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`Walking in the park one day

In the merry merry month of May...'

Actually it was June and I was strolling down to my local pub for a lunch time pint but who cares anyhow. Loads of us do it ... It's part of English life when you retire or have enough money to take days off as and when you feel like it or in my case, my business was on slo-mo because of the recession and I was totally bored out of my brains.

It was a day like any other. Warm early summer sun, the birds making a furious noise in the trees as they were trying to feed early chicks or the less fortunate males desperately looking to shag any spare females that might just be around.

Well! I'm at one with the birds!

A seriously beautiful bar maid! I don't know her age, perhaps sixteen or seventeen had been taken on and being the lecherous old bastard that I am, wanted to get to chat her up.

Ok! I hear `dirty old men' comments coming this way but hang on a fucking moment please! I was a seriously dirty young man before you were out of nappies! I'm so wonderfully qualified to be a dirty old man, so much so that even I'm worried about me!

Normal lunch time. The place was almost empty but the object of my perve was working! Oh wow was she beautiful! Colt-like body, small breasts, long legs and well, - under the uniform, - - -!?

Totally out of my league of course but no harm in a bit of conversation, is there?

I was just debating whether or not to order pint number four, when I saw him.

Just a fleeting glimpse of a boy. A youngish boy, perhaps thirteen or fourteen, wearing cut-off khaki trousers, white trainers and a tee shirt, the sleeves of which had been removed at the shoulders.

His body was slender with a mop of mid length dark blond hair.

He had passed through from the kitchen to the dish wash room where he disappeared from view without looking my way.

That being so, I was unable to tell if he was particularly good looking but I felt my pulse rate increase slightly!

Now I don't consider myself gay, not fancying men in the slightest but a cute boy? That's something entirely different!

I called the bar maid over.

"Go on then, I'll have one more".

As she was pouring the beer, I manoeuvred my bar stool to give me a slightly better view of that part of the bar.

I was rewarded a few moments later when he reappeared and waited to have a word with the bar maid.

She finished serving my beer and went to talk with him.

He was a seriously `pretty' boy. Not hansom but an almost `girl like' face raised my heart rate up another notch.

Possibly by instinct but he obviously became aware of me staring at him because he looked over her shoulder and looked straight into my eyes.

I looked away, slightly embarrassed that I'd been caught out and took a mouthful of my pint, acutely aware that I was blushing furiously.

I hoped my sun tan would hide most of that!

Their conversation over, she turned and walked into the kitchen but he remained static for a moment.

I looked up and he was looking directly at me. Shit! I'm blushing again!

He gave me a little grin and turned away and walked back into the wash area and out of sight.

Ten minutes or so later, I'd finished my drink without having seen him again, contemplated another but decided four on a lunch time was enough and walked home.


Sitting at my desk later that afternoon, I pondered the earlier events.

He waited there deliberately to catch my attention, or was that just wishful thinking?

That smile. Was that just being friendly? A nervous smile or a `knowing' smile?

Whatever, I was well and truly captivated and resolved to find out more about him without making it too obvious that I was perving after him.

Now I really enjoy my lunch time beer but very rarely go to the pub in the evening but tonight was going to be different.

I showered and changed and wandered down about half past eight.

Most of the diners had left although the place was still busy and so I was just a little pissed off to find someone had nicked `my' stool with it's vantage point into the wash area!

I got talking to the landlady.

"See you've got new help in the kitchen, Karen".

"New help? Oh you must mean Adam. One months work experience".

"Shaping up ok is he?"

"Early days yet but he seems willing enough".

"Looks a little young for work experience?"

Karen grinned. "You're not the first to say that John. Actually he's fifteen. Poor lad, it's not his fault he looks about twelve"!

"Guess he should be happy with that. I doesn't last for ever! God knows I wish I could look younger than I am"!

"You look pretty good? How old are you"?

"Thirty eight but still wish I could be eighteen again"!

"Yeah! Don't we all! Talking about Adam, he's a really nice kid. Switched on in many ways but surprisingly naοve in others. His parents are both very educated. His Mum, by all accounts, is a consultant surgeon in Birmingham and his Dad is a professor of physcollogy at Oxford University".

"Where do they live? I thought I knew most people round here"?

"Tewkesbury. Got some nice place along the river, so I'm told. Both his Mum and Dad came over to give us the `once-over' before agreeing to Adam's placement here. They seemed nice enough people. Anyhow John, better get on. See you later".

Tewkesbury. Damn, that's eighteen miles away! A long way to come for work experience?

My `vantage point' became free so I moved across to have a little peek!

I wasn't to be disappointed. Some moments later, Adam appeared with a pile of plates and delivered them into the kitchen.

A swift glance through into the bar and gone. Whether he saw me or not was debateable as I saw no sign of recognition. Maybe he was looking out for `traffic' coming out from behind the bar.

I waited.

Not long after, he reappeared. This time he paused and looked through and once again our eyes met.

The lunch time four, coupled with an evening three had made me less cautious than earlier, so I held is eyes just that little bit longer.

This time, he looked down and slightly away from me momentarily before holding my eyes once more. That little smile again but this time it was he who was blushing!

I drank up and left, not wanting to push my luck. Any understanding had been made. Any recognition of interest had been clocked by both of us.

Well maybe!

These little meeting of eyes continued for the next couple of weeks, on and off but never a word spoke between us.

Sometimes just a smile, sometimes a more – I don't know – a more lingering look but I put it all down to my fertile imagination.

I wondered if, because of his age, he wasn't allowed behind the bar as he never wavered between the kitchen and the washing-up room.

Never mind. I guessed that I was having fun just looking at him and he would be gone in another couple of weeks anyhow so no reason to get too worked up.

Fate takes curious twists and turns however.

It was about two days later. The weather reports on the television started to take on an ominous tone.

Severe weather warnings being issued for the far south-west of England and heading our way within a few days.

Rain. Lots of rain.

The village where I live is in the middle of farm land and is set in a hollow. Which ever way you try to get out, you go up an incline. A lattice-work of streams, drainage ditches weave there way around and about to allow the water to escape down to the River Severn some ten miles away and then onwards to the sea.

The farming methods have altered over the years. Arable is a rarity so most of the land has been put down to beef, sheep or turf.

The result is, no deep ploughing takes place and the ground has no natural drainage.

We'd been close to flooding before however this looked naughty. Very naughty.

The Thursday morning dawned. Well sort of.

Dark leaden-grey skies and not a breath of wind.

A steely, almost morbid feel was in the air. The humidity, - oppressing in the extreme.

Then it started.

Large plops of rain. BIG drops that hurt like crazy if they hit bare skin.

Slowly at first but increasing in amounts by the minute.

Then the winds. Almost from out of nowhere. – Gale force gusts that could knock you off your feet, - and the rain!

It threw it down.

In all my life I'd never seen rain like it except from the monsoons in the far east where I'd lived some years before.

I checked my house stand-by generator for fuel and topped up my old Fordson tractor and hitched up a large trailer.

I ran down to the pub.

In the bar, the talk was about the water. How the watercourses were holding up and so on. Two of us ventured to the stream behind the pub and stood transfixed as it raced away under the bridge, swelling and rising by the minute.

Alex, the guy with me, pointed in sheer disbelief as a substantial tree shot past us and wedged itself under the bridge.

"Got to get that fucker away or the cut will block"!

"After you son! I'm bollixed if I'm getting in there! I like life"!

"Your right I suppose but that's fucking it for the village. That blocks, were under water! Holy shit John! LOOK AT THAT"!

A whole mess of bushes were careering down the stream and came to rest against the tree.

That was it! Within five minutes the banks went and the carpark was awash with tens of thousands of gallons of water racing across and into the road. Nowhere else to go.

The `knock-on' was inevitable.

All the little brooks and drains burst their banks and water cascaded into the village engulfing most of the houses, some by just four or five inches, some five or six feet.

Nothing could have been done, so fast was the event.

Then the final nail was hit home.

As Alex and I waded back toward the front door of the pub, two loud bangs stopped us in our tracks.

The first was a manhole cover in the road being blown three foot into the air accompanied by a fountain of water from below. The second was the main village electricity substation going under water. All power lost and the rain relentless.

"Alex, I'm gone! Light some fires in my house and get the genny going. I should be dry at the moment, - I'm higher than most. Look I'll drag the tractor out so I can see what the fuck is happening. It's heavy and won't get washed away. You get the generator in the pub going and see if we've still got phones. Ok"?

My place remained dry but only just. I had generator power but no phones. Even the cell network was tits up.

We used the tractor to ferry people to the pub, not just from within the village but from the island of high ground on the main road some two miles away.

Ten at night.

I am soaked to the skin and shaking with cold.

I parked up and waded to the front door of the pub.

Why I took my wellies off, I don't know because the floor of the pub was under two inches of water!

The place was packed like a fucking sardine can but I was ushered to the bar, recognised as the person that had got most of them there in the first place!

A few VERY large brandies!

Karen the landlady saw me.

"John! You ok? You look bloody awful"!

"No I'm ok. Just cold but I've got fires on at home and power so I'm going to head off unless you need anything"?

"We'll be ok but I don't think we'll be closing tonight! Hundred and thirty-something people in here all wanting food and drink"!

"Nice business if you can get it"!

"Might go somewhere towards the cost of the clear-up! Actually there is just one other thing? We've a wafe and stray who can't get home and Lord knows, we can't put him anywhere! Help us maybe"?

"Uh sure. Why not. Who is he"?

"Adam. Tewkesbury is just a `no-go' area even if he could get out of here. If we're bad, Tewkesbury is a disaster area. Can you.."?

"Go get him. He'll be fine at my place"!


`Oh My God' I'm going to get to talk to him!

That, even after all the events of the day, was the only thought that coursed through my mind! The fact that he was going to be sleeping in my house really never registered.

I was going to talk to him!

Adam came into the bar and Karen introduced us.

"Adam this is John and he's going to put you up for the night. He's an ok guy, I promise. You'll be fine ok"?

I don't want to go over the top but his voice was light and airy. A little like his stature. That little smile as he held out a very small, delicate hand.

"I know John from the pub. We've not talked but I feel I know him already".

(Blush time if I hadn't been so cold).

"Thanks Karen".

"Thank John not me chap"!

"Let's go Adam. You got a coat or something"?

"No. Mum dropped me off and was supposed to collect me so what you see is what you get".

"You're going to get wet for five minutes then pal. The house is warm and I've got power so you can shower and I can dry your clothes off in the dryer. I'll find something you can wear in the meantime".

The comment he made, - `What you see is what you get' didn't register immediately, probably due to the cold but later, as I put his clothes into wash and he was showering, it did!

God! I wish I could get what I saw!

Settle down you purvey bastard!

I went to stoke the lounge fire sending a shower of sparks up the chimney and a flood of heat into the room. The lights fluttered a bit as the shower pump kicked in and out but settled down.

Adam had finished his shower.

"Come into the living room when you're ready Adam. It's warm at least"!

Wrapped in only a large bath towel, Adam walked in and flopped down in front of the fire.

"Oh, great! Proper warmth! My parents house only has central heating. I love the smell of wood fires"!

"No good to you central heating if the power is out! I've 10kVA into the house but that's not enough to run everything plus the heating so I burn the good old fashioned fires! Pleased you like them! You'll stink of wood smoke tomorrow but probably better than smelling damp! Do you want anything to eat"?

"No thankyou I'm fine. Just so nice to be warm again"!

"I'm going to have a drink. Coffee with a large brandy chucked in for good measure. That warms me up. Can I tempt you"?

"Well... I love coffee but I'm not old enough to drink alcohol but.."

"I think tonight is somewhat different to most nights. I won't tell your folks if you don't! It will warm you up and also help you to sleep better and unless I miss my guess, we're going to need all the sleep we can get for tomorrow".

We drank coffee and brandy. I was careful about the measure I gave Adam. Ok, I wanted to seduce him but not that way. Please credit me with some common sense!

Adam was getting very tired as was I. Reluctantly I made the move by putting a flame guard in front of the fire.

I shook him gently.

"Come on Adam. Lots to do tomorrow. It's time to sleep".

Almost totally out of it, I helped him to the spare room and put him into bed leaving the towel around him, - reluctantly! I turned the heavy tog duvet over him and went to my room and fell into bed, conscious only of the fury of the rain and wind.

I was asleep in a matter of seconds.


By the following morning the rain had eased somewhat. I looked out from the bedroom window hoping the water levels had dropped.

I was to be disappointed.

I dressed and crept down stairs allowing Adam to wake in his own time.

I kicked the fires back into life, let myself out of the house and filled the generator up with diesel.

The clouds still looked ominously black on the horizon. We weren't out of the shit just yet.

Back in the lounge, I switched the TV on to the local news.

Reports from all over the three counties of floods, power failures and no immediate improvement in the weather situation.

Roads blocked by trees making it difficult for emergency services to cope.

Communication systems all but neigh unusable.

Upton, Bewdley and Tewkesbury had born the brunt of the storms with all three towns cut off by the water, - I guessed this was because they were all three waterside towns.

Then I remembered Adam.

His home was Tewkesbury.

God! I hope his folks are ok!

I made a mug of tea and took it up to his room and knocked the door.

No response!

I walked into the room to wake him.

Oh man what a sight!

He was laying on his stomach with the duvet over the top side of his body affording me a wonderful view of his bum and legs.

I forced myself, -- after a few minutes (!) to set the mug down and wake him.

"Hey Adam! Wake-up time"!

A grunt and then he turned over rubbing his eyes thus completely exposing himself to me from the stomach down!

I didn't grunt, - I groaned out loud!

He wasn't large for his age, - just bloody perfect! His cock half-hard and a small bush of blond pubes and a nice tight hairless ball-sac!

Uncut too! Just what I love!

A billion thoughts flew through my head in an instant, - most of which I could get arrested for but now Adam was waking up and I'd better get out before he sees what I'm doing but it was too late!

"Uhh. Morning John. Oh woops. Sorry! I didn't mean to flash you"!

"My fault. You were on your tummy when I came in and you just turned over. It should be me to say sorry".

Adam pulled the duvet back over himself, blushing furiously!

"No matter. Not a great deal to see, is there"!

I was fumbling for words but just blurted out – "What you've got is fine by me. – Oh shit that's not what I meant to say"!

"That's nice to know and – that is was I meant to say"!

"Oh bugger! Look. Your clothes are dry and if you want to shower, - well you know where it is and I'll get breakfast on the go. We're not out of the woods yet with the weather. Got a lot to do. Ok"?

"Bugger? Never on the first date"!

Adam dissolved into fits of laughter.

"One up to you! I'm cooking breakfast"!


Over breakfast, we talked about the conditions and especially those in Tewkesbury.

He had talked to his mother the previous afternoon who was going stay in Birmingham and was going to talk to his father who he assumed, would stay in Oxford. He wasn't too worried about them.

The house? Probably covered by insurance but not his problem. What could he do anyway?

I found a pair of wellies my eleven year-old niece had left behind after a visit which fitted him fine, so small were his feet!

A waterproof jacket that was way too big for him completed his attire.

We took the tractor down to the pub and dropped him off for work.

I spent the day sand-bagging houses and towing vehicles to higher ground but at four in the afternoon the rains came back with a vengeance.

Back in the pub, nothing much had changed from the previous evening. Maybe slightly more organised but the volume of people still the same. Where else could they go for fucks sake!

A man approached me.

"You're the guy who ferried me in the tractor, aren't you"?

"Well unless there were two tractors, - yes".

"Look. My truck is full of perishable food. Meat, vegetables, frozen fish, deep chilled fruit. The fridge unit will run out of fuel in a couple of hours had the whole fucking lot will be pig food a couple of hours after. These people here have been feeding all of us for almost no cost, - some people are now out of cash. The phone lines are down so credit cards aint an option. You and me get back to my rig and empty the fucker into the freezers here and feed these people for free. What do you say"?

"Get your keys. Let's go".

Job done. The pub restocked and people nourished. I needed a bloody drink! I needed to sit down! I needed...

"John? John! Wake up. We've something to ask you"!

I shook myself awake. My head in my hands on the bar and two large glasses of wine untouched.

I looked at my watch. I'd lost it for just over an hour.

"What you need Karen"?

"How many can you put up at yours"?

"Oh God. Give me a moment. Uh I don't know. Well three double rooms not including mine. The dining room and the lounge. I've some inflatable beds and three or four sleeping bags. Downstairs will be warm and upstairs warm-ish. So as many who want to rough it".

I ferried families with young kids across and settled them in as best I could. The men, in charge of stoking the fires and fuelling the generator.

The men and boys were to piss outside into the hedgerows and family dumps were mandatory to prevent the septic tanks from overflowing.

I counted nineteen people. Adults and kids.

I headed back to the pub and finished my wine.

By eight thirty, the party spirit was starting to pall.

Everyone fed and watered and sleep for most, was a blessed refuge from their predicament.

Then Adam appeared. Shit! I'd forgotten about Adam!

"Hi John. Karen says I can go for tonight. It's all pretty most done. Can I come to yours again"?

"Of course you can but with a slight modification. C'mon let get home"!


"Oh wow! All these people in your house! Are they staying like overnight"?

"And beyond maybe. Have to wait and see how the water recedes. The change or the modification I told you about is this. I've arr, given up your room to a family of five. The other bedrooms are full as is the dining room and the lounge. I'm sorry but with all the confusion, I um, forgot you were in the house. I was caught off guard when I was tired and gave away the lot. The only place left is my room. Look I know it's not ideal but I promise that...".

"You inviting me to sleep with you, like in your room?"

"I'm sorry. With all the shit happening, I forgot about practicalities. My room is the only place left. – If you don't mind, - if you want that is. No – I mean – ."

"If you can guarantee I'll be warm and safe, taken care of and stuff?"

"What do you think. I'll not take care of you?"

"Awesome John. Oh wow! Just wait until I tell my Dad!"

"WHAT!! I mean what?"

"My joke. I needed to know."

"Know what?"

"I needed to know that you fancied me! Ok I was pretty sure you did from our `contact' in the pub but I wasn't totally sure. Now I am. You don't have to worry, honest!"

Adam took a pause which allowed me to wipe the sweat of my forehead!

"You know the TV series `Torchwood'?"

"Yes. It's good. So?"

"Captain Jack. He's gay. He comes from away back and because of some strange accident, can't ever die and better, never ages. – Always looks like a hunky guy. He's so – beautiful! So sexy!"


"Well it's fantasy isn't it. It's television or a video game, morph-land. Fantasy! You're real though. You're flesh and blood! Untouchable for a while but now. Now. – Now you've offered to share your bed with me."

"Captain Jack? Not my ideal!? I'm not into men!"

"You want me though don't you John. I'm what you like and you're what I've been dreaming about. Look, I may look small but I have feelings and intuitions. I want you to be my `Captain Jack' and you want me, - to be what ever you want me to be! Those looks in the pub took a lot of courage for me to do. You might have said something. I could have lost my placement. I knew you and I were to be together, - in bed, - if only once. I really want you to take me John! I really do! I want you to make love to me!"

"You – you really want me? I mean you like me – fan—"

"Yes! I fancy you! From that first day you looked at me! God! I was so embarrassed looking at you looking at me! I tried to ignore it but I looked back. I had to! I was worried that I'd misinterpreted the looks you gave me so I stayed away from the bar when you were in, just in case I was wrong!

I saw you smiling at me and stuff and I was happy"

"Oh my God! Oh my God! You have just echoed my feelings! Shit! I was just so struck with you! I was scared but wanted to see you – just to see you was enough! I don't know how to say how I feel".

"Take me to bed and show me how you feel then."


The moment I never dared to think would happen!

He was here – with me! Asking me to take him to bed and make love to him!

I was totally overwhelmed! I could feel tears running down my cheeks.

I looked Adam in the eyes and noticed he was weeping too.

"Why are we crying, Adam! This is the most beautiful event of my life!"

I took him in my arms and pulled him towards me, almost reverently and kissed him gently on the lips.

Adam groaned, opened his lips and kissed me back, - our tongues entwining in a real lovers kiss.

I could feel his hardness pushing against my thigh. His breathing becoming more urgent by the moment.

Without warning, he pushed me away and ripped off my shirt, the buttons flying over the room.

"Take me John? Please! I'm so `almost there' and I won't last long the first time, I'm not in control. Please NOW!"

I knelt down and deftly removed the towel and undies to his ankles and without waiting for him to step out of them, took his rather impressive young cock into my hand. His foreskin was almost completely retracted and he was leaking pre-cum big time.

I took him in my mouth and with all the tenderness I could muster, began to pleasure him.

Adam whimpered like a puppy!

"Oh dear God! Oh YES! Oh, more PLEASE more! Oh my GOD!"

I cupped his fabulously hairless little sac in my hand and felt it rise up into his body.

"Oh sweet! Oh FUCK PLEASE! Oh John I'M CUMMING!"

I throated him. Down to his sparse pubes and used my swallowing muscles on his cock head.

That did it for him!

Two, three pulses from him and a noise from deep inside of him.

"Uhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Yesssssssss!"

Pulled him from my throat as the last spasm hit him so it would land on my tongue.

Oh man did he taste good!

An involuntary shudder as his orgasm subsided. I let go of his dick and gazed up at him.

"You ok? I mean did you like?"

Now why do we ask such fucking stupid questions! What's he going to say?

`No it was fucking horrible! You bastard! What ever did I do to deserve that!'

Some little bit was said along those lines however.

"Like?? Did I like? What did I do so right to deserve that!?"

"Adam. You are just so beautiful. I needed that from you. You are just so... what I wanted!"

"Sorry I was so quick! I've been waiting so long for this moment! Boys from school are one thing but a real man! I'm sorry but I got carried away!"

"Why sorry? We've all night if you want. My dream has come true and I'm so happy. Smiles from the bar and now this."

"I want the night to last John. I'm a randy kid and I'll come back to life in a bit! After all my `Captain Jack' is still in his clothes!"

I looked down. I was too!

"That's soon fixed. Go take a rest on the bed and I'll get some drinks, have a shower and then... well. Let's see how the mood takes us. Right?"

"The `mood' won't take long to hurry back! Hope you don't!"

"A shower. I'll be back in ten minutes. – Promise! Get under those sheets and I'll be with you as soon as I can!"

If any of my new `house guests' had seen me wandering about like a lost soul, I figured that they would assume that I was tired but no-one was about.

I made two coffee's and shot a large brandy into mine.

Then after some thought, a small dribble into Adam's.

I set them down on the bedside table and stripped out of my clothes. I heard the toilet flush and a moment later, Adam re-appeared. – Beautifully stark naked.

"Oh, Wow! You're even better naked than I hoped you would be! John you're fantastic! Oh wow!"

"As good as `Captain Jack'?"

"Who is he??! That was my fantasy at school! You're real and way better than my fantasy! Will you make love to me now?"

"As much as I know how to. I don't make a habit of this! Cuddle me please!! Just let it happen."


It happened and how did it happen!

Adam had mouth-washed and squirted himself with de-odorant but that `boy-smell' was still there. Oh God he was just so beautiful!

He climbed into my bed and melted into my arms, - his head on my shoulders.

I was hard as a rock, - my cock digging under his balls as he cuddled me.

"I want to suck you John! Can I"?

"Can you ever! Let's 69 it together shall we"?

"Well, ok but my feet might be a bit niffy".

"I don't give a flying fuck! It's your smell and I'm going to have your body! All of it! All of you! OK"?

"Oh wow! Please!"

We turned around and hugged each others legs. Kissing and nibbling at each others thighs and the tender, sensitive back of the legs.

I pulled his legs up and licked his little feet. They didn't smell bad at all! – Just wonderful!

Adam was squirming and writhing.

"Oh God! I'll cum again if you do that some more!!"

"No you're not! Not yet!"

I manoeuvred myself into the best position to take his cock into my mouth and slipped onto him, gently throating him using my `swallow' muscles to massage his cock head.

Adam swallowed all of me as best he could, - which was most of it!

My turn to shout!

"Jesssuuusss Adam! I'm cumming!!!!!!"

Adam kept up the onslaught on my cock and I exploded into his mouth, - three – four – five times.

I collapsed with exhaustion in between his legs. His dick was still half inside my mouth but I was gasping for breath, - unable to do anything for him temporarily!

You like, John!!?"

"Oh you don't know how much! Where did you learn to do that"!

"I'm at boarding school, right? Lots of boys together all the time? It kind of goes with the territory. Most kids experiment. – Most seem to grow out of it. I guess I didn't.

Strange though. I enjoyed the messing around but always wanted to be with a man rather than another boy. I don't know why.

The other boys just wanted a quick wank or, at best, a quick gobble but I wanted it to mean something. That's where `Captain Jack' became my fantasy."

"Oh to be thirteen again and in a boarding school! That's my fantasy!

I'd fuck myself crazy! – Probably be expelled after a couple of terms for over-exertion!"

"Talking about that, - you know, - fucking? – I wondered if you would – I mean – I wondered if you would..."

"Fuck you?"

"Well, yes."

"Let me tell you something. I've never done that before, - not to a boy or man. I would really love to have you but you have to know, - I'm not exactly an expert, ok?"

"A learning curve for both of us then. I've never done it either!"

"You sure about this? It might hurt a bit?"

"I want it to be with you. If it's too much, well I know you'll stop. Other boys have told me that the first time is painful but then it's fantastic! Will you take me?"

"Let's see how it goes. I'm totalled now! Yes, - I would love to be the one but first I've got to get some rest! Please cuddle me?"


I spooned into him and softly caressed his chest and legs. Adam wriggled his bum right up against my cock which was sufficient to bring it back to life!

He half turned towards me and whispered.

"Take me John? Please?"

I reached for a jar of moisturising lotion and liberally coated my dick, then worked some more into the crack of his bum. Adam shuddered!

"That's cold! Nice but cold!"

Still lying on his side, I pressed my cock on the entrance to his sweet hole and pushed.

"Relax. Open yourself up to me."

Suddenly I was in. Just the head of my cock but in none the less! Adam flinched with the intrusion.

"You alright? You want me to come out?"

"No! Just wait a bit. Let me get used to it."

I could feel his sphincter slowly relax to accommodate me so I pushed a little more into him.

"Damn, you feel huge in there!"

"You ok though?"

"Oh yes! Oh God this is what I wanted!"

Little bit by little bit I fed him my cock until his arse cheeks were firmly against my groin.

"I'm in all the way, Adam. Are you sure you want this?"

"Fuck me John. Please?"

I slowly withdrew until only my cock head was inside of him, then gently pushed right back in again.

Adam was moaning and tossing his head from side to side.

I settled in to a slow rhythm, withdrawing and back in again, picking up the pace bit by bit.

Bloody hell, did he feel good! Way better than any pussy I'd ever had!

I had to watch it as I could feel the beginnings of my orgasm building deep inside me. I wanted this to last for as long as possible but what could I do!

Luck however, was on my side for once. Adam let out a guttural growl and I could feel him clamp is bum muscles tighten around my cock.

"Ohhhhhh shitttttt! Ohhhh Yessssss!!"

I ran my hand down to his dick as he pumped copious quantities of his cum on to it.

That did for me. No holding back now! Two more thrusts and I emptied my balls deep inside him!

"Oh dear God! Oh wow! Oh shit Adam that was sooo good!"

I removed my cum-soaked hand and licked all of his offering off with my tongue.

"You liked!! I didn't even touch myself and I came! That was unreal! Thank you!!"

We remained coupled until my dick softened and slipped out.

Adam turned over and kissed me on the lips.

"I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be as good as that! I can't describe just how fantastic that was!"

"It was nothing short of amazing for me too, you wonderful boy!"

Adam giggled. "Shame you went soft! I could have stayed like that all night!"

"More later perhaps?!"

"Oh yes please! Just as soon as you're ready!"

"Sounds good to me! I need a shower first though. I'm all cummy!"

"You first then me. Shame this one upstairs has only enough room for one, John. That could be a lot of fun otherwise!"

"Maybe I'll alter it specially for you."

"No? Especially for both of us!"


I just couldn't believe my luck. To say we shagged the night away makes it sound course but for want of a better description, I guess that's just exactly what we did but it was way more than that.

Every time I looked at Adam, I had to catch my breath. He was everything I'd ever fantasised about but never for one moment, thought I could ever have.

As for Adam, his approach to sex became ever more loving. His cuddles, his kisses, so meaningful and deep. He could use his lithe body in ways only a boy or an athlete could.

His favourite position was to sit on my cock facing me and bend himself at the waist so we could kiss as I fucked him.

Now I'm not hung like a donkey, - far from it. A respectable and genuine six or so inches but even in that position, I could `bottom out' inside him with ease.

I was also, if you'll pardon the expression, rising to the occasion. I could stay hard inside him even after I'd come, - just waiting for him to recover before going at it again.

Just about every time, he would climax without touching himself but in that, his favourite position, his beautiful dick was pressed hard against my stomach which undoubtedly stimulated him somewhat.

I think it was about four in the morning by the time we both ran out of steam.

Adam collapsed on top of me, - my cock still buried inside his guts.

"I'm knackered John! Absolutely fucked!"

"You have been, - and it was without exception, the most fantastic experience of my whole life!"

There was no response to my little joke. Just the sound of slow, rhythmic breathing. Adam was totally out of it.

Fortunately, he was no `heavy-weight' so I didn't need to move him to drift off to sleep myself.


I woke just before eight in the morning. Adam had slipped off me but still maintained a close hold, facing me nose to nose.

I delicately kissed his lips.

"Wake up, sleepy head! Time to get up and say `hello' to a new day!"

Adam opened one eye and gave me a little smile!

"Just five more minutes like this, - please?"

"Five more minutes and we'll never get out of bed today and well you know it!"

"Mmmmm! You're right there!"

"We've got house guests, remember?"

"We've? You have or is this my house now!?"

"I wish. Don't spoil things just now. I know this isn't for ever. Just don't remind me please!"

"Sorry. I don't need to be reminded of that either. You're right! Let's get the work done and then...?"

"Then.., don't know how we'll fill the rest of the day!!"


The water had receded overnight and my house emptied shortly after ten o'clock.

Families thanking me for the accommodation and vowing to keep in touch, which few rarely do.

The pub was emptying and people examining there vehicles for signs of damage.

The one truck driver who's load we'd emptied into the pub's freezers, was up and running. The tail gates of his trailer open to give it some air.

"I'm going to get shit about this mate! What we didn't off-load is bollixed! My boss will have a fucking heart attack!"

"Yeah but your rig's ok and so are you. Here's my business card> If he's got a problem, get him to call me. You were the saviour for many people these last few days. Engrave that on your grave stone man!"

Back in the pub, the clear-up operation was underway.

"Oh God! Just look at the state of this place John! You can't see it with all the bodies all over the floor but when it's clear, - God!"

"I can help you. I stayed dry, by the grace of God so apart from a little bit of tidying up, I'm ok. You've Adam to help as well?"

"I can't ask him to help with this? It wasn't part of the agreement! Anyway, he's done more than his bit these last few days, - he must be knackered!"

I winked at Adam before I replied.

"I think you'll find he's got a lot more stamina than you think!"

Adam winked back!

"Come on Karen. What can I do?"

"Well, I can't say I don't need some help but John. Go home and sort stuff out at home. If I need you, we'll come and knock the door."

Adam didn't grin. He just gave me a full-fledged smile!

"See you later, John?"

"Absolutely! I'll `get down' as soon as I can!!"


I rescued the house from the inevitable rubbish that nineteen people leave, - stoked the fires, re-filled the generator and restocked the wood bunkers.

I was just thinking about getting my head down for an hour when I heard a knock on the door.

"Coming Karen! Give me a second!"

Not Karen but a man and a woman who I'd never seen before. He was good looking, if a bit `vertically challenged' at about five-four. She was stunning! About the same height but no mistaking the family resemblance.

This had to be Adam's parents.


I swallowed hard!

"Can I help you? Oh damn, - that was a stupid question! You're Adam's parents aren't you! Come on in!"

Adam's Dad spoke first.

"You're John then! Adam told us where you lived. Thank you for all you've done. They speak highly about you in the village."

"You do what you can in situations like these. It's really no big thing."

In my head, I'm doing cartwheels.

They've come to take him home! – Worse! – He told them what we'd been up to and the police would be waiting for me!

I made coffee for them and sat them down, expecting the bomb shell. – It happened but not the way I'd expected.

"Well Mr ..."

"Just John but my family name is Cooper but John is fine."

"What do you do John?"

Now. Where is this going?

"I'm a book-worm. – Well sort of. I publish works on the internet which are of interest to minority groups, - the sort of things that main stream publishers wouldn't use."


"Uh, uh! No! Just works that will only be read by people, with a specific interest, in a given subject.

Circulation, perhaps two hundred people tops."

"In what sort of field then. Science, literature, history?"

Adam's mother interjected.

"Sam you are so rude! John has looked after Adam and now you're giving him the `work over' you reserve for his schooling!"

"I'm sorry! She's right but with all the confusion..."

"Don't worry. No offence taken. Your son has been here for a few days and it's natural for you to sound me out. I'd do the same in your position. I work with scientific publications, human rights issues and well yes, - I've published stuff that's not necessarily main stream, - but not illegal. Life is out there. It has to be spoken about."

Adams father spoke out.

"I'm at Oxford. I study human behaviour. I'm a physiologist. – That said, - I don't know it all otherwise I'd be a very wealthy man!

We've been down to the pub and Adam is so very complimentary about you that we are comfortable about asking you a question."



"We're still under water John. We're in a caravan, - well more a mobile home really but with Adam's work placement and things, well we wondered if we paid you, could he stay with you until things are sorted out at our end? Look. We'll pay you for having him, - but we'll understand if it's too much trouble."

"It's no trouble at all, honestly. With everything that's been happening these last few days, I recon Adam has got his `gold star' and more. Talk about a `work placement with a difference'! No payment, by the way. I will not accept it. He worked here too when the going was tough so as far as I'm concerned, if you would like him to stay, that's fine but he stays for free. – Ok?"

"We'll talk about it but I need to say something else to you. Let me distract the `meme-sahib' for a few moments! – Darling, would you give John and I a moment please?"

"Yes, - yes of course. I'll walk back down to the restaurant."

With Adam's mum out of the way, his father turned to me, pausing momentarily before speaking.

"This is arr, a bit difficult, - well sensitive actually. May I ask, - are you gay?"

"I... well, - I don't know how to answer that really?"

"You're not married though."

"No. I guess I'm a professional flirt but no, I never married."

"Adam is gay. He's never as such said anything but I'm a very good judge of these things. I know my own son very well."

Another pause.

"He's changed since I last saw him. He's happy, - more confident. He has a certain spark about him, - almost as if he's found something he's been looking for and unless I've missed my guess, - that `something' is you. He's talked about his work placement of course, - and the floods but mostly about you. Now I'm not here to criticise or be judgemental, I just need to know and understand."

I sort of went on to the defensive.

"I think I understand what you're trying to ask but you've just not a few minutes ago, asked if Adam could stay here with me until things are sorted out at home. I doubt you would ask me that if you thought anything `inappropriate' was going on between him and I?"

"I just need to know John. I'd far prefer him to have a relationship with someone he can love and be loved in return, than play the field and get hurt, I mean physically and mentally. He's a very sensitive boy and I only want him to be happy. Can you understand that?"

"Yes. – I can understand that and if you really want to know, I'm extremely fond of him, to a point that quite honestly scares me."

"You love him."

"Here we go then."

I swallowed hard, the sweat breaking out on my forehead.

"I have never experienced feelings towards anybody even remotely like those I feel for Adam."

"Thankyou for your honesty John. Let me tell you something else. I'm happy for him and happy for you."

"But I..."

"I know. He's under age in the eyes of the law but not by much. You've got to remember, he'll do what he wants to do whether it's legal or not. I'm just so pleased he's found love and contentment with you. You won't get the police breathing down your neck, I promise. All I ask is that you take great care of him. He'll be returning to school in a matter of weeks but you know that of course. I will tell the headmaster that it is ok for you to visit or take him out weekends. That will make life easier all round, I think. I'll tell him you're a very close family friend which is about as close to the truth as possible given the circumstances."

"I'm overwhelmed! Never in my wildest dreams did I believe this could happen!"

"You come across as a kind, caring and compassionate man. What better could we ask for our son."

"Talking of `we'? Your wife. How does she feel about this? I mean, you couldn't have had much time to discuss it with her, - after all, you only found out about me today?"

"We both recognise and understand his sexual orientation and we're comfortable with it. Our major concern was who he would, for want of a better phrase, `fall in love with'. Now if we thought that person was a `wrong-un', in light of his age we'd tell that person to back off or risk prosecution. Conversely if we liked him, we'd give the situation our blessing. Whilst I haven't had a chance to talk to my wife specifically about you, I think she has probably gathered that this is indeed the conversation we're having just now."

"I just don't know what to say! I'm just so very, very..."


"Happy doesn't seem a powerful enough word somehow!"

Adam's father smiled.

"That about seals it for me, John. Thankyou. Now I've asked Karen if she would allow Adam to have lunch time off today so why don't you join us, say about half twelve at the restaurant so we can all have a bite to eat together and that will give us a chance to break the news to him. In the meantime, I'll talk to my wife who I know will be as pleased as I am. What do you say?"

"Twelve-thirty it is but I must ask you one thing. I don't think it's a good idea that it's made common knowledge just yet, - not that I have any worries about `coming out' but given as you say, his age..."

"Absolutely agree. Diplomacy is the watch word for now."

"One more thing? I can't go around calling you `Adam's dad' or `Adam's mum'?"

"No no. Indeed not! Family name is Chambers, I'm Simon and my wife's name is Marion."

"No more questions, your honour!"


The next couple of hours seemed more like a couple of days. Feelings of elation, fear, - no scared shitless more like it, - all in equal measure consumed me.

I showered and changed into something slightly better than my normal `jeans and sweat shirt' attire.

I walked the couple of hundred yards to the pub in watery sunshine. A good omen perhaps!

Simon and Marion Chambers were seated at the bar, - my `viewing' stool was free!

"What are you drinking John?"

"Just a pint of bitter please."

"Are you sure that's all? We're told you like your Merlot?"

"I do but it's lunchtime and..."

"What better way to celebrate a `red-letter' day than with red wine!"

I glanced at Marion, - a radiant smile on her face!

"Well since you put it like that, I would love a glass of wine!"

Karen showed us to our table, - discreetly positioned in the corner of the restaurant.

Simon and Marion sat on two sides of the table leaving a space for Adam next to me.

Jesus, I was so nervous! My hand was shaking as I drank my wine, - something that didn't go un-noticed by Marion.

"Calm down John! This is a very good day, not a bad one!"

Before I had a chance to reply, Adam joined us at the table.

I looked at him, - a slightly worried look on his face.

I took an involuntary sharp intake of breath, desperately fighting back the urge to cry. My finger nails digging hard into the back of my other hand in an attempt to regain composure.

Simon leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"Any harder and you'll draw blood, John!"

Realising what I was doing, I laughed nervously.

"Even though there's a doctor in the house, people will think I spilt my wine! Not good form!"

Those stupid few comments diffused the tension completely. We ordered our first course and two bottles of wine.

Simon was determined to get things over with before the meal started.

"So. How's your morning been son?"

"Fine. – Yeah good I suppose?"

"Ours too. – Very good in fact. You know something? John and I had a very interesting chat earlier. A very honest and open chat."

The colour drained from Adam's face, - looking firstly at his mother and then at me, - panic in his eyes.

I reached over and clasped his hand.

"It's ok. I mean it's really ok! Don't worry. Just hear your father out!"

Adam gave me a sheepish smile and nodded, - Simon took a quick look around before continuing in a hushed voice.

"We've known for a long time that you are, - well, - gay."

Adam's grip on my hand grew tighter. I gave his a little squeeze as if to reassure him.

Simon continued.

"Mum and I have absolutely no problem with that, - you must understand. No problem whatsoever. After all, we are what we are and you must believe me when I say that no matter what, - we love you so very much! More than that, - we're proud of you!"

Adam's look of panic turned to one of confusion.

"But I..."

"Let me continue, son. You can have your say in just a moment. John was very truthful about his feeling towards you. Obviously reluctant at first, given your age but never the less, despite that and the implications of what might have happened as a result, only served as `proof-positive' of his love for you. He was willing to almost sacrifice himself for his feelings towards you. No denials, no lies. Adam my boy, - you have a really nice boy friend and I mean really nice!"

"Wh.. what? You approve? I mean it's...?"

"Yes! It's ok! We only want you to be happy and by all you said to us earlier, I think you are but I really want to hear it from you. Can you do that? Tell Mum and I how you feel?"

Adam looked at me, - the colour slowly returning to his face. He smiled and touched his head briefly on my shoulder.

"I never realised you knew about me, - being gay and all. – Stupid of me really given what you do down in Oxford. I suppose it was pretty obvious, now I think about it. I saw John in the bar one lunchtime and I just, - well, - knew!"

I interjected.

"It was the same for me. Something happened inside of me. I never even considered the possibility that I was bisexual, let alone gay but when I saw Adam, I just wanted to get to know him. Quite frankly, I was captivated!"

"I saw John but never knew how to get to talk with him. It was as though he was in a different world to me! I was scared, confused, - worried that that time might never come! Can you understand, Dad? – Mum?"

"Yes, son. We can understand. You know we're not a particularly religious family but that said, perhaps `God does move in mysterious ways'. Without the floods, it might never have happened. Remember, - peoples lives have been devastated by them and I trust you'll remember that but despite all, - something very positive has happened too!"


The meal eaten and the wine drunk. A happy atmosphere but Adam was still shy about being demonstrative in front of his parents.

Over a rather `too large' a brandy, Simon sort of re-opened the subject.

"No reason or point in you travelling to and fro the restaurant each day with the house in the mess it's in so you stay with John for the duration. That'll be ok, son?"

"More than ok Dad!"

"And one last thing. We really hope you'll both be happy! May we have a bottle of the '58 Bollinger and four glasses, Karen?"


To be continued.

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