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I woke with the early morning sun filtering through the windows. Glanced at the bedside clock, relieved that we hadn't over slept.

Adam was flat out on his stomach next to me, - his breathing deep and even.

I didn't want to disturb him but couldn't resist the urge to run my hand down his back and across his perfectly formed little bum, - savouring his super-soft skin as I did so.

He muttered something incomprehensible as he slept on so I decided to get up and shower to allow him a few extra moments in dream-land.

Once done, I shaved and put the kettle on. Adam had turned over onto his back and was becoming a little restless as he slowly began to wake.

I walked over to the bed, leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips. His eyes fluttered open and he wrapped his arms around me.

"Morning John. What's the time?"

"Eight sleepy-head. Billy will be here before too long. You want a cup of tea?"

"Mmm, please but I need to use the loo more!"

"Oh. Is that why you've got a stiffy? I was hoping that it was because you were pleased to see me!"

"That as well but I don't want a quickie, - I want a slowie and you'll tell me we haven't got time! Should have told Billy eleven!"

"Yeah we should've but never mind, we have tonight don't we!"

"And today!"

Having heard that, I was now pretty sure I was being set up but for what! I chose not to pursue the conversation further.

"I'll make the tea whilst you shower and stuff."

With that I gave him a little kiss on the lips and leaned down and suckled his cock into my mouth.

"Oh John! Don't tease me please!"

"Sorry but you just looked so edible! Go and get cleaned up. You smell all cummy!"

"I wonder why!"





Adam packed our swimming gear and towels into his back-pack and we headed down to the hotel foyer, handed in the room key and went outside to wait for Billy.

Exiting the air conditioned coolness of the hotel, I realised that the forecast was as predicted. It was going to be scorching!

Bang on time, Billy walked around the corner. He looked fantastic. A real `beach baby' in his bright yellow shorts, blue tee-shirt and flip-flops.

"Morning guys! Wow, is it going to be hot or what!"

He gave both Adam and I quick cuddle.

"Missed you last night Adam. It was weird not having you around."

"Never mind. We've all day, - just the three of us. Come on, - let's hit the beach!"

The drive to Westover took half an hour and as we came over the hill, we could see a wide sandy bay stretching away in front of us.

Already there were a number of families set up with their wind-brakes and children gambolling about on the water's edge.

"Where's the best place to park, Adam?"

"Oh we're not going to this one. I'll direct you."

About a mile further on, Adam pointed to a small dirt road.

"Go down here. There's a sort of car park about a hundred yards down on the left. We'll have to walk the rest of the way."

The car park had about enough room for three vehicles but mine was the only one.

We gathered our things and started off down the track. The further we walked, the narrower it became until we were forced to go single file.

Finally we reached the cliff top and looked down into a small cove. White sandy shore line and tumbling surf.

"Take it steady on the way down, - it get's a bit steep! I'll go first John, then Billy and you follow up the rear."

It took a while to negotiate the path down but the effort was worth every minute.

The most wonderful, - almost picture-postcard inlet, - totally deserted and overlooked by nothing except the towering cliffs behind.

I turned to Adam.

"How on earth did you find this place? It's positively idyllic!"

"Boris and his boyfriend Ian brought me here last summer. He'd been doing some geography project or other and spotted it on an ordinance map. They came to see if there was a way down and eureka! Since then this is the only beach we use. Not overlooked and only us stupid kids would venture down here. Everyone else uses the beach we passed earlier."

"How on earth did he get here? It took us thirty-five minutes by car!"

"Ah well! Boris was seventeen and had a car you see! Not that he was allowed to bring it to school mind but he used to garage it just around the corner from school at some little old ladies place. He got to know her well when he was doing some community work that the school makes us all do.

She was a mischievous old bird! She thought it was great fun, - you know, - pulling one over on the authorities!"

"Lucky he wasn't caught out! He must have left school now then?"

"Oh yeah. Left now. He went up to Oxford but Ian's still here `cos he was only twelve at the time."

I was just amazed at how casually Adam referred to `boy-relationships' the way he did, - almost as if it was the most natural thing on earth. Billy was busy arranging his towel on the sand as Adam spoke but then chimed in.

"Yeah. Boris was ok. Don't know Ian very well but hasn't he hooked up with Joel now?"

"Yeah well sort of. C'mon Billy! You know Joel! Total wanker! It won't last! It's only because he's hung like a horse and Ian just loves it rough! There's no real love there. I'll bet you any money that as soon as Ian leaves, he'll be in Oxford like a rocket, - beating down the doors at Boris's college sooner that you can say shit!"

"Yeah probably. Anyway I'm going in the water! Anyone joining me?"

"Damn right I am! John? You coming too?"

Before I could answer, Adam shook off his clothes and stretched out his towel. Totally naked, he turned to me.

"Well c'mon then?!"

Like Adam, - Billy stripped naked.

Oh my God! I was getting hard!

Adam looked at me.

"Stop dribbling! Get your kit off and let's cool down in the water or maybe get `hot' in the water!"

The boys ran across the sand and leaped into the surf!

Oh man what a sight!

My lover and a beautiful pre-pubescent young boy chasing each other into the water. Both as naked as the day they were born!

I willed my dick to deflate but it was having none of it!

I stripped off and followed them in.

The water was passably warm and hid my embarrassment once I was in.

The boys were fooling around, - splashing each other and diving down pulling each other under the water. With a nod, - they both went under and the next thing I knew was my knees being knocked from under me and down I went!

I came up for air just as Adam dived back under and swam between my legs caressing my cock and balls as he went.

Oh shit! Hard again!

Seconds later I saw Billy diving down and before I had a chance to escape, he did the very same thing!

His little hands wafted over my now `very hard' cock with a touch I can only describe as like being like velvet!

He surfaced, giggling like a maniac!

"Bet you can't catch me John!"

Adam grinned at me.

"Double bet you can't!"

Now what neither of them realised was that I had swam for England schools in my `not so distant' youth. I had tried and tried to master the art of surfing but gave it up as something of a lost cause however my efforts had made me a powerful swimmer in ocean waters and Billy was no match for me!

I slid under the water and went as deep as I could. I could make out two sets of feet and ankles. Adam's were easy to spot as he wore a gold ankle bracelet so I went for the others.

Billy obviously had no idea where I was but from five foot down, I could see him looking down trying to spot me but I got there first!

He was paddling, trying to keep his head above water but just at the moment he splayed his legs apart, - I grabbed his left foot and dragged him under. I used my free hand to cup his little hairless sac and momentarily fingered his immature little cock.

He was as hard as iron in an instant!

The next thing I knew was an assault on mine! Adam had figured out where I was and came in for the attack!

I let go of Billy just as Adam got his mouth around me but I was running out of puff by now and struggled to the surface, - Adam following me with my cock still in his mouth!

All three of us now surfaced, Billy and Adam were in stitches of laughter!

"Nice one John! Billy thought you would be easy to spot but you bastard! You went deep!"

"I didn't want him to escape! He had me and fair is fair isn't it! I deserved my `feel'?"

Billy giggled.

"Yeah! Fair's fair!" Then he turned onto his back, - his hard dick sticking up above the surface of the water.

"This is my famous shark imitation! What do you think! Only a little shark mind!"

I turned to Adam and said in a quiet voice,

"You ok with this? I don't want you getting upset with me?"

He swam over and hugged me.

"No problem John! He needs someone like you if only for awhile. I don't think he's gay or anything but he likes the attention of the older boys back at school but they can be really rough with a nipper. You're so very gentle. I'm not jealous or anything in fact, I was going to suggest something. I'll explain later. C'mon! LET'S GO EAT THE SHARK!!"

Billy obviously heard the last comment and shrieked out loud!

"Oh NO! I'm going to get eaten!" but his swimming pace deliberately slowed allowing us to catch up with him as he got into shallow water.

Adam grabbed him under his arms and I lifted him up under his knees.

Billy was giggling like an idiot! His little uncut cock, throbbing with his heart.

Adam grinned at me and nodded his approval.

I readjusted my hold, - placing me hands under Billy's bum cheeks.

Damn if they weren't even softer than Adam's!

In that position, I could get down to his throbbing, hairless three inches.

I didn't hesitate.

Taking him all the way into my mouth, I used my lips and tongue to roll his foreskin down so I could play with his little cock glands.

Billy writhed around, - still being held my Adam and I as I started to delicately tease his lovely little member.


Billy tensed up and momentarily stopped breathing before exhaling and crumpling in our arms.

His eyes were closed and I was starting to wonder if he was ok!

After what seemed like an eternity but probably only a few minutes, - Billy opened his eyes and smiled!

"Let me down please! Oh what happened there! That was like, - like, nothing I've ever liked so much, - ever!"

Adam smiled at him.

"That's the very best feeling ever! John gave you your first ever `cum'!"

Billy looked at me with questions in his eyes.

"You swallowed my dick and then that!!?"

"Yeah! Did you like it?"

Adam butted in.

"Fucking stupid question John! He hated every moment of it!"


Billy paused after his out-burst. Adam was still grinning like the preverbal `Cheshire cat'!

"That was so, - I don't know how to put it together. Fantastic isn't the right word! Unbelievable is better but not adequate somehow!"

I ventured in at this point. It was, - after all, - me who bought him off.

"That is what you've wanted for so long Billy. Sharing Adam's bed? Didn't you get hard and wanted desperately to do something about it? Well. now you know how good you can make your body feel.

Your dick has only two functions. Number one you can piss through it and number two, - it's your centre of pleasure and I've just given you a little taster of just how much you have to look forward to `pleasure-wise'!

Look. You're still young. What happened to you just now feels wonderful but in a few years time you may meet a girl and remember what happened today. You might regret it. You might feel `used' and stuff, - after all the good feelings, - it's a `gay' thing and there's still a stigma attached to it but I hope things will move on. I don't want you to hate us!

Don't want that to happen. Do you understand?"

He looked at Adam.

"You guys are like an item, right? --- If that was a 'gay' thing then bring it on!!

I don't want to get in the way and you're right. I don't know how I feel but that was just so totally delicious and I always wanted you to do something to me in the dorm but you didn't! How was that?"

The tears were forming in Adam's eyes as Billy spoke.

He reached over and cuddled up to him.

"Yeah, we're an item! - Billy? I love you but I love John more! Can you understand? I never touched you when you came to my bed, did I? I loved your warmth and yes, - cuddling you but I didn't touch you like, - well you know?"

"No, you never."

"You need to get to know yourself and what you want or what you need!

Oh Billy!!! Damn it, - I love you but for all the wrong reasons! I've got a plan. John? - Can you give us a moment?"

"Yeah ok I'll go and have another swim. Give me a shout when you're done."

I watched the boys walk up the beach to the towels and sit down. I swam about for a while and decided that if I ever had enough money, I would have a pool built at home so I could skinny-dip any time I wanted.

I turned towards the shore and saw Adam beckoning me as he waded in.

"Sorry John, that was well rude of me."

"That's ok."

"It's just I needed to talk with Billy about something before putting a suggestion to you. I told him that yes, I had a real soft spot for him but that I wasn't into people younger than me. He got a bit upset but then I told him about you and how you liked boys and didn't have any interest in people older than you and he perked up again!

My idea was this. Ok we're spending the weekend together and like earlier, there will be a lot of fooling around but he needs to find his way.

Half term holidays are only two weeks away and there's no way he can go back to Africa for ten days and I sort of wondered if he could join us at your house, - you see otherwise he would have to stay at school.

Look I know maybe I should have talked to you first but he really likes you and stuff. What do you think?"

"What did he say?"

"Oh he would just love to! I didn't say anything to you earlier because you two might not have got on but that's not an issue now, is it?"

"I can see that but how do you feel about it because I `m warning you now, - he's cute and I can't promise that I'll be able to keep my hands off him and the thought of making you jealous or angry is something I couldn't live with."

"But that's the whole point! He needs to find himself and it's like I told you. Some of the older boys can be really rough with the younger ones and you're so gentle and loving. It's way better he finds out from you and no, - I promise I won't get all fucked up about it. I know you love me where you just fancy Billy. If I thought for one moment I'd get jealous, I wouldn't have mentioned it."

"That makes sense. If you're sure and I mean absolutely sure, - then ok. He would be very welcome!"

"Brilliant!!! Let's go tell him!!"





Billy was nothing short of ecstatic!

He flung his arms around me and hugged me.

Rolling me over onto my back, he lay on top of me and looked into my eyes.

"How can I ever thank you!"

With this, Adam giggled.

"Oh he will think of all sorts of ways, of that you can be sure!"

My cock was starting to grow rapidly, such was the effect this little lightweight was having on me.

Billy rolled off me.

"Maybe I should start like this" and looked at Adam for approval. Adam grinned and nodded his head.

Shuffling down to my waste, Billy took hold of my cock and gave it a gentle wank before guiding it into his mouth.

Oh wow this boy was a natural! No teeth, - just his lips and tongue bit by bit bringing my climax closer.

The thought passed through my head as to whether I should warn him as to how close I was but then thought better of it.

Adam knelt by my side and kissed me deeply making any utterances all but impossible anyway!

Then with a flash Billy deep-throated me and I could take no more. My cum shot out of me down his throat as Adam continued to kiss me.

Spurt after spurt washed down into his belly and nothing I could do to stop it!

Adam sensed what was happening, - he would have to be a moron of the first order not to have as I went totally rigid as I desperately tried to hold back the inevitable.

He pinched my nipples and bit into my neck.

The pain was just so erotic!

Billy surfaced, - a dribble of cum leaking from the corner of his mouth.

"Kiss him Billy! Give John a kiss like you did before!"

Like a leach, - Billy went to my lips, sharing my cum with me. I'd never thought I could remain hard after such an experience but if anything I was getting harder!

Adam moved himself over me. Billy's eyes, questioning his move but then guessed what was about to happen. Adam sat down on my cock, - grimaced a little and then took my length up his arse.

Billy gasped in wonder and amazement!

"Oh WOW! You do that as well?"

Adam was riding me slowly and carefully,- realising that I'd cum not a few moments before and that I'd probably be a bit tender.

"Oh yeah Billy! Oh yeah! This is to die for! You don't know how good this is! You must ask John to to -----? Oh YES! Oh YES! Oh JOHN YES YES!!!"

I could feel Adam grip me as he came and if I hadn't had Billy take me those few moments earlier, - I would have lost it again but I was still there and hard.

I lifted Adam up and thrust into him without mercy!

Adam yelped but followed my moves and within a moment or two, - came again, nearly fainting in my arms.

With that, we collapsed in a tangled heap of arms and legs on the towels, - sharp intakes of breath, not only from Adam and me but also Billy!

It took a moment or so for both of us to calm down. Billy was `gob-smacked' to say the least!

"You, - you like really fucked! I never knew, - I mean I'd never...?"

"It is the single most wonderful experience ever Billy! John is my boy-friend and that is the way I want him! Do you think that's bad?"

"No!? I don't know if I could, - you know, - do that! John is huge!"

Adam was still on top of me, massaging my dick with his bum muscles as I interrupted.

"You don't have to! I didn't expect him to do that with you here Billy! We do this but you can do what you want to do. Don't get alarmed?!"

"It looked good though! You really wanted him didn't you Adam!"

"Oh yes! I needed that!

Billy, - that is the single most personal thing that can happen between guys. A quick suck, - a quick wank but that, - oh my God! That is the most wonderful thing that can happen to a gay kid, - man, - or whatever!! Just go at your own pace, - right?"

Billy looked thoughtful.

I rolled over as Adam escaped the bond of my arse, - his ejaculate dripping onto my towel as I collapsed in a heap. Totally exhausted.

"Oh boy! That was so sexy! Seeing you guys do that! Maybe at school I'll get one of the big boys to..."


Adam was furious.

"DON'T EVER DO THAT! Jesus mate! Don't please!? You want to try then I'll break all my rules and show you but you must never just go into a dorm and let them have you! They'll hurt you as they did me! You wanna try, - then let it be me and, - if you like it, - maybe John but you mustn't get hurt! All right?!"

"Ok. If you say so Adam. Let's swim again! Like I need to cool down!"





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