Chapter Eight.



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I picked the boys up at the end of school as planned. Billy's parents had given their consent following a talk with Mr Morton and we were free to enjoy what was left of the warmish weather.

Billy was full of questions as to what we were going to do.

Adam was full of himself also, - wanting to revisit the pub following the floods, - old friends in the village and such but promising Billy that he would be part of everything.

I wondered how much a part of everything he might want to be after `lights-out'! My pervy mind going into overdrive but I'd already decided to let events take their own course.


We stopped off at Oxford services for a `comfort break' and a cup of tea.

It must have made quite a sight, - two boys who, apart from the fact that they both looked younger than they actually were, bore no resemblance to each other but both holding my hands!

We did get a couple of questioning looks but also a few kindly smiles, - oh and one comment.

One lady of a `certain age' stopped us as we left and told us what a lovely family we made!


I would have had to be just a touch over fourteen to be even Billy's father so how old does that make me look!


The rest of the trip was uneventful and on arrival, Adam took Billy for a quick tour of the house and gardens. I say quick because my house isn't huge although the gardens are quite substantial but kids really aren't bothered about that sort of thing.

I lit the fire in the lounge and off-loaded the car.


"Billy wants to know where he'll be sleeping?"

Adam winked at me!

"Tell him once I've got rid of most of the rats in the tractor shed, he can doss down in there."

Billy, knowing that I was only joking, grimaced.

"Not rats again! We've enough in Africa and then there's school! Can't I just sleep on the roof or something?!"

"You've seen the house. You can use any of the spare rooms or..."

Billy interjected.

"You've a king-sized bed big enough for six let alone three, - can't I sleep with you guys?"

Adam was quick off the mark.

"Only if you can put up with Johns snoring and my sleep walking and the fact that you might just find someone molesting you in the middle of the night."

"Oh. --- Only if it's just sexual molestation, - I can't handle anything different to that. I mean, I'm a sensitive little boy and don't want anything totally weird happening to me!"

Adam turned to me, hardly able to suppress his giggles!

"Well John. What are your thoughts?"

"Only if he's soft and warm and cuddly and by soft, I mean his skin. I think I could cope with him invading our space?"


It had started.

The banter and the joking around was to set the scene for the holiday.

Adam desperately wanted to show Billy the pub where we'd first met. He'd heard the story often enough but wanted him to be able to get a mental picture of the events. To enhance this, I took them down in the tractor so Billy could get a better feel of the events that had taken place.

As soon as we walked through the door, Karen rushed up to Adam and both he and I thought she was going to crush the life out of him!

"This is just so good! Your Mum and Dad come here really regularly since the floods and we're always talking about you. How have you been?"

"I've never been better! Everything is fine except I want Mum and Dad's place to be rebuilt so they can be as happy as I am. --- I forgot my manners! This is Billy. He's my closest friend from school and I wanted him to visit for the holiday and meet you, - give him some idea of what happened here."


With that, Karen whisked them off to look at the photos and videos of the floods, leaving me on my own.

I swallowed a couple of glasses of wine before Karen reappeared.

"I've left them watching the rest of the tapes upstairs John. How come you've inherited another one?"

"Well it's like Adam said. Billy is his closest friend at school, - his folks live in Africa and so he's no where to go during the school holidays. Adam is staying with me until his parents place is sorted so, - Billy comes too! Everyone's happy!"

"Like baggage?"

"No! He's a very sweet kid actually. A bit of a handful at times, - but such a beautifully natured boy. Jesus I wish all kids were as lovable as him!"


There was a momentary pause in the conversation, - - - yeah, you could have cut it with a knife.


"You..., like love those kids?

Sorry! I didn't mean it like it came out but it's just that...?"

"Yes ok. I love them but I hope I love all kids! They're our future and should be treated with some degree of respect but my feeling run a bit deeper, - I see both of them as very special to me.

Adam has had a bad time of things, - I'm not going into details but you have to trust me on this one, - he's been through hell and back and in some way I was instrumental in dragging him back.

Billy had his problems also.

What has happened has buried so many demons, - you can't begin to understand Karen."


"Well they both seem very happy and Adam's folk are really fond of you so I guess everything is cool!

When you said he'd been through a very rough time, - what exactly did you mean?"


"I think I'll let him tell you in his own time. It wasn't nice and he's a bit sensitive about it.

I know, - his Mum and Dad know and Billy knows. It has to be up to him to tell others."


With that, - saved in some way from more of a grilling than I was comfortable dealing with, - the boys ran back into the bar.

Billy was the first to speak.

"That must have been really bad! All that water and all those people stranded!

A part of me wishes I had been here but another part of me is rather thankful I wasn't!"

Fortunately Karen was away from the bar when Adam answered him.


"What part of you wishes you were here Billy??!!"


"Adam! You can be such a twatt sometimes! You know!"


Karen came through with four glasses and an opened bottle of Champagne.

"The wanderer returns with one new friend and one old friend. I think that, - despite the age limit on serving alcohol to under eighteens, - this is my way of welcoming you back Adam, - welcoming Billy and --- what can I say about John!

Let's start the holiday with style!"


We chatted for a while and then other customers started to arrive and Karen left us to our own devices.

I finished my drink and nudged the boys who were deep in conversation.

"I'm heading back to do the fire. You guys stay on if you like and put anything, - within reason, - on my account! Just don't be too late?"


It must have been the best part of an hour before the boys came home.

I'd tended the fire and feeling the need to clean up after a long drive, - showered and made myself some coffee.

I heard the door slam and the sound of laughter.

They were back!

"Karen wouldn't let us come home until we finished the champagne! Billy's a bit pissed and I'm not far behind him!"


Billy wobbled around with a silly little grin on his face.

"I'm feeling a bit strange! The whole world is moving around but I'm not in time with it! I need to sit down before I fall down!"

With that he collapsed on he floor.

Adam wasn't much help but between us we managed to get Billy onto the sofa.

I pulled his shoes off and tucked a cushion under his head.

Oh God he's so sweet!

Adam watched me as I did so and wandered over and kissed Billy on the cheek.

"Lovely isn't he. I wish I could fancy him more. Does that sound strange?"


"No. We all have our foibles and that isn't one of yours. Forgive me but I think he's delectable!"

"I know it! I really don't mind but just go easy with him. I'm not sure even now if he's gay or not."

"Time will tell. You'd better sober up mate. Go and shower and I'll see to some supper. You're pissed!"

"A bit!

I love you John?

I'm sorry if I'm drunk!

All Karens' fault, - I mean champagne and stuff, - it doesn't like me very much!"


I cuddled him as he swayed about, - trying to act sober but making a complete mess of it!

Jesus! Two boys in my house and both of them drunk as skunks! I'm not a very good minder!


"Fuck off and shower! It's ok but just make sure you don't slip over."

"You could help me?

Make sure I'm safe and stuff?!"

Now that was an offer I just couldn't refuse.

"Come on then my drunk lover! Let's do the business!"


The shower running, I ran my hands over Adams' silky-smooth body.

He was everything I'd ever wanted in life. Young and pliable, soft but firm, - totally wonderful!

Adam pushed back on me, my cock resting in between his bum cheeks, growing by the second.

I couldn't resist him any more.

I adjusted my position and guided my cock to his ring and pushed very gently.

Adam opened up to me and I slid passed his sphincter with ease and sunk deep into him.

He was grasping the shower pipes with his hands, moaning all the time as I plundered his depths.

"Ohhh yessss! Oh John! Oh please more!!? You can't believe how much I need you!!"


I couldn't last long, - I'd not had any sort of sex for two weeks and I hadn't had anyway as much `anaesthetic' as he'd had so my climax was quick and explosive!

"Oh damn Adam!!! That's it, - I'm CUMMING!!! SHITTTTTT!!!!"

I emptied a gallon of seed into him and sunk to my knees with exhaustion.


"You needed that, didn't you!"

"Just a little! Sorry it was so quick but..."


"Don't be sorry! You are such a considerate lover! You'll be back soon enough and besides, we've Billy to think about and you can't go blasting off too soon if he's going to learn anything!"


Getting my breath back, - I kissed him deeply.

"You are so fantastic! I just have a problem getting my head around just how lucky I am!"

Adam picked me up from the floor and held me close to him.

"Remember what you said to me. It's a two way street. It's nothing without love and I understand that since we've been together. My doubts and my fears of the past have gone because now I know I was meant to be what I am and, ---- I LOVE IT! I LOVE YOU!!"


I had to sniff back tears as he spoke.

I'd never considered myself an emotional person but I'd changed since we'd met. My feelings were all out there for all the world to see. I felt liberated somehow, - able to see myself for what I was for the first time in my life! We had grown together in our understanding, almost as if it had been pre-destined.


The shower started to run cold and we got out and died each other off.

"Wonder if Billy's still asleep John?"

"Probably! He's too young to drink!"

"Too young for lots of stuff but that won't stop him!!"


Billy was still sound asleep. I bundled him up like a `babe in arms', carried him upstairs and put him on the bed.

"Get his clothes off and I'll be back up in a minute. I need a stiff one."

"Me too John!! Really stiff!!"

I chuckled as the nuances of his comments filtered though to my brain.

I allowed myself the pleasure of a very strong gin and tonic and fifteen minutes later, I went back to the bedroom.

Adam and Billy were in bed already.

Adam was laying on his right side and Billy was spooning him, - still fast asleep.

"He's like this at school!" Adam whispered.

"He's like a little leach! Can't get rid of him!!"


"Why on earth would you want to! Such a wonderful sight!"

"Come and cuddle into him and put your arm over me. I want to feel your love as well!"


I spooned into Billy and wrapped my arm over both of them so I was holding on to Adam as well.

Billy was, --- how can I put it. ---- Like satin to touch.

I had a `Billy sandwich' and the sensations that ran through my body was electrifying in the extreme!

Adam half turned an smiled at me.

"He'll be out until the morning. You ok or shall we swap places?

He's cuddly isn't he! So very nice to hold and when I was all muddled up, - he kept me going. I want him to know you John and then in some way he'll know me better."


"I can only tell you this.

Oh My God! He's so very soft!"


"Cuddle him then!

Just hold my hand to let me know that you're still mine?"


"I'm always yours and you're always mine! Don't doubt it ever.

We never did have supper!"








With Billy seriously out for the count, both Adam and I drifted of to sleep for a couple of hours. It took me a while due to the fact that cuddling up to Billy had given me a raging hard-on which took forever to go away.

Adam had fallen asleep and let go of my hand to get more comfortable so I took the opportunity to explore Billys' body.

I couldn't get to his `bits' as they were tight up against Adams bum but the whole of his left side was open to my touch from knee height and above.

Damn he was so soft!

I've had my fair share of girls in the past but nothing and I mean nothing compared with the texture of his skin. The closest I can get to explaining it was that he was almost `frictionless' to touch!

My caresses made him stir and he pushed his left leg in between mine, sort of opening up his bum to me.

I readjusted my position so my dick was right up against his crack. I considered going a bit further but thought better of it. Adams comments ringing in my ear, - `I still don't know if he's gay or not'.


I woke a couple of hours later with Billy fidgeting between us, - obviously awake.

"Sorry John. I didn't mean to wake you up!"

"Don't fret about it! I feel so much better for that. How's your head?"

"I'm fine. It's just my foot has gone numb and I need a shower!"

"Ok. Let it come back to life and I'll run it for you, alright?"


Billy grinned.

"Maybe you could wash me?"

"If you would like me to or would you prefer Adam washed you?"

"He told me he wasn't into younger boys but you were so I'd prefer you did it, - that's if you don't mind?"



Oh I was going to hate every moment of it!

"I would love to! I'll go and get some towels and when your foot has recovered, come and join me."


I ran the shower and Billy made his grand entrance, - totally naked! His cock was half hard at about 2 inches. Completely hairless as was his sac.

"Oh wow!! Billy! Damn it, I could eat you!"

"Only if you're really gentle!!"


I soaped him up and gave his back, neck and legs a good wash. I had him lift his feet one by one for me to clean.

I've never come across anybody except babies that have not the slightest hint of hard skin on their feet but Billy was the exception to the rule.

I couldn't help myself. I sucked on his toes.

He whimpered and I could feel him shuddering at my touch.

I turned him around and his dick was at full mast, - a respectable four inches uncut, throbbing with expectation!

I lathered my hand up again and concentrated on his chest and slowly moved down to his cock and nuts, - giving them a tender soaping.

I ran some water over them and looked up into his eyes.

Closed. His breathing even and short.


I lowered my mouth over his cock and took him down to the root, all the time tickling the underside of his little balls.


No he didn't go ballistic nor did he scream. He shuddered again and put his hands around my head and face fucked me.

His pace increased and his breathing became more ragged and uneven. I used every trick I knew to pleasure him. He hadn't enough to throat me so I used my tongue and the roof of my mouth to stimulate him. His little willy expanded in my mouth as he approached his orgasm.


"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhh Yesssssssssssssss!!!"

He held onto me as a drowning man clings to a straw as his climax subsided.

"Oh wow!! That was to die for John!

I know I did you that day on the beach but that is the first time anyone's done it to me!"


Still holding him close, I kissed him on his lips. Not a full blown kiss, - more a peck.

"Nobody at school ever did that to you?"

"Nope. Adam wouldn't because he's not into, --- well, you know but he protected me from the others that might take advantage and so my experience is zero aside from you."

"Does that bother you?"

"Not really but I'm like Adam. I like boys older than me and like you, - men but Adam is so protective and won't let me get it on!"

"You know why."

"Not really?"

"He loves you, you stupid prick! Can't you see what's right in front of you're nose!?

I think he's too scared to admit it even to himself which, I think is why he wanted you to come here over the holiday and see how things worked out.

He was a tad jealous when I spooned up to you in bed! He wanted to hold my hand like to reassure himself that I was still his but unless I miss my guess, he was checking that I wasn't going to get too close to you.

I know he loves you and I know that our relationship is finite.

All the stuff about not fancying younger boys is possibly true but when love kicks in, all principals disappear out of the window. You don't know what is happening and you would sell your soul to the devil just to get close to that object of your desire!

You guys have history, - remember?

All the nights during Adams depression?

You gave him the will to live and to fight! Damn it all Billy!! Why don't you go and tell him how you feel?"


"What about you? What happens if he rejects me?"


"He won't reject you. I know him well enough to read the signs. You have a future together and I was only the catalyst that was thrown into the melting pot, - that's all.

I'm not going to miss him because he will always be there as a friend as you will be as well.

Time to move on. Go give him a hug and tell him how you feel. You can tell him that we've talked as well but please remember one thing.

I love Adam very much. Please be good to him?

Oh and one other thing. If he's not good to you, tell him I'll beat the crap out of him and please believe me, - I'm not a violent person!

Go Billy! Go on. You know it's what you want and like I said. I know deep inside me, - that's what Adam wants as well but can't face me with it."


"I'm scared John!

I want to tell him but he loves you and I'm worried that he'll get upset."

"He probably will but that's only to be expected.

He found someone in me that he could relate to. He'd just `come out' to his parents and my guess is that he used that new found freedom on me.

I loved it but in my mind, - my conscience, I've done a very bad thing and it's better that I walk away, - not from the friendship but from the physical side of things.

I know he will always hold a candle for me and I'm so very happy for that.

You are very special too!

I'll miss your super-soft body!

Oh Fuck!"


I started to cry and Billy hugged me as I convulsed in tears.

I settled down and he was still holding on to me.

"You love me as well, don't you?"


"I think so but you know something? I'm a really bad person for that."


"Not ever! How can you be bad!

How can love ever be bad!"


"I know that you know.

We feel things others might not understand.

Guys together and stuff. Some folk take exception to that kind of thing.

Get dried off and go and wake Adam.

Just tell him how you feel.

Go slow with him but I'll bet any money he'll be cuddling you very soon. - - By the way.

I'm in the spare room if there are problems."


Billy looked up at me, his bottom lip trembling as he fought back the tears.

"Why would you do this for me, giving up the person who you have just said you love? I don't understand?"

"Do you love Adam, Billy?"

"Yes. You know I do."

"Then that's why. You see, I love both of you and you do look so good together, - you're right for each other.

I know that you'll always be part of my life, both of you but you know that what I have done is very wrong and if the authorities were ever to find out, well I'd be serving a seriously long and nasty prison term. They don't treat people like me very well in prison.

Yes it's going to be hard but in some ways, quite rewarding to see you two blossoming together!

Damn it, I need a drink!"








I went into the living room and helped myself to a very stiff gin and sat down to contemplate my decision.

Deep down I knew I was right but there was no getting away from the fact that my life would be completely empty without Adam.

I downed my drink and poured myself another.

I wondered what was taking the boys so long to come through so I quietly slipped along to the bedroom door and peeked in.


Both of them were in bed cuddling each other face to face and crying their eyes out.

For Adam to cuddle Billy like that was a first in itself. Normally Billy would spoon into Adam but never face him. This I'm sure was a defence mechanism on Adams part, almost denying his feelings.

A tear rolled down my cheek but I had a warm glow inside my heart knowing that I'd done the right thing for all of us.


About half an hour later, the boys walked hand in hand into the living room, their eyes red-rimmed from crying. The plonked themselves down either side of me and hugged me for what seemed like an eternity. Finally Adam spoke, - his voice shaking a little.

"How did you know?"

"About you and Billy being in love?"


"Well looking back now, it was so very obvious. You two have shared so much together. The bad times and the good. Billy almost single handed saved your sanity and that took love in it's purest form.

You were in denial over your feelings for him but I could see the way you looked at him. The clincher was earlier when we went to bed and you held my hand.

You said it was to make sure I was still yours but your body language told me otherwise. You didn't want me taking him away from you not him taking me away from you."


There was a pause in the conversation before Adam spoke again.

"I'm so very sorry John. You don't deserve this but as always, you are right but I didn't know how to tell you and more, - I didn't know how to tell Bill."

"Well you have now!

Do you know something else? I'm really happy for you!"

"Not sorry for yourself?"

"How could that be?! I know the two most adorable boys that God ever breathed life into! How good can that be?!"


Adam giggled.

"Thanks! You do know that I will always love you, don't you?"

"Yes. I know that. I know also that we'll spend a lot of time together, all of us. I'll be here for both of you for as long as you want me around.

Now. What about supper? We've also got two weeks of holiday to plan so let's get to it, shall we?"








Those two weeks sped by and the day came for me to return them to school.

I did miss the sex, - well who wouldn't but seeing the boys getting closer by the minute more than made up for it.

I was surprised at myself as well. I fully expected to feel jealous but it was weird, - I didn't!

I knew that I'd done the right thing by both of them and my conscience was clear.


We rounded the bend through the school gates and parked up by the main doors.

As we unpacked the car, I heard a voice talking to Adam and Billy.

"See you two have finally come to your senses and got together. That is just so sweet!"

I stood up to see who was talking and the sight nearly took my breath away.

A slim blond haired boy, no more than five foot four, deep blue eyes and well, - stunning!


Adam introduced us.

"Jimbo this is John. A really, - really wonderful guy and John, this is Jimbo. He hates being called that but what the heck!"


Jimbo and I looked at each other and in unison said,

"Oh wow!"


Adam laughed.

"Down boys, down!" Then whispered in my ear.

"He might not look it but he's sixteen, - if you get my drift?"









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