Part Six.



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Sunday morning dawned too early!

The activities of the previous day and Adams' insatiable appetite for sex that same evening had left me almost `sexed-out'.

I did say `almost'!

Adam was understandably still snoring like a pig so I filled the kettle and showered.

When I returned to the bedroom, he'd flung the sheet off himself and was lying on his back, - his dick half hard. -- The beginnings of an early morning stiffy!

Seriously hard to ignore, - I knelt down over the bed and helped him to a full-blown hardon.

He whimpered in his sleep as I took him deep down my throat and massaged his cock with my swallow muscles.

Oh Man, - how I loved his dick!

So soft and hard all at the same time. -- Smooth as velvet and, ---

So wonderful how it fitted perfectly everywhere he wanted to put it!

I savoured to texture of his sati-soft skin as I took him to the hilt. "My turn now!"

He didn't take long. He woke as he came in my mouth.


"Only me! -- You ok?"

"Yeah. -- Fine and more! I was dreaming and then it turned `wet'. I thought I was with Billy and he was blowing me.

I don't want to hurt his feelings but that frightened me!

I'm not into younger kids but I didn't want it to stop!?

I don't know how to reconcile this.

I'm not interested but I am?

Am I weird John?"

Laying down on the bed, I cuddled up to him.

"No, I don't think you're weird. Just a normal healthy, horny boy.

Most guys will shag anyone they find attractive and you obviously find Billy attractive."

"Yeah I suppose I do in a way but unlike you, I've never fantasised about boys younger than myself. My ideal has always been someone like you and it still is but yesterday afternoon at the beach. -- Damn that was just so erotic watching him go down on you!"

"And you wished it was you?"

"No I didn't. -- Well not at the time.

I think I was just a tiny bit envious though."

"You've got a few weeks before half term and maybe you can, -- you know, -- see how things go!"

"But then you'll hate me for cheating on you."

"Don't be daft? What you and I have is different.

Billy comes to your bed for a cuddle and some reassurance. Nothing has ever gone on between you although you sensed that if Billy had his own way, it might have done but you couldn't have been absolutely sure he was up for it could you?"

"Well, -- no. All the signs were there so far as I could tell but no, - I wasn't totally sure until yesterday."

"That's my point.

Now you know for certain, you sort of fancy having a little nibble! Let's face it, you almost promised that you'd show him the pleasures of being fucked didn't you!"

"That was only because he might go and try it with one of the seniors and get hurt."

"Was it? Honestly?"

Adam giggled.

"It was at the time but the more I think about it..."

"The more you rather like the idea!"

"Yeah I guess!"

"Look. I do a deal with you. If you two get a little pleasure together in the dorm, - you know, a little suck, a little grope then no harm done and believe me, I won't be mad or upset. A little envious perhaps but not upset!

For your part, I want you to promise me that you won't go trying to screw him until we're back at home for half term hols.

There's a very good reason for my request and that is this.

He's a virgin and small for his age and you are pretty well endowed so the chances are it'll hurt him the first time around.

Think about doing that in your dorm.

You possibly wouldn't have the proper lube, you will be nervous and Billy even more so.

You will both be tense, trying hard not to get caught out no matter how liberal your school is whereas at home, we will all be in control of things and Billy can take it at his own pace and in his own time in a relaxed environment and if he gets cold feet then, - well he can stop and try another time if he wants to or just forget about it.

Whatever his choice, at least he will be in a loving and safe situation."

"You're right. I promise that nothing like that will happen until the holidays."

"Even if he puts pressure on you. Just explain that you want it to be good for him from the outset, - not a horribly painful nightmare!"

"Yeah and if he finds he likes it, he can find himself his own boyfriend. There is one lad a year above him that I think he's got a crush on so it just might work out!"

"You make it sound that your entire school is gay!"

"Not at all but the hormones in the atmosphere are so thick you could stand a spoon up in them and us boys have to get off somehow!"

"Right! After all it would be very bad for your health if you didn't!

You want to go down for breakfast?"

Adam pushed me over onto my back.

"Damn right I do! You've already had yours and I'm hungry!"

He gently tickled my balls sending shivers down my spine then licking his lips he kissed the tip of my cock.

"I have to say, you have really great ideas first thing in the morning but `going down' is one of your finest!"



A short `Part Six' but there's more to come in the seventh and final chapter.

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