Chapter 9

This story contains scenes of sex between males wearing diapers, boys and men, if this is not to your liking, please feel free not to read. I am by no means a professional writer and I claim in no way that this story is perfect, nor is it real, so only constructive criticism please should you feel the need. If you would like to comment on my story in any way I would be happy to hear from you, you may email me at, and you may also visit my site at should you wish to read other stories by me, as well as by a few others. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

The following morning Scotty was the first in the house to wake up and he laid and cuddled with his boyfriend for quite some time, just basking in the love he felt even while Austin slept. After nearly ten minutes of just laying there watching Austin sleep, Scotty began slowly stroking and gently tickling Austin's chest. He wanted to play again this morning, but he very much wanted Austin to be awake for the whole thing, and finally ten minutes later, Austin started coming awake and when he did, he awoke with a huge smile towards Scotty.

“Mmm, good morning baby, what did I do to deserve you?”

“Must have been the same thing I did to deserve you, good morning baby, I love you.” Scotty said lovingly.

“I love you too baby.”

Scotty threw the covers off of them completely and rolled over on top of Austin, then started kissing him gently, grinding their diapered crotches together. Austin moaned deeply in appreciation, loving what Scotty had in mind, and joined in on the kissing and grinding. For the next few minutes they kept up the slow gentle rocking motions, enjoying the sensual feelings, until they both exploded in their first orgasm of the morning, adding just a little more wetness to their already soggy diapers.

“Mmmm, that was so nice, but anything with you is nice. Making love to you is great, but just sitting there quietly all cuddled up to you is equally great, we don't even have to talk and I can hear you screaming that you love me. I love you so much it hurts and I am so glad I get to live here with you and be your brother.”

“Yeah, it was nice, and I love you so much as well, and I can hear you screaming the same thing even when we're just laying and cuddling. I guess this is gonna make us incestuous lovers now huh?” Austin grinned.

“Nah, it's only incest if you are related by blood, and besides, we were lovers before we became brothers, so I don't think it counts either.”

“I know, I was just teasing, now show me some real incestuous love.” Austin grinned again.

Scotty didn't say anything to that, just slid down quickly, ripped both his and Austin's diapers off, grabbed the lube and simultaneously lubed his own hole and Austin's rock hard erection, preparing them both for the fun times cumming.

Scotty climbed up and sat down upon Austin, burying Austin's hard member deep inside his ass, and with a groan Scotty bottomed out and then started bouncing up and down rapidly. As Scotty was bouncing up and down, Austin was thrusting his hips as well, and while at first it was a little awkward, they quickly found their rhythm and started rutting feverishly, because this was not about love at the moment, it was pure animal sex. With the intense speed that they were going, and even with the orgasm they had had only a few minutes ago, it was with no surprise to either of them that they both exploded only a few minutes later. During the entire five minutes it took for them to reach their orgasm, they were both panting and gasping loudly, and even the occasional growl could be heard from them both. With Scotty sitting straight up as well, he sprayed Austin clear to his chin.

Once they both came down from their orgasms, Scotty pulled off of Austin's erection, leaned down a bit and licked up his mess, and the went in to share it with Austin, who received the passionate kiss with glee. The entire time they were kissing, Scotty had his hands working as well, one hand was lubing Austin's hole and the other was lubing his still hard boner, and as soon as they were both ready, Scotty repositioned himself and thrust inside.

Scotty started a quick pace again, again with the pure sex, not that either of them minded this, in fact they were enjoying this a great deal. And because they had both had two orgasms already, they were both able to hold on just a little longer this time, but still with the pace at which they were going, it was not even ten minutes before they came again. With even more panting and moaning, and then a final near shout from both boys, they came. Because Scotty was again nearly vertical, when they both came, Austin sprayed himself again, and reaching to his own mouth, but he did not lick it off, he knew Scotty would want to do that.

As soon as Scotty had come down enough to function again, he pulled his now wilting dick from Austin's hot wet hole, and then starting at Austin's also wilted dick, he licked all the mess up, finishing with the tiny amount that was on Austin's bottom lip and then shared the load with Austin in another passionate kiss.

“Mmmm, that was incredible as always, oh god I love you so much.” Austin sighed out a few minutes later.

“Oh yeah. Should we diaper each other and then lay in bed for a little while and cuddle, we may as well wait until the others finish before we get up as well.” Scotty said.

“Sure, sounds real nice to me.”

Scotty hopped up and grabbed two fresh new diapers and the diaper cream and the new bottle of baby lotion and then went back to the bed. Scotty first opened the lotion up and poured a generous amount into the palm of his hand, rubbed his hands together and then started applying the lotion to Austin's chest and stomach, and then his arms, legs, and then his back, adding more lotion as needed. Finally Scotty was done with Austin's body, and had him roll over and then the diaper was placed under Austin and then Scotty applied even more lotion to Austin's entire diaper area. Once Austin was completely lotioned up, Scotty pulled up the diaper and taped it in place and then laid down, waiting for his turn.

The wait was not long fortunately. Austin hopped up and poured a generous helping of lotion into his hands and then proceeded to rub the lotion into every part of Scotty that he could, also ending in his diaper area, and then he also diapered Scotty up snugly, then laid down on the bed and they kissed and cuddled for a while, listening to the sounds of two young lovers across the hall enjoying themselves totally.

* * * * * * * *

James had waken up to some weird sounds, and it took him a few moments to realize what it was, but it was the sounds of a headboard rapidly hitting the wall and two horny boys moaning and groaning. He got a sly smile on his face and realized that that sounded like a mighty fine idea. He silently crept out of bed and went to the bathroom to see if there was anything in there that he could use for lube, and what should he find, but a selection of different lubes. He grabbed one that looked good and then headed back to the bedroom and laid back down, planning some real fun.

James was no anal intrusion virgin, he had found a number of items throughout the house that could scratch the itch that he had often felt, and he finally asked his dad to just buy him a couple proper toys, so he was well practiced. What James wanted though was a real man buried inside him, and that was what he planned this morning. He silently removed his saturated diaper and started fingering his hole slowly so as not to make any noise from moaning, he wanted Lance to be asleep when he started, he figured that would create less tension in the long run, he knew Lance needed it, Lance knew he needed it, but his head sometimes decided to act out at times.

Once James was as ready as he would ever need to be, he had had four fingers buried inside himself for almost a minute, wiggling them around and really opening himself up, he then eased Lance's diaper off him. James was only mildly surprised that the diaper was wet. They had not gone to the washroom the night before, so Lance would have needed to go, the real question though was whether or not Lance woke up and did it while awake, or did it while asleep, more than likely the first one though, James thought. As soon as Lance was naked, James worked slowly and methodically to bring Lance to full hardness, and this was surprisingly easy to do. James thought it very cute when Lance got this cute little sexy grin on his face from the attention that he was giving to Lance's large boner.

With a quick application of more slick gel to Lance's lance, James straddled Lance's hips, positioned Lance's boner to his rear entrance, and then sat down slowly, taking the entire beast inside himself. James had to moan out in intense pleasure from this act. Of course he had had things inside him, but nothing near as large as Lance, and nothing that was hot and pulsing for sure, and James nearly came just from the act of inserting Lance deep inside him.

James was able to put out the fire quickly, and got himself under control, for his first lovemaking, he truly wanted to enjoy it, but he also wanted Lance to enjoy it, so now that he was sitting on Lance, James started the process of waking his man lover up.

James started a gentle thrusting motion with his hips, just enough to give them both pleasure, but not enough to get either of them to cum anytime soon, and James started whispering into Lance's ear, although he was not really able to reach, but he did his best.

“Wake up my gorgeous man, I need you to make love to me.” James whispered and kept repeating until Lance woke up, which was only maybe thirty seconds or so later.

“Oh god baby, what are you doing, doesn't it hurt?”

“Oh no, it feels way better than anything I have ever had buried in my little baby boy hole before, you feel so good inside me I nearly came when I sat down on you fully. You are so hot and hard, and your dick is pulsing so much, and I can feel it, it just feels so good. Plus that lube I found in the bathroom is awesome, way better than the shit my dad buys for me.” James said, never losing his stride.

“Oh god, I've never had such a hot tight hole before, I can't hold on much longer.” Lance panted out.


James then started really moving, but nowhere near fast, he just started pulling all the way up slowly before falling all the way back down quickly. Slow rise, fast fall, slow rise, fast fall, James kept this pace up for maybe three more minutes, both of them now gasping and panting, and moaning and groaning, until they both came at the same time. James had never had an anal orgasm before, he had not even been certain the stories he read were real when it came to that, but when he first sat down and damn near came, and now having cum without either of them touching his incredibly hard dick, he was a believer. James also had an impressive load and distance for his age and size, he shot a good four shots all the way up to Lance's chin, and then dribbled out a further four squirts.

“Oh my fucking god, that was most definitely the most incredible orgasm I have ever had!” Lance gasped out.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly.” James panted out.

And before Lance could even think of another thing to say, James started bouncing on his lovers pole again, seeing as how Lance was still very hard and still buried very deeply inside James' hot tight ass.

“Oh god, you're gonna kill me.” Lance gasped, but grabbed James' hips and helped with the movements.

A few seconds later James leaned forward and started rocking back and forth, using good long strokes as well as keeping it nice and slow, but now able to kiss Lance. So as they made sweet gentle love, they kissed deep and passionate. They were still panting and gasping, but now it was into each others mouths. James' boner was now rubbing on Lance's hard abs and it was making the sensations even more incredible for James, and even though he had came only a few minutes before, he was getting dangerously close again, and Lance could tell, but so was he, so he was powerless to stop it.

Lance's problem was that he was super horny himself. It had been a long time since Lance had had sex with anyone, and he rarely jacked off, he preferred someone else doing it for him, so it had been a few weeks since he last came, well until last night anyways. So in a sense Lance was about as hot and horny as the average teenager, and James was the average teenager in the sense that he could not get enough sex and was always horny. This was of course how Lance was feeling now, and with the most incredible sex he had ever had, and even though he had just cum a few minutes before, Lance found himself getting extremely close to cumming again.

“Oh god, I'm cumming again.” Lance shouted out, still kissing James so it was muffled.

And as soon as Lance started firing, so did James, and they both fired another seven or eight times each, and then James collapsed down on top of his big strong lover and kissed him tenderly. It was five minutes or more later that either of them could speak as they were coming down from their orgasms and panting as if they just did an entire triathlon.

“Wow, that was incredible, and I can't believe how good you felt inside me.”

“I'm a lot older than you are, and I assume I have a lot more experience than you do, but that was by far the most incredible, intense, mind blowing, sex I have ever had.”

“I was a total virgin until last night, unless you want to count my toys, but I agree. Now it's my turn.” James grinned.

And James did not even let Lance say anything, he just grabbed the lube and reached down and started fingering Lance's hole, opening him up a little to prepare for entrance. James knew that Lance was no anal virgin, so he knew that Lance would be able to handle this with ease, considering all Lance's previous partners would have been adult, and a lot larger than he was. James was not small, but he was not large either, he had a good size for a boy his size, but considering his age, it would be slightly below average, especially considering both Austin and Scotty were almost the exact same size and they were a full year younger, but James was smaller than they were physically. Once James felt that Lance was prepared enough, he started lubing himself up.

It had been forever since Lance had had anything buried in his asshole, so the feelings that James was causing in his body completely wiped the statement Lance had been about to make, saying he wasn't sure he had anything left. James proved that that statement, had it been said, would have been false, because as soon as James started fingering Lance, Lance's erection returned in full force, and all Lance could do was to gasp out and start panting even more from the incredible feelings, but that was still nothing yet.

James pushed Lance's legs out a little and grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under Lance's bum and then moved in, zeroing in on his target with his missile and payload, and he hit the target on the very first shot, sinking as deep inside Lance as he was able to. James moaned out the entire time he was inserting, and Lance gave one long low continuous groan as James sank inside him. James was not anywhere near the largest that he had ever had, but Lance had to admit that the boy had plenty to make it feel real nice, and it felt really really nice.

James laid his head on Lance's chest and started gyrating his hips slowly and tenderly, slowly making love to his man, and neither could comprehend just how good this felt. Lance had never had it so slow and tender before, all the men he had been with before had always been there just to get off, but James was making love to him, and he couldn't believe just how much better it was.

Lance had also never had an anal orgasm before, but knew they were real, especially after seeing James blast off, and he knew that if James kept it up like he was, he was about to experience his very first as well. James was laying down on Lance, and James' stomach was laying on Lance's erection, but the way James was moving, it was only his hips and the rest of his body stayed relatively still, only a tiny amount of movement. It was a long time before either of them came this time, nearly ten minutes elapsed since they started, but they both did, and they both exploded again in another powerful orgasm with lots of grunting and gasping.

“Oh that was so much better than I ever thought it would be.” James sighed out a few minutes later.

“Me too. To tell you the truth I was worried I would not be able to feel you, you are not exactly huge, sorry, but man was that ever incredible, and you gave me my first ever anal orgasm. I have always had to get my load out a different way when having sex.” Lance also sighed out.

“Yeah, I know, most people think I am ten, or eleven tops, and they are always so surprised when they find out I'm fourteen, and I know I am not exactly large, but it's big enough for me. I think if I were the same size as most fourteen year olds are, it would look a little silly. My doctor says I will never be very big, but I will still grow more, and he was talking both aspects, he knows my concerns for this area.” James said, groping himself.

“Yeah, you will still grow a little, but I guess with all the damage your body received it just slowed down a lot, it is not uncommon. And I do agree with you, if you were larger it would look almost silly.”

“Could be worse I suppose. I could be a really late bloomer and not have hardly anything, as it was I only started getting pubes and cumming a little while ago, and my dick started growing really not that long ago, and I could be like one of the guys in my gym class who is lots bigger than I am, yet I have a bigger dick and more hair than he has. No one makes fun of him for it though, probably because he's the school's top wrestler, fuck is he fast and wiry. I think he's gay too, and I did fantasize about him more than once, but he was not who I was looking for, besides I think he already has a boyfriend anyways.”

“Yeah, it could always be worse. I was a late bloomer as well, I was nearly fifteen before I actually had my first wet cum and my pubes showed up a little after that. At least my dick had started to grow so it didn't really show that much. Austin is way earlier than I was, he is already at the same development I was at when I was fifteen. This boy you're talking about sounds cool though, I was a wrestler as well, and I admire those traits, great ones to have. What makes you think he's gay and has a boyfriend though?”

“Well I caught him looking at me longingly a few times while we were changing, and he is one of the few people that will talk to me, even when I am just standing there in my diaper, but we are not really friends. I think he wants to be, but is just afraid of what others will think. This was all last year, especially near the end of the year, he was getting braver and talking to me more, it was kind of nice to actually talk to someone, but this year, he still talks to me, he does not seem so nervous anymore, like he's no longer needing to get off. That and there is this boy who is new to school that I know lives right near where he does, and they seem to be really good friends now, and let's just say my gaydar goes absolutely insane when he's near. Brad, that's the boy in my gym class, also registers a little on my gaydar, but it was never enough to talk to him about. Maybe he could tell I was gay as well, who knows, and that was why he was trying to get closer to me.”

“All good possibilities, and if Brad is gay and could feel that you were as well, and if this new boy is gay as well and they are hanging out together a lot, it is a real good possibility that they are boyfriends then.”

“Well, I don't know about you, but I am ready for another go, get up on your hands and knees!” James commanded.

“I don't know...”

“No worries, just get up and I will take care of the rest.”

Lance just took the command and rolled over and got up on his hands and knees and James moved in behind him and started fingering Lance's hole once again to loosen it back up a bit more, adding a little more lube when needed. James tried to gain entry, but no matter how he did it Lance was too tall for him like this and it was way too uncomfortable to bend and do it.

“Okay, that's not gonna work, lay over the edge of the bed instead, that should work perfectly.”

Lance changed positions and James hopped off the bed and stepped in behind his lover and sunk in. As James had hoped, the bed height was perfect for him like this, and he started an almost insane pace, really driving it in and out of Lance, fucking him hard and fast. Lance was gasping, James was panting, every so often they would give out a bit of a squeal, and within only five minutes they were both cumming again, but James didn't stop, he just slowed down. He went at about half the speed this time, not stopping in the least, he was seeing stars, but ignored them, and kept right on going.

Another five minutes later they both came again, and again James did not stop, just cut his speed in half again, and kept right on riding Lance. Lance was in awe of the lasting power that James was currently showing, and he was even more amazed at the amount of orgasms he had had, and the fact that he could feel yet another building. James could also feel his orgasm building again and by now his entire body was burning, his vision was nearly one big blur of different colors, his ears were ringing, and still he could not stop, but as soon as he came for the final time of the morning, he yelled out, spewed forth the tiny amount he had left to offer, and then slumped to the floor. Lance also yelled out a little as his equally small amount spilled out, and he felt James pull out, and he heard a thud.

On very shaky legs Lance got up and turned around to see what had happened, and what he saw was James laying on the floor looking like a rag doll that had been tossed on the floor, he looked well ravished, a lot sexy, very satisfied, and finally very soft. Lance gave a little bit of a chuckle and then bent down to pick James up to put him back on the bed. He did so, but it was difficult, not only was James a limp weight, which is always tricky, but his muscles protested the entire time he was picking James up. As soon as Lance had James on the bed he grabbed the diapers and diapered James up and then laid down and diapered himself as well and then laid down and cuddled up to James, lightly stroking his soft and silky skin.

It was almost half an hour later that James began waking up,and it was a further ten minutes before James actually fully came to, and with a warm smile, Lance leaned in for a soft kiss.

“Good morning baby, you completely passed out there.”

“Oh it's a good morning all right, I have everything I ever wanted, and it's a thousand times better than I ever imagined it would or could be.” James sighed out.

“And once again we are in agreement. Should we go see about getting some breakfast, I am starving?”

“If I can stand. So you put another diaper on, you do like them, don't you?”

“Yeah, they are a lot more comfortable than I ever thought they would be. Come on, we can lean on each other and go and make breakfast.”

“Did you wet on purpose or by accident last night?” James asked as they finally climbed out of bed and were standing a little unsteadily, starting for the door.

“On purpose, I woke up having to pee, so just did it, it was kind of nice not having to get up to do it. I almost always have to get up at least once during the night to go pee.”

“Cool.” James said and they walked out of the bedroom.

When they got out into the hall they saw the boys' bedroom door open and the boys laying on the bed talking to each other softly, and as soon as the boys heard them come out, they looked up and smiled warmly at them.

“Good morning.” Austin called out brightly.

“Oh that it is.” James said, equally as bright.

“Sounded like it.” Scotty grinned.

“Well if it weren't for the fact that I woke up to the sounds of you guys, we might not have made so much noise.” James grinned back.

“Yeah, I believe you.” Austin said.

“He may, but I don't.” Scotty teased, sticking his tongue out.

“We're going to make breakfast, you guys gonna come join us?” Lance asked, interrupting the friendly banter, he really was very hungry.

“Okay.” Austin and Scotty said as one, they too were more than a little hungry.

They all headed to the kitchen and made a very large filling breakfast, and sat down to eat, and just as they were about to finish, the phone rang.

“Hello.” Lance answered.

“Hi Lance, I know you didn't want to be bothered this weekend, but Bill and Cathy are in doing operations and we just got a five year old with a severe case of appendicitis and his appendix has to come out, we need you before the bloody thing explodes on the poor boy.” The head ER nurse asked.

“No, I didn't really want to, but that should be quick, I'll be there as soon as I can, please have him prepped and ready for as soon as I get there.”

“Already on it.”


“Thanks.” She said and hung up.

“Well boys, I have a minor emergency surgery that I need to go do, it is only an appendix so it should be pretty quick, so I should not be longer than four hours, I better go get changed.” Lance sighed.

“We'll manage just fine.” James said, but got up to go with Lance.

“What's up baby?” Lance asked as soon as they reached their room.

“I just came to help you get ready to go is all.”

“Oh, okay thanks.”

“No, don't take it off, just leave it, that way if you have to go to the bathroom you can just go instead of having to leave the operating room and then get all scrubbed back down again.” James said smartly as soon as Lance went to remove his still dry diaper.

“You know, that's really not such a bad idea, during a four hour surgery I would have to excuse myself at least once, and on some of the longer ones it is a lot more frequent. I wonder if there are doctors out there that do wear just for that?”

“Probably are, and it does make sense really.” James said and grabbed a pair of socks and boxers from the drawer and came over and helped Lance into them. He then went and grabbed Lance's hospital clothes and helped him into those as well. Lance was happy to see, when he looked in his mirror, that he could not see the diaper at all.

“There you go baby, all diapered and dressed, ready for work, go on, go save another boy, but don't let him kiss you, you're all mine.” James teased, even shaking his finger.

“You weren't the first child to kiss me, and you weren't the last either, lots do, it's just that you did it passionately, not one other has ever slipped me the tongue before, it is just the friendly kiss and hug in thanks that I normally get.”

“Good. I'm glad I'm original then.”

“That you are, now give me a kiss, I have to go?”

“Okay.” James said brightly and went in for a kiss that Lance had to bend down to get. They only kissed gently for a few seconds and then they exited the room and headed downstairs, hand in hand, all the way to the front door where Lance put on his work shoes. Austin and Scotty were already there to say bye, so with a kiss and a hug from each boy, Lance headed out with a spring in his step and a happy smile on his face.

More than a few co-workers at the hospital would notice, and even a couple asked, but most didn't, they just suspected that Lance had had a very good night, just not quite how good, and morning too.

Lance got to work and found the little guy already in the operating room waiting for him, so he scrubbed down, got his gown and mask put on him and then he went in and looked at all the scans and then got started, and only two hours later, he was finished, a very bad looking appendix in a tray ready to be tested to find out what happened. The little boy was wheeled from the room and Lance went to get cleaned up and do up his paper work and then went to talk to the parents. If anything they looked worse than the boy had, he was only pale, they looked totally sick. Lance explained everything to them and that their little boy was going to be just fine and the operation was a complete success and he would be awake soon. Lance also explained that their little boy would be in the hospital for a few days to keep an eye on him and that he would be in pain and very groggy for the next couple days. The of course understood and were thankful.

Lance was in the recovery room a while later when the little boy woke up, and so were his parents, and Lance did a quick check, asking the little boy a few simple questions, and then telling him that he was just fine now and that he would get all better quickly and land in the hospital next week for a cut or a bruise or even a broken bone for doing silly boy things. The little guy even tried to giggle a bit, but found it painful, his father however did laugh and comment that this was the likely cause of them being here to begin with. Once Lance was certain everything was okay, he wrote down the final comments in the chart and left it with the nurse and gave her instructions to keep him well hydrated and medicated to help the pain, she said she was okay with that and Lance was gone. Not even four hours later, he was headed home.

* * * * * * * * *

“So, how do you feel this morning?” Austin asked James coyly as soon as the door was closed.

“Amazing. Your dad is an incredible lover and I love him to death, way more than I did before.”

“I know, he's an amazing person altogether. He's the best daddy there is, bar none.”

“Yeah, that he is.” Scotty said.

“So did he make love to you, or did you just do him?” Austin asked again.

“No, he made love to me, but I didn't give him much of a choice in the matter. I knew he would protest, saying I was too small and that he would hurt me and all, so I got him inside me before I woke him up, and then rode him, and he didn't seem to complain any.” James grinned.

“Yeah, it was probably the best way to do it.”

“Oh yeah, that it was alright. Sounded like you guys had lots of fun this morning as well!”

“Oh yeah, but you guys lasted even longer than we did this morning.”

“Probably because we did not stay up late last night playing like you guys did, we fell asleep to the sounds of you two still going at it.”

“Yeah, there is that I guess.” Austin grinned.

“Yeah, but you still managed to have plenty of energy this morning to make the headboard of your bed rapidly hit the wall, and your moaning and groaning was enough to tell me that you were enjoying yourselves a great deal.” James grinned back.

“Yeah, well after we finished this morning we had time enough to talk and kiss and cuddle for well over half an hour before you guys finished, and then it was over half an hour later that you guys came out of your room.”

“That's because I totally passed out on the last one, man was it ever awesome, my entire body was burning, my ears were ringing, I was seeing all sorts of awesome colors, and then when I exploded, it just all went black until I woke up in bed, being cuddled by my man.” James said lovingly, with a warm smile.

“We've both been there before, it sure is incredible when it happens.” Scotty said.

“I'll say. So guess what, your dad was wet this morning when we woke up, he said he woke in the night and peed, it's awesome, he loves the diapers as well, I knew he would, and I even got him to wear a diaper to work so that in case he had to go to the bathroom while he was operating, he could just go.”

“That is cool, I knew he would like them as well, but he never allowed me to talk him into wearing them.” Austin said.

“Yeah, I finally did, and now he won't go back to not wearing them I bet.”

The boys had moved themselves into the living room and were sitting on the couch and as soon as they finished talking, the TV was turned on to the Saturday morning cartoons, and for the next few hours, while they waited for Lance to come home, they watched and laughed.

When Lance walked in the door he saw three heads pop up above the back of the couch and they all got huge smiles on their faces and hopped off the couch and ran over to give him hugs and kisses, James staying back till last so that he could get a special kiss. James did get his special kiss, and Scotty and Austin had to wait patiently for nearly a full minute while they kissed tenderly. Finally though Lance set James back down on the floor and grinned at the other two.

“So how was the operation?” Scotty asked.

“About as good as can be expected. The surgery was a complete success and one more five year old will live to get in heaps of trouble.” Lance grinned.


“Come on upstairs baby and let me get you changed, I could feel that you were very soggy, must have been nice not having to step out for a few minutes huh?”

“Yes, I am very wet, and yes it was very nice. I just might have to keep a small stock of diapers in my office for when I am doing operations.”

“You have your own office?” James asked.

“Yeah, I am the head of the pediatric emergency department, so I have a really nice office just outside the emergency room.”

“Cool, I'd like to come see that some day.” James said, and then took Lance's hand and led him up to their bedroom.

Lance was slowly stripped of all his clothes and then was pushed backwards so that he fell on the bed and then James proceeded to remove Lance's soggy diaper and then cleaned, creamed, and diapered Lance. Once Lance was all finished, James laid down on the bed, making it very obvious what he wanted. Lance stood up and then removed James' wet diaper as well and then cleaned, creamed, and diapered him as well.

“Ah much better, I was hoping you'd get home before I was forced to change myself. I was worried I was going to start leaking soon.”

“I bet it's better, but it was no where near capacity, I've seen Austin nearly twice as wet as that before and he has never leaked in these diapers that I am aware.”

“Well if I had have known that, I would have stayed in it even longer then.” James grinned.

“There's always next time right!” Lance grinned back.

“Yeah, now give me another kiss baby.”

Lance didn't say anything, just bent down, picked James up and held him under his cute diapered bum and went in for the requested kiss, and they kissed softly and passionately for quite a few minutes. Amazingly enough with the passion in the kiss, neither of them got hard, but then they were probably still more than a little sexually exhausted from this morning. Lance eventually set James down and they held hands again and headed downstairs.

“Why did you change James, you weren't that wet yet?” Austin asked.

“I thought it was more full than it was, Lance told me that they hold a lot more than that, so now I know. But that's okay as well, now I am nice and dry, same as my baby.” James smiled warmly up at Lance.

“Oh, okay then.” Austin also smiled warmly at the pair.

“Well boys, what do you say to some lunch and then just sitting back and playing games for the rest of the day?” Lance asked.

“Sounds good to me daddy.” Scotty grinned.

“Me too.” The other two said.

And that was what they did, they made and ate lunch and then just stayed at the table and played board and card games for the rest of the day, stopping only to get things, diaper changes, a bathroom break, and of course dinner, but for the most part they did not leave the kitchen for the rest of the day. Finally it came time for bed, and with hugs and kisses goodnight, they all headed up to bed.