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Part Four.




My new found `positive attitude' provided the impetus to crack on with life. Gone was the misery of the last two weeks, - it was as if a new dawn had broken. The sun was shining bright in my life once more.

I took to writing letters to Adam almost on a daily basis. Sure, - I could have emailed him but there's something rather special about receiving a hand written letter. You have to make a conscious effort to write a letter whereas an email can be done when `you've a couple of moments to spare'.

The new bed had arrived and Kev was doing a sterling job with the re-decoration.

The time started to drag towards the end of the fourth week as my excitement and anticipation started to kick in.

I made a call to the Headmasters secretary and arranged a pass-out from the Friday evening until four on the Sunday afternoon and then looked for a decent hotel where we could stay. The best I could do was a family room. Rather more than I expected to pay but, what the heck!

Everything seemed to be sorted out and I was pleased that I'd got so organised but then I received an email.

`Hi John! Sorry it's an email and not a letter but there was no time to post it to make sure you got it in time.

I've sort of half-promised Billy that he could maybe join us on Saturday if we go anywhere.

Most of the parents are coming down `cos it's a free weekend but Billy's folks live in South Africa and he'll be on his own.

He'll go back to school in the evening but I just wondered if we could take him along with us like day-time?

Mail me back as soon as you can?


In as much as I knew how the night time hours were going to be occupied, - the daylight ones, - well I hadn't given them any thought at all! I couldn't think of any good reason why Billy shouldn't be with us.

My mind flashed back briefly to the loneliness I'd felt when Adam went back and perhaps how this lad just might be feeling. Yeah! Whatever!

I emailed him back.

`Hi Adam.

Why not! I've not given any thought to what we're going to do but as you probably know the area better than me, - I'll leave the itinerary to you.

I've no problem with Billy joining us `cos as they say, - any friend of yours is a friend of mine!

Do you want to square it at school or do I have to do it?

If it's me, then I'll have to know his family name before I call.

Just hope he's ok with whatever we organise.

Get back to me ASAP!



Adam must have been sitting right on top of his lap-top because his reply was instant.

`That's just so good! He'll be so happy when I tell him! Thankyou!

I'll go and see Mrs Elliot and explain things. She might want to clear it with you but it's common knowledge that we hang out a lot.

John I'm so happy! I can't wait to be with you!

Oh. Just in case, - his name is William Messenger.


I replied.

`K! That's fine.

Just let me know if I have to do the contacting.

See you Friday about five-ish?



An hour later the phone in my office rang.

"Mr Andrews? My name is Mrs Elliot. Adam has requested a pass-out for young Mr Messenger and I understand you would like to take him out of school on this Saturday coming."

"Oh right! Mrs Elliot! Yes, - Adam mentioned it to me and yes, it would be nice to take him around with us so long as it doesn't cause a problem at your end."

"No, - no it won't cause us any problems at all only, if he is to stay away with you over night, we would need to know."

"I don't think that's likely. Adam's sorting out what they want to do but my understanding is that Billy will be returning to school overnight."

"That's fine but if your plans change, please let me know as obviously we have to make sure we know where everybody is!"

"Yes of course. I understand that. If things change I'll let you know."

"Thank-you Mr Andrews. Have a lovely weekend."

Another brief email to Adam.

`All ok for Billy to join us. Talked to Mrs Elliot. All sorted.







Friday dawned bright and sunny.

Actually, - hot and humid.

The weekend weather was set to be wall-to-wall sunshine and temperatures into the high eighties.

For late September, this was almost record-breaking.

I slung some `foul weather' gear into the back of the car just in case but the rest of my clothes were to cope with the heat we'd been promised.

I'm not much into swimming but took the precaution of including a pair of swimming trunks.

Dear Lord, they were dated! Who wears `Speedo' gear these days unless you're a serious swimmer! Oh well, - they're all I've got and they'll have to do and in any case, - I might not even have to use them.

The drive to the school was relatively uneventful.

For a Friday night, the motorways were reasonably clear of traffic and I arrived some fifteen minutes early.

I opted to catch a beer at the pub almost opposite the school gates to kill a bit of time.

I was on the tail-end of my pint when my mobile chirped up.

"John? It's me. I'm waiting outside the gym where you dropped me off before. Are you close?"

"Brilliant! I'm two minutes away. Stay there and I'll pick you up."

I downed the rest of my drink and headed off. My heart-rate should have put me into hospital!

I was like a kid on his first ever date!

I rounded the corner to see Adam complete with an over-night bag and a small person waiting with him, - hand in hand.

I got out of my car and Adam scooted into my arms and held me tight.

His actions took me well by surprise to say the least especially as he had company.

I whispered into his ear as we cuddled.

"We're getting looked at!!!"

"I know! That's Billy! It's ok, honest!"

With that, I kissed him and resumed the cuddle.

Oh fuck it! I love him!

We broke off.

"You better introduce me after that!"

"Sorry John. This, Billy, is John. He's the very special person I was telling you about. John, - this is Billy, - the other special person in my life!"

Billy looked just as Adam had described him. Small and delicate and there was something vulnerable about him but he could hold his corner.

He held his little hand out to me.

"Adam said you were nice and that he was really attached to you but --- wow! I didn't really understand just how much! He's got taste, - that much I will give him! Really nice to meet you!"

"And you Billy! Adam's talked about you a lot. I hope you can understand about our relationship, - you know, - how close we are?"

"Oh yes! I understand! He doesn't just love you, he's `in love' with you!"

"Yep, and me with him! What time do you have to be back in school? Have you got time to come for a drink with us?"

"I've got to be back for six-thirty so yes, - I'd love that. Thanks!"

"We're booked in to the hotel next to the pub just over the road so let's go there. It's walking distance for all of us."

It must have been an odd sight, Adam on my right and Billy on my left, all walking hand in hand down the school drive but no-one seemed to bat an eyelid at us, - almost as if it were the most natural thing in the world!

We picked a table tucked into a quiet corner of the pub and settled down with our drinks.

"Well guy's. What do you want to do tomorrow?"

Adam looked at Billy and grinned.

"If the weather holds up we wondered if we could go to Westover. There's a fantastic beach there, the water's safe and it'll be quiet being out of season."

"Fine by me. What time do we pick you up, Billy."

"Any time after nine is ok or I can come over to the hotel and meet you there if you want?"

"Ok. We'll be outside for about nine-fifteen."

The conversation turned to mine and Adam's relationship. How we met and our mutual wanting to get together and how we were both too shy to do anything about it until the floods threw us together.

Billy explained how he'd been sent to England for his secondary education. His parents both worked for the British Consulate in Burkina Faso, West Africa. The education system there was basic to say the least and whilst a primary education was taught within the Consulate, there was no provision for anyone aged over ten and so an alternative had to be found.

His first time away from his folks and only his third visit back to England, he felt like a fish out of water, - desperately lonely and frightened.

Adam had taken him under his wing so to speak and their relationship over the next two and a half years had become a very close one, both sharing Adam's bed on an almost nightly basis.

Although nothing overtly sexual had taken place, - just cuddling naked together and perhaps the odd bit of `heavy petting', Billy explained that back in Burkina Faso, this was absolutely natural. The legal age of consent was thirteen and gay relationships and outwardly affectionate bonding between boys and men, - girls and women were normal practices.

Adam had been reluctant to `do anything' together because of his age and ok, he was thirteen now and whilst that sort of thing was still taboo here until you slipped over sixteen, `back home' as he put it, was ok.

At six fifteen, Billy left us to return to school.

"I'll be over tomorrow morning, nine fifteen. I'm really looking forward to it!"

Adam and I made for the hotel and checked in.

Up in our room, - a massive space with a king-sized bed and one single.

No bath but a shower room which occupied the entire space bar the toilet and hand-basin area.

We flopped onto the bed and just looked at each other for a moment.

I don't know who was wearing the silliest grin!

"Shit Adam! You have no idea how much I've missed you!"

Adam got up from the bed and swiftly shed his clothes.

"I want you to show me how much! I've not been beyond tears either! Just let's go to bed and see what the `love fairy' brings us!"

I was out of my clothes in a flash!

I fell into bed and was immediately engulfed in Adam's arms.

We held each other close and just kissed. Our tongues entwining, - all the time caressing each other and wallowing in the moment.

I was as stiff as a board and Adam wasn't far behind me.

He went under the duvet and took my cock to the hilt in one fast movement.

"Oh yes. Oh yes! So good! Oh Adam! How, - I mean where did you learn how to `throat'!"

He lifted off me for a second and said,

"Shut up! Lay back and enjoy it my beautiful lover!"

He coaxed me tenderly to the most mind blowing climax of my entire life!



Did I cum! Oh did I!

He swallowed it all, flopped back then reached over and kissed me, - his rock hard cock pressing into my stomach.

"You've been saving that lot, haven't you! When was the last time you, - you know, - came?"

"Ahhh! This is very sad but the last time was the morning I bought you back to school. Do you remember? You didn't want to get off me and you pretty much milked me dry! I couldn't hardly stand! Believe it!!"

"Not even a wank?!"

"Not even a wank! There were times I desperately needed to but it was like I would be cheating on you. Sounds daft, doesn't it! That's the way I felt so I can't change it and I'm pleased I waited!"

"That's so very nice John. I never realised just how much you... and now I feel guilty."

"Why! What do you feel guilty about?"

"Billy? I've been sleeping with him but you know that anyway. Nothing has ever `happened' and you know that too. I didn't think that you'd be totally celibate because of me and so Billy and I carried on doing what we always did. I'm sorry!"

"Why sorry! Come here and give me a hug you silly sod!

I'm not in anyway jealous of him or you're relationship. He's cute and I can understand the attraction but more than that, - you have shown him love and affection which has helped him settle in to his new life.

If I was in anyway bothered, - don't you think I would have said something? We're all going to the beach tomorrow. I could have said no.

I didn't. He's a lovely boy and very attached to you.

I love you Adam.

Nothing can change that but as males of the species, we're inclined to multi-partner relationships, - always hedging our bets.

Because we are really just an advanced form of animal life, girls tend to want to have kids, - to procreate the species. She can only get pregnant once every nine months and that's pushing it!

Men shag, she gets pregnant and looses interest. That's nature. No problem, - but us men need it all the bloody time! We're not bothered about the finer points of our actions like women are, - we need to get laid!

If you have a lover at school, - then it's ok with me. Honest. Just tell me."

Adam interrupted.

"Bloody hell John!!

I was feeling so fucked up about Billy and I! Never did I anticipate that reply! I can't get my head around it! You're cool with it?"

"Why shouldn't I be? You're in school and he's a very pretty kid and vulnerable and I would have done exactly the same as you.

I'm slightly envious if that helps! Yeah, - he's nice!"

"Right up your ally, in fact! I don't mind John! He needs something but I'm not sure what. I don't fancy him much, - he's like, too young but he might just need someone like you and you're a good man and perhaps the right man to show him the way.

You heard him talk about Burkina Faso.

He needs love John!

I'm not the one.

I love you but he needs someone like you and whatever happens, I will love you more if you can help him find his way. I absolutely promise you, - help him and you'll be helping me!

Now I've that off my chest! Make love to me John? Slowly, - slowly?

Oh shit!! I want you to fuck me!!"

With that, Adam scooted on top of me, pulled his buns open and sat straight on to my cock!

He winced a bit but pushed down harder allowing my entire length to enter him.

His whole slender body shook with the invasion, - he closed his eyes and took a couple of deep breaths.

"Oh John!? You've no idea how much I've been thinking about this moment? Oh damn, you feel so good!

Do me slowly John. Let me feel you love me please!"

Gently, - so very gently, I slid my cock in and out of him, - savouring every last moment of his body, - tenderly stroking his back and his soft legs and down to his little feet, - all the time just allowing my cock to massage the inner-most part of him.

Adam was breathing softly and evenly. For a boy who normally loved it hard and fast, this came as something of a revelation to me but I didn't have much time to contemplate it as he suddenly started whimpering like a puppy.

"Oh God yes! Oh yes yes yes please! Oh shit John!"

His body tensed up and he shot globs of cum over my face and chest.

The first two landed almost straight into my mouth and I licked and swallowed his offering like a man possessed.

His movements slowed as he desperately tried to regain some composure but I was still there and rock hard inside him.

I took up the initiative. This time he was going to have me the way he used to. Hard and fast!

Bit by bit I picked up the pace. Adam's face was a picture which will for ever be in my mind.

He was as if in a trance. Totally lost in lust as I ploughed into him.

The more exertion I put into it, the more he seemed to loose sense of reality until he completely lost it.

Adam arched himself backwards over my knees like a rag doll and yelped as his body went into spasm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh mannnnnnnn! Oh myyyyyyyy lifeeeeeeee!!!! Oh SHIT SHIT!!!"

Another goodly quantity of nectar flowed from him and his arse muscles tightened around me, spasmodically wringing my cock until the inevitable happened!

A couple of grunts, probably inaudible above Adam's climatic utterances, I came deep inside him, again and again.

We sagged together, - still coupled as my dick was still stiff and enjoying the warm softness of his bum.

Adam leaned forwards and kissed me.

"You just get better and better! You seem to know just exactly what I want and when! Oh John, you are so wonderful! What a lover!"

"I play to the audience mate! I've never known anyone who can make me feel so good, - so wanted and so loved!"

"Audience? Didn't know there was anyone watching! Had I known I'd of dressed for the occasion! Seriously though. I never thought in my entire life that it could be as good as this. It's not just the sex but it's the feelings of love that flow through it somehow. Like, I know you love me and it's so real and stuff. I can't think it'll ever or could ever be better than this today!

Just for the record, - I think you've worn me out! There's a first! I really need to rest! Oh wow! I'm sexed out!"

"Cuddle me my beautiful boy. Let's sleep. You have to be the single most fabulous lover of my entire life. I love you more than I can explain."

I don't know why I didn't stop talking before because Adam was away and gently snoring before I finished.

I lay awake with him in my arms for a while, - comfortable with his even breathing and relishing his `so very soft' body.

I cast my mind back to earlier. His `smile swapping' with Billy when they mentioned the beach at Westover and wondered if I was being set up for something.

Adam's comments about `Billy not being his type' and how he was probably `more mine'.

I drifted off to sleep finally but in the embrace of my perfect lover.

Oh yes!

I really was `in love'!





This ends part four.

There will be a `part five' is anyone has a stomach for it!

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