This is fiction, okay. Don't break the law, this is for entertainment. If you like it, let me know, if you don't, then don't read it. This will contain scenes of sex between a man and a minor boy. It can be cliché at points, but there's nothing new under the sun. You may email me at There will be more parts, as this story has a ways to go before it's done.

The Things We Do For Love

Part 2

I picked Sean up and carried him to the bathroom. He smiled at me as I pulled his jeans and underwear the rest of the way off. I was right, he was average for his size, about 2 inches hard, as big around as my pinky. He was circumcised, or in my opinion, mutilated, and he was hard again.

A little horn dog, aren't you?” I said as I washed him off.

Mmmmm,” he said as I cleaned off his dick. “Maybe.”

When I grabbed his tighty whities that he wore here this morning, he put his hand on my shoulder and lifted his leg rather than put them on himself. I held them as he put his other leg in and slid them up and over his little boner. He grinned wide as I grabbed his slacks and did the same thing. He thrust his hips forward as I zipped him up. Little shit, I thought to myself and put his shirt on him.

Horn dog,” I repeated as he sat down and held out his foot so I could put his socks and shoes on.

That was fun,” he said when he was ready to go.

What, the sex, or me dressing you?” I replied with a grin.

Well, both, but I meant dressing me. I don't think anyone who ever had to dress me when I was little cared as much as you do, that's what made it fun. Kinda of, um, naughty too, since I am ten. I'd like you to do it again sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes.”

I think I'd like that too, Sean,” I said and gave him another hug and kiss before sending him on his way. “Remember, low profile. Don't seem too happy, even around the nanny.”

Well duh, I won't forget. It's too much fun, Jim. Thanks,” he replied and was out the door and gone.

That night I lay in bed thinking. What was I doing? I mean sure, it was fun to circumvent his parents drone brainwashing. God, I was sounding like a tree hugger. I mean, yeah sure, the rainforest needs to stick around for us humans to survive, but I don't like the extremes on either side. You gotta have balance, and besides, I like eating meat. Humans are omnivores. Our bodies have evolved to eat meat and produce. Man, I was getting in over my head. I still wanted to leave, if only to get away from his parents, they're nuts. But I also wanted to stay, to be with Sean. I guess I should have kept my distance. I couldn't do that, Sean needed me, and I guess I needed him too. As surreal as this all seems, I've never really felt so alive as when I'm with him. Thinking about Sean, I beat off ending in a fairly intense orgasm before falling into a pretty restful sleep.

The next day, Sean showed up at his usual time, but instead of changing into his normal clothes in the bathroom, he just stripped in the bedroom and didn't bother putting anything on. I threw him a pair of jeans, underwear, and a t-shirt.

I want you to do your holiday homework first, kiddo. Then I'll be glad to show you some more, interesting things to do.”

He gave a little pout but got dressed and headed to the study.

While he was doing his homework, I setup the PS2 that I had picked up, in the living room. Then I returned to the study to watch him. I never grew tired of that. Watching his brow furrow as he thought about some problem he was working on, then relax as he came up with the solution, which never took too long. Finally he closed his book and looked over at me.

All done, Jim,” he said with a mischievous smile.

Good, bring it here, and I'll check it over.”

He quickly grabbed the work and bounded into my lap, wiggling his butt on my rapidly growing erection to get comfortable. I gently rubbed his tummy under his t-shirt as he showed me his work. Oddly, I was able to concentrate on the work. He made no mistakes and I complimented him on the fact.

Setting his homework on the end table, he leaned back into me and I used both hands to start roaming over and massaging his whole body. I unsnapped his pants and slid both hands inside the waistband and into his briefs. He moaned out as I began stroking him with my right hand and gently rubbing his balls with my left.

That feels so good, Jim, don't stop,” he said in a clipped whisper.

He started rubbing the outside of my thighs, grasping at the material of my lounge pants every now and again as I continued my ministrations of his little erection. His zipper quickly worked its way down as I stroked him.

Time for something new,” I said, breathing heavily myself.

I picked him up in my arms and kissed him as I carried him to my bedroom. I sat him on his back and slipped his jeans down and off slowly. He was still breathing hard as I did the same thing with his briefs. I then pushed the t-shirt up his tummy and started rubbing it as I took his hard little dick into my mouth and started sucking him up and down.

Oh my god,” he choked out on the new sensations and almost sat up.

Within moments he stiffened up and I felt his dick expand a bit in my mouth and then twitch a few times. He still couldn't shoot but it was pleasurable none the less. His breathing slowly returned to normal as I just watched him lay there with a big grin on his face. Shortly the grin turn from satisfaction to lust and he reached out and tugged at my lounge pants. I lifted my butt slightly and he slipped them down, along with my boxers. His eyes went a little wide at my erection.

You'll probably be bigger than me, Sean. I'm only the average of a little over six inches.”
“I think it looks awesome, Jim. I love it,” he said as he started to play with it. “Yours is different,” he added as he pulled on the remains of my foreskin.

Yeah, well, you know about circumcision, right?” He nodded. “Well, I'm attempting to regrow my foreskin, that's why I have a bit more skin than you do.”

He nodded in understanding and looked down at his own dick. “Why do they cut it off to begin with?”

It used to be for religious purposes, then the said for medical reasons, cleanliness and such, but now its really about ignorance. I mean, how can medical reasons be an issue if its the way we're made? You wouldn't pull out all of your teeth just to avoid brushing them, would you? The foreskin protects the head of the penis, and I want mine back.” I said this last part a little loud, causing him to jump. “Sorry, Sean. I'm just a little angry that my parents and/or doctor decided to violate me when I was just a newborn. As Penn and Teller said, it's Bullshit.”

He giggled at that and then thought for a moment as he kept up his playing with my dick. He move one hand down and started playing with his own while he kept his other hand on mine. Finally he spoke. “It doesn't make any sense. Circumcision, I mean. Can we try to grow mine back?”

That's something your parents would probably notice at some point. Plus, at your age, it would have to be done very carefully, we wouldn't want to damage your penis. I think maybe you should wait till your older. It's sad too, because I have a theory that the foreskin allows more room for growth when you hit puberty. But promise me you won't try this on your own, please? I don't want anything to happen to this,” I said and gently grabbed and stroke his dick.

Mmmmm,” he said, “I promise.”

Then he leaned over and took me into his mouth, trying to copy what I did earlier, but he couldn't get all of it his mouth. It didn't matter, it felt too good, and I came rather quickly. He looked startled for about half a second but swallowed and kept going until my orgasm subsided and I managed to calm down.

How was that?” he asked with a shit eating grin.

You want me to be honest?” I asked and he nodded. “Well, with other guys it takes forever because its not as good, and I have to concentrate really hard just to get there. With you, I had to concentrate to keep from getting there, to make it last, and I failed.”

He crawled up on top of me with a smile and said, “Thanks Jim.”

We started kissing then, rubbing our naked lower bodies together, trying to swallow each others tongue. My dick slipped between his legs and he squeezed them together, jacking me off with his thighs as he rubbed his little stiffy into my stomach.

I couldn't believe I was about to come again, already. I was able to hold off for a while though. He wasn't able to, and stiffened up after about five minutes, and I felt his dick pulsing against me. He only stopped kissing for about 10 seconds during his orgasm before he was right back at it. Five minutes later and he stiffened up again as me own orgasm started. The first shot hit his back, but the second and third just dribbled down and I was spent. I kept rubbing his back under the t-shirt, alternating with squeezing his butt cheeks.

I don't even remember stopping, but I must have because I woke about an hour later, with him sleeping, still in the same position as I last remembered. His cheek was against my chest, and he was breathing softly. I brought my hand up and gently stroked his hair, feeling a deep sense of love for this boy.

He slowly woke up and turned his head so that his chin was resting on my chest. We stared into each other's eyes forever. We seemed satiated for the moment, just reveling in each others presence.

We should get up now, I think,” I said. “I got a PS2 setup in the living room for us to play, if you're interested.”

Really?” His eyes went a little wide. “My parents never let me have one. I'm not even allowed at the arcade. 'My station in life doesn't allow for such frivolity',” he said, mimicking his father's voice brilliantly.

We both laughed at that and got up. I tossed him another t-shirt as his had a bit of dried cum on it. We put our pants back on and went into the living room. We played video games and ate popcorn until he had to change back into his slacks to go home. We hugged for a good five minutes before he left. No words were spoken, the looks in our eyes said enough.

We played video games as well as with each other everyday until the end of the holidays. Then we settled into the routine of homework, then various types of fun until he went home once school started. As March approached I knew I couldn't just leave, especially when Sean said his parents were acting weird around him. Nothing specific really, he just got a weird vibe from them that made him so uneasy he kept to his room as much as possible when he was home. I decided to just tell his father that I was going to postpone my traveling a little while to keep Sean on track.

On a Friday in mid March, I walked Sean home as usual to collect my check. I was going to tell him that day, but I didn't let on to Sean, although I think he could tell, because we had gotten so close over the last few months.

Before I could even get the words out, though, came a shock from his father to both me and Sean. “Here is your final check, Mr. Martin. Ah, to be free to travel, I envy you,” he said coldly. He clearly didn't envy me in any way. “I have already hired a new instructor for Sean, she will be starting in a week. In fact, Sean will be home schooled by her.”

Sean and I looked at each other, and it was clear that he was fighting back the tears, as was I. I just nodded sadly at him, conveying to him with my eyes that this was out of our control, and we had to deal with it as best as we could.

If you're interested, an acquaintance of mine invests in real estate, and knows your property well. He would like to make an offer well above market value, as he has a family already lined up to rent it. I can have his broker, a Miss Williams, contact you.”

I was so stunned that I just nodded in acceptance and turned to leave.

Mr. Martin?” came Sean's slightly strained voice.

I turned and said, “Yes, Sean?”

He cleared his throat of the lump and said, “Thank you for everything, sir.”

I was so proud of him, the little man, just what his father wanted, holding the emotion in, his true self. “You're a very bright young man, Sean. It has been a pleasure. I'm sure you'll be fine with your new teacher.” Translation: I'm proud of you, I love and will miss you, and I hate this new teacher and this whole thing is weird.

I'm sure he got the translation loud and clear because he nodded and held out a slightly shaky hand that I shook firmly before turning to leave. I drank myself to sleep that night, unable to believe it was over. God damn it, this is why you keep your distance. Shit, it might be the alcohol, but if the opportunity came, I think I would simply take Sean with me, consequences be damned.

I awoke the next day to a wringing phone. Miss Williams made a date to close for Monday a week later, the 27th. I was thinking more clearly, no hangover, just a slight headache from dehydration. A bottle of water and a Tylenol took care of that.

I shoved all of the pain and regret down as I packed that week. This was a little sudden, but doable. I bought a small trailer that had a decent sized bunk, sink, and toilet, yet still plenty of room to store the few things I had. I was going to leave the furniture in the house, so all I really had was a couple of boxes of books, my clothes, my laptop of course, my desktop computer too, and my father's acoustic guitar, a Martin, how appropriate. I even kept the clothes I had bought for Sean, but I don't know why.

I parked the trailer at a cheap campground about 2 hours outside of town. It was out of the way, no questions asked, and it had the connections for electrical, water, and sewage. I spent the rest of the week getting drunk at the campground and keeping to myself, the place was pretty empty considering it was March. We've had a few warm days, but not that warm. I enjoyed having a fire every night. My next house would have a fireplace for sure.

I was back at the house Sunday night, so that I would be there for the closing the next day. I couldn't believe I let that asshole work me into this corner. Do this, do that, and then, about the time for the closing, I got a conference call from Williams and the investor. They asked to postpone the closing until first thing the next morning. Something came up, but it couldn't be any later, because the tenants were scheduled to arrive in the afternoon. “Fine, but I want and extra five thousand for the trouble,” I said.

To my astonishment, he agreed. He must have more money than Sean's parents, I should have asked for more. I was already getting 25,000 above market, now it was 30. I was pretty well off now, with all of the extra that I got paid tutoring Sean, appreciation of the house and the fact that I had bought the house free and clear.

It was a restless sleep, thinking about Sean. Today had been his first day with the new bitch, um, teacher. I awoke with a start to a frantic tapping on my bedroom window. I looked at the clock, it said 3:04 am. I got up and went to the window, it was Sean. I motioned him to come to the back door, as my bedroom faced the rear of the house.

When I opened the door, I instantly had an armful of sobbing ten year old. I led him to the living room and just held him. I took several minutes before he was calm enough to tell me what happened.

They...they're gonna cut my balls off,” he said

What?” I shouted in disbelief.

Remember they were acting kinda weird?” he asked between hiccups and I nodded. “They searched my computer sometime, and, they, they found some gay youth support sites that I visited,” he said and started sobbing lightly again.

It'll be okay, Sean. Now tell me, what makes you think they're going to cut your balls off?”

He pulled a mini tape recorder out of his pocket and hit rewind and then play. His fathers voice came over loud and clear.

Well, now that Mr. Martin is out of the picture, no one will notice the effects, my dear. You know we can't have a queer in this family. What will people think?”

I guess, but chemical castration? I thought the new teacher would be sufficient,” came the voice of his mother.

No, she will be an added reinforcement. Once Sean enters puberty, hormones might overshadow her lessons. So we have to nip it in the bud, as it were.”

Alright, dear. I guess it's for the best.”

Of course it is, just remember the day he was born? Ruined our Thanksgiving dinner party when your water broke.”

Oh my, that was so embarrassing. You remember how I insisted on a nanny immediately?”

Yes indeed, my dear.”

I just couldn't bear it, after such an embarrassment. Then the constant crying. How long until the pills arrive?”

Next week, my dear. No more embarrassments for this family. Now let us retire, my dear.”

He shut off the tape and looked at me, silent tears still falling. “I started hiding the tape recorder last week,” he said.

They're not cutting off your balls, Sean. It's a pill, but it's just as wrong,” I said, as firmly as I could.

I didn't realise, Jim. I recorded this tonight. That women was horrible today,” he said and started sobbing again.

I held him and rocked him. “I wish I knew what to do, Sean. His lawyers would bury me alive if I tried to stop him. I...I don't know what to do.”

He started crying harder, and nothing I did could calm him. “What's the matter, Sean? We'll find a way. Please stop crying.”

I...I almost...did it,” he said between sobs.

Did what?” I said, almost afraid of the answer.

He then got deathly quiet, and looked at me with sober eyes. “I couldn't live with them, and you were gone. I went down to the river and I was gonna drown myself,” he said as his tears started to fall again. “But I felt this in my pocket.”

He held up the little matchbox car that I got for him. “I had to check, just to see if you were still here. The house looked empty, so I climbed over the fence into the back yard and looked in your window. You were still here, I couldn't believe it.”

I hugged him and said, “It'll be alright. It has too.”

You'll take me with you?” he asked simply.

I don't know how, Sean. With your father's money, legal won't work, you know that,” I replied.

A couple minutes later he got that shit eating grin that I loved so much. “What if I pretend to do what I almost did tonight?”

Shit,” I said, stunned. I tried to think. “What if it doesn't work? Even if we hit the other side of the country, they might still start looking for you.”

He thought about that for a moment. He blushed and then got a look of fierce determination. “If they start looking, they'll be looking for a boy, so, in public, I dress like a girl. We can do that for a few years to throw them off the scent, and then I go back to being a boy.”

I just stared at him for about five minutes. “You would do that to get away from them?”

I would kill myself to get away from them, Jim. I would do this so that I could stay with you. I love you,” he said simply.

I just stared at him as my brain couldn't help but start working on the finer details of the problem. I think he saw that in my eyes, because as my eyes got wider as each potential puzzle piece fell into place, his eyes got wider in hope.

Fuck it,” I finally said. “You're mine, and I'm not letting you go.”

Woohoo!” he yelled out and hugged my so tight that I couldn't breath.

Finally, he let go, and I told him the plan. “Alright, you've gotta sneak back in tonight, and wait it out until Friday night, same time, about 3 am. I'll park the SUV in that alley just down from the river. It'll be dark there, its a new moon. You take care of the note, just think how you felt tonight to write it. Just don't let on, you've gotta play the part of someone increasingly depressed, not someone about take off with someone who truly loves you, okay?”

You got it, Jim. Do you still have the clothes you got for me?” he asked.

Yeah, why?” I replied.

Um, could you bring them? I don't want anything of theirs,” he said sadly.

Okay. You better get going. Just hang in there, and I'll see you in three days, okay Sean?” I told him.

Don't call me that. Thats the name they gave me,” he said bitterly.

Well, what should I call you until I get the temp alias set up?” I asked.

That's easy. Jim Jr.” He smiled that killer smile and hugged me again.

Alright, um, Jimmy,” I smiled as we parted. “You better get going, we don't wanna mess this up. And be careful around that river, it moves fast enough that even an accomplished swimmer would get sucked away.”

Okay, dad,” he smirked as he left.


The next day, I was gone by eight in the morning. Williams showed up at 7am with the paperwork and that very tasty check with lots of zeros on it. I called an old less than reputable friend from college and set up a time to meet him later that day. I told him I needed a quickie witness relocation setup by Friday, with me, and a ten year old, um girl. Then I wanted him to work on creating an infallible history for a ten year old boy as being my son.

He raised his eyebrows and then gave me a wink. “I won't even ask. It'll take some time to create that permanent history for your, um, son. The quickie I can do by Friday, just hope no one digs too deep on that.”

Well, I did some research of my own. In California, there is a small suburb where people pretty much keep to themselves,” I suggested. “Can you hook me up with a small house? I'd like to make some money when I sell the house. Maybe rent it to myself?”

Good idea, Jim. I'll set up a dummy company to handle it to keep the distance between the new identity and yourself. Any ideas for the names?” he said.

Yeah, actually. My, um, daughter will be, Pat. I'll be Rick. You can come up with the last name if you like,” I told him and we agreed to meet Friday afternoon.

Friday night couldn't come fast enough, and when it arrived I was beyond nervous. In for a penny, in for a pound. Felonies can be a lot of trouble, if you get caught. But oh, that sweet boy. I would do anything for him. I drove back into town and parked in the alley. It was raining and was a bit cold, but also very dark. A few of the street lamps nearby had burned out, so luck was indeed in our favor. I brought four large and thick towels for Sean, um, Jimmy, um, Pat, to dry off. I spread one on the seat, one over the back of the seat, and kept the other two for him to dry off with. It occurred to me that he might arrive naked. He did say he didn't want anything of theirs. Man, I was glad it was really dark. I checked the time, ten to three. God, I hope he's okay. I hope his parents didn't go nuts on him in some way. After I opened the window to look out, I was glad that I kept the engine running, he would need the heater at full blast because it was a really cold rain. God, I hope he doesn't get sick.

Suddenly the passenger door opened and a very wet, nude little boy climbed in and sat on the towels. He was shivering as I put one towel in his lap and wrapped the other around his head.
“I can't believe I did it!” he said through chattering teeth.

Are you okay? It's freezing out there,” I said with concern. “I thought maybe something went wrong or you fell into the river.”

No, it was perfect. The last three days were hell though. I didn't really need to pretend how I felt the other day to write the note. That lady is so strict, and she doesn't teach at all, she just quotes bible verses and hits me with her ruler. Turns out she used to be a nun, but I think she got kicked out. When I asked she hit me harder and said to keep my accusations to myself.”

So, no clothes? You ran all the way from your house in the nude?” I said as he started to warm up and stop shivering.

No, I was in my pajamas all the way to the river. I took them all off and threw them in,” he said smiling finally.

I reached over a examined each foot in turn for damage, they were alright. “Okay, here, get dressed, we gotta get out of here,” I said, handing him a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

I slowly pulled forward, and didn't turn on the headlights until I was ready to pull out onto the main road. Once he was dressed, I reached behind me and pulled out a jacket.

Here, I found this at the thrift store,” I said, handing it to him.

Thanks,” he said with moist eyes, as he took the black leather, very similar to the one I was currently wearing, in hand and slipped it on. “This is just so cool, dad.”

It was a little big, but he should grow into it by the time he gets to play the boy again. I can't believe he's doing this to be with me. I love this kid.

Well, son, until we get to be Jim and Jimmy, I am Rick Crane,” I told with a bit of a giggle.

Crane?” he asked.

Uh, yeah. Short for cranium,” I answered with a chuckle. “My buddy thought that Richard Cranium was funny, but a little much.”

He thought for a moment and then got it. “Dick head,” he said and burst out laughing.

Yeah, well Mr. Drag Queen, you get to be Pat,” I said with a smirk, and he pouted.

We had watched the movie over Christmas break, and as we thought about it, we started laughing.

Here, Pat,” I said, pulling out a light brown, almost strawberry blond shoulder length wig. “You need to wear this in public until your hair grows out. We'll have to die your hair to match it too.”

Cool,” he said and slipped the wig on. “No more goofy flat plastered hair for me. But can't I die my hair as dark as yours?”

Yeah, eventually, but I'm gonna lighten mine to match your new color. We're both hiding, remember?” I said.

Oh yeah. This is gonna be fun, going undercover,” he said with that smile.

I had slept late that morning, so, while he slept in the back seat, I hooked up the trailer and hit the road, heading for California. I had made a list with my friends help of no questions asked type places between here and California. Some were motels, and some were more campgrounds. I had packed a cooler with food, snacks, and drinks, so we wouldn't have to stop except for gas, and with the tinted windows, no one would see Pat. Gotta get used to calling him that. We made good time and our first real stop was an out of the way motel two states over.

At the motel, I washed his hair with a special shampoo to help it grow faster, that was fun, and then I died his hair. He looked totally different with the darker hair, especially with it not combed to perfection and plastered against his head.

He cried when I snipped about 5 inches off my ponytail. So did I, for that matter. He insisted on keeping it. Then he helped me die my hair to match his. I shaved the beard back to just a mustache and goatee. Together, we were nothing like the two people who committed a felony yesterday.

Here, take this,” I said, handing him a pill. “It's a vitamin supplement that speeds up the growth of carotene based cells like hair and fingernails. Don't take more than one a day, it could make you sick if you take too much.”

He nodded and swallowed the pill with a drink of water. “I can't wait till my hair is like yours,” he said with a hopeful smile.

It was late, after driving for two states, and then doing all of our primping and preening we were pretty tired and just crashed. The next morning I woke to a beautiful boy in my arms. He had fell asleep in the other bed, but I was glad he came over to mine. It was the best way to wake up. We had a breakfast of the remaining snacks I had and watched some tv.

Alright, well, you've got quite a few boy clothes, it's time to get you some girl clothes,” I said after I had finished shaving. “I managed to get you one blouse and that wide barrette like Geordie's visor on Star Trek for your hair.”

He had been playing around with the little matchbox car, and just stopped when I said that and looked up at me.

If you're not ready, we don't have to do it. The new identity's where you're MY son are gonna take some time for my friend to hack into all of the necessary databases to make them unquestionable, but we can just hide until then.”

He looked down at his feet. “No, they might catch us if they think I'm still alive, and I don't wanna take the chance,” he finally said, then looked back up at me and smiled. “Alright, time to go undercover.”

He pulled off his t-shirt and I slipped the frilly little blouse over his head. Then I put the wig on him and the slipped the barrette up and onto his head. I guided him over to the full length mirror so he could see.

What do you think, Pat?” I asked a little nervously.

What about my jacket?” he said.

The leather is fine, you can be a bit of a tomboy,” I replied, handing him the jacket.

He slipped the jacket on and turned about looking at himself. “Except for my shoes, I look like a girl,” he finally said. “Man this is weird.”

I checked the phone book, and there's a thrift store nearby where we can get some more clothes,” I said, putting my hands on his shoulders and squeezing them reassuringly. “You ready for a trial run? Nobody knows you here, and when we get to California, you're gonna have to stay undercover all the time when you're in public.”

He took a deep breath and said, “Okay, let's go.”

We hit the thrift store and managed to get a good amount of clothes that would fit him. Dresses, jeans, a more feminine pair of shoes for playing in, and a pair of more dressy type of shoes. More blouses, several skirts, and a couple of coats for different types of weather, and we were done there.

The people there thought he was a girl and complemented me on having such a lovely daughter, saying he, er, she had my eyes. He started getting into the attention, and I could see in his eyes that this wouldn't be so bad. He was starting to play undercover now.

Back in the SUV, he put on the other shoes and switched jackets before we grabbed lunch. After that, we headed over to Walmart. In there we picked out some cotton panties that wouldn't feel to much different than his briefs. Socks, a few more barrettes, a small makeup kit to add to the effect, some toiletries that I had forgotten, like a toothbrush for him, and stuff like that, and we were good to go.

We stopped and repacked the cooler with snacks for the next day before grabbing a pizza for dinner and heading back to the motel. He stripped of the girl clothes and we just sat in our underwear watching tv as we ate. It was getting late, so we decided to hit the sack. He got off his bed and climbed into mine and snuggled next to me.

I love you, boy,” I said as I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a long, passionate, kiss.

After catching his breath from the kiss he replied, “I love you, dad.”

I slowly pulled his briefs down and off as he reciprocated the movement on me. Laying head to foot, we started playing with and licking each other's erections very slowly.

Dad?” he said, “How soon do you think before I can shoot?”

It varies, Pat, but I'd say anywhere from one to two years,” I said and licked the tip of his cock, making him shiver a little.

Do I still have the same birthday as Pat?” he asked and then licked the tip of my cock in turn.

It took me a moment before I could respond. “Patricia Crane's birthday is March 31st, the day the you left your old life behind and Sean was no more. I've got a fake birth certificate, Social Security number, and School transcripts.”

Your friend got all of that together in three days?” he said, stopping his ministrations on my cock.

That, and mine too. But if someone dug too deep, they would hit a dead end and realize that they're fake. That's why were going to a little town no one's heard off in California, where people keep pretty much to themselves.”

Then when do I get to be a boy again?” he asked, sex forgotten for the moment.

Well, to make sure things are set proper, it could take up to a year and a half before things are set for Jim Martin, Senior and Junior,” I said and he smiled at me.

I get to be Jim Junior? How?” he asked, full of that little boy curiosity that I loved so much.

Well, my buddy and I talked about it,” I said and thought about what was to happen. “He's going to hack in slowly to the Social Security, and find a number in the right range of a kid that's been dead a while, and then change all of the info in the database to you, and get them to print a real card.”

Wow,” he said, “then what?”

Then he's gonna get into the computers at a busy, overworked New York Hospital, and change the birth record for that kid to you, and creating a fictional dead woman to be the mother and me as the father. Then he goes and creates the same history in the two databases for her, going back to get the right range of SS number for her, and then creating her parents the same way. That will be far enough back, because that far back records were easily lost.”

Man, thats so cool. So I'm really your son. Period. But, can your friend be trusted?” he said, getting a little nervous.”

Yep, we went through a lot together in college, he's a bit younger than me, but we had good times. He was gay, and his parents kicked him out when they found out. I let him live with me and helped him find a decent job to finish paying for college. But he's really a hacker, and he's in it for the hack. He loves all of this cloak and dagger shit. It's no problem, Pat, son, Jimmy boy, sweety.”

Kewl,” he said with a big grin and looked down at my cock and gave it a lick on the growing foreskin. “Will you help me start growing my foreskin back now?”

You betcha, loverboy,” I said, and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking.

Pat did the same and soon we were both squirming with the pleasure of have someone we cared about so much in the throws of passion. He stiffened up at the same time I started cumming. What a great feeling having our orgasms at the same time. When we were calmed down, we slowly spun around until we were face to face and started kissing again. Soon, though, that petered out as we fell asleep in each other's arms, wrapped in a total peace that I wish everyone could know.