I have been honoured to receive many emails regarding my story, `Then I Saw Him'


For the most part, the feedback was positive but quite a few complained about the long narrative and lack of sex.

I can understand this but I feel that I should point some things out.



I went through a very traumatising puberty and I'm sure, - absolutely positive that I'm not the only one to have gone through it.

All kids go through massive changes both mentally and physically and without support, they can go through hell as I did.

Girls go into their menstrual cycle without knowing why, - that has to be so very scary for them and on the back of that, - their bodies fill out and become the object of desire and fantasies of people who walk past them in the street.

They don't even realise why!

Boys are different.

They become more toned and more masculine which is a shame,(!).

I went through agony when my balls decided to drop and I had a couple of nights in agony, - my father not knowing what to do.

He knew the problem and had perhaps gone through the same thing himself but singularly failed to help me, - just telling me it would pass, - which, of course it did.

I turned out as a bi-sexual.

Many good times in bed with both girls and boys, ---- ok later, with women and men in equal measure!

To the point I wanted to make.

For all of you who have written to me, - criticising my work for the lack of sexual material, I would say this.

I write about love.

The first attraction is always sexual but it evolves into something more meaningful.

I can write `wank-fodder' but sometimes I want to get across something that provokes thought, - tears, - an emotion that you've buried deep inside yourself all this time.

If you feel that sharp intake of breath, - let it go!

We're all full of emotions, doubts and insecurities.

I hope that despite the lack of `action', you will see where I'm trying to go with this.

Thanks for reading and as always, - I value any emails you might send and please be assured, - all will be replied to.

Thankyou `Nifty' for publishing this.

Andy. XX