“Mmm, good morning daddy, how did you sleep?”

“Like a baby wrapped up with my little angel.”

“Mmm, me too. So, what are we gonna do today?”

“Well, I think we'll go to the military hospital today and see about getting us tested, and then from there I have no idea. I suppose that we should just come straight home and continue getting everything cleaned and put away that hasn't already been done.”

“Okay, that sounds good enough to me.” Hayden smiled warmly, and then reached up for a nice tender kiss.

They kissed tenderly for quite a few minutes before they decided to get up and get ready for the day. They hit the washroom and brushed their teeth, and then they headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. As soon as they were finished there, they headed back to their bedroom, where they stripped each other of their soggy diapers. They hit the bathroom again and they both sat on the toilet and got ready to get dressed. Not long after that they were in the car and heading across town to the military base. As soon as they arrived, Jordan explained to the nurse on staff that he and his son were just in for a checkup, and of course he had to show his military ID. They were talking to a doctor a few minutes later.

“So, what can I do for you gentlemen today?”

“My son and I are just in for a checkup mostly. We want our blood checked for everything, just to make sure we're both completely healthy in every manner, including STD's, and then just check everything else.”

“Of course Sir. If one of you would just go ahead and leave the room for a few minutes, I'll get started on the other, and then you can trade places. I'll take both of your blood at the same time at the end.”

“No need to worry about that doctor, we see each other naked all the time anyways, we both have bladder problems, so wear diapers, and we change each other.”

“Oh, is there anything I can help you with in that aspect then?”

“No Doctor, I don't believe that you can, unless you know of a way to fix the muscles in our bladders, but our previous specialists said that that was not likely. Sadly all our records were lost during our last move, so unfortunately we have none.”

“I understand Sir.” He answered, knowing that Jordan must be a top secret agent or something, because that was the same thing he had heard a hundred times or more, and always the same thing.

“Well, if you two would go ahead and get undressed then please, just down to your diapers will be fine for now?”

The two of them stripped down to just their diapers, and both were still dry. As soon as they were ready, the doctor got started, first on Hayden, and then on Jordan. As he went, he marked things into his charts, basically taking all the measurements for everything.

“Now, I am going to do a prostate exam on both of you. Now Hayden, this is sometimes uncomfortable, so I don't want you to be shocked. What I'll be doing is sticking my finger up inside your anus and feeling around to find your prostate, and I will be able to tell if it's okay by a couple things I'll have you do. If you need to, go ahead and close your eyes, most boys get quite embarrassed by this exam.”

“There'll be no problem there Doctor, I enjoy having my prostate examined, but I do have to warn you, I'm gay and sexually active. My boyfriend is a couple years older than me, so don't be shocked when you can tell that I've been intruded upon already.”

“Oh, you're only thirteen, and your dad knows about it?”

“Yes, dad wasn't exactly happy when he found out I was having sex last year, I think it was more the shock of walking in on us than anything to tell you the truth, but he's okay with it now. He likes to tease me about it all the time.” Hayden grinned, telling a small portion of the story that they had worked out.

“I bet not. I know I wasn't terribly pleased when I walked in on my son, but he was with two girls, and they had no protection. I suppose it was a good thing that he had not started puberty yet, but still.”

“Yeah, I bet that was a shock.” Hayden grinned.

Hayden was motioned to lay on his side with his back facing the doctor, and instead of removing Hayden's diaper, he just pulled it aside enough to do his work. He went through the whole prostate exam, and Hayden was quite hard because of it. As soon as the prostate exam was done with, the doctor checked out his penis and testicles, and deemed them growing well, and quite hard as well. He did chuckle and tell them that Hayden was certainly not the first patient to have overly enjoyed the prostate exam, and Hayden and Jordan laughed, saying they had no doubts there.

Jordan was next for the prostate exam, and he too enjoyed it, but if the doctor suspected that Jordan had been anally invaded, he said nothing. As soon as he was done with that, he started on the collection of the required bodily fluids. It was difficult for both of them to give the urine sample, but as one was trying to push even just a little out, the doctor was collecting the blood from the other. Jordan only had at best a half a cup of pee, but Hayden had at most two tablespoons full. The doctor told him that that was enough for now anyways. He got everything all labeled up properly, finished up their charts, and deemed them ready to get dressed.

“Now Doctor, strictest of confidentiality must be kept on all this, and we would like the results ASAP. If possible have it your eyes only, as well as at most one lab tech that is well trusted.”

“Sir, this is a military hospital, as I'm sure you're aware, our confidentiality is even greater than at most hospitals. I will put a rush on this, and ask that only our head tech do the work, but if he's already busy on an emergency case, yours could be pushed back. We of course trust all our people here though, so if you'd like, I can have whomever is available to do it.”

“Preferably the head tech, but if he is busy, then have the next best do it ASAP, thanks.”

“I will see what I can do. If they're not that busy down there, of which they weren't yesterday, they could have the results for you this afternoon. I will call you personally with the results.”

“That would be greatly appreciated. Also, once you are done with the filling out of everything, please shred all the records, unless there is something in there that I need to keep?”

“Yes Sir.” He answered, and then knew the reason there were no records, because again he had been instructed to do the same thing a number of times. Although even the doctors at the military hospitals had to give the results to higher officials should there be anything of concern, such as STD's and such.

“Thank you very much. We hope to hear from you this afternoon.” Jordan smiled, and they got up to leave, now that they were finished getting dressed.

“That was pretty cool, but how come you told him to shred our reports if there was nothing of concern on them?” Hayden asked as soon as they were safely in the car and on their way.

“Because I have no doctors reports anywhere, nor will I ever as long as I stay healthy. The doctor there will undoubtedly know the drill, having worked here for a while, and knowing many of the special agents that will have come through here. It's the same for all of us, we technically don't really exist. You didn't see my military ID, but it has a completely different name, it's not my original name, nor is it my current name. Buried somewhere deep within some Admirals archives there's a folder for me, but it'll be nearly barren, I'm pretty much a voice only agent, meaning that there will be no records of me, and only my commanding officers would tell you anything at all, if they deemed it necessary.”

“Wicked. So, if you don't exist, does that mean that I don't exist either?”

“Nope, not really anyways.” Jordan grinned.


“Yeah, when we send you to school, we'll use the name you currently have, because it's as much you as you can be, but really, that's as far as it'll go. Well, let's head home and finish getting everything done to get our house all set up.”

“I don't know if I really want to go back to school. It's been too long, and I was really getting sick of having kids pick on me. Can we see about doing something else?”

“Like what?”

“You could teach me, or I could do the home schooling program.”

“We could probably do both I guess.” Jordan said thoughtfully.

“Cool, thanks daddy. Let's go home and finish cleaning then.” Hayden smiled brightly.

They headed home and got started on the rest of their chore from the day before. They stopped shortly for a quick lunch, and got back to work. By four that afternoon they were just finishing up. Moments after they finished, the phone rang, startling them both, because not once had the phone ever rang, and it took more than a few minutes for either of them to even find it.

“Hello, Jordan speaking.”

“Good afternoon Sir, this is the doctor from the hospital this morning. I was just calling with your test results.”

“Oh, hello Doctor, good to hear from you. How was everything?”

“Everything was as clean as could be. There was only one mild exception to that, and that was on Hayden. He appeared to have a little cloudiness in his urine, and as long as he flushes his bladder regularly, it should be just fine. I suggest clear liquids, water being the best, but cranberry juice and green tea are also really good, and good for him. He did not appear to have any infections in there at this time, but from what they could see, that may have been the case not too long ago, and if he's not careful, he could get them easily. That is a common side effect of the bladder condition that you two have, so you may already know all this. All blood tests were clean, and there was nothing of any concern there at all, including STD's. I suggest that you come back in six months to check once again, but otherwise, you're both as healthy as can be.”

“Oh, that's really good to hear, and yes, we were aware of that already. I've already had him drinking lots extra lately, because he felt an infection coming on again.”

“I figured that you'd know that already, but thought that I'd mention it anyways, just in case.”

“And we appreciate it. Thanks for calling Doctor, and I trust that all mention of our visit today has already been shredded!”

“Sir, I have no idea who you are or why I'm even talking to you, have a good day.”

“Thanks Doctor.” Jordan chuckled.

“Well, other than the fact that you appear to have had a recent bladder infection, there was nothing wrong. Had you found it hard to pee recently?”

“Yeah, a couple weeks ago I started to feel it again, so started drinking lots of water. My mom used to give me cranberry juice and green tea when I started feeling them happening. The doctor that I had when I was five warned us about that possibly happening and ways to help prevent it.”

“Yes, the doctor just mentioned that to me as well, so I'm glad you already knew as well.”

“Yeah, I used to get the beginnings of a bladder infection once every few months or so. He made sure to tell me what the signs were, and what to do right away to almost stop it from taking hold. Also he told me ways to prevent it, but of course I can't completely. All I have to do is stay as far away from too much sugar and yeast as I can, and I'll be fine, but of course I'm a kid, and we like our sweets.” Hayden grinned.

“And stay well away from pop and fake juice too as well I bet, because I was told the same thing when I got a couple bladder infections.”

“Yeah. So, now that we're good and clean, want to go to bed and get really dirty?”

“Maybe, what did you have in mind?”

“I've always wanted to really taste cum to see for myself if it tastes as good as many say it does. I never let anyone cum in my mouth at all, in fact I hated sucking dicks, because I hate the taste of the condoms, but I wouldn't suck without, so I got used to it. Now I don't have to though.”

“No, you don't, and I'm good for one load, and then I'd love to suck you as well. We'll have to take off our diapers for that though, but that's probably not such a bad idea anyways, we're both getting pretty soggy.”

“Okay.” Hayden said brightly, and led the way to their bedroom.

Once there, they both crawled onto the bed and met in the middle. There they began to kiss tenderly once again, making true love with their tongues. As they kissed, they petted each others backs and diapered bums, but so far they had not ventured inside. For more than ten minutes they lay like that, just kissing in a loving fashion before they both reached inside the others diaper at the same time.

They cupped a cheek each, and then started moving around inside. Before too long though, the diaper just became more a nuisance than anything, it was just getting in the way, so they both pulled out and released the tapes of each others diapers. Now totally free to roam around, they did so, now petting each others entire diaper area. Hayden was of course the one to break the kissing session first.

“Okay daddy, lay back and enjoy. I'll try and give you the best blowjob I can manage, but I'm not great yet, because I didn't get a lot of practice.”

“I'm sure that you'll do just fine. Just a couple pointers though. Watch the teeth, try not to scrape me, that hurts. Use lots of tongue action, especially to the head, and you don't have to actually suck my balls out through my dick head, so no powerful suction is necessary, just gentle suction, but alternate a bunch as well.” Jordan offered.

“Thanks Daddy, I'll remember that.” Hayden said brightly, and then dove in.

Only a few seconds later Jordan had to wonder why he had to give his baby boy any pointers at all, he felt that Hayden had already all but mastered the art of cock sucking, and he was enjoying it immensely. Jordan was enjoying it so much in fact, that he was being quite vocal. Never before had he had a boy suck him so well, so perfectly even. He had his hands wrapped gently in Hayden's hair, just holding his head softly, but not moving him, just following his movements. No, Hayden was the one doing absolutely everything, holding his head in such a manner was strictly loving touches.

“Oh god baby, so good, I can't hold on any longer, oh god, here it comes.” Jordan panted out, and then fired off.

A good six or seven shots, Hayden was not entirely sure, and he caught it all. He savored his daddy's unique flavor, falling madly in love with it, and vowing that he would definitely be doing this again, and soon.

“Wow daddy, you taste awesome. How was it?”

“Oh god baby, incredible. No one has ever sucked me like that before, and it was simply the best ever. I'm glad you enjoyed it as well though.” Jordan smiled warmly.

“Oh yeah Daddy, I could eat that all day every day, if you could give it to me that is.” Hayden grinned.

“I bet you could, and as much as I'd love to be able to offer you that, at least once, I'm afraid that I'd probably pass out after four or maybe five orgasms at best.”

“Yeah, I know, but it could be fun.” Hayden grinned wickedly.

“It probably would be. Now lay back baby, it's your turn.” Jordan asked lovingly.

“Okay.” Hayden said brightly.

Knowing that Hayden was already pretty close, Jordan did not restart the foreplay, because he knew that Hayden would not last through it, so he just sucked Hayden to the root. This was not at all difficult for Jordan, he had deep throated considerably larger before, and while a good size for his age and build, Hayden was not exactly huge. On a whim, Jordan also sucked in his cute hairless little balls, and Hayden nearly bent in half from the incredible feelings of that. Jordan worked with every bit of knowledge that he had to bring off a boy to the maximum, and did it all to Hayden. He wanted Hayden to explode more than he ever had before, and it was building up to that as well. Twice Jordan stopped and pinched the base of Hayden's erection, twice Hayden groaned out in misery at having the wicked feelings stopped, and twice Jordan grinned up to his baby evilly. Jordan was going to try for a third, but as soon as he pinched Hayden, he knew that it wasn't going to work, he was pulsing too much now. With a scream that would have surely been heard a mile away Jordan felt, Hayden exploded in what was to be his biggest orgasm ever, but it was too much, and for the first time ever, he passed out.

Jordan grinned wickedly from having made his little boy pass out, just what he had hoped for. He slipped out of bed softly, and grabbed their diaper supplies. Carefully he came back and creamed and diapered Hayden up nice and snug. He then laid himself down and got himself all diapered as well. Once they were both set, Jordan just laid down next to Hayden and softly stroked his chest. It took almost ten minutes for Hayden to come back around, and when he did finally, he was still speechless.

“Hey baby, how did I do?” Jordan whispered.

“Wow, that was the best ever.” Hayden gasped.

“I'm glad you liked it. While I certainly didn't have all that much experience, I have read a lot about how to make it the best. Well baby, I think that it's about dinner time, so let's go get some dinner. What would you like?”

“I don't know, how about Chinese food, I haven't had that in forever.”

“That sounds good to me, but we don't have everything to make it, so we'll have to go out for dinner.”

“That's okay with me.”

“I didn't think that it'd bother you too much. Come on baby, let's get dressed then and head out. There's a couple pretty good places in town, and one of them is even a buffet style all you can eat one, so I think we'll go there.”

“Cool.” Hayden said brightly.

They both dressed each other quickly, and before too long, they were on their way to the restaurant. As soon as they arrived, they were seated, and they headed up to the tables to fill up their plates. They spent almost an hour there, both enjoying a good filling dinner and dessert.

“Mmm, that was so good daddy, thanks.” Hayden said as they were leaving.

“You're welcome. I haven't had that in a long time myself, so I enjoyed it as well. Well, let's head home and watch a movie or two before bed okay.”

“Sounds good to me daddy.” Hayden said happily.

For the rest of the night they watched two movies, having some popcorn and juice during their second movie as well. They had stripped down to just their diapers when they arrived, so they were nice and comfy. It was decided though that they would have to change their diapers before they went to bed, because although they were not overly wet, yet, they would certainly spring leaks throughout the night. So they headed to their bedroom, changed each others diapers lovingly, and then curled up to go to sleep together.

They slept the night through, cuddled up together like they normally were, and they both woke the next morning at almost the same time, just after sunrise.

“Good morning daddy.”

“Good morning baby. What should we do today?”

“I don't know, whatever I guess.”

“Well, one thing that I'd like to do today, is find out where that door in the kitchen leads to. It's locked and I wasn't left a key for it, and I can't find any keys around here.”

“Oh, okay. I just thought it was a closet or something, but maybe it goes to a basement or something. There aren't any windows, but that might not mean anything.”

“Yeah, that was my thoughts as well. It could be just a crawl space as well for all I know, but I should get in there and make sure it's all clean and there's nothing bad down there.”

“But how are we going to get in if you don't have a key?”

“Well, I was thinking just using a hammer and busting the handle off, the rest should be pretty easy after that. Or I could just use my universal lock pick set.”

“What's your universal lock pick set?” Hayden asked curiously.

“My gun of course.” Jordan grinned.

“Yeah, that would probably work, but you might startle the neighbors.”

“You're probably right, but I do have a silencer for it. We'll use the hammer though, it's a little safer.”

“You're probably right.” Hayden grinned.

“Yeah. Come on baby, I think our diapers are good enough until after breakfast, so let's get up and get started on our day.”

“Okay daddy.”

They climbed out of bed and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. They made themselves a simple breakfast and then sat down to eat. Once they were all done there, they headed to the bathroom, where they removed each others soggy diapers, and then as one was on the toilet, the other brushed their teeth. They then climbed in the shower and cleaned each other up. Once they were all clean and dry, they headed to their bedroom and diapered each other. They put on some work clothes and then Jordan went and grabbed his hammer. It took only three good hits for the handle to shatter under the force, and using a screwdriver, Jordan was able to turn the bolt inside enough to open the door. The door opened to a set of stairs that went down, and there was a light switch right there, so Jordan hit it.

“You know, I just figured that it was a small furnace room or something, I didn't actually expect to find an actual basement. Shall we go down baby?”

“Okay.” Hayden said excitedly, more than happy to go exploring.

They headed down the stairs, and found a full basement the same size as the upstairs above. There was nothing in there at all, just a few support columns for the house, the furnace, and the hot water tank, and that was it.

“Hmm, not much down here, is there? I wonder why it was locked in the first place?” Jordan asked as they reached the bottom and looked around for a moment.

“No, there isn't, but more than likely it just got locked accidentally and the old owners forgot to leave the key I guess. It's nice and big down here though, really high ceilings too.” Hayden suggested.

“Yeah, that's what must have happened I guess, and you're right, they've got to be easily nine to ten feet.” Jordan said after looking up and guessing.

“Well, I guess this is pretty cool that we have a full basement, but what are we gonna do with it?”

“Doesn't much matter if we do anything at all, but I think I have an idea.”

“What is it?” Hayden asked curiously.

“Well, I hate going to public gyms and crap like that, and I wanted to get a home gym, so I could very easily set that all up down here, put some mats down, throw a few pieces of equipment in here, and we'd be all set. We could also build a storage room around the furnace and hot water tank to hide it as well I guess.”

“That sounds good, and maybe if we get enough mats I can practice my gymnastics again as well. What should we do with the walls though, they're kinda gross looking?”

“Yeah, we can do that, but do we really have to do anything with them?”

“If we're gonna make a nice gym, don't you think it would be nicer to not have drab gray walls to look at?”

“Yeah, you're right. If it looks too much like a dungeon in here, we're not nearly as likely to use it, are we!” Jordan pondered more to himself.

“We'd still use it, but it wouldn't be nearly as nice.”

“Yeah, you're probably right again. So, what do you think we should do on the walls then?”

“No clue, you're the home fix it guru, what do you think we should do?” Hayden grinned cheekily.

“Huh, hardly. We can maybe hit a building center and see what we can find. The problem is that I don't really want to frame it all in and put drywall over it, that's a pain in the ass, but we should insulate it, so that it's not a huge energy sucker.”

“Why not glue on Styrofoam panels, they come pretty thick and strong right, and then maybe because we're gonna make a gym out of this, we can do it right and put mirrors up, we should just be able to glue them right to the foam.” Hayden suggested.

“You know what, that's a damn fine idea, I think that that's exactly what we're gonna do too.” Jordan said, brightening right up at that, thinking that it was a brilliant idea.

“Cool, thanks daddy. My old gymnastics place had walls like that, that's why I thought of it.”

“Well, come on then, let's go get dressed and head right out then. We'll definitely have to have them deliver it all, and I think the mirrors we'll have to get from the glass shop, we'll go to the same one that helped us before as well.”

“Okay daddy.” Hayden smiled brightly.

They headed upstairs and dressed each other and then headed out right away. They hit the glass shop first, since it was the first store on their way. They went in, and Jordan asked for enough mirrors to do the whole job, plus some extra for just in case. They arranged for it to be delivered, Jordan making sure that they would bring it right in to where they needed it, because he and Hayden would not be able to really carry them that well, they would just barely be able to move them into place. That was all good, and delivery was set for the following day sometime in the morning.

Their next stop was a home gym supplier, because it was the next in line. There they spent a few hours just looking around at all the options, and talking amongst themselves, trying to figure out what they wanted. They ended up deciding upon a nice mat that they would get enough of to do the entire floor, a few pieces of exercise equipment, and a few other things that were essential for the home gym. There they were able to arrange delivery in one week, both of them figuring that it would take them at least that long to get all the work done.

Their final stop of the day was to the building center. They found a really good rigid two inch thick foam for the walls and wrote that down, and then they wrote down more than enough lumber to build the walls, a pre hung door for the new furnace room, two new handles, one for that door and the other for the one that they had broke to get into the basement. They also bought a couple dozen tubes of glue for the foam and the mirrors, it was good for both, so it was perfect. On a whim, they grabbed a few more lights and all the stuff to do a nice drop ceiling in the basement. Just as they were about to go to the front to pay for it all and arrange for delivery, Hayden pointed out that they had not picked out the screws or nails that they would need yet, so they headed back to grab those, Jordan physically smacking himself for forgetting a rather important item as that. As they were passing it, Jordan also noticed a display for the cans of spray foam insulation, so they grabbed a bunch of those as well to seal up any of the holes that they found as they went. Finally they figured that they had enough for the time being, so went to the customer service desk to arrange it all. They were in luck that the delivery guys were just getting back from another delivery and had nothing else on their plate for the time being, so they were scheduled to start loading up right away, and the guys were told that they would be there within the hour.

“Wow, that all cost a lot today, huh daddy!” Hayden said as they were heading back towards home.”

“Yes it did, and unless I'm mistaken, that pretty much depleted my savings as well, but that's okay. I might have a thousand or two left, but that'd be about it. So, as soon as the guys arrive, you want to get to work on getting the foam all put up today?”

“We'll be just fine I'm sure. Even if you were as poor as I once was, I'd still love you just as much as I do now. As for getting started when we get home, sure.” Hayden smiled warmly to his loving daddy.

“And I love you too baby. As soon as we get home, we'll start by cleaning the floor and walls of all the dust and cobwebs, so that they don't all get trapped behind the work we're gonna do.”

“That shouldn't take long, and by the time we finish, the delivery guys should be there as well.”

“Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking as well.”

So as soon as they made it home, they grabbed what they needed and started to clean the walls and floor of the basement. They just left everything in the car for the time being, because the cleaning was the most important thing at the moment. Just as they were finishing that up, the delivery guys pulled up. They headed out to meet them and informed them as to where the items were going, so they started right away. While they were carrying everything in, Hayden and Jordan started hauling all the little stuff into the house from the car.

It took nearly an hour for the delivery guys to finish their long and tiring chore, but they were fast and efficient, and Jordan gave them both a tip. Once the delivery guys were gone, Jordan and Hayden hauled the rest of the stuff downstairs after stripping off their clothes to expose their soggy diapers.

“I think that we should insulate the walls around the furnace and hot water tank first, and then the new wall can be built out from that.”

“Okay daddy, that sounds good to me. Or, if you tell me how you want it done, I can take care of putting the insulation up while you start the framing, that way we get more done.”

“We'd still get just as much done just as quickly either way, but that works as well.” Jordan pointed out.

“Maybe, but the framing will be slow work, and both of us really won't be needed for it, whereas the insulation will be pretty quick, and we both really don't need to do that, so while you do that, I can fly around the room putting up the insulation.”

“Good points, and you're probably correct yet again. You'll need a ladder though in order to do the higher stuff, but I don't have one, and I'll need one as well to do up high. I suppose we should have thought of that when we were at the building center.”

“I think I saw some old saw horses out in the garage, as well as some two by twelves, we could use those and make a scaffolding type thing for each of us if there's enough stuff. If not, then I guess we both work on the same project.” Hayden shrugged.

“How could you have noticed that, I haven't even noticed them, and you've only been here a couple days.”

“Easy, I notice most things around me, it was a defense mechanism I guess.”

“No, I don't think that you just learned that recently, that you were probably born with, and it's amazing. I normally notice everything around me, because it was part of my job to keep me alive, but I still never saw anything like that around here.”

“Don't know.” Hayden said with a shrug.”

“Well, let's go check out your powers of observation then baby.”

They headed upstairs and out to the garage, and sure enough, tucked in a corner were six saw horses and a small stack of lumber exactly the size that Hayden had thought it was. They carried it all downstairs, and set it aside for when they needed it. They both got the insulation up around the furnace area, so that Jordan could work at what he needed to do. It only took them half an hour to do, and then they broke off and went their separate ways in the project. Jordan started by getting all the measurements that he needed, and then got started on cutting all that he needed.

Hayden started at floor level first, going all the way around the room, applying one panel at a time, and at four foot by eight foot each, it was quick and easy work. Squirt a little glue on the back side of each sheet and set it in place. The glue grabbed pretty much right away, so there was no real need to hold it, so he was able to go on to the next one right away. The panels were also really light and easy for Hayden to manage, so that made the job really easy to do. Within an hour he had the entire first course done and was about to start on the second course, making sure to stagger the joints.

“Don't start on the next one baby, I think we should stop for some dinner, because I'm getting really hungry, because we skipped lunch.”

“I'm getting pretty hungry as well, so maybe we should.” Hayden smiled.

So they headed upstairs and made and ate dinner. As soon as they were finished that and the cleanup, they were back downstairs to their work. Hayden started on his next course, and Jordan started on the second wall. This wall would not take as long to do, because although it was longer, it did not have the door way in it, so was easier to construct. He was making the storage room quite large, fifteen by twenty, and eventually they would put shelves and things in there. It was not like they needed to make it small or anything, so he decided to make it a nice size. Hayden finished the second course an hour later, and Jordan finished installing the second wall at almost the same time.

“Wow baby, you're doing real well. It looks awesome already.”

“Thanks daddy, you're doing pretty good too. If you want to maybe start doing the last course, which is still a little too high for me even on the scaffolding, I can start attaching the insulation to the outside of the storage room.”

“Sounds good to me baby, and I noticed that you could just barely reach the eight feet high, even on the scaffold.”

“Yeah, I'm still pretty small, but that's okay.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“Yep, that's just fine.”

So they went about their work again, once again in almost near silence. By the time that Hayden was finished as much as he could do on the storage room, Jordan was nearing completion on the rest of the walls. Hayden stood and watched as Jordan finished up, and then went and did the rest of the storage room walls.

“Well baby, I think that that's more than enough work for today. It's getting late and I'm getting tired.”

“I agree. And even I'm not alive enough to want to play around tonight, so I can't imagine how tired you must be.” Hayden grinned.

“Wow, now that is tired.” Jordan grinned.

“Yep. We should probably go change our diapers, because with my last wetting, I think that put me at maximum capacity, and my diaper is nearly knocking my knees now.”

“I'll say, but I'm pretty close to that myself. Come on baby, let's go to bed.” Jordan smiled, and they headed upstairs.

They changed each others diapers quickly, and then curled up in bed together. They were both asleep soundly minutes later.