Part Two.


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The Champaign helped to loosen tongues and relax the atmosphere somewhat.

In retrospect, Simon had done a terrific job in confronting such a delicate situation. I wonder sometimes, if I would have had the balls to do what he did as a father.

A part of me thinks that I could but then, I've never had children so what do I know!

Just thinking about it. Condoning a relationship between your fifteen year-old son and a man over twice his age seemed somewhat strange but as Marion pointed out, she was a child bride, marrying as she did in her first year at university to Simon who was nineteen years her senior.

"We met at Oxford and if such a thing exists, it was love at first sight for both of us. My parents were horrified! All the normal arguments that he was far too old for me, my education would suffer, it would never last, - all that type of thing. They even refused to pay for the wedding initially but conceded in the end that we'd be going ahead no matter what they thought or said. We've been together now for twenty years now so perhaps they now understand that age differences are not necessarily a bad thing."

"I take your point but most parents would take a dim view of a gay relationship, would they?"

"We're not `most parents' John. We've both of us seen first hand with our respective jobs, how young people struggle to admit their sexuality even to themselves, let alone their parents. It can be a miserable time for them. Sometimes they think suicide is the only escape from their predicament. Once we realised that Adam was gay for certain and then his subsequent admission that he was, we made a vow to support him as far as we possibly could. By that I mean that so long as he didn't go completely off the rails and get involved in a relationship or relationships that were completely out of order or dangerous."

"But how do you know that he hasn't, - in me I mean?"

"Simon's the one to answer that, aren't you darling?"

"Well probably I am. I study and teach human behaviour. Patterns and characteristics, - it's all rather complicated and I'm not trying to talk down to you when I say that. When we got here this morning, Adam was so animated. Yes the floods and his work here but it all that seemed to pal into insignificance when it was obvious that all he really wanted to talk about was you. When I came to your house, you naturally tried to `side-step' the question of your involvement with him, you were nervous as hell which is natural enough but above all of that, you never tried to deny anything and that, - in light of what could have happened given the circumstances, told me all I needed to know. You risked a possible prison term, being placed on the sex offenders register, the loss of credibility in the community in which you live and all for Adam. Now that was all I needed to know about you."

"Thankyou for that! Just one thing though. Don't you wish things were or could be different?"

"No, not really. We want him to be happy. Gay, straight or whatever. His well-being is of prime importance to us."

All of this time, Adam was blushing furiously.

No one likes being talked about in front of there face, after all.

"Dad! You're being so embarrassing! Can't we talk about something else, - please?!"

"Sorry son. Yes, but one last thing. Until all of this becomes public and that will be when he's `of age', so to speak, - I am going to pay you for looking after him. Four hundred pounds a month. That way, if there are any questions, it's all above board and legal. He's living with you as a lodger and we're paying his rent. I know you're not happy with this, - another `plus-point' to you but that's the way it's going to be. No arguments John."

"You're right. I would prefer not but I understand your reasoning. Thanks anyway."

Marion turned to Adam.

"Well, son of mine? You can come shopping with us now because just about all your clothes are flood damaged, your computer is totalled and all your shoes have had it as well. Are you working tonight?"

"Yes. Six o'clock Mum."

"We'll have you back for five then. Give you time to get changed and have a relax before your shift. Thankyou John. I know you're a bit shell-shocked' but please just understand. We're really happy for you both and you've absolutely nothing to worry about."





I walked back to the house. A part of me was in shock but the other emotion was one of complete happiness. The like of which I'd never before experienced.

I found myself thinking about stupid things, - practicalities like `where can we put all his clothes' and `got to get another set of door keys cut'.

All of this from a man who doesn't pride himself in being organised!

I sat down in the living room and looked around me. I loved this place but it had always had something missing.

Now I knew precisely what it was.

There was no love there. Just me, my work and friends popping by every now and again.

Now! Now there was a completely different `feel' to the place. I was in love for the first time in my life! Perverted and unnatural in many people's eyes, but fuck them! I had Adam's parents unequivocal support so what else did I need!

Ok. `Coming out' might be a problem in the village and I'd maybe loose some so called `friends'.

I mused over the ones who would be supportive and those who wouldn't.

I nailed a few who would be totally outraged but most I thought, would be ok. Still! Screw them! This isn't their life.

The wine took it's inevitable effect and I drifted off to sleep only to be woken by a sharp rap on the door.

Adam and his parents were back.

"We're not stopping John, - too much to sort at home. Give us a hand bringing the bags in if you could though."

"Can't I offer you and Marion a coffee?"

"No we better get on our way. Anyhow, - no doubt you and Adam have lots to talk about and well, - we've said all we want to say. Please take care of him?"

Simon had tears in his eyes.

"I think you know I will. Here. My business card. Mobile, office phone, email. Everything is there Come over anytime. I've not actually said this to you before. Maybe I felt guilty or uncomfortable but I love Adam. I never knew I could love another man. I always thought I was as straight as a dye but..., I'm so much in love with him! My life has changed so dramatically these last few days. I'm still coming to terms with it and all that it'll mean for the future but please rest assured, I will do my 100% best by him."

"He loves you too John. Be happy. We'll get together soon. Bye!"





His folks gone, - Adam flopped on top of me on the settee.

"Not what I'd planned `Captain Jack'!"

"Nor me, - `young boy I was perving these last weeks'!"

"Take me to bed John?"

"Later. Not that I don't want to right now but you've a shift in 45 minutes and you can't be late. I've all of your stuff to store, - your shopping this afternoon. Go get ready for work. Make sure you say good bye before you go, - ok?"

Adam got up, grabbed my head and kissed me on my lips. A deep and meaningful kiss.

"Later you can though can't you? I love you John. Not some silly childhood stuff. I want to feel you, - cuddle you, - ok I want you to shag me senseless as well but if nothing else, drifting off to sleep in your arms will do!"

I pulled him close to me. I so much needed to be with him after the trauma of the day but resisted the temptation to cancel yet another shift at the restaurant.

I kissed him and gently pushed him away.

"C'mon Adam. Go to work and let me sort stuff here. I'll maybe drift down later if I'm done but I promise I'll have a warm bed ready for you. Ok?"

"Ok. I'm gone!"

Ten minutes later, Adam hugged me and left for his work.

I tidied up and sorted storage places for all his new kit. Clothes weren't a problem and his folks had bought him a lap-top computer rather than a desk top. I found some space on the corner of my office desk and loaded printer software on to it and enabled the `Bluetooth' to access it.

I was finished by nine-thirty and tired as I was, I wandered down to the pub.

It did occur to me just how much of our conversation over lunch had been overheard. It was going to come out at some point so I elected to just let it happen.

As it was, nothing was said and no inkling of such was evident either.

Karen came up to me.

"Usual John or have you gotten a taste for champagne!"

"Not likely! Bloody stuff gives me a bad head! I was forced to drink it lunch time!!"

"Yeah right you were! I hear that Adam's going to stay at yours until his house is sorted out."

"Yep and I'm being paid for that privilege! A little extra won't go amiss and he's a great kid."

"He's worked so hard these last days, - like during the floods. We're going to miss him too when his placement finishes. He's, as you said, a great boy. How long do you think he'll be at yours John? What I'm trying to say is, if he's still with you next week or beyond, do you think he'll be happy to stay on with us, you know, as a paying job?"

"Talk with him Karen. I recon he'll be with me for a while yet. His Mum and Dad had to take him into town and completely re-clothe him . All his stuff was wrecked by the water. He goes back to school in about a month and he'd probably be grateful for the pocket money."

"I'll sound him out. Got to go. See you later."

I drank my beer and walked home. My one thought was Adam. I couldn't wait for him to get back! I re-lit the fire even though it wasn't that cold but it gave me something to cuddle up to in the interim.

I made myself a coffee and brandy and settled in front of the fire.

Eleven o'clock and Adam was still at work so I left the front door on the latch, went up stairs, showered and fell into bed.

It was just as if I was having an adolescent wet dream.

I was suddenly aware of the most wonderful sensation of a warm, wet mouth on my cock. My balls being delicately massaged and just as my sleep fuddled brain allowed me to realise what was actually happening, I felt my climax fast approaching.

"Oh yes! Oh please that's just so good!"

Then it happened. I was trying to hold back which made the inevitable so much more powerful.

I exploded into Adams mouth with a ferocity I'd never before experienced!

"Oh ADAM! Ohhhhh yessssss! Ugggggggggg!"

He held my still-throbbing dick in his mouth as I came down from my orgasm, - gently washing his tongue around my cock head. My breathing slowed to near normal and he let my cock slip free from his mouth.

Adam shuffled up beside me and slung his arms around my shoulders.

"You looked so tired John. I tried to wake you but you were seriously out of it! I just needed to, - well, - have some part of you before going to sleep. I got quite a large part! Oh wow can you deliver!"

"I didn't know, - I was asleep! Oh man that was good! I've never, ever cum like that!"

Adam hugged me for another few minutes.

"I better shower. Today was a sweaty day. Work and my parents' coming over and stuff. I'm really knackered!"

"I've made a decision. I'm going to get the builders in tomorrow and get the shower changed to a double. It makes sense, doesn't it? Water saving and things!!?"

"Are you telling me you're a dirty man then John?"

Oh, seriously dirty!"





To wake up in the morning wrapped in the slender arms of a young boy, has to be one of the most, - I don't know, - one of the most erotic and sensual things imaginable.

Boys have a smell all of their own somehow, - fragrant and musky.

I kissed Adam gently on his nose.

His eyes fluttered open and he grinned at me. "Thought I was asleep still, didn't you! I was just dozing waiting for you to wake up".

I ran my hand up and down his silky-soft back and I could feel his cock lengthen and thicken against my leg.

"Seems like I woke something up though, don't you think?"

Without waiting for a reply, I ducked under the bed covers and licked and nibbled his nipples, running my hands up and down the top of his legs.

I studiously avoided his dick, - subjecting him to a little erotic torture!

Adam was squirming his hips around in frustration as I ventured further south, teasing his belly button. The sharp intakes of breath he was taking made me decide that perhaps I wasn't being totally fair.

I worked further down and licked the tip of his cock which was plastered in pre-cum.

I heard a muffled "Oh God yes please!!"

I worked his foreskin back with my lips and enveloped his entire length with my mouth.

The short sharp breaths were replaced by heavy breathing as Adam got what he wanted, - a good old fashioned `early morning bj'!

I let his cock go and licked his balls which drew little squeals from him. (I was to learn, he had very sensitive nuts)!

I licked lower, down to his bum hole, rather hoping he wouldn't fart. He just responded with more groans and by lifting his hips clear off the bed to give me better access.

Oh man was he so sweet! I licked and lapped more and deeper. Adams hip gyrations getting more urgent by the minute.

Back to his leaking cock.

I wanted his load and I wanted it badly!

As soon as he felt my mouth around him again he started pumping my mouth, - the tip of his cock invading my throat.

It took only a moment before he tensed up and screamed. "OH JOHN!! OH JOHN! MMMM!!"

Four or five good splatts of cum rocked out of his dick and down my throat. I could feel them hit and my only option was to swallow but I wanted the last dribbles for my tongue so I eased back off him and delicately milked him dry, - savouring his `young-boy' taste!

I lay on his thighs with his cock still in my mouth, - feeling it slowly deflate until it was completely flaccid. Only then did I come up for air.

Adam lay with his hand behind his head, grinning like an idiot!

"I thought you said you were new to all this? Seriously John, that was the ultimate blow job! I have never experienced anything that comes close to that!"

We wrapped ourselves up in each others arms again before I replied.

"What? The other lads at school, - no good?"

"Good enough, sort of! I mean we got off and everything but it was just that. Kind of a means to an end. You understand that?"

"Maybe I'm being presumptive but perhaps it's because I did it because I really wanted to and that I really love you and they did it for kicks, - `you do it to me and I'll do it to you and we can go to sleep without a hard-on'!"

Adam giggled! "That's about the size of it! It was all about getting your rocks off and nothing else. Hey. Almost all the boys were at it to some degree and we all knew but it wasn't like `gay' or anything! If you told anyone you were like, falling in love or something or really loved giving blow jobs, you would have been ostracised so fast it would have made your head spin! --- There was one boy though."

Adam paused and thought for a moment before continuing.

"He was nice. -- We never did anything heavy, - you know, - I never sucked him or he me for that matter, - just `touchy feely' stuff but he would come into my dorm at night, strip naked and cuddle me. When I had to kick him out in the morning to get back to his own bed, - he would cry so much! He was sooo young though! I was fourteen and he was, - I don't know, - ten, - eleven? Not really my thing though is it, `Captain Jack'!"

My head was doing cart wheels! What a beautiful sight that would have been! Fourteen year-old Adam and a ten or eleven year old kid, - naked in bed together!

I shook myself out of my pervy thoughts.

"No. Not your style! Like I said before, - more mine!"

"Yeah, right! I know! It's ok though. You love me and I don't mind!"

"You better believe it! I love you so very much! Nothing has meant more to me in my life than you. I'm not about to go and throw it all away on a story".

Adam kissed me and held me tight for a moment, then almost whispered.

"I've got to go to work in an hour? Make love to me? Take me John? Please?!"

I hadn't been un-aware of his re-errection poking at me! We'd been talking for over an hour and I was still at `full mast' and Adam, - despite my best attempts earlier, - was regaining strength also!

I turned onto my back and coated my cock with lube.

Adam didn't bother. He just sat right on to me.

"Oh Gosh! Shit, - you're big! Oh wow!"

"Take it gently then you sexed up beauty!"

"Oh no! I like it rough! I want it hard John! Really fuck me! Don't hold back, - just give it to me!"

And did I!

I would loved to have taken my time but that was the one thing we didn't have much of.

I screwed him hard and fast. It got to the point when I wondered if he was ever going to cum and if I could maintain the pace!

I was just about thinking of slowing down when Adam yelped out.

"Oh YESSSSSS! OH JOHN YESSSSSS! Oh fuck!!! Oh wow!!"

I felt him tighten around me as he climaxed. Adam stiffened up, - closed his eyes and shot his load over my stomach. It wasn't a lot after the episode earlier but the effect was the same.

I spewed up his arse for England, - no for Europe I think!

I don't know which of us was the more `spent out'. We both of us just collapsed in each other's arms. - Nothing was spoken between us, - just cuddles and squeezes as we relaxed together in the `after-glow'.

Adam had this almost `dreamy' look on his face and it took all my resolve to pull him around.

"Come on. We've both got work to do. I don't want to spoil the party but..., come on Adam. Time to get going. You need a shower!"

"Mmm! This is so good though! I don't want this to end!"

"It's not going to but you have to get up and go to work! Ok I'm going to get breakfast and you are going to shower! Savvy?"





The next month past in a flash, the routine, always the same. Sex, - work, - sex, - sleep!

A few visits from Simon and Marion, - the last of which was to tow Adam into town to buy his school kit. Yes, it was almost time for him to return to school.

It was plain obvious he didn't relish the prospect and I, - well let's just say I was dreading it!

My life was going to be so very empty.

"Marion and I think, that is if it's ok with you, that you take Adam back to Bromeley. That way you can meet the headmaster. We'll write to him and let him know. What do you think?"

"I might as well cry my eyes out on the way home than sit here and do it! Yes that'll be fine!"





On the morning of September 19th we arrived at Bromeley School.

An impressive seventeenth century country house set in about two hundred acres of park land.

Boys everywhere struggling with bags, - some in tears, - some just pleased to see old friends and get on with a new term.

Adam sat in the car, desperately fighting back the tears.

"I don't want to do this John! For the first time ever, I don't want to go back to school!"

"I know. Believe me I don't want to see you go either but it has to be done and after all, I'll come down and see you just as often as I can. Come on my love. Let's get this over with. I've an appointment with your head in ten minutes!"

"Can I kiss you good by?"

"I want but I don't think that would be a good idea somehow. Give me a big cuddle instead!"

With just five minutes to go before my meeting, Adam go out of the car and walked off with his case. He was immediately accosted by three or four other boys, - hugging each other in greeting!

Adam turned to look at me. He was smiling as he blew me a quick kiss and disappeared into the crowd.

The meeting with the head was a quick affair. No questions of any consequence, - just that I was to call his secretary in advance if I wished to take him out of school any weekends.

Fifteen minutes later, I was headed home.

No. I didn't cry! I just felt this `void' inside of me.

Adam would be ok. He had his mates around him. Perhaps in the still hours of the night he might feel lonely but then again, - he did have his little night visitor!

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