The Swallow Sorrow Doll

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Chapter 6

Swallow Fradulence




From the Eyes of Wednesday Montageu          



            The warden was an elderly man. He smiled with bright red cheeks, "Aw isn't she such a little darling. Look at that face. Why don't you just let her through?"

            "Oh thanks so much."

            I squeezed his cheeks and the old bastard lit up like a Christmas tree. I walked past the guards, past all the security defenses and into the prison. No one in my entourage was checked...and I always kept an entourage.

            Two nameless bodyguards to my left and my right. I had them color coded that way I didn't have to remember their names. They weren't too important.

            Antoinette stood at my left. She was a Leo, so needy of attention. She was the first member of the new Dollhouse. She was my new best friend. She was beautiful. Not my same innocent beauty but a more sexual. It was good to keep her around. People for some reason trusted me a whole lot more when she was around. She was big in the media scene as well after a sex tape was put out about her. Her parents were big in the oil industry. She was worth millions. She'd sent

            Then there was Ce`cile on my right. She was a Scorpio with her intense drive. She never spoke more then was necessary. She wasn't really a member of the dollhouse. She doubled as a secretary, but the gun she was carrying into the prison proved that she doubled for me for more...sinister projects. She facial features were as sharp as her knife collection. She was a dangerous one, but was loyal of course...only to me.

            Then there were the twins.

            Castor and Pollux.

            They were...let's say...projects...

            They had both been child prodigies, but now were all grown up. Castor was a computer network hacker. Pollux was a weapons specialist being trained in Cecile's footsteps.

            Castor's problem was his social inaptitude. He was a Cancer. I know he wants to spend all his time at home...designing video games. He wants to waste his talents. He won't though, now that I've taken him under my wing. He was in so many ways just...a nerd. Then there was Castor. His problem was his curiosity. He questioned anything and everything. His fault was extremely annoying at times.

            Then there was the bigger problem with the twins...they were homosexuals.


            "Just this way. This woman's prison place was built in 1953...for the most serious offenders..."

            He kept talking and I kept smiling. Yes, I would have to fool him. Wednesday was always perfect. I had the perfect smile and all of that matter.

            "Does he really think we care?" Antoinette whispered in my ear.


            Didn't she know we always had to appear happy and concerned?

We always had to be perfect?

That was how I got this fortune. That was how I was going to take over the tricking one idiot at a time.

She didn't know that.

This was a rough bunch. They weren't like the original Dollhouse. Then I was just a leader, working my way to be the head Barbie...but now I was the leader. I'd have to whip these guys into shape...seriously.

            "Is she down this way?" I asked the warden.

            He smiled, "Yes ma'am. You know it is so weird. Patience is the smallest girl here but for some reason the other inmates seem to be afraid of her. Damn it...I don't seem to be able to find my card key to open the second half. I'll have to walk back and get it."

            Of course it's gone. I had Ce`cile swipe the damn thing while you were flirting to make sure you had to leave us. Now to make sure you left us alone.

"Is it ok if we stay here? My feet her in these heels. I couldn't walk all the way back."

All lies. I could do back flips in these 7 inch Jimmy Choo shoes.

            "Ma'am that's not the best idea," the warden said, "Those inmates over there in their cells can be very intimidating, especially to a sensitive damsel like yourself."
            Sensitive? Ha...

            "I know. They are so dangerous, I'll make sure I stay clear of them. I promise."

            I smiled my innocent smile. So innocent. The old man was probably mistaking me for his daughter already.

            "Oh ok...I can't say no to that face. Just make sure you stay away from the cells. Those woman are dangerous."

            He walked away.

            We were left alone.

            Weird how I could just talk my way through things like this. I had a lot of training.

            "Why are we here again?" Pollux asked.

            The questions...annoying.

            "Sh..." his brother warned him.

            I was so annoyed. Truth was I wasn't going to make the same mistake as my predecessors. As many people had to think I was a sweetheart as possible. Even those loyal to me. That way, I minimized my threats.

            "I don't mind," I lied and smiled at Pollux, "I came to visit an old friend. Patience Crane. Ce`cile, follow me."

            She nodded, silently as usual and did as she was told walking behind me.

            We walked towards the woman's cells. A few of them started saying things as they saw us coming. I guess some were dikes. As if I would be interested in this.

"Hey mama...come over here let me whisper something in your ear."
"Hey sexy thing!"




            I needed... "Her..."

            I looked over and saw the biggest, rough looking woman in all the cells. She was a killer. I could just tell. It was written all over her face.

            "Who the hell are you bitch?" the woman stated.

            She had no idea who I was. She had no idea what I was capable of.

            "Hi," I said smiling, "How would you like to earn this..."

            Ce`cile opened her one of a kind Emilio Pucci retro bag. It was real...flown right from the man himself. It was full with stacks of hundreds. Too bad they were all fake. I watched as the idiot couldn't tell the difference. A huge smile stuck out on her face. What an idiot!

            "I'd love to earn it."
            "Half now, half after the job."


            It seems like she had been offered to kill someone before. She didn't need too much effort.

            "Patience Crane."

            ", I can't do that. Anyone but Patience."
You are fucking kidding me."

            "No... I'm not. You won't find anyone to take out Patience. She runs this prison lady. You must have lost your mind."

            "I'm offering you thousands of dollars."

"You don't understand. It's impossible to touch her in here...even if I wanted to," The bitch said.

What the fuck? I needed Patience gone.

"Here...use these. Slip them into her drink. No one will even know it's you."

Ce`cile held out pills. They were the some severely poisonous pills. I had them

special ordered just for Patience from a pharmacist in Tibet. They would dissolve in her drink and she would be taking her last nap. The thorn would be removed from my side finally.

            "Listen ma...I can't take the chance, yo. Ya hoes trying to get me caught up with THAT bitch. Nawl, I'll pass. On some real shit, keep your money," the bitch said from behind her bars and went to sit back on the bed.

            "Pussy." I told her.

            I walked away mad as hell.

            I couldn't believe this. I'd never been so damn embarrassed.


            The look on my face as I got back to the Dollhouse group spoke for itself. I hated most when people turned me down. Just like Tatum St. Clair. No one turned my offers down. He would pay. I'd find out who that inmate was and I'll have her serve life in this fucking prison.

            They all knew not to ask me any questions when I was in this mood. All except fucking Pollux.

            Pollux raised an eyebrow, "I was thinking. Isn't Patience Crane the same one who sent those gunmen to the mansion and had the place shot up? Yea, that is who you said was responsible for trying to kill you."
            Why the hell wouldn't he just shut up?
            "Yes, they were amateurs though darling. Didn't even make it past the gate? It's just like Patience to send fools to do her dirty work."

            Just like me too. Only the fools that I were running into were too much of a punk to do it themselves.

            "It all makes sense now, foreal. You hear to dust dat hoe? Whose going to do it?"

            "Speak proper English, Pollux. I told you why I was here. I'm just visiting a friend."



            "I'll go in alone," I told the warden.

            Ce`cile took a step forward. I could tell she disagreed with my decision. They didn't know Patience, not like I knew Patience. She was my best friend and my worst enemy. There was no where safer then right by her side. It wasn't her style to attack her head on. It wasn't my style either.

            I walk into the room.

            She's sitting there in her blue jumpsuit. Patience still looks the same. She is as short and small as I am. We barely reach 5 feet. My heels of course make me much taller, but she isn't so lucky behind bars.

            She started to laugh as I walked into the small room and took a seat. It was her laugh. The legendary Patience Crane laugh.

            Patience Crane.

            She looked the same. The same evil glare in her eyes. She was the devil herself at times. She was my only real threat in the entire world. She knew how I thought and I knew how she thought. That was so dangerous.

            "You know I miss you," I stated as I walked in, "I asked someone to kill you walking in. I forgot who you were. I underestimated you...I'm sorry."

            I crossed my legs as well.

            "Darling it's ok. I underestimated you as well, with the gunmen and the bombs sent attached to your Lamborghini Murciélago."
            "You put bombs on my Lamborghini?"

            "Oh...oops. I guess I didn't underestimate you," Patience told me, "My apologies dear, it won't happen again."

            She started to laugh again. Sneaky bitch...she had gotten worse. I struggled to maintain my cool. Patience always intimidated me truthfully, but now I was the main bitch in charge. She had been dethroned.

            She intimidated in such a cool way as well. She was a socialite of course. Just like I was. We had to maintain our posture at all times.

            "I don't understand what could be so funny...those jumpsuits could not be Prada darling..."

            She stopped laughing, "No a small sacrifice. Soon the tables will turn. My appeal is coming up..."

            "I know. I already paid the jury."

            Patience smiled steadily. She didn't seem too bothered.

            "I figured you would. However, you know these walls can't hold me."

            "Of course not. And I'll be ready."

            "I pray you will. Cause God help you when I get out of here."

            She threatened me in such a cool way. It was fine. My heart was beating fast, but that was the only anxiousness I had. She wasn't going to make me lose face. That would have been the biggest let down.

            "I got rid of you once, I can do it again."

            It was easy. Patience had a hand in a lot of illegal espionage and trafficking. I had spent years pretending to be her best friend meanwhile gathering enough evidenced, aided the FBI to put her behind bards. I didn't report all her operation however. I took over the ones I didn't report. I gave her what was necessary to put her away and that was all.

            "Darling I know your game now," Patience explained, "I figured it out. I made you into what you are today Wednesday. You inspire to be me. I am the prototype. Only there's one problem. There is only one Patience Crane."

            "And she is behind bars," I smiled and laughed, "You'll never see me like that. Efficacy is of great importance."
            "Yet you fail."

            "How so?"

            "I heard of your new dollhouse. You've expanded haven't you? More and more. How many now, a hundred? Two hundred? A thousand? Who were those that came in with you? Oh you thought I didn't know? I have eyes everywhere darling. Those must be the elite dollhouse. You must run the whole show huh? You incompetent bitch. I can do it all alone. You need a whole army behind you. A bunch of fools if you ask me. When I was in charge things were so much better. You settled for them, didn't you? It's cause you couldn't get HIM. You know who. You wanted one more member didn't you? He is most beautiful man in the world...but he turned you down."

            "Tatum St. Clair."

            "I've seen him. He is a modern day Adonis. He can make a goddess fall in love. He's beautiful. I've heard no man or woman could resist him. You better make sure I don't find him before you do. Beauty is power, because it begets love. You know the dangers of love now don't you?"

            "Don't worry, I'll be rid of him. He's gay anyway."

            "Doesn't matter really does it? The sexuality of these men mean nothing. I thought I taught you that with your brothers."

            "He's not a threat to me," I said.

            Truth was I didn't know if he was or not. Why was he even still in the scene? He should have not existed by now. How could he be? He may have been the most handsome guy I've ever seen, but he was just that. He knew nothing. He was close to being an idiot and he was blindly in love with Caprio. It didn't matter.

            "We'll see once I get a hold of him," Patience stated.

            "Just scratch that plan. He'll be dead within the month's end."

            "We'll see..."

            She started to laugh again. Bitch. Yea we will see.





            I had Ce`cile raise the reward on Tatum's head just as I left the prison in the helicopter. See, I win. I have to win. It's necessary no matter what.

            Everyday is Wednesday's. I was going to make sure of that. First thing's first like the girl on Kill Bill. I was going to wiggle my big toe. Tatum had been running for awhile, but I was going to catch up to him somehow. And I was going to slow him down. I was going to slow him down so much that he never moved again. He probably didn't even know how deep this went. This was a war of powers and he was caught right in the middle. A part of me felt sorry for him. I wasn't like Patience, I did have a heart. Truth was, I had to be more like Patience. I had to learn not to give a fuck.

            Because I was down to the wire? What if Patience got a hold of Tatum. She could seduce people in power with Tatum. She could get out. Oh god...what if Patience got out! She'd go after my inheritance, she'd turn companies against me. She'd take back over all the stocks she had in wallstreet. All the conspiracy we had in the Senate...she'd take over everything. She'd put me back in the shadows. can't happen. I'd worked to hard to get Patience Crane out of the picture. No...I'll get rid of Tatum before then...

            Humph...the warden's back.

            Smile, compliment, flirt...rewind...


            Smile, compliment flirt...rewind...

            The world would never see what was hitting them.