The next few days seemed to fly by for Jordan, yet seemed to drag by slower than a sloth for Hayden. Jordan was busy all day long, drilling his trainees almost non stop, whereas Hayden did his workout each morning, even though he should have taken a day off between each workout day, and then for the rest of the day he did almost nothing. He played on the computer for a bit, got bored of that, watched TV for a bit, got bored of that, made lunch and cleaned up, and then repeated the boredom parts. About the only thing keeping him sane at all was the fact that he knew his loving daddy would be home soon, and he could not wait until that glorious time.

Hayden had tried keeping himself busy by cleaning, but there was only so much he could really clean. He had thought about maybe going out again during the day, but decided against it after only a short while, deciding that there was nothing for him to do, so why bother.

Another thing that kept him going was his nightly calls from his daddy. He tried to stay and sound strong while he was on the phone, but he was finding it increasingly more difficult to do this. On his fourth night alone, he almost started crying as soon as he heard his dads voice. He managed to hold it in, just barely, and even though Jordan could hear it in his voice, there was nothing he could do except to tell his baby that he would be okay. Repeatedly Jordan urged Hayden to go out and try and find some other kids to have fun with, and every time Hayden said he would, but he never did.

On the Friday of the first week, Jordan had been gone since Monday already, Hayden had decided that he really should get up and do something useful, so after doing his daily workout, getting breakfast and cleaning up from that, he went out to the garage to clean it up. It wasn't exactly dirty or anything, but it was still cluttered from the previous owners having left a bunch of things behind. Starting on the boxes that were piled along the far wall, he pulled them all into the center of the room and started opening them one by one. Mostly he just found junk. It appeared as if the previous owner never threw anything away, there were boxes loaded just with old magazines about all sorts of things. Most of this crap Hayden just piled next to the door to throw away. It took more than three hours for him to even find anything worthwhile, and it was just a box of tools. He tested them out, cleaned them up, and set them on the bench if they worked well, and tossed them away if they did not.

He went in and made himself some lunch after that, and then came right back out to continue where he had left off. He spent the next several hours in the garage doing that, until it was pretty much cleaned up of all the crap. To say that the garbage pile was larger than the keep pile would be a rather large understatement. Out of maybe twenty five boxes of crap, there was at best two boxes worth keeping, and one of those boxes was not even completely full. It was only just twenty minutes to four, so he had a little more time until dinner time, and then he was hoping that his daddy would call to tell him when he would be flying home. That call came sooner than he had thought it would, because just as he was walking in the house, the phone started ringing.

“Hi baby, how are you?” Jordan asked as soon as Hayden answered the phone.

“Pretty good. I cleaned out the garage today, and there's lots to go to the dump when you get home. How are you, and when are you flying home?”

“That's really good baby. I'm glad you at least found something to keep you busy. I'm doing good I guess, but the reason I'm calling you early, is because I have bad news.”

“Oh, you can't come home this weekend, can you?” Hayden asked sadly.

“No baby, unfortunately not. We're a little behind schedule, I should be finished the training section of it, and moving onto the practical applications and the testing of what they know, but we still have at minimum of two days of the training stuff left. I'm really sorry baby, I know how much you wanted me to come home this weekend, and I wanted to so much as well, but it just isn't going to work out that way.”

“That's okay daddy. I got used to being alone before, and I'm starting to get used to it again. I'll be just fine. Sure it hurts that you're not here with me, I wish I could hold you and touch you again, and to get a kiss would be better than winning the lottery, but I understand. Other people need you as well, I can respect that, but I don't have to like it.”

“And I don't have to like being apart from you either, but occasionally it will happen, and we'll just have to make the best of it. I'll try and arrange that any further jobs are from our local base, but that's not always going to be possible, because sometimes I have to go out to sea for things.”

“I wish that I could at least come with you for the out to sea trips, but I doubt very seriously that a kid would be allowed.”

“No, you wouldn't be, but if you really want to go out to sea sometime, I have many connections, and could maybe see what we can come up with some time.”

“I'd really like that daddy. Well, I guess I should let you go and stop wasting all this time, because the faster you get done, the faster you get to come home right.”

“That's right baby. I love you lots, have a good night, I won't bother calling tonight, because I think I might keep the guys late.”

“I love you too daddy, talk to you tomorrow then.”

“Will do baby, bye.”

“Bye.” Hayden said as he hung up. He wiped a single solitary tear from his eye, choked back the sorrow that he felt, and got his act together.

A few minutes later when he decided that he was once again fine, he decided to go change his diaper, get dressed, and head to the mall for some dinner and to look around again. A few minutes later and he was ready to go, so took off.

The walk to the mall this evening was far more brisk, it was already getting dark, and the temperature felt like it had dropped again. Hayden thought once again, for probably the millionth time, that he was so glad that Jordan had caught him breaking into his house, because he knew without a doubt that with as cold as it was now, and with as few clothes as he had had, he would now almost certainly be dead, or possibly in jail. He still was not entirely convinced which would actually be worse.

As he was getting close to the mall, he passed by an alley that led between a couple older buildings, and he heard a struggle and some heated words. Ducking down and out of sight so that he could not be seen, Hayden crept up as quietly as he could to see what was happening. What he saw were two boys, roughly fifteen years old crowding a boy that was probably a year younger. The boy was already crying, his pants had ridden down and showed that he too was wearing a diaper, and the boys were taunting him.

“Aw, does the little sissy gay baby boy want his mommy?” One of the boys taunted.

“No, he probably wants a dick down his throat.” The other boy taunted.

“Why don't we find out if the rumors are true that he's a really good cock sucker?” The first boy asked.

“Where should we go for that?”

“We can just use him right here, no one will see us.”

“Okay, you go first then.”

“No, please don't.” The boy stammered.

“Oh shut up, babies don't get a say in what happens to them by people that are clearly potty trained.” The first boy growled.

“Okay boys, that's quite enough.” Hayden stood up at his full height, which was really not all that much, and walked into the dim light.

“And just who the fuck do you think you are. Get lost or you'll join this little gay baby boy.”

“I hate to tell you boys this, but not only am I gay, but I too have to wear diapers due to a faulty bladder, and I seriously take offense to anyone referring to someone like you two are to this boy. Now, get lost, before I decide I don't like you very much. And I don't treat those I don't like very nice at all.”

“Oh good, another fagot to suck our cocks, and I bet their asses are nice and tight.”

“Oh, now that just really pisses me off, I hate that word, and you two would have better luck sucking each other off than you ever will at getting me or him to suck you.”

“Nah, why would we, you little fairy fagot, we have two little gay baby boys here who would love to suck our cocks. Everyone knows you little fag boys will swing on any cock.”

Hayden clenched his fists very tightly, trying to control the rage. Each of the boys would alternate as to who said what, so they were both just as guilty in the verbal abuse they were handing out.

“Actually, no, that's not true, for instance, no gay guy would ever touch two gay bashers like you, no matter how much you wanted them too, and should you ever jam your dick down someones throat, be warned, we will probably bite very hard. I for instance would bite more than hard enough to bite your little baby dick right off, because I bet you both don't have more than the average two year old. Now, get lost, this is your last warning. And just so you know, my father is in the navy and has been trained a great deal in hand to hand combat, and as such has taught me much as well.”

The first boy punched the kid they had been harassing hard in the stomach, causing him to cry out and crash to the ground. “You, stay there, we have to take care of one of your kind and show him what good little gay boys are supposed to do.” he said, and then both boys charged at Hayden.

“Oh, you really are stupid, aren't you. Fine, then I have no problems kicking your asses.” Hayden grinned, saying the last line as first one boy came into range and he threw a wicked kick to the side of his head, and as the second boy came into range, he threw a punch into that boys nose, probably breaking it on impact.

“Ow, fuck that hurts.” First boy said, and then got up, really pissed off now, and heading towards a round two with Hayden.

“You'd be better off staying down you dumb fuck.” Hayden growled.

He wasn't too smart though, because he threw what would have been a mean punch, if Hayden hadn't went down into the splits, causing the boy to miss completely. From this angle though, Hayden had a perfect shot at the family jewels, and using his open palm, he gave a quick shot to them, causing the boy to cry out in pain and crash to the ground. Hayden though had carefully judged the hit so as to not cause permanent damage, just cause untold amounts of pain. As that boy was going down, the other boy was getting up, holding his seriously bleeding nose with one hand.

“Are you smart enough to stop at just one hit, or am I going to continue using you for a sparring dummy? Actually, you know what, a sparring dummy at least has a purpose, so far I haven't seen such a thing from you, so what's your answer?” Hayden asked in a deadly calm voice.

“Fuck you, you broke my nose, you're going to pay for that.”

“Are you really that dense. I have heaped on both of you huge amounts of pain in only three hits, you have yet to hit me once, do you honestly think that you scare me?”

“You should be scared.”

“Yeah, funny thing is, I'm not.” Hayden said, and with that, the boy wobbling on his feet, holding his nose together, charged again, this time swinging away with the one hand.

Hayden almost laughed at the childish way the boy was swinging his arm like he was, like he had no idea what he was doing, figuring that Hayden would not be able to block him while moving his arm like that.

“Oh please.” Hayden said, and just as he finished saying it, he went down suddenly, swept his foot out, catching the other boy while still charging, kicked his feet out from under him, and watched as he crashed to the ground.

Boy one was still holding his jewels, trying to ascertain as to whether or not they were still intact, he was still bawling like a baby, so he was fine for the time being. Hayden then went and sat on boy twos back. He was still laying on the ground, crying, but he had been trying to get back up. Hayden rapped his knuckles on the boys head quite a few times, causing the boy to cry out in more pain, because Hayden was not doing it lightly at all.

“Nope, just as a thought, it's as full as a basket ball, there's only air in there. I should and could just kill you right now and do the world a favor, you and your friend over there are only a waste of perfectly good oxygen and I have no use for you. Now, I know you can both hear me just fine, so I am going to tell you this once, and once only. I will be getting all this other boys information from him and giving him mine, so if I ever, and I do mean ever hear of him getting trouble from either of you two again, I can and I will find you and do things to you that will make you wish you were dead. Am I making myself perfectly clear?” Hayden barked out, using the same tone that Jordan used when he wanted to be obeyed instantly.

“Yes.” They both whispered out hoarsely.

“Good, and remember, I will find out. If you all go to the same school, you will also make certain that no one else ever picks on him again for having to wear diapers, I'm sure that it's not his fault, and you assholes making fun of him for something that he has no control over is more than likely not helping him any. Now, we are leaving, and I suggest you two do the same thing. Have a good night.” Hayden said, the last part done in a falsely chipper voice.

“Come on, I'm going to the mall, care to join me?” Hayden asked the other boy.

“Y-y-y-yeah. I think I will.”

“Are you okay, did they hit you much?”

“No, just a couple times. The one you saw to my stomach was the hardest though. It's still a bit tender, but it'll be fine. They've hit me a number of times before, so I'm sorta used to it by now.”

“That sucks. So they enjoy using you as their punching bag then? You ever try fighting back?”

“No, that'll just make it worse, it'll piss them off and make them hit me even more.”

“I hate to tell you this, but I don't think that strategy is working out too well for you. And besides, who cares if you get hit a few extra times because you fought back, at least give as good as you get. If you become too much of a challenge for them, they'll just give up. So, how did they find out that you were gay and wear diapers?”

“I guess that's true. Everyone has known I have to wear diapers since I started school in kindergarten. My bladder and a few other internal organs were seriously damaged, or destroyed in a bad car accident when I was three. I was lucky to have even lived, but some days I wish I hadn't.” He said sadly.

“That's no way to talk. So how did they find out you were gay then?”

“Who says I am and that they weren't just trying to pick on me more?”

“I know that you're gay as well, I can feel it, just like I can bet that you know I'm gay as well.”

“Yeah, I guess you're right. Well, apparently one of the guys I've sucked before has a big mouth and spread it all over the school that I give great head to any guy who wants it. That started about three weeks ago, and in punishment for telling, I no longer blow the five guys I was before that. They've all of course swore that they weren't the ones to have done it, but I don't care. Now of course my two favorite bullies torment me even more than they did before because I wear diapers.”

“I see. You hungry?”

“Yeah, I am.”

“Good, let's go have dinner, my treat.”

“Thanks.” The boy smiled.

They had just entered the mall at that time, so they veered towards the food fair to get themselves dinner.

“What do you want?” Hayden asked.

“Not too sure, what were you going to have?”

“I was thinking of the oriental place over there. I've never had their food before, so thought I'd try it tonight.”

“That sounds good to me as well, so let's go there then.” The boy smiled.

They went up and each ordered what it was that they wanted, Hayden paid for it all, and then they went to a table that did not have anyone sitting directly around it, so they could talk in somewhat a private manner.

“So, what's your name anyways?” Hayden asked as they were eating.

“Chris, how about you?”

“Hayden. It's good to meet you Chris.”

“It's good to met you as well. And thanks for back there, no one has ever stuck up for me before. I don't have any friends, because no one wants to be seen hanging around with the baby. The teachers never say anything, even if they do see someone harassing me. No one ever hits me at school though, they wouldn't want to get in trouble or anything. So, when did you know you were gay, and how come you wear diapers?”

“I think I've sorta always known I was gay, but I was certain of it by the age of eight. I had to officially start wearing diapers at the age of five, but I pretty much was in them most of the time before that. I went to a specialist who told my mom that my bladder was too small and the muscles didn't work, and that there was no hope for it, and that the best solution was diapers. I remember I cried for a few days afterwards, I had been hoping that he could help me, because I didn't want to have to wear diapers. Now I wouldn't give them up for the world I think. How about you?”

“Well, It was probably about eight or so that I knew that I was gay as well, maybe nine, but it was early as well. I guess I've never really been out of diapers, because I remember my mom saying once that I was in the midst of potty training when the accident happened, so I was probably still pretty much in them all the time at that time, and I've been in them ever since. It's really the only thing I've ever known, but I'm not sure I could live without them either. How about poop, do you poop in your diapers as well?”

“No, how about you?”

“Yeah, I just never got potty trained for that, and while I sometimes feel it, even now I don't normally feel it until I'm actually pooping.”

“That's not really normal, have you ever asked your doctor if that was damaged as well during the accident?”

“No, never bothered, and there's no real point either. Like I said, it's all I've ever known, and I don't think I could change it now. So, how old are you anyways?”

“That's cool and I can understand totally. I'm almost thirteen, in like three months. How about you?”

“I just turned fourteen last month. How did you learn to fight like that anyways?”

“I mostly learned on my own, but my dad has started teaching me more as well. I've also fought quite a few times, so learned ways to fight just from that.”

“Wow, you're pretty good. Aren't you afraid of getting hit and getting hurt though?”

“Nah, pain is normally only temporary, and even if I do get my ass kicked by someone, I usually go back for seconds. I don't like losing, so I keep going back for more until I win. I actually had one kid that I fought tell another kid that was harassing me that I had to wear diapers that it just wasn't worth trying me, that if he even thought of fighting, it would be the most painful lesson in life he ever received, because he was still feeling his. That was like three months later, but then again, I did accidentally break his arm, and the cast had only been off for a month at that time.”

“Wow, you're either really brave or really stupid.” Chris said in awe.

“Probably a bit of both to tell you the truth, but the way I always saw it was, I had to wear diapers, but that certainly didn't make me a baby, and unless I wanted to be bullied for the rest of my life, then I may as well fight for what I felt was right.”

“I'm still not sure I could do anything like what you did though, and I'd be afraid of getting hurt.”

“I hate to tell you this, but you're already getting hurt. You're just letting them hit you. There's no difference really in you trying to add a little pain to the mix, and making your bullies understand that they won't have an easy target of you. So, do your parents know that you're gay then?”

“Mom only, and yes, she sorta found out last year when she came home early and I was, um entertaining.” Chris said with a bit of a blush.

“Yeah, I bet that was awkward.”

“Mostly for her. We didn't even realize she saw us, and the boy I was with, I thought that he could be my boyfriend but he moved away only the next month, he never even knew about it. As soon as I went downstairs though, my mom was there and we ended up talking for quite a while. She admitted that she had suspected me of being gay for a few years at the time, and I admitted that I knew I was gay since about eight or nine. That was and still is the only time I have ever been fucked. I at least got to fuck him once before he left as well, but I do still miss it.”

“I know what you mean, I crave it so much as well.”

“Would you, you know, fuck me?” Chris whispered seductively, looking around to make sure there was still no one close.

“Sorry, no. I already have someone that I am faithful to, I owe him my life and my love, and I will not break that for anyone, even someone as cute and gay as you are.”

“Oh, I see. I'm not cute though.”

“Sure you are.”

“Yeah. So who is this boy then?”

“You don't know him, of that I can almost guarantee, but a boy he is not. My lover is actually a man, but I would obviously prefer that you never spread that around.”

“Oh, I won't say anything, don't worry about me. Doesn't it hurt a lot when he fucks you though?”

“Nah, I'd had lots of practice before him, so he doesn't hurt. We don't actually fuck though, we love each other, so we make love to each other. I tell you, I never realized there was a difference until the first time we made love, but it's actually a thousand times better than just fucking.”

“Wow, I wish I could feel that.”

“One day you will, don't worry. So, where's your dad then?”

“Remember the accident I told you about?”


“Yeah, well he was the other person in the car with me at the time that the truck hit us, I barely made it, but he wasn't so lucky.”

“Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.”

“That's okay, thanks. It was a long time ago, and I still have my mom. So you said you have a dad, so what about your mom?”

“She was murdered a while ago.”

“Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.” Chris gasped.

“That's okay, I'm over it now thank you, but I also feel better that I was the one to take care of her murderer.”

“How do you mean?” Chris asked cautiously.

“Well, and you can't ever tell anyone about this either please, I saw it happen, I was in the closet at the time, and when he killed her, I grabbed my moms gun, broke out of the closet and shot him in the nuts to pay him back for all the years of abuse, and then as he was begging for his life and holding his nuts in, I shot him right between the eyes.”

“Oh my god, you've killed someone before!” Chris gasped, thankfully quietly.

“Yes, and while I certainly hope that I never have to do it again, I'd do it in a heartbeat again if I had to.”

“You're way stronger than I am then, there's no way I could do something like that and not get sick.”

“I never thought I'd be able to either, but I did, and it never made me sick.”

“Why did you even tell me this, I would think that you'd never want to tell anyone that, in case anyone were to find out?”

“Because we both need a friend, I don't have any, and as friends, we trust each other with our secrets. I can tell you would never tell anyone, and my dad knows as well.”

“Where was your dad when your mom was murdered?”

“At the time he wasn't my dad yet, and he was in the Navy. I wasn't kidding earlier when I said my dad was trained heavily in hand to hand combat, but he's hardly taught me anything yet.”

“Oh.” Chris said, and Hayden could see the question in his eyes.

“No one except my dad knows this, so I am trusting you a great deal. My mom was killed a little over three years ago, I killed her killer and ran away, knowing that the cops would be looking for me, but I also knew that they would not know I was the one to have killed him. They would have known though when they brought me in, and I refused to allow that to happen. I stayed on the streets for three years turning tricks to make at least a bit of a living. This winter though was getting pretty bad, and people didn't have the money to spend on a pleasure boy, so I was getting very hungry, and I was getting very cold. I finally talked myself into breaking into a house somewhere to get some food. It would just figure that the very first house I broke into was that of a Navy martial arts expert. He came home, caught me in his house, and we ended up falling in love with each other. He worked the records to make me his son, cleared my name from everything the police had, and now I have a new last name as well, same as his. All the records say that when my mom died he was called as next of kin, but that he had no idea about me, and I moved in with him. And that's the short short version of my life.” Hayden grinned.

“Holy shit.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I trust though that you will never breath a word of this to anyone?”

“Never, you have my word. Thanks for dinner, it was really quite good.”

“Thanks, and no prob, we're friends now.” Hayden smiled, glad to finally have a friend.

“Thanks, I like that. I've never actually had a friend before. I have a few online friends from around the world, but no one in real life that will be seen near me.”

“I've had a few friends, but no one in a long time, and certainly no one like me. Well, seeing as how we're done dinner, care to hit the arcade with me?”

“I suppose we could do that. So where's your dad then?”

“He's on a training mission right now to train a bunch of newbies the arts of interrogation. He won't be back home until next week some time. Why were you out alone?”

“Oh, bummer. My mom works the night shift at the hospital this week and I got bored at home, so decided to come to the mall to look around for a bit, but the assholes saw me and decided to make my life more miserable than it already was.”

“After we leave the mall, you wanna come spend the night at my place, if your mom will allow it of course?”

“Sure, let me just call her.” Chris smiled brightly.

Before Hayden could even say anything else, Chris grabbed his cell phone and dialed his moms direct line.

“Hi mom, can I spend the night at a friends house?” He asked as soon as she picked up.

“Oh, you never told me about any new friends.” His mom said.

“That's because we just met this evening. He saved me from being beat up again.”

“Oh honey. I wish those little pricks would just leave you alone. Did you go out in the dark again though, you know I don't like it when you do that?”

“Yeah, I did, but I was bored at home all alone, so I wanted to go to the mall. Sorry, but at least I met a friend. So can I spend the night at his house then?”

“What about diapers, and does he know?”

“He has to wear diapers as well, and I'm sure his will fit me, since we're almost the same size.”

“You're not going there to have sex are you?”

“Oh mom, of course not, he's already got a boyfriend and says that I have no chance with him.” Chris whined.

“I figured that you'd at least find another gay boy for a friend.” She chuckled.

“So, can I?” Chris asked in an exasperated tone.

“Yes, you may. Have a good night and see you around lunch time, okay.”

“Thanks mom, love you.” Chris said, and then hung up before she had a chance to say anything further.

“She let you huh!” Hayden grinned.

“Yeah, this'll be so great. I've never spent the night anywhere before.”

“I've never spent the night anywhere or had friends spend the night at my house either, so it'll be nice for me too. We'll have to share a bed though, but it's a queen sized bed, so we should be fine. Just no funny business, because you were right, you have no chance with me.” Hayden grinned.

“I won't rape you if you don't rape me. How's that?” Chris grinned.

“Sounds good to me. Do you have any money with you?”

“Only ten bucks, but that'll be enough to play for a while.”

“That's about all I was going to get as well, so let's go get some tokens.”

“Cool.” Chris said, and then they headed to the counter to buy their tokens.

They lasted about an hour before all their tokens ran out, and they had a great deal of fun while there. They played all the two player games together, played a few single player ones side by side, and even teamed up once on a harder game.

“Wow, that was a lot of fun. Thanks so much for saving me. I've never gotten to come to the mall and really enjoy playing. Mostly some big bully comes along and just pushes me out of the way and takes over using my money, and usually steals the rest of my money as well.”

“You really need to learn to stick up for yourself.”

“I don't think I can.”

“I'll teach you how to, it's easy to do. All you have to do is not cry, which I think will be the hardest thing for you.”

“You're right. I have a tendency to start crying whenever someone gets really mean to me.”

“Yeah, we just need to toughen you up a bit. Let's go look in that store over there, I want to see if there's any good movies and a few other things.”

“Okay sure. After that should we head to your house then?”

“Sure, we won't be long either.”

“Where do you live and how are we going to get there then?”

“I live on Oak street, just off of First ave.”

“Cool, I live on Maple street, just off of First ave, so we're only one street apart.”

“That's cool, that makes it easier then. As for how we get home, we walk of course.”

“Okay. It's getting pretty late and cold out there though.”

“That doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you.”

“No, I guess I'll be fine. It's not like it's far away or anything.”

“If you'd rather take the bus or something we can do that. I hope you know how the bus system works though, because I've never taken the bus.”

“Me neither, so we'll just walk.”

They headed into the department store they were heading to and looked around for a bit. Hayden found a few comedies, a couple actions, a really good looking drama, and another workout movie before they decided to look elsewhere. Hayden saw a couple learning programs for his computer, so decided that he should probably get them, so that he could at least keep busy during the day doing something productive. They headed to the tills to pay for the stuff that Hayden had picked out, and then they headed out to Hayden's house.

“Um, when we get back to your place, I'm going to need to change my diaper.” Chris said in some shame about half way there.

“I thought I heard something that sounded suspiciously like a diaper being filled up. Don't worry about it, I understand better than most remember. I hope you can clean yourself though, because I'm not really sure I could clean someone else's poopy diaper.”

“No, I can do it on my own, I'll just need a clean diaper, some wipes, and some diaper rash cream if you've got it.”

“Of course we have it, and you're welcome to use whatever baby supplies I have.”

“Thanks. I'm just glad it didn't happen at the mall again. Last time it did, someone smelled it and asked out loud where the baby who crapped itself was. After sniffing about for a few moments, the kid looked my way and noticed my blush and where the smell was coming from and put two and two together. I just turned and left, I didn't even say anything at all.”

“Yeah, I can see how that would be sort of embarrassing for sure. I've leaked though and had wet spots showing for everyone to see. At least when you poop your diaper, as long as you keep moving, no one is likely to notice.”

“Oh, I've leaked a few times as well, and that's pretty embarrassing for sure.”

They continued to chat, mostly just getting to know each other as they headed towards Hayden's house. As soon as they made it there, Hayden showed Chris to the spare bedroom and went to get the supplies that Chris would need to change himself. He brought him a nice thick diaper, some wipes, the diaper rash cream, and the baby lotion for just in case he wanted it.

“Thanks.” Chris said shyly, and started getting undressed.

“No prob. Just stay in only your diaper when you're finished, I'm going to go change my diaper as well, and I'll meet you in the living room.”


Hayden went to his room and stripped off all his clothes and changed his diaper quickly as well. Although he would be far faster than Chris would be, having to clean a mess as well of course. Hayden made it to the living room quickly enough and started getting the movies out of the bag and opening them up and putting them away. He had only gotten a few opened when Chris came out, holding his dirty diaper in front of him.

“Where should I put this so that it doesn't stink up the house?”

“There's a garbage can just outside the door into the garage through there, it usually stinks pretty bad because of our wet diapers, so no one 'll notice that little extra smell. Just throw it in there, but you'd be best to pinch your nose.”

“Oh, I know all about stinky garbage cans, trust me.” Chris laughed.

“I believe you.” Hayden grinned.

A few moments later Chris came back in, wearing just his diaper like he had been told he should, and joined Hayden in opening up and putting away all the movies. Hayden did inform Chris though that the workout ones were stored elsewhere, so just set them on the coffee table.

“So, what should we do now then?” Hayden asked.

“Don't know. Do you have any game systems?”


“Okay, how about any games then?”

“A few yeah, but nothing much.”

“How about cards, you have any cards?”


“We can play cards then for a while maybe, and then maybe we can watch a movie.” Chris offered.

“Sounds good to me, but I don't know many card games, so you'll have to teach me whatever you want to play.”

“Okay. Ever played crazy eights?”

“Long time ago yeah, but you'll have to go over the rules with me again.”


So the boys went and sat at the table in the dining room and played cards for little more than an hour. Hayden picked up the game quickly, remembering mostly as they went. As they played, they talked and joked and laughed a lot, getting to be much closer friends. They both decided at much the same time that they had had enough of the card game, so they headed to the living room to watch a movie. Hayden let Chris choose the movie that he wanted, and then they sat down to watch it.

“Well Chris, I don't know about you, but I'm not used to staying up this late, so I'm getting pretty tired. As much as I'd love to stay up longer, I'm almost falling asleep here, so I need to go to bed.”

“Same here. I'm normally up at about five or six at the latest, so I'm normally in bed before now as well.”

“Where would you like to sleep? You can sleep either in the guest bedroom, or you can come sleep with me, but remember, I'm not available.” Hayden grinned.

“I know, but don't worry, you're too ugly for me anyways.” Chris teased, sticking his tongue out. “Can I sleep with you though please?”

“Sure, come on then.” Hayden smiled, happy that he chose that option. The thing that Hayden had missed most of all was probably the cuddles while sleeping, and while he would not necessarily cuddle while they slept, having someone else in bed with him might help him to at least sleep a little better.

Both of them deemed their diapers good enough for the night, so they headed to bed pretty much right away after shutting everything down and locking everything up. They crawled into bed, both taking a side, trying not to get too close to each other, but as they were falling asleep, they both gravitated towards each other, until they were pretty much cuddled right up as they fell fast asleep.