his strong muscular stomach, and then he scooted down even further and started pulling Lance into a laying position, but of course Lance had to help as James was just not big and strong enough to do this alone.

Once Lance was laying on his back, James started kissing and licking his way up Lance's strong shapely legs until his face was buried in Lance's diapered crotch. James rubbed his face on the soft smooth plastic for a few seconds and then removed the tapes holding the diaper on and then pulled the front down to reveal the delicious looking dick that James very much wanted to suck. Before James went for the main prize though, he decided to really work Lance up and started licking and kissing Lance's erection and balls, even going so far as to suck in Lance's balls entirely, and really giving them what for, and Lance was panting and gasping from this, no one had ever done this to him before, and it felt amazing, but that was nothing compared to what was to come.

When James felt that Lance was about as far gone as he wanted for him to be, James let go of Lance's balls and started a slow bobbing motion on Lance's dick. If Lance thought he was hot before, he was boiling now, and only a few seconds later he was gasping, trying to pull James' head off so he did not shoot in the boys mouth, but what he failed to realize was that that was just what James wanted. James resisted Lance's urgings to disengage, and doubled his efforts, and in only another second he was savoring his lovers seed. James did finally let go, once he had drained every last drop from Lance as he could, and then smacking his lips from the tasty treat, he crawled up Lance's hard body and started kissing Lance again, sharing just a little of the cum he still had in his mouth.

Nearly five minutes later Lance broke the kiss and rolled James onto his back and then started kissing his way down James' small fragile body, kissing and licking along all the scars and licking his nipples. James was never aware of how sensitive all his scars were before, but he sure was now. Lance slowly worked his way down until his face was nuzzling the diapered area and his hands went to work, removing the tapes holding the diaper on, and then he rolled it down as well, revealing the proud erection buried underneath, and without so much as a thought, Lance dove in and sucked James' balls in and gave them the same treatment that James had given to his.

For nearly five minutes Lance laved James' balls lovingly, humming and sucking and driving James wild with lust, and long before he was ready, Lance felt James getting very close, so he let James' balls go and engulfed James' dick in his mouth and started sucking slowly to prolong the pleasure for as long as he could, but James was unable to hold on for very long, and exploded his entire load into Lance's sucking mouth, and Lance enjoyed the very first load he ever swallowed. He had given a few blow jobs before, but he had never allowed his partner to unload into his mouth, but he wanted to this time. Lance eagerly sucked every last drop that he could drain from James' balls, and then when James was drained, Lance crawled up James' body and they shared another tender kiss.

“Oh god baby, that was incredible.” James gasped out a few minutes later when they broke the kiss.

“No kidding, and you tasted so good too, I have never tasted another guy before, you were my first. Let's get diapered back up and crawl into bed and cuddle for a while.” Lance sighed out.

“Okay.” James said, hopping out of bed and grabbing the supplies from the chair he had set them on earlier.

James first lovingly diapered Lance, and then Lance lovingly diapered James, and then they crawled into bed and cuddled up and had a whispered conversation.

“Man, those two are still going in there, I can't believe how much noise they're making.” James giggled quietly.

“You should have heard and see them last weekend, this is nothing.”

“You saw them having sex?”

“No, I saw them a couple times making sweet passionate love, they truly love each other, and they show it very much in how they touch each other.”

“Just the way you showed me just now. Do you know how much I love you?” James asked so tenderly it almost made Lance cry again.

“Yes baby, I do know, and I hope you know how much I love you too?”

“Yes, I feel it in my entire body every time you look at me, touch me, kiss me, it is the most incredible feeling I have ever felt. I knew I loved you when I was six, I didn't understand it then, but I do now.”

“And I think I knew the same thing too. So what should we do tomorrow?”

“Just stay at home and cuddle and kiss and talk.”

“Okay, still sounds good to me, let's go to sleep baby, I'm very tired.”

“Me too, and the others must be nearly exhausted, they're still going.”

“They might go for another hour before they finally pass out.”

“Wow.” James said and then kissed Lance good night and they cuddled back up and went to sleep, falling asleep to the sounds of the boys across the hall still making love.