Part Three.

A collective `thank-you' to all who have emailed me following the last two chapters. It means a lot to me.


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Following Adam's return to school, time seemed to go into slow motion. I found it difficult to knuckle down to work, - my mind constantly turning to thoughts of him and just how desperately I missed him.

In my lowest moments, I was given to uncontrollable fits of tears. Nothing and nobody had ever had such an effect on me.

My visits to the pub became more and more infrequent. -- There didn't seem to be any point somehow.

I seriously needed to talk to someone. Someone to share the burden with but I knew deep down that such a move would be fool-hardy in the extreme, at least just for the time being.

It was after those first few weeks of moping around and feeling sorry for myself, I sat myself down and gave myself a damn good talking to!

It went something along these lines.

`Get a bloody grip of yourself man! No good is going to come of all this stagnation.

Set yourself some goals to achieve. Get the shower done. Buy a king-sized bed and get the place re-decorated. Socialise for heavens sake and get organised!'

So that morning I headed off into town and chose a new bed and bed linen. Onwards to the D.I.Y. centre and chose colour schemes for every room in the house.

At lunch time I walked to the pub and as luck would have it, I ran into just the person I wanted to see. -- Kevin.

Now Kevin had retired from full time employment at the ripe old age of fifteen, - the day he left school. Not that he was stupid, - far from it. As he put it to me, "I just can't be arsed with working." That said, he could turn his hand to just about anything. Odd jobs, building, plumbing, decorating etc., etc.

"Morning Kev! How's things?"

"Yeah not bad John. You?"

"I'm good thanks. Got much on at the moment?"

"Nah. Nothing much. Why? You got summat for me?"

"I have as it happens. I want the entire house redecorated inside and the upstairs shower room ripped out and replaced. Think you can do it for me?"

"No probs. What you paying?"

"Come over later, you see what I want done and we'll agree a price, yeah?"

We had a few beers and I outlined what I needed.

"That's fine John. I'll be over about four if that's ok with you?"

There was a letter on the matt waiting for me when I got home. Surrey post mark. This had to be from Adam!

My hands were noticeably shaking as I ripped it open!

"Hi John! Sorry I've not written before but they're piling the work on us this term and this is really the first chance I've had to write more than just a quick note.

I hope it goes without saying how much I miss you, - not just the s-e-x but you, - your cuddles and your love."

At this point I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks but these were tears of a different kind. -- Tears of happiness!

"Hope you're missing me too and not replaced me with a newer model, he-he!

There really isn't anything much to report from this end, - the studying is relentless but I'm really enjoying it for a change. Perhaps it's because I'm happy with another area of my life??!!

My lack of participation in `extra-curricular' fooling about hasn't gone un-noticed but I explain it away by telling folk that there's someone very special in my life now. -- Don't worry. No details!!!

Billy's nocturnal visits still feature, - I hope you don't mind. I've a real soft spot for him, not like you, you understand. He just seems so vulnerable and delicate somehow. God! He looks like he's only about ten or less even and he has the piss taken out of him all the time! I'm like his `mentor'!

That's rich isn't it!

He knows a little about you, - again nothing specific but I just had to share my feelings for you with someone and if you were to meet him, you would understand that he is perhaps the only person I could possibly confide in if only in some small way. He's absolutely trustworthy I promise.

Well that's about it! Not very interesting, huh?! Except one other thing. Next weekend we have some important cricket match going on and the entire school is expected to turn out to watch it. (Yuk), but to redress the balance, they've suspended Saturday morning lessons the following weekend so if you wanted to come down Friday night for the weekend...?!

Take care.

Please remember just how much I love you.


I punched the air with joy! YES!! IT WILL BE DONE!!

I was laughing and crying all at the same time!

It was just the tonic I needed as I sat and penned a letter back to him!

"Hello Adam!

Nah! Don't miss you at all!

Who are you anyway?!

My life is so full of other stuff right now like re-decorating our house, - rebuilding and extending our shower room and buying us a new king-sized bed!

No. I've hardly thought about you!!!


Those first two weeks were purgatory! I've not cried so much since I was a little kid!

I just went into limbo, - did nothing at all worth talking about but I've come out the other side now and got myself together and then, right on top of that, I get your letter!

Oh, - I needed that soo much!

Nothing much is happening here either, - just the normal run-of-the-mill things. Like I said, - I've organised loads of work which Kevin, - bless him, - is going to do and now I've got my head together, - I must get some meaningful work done so I can afford to pay him!!

Your affection for Billy sound really sweet and no, - I'm not upset that you told him, even in some small way about us. You have no idea how badly I need to `come out' about us as well but that'll have to wait until your next birthday. I know you understand that.

I hope your talks with him helped you and yeah! It would be nice to put a face on the name sometime!

Anyway. I could ramble for England.

It's a lot like I'm talking to you without the interruptions (!!!!!!!) and I could just go on and on for ever!

Please remember how much I love you.

Damn it, I miss you so very much!

Oh and by the way. Friday week, about six o'clock. Be ready for the weekend!

Going to find some good hotels for us where we can hug each other to death!!

Oh Bollocks!!

I am so very much in love with you, - you bastard!!!!!


That's part three.

There will be more and I apologise to all of you who are looking for sex in every chapter.

It's not my writing style I'm afraid!

I prefer to write love stories and sex, - inevitably, is a consequence of those feelings.

So let it happen!!