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Chapter One.




You could have cut the silence with a knife. Adam nudged me in the ribs to bring me back to reality.

"Well say hello to him at least!"


I walked over to Jimbo and offered him my hand.

"Hi. I'm John. It's really good to meet you!"

"And you John. Adam has talked a lot about you, especially last term and I have to say he described you perfectly!"


Adam interjected.

"Jimbo knows as well by the way. My room was right next to his when I was going through, -- you know."

Jimbo nodded. "I sort of understood what he was going through, least I was pretty sure I did but didn't have the courage to tackle it head on in case I'd picked up the wrong end of the stick. Billy here kind of came to the rescue and then there was you!

Look. If you guys would like a coffee or something, we could go to my room and catch up?"


I looked at Adam and Billy and gave them a `why not' look. "Sure, if these two would like to?"

Adam picked up his case. "Bill and I will dump these off and we'll see you in ten minutes," then gave me a mischievous little grin.


As we walked up to his room, Jimbo let me know how much he hated being called by that name.

"My name is James. Everyone calls me James except Adam and Billy! If you like, you could call me Jamie. I like that name and it's a lot less formal. Is that alright with you?"

"Sure Jamie. What ever you like but I probably won't get to see too much of you now that Adam and Billy have..."

I had to stop on the stairs momentarily and take a deep breath in order to keep my emotions in check.

"You were going to say `got together' weren't you?"

"Yeah. --- I was."

"That must have been tough for you, - you know finding out and everything. Shit, - I would have gone to pieces totally if that had happened to me, - you know, losing my boy friend in such a way?"

"You know a lot don't you, - about Adam and I."

"It's like I said before. He never stopped talking about you! It didn't take much figuring out!"


As he unlocked the door to his room, I ventured another question, - trying to find out what point he was making.

"You've a boy friend at school or maybe back at home?"

"Did have, - well sort of. He got himself expelled for smoking dope. It was never going anywhere so I guess it wasn't all a bad thing we had to split up. Drinking I can cope with but drugs! I have some limits!!"


Adam and Billy reappeared and chastised Jamie for not having boiled the kettle sooner.

"How much time does it take Jimbo, or have you two been yapping!"

"Yapping. About you actually! I'll get on to it. Take a pew."


As Jamie disappeared of to make the coffee, Adam sat down with Billy and looked sheepishly at me.

"Sorry. Did we interrupt something?"

"Don't worry. We were just talking about..."

"He lost his boyfriend, - well if you can call him that. What was he asking you?"

"Tell you what. When we're all together we'll talk about it then perhaps we can all feel more comfortable, - yes?"


Jamie came through with the drinks as if on cue, - breaking the tension that was building between Adam and I.

As he put the tray down, I went back to our conversation.

"I interrupted you and never answered your question."

"What question was that John."

"You said, 'that must have been tough'."

"Not so much of a question, - more of a statement. Why?"

"'Cos, I want to tell you and, I want Adam and Billy to know so everything is crystal clear.

Please could you all just hear me out?

I fell in love with Adam.

I didn't mean to, - it just happened.

I knew it was wrong given his age but love is blind to these things and I was absolutely prepared to sacrifice myself, my reputation and career for him.

Then I understood about Adams crisis and then about Billy and his involvement in Adams recovery and came to the realisation that despite Adams protestations to the contrary, he actually loved Billy very much and as for Billy, - his love for Adam was just so enormous that he, in turn, was actually willing to accept the fact that Adam wasn't interested in him, - well not in that way and was prepared to look on as I took Adam away from him, - almost with his blessing.

So long as Adam was happy, then Billy could cope with it."


I lowered my tone so as to make my point very clear.


"My love for Adam was nothing compared with the absolute devotion that Billy had, - sorry, has for him.

I'm humbled by his willingness to sacrifice his feelings for what he saw as the greater good.

To answer your statement Jamie.

Yes. I'm feeling a deal of `self-pity'.

No. I have no regrets. My `self-pity' I can handle well enough.

Billy and Adam were meant to be together and if I was the catalyst, then I'm a very proud man to have been able to help them achieve that end.

To share their love, one with the other is the single most important thing to come out of all this and I know that all three of us will always remain friends."


I looked around the room.

Coffee hadn't been touched.

Adam and Billy were crying in each others arms and Jamie was just looking at me, - a single tear running down his cheek.


Jamie sat down beside me. Now the tears were forming for me as well. "You've a big heart! I'm not sure if I could do that if I'd been in your shoes, John?"

"Yeah Jamie! You would! You come across as a great guy. You couldn't have lived with your conscience for the rest of your life knowing all that stuff! It would bury you man?"

"That said..."

"That said what?"

"I was going to point out that you might be lonely? Without Adam I mean."

"I know it! Point out the bleeding obvious why don't you?"



"Well, ---- I was going to say that if, - just if you wanted a shoulder to cry on or... if you just wanted a friend...Jesus I'm making a bad job of this!"

"Thanks Jamie. That's really sweet of you but I need some time to think before making any commitments."

"I'm not asking for a commitment, just if you wanted a friend to talk to, - hang out with sometimes like when you come down to see Adam and Billy which I assume you will do from time to time, - you don't want to feel like a gooseberry do you. We could go out as a four-some."

I turned to Adam.

"Do you want me to come and visit you guys every now and then? I kind of thought that since you two were an item now you maybe would like some time without me on the scene."

He held out his hand to me which I grasped.

"How can you think that we wouldn't want to see you? If I thought for one moment you wouldn't come down to see me, I'd be bloody heartbroken!"

"In that case Jamie, - I would be honoured. Thankyou! I was going to ask these guys if they wanted to go out for dinner tonight so if you want, why don't we all go out?"


Because of his age, Billy had to request a pass to leave the school grounds but with that organised, I phoned the hotel and booked myself a room for the night and the four of us walked to the restaurant.


A nice enough evening although I did feel like I was the odd one out somehow with all the talk of school and things. Jamie bless him, did try his best to keep me involved in the conversation but you know how it is when something is gnawing at you in the back of your mind, - I was finding it hard to maintain concentration.

We walked back to the school. Billy and Adam gave me a `goodbye' hug and walked off.

I was going to say `into the sunset' but that would be far too melodramatic!

This left Jamie and I.

I felt as if I owed him an explanation.

"Look I'm sorry if I wasn't exactly the life and soul of the party tonight. I'm not usually so distant."

"Don't worry about it. I know it was hard for you and I really do understand, I mean I couldn't have done it?"

"Thanks! Look here's my email address and phone number. Keep in touch and when I've got myself together we'll all go out and hopefully you will see a different me!"

"So...does that mean that maybe you want to see me again?"

"I think so, - I mean yes I do but right now I'm so muddled up, I can't think straight. Jamie I'm sorry but I need time to sort myself out."

"That's ok. There's no rush. I'll give you my email and mobile number." With that he pulled a card from his jacket pocket and handed it to me.

"I didn't think mobile phones were allowed at school?"

Jamie winked at me. "They're not! If you decide to call ever, just make sure it's after eight in the evening when I'm back in my room!"


With that, Jamie gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"I'd better be going John. Bye."

I turned and walked back down the drive. I'd only taken a dozen paces when Jamie called after me.

"I hope you do!"

"Do what?"

"Call me! I really hope you'll call me! Good night!"


I called in at on off licence on the way back to the hotel and bought myself a bottle of wine and once ensconced in my room I cracked it open and sat down to think.

I stored Jamies' number in my phone, looked at it and contemplated calling him. I decided that at half past ten it was a little late and in any case, - what did I have to say to him?

Somehow I had to reconcile myself to the fact that the relationship I'd had with Adam was over and move on but was I ready to launch myself headlong into what could potentially be another one.

`I must be mad!' I thought to myself. `Jamie's a beautiful boy, - intelligent, articulate, sexy, just about the legal age, keen and so wonderfully beddable! Adam didn't dump me and I didn't dump him, --- well not really! I just gave him up to Billy because they're right for each other and Billy deserves him far more than I do.

So what's stopping me! Why can't I move on!'

I finished the wine and drifted off to sleep, - Jamies last words echoing in my head. "I really hope you'll call me!"