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Part Five.



It wasn't a sudden realisation that I was in love, - I'm sure I had been from the moment I set my eyes on him but now I was ready to commit myself and grasp it thankfully with both hands.

Gone were the fits of depression and anxiety which it seemed had been a feature of my life for an eternity.

Stupid really, - Adam had only been directly out of my life for only a short space of time but even so, those dark times were as if time had stood still for me.

Jamie wasn't about to let me off lightly and had me working with his personal trainer who assessed my fitness level and worked out a training regime to bring me back into shape physically and I was assured, mentally as well.

"You see John. If you feel good about yourself physically, it can give you a boost in other ways. An inner confidence if you like. Having the will-power to stick to a training programme such as this can translate itself into a whole host of other ways.

For instance, you will find you have so much more energy, an increased power of concentration and a possessiveness you long-since forgotten you had."

Ok! I was sold on the idea.

I was very aware that for a while I'd just been slobbing about, - pretty much dividing my time between my work which was by its nature, sedentary and frequent visits to the pub.

Well I still had to work and I was damned if I was going to curtail my socialising but I could get in shape at the same time!

Jamie took me for a tour of the garages that contained part of his father's collection of vintage cars.

Most were `work in progress', undergoing various stages of restoration.

"Does your Dad do all of the work himself?"

"Mostly yes. He does have someone do all the body-work for him but the majority of the mechanical stuff he does himself.

It's slow going though! He only gets down here for about a month each year. That Speed Six Bentley over there is completely finished and it took him three years!

He tends not to rush things!"

"That beast over there seems a bit out of place though?" I pointed to a massive four wheel drive jeep-type vehicle.

"Oh that! Dads toy. He had it imported from America. It's a Chevrolet Tahoe. He once drove one across the Rockies in Canada and was hooked!

Six point two litres of sheer muscle! It's not quick as you would believe but it will quite literally go up the side of a mountain and in the utmost comfort!"

I drooled! Maybe one day?

Lunch time we walked to the pub.

It was just as I'd remembered it. Quaint and unspoilt unlike so many old village Inns in England today.

The landlord was just as I remembered him if a little older.

A couple of pints of hand-pulled beer and a `ploughmans' went down very well and if truth be told, I could have eaten it all over again but I was determined to get into shape if not for me, for Jamie.

That afternoon we fooled around on the tennis court.

Again, I was no match for him.

He was so much fitter and quicker than I was and whilst I wasn't a bad player, he could out-pace me and I ended up loosing just about every game!

No matter.

I was just so happy!

We settled in front of the fire an hour before supper, romped our way through a bottle of wine and talked and talked.

"So how do you feel after a little exercise!"

"I'll ache tomorrow I recon! Swimming, weights and that bloody rowing machine, then tennis. I can't remember having so much!"

"More of the same tomorrow and if you stick with it, trust me, you'll be surprised just how quickly you'll feel the benefits. You will actually get to the point where on a day when it's just not possible to have a work-out, - you'll miss it!

Like Paul said. A little and often to begin with. Half an hour a day to start with then gradually build up. You will soon understand how much you can do. There's a point when you know when to stop and you shouldn't push yourself past that point because you'll undo all the good it's done, - pull a muscle or whatever and then you'll have to back off until you recover. Sort of `one pace forward and two back' and that's crazy!"

"I can see that. It is rather good though. I want to get fit and God knows, I need to!"

Jamie giggled. "There is the other thing as well?"

"That is what?"

"Bedroom athletics. I think I shall be very bad at knowing my limits when it comes to that! So as my personal trainer in that event, I'll have to be guided by you!"

My turn to laugh! "You think I won't give you a hard time then?"

"It's a `hard' time I'm most looking forward too!"

Janine called us through for supper and as she was flitting in and out, the conversation took on a rather less `suggestive' tone!

"What exactly does your father do?"

"He's the CEO of the NYC Group. They operate, amongst other things, container ships and air freight operations, road haulage and rail freight transportation links across the world. It's a huge operation."

"I've never heard of them but then why should I have. I don't export."

"Visit any container port in the world, any major airport and you'll see their stuff but you're right, - it's the sort of business that no-one has ever heard of but we all of us rely on to a grater or lesser degree."

"So why Scotland?"

"Camusrory, the family home is also his head office. I suppose it doesn't really matter too much where it is but he migrated the business up there from London because he was attracted by the relocation grants that were on offer. Most of the staff moved because he earmarked an amount as like compensation allowances but those who didn't want to go still operate a slimmed down office, - like a satellite operation.

He loves Camusrory! I'll show you a photo later then perhaps you can see why he likes it but to be honest, - it's not my sort of thing."

After supper we sat together in the library just watching the magic of the dying embers in the fire as they cast flickering patterns on the walls.

Jamie had his feet up on the sofa and his head in my lap.

We didn't talk too much, - just content with each others company adding as it did, a kind of serenity to the atmosphere.

I reached across and finished my wine. The clock showed ten-thirty.

Jamie turned his head to look up at me.

"You've been very quiet? Are you alright?"

"So `alright' it's scary! And you?"

"Very contented. You know I love you don't you? I mean I really love you?"

"Yes. I do.

You know that it's reciprocated one hundred times over as well, don't you?"

"Yes. --- John?

Will you take me to bed please?"





Jamie stood by the side of my bed and allowed me to slowly undress him like a little child.

Already bare-footed from earlier, I started by removing his shirt, exposing his athletic young torso. His nipples, already stiff and hard with anticipation.

I released the clasp on his shorts and as they dropped around his ankles, I knelt down and raised one foot then the other and tossed the shorts across the room.

My face was directly in line with his crotch and I could see his cock throbbing beneath his underpants.

Slipping my fingers under the waist-band, I ran my hands gently over his tight round bum cheeks to his hips and slipped his pants off.

As he stepped out of them, I stood up and placed my hands around his back and with a feather-like touch, ran my fingers up and down from his shoulder blades to his perfect arse all the time kissing his sweet mouth, - our tongues entwining an exploring.

Jamie's legs started to shake.

"Oh God John! I'm so close! I'm going to cum in a minute!"

With that, I knelt back down in front of him placing my hands back around his beautiful orbs. I looked at his wonderful five and a half inches of uncut splendour. His foreskin was half retracted over his cock head and he was dripping pre-cum as his cock throbbed in time with every beat of his heart.

I licked around his glands savouring the sweet taste of his juices then, using my lips I rolled his tight foreskin right down and drew him ball-deep into my mouth and held him there, nuzzling my nose into his pubes.

His pre-cum was flowing like a fountain and I swallowed so much of it until it was obvious that he was getting over-sensitised.

Jamie's body shook like a jelly and I could feel his cock flexing in my mouth, begging to be allowed to release tension. I knew that I only had to move just slightly and his dam would burst!

Jamie started whimpering like a puppy.

Ohh, please John!! Let me cum, - please!! - I can't take anymore!!


With that plaintive cry I moved my left hand under his balls and tickled his perineum, - moving my lips back up to his cock-head and back down again to his pubes.

That did it! Oh and how!

Jamie tensed up and screamed as he fired shot after shot of goo down my throat, - six massive volleys followed by four or five jerks and dribbles.

His climax subsided, he flopped down onto the bed like a rag doll, - his breathing sharp and ragged.

I quickly shed my clothes and joined him, holding him like a baby, cradling him in my arms.

As he calmed down he opened his eyes, - a couple of tears rolled down his face which I kissed away.

"Tears of happiness I hope!"

"You have no idea! I have never in my life experienced anything that's come even remotely close to that! You held me off for so long I thought I was going to die!

Shit! - When I came it felt as if it would never end but I'm sorry it was so very quick. I'm normally the one who has to be worked on. I can't believe you got me so close without even touching it!"

"The gentle art of seduction! I would like to think that it's because we love each other. We made love not, - you know, - not fuelled by lust but by love."

"Umm! That was so very special. Completely different from the horsing about at school. I could never do that again, - you know, - at school. Nothing could ever compare with how you made me feel!"

"Hey! I'll tell you something? I intend to make you feel even better than that. We've only just started.

Anyway, - don't kid yourself! You'll get it on at school again? I'm not that much older than you and I need at least a toss or two every day and if I had some willing boy around, - which I don't, - I'd do it just for the moment!?"

"But you'd be well pissed off if I did, wouldn't you?"

"If I thought you were trawling the public toilets in town then I'd be devastated but not in school. You need to get off and so long as that's all it is then no. I wouldn't be pissed off!"

Jamie giggled.

"You know that song, `Nothing Compares to You'?"

"Yeah. Celine Dion wasn't it?"

"Maybe. It was before my time you old fart!!! The message is there though John. Nothing could come close to how I feel for you."

With that, Jamie turned and lifted one leg over my shoulders, straddling over me, - his head facing my dick, - his bum and balls directly over my face.

He guided his mouth over my twitching cock.

Like him earlier, - I knew I wouldn't last too long. I'd not done anything to anyone for the best part of two weeks and the desire to jack-off hadn't been there either, aside from the incident with Jamie in the shower. I was very turned on!

I closed my eyes and fell into a sort of trance. My entire body, luxuriating in his touch, - gentle, - loving and so wonderfully soft but firm took me to the heights of sexual pleasure I'd never before experienced.

A tongue around my balls and a lick up the length of my cock and then his mouth covering me!

So very gently he teased my dick with his tongue. I put my hands around his hips and sank my tongue into his crack.

The sensations Jamie was giving me drove me wild and I probed his ring with my tongue, - driving more and more into his lithe young arse, the more he serviced my cock.

I reached from under him and took his now very hard dick in my hand.

I wanted him to fuck me!

I'd never even thought about being fucked before. It was always me who wanted to be `top'.

Now I wanted him but as that thought rocketed through my mind, I realised that I was about to loose control!

"I'm going to cum Jamie!!!"

He sank his mouth over my dick and swallowed!

I exploded!

It was as if the world had stopped turning.

I just lost control of my senses as I ripped my load into his waiting mouth.

He tried to swallow it all but I heard him cough a little before manfully, going back to clean me off.

His head hit my stomach as my dick fell from his mouth.

I was completely drained and I think we both fell asleep almost instantly because I woke at five in the morning and we were still in the same position but so bloody cold!

I carefully moved him into the centre of the bed without waking him and pulled the duvet over us before spooning into him, - if nothing else but to keep him warm.

Again, I fell to sleep, not waking until just before ten in the morning.





That's it for part five.


I hope I've done something to confound my critics.


Please don't expect it every time `cos you'll be massively disappointed!


I've a picture of the boy I model Jamie on and if you would like me to post it to you, - please contact me however this is a work of fiction so please remember that none of this took place in real time and any images sent are only to enhance your enjoyment.