The Swim Coach

By Rob Loveboy

Edited by Embee


Twenty-seven-year-old Spencer Reece - a two-time Olympic gold medalist plus several other medals awarded for competitive swimming in his younger years - was approached by a former coach asking if he’d be willing to take on and coach some up-and-coming prospective Olympic swimmers.


“I don’t think so, coach. I wouldn’t be much of an instructor. Besides, I’m working on my long overdue law degree. Look where swimming got me today … washed-up due to a recurring ligament injury! At least I have my endorsement earnings to put to good use, instead of squandering them away like most has-been pro-athletes after their flames burn out and they become forgotten heros from the past.”


“Nonsense. You’re still invaluable to the sport. It’s time to give back, Spence. At least come see the team practise this Saturday. Here’s the address and time.”


Spence did enjoy watching competitive swimming when he had the time, and some of the kids were often very good. However, this team of twelve 13 and 14-year-old boys were truly amazing athletes; they reminded him of himself at that age.


Unbeknownst to him, Coach Greene had arranged for Spence to meet the boys in the change room after practise for a little pep-talk. He was quite surprised that the boys knew who he was and that they looked at him in awe. Truth be known, he also looked at them in awe in their various state of undress ... including brief glimpses of complete nudity. All were powerfully built, years of training attesting to their peak condition.


Spence didn’t have a prepared speech, so he adlibbed, stressing the importance of the team. “Many people feel it isn’t a team effort like football or baseball, and that it’s merely an individual competing with another individual from another team. But it goes deeper than that ...”


He spoke for nearly an hour and answered many questions. He liked the guys; they had a passion for the sport, which is the key to any successful athlete. It was a shame their current coach, who was suffering with cataract problems, was retiring and moving to Florida. The team could easily flounder without a good replacement. Summer break was approaching, and Spence had some long established ideas about coaching he would love to at least try out. A week later he agreed to take on the coaching role with some specific conditions … a swim camp over the summer at a location away from home with no parental interference.


Between him and Coach Greene, they called in some favors from sponsors, and raised enough money for accommodation at a motel owned by a cousin of Greene some hundred miles from home, plus use of a local recreational facility with an Olympic-size pool for a couple of hours, early each morning.


The boys were excited, not only about getting away for the summer, but having THE Spencer Reece as their coach. Outfitted with new red Adidas tracksuits and their new team name embroidered on the jackets, the Free Spirits boarded their small school bus, donated for the summer … with Free Spirits signs on both sides!


The small town was rather excited to have an Olympic team practise in their town, and a bit of a welcoming party met them at the motel - marching band and all. The boys were thrilled, feeling like celebrities, all thanks to Gerry Miller, Coach Greene’s cousin and the local town mayor.


They waved at the spectators and made their way inside the rather shabby motel to check out their rooms. Four guys to a room sharing two to a bed wasn’t really ideal conditions for hormone-fuelled teenagers. That would be Spencer’s first hurdle to overcome in a speech.


“Okay guys, not the best sleeping arrangements, but you’ll have to made do. I know you all want privacy to do what every red-blooded American boy does in bed … but that’s the point. All guys beat their meat, they just never talk about it. So why hide the fact instead of trips to the bathroom for a quick wank ... everyone’s going to know what you're doing anyway! Right? We’re a team, and what better way is there to build trust in each other? Same as showering after practices and competitions … unless, that is, you have something down there that other guys don’t? Friends think they don’t hold secrets back from each other. However, we won’t expose our body … we hide behind clothes keeping it a secret from even the best of friends. So get over it!”


There was some grunts and groans, embarrassed giggles, and red-faces.


“And if you're used to sleeping nude, don’t stop because a friend is sharing the bed. I personally recommend every guy sleeps nude. Elastic waistbands in underwear constrict the flow of blood throughout the body, and leave tell-tale marks above your Speedos. Besides, you could get a case of jock-itch from the sweat, with your junk all cramped up.”


Although the guys were disappointed that their room televisions had been removed, Spencer showed them the large adjoining TV and Games rooms they could use at the end of the hall. His private room was on the other side of the TV room.


He explained the house rules: lights out at ten, out of bed at five, practice from six to eight … which was the only time he could block out before the facility opened. Fortunately, it was conveniently located across the street from the motel. Memberships were donated for the boys to enjoy the gym and other facilities at their leisure. Breakfast, lunch and dinner would be taken in the motel dining room -  all buffet for simplicity sake of the owners, and keeping within budget. Also, there would be no maid service … they boys were required to keep their rooms tidy.


Spencer was certified in sports medicine, so he would wear both hats of coach and trainer. He had an examination table in his room donated by the local hospital, in order to give massages and to work out minor strains and cramps … something he was especially looking forward to! He had his eye on a couple of boys he thought might be coerced into fooling around with him. He considered it ‘just payment’ for all his efforts.


Thirteen-year-old Taylor was one of them. And when he complained about frequent calf cramps, Spencer was more than thrilled to check him out.


“Strip off your clothes and get on the table, Taylor,” he ordered. “You can loose the undies, as well. I’ll give you a full massage while we’re at it.”


Taylor appeared embarrassed but cooperated, and was soon laying naked on his stomach. Firm bubble butt, pink hole begging to have a tongue on it, nice ball view between his spread legs ... while Spencer worked the aching calf, his hands covered in lotion. He worked his way up the body giving special attention to Taylor’s ass cheeks. All the while his 7-inch cut cock tented his track pants as he was rubbing his crotch on the table.


“You have a nice body, Taylor. Firm muscles. But you’re tense, so just relax.”


When Spencer was finished with his back and neck, he told to boy to roll over. Taylor hesitated, and Spencer knew why. “Don’t be embarrassed; it’s natural to pop a woody when getting a body massage.”


Sure enough, the kid was erect. Five glorious uncut inches rested on a bed of downy-blond hair. “Actually, it’s good that your erect, makes checking for hernias much easier.”


Spencer copped a feel of the satiny hairless testicles, watching Taylor’s erection respond with slight twitches. He knew the erogenous zones, having well-practised on more than a few swim-mates over the years. “Why don’t I take care of that little problem for you. I don’t mind … anything for the good of the team.”


With that, he wrapped his hand around the shaft. Taylor shivered but didn’t complain as Spencer masturbated him. “Feels nice when someone else does it for you, doesn't it?”


“Kinda weird, but I guess ...” he replied shyly.


Unable to resist, he went down on the kid causing him to shudder and gasp. Swirling the tip of his tongue inside the foreskin, he felt the cock throb and seconds later spewing warm, sweet cum over the roof his mouth. Much quicker than he would have hoped, but self-satisfying, nonetheless. He hauled his own cock from the band of his pants and pumped a load on the floor before letting go of Taylor’s cock.


“It’s too bad boys are so hung up on sucking each other off. Why not do each other a favor? Because if it’s a girl they're waiting for, it’s going to be a fuck of a long frustrating time before that happens … if it ever does. Morgan’s your bed mate, right?”




“Wouldn’t it be nice to at least give each other handjobs at night? Would you be willing if he was?”


“I guess so,” he shrugged. “It’s just kinda weird.”


“It wouldn’t feel weird if everyone was doing it - now, would it?”


Taylor was dressing thinking about the question. “I suppose not.”


“Send Morgan here. Tell him I want to see him.”


Morgan was 14, brown-curly hair, shorter than the other guys by a few inches. “How about a body rub to limber you up, Morgan? Take off your clothes and get on the table.”


“But I’m not wearing underwear,” he said meekly.


“No worries, a proper massage is always done in the nude. Besides, I wanna do a hernia check.” Spencer went through the same motions he had with Taylor - thighs, ass, back and neck. “Roll over. Let’s do the front.”


As expected, nature took it’s course and he was hard and embarrassed to turn over. “Listen. It happens to everyone getting a body rub. Nothing to be ashamed of.”


Morgan wasn’t as long as Taylor, but his cut cock was much chubbier and his balls were hung lower. Surprising was what little amount of pubic hair he had. “Let me help you out with that.”


Again, no complaints, only red-faced embarrassment. Spencer gave him the same spiel about checking for hernias while beating his cock and feeling his balls. It took a while to get him off. Spencer had to switch hands, but he did cum in a gush, shooting straight up and splattering on his virtually hairless crotch. Spencer licked some from his hand and said, “Yum. Tasty. Maybe next time I’ll give you a blowjob. I mean … ya know, anything for my boys. Sexually satisfied guys make better athletes, you know. And it did feel real nice, didn’t it?”


“I’ll say,” he smiled.


“Too bad some guys don’t do it for each other. We used to do it all the time sleeping away on meets. Nothing wrong with it. Even Taylor agrees. He’s your bed mate, right? You guys should help each other out at night. All it would need is one of you taking the initiative. I think everyone should.”


The seed had been planted. Spencer would see that it rooted and blossomed slowly throughout the team. One big sexually content team without inhabitions - his goal all along - as well as having one in his bed every night.


There was one particular boy who was light in his loafers, 13-year-old Colin. Spencer invited the boy to his room after dinner. The massage, of course, was planned, but he hoped to taking matters much farther than that … he desperately wanted a blowjob and a fuck.


When Colin arrived, Spencer was naked feining he just got out of the shower, but made no attempt to cover up. Colin stared as Spencer prepared the massage table. He was obviously going to stay nude giving the kid a rubdown, setting the atmosphere. He cut to the chase giving Colin a quick back rub, with a hand between his legs feeling him up. When Colin rolled onto his back he got a full view of Spencer’s erection.


Colin had a 4-inch slender cut cock with a dusting of black pubic hair. Spencer lowered the table so that they could feel each other up. The kid would do nicely … he seemed willing to cooperate without much coercing.


“You done this stuff before, Colin? Like with any of the teammates?”


“Yes, me and Seth and some other guys from school, but never with a grown man.”


“Have you ever been fucked?”




“Do you like it?”




“Good, cuz I wanna fuck you.”


“But you’re a lot bigger than I’ve had.”


“I’ll be very gentle. Now come to the bed and blow me first.”


It was as easy as that. The kid having had experience made it all the easier. He was a damn good cock-sucker, not only giving attention to his cock, but also licking and sucking his balls without being asked. He was a regular little cock-pig.


“What would you think of being the team cock-sucker, maybe the bum-boy as well? It would be great for morale.”


“Sure! I’ve thought about fooling around with a lot of those guys,” he giggled.


Spencer was hornier than ever. Greasing his cock, he lifted the kid’s legs and entered him. He was tight. Colin flinched but never said anything. It was probably the best fuck Spencer ever had. The boy was grinding into him and meeting his thrusts head on, yelping like a puppy. He pulled out at the last second and put his cock to the boy’s lips, who swallowed half his shaft gulping down his voluminous load. He’d always been a heavy cummer, amazing many of his partners.


“Tomorrow after dinner, see if you can talk Seth into fooling around with us.”


“I’m sure he will. He really likes you.”


He would have liked to keep Colin overnight, but it was too early in the game ... his roommate might become suspicious.


Practice went well the next morning. He pulled Morgan aside and asked him point blank if he and Taylor fooled around.


He turned red, but admitted they had. Spencer gave him a fluff of his hair and said, “Good boy. I’m so proud of you.” Next, he turned to the team and told them to hit the showers. He set the example by removing his clothes and walking to the showers, waiting to see if rest of the guys would follow his lead. One by one they entered the steamy room, all naked, giggling with shy looks, and, of course, checking out their peers as well as Spencer … all on the sly.


This was Spencer’s first chance of seeing them all naked. Two had no pubic hair, one was hung like a horse - Alfie - who flaunted it without a care in the world. He would be next on the massage table. Spencer had to see the kid hard!


“You sure have a nice big cock, Alfie. All the guys looked jealous.”


“So do you, coach.” he snickered.


That was a good omen, at least he had looked. Alfie was on his back receiving a frontal massage - he hadn’t got hard as yet. That would change when Spencer began the exaggerated hernia exam. Ever so slowly his cock began to expand and his purple head peaked from inside his foreskin, gradually coming into full view. Alfie was embarrassed. Spencer put his mind at ease.


“Ya know, I’ll bet some of the team would love to feel your cock. Maybe even suck it for you.”


“Nah. I’m not that way.”


“What way is that, Alf. You seem to be enjoying what I’m doing, otherwise you wouldn’t have a hard on.” Spencer tightened his grip on the shaft and slowly stroked it, his hand covered in massage oil. “See, I don’t mind doing this for you ... ya know ... help you out. Nothing wrong with helping out a friend in need.”


“I’ll tell you what. I’m in a good mood and you swam beautifully this morning, so I’ll reward you with a blowjob.”


He didn’t wait for Alf to reply, as he started working the meaty dick in his mouth.”


“Of my gowd!”


“Do you want me to stop?”



Spencer could already taste the seeping precum - he was definitely a heavy secretor. Between the precum and massage oil, his hand and mouth glided easily over the velvety skin. His cock throbbed twice before he unloaded, Spencer savoring every drop of the bitter-sweet substance. He was certainly a heavy cummer … no surprise considering his large testicles.


“You’re one hell of a virile guy! That was awesome, Alf. I told you it wasn’t all that bad to have another guy swing on your manly dick! I happen to know for a fact that Colin would love to have a go at you.”


“I kinda thought he was queer … er, sorry.”


“I’m not gay. Just because I sucked yer cock for you as a treat. Do ya see any women around here for us to have fun with? All we have is each other, so let's make the best of it.”


Colin and Seth were gay. Tyler, Morgan and Alfie were easily had in less than 24-hours of arriving at the motel. That was five down, and seven to go. His well thought out plans were moving along quicker than he thought.


The boys had the afternoon at their leisure. A workout in the gym, maybe a few laps in the pool if it wasn’t too crowded. They liked going out in their red team uniforms and red Speedos with Free Spirits across the rear. Many people stopped to talk, other honked horns and waved. McDonald’s offered free Happy Meal coupons, and the local pizzeria declared Friday nights as pizza-night. Spencer couldn’t have hoped for better hospitality.


Colin and Seth arrived at seven. Spencer was waiting for them in bed stark naked. Seth was every bit as good as Colin at sucking cock. He didn’t like getting fucked, so he and Spencer took turns screwing Colin, who certainly wasn’t complaining, even after they each had a second go at him.


Seth wasn’t too keen on the idea of - in his words - “being the team whore.”


“Don't look at it like that. You’d be doing the team a valuable service. A real team player!” Spencer shared his plans with both boys. “So, I need your help with team building. I’m pretty certain that over a little time, everyone will be sucking cock … peer-pressure is an amazing thing.”


Spencer did a bed check at ten-o’clock, and saw several pairs of underwear on the floor beside beds, where the owners had shucked them. He smiled to himself and wished each of the three rooms a good night and sweet dreams.


After practise the next morning the guys were much more casual about nudity, even when some locals, mostly older men, came in to change at opening time. He called for a meeting in the games room after breakfast.


He formed his words carefully. “Most of you guys know, or at least suspected, that Colin was gay, and I’m real proud of you for not bullying him about it. Maybe a few more of you are, as well, and just keep it under your belt, so to speak.”


The boys caught the joke and laughed.


Colin has presented me with a generous offer in the name of good sportsmanship. Ya see, beating off gets pretty dull after a while, as I’m sure you’ll agree. But there ain’t any women around to chase with the off chance of getting a handjob or, even better, a blowjob. Colin has made the offer to suck any one of you in this here bathroom, or if you're not shy, right here in the games room. I highly suggest you take him up on his offer, he’s a great cock-sucker … I know that for a fact!” He laughed, winking at Colin.


“I … I’ll do it, too,” offered Seth.


“Aha! Two team players willing to give it up for the team. Let's give them a round of applause!”


The guys cheered and hooted. Whether or not any of them would take up the offer was anyone’s guess. Spencer was confident a few would. “The biggest hurdle is shyness; maybe being seen going into the bathroom with either Colin or Seth. I have 10 folded pieces of paper with the numbers 1 to 10. All those willing to let your hair down and relax about it, can take a number and chose one of the two boys. I stress once again, it doesn’t make you gay to receive a blowjob; it’s not even gay to help another guy out just for the hell of it.”


“What about both?” Jake joked, turning red after he said it.


“Well, that would be up to them, I guess,” he chuckled. He then brought out three-dozen vodka coolers to help loosen inhibitions. “A treat for working hard the last two mornings. You have the afternoon free from working out. Don’t expect it a lot; maybe some beer on pizza nights.”


The boys cheered and helped themselves to the liquor from a mini-bar. Within two-hours, all of them had picked a number from the hat. The boys were either playing board games or watching TV sipping on their drinks. Spencer saw Jake approach Colin, and the two went into the bathroom.


Alfie was number two. He asked Seth to blow him while he sat on the sofa. No real surprise; the kid liked showing off his meat, he’d already experienced one from Spencer, and was hooked.


“I’m third,” giggled Sean, a red-headed Irish lad. “I’ll go with whoever is freed up first.”


Many guys snuck looks at Jake and Seth … which is probably what set the tone for the evening. Jake seemed to be enjoying it a great deal, grunting and moaning.

Number four, Perry, opted out but changed his mind towards the end, after carefully studying other guys getting head in the open and another two coolers. The bathroom became a revolving door; each boy exiting appearing content. By supper time every guy was serviced by either Seth or Colin, including Spencer, who took Seth into his bedroom for some one-on-one action, leaving the door open for all to see the 69 in progress. Once again, he was setting an example.


After supper, the boys continued to approach either Colin or Seth - who were only too happy to oblige - for another BJ. Later on, Spencer opted to take Colin to bed for the night; damn, that kid loved his ass pounded!


Before bed, Spencer told anyone who was still horny to ask their bedmate for a handjob … and hopefully reciprocate. Chances were good there were going to be some very soiled sheets by morning.


Amazingly, the typical boy-squabbles expected in the close confines, ceased over the following week; everyone got along famously. Handjobs and oral sex was an almost common sight in rooms, as well as in the games room by braver souls. If guys paired off to a room, the other three roommates respected their privacy. Changes in bedmates happened if two particular boys became suck buddies.


Within two weeks, Spencer’s wish came true … a new boy in his bed every night. He never pushed for anal sex, he was satisfied with the present arrangements of oral sex only. Certainly, there were some boys who only wanted to be sucked off and not reciprocate. They might come around eventually. Nudity in the games room was also encouraged, especially on laundry days when housekeeping laundered the clothes.


As it turned out, the guys worked even harder at practices and working-out in the gym. The motel also had a small pool, and the boys were bronze-tanned in no time, playing water polo or frisbee. Delectable specimens of youth; what man could ask for more!


The team went on to win most of their competitions including the finals, proudly taking home Silver medals. Spencer's home left to him by his father, became a hangout where sex was continued. Friday night pizza and beer tradition was also carried on, with the condition that boys slept over. Orgies became common in the basement playroom with Spencer joining in. It was regular to see Colin in all his glory, getting gang-banged bent over the pool table.


All good things must come to an end, as the saying goes. Spencer got his Law Degree and moved across the country, taking a position at a prestigious law firm. Saying farewell to his boys wasn’t easy. However, by then, many were dating girls and as usually happens, swimming became secondary to getting their dicks stinky.




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