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Part Four.




We rounded the corner and Jamie pointed out the entrance.

We drove through a large pair of wrought-iron gates and down a long gravel driveway.

I seemed as if it went on for miles, - through parkland then woodland until, rounding a right hand bend, I saw the house.

I'd expected a massive country home but what I actually saw was a `half brick / half timbered' single storied place. It was beautifully set in gardens I'd kill babies to have!

"Wow! This is wonderful! How old is it Jamie?"

"Try 1984! The original house had burnt down some years before my Dad got involved in his business in London. Someone told him about the place and he bought it and had this built, almost as a replica of the original.

I love this place! To me it's home. Scotland is ok but if I could choose, - this would win hands down!"

"It's absolutely fantastic! I just love the grounds it's set in as well! It must take an army of folk to keep it looking like this!"

"We've two gardeners, - both full-time and then we hire extra hands as and when it's necessary. Also we have Janine who looks after the house. If I was into girls, I'd have married her by now!! She's lovely and bloody beautiful as well! You'll meet her in a minute, - let's go inside."

The interior was just as impressive. For all the world it looked as if it were the three hundred year old house it had been modelled on but small things gave away its true age.

The leaded-light windows were double glazed, - the floor boards didn't creak as you walked over them and there was a certain `newness' about the way it smelt.

Jamie stood watching me as I took in the opulence of the place.

"I didn't see Janine's car so she's probably out shopping. Come on, - I'll show you around"

We did the grand tour, - and I mean `grand'!

Twelve bedrooms, - all with adjoining bathrooms. A huge kitchen, washing room and scullery. Massive lounge, - Dining room and library, - study and games room with snooker table, darts and card tables. A fifty foot by twenty foot indoor swimming pool, hot tub and steam room and finally a gymnasium and as if that wasn't sufficient, - out side was a nine hole golf course and two tennis courts, - one grass and the other clay.

Jamie showed me into what was going to be my bedroom.

Beautifully furnished with a huge four-poster bed and a wide screen TV.

The carpet I could have slept on all by itself!

"I'm just across the hall should you need anything in the night. You'll be ok?"

"More than! Bloody Hell! It's a wonderful house! No wonder you like it here!"

"Let's go down and relax. Janine shouldn't be too long and then she can get dinner on the go.

The other place I've not shown you is the wine cellar! You'll love this being a guy who enjoys his tipple!

My Dad is very partial to a drop or ten and I'm sure that he would be more than happy for you to choose something nice to have with your dinner!!

Come on, - let me show you!"

Jamie walked in front of me as we descended down a long flight of stone steps.

"This is the only part of the house that survived the fire. My Dad recons that it probably pre-dates even the original house but we can't be sure.

He says that the temperature is perfect for storing wine and I think there's something in the region of two thousand bottles down here.

Have a look and pick one."

I was `gob-smacked' in the extreme!

Row upon row of some of the finest vintages I'd ever seen!

I was like a kid in a sweet shop not knowing which to choose and worse, - I didn't want to disturb any of them!

"Go ahead John! Pull what ever you fancy! My Dad will be pleased someone else shares his interests. – Remember the car thing? – I'll show you those tomorrow!"

I gingerly rested a Chβteau Pas- Viogn Reserva 1951.

Shit! This is so very good and to buy it in a restaurant, - if they could ever find it, - would be something like £4000 a bottle!

No way could I drink that with a clear conscience!

I went to put it back but Jamie came over and touched my arm.

That `oh-so familiar' bolt of electricity rocketed through me!

Jamie spoke in a hushed tone.

"Dad says it's wonderful! Go on, - drink it with dinner. I think you deserve some spoiling!"

I looked at Jamie almost with a fresh pair of eyes.

It really was as if I'd known him all of my life.

I was mesmerised. His clear blue eyes, even in the half-light of the cellar seemed to pierce into my brain somehow.

When he touched my arm it was as if I'd been touched by some sort of healing entity. A power seemed to course through me.

"Are you ok John? – John!?"

I was shaken back to reality.

"Oh. I'm sorry! I was miles away!"

"Back with Adam?"

"No actually I wasn't! I was here with you but something clicked inside me. I can't explain what exactly!"

"It's this spooky old cellar!

Come on, - let's get this bottle into the kitchen and Janine can decant it for you! In the mean time we have a fairly ordinary bottle of Merlot we can have a go at until dinner's ready.

You sure you're ok? I mean you look different somehow!"

"I'm very ok!

Maybe it's that `spooky old cellar' but I feel so much more, -- I don't know, - human. Better than I've felt for a very long time!"

We went into the library. Someone had lit a log fire in the grate filling the room with those rich aromatic smells only a wood fire can do.

There was a polite tap on the door and a very beautiful girl, - ok woman entered carrying a wine bottle and two glasses.

"Good evening! I'm Janine. You must be Mr..."

I cut her off mid sentence.

"Please just call me John? I'm not used to formalities!"

"That would be nice. I'm supposed to call Jamie `Mr James' but he told me not to and now I call him all sorts of things, especially when he raids the pantry!

I've decanted your wine but before it's ready to serve, I've taken the liberty of bringing this for you to enjoy first.

Dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes if that is alright with you and it'll be served in the dining room.

If there's anything else you need, please ring."

After she left the room, I turned to Jamie who was trying hard to suppress a fit of the giggles!

"Your face was a picture! I told you she was pretty didn't I!

Good at her job too but you're not allowed to fancy her, - you should see the size of her fiancι!"

"I don't fancy her! She is very beautiful though!"

Again I looked at Jamie's eyes.

It was at that point I realised that I was teetering on the verge of falling in love again and tried desperately to change the subject.

"Pour the wine before it gets too hot!

Nothing worse than hot Merlot!"

Jamie though, was holding my gaze.

"Are you happy John? I really want this to be an epic weekend.

I know how you feel and I want you to relax and enjoy it here."

"If you really want to know, - I've not felt so content in months, maybe years even. I'm so relaxed with you, - somehow it seems so natural, - I don't have to try and make conversation with you, it just happens all by itself!

It's quite astounding! Adam was fun but all the time I was aware of his age, - he was still a kid really but with you it's so very different. I feel as if I'm talking to an old friend. Can you make sense of that?"

"Flattery will get you a glass of wine if nothing else!

Ok. If it's compliment time, I'll tell you something.

That night when we all went out for dinner. You were so strung out, to the point that I was seriously concerned about you.

How you held yourself together, I'll never know.

One thing that it showed me was how much of a gentleman you are. – I don't mean that in the old fashioned way but more how much you put your ideals before your actions.

My Dad, - bless him, is the same sort of person. He's run his businesses using the same ethos. He's idealistic and tries to ensure that contracts are written up to protect the workers as well as securing profits, - that sort of thing.

I look at you and I see the same mind-set.

You are a very good person! I'm very fond of you already!

I hope that you will want to get to know me better because I feel different when I'm in your company. Settled, - comfortable and safe."

Saved by the bell comes to mind!

Janine came through and told us that dinner had been served before I had an opportunity to reply.

The food was wonderful!

A terrine of turkey, ham and pheasant followed by a Hungarian Goulash which was so very spicy! – The real deal and right up my alley!

Janine, - as it turned out, was Hungarian.

Boy, could she cook!

We kept the wine for later and back in the library, we continued our conversation.

"I'm just an editor for people who have wonderful ideas but can't put them down in writing sufficiently well enough to get published. I'm not in the same league as you father.

If you will, I feed off other folk's talent for thought and profit from it. – I'm sort of cheating really!

Bloody Hell! That wine is incredible! I must order a quarter bottle when I'm rich!!!"

We chatted for ages. Nothing life threatening but meaningful, honest conversation.

The fire was dying and Jamie put the guard up in front of it.

"I'm going to bed John.

I... um... Oh Fuck it!!

Can you give me a good night kiss? – Please?"

My resolve almost crumbled!

Jamie looked suddenly very fragile and I so wanted to bundle him up in my arms and take him to bed with me.

I looked into his eyes.

"Come here. I want to do this as much as you want me to do it but for now, - this is where it stops. --- Ok?"

We kissed and it was so very obvious that we would have ended up in bed together but I was so bloody determined that it was going to be at the right time and not fuelled by emotional rebounds.

Jamie was a fucking beautiful kisser though!

I ended up pushing him gently away.

"Jamie? Please not just yet? You know that I'd take you to bed right now but please give me a little space to work things out for myself?

I'm feeling things for you that are very new to me.

I need to adjust, --- and not just my pants!! My head hurts! I'm very confused!"

"Do you believe in love at first sight John?"

"No. I don't. --- What the hell am I saying? --- Yes I do, -- absolutely!

What makes you ask?"

"Well I do!

I saw you and I had to take a very deep breath to keep myself from falling over. – You remember, - that day in the school car park when you brought Adam and Billy back?

I've fancied guys in the past but it's been just that. – Fancied them. You know the sort of thing. Looks nice enough and you wonder what they're like in the buff and stuff but that's just a sexual thing isn't it?

When I saw you, it was the real `wow' factor! I instinctively knew you were just the sort of man I'd dream about meeting some day and there you were!

I've never asked anybody to stay here with me before. This is my private place where I can escape to, - away from the outside world. I've never felt like I wanted to share it with anyone else.

It's very strange because I desperately wanted to share it with you."

I looked at the serious Jamie that stood before me holding my hand.

"Let's sit down and talk a little more.

Given what you've just said, I'm very privileged and I thank you. I just hope I can live up to your expectations.

You knew from quite a young age that you were gay and took it in your stride, - perfectly comfortable in your skin.

It was only when I met Adam that I realised that if I wasn't 100% gay, I was at least bi-sexual and for someone who has always thought he was straight, that came as a bit of a shock.

So far I've `come out' to only one of my friends, - one I knew would treat it in confidence. I pretty sure there are a few others who suspect but only one knows.

That's my first big task but I've promised myself that I'm not going to broadcast to the world until I'm in a relationship that I'm sure will stand the test of time."

I knelt down in front of Jamie and took hold of both his hands.

"I hope that person is you.

Remember down in the wine cellar? – When I went all distant on you?

It was when you touched my arm. – I don't know how to explain this to you but it was if you hit a light switch inside me. I knew that I was meant to be here with you. I felt so very peaceful and contented, - something I haven't experienced in, I don't know how long.

If, and please God I hope, - this works for both of us, I will gladly tell the world!

Liam, - the one guy who knows said that if anyone disowned me, then they weren't much of a friend in the first place!"

Jamie looked up at me.

"He's right of course but it was easier for me because I only had to tell my folks and I knew they'd support me. – My friends weren't a problem because these days it's very acceptable to, - as they say, - practice an alternative life-style!

I guess with your friends being that bit older, some will be carrying baggage."

He paused and emptied the remains of the decanted wine into our glasses.

"Perhaps this is going to sound overly presumptuous.

I absolutely know this is going to work!

I've never been like this before John!

It's like I said before. The boys I'd fancied in the past, I just wanted to get them in the sack. Nothing more, nothing less.

Don't get me wrong here, - I want you to take me to bed but not just for the physical moment, - I want you to make love to me. That's never happened before for me. It's always been a BJ or a wank, - get your rocks off and `goodbye Vienna'!

Want to know something else?"

"Please. Go on Jamie?"

"I'm a virgin.

No-one has been `there', - not ever.

I always wanted there to be a part of me that was pure for the first person I fell in love with.

I'm telling you right here, right now! I'm in love with you John.

I know it's not been long since we met but I've never been more positive about anything in my life!

It can't be the allure of fantastic sex `cos we've never done anything, it's a magnetism I can't begin to describe!

I just want to be with you all the time, - day and night!

I'm yours when ever you feel ok with yourself. I can wait for you. I don't feel the urgency to, - you know!! I just know that it'll happen and it will be so very beautiful when it does!"

"I think we both of us know it'll happen.

I need to go slow Jamie.

I wasn't going to say this, - but after we came up from the cellar, I realised that I was faced with a situation which demanded one of two action plans.

I walk away.

I stay!

I'm staying! How could I do anything else!

I know deep within myself that I love you as well. Our first meeting in the car park, - for me was exactly as you described it for me also! – You know, you said it! – The `wow' factor!

If we start off gently and slowly?"

"I told you, - in your own time John."

"If I put my chastity belt on, - could we at least cuddle up together tonight?"

Jamie spluttered on his wine. It doesn't do to drink and laugh at the same time!

"I'll go and put the heated duvet on, - change into my licra Spiderman's outfit, uncork another bottle of wine, and then...shove you off into your own room, you old perve!!

Joke!! Ok!!

That would be bliss.

Let's see how we go. It would be wonderful to go to sleep in your arms.

I'm going to put the heat on the duvet if nothing else!"


I went up and showered.

I was wondering if my suggestion about the `cuddle-up' had been a wise move.

We were both gagging for sexual relief and it was a case of who faltered first.

I slipped on a pair of boxers and crossed the hallway to Jamie's room and tapped the door.

Dressed exactly how I was, he giggled!

"Great mind think alike and all that rubbish!!

I don't know why we cover up when there's only us in this place?!

I've taken the liberty in opening another bottle of the Merlot. – Not the wine we had with dinner, - the `Van-odineir'!

If nothing else, we might get some sleep, - if you catch my drift!

Let's have a quick drink and then I need to go to sleep, - with your arms around me?!"

"I want to feel you Jamie.

Just a little wine for me! I don't want to de-sensitise myself!

You are all I've ever wanted and I want to savour this moment."


All that gymnastics and training had certainly paid off.

Jamie's physique was stunning.

Not the muscle-bound ugliness of a body-builder but honed and tight. Not an ounce of fat to be seen, - smooth and totally hairless, - a body that oozed power and agility.

"My God Jamie! You make me feel like a complete unhealthy slob! You look truly wonderful!"

"You don't look that bad? Maybe tomorrow we can make a start on tightening you up a little but right now it's relax time."

We cuddled up in bed. I spooned into Jamie, my left arm over his waist. I kissed his neck.

Miracles do happen! I didn't get a hard-on, the feelings of tiredness washed over me and within a few minutes, I was sound asleep not waking until Jamie walked into the room with a tray of tea.

I glanced at the bedside clock. Eight-fifteen.

"Morning Jamie."

"Good morning John, or should I say `good afternoon'!

You needed that sleep, didn't you?"

"That's the best night I've had in weeks. None of the dark thoughts that have been keeping me awake, - just a peaceful sleep!

I'm also sort of proud of myself! I didn't make a move on you!"

"Yeah! Shame that! Anyhow you weren't awake long enough to even think about it. No sooner had your head hit the pillow, you were gone!

It was me that couldn't drop off! It was just a touch frustrating!"

"Sorry. There's me just thinking of myself! I hope you weren't awake for too long."

"No, don't be daft! A near naked `wow-factor man' cuddling me in my bed? I just revelled in the fact that you were there making me feel so wanted and secure. I think I would have been disappointed if I'd gone to sleep too quickly!

Do you fancy a swim before breakfast? – Work up an appetite?"

"Why not! I'll have this tea and get changed."


The water was about 68 degrees. – Perfect for a good workout.

Thirty lengths of the pool later we headed to the shower room.

It occurred to me that I'd never seen Jamie naked but that changed as he peeled off his Speedo's and ducked under the shower head.

I followed his lead and joined him under the shower.

We were both checking each other out and we both started to sport the beginnings of a stiffy!

"See something you like John?!"

"Ah! I don't see anything I don't like!"

"Nor me!"

He looked down at his dick which like mine was now standing to attention!

He gave me a sheepish grin.

"We can't go around all day like this, can we? Maybe we could just help each other out?"

Without any hesitation I reached out and gently wrapped my fingers around his cock and used my free hand to cup his hairless sac.

"Oh yessss! Oh please yes!"

Jamie half opened his eyes and reached forward and copied my movements.

For something which was only a bit of gentle fondling, it seemed like and felt like the single most erotic thing I'd ever experienced!

We seductively toyed with each other and it wasn't long before my legs started to shake with the beginnings of my orgasm.

It was Jamie who shouted first though!

"Oh God I'm cumming. Oh yes please!"

With that we both erupted simultaneously, blasting wads of cum over each other.

As our climaxes calmed down we wrapped our arms around each other and held each other closely. Jamie looked up at me and covered my lips with his, kissing me deeply.

"That was unbelievable! – And we hardly did anything! It was just like a repeat performance of the first time I was ever touched!"

"I know! Such a simple thing and yet so fantastically erotic!

You know something Jamie? If that was so good, - what'll it be like when we seriously make love!"

"So it is `when', not `if'?"

"If you want me, - then yes, it's when."

"I want you. I want you so very much and I know it will be earth-shattering in the extreme!"

I buried my head in his neck and whispered, "Thankyou God!"

Jamie playfully tickled my ribs.

"Do you want me to wear my `Spiderman' costume then? - Then burst into a fit of the giggles!


Part four ends.


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