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The Things We Do For Love

Part 3

Early the next day, we were up and refreshed, ready to go. Pat watched as I fixed the medical tape to me growing foreskin in interest. When I was done, I carefully did his in a similar fashion. Luckily, he wasn't too tightly cut, so he already had some skin to work with.

He then slowly slipped the panties on, followed by the jeans that had a few hearts sown onto them. Follow that with another little blouse, wig, barrette, socks, shoes, and jacket, and my little princess was ready to go. He stared at himself for several minutes in the mirror, taking it all in.

You okay?” I asked.

Yeah, it's just so weird, especially with that tape to regrow my foreskin,” he said in detached voice.

Well, remember, you can't wear the tape all day, it could damage your penis. Once you get used to it, I would say no more than 12 hours on, 12 off. Until then, give it about six hours, or until lunch. Time to go, Jimmy Bond, you're undercover now.”

He smiled at that and gave me a hug as he went out the door, and said “Thanks, dad. I'm glad you're my dad now.”


Pat helped navigate as we traveled down the road. We made good time and when we stopped for lunch, we went into the trailer and I removed the foreskin tape. He wanted to start something, but told him to hold off until we got to the campground tonight. He reluctantly agreed and I gave him a kiss on both of his heads.

Pat wanted to stop at a few tourist attractions on the back roads. No one paid any attention to Pat, or me for that matter, and it was giving him an attitude more befitting his age. He was still smart, and too clever for his own good, but being dressed as someone else, even if it was a girl, was helping to break the ice cold damage that his parents had done. He was actually relaxing even more than the last few months.

Even with the extra stops, we still got to the campsite pretty early. I taught him how to build a fire, my way, using birch bark as kindling. We roasted hot dogs on sticks and had a great time. We had the place to ourselves, so he took off the wig and put on some more comfortable clothes, better suiting his true gender, and relaxed.

We snuggled close and the fire was large enough to take the chill completely out of the air. It was a beautifully clear night, and because we were kind of far from real civilization, we could see a lot of stars. I pointed out the that I could remember from astronomy class, which was more than I realized I knew. I also showed him the constellations and told him a few of the stories that I knew about them.

Did your dad tell you those stories?” he asked, curious about my past.

No, actually my great, great grandfather told them to me, I think,” I replied with a chuckle.

You think? I don't get it,” he said, puzzled.

Well,” I began, “I get these dreams sometimes. I dream of an old Cherokee man that says he's my great, great, grandfather. When I dream of him, he tells me these stories. I know I have Cherokee blood from my great grandmother on my mother's side, but I've never really researched my family history.”

You should, dad. I think its cool,” he said and snuggled a bit closer.

I think we should hit the sack, bud. Maybe have some fun,” I said as I reached between his legs and gave him a little squeeze.

He thrust his crotch into my hand and said, “Okay, let's hurry.”

I had turned on gas heater as soon as we got there, so the inside of the trailer should be warm by now. I doused the fire and we climbed in the trailer and slowly stripped each other before climbing into bed. We both hit the head before so I knew I wouldn't have to worry about a wet bunk as I lubed up the fingers on my left hand.

When are you gonna fuck me?” he asked after about five minutes of heavy kissing and rubbing.

I may only be average size, but it would still hurt you before it felt good,” I said. “I wanna just keep loosening you up before we try that, son. That way, it will feel good from the start.”

With a small amount of effort, I slipped my finger in his hole and he moaned out, “but that already feels good.”

Yeah, but I had to push quite a bit, and my dick is lot thicker than my finger,” I said and started sawing in and out of him, getting pleasure sounds from deep within his throat. “If I keep doing this, you'll eventually loosen up enough, though, okay?”

Mmm hmmm,” was all he said as I started kissing him again and rubbing my other hand over his body. Over his thighs, his bubble butt, his hairless groin, his stout but taut tummy, his firm chest and tiny nipples, and the beginnings of a muscular back. He was definitely all boy, and I loved every inch of him.

I lubed up my cock and the inside of his thighs and slipped my dick in between them. His little prick rubbed against my stomach as we frenched. I kept finger fucking him, the little noises from his throat music to my ears. He began squirming more urgently as I thrust both my cock and my finger into him. His little cock was so hard I thought it was gonna rub a hole in my belly. The sweet endorphins hit us both at the same time as we went rigid, him releasing his dry orgasm and me shooting several spurts of cum onto his back. I must have fell asleep pretty quick, because the next memory I have, was a dream.

Uwetsi(son), burn the hair with sage, and The Unequa(Great Spirit) will protect you and my unisi(grandchild),” my grandfather said to me.

But Edudi(GrandFather), how will that help?” I asked, a little confused.

It is an important part of yourself that you have given up for the love and protection of the boy. Do this Uwetsi.”

I awoke to see a beautiful naked boy laying on my chest, sleeping. He woke quickly though and smiled broadly as he looked into my eyes. We got up and I gave us a quick wash down in the sink before applying the medical tape to our penises. Once we were dressed, Pat went to the back of the trailer and started shifting some of the boxes around.

What're you looking for, Pat?” I asked as he seemingly found what he was looking for and brought it over to me.

He sat the small purple case down on the bunk and opened it to retrieve a small bundle of sage. Wow, I had forgot completely about that. I kept various herbs and stones that I found in that case. He then pulled out the lock of my hair that he had kept and handed them both to me.

How did you know about that?” I asked incredulously.

He smiled sheepishly. “Um, grandpa told me when I was asleep. He says we're meant to be together and he's going to help. But he told me not to take silly chances just because of that too,” he said and blushed a bit.

Yup, thats Edudi,” I said. “It means GrandFather in Cherokee,” I added, seeing his confused eyes.

I wrapped my long lost hairs around the sage and lit them. I grabbed the raven feather from case and began fanning the smoke as I walked around the trailer and SUV. I fanned some smoke onto Pat and then had him do me. By then, oddly enough, all of the hair had burned away, but the sage was still intact for the most part, so I put it out, and put it back in the case for some other time.

Back on the road, Pat continued helping me navigate. We played various road games, sang a few stupid and/or silly songs, and had a great time. Once we got bored with all of that, I began sharing my taste in music with him. I let him be in charge of the CDs and I explained what I knew about each band, and song, but mostly we just listened to the music. Rock, Pop, Metal, old school rap and old school country, classical, jazz, blues, I had it all, and we sample it all by the time we pulled into the motel parking lot.

Once inside the room the first thing I did was call the local pizza place for delivery, because lunch had passed quite a long time ago, and the snacks just didn't do it. Once we had devoured the pizza and almost an entire two liter of Pepsi, I pulled Pat into a hug and gave him a long and drawn out kiss.

I think it's time for a shower,” I said after we broke the kiss and I ran my fingers through his hair.

Are we gonna shower together like before?” he asked with hopeful eyes.

I was hoping too, son,” I said as I noticed something odd about his hair.

What's wrong?” he asked seeing the look on my face.

Oh, nothings wrong,” I said smiling. “It's just that there's a good quarter inch of your blond roots showing. I guess that pill and shampoo are really working.”

Really? Let me see,” he said and rushed into the bathroom.

I followed him in and spread his hair while he looked into the mirror. “Neat,” he said, “how long do you think it will take for my hair to get long enough to put in a pony tail like yours?”

Well, hair usually grows about a quarter inch a month on average, but its only been a few days since I died your hair. Still it's hard to say,” I said and then messed up his hair really good, and his bangs were well into his eyes.

He just stared at himself in the mirror as I slipped the blouse over his head and stripped the jeans and panties off him. I quickly stripped and started the shower and beckoned him to join me. After wetting his hair really well, I squirted some of the special shampoo into my hand and began washing his hair. He smile up at me as I played with and scrubbed his hair. He let out a little moan as I massaged his scalp. I rinsed and repeated. Playing with a boys hair is so erotic, we both were sprouting wood.

I got on my knees and he washed my hair. I let out my own moans as he played with my hair. Then will all the love we could muster, we gently soaped each other up. I slipped my soapy left middle finger into is anus as we began stroking each other. It went in more easily than before, and I couldn't help but wonder how long it would be before I would feel safe in trying to enter him without pain.

He let out a little whimper as I kept fucking my finger into him. I pushed my hips forward until our dicks touched and I began stroking them together. He ran his hands up over my chest and felt around to my back. He pulled on me and I leaned in and we started kissing slowly but greedily. He kept rubbing my back as I masturbated us together and fingered him. I started squirming with lust and pleasure as much as him, and was having a hard time keeping from shooting after the long day of driving. He was wiggling so much that I had a hard time keeping up with his wet and soapy body. Faster and faster I went, feeling my own orgasm building to the breaking point. I rammed my finger in and hit his little prostate and he tensed up and started pissing and dry cumming, well not that dry. When I felt his hot urine hit my groin, I went over the edge and started cumming, coating his cock and balls with my sperm. I kept stroking though as we started calming down, and I kept moving my finger in and out of his asshole. My dick had softened somewhat and my bladder felt a little full, so I let it go. My piss flowed out strongly and coated his entire groin and dripped down his legs. We were still kissing softly, so his groan was a bit muffled when he felt my urine start flowing. Within about five seconds his body went rigid with a second orgasm.

My piss finally trickled to a stop and we just stood there under the water, which was cool by now, and tried to catch our breath. Soon we were able to rinse off and get out of the rapidly cooling water. His eyes were a little glazed over, and he had a big dopey grin on his face as I dry us and then dressed us in matching charcoal grey briefs and light grey sweatpants. I picked him up and laid him gently on the bed and crawled in beside him.

He looked at me and finally spoke. “That was the best dad,” he said as his eyes began to droop and his smile started to fade.

Glad you liked it, my sweet prince. I liked it too,” I said and hugged him close to me as we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning found us hugged together the same way. I was gently stroking his back as I came out of the most restful sleep I could remember.

Are you asleep?” I whispered.

Kinda,” he mumbled half awake. “I like you rubbing my back though,” he added a little more clearly as he became more awake.

I kissed him as I felt our morning boners rub together through the thin material of our sweatpants. I slipped my hands down the back of his sweats and squeezed his cheeks and then began slipping a finger into his hole.

No, don't, I already have to pee,” he said and I stopped.

Oh really?” I asked. “I thought you had a pee fetish,” I said and started tickling him.

Aaah, yeah, no, not right now,” he squealed out among his laughter as he twisted and wriggled and writhed and tried to get out of my grasp. “Aaah, please, ha ha ha.”

Alright,” I said grinning and stopped.

He was a bit flushed and still breathing hard as I got him to his feet. We looked down and noticed a bit of a damp spot the size of a half dollar on the tent of his sweats. He held very still, doing his best not to wet himself for real.

Hold very still,” I said and picked him up firmly under the arms and carried him quickly to the bathroom and stood him in front of the toilet.

He immediately pulled down his sweats and briefs and began pissing. Of course, then, I noticed my own full bladder and followed his actions just as rapidly. We began the usual silliness of crossing stream sword fighting. It lasted a bit as our bladders were quite full.

When finished, I got our foreskins taped and we got dressed. Shortly, we were heading down the road. We stopped in the nearby town and had breakfast and then hit a few stores. I was relieved that nobody thought it odd when I got Pat a Game Boy and a half dozen games. He was so excited because he never had one before. It took him a while to figure out which games he wanted. I also got us a magnetic chess board so we could play during the trip, as I was getting a bit bored, myself. He wasn't crazy about that at first, because he had learned to play with his father. He loved the game after playing with me. I wasn't harsh with him in anyway, plus he got to move my piece when I called out the move I wanted so I could keep my hands on the wheel.

It was early when we got to the next motel. Pat immediately stripped out of the girly clothes and got into some briefs and another pair of sweat pants. I grabbed my laptop and plugged in the phone line so I could dial up the internet. While he played with his Game Boy, I searched through news articles starting with Saturday. I took about fifteen minutes before I came across what I was looking for.

Son Of Wealthy Businessman Commits Suicide

Sean Wingfield, son of Travis Wingfield IV, noted businessman, has taken his own life at the tender age of ten, police said Saturday. The suicide note left by the young man, said that he hated life and couldn't live like this, and was going to drown himself in a nearby river. His pajamas have been recovered, but no body has as yet been found. The police investigators confirmed that the waters of that river moved swiftly and were swollen with that nights heavy rain, so the boy's body may never be recovered. The parents were indifferent when expressing their grief. Mr. Wingfield's older brother, noted psychologist Charles Wingfield, said he never approved of his brother's strictness regarding Sean. He hadn't seen the boy in several years, but now regrets he didn't find a way to intervene. The Wingfield's lawyers have been called in an effort to keep the matter private. “Our family's grief is not for public consumption, and shall remain our business.” Mr Wingfield is quoted as saying regarding the lawyers involvement.

I guessed we were clear of being hunted until I saw the next article in my search list, dated the following day.

Scandal Rocks Wealthy Family

More information on the alleged suicide of Sean Wingfield has come to light. Investigators searching for why such a young boy would kill himself have found evidence in a journal found in the boys room. It is said to have only one entry, dated for Friday, but the contents of that entry have not been made available to the public, but has been taken as evidence of mental abuse on the part of Mr. And Mrs. Wingfield. It has been confirmed that a former Nun had been hired to homeschool the boy and had been in the employ of the Wingfields for the last week. The woman, a Miss Thelma Riddleton, had been terminated from her last job for physical and mental abuse of the students. She had also been stripped of her sisterhood by the archbishop. Charges are pending on all three. It has been rumored that the entry spoke of the boy being gay, and of the parents efforts to cleanse him of his desires through chemical castration. Indeed it has been confirmed that a box of pills known as Depo-Provera, which are birth control pills that can be used to chemically castrate a male, had been purchased by Mr. Wingfield. As Mrs. Wingfield has had a full hysterectomy, it's easy to figure out which purpose the pills would be used for. If abuse charges are filed, the Wingfields may not serve any jail time, as they retain the best lawyers. Charles Wingfield, in a private interview this morning, has admitted that it may be just wishful thinking, but he doesn't believe that Sean would have killed himself. He grants that it may have been years since he had seen the boy, but his gut tells him different, and until they find a body, he will believe otherwise.

Shit!” I heard Pat say from behind me, startling me.

I thought you were playing,” I said as I set the laptop down and pull him into my lap.

I figured that you would be looking for news about me and I got curious,” he said and hugged himself to me. “I forgot about Uncle Charles, do you think he'll find us? I haven't seen him since I was real little.”

I think we'll be okay, son,” I said and began stroking his head and back. “It's just his gut talking, and the police think otherwise, so he may not get much help. What did you write in that journal, anyway?”

He smiled bashfully as he looked up at me. “Just pretty much what they were doing and going to do. I wrote that I wasn't going to put it in the note because my parents would then cover it up, and I hated them because of it.”

I just hugged him. “Things'll be okay, boy. I promise.”

Oh, I, um put something else in there too,” he said turning even redder.

What?” I asked with a frown.

Um, at the end I wrote, 'To my sperm and egg donors, Fuck you.'”

We both burst out laughing at that. I actually fell in the floor, unseating Pat from my lap.

Oh, that's good, Pat, I love it. I certainly hope the charges stick too,” I said, catching my breath.

Me too. Now that I can see how much fun it is to just be a kid, I want them to hurt,” he said as he caught his breath. “I guess though, the scandal of me being gay and suicidal has hurt them pretty good.”

I think you're right, buddy. Oh the horror of such things happening in a proper old family,” I said and started laughing again, Pat joining in.

After we calmed down from laughing so much, I put the laptop away and we watched tv for a while. I looked through the phone book for some food that delivered, because I just felt like staying in, but deep down, I think I was just a little unnerved by his uncle's comments.

How about chines,” I said, scanning the restaurant listing. “I'm kinda sick of pizza a little.”

Don't know, never had it,” he said and looked at me.

Um, do you like broccoli?” I asked, because kids usually don't like broccoli, I know I didn't.

Yeah, it's the one thing I didn't mind my parents forcing on me. I like it.”

Well, we can get some grilled chicken and broccoli, some fried rice, and my favorite, general tsao, which is a battered spicy chicken.”

Okay,” he said with a smile. “I like spicy too. We didn't have it that often, but the nanny would sometimes make me some special lunches in the summer.”

I made the call, and ordered generous portions of each, and a few spring rolls to go with it. When I was done, I looked over at Pat, and he looked a little sad.

What's the matter, Pat?” I asked, more than concerned for my little boy.

I just realized that the maid/nanny must be sad now,” he said, and looked at me with tears beginning to fill his eyes. “She always tried to make me feel better when my parents were at their worst.”

Come here,” I said and he climbed into my lap and I hugged him. “I don't know what to tell you, son. If we try and get word to her that you're okay, it could ruin everything.”

My parents probably fired her anyway. I hope she's okay,” he said as I held him and rubbed his back.

It'll be alright, sonny boy,” I said as there was a knock on the door. “Hide in the bathroom, pal.”

Once I got the food and tipped the guy, we chowed down. He loved the general tsao, and he like the spring rolls too. The crazy thing was our fortune cookies. Mine said, 'Your journey of true love is filled with the exuberance of youth.', and his said, 'You will never be separated from the love that has taught you life.' They certainly cheered us up.

We showered together and hit the sack. He came twice in the shower and once in bed. He sucked me off and swallowed every drop. Needless to say, we slept like babies and woke in each others arms, totally rested as usual.

Well, we should be able to make it to the top of the Rockies today,” I said over breakfast. “There's a few campgrounds on the list we could try, and I figure they should be as empty as the last one.”

Sounds like a plan, dad,” he replied. “We better stock up on food again, though.”

Right you are, little dude...ette” I said, almost screwing up as the waitress brought our check.

I paid the check and then we stopped for more supplies as we headed out of town. I thought it might be a little cold up in the mountains, so I bought him some boots, a flannel shirt and a thicker jacket. Oddly, nobody gave a second glance buying such things for a supposed girl. The fates or whatever really seemed to be with us. I guess grandfather was looking out for us like he said he would.

We found the campsite, and sure enough, it was completely deserted. The old guy at the front cabin who owned the place, told me that he kept the hot water for the showers turned off during the slack season, but if I really wanted a shower, he would turn in on. I told him not to bother, we'd be set as long as the water connection wasn't frozen.

Pat collected some wood and started the fire just like I showed him at the last campsite while I got us set up, and connected to the utilities. The pipes were insulated, which was good, because it was starting to get pretty cold as the sun set, but the water still worked. He got the fire going really good, and the warmth spread out really well. I started cooking our dinner while he collected more wood to keep it going.

As he returned with an armload of wood, he caught me staring at him. His hair was a bit bushy from the wig, and the jeans and boots looked good on him. The flannel shirt and heavy jacket completed the look. He was so cute, like a little lumberjack.

What?” he said with a giggle.

You look so hot dressed like that,” I said, leering at him.

It is kinda warm this close to the fire,” he said almost seriously, before cracking up.

Oh you little shit,” I said grabbing him and shoving my hands inside his coat, tickling him.

Aaah, gonna pee,” he said so I let him up and he went behind the nearest tree. While he went back for more wood, I dug the double wide sleeping out of the clutter in the bag of the trailer and spread it out near the fire. We sat down on it and had our dinner, then we snuggled into it and looked up at the stars. The fire was warm, and the company was warmer.

As we lie there, we talked about the constellations and stars again, Pat remembered most of them. The petting and stroking and snuggling began to be more interesting than the stars overhead. We slipped our pants off inside the bag, and he climbed on top of me, dick to dick, and lips to lips. As I ran my fingers through his ever thickening hair, his hands played with our cocks between us. I jumped a bit when something a little cold hit my dick. He smiled at me, and I smiled back, realizing it was lube. He scooted up a bit, a placed my lubed up cock between his thighs, right under his scrotum, and began humping himself against me.

Oooh,” I moaned out and leaned forward to lick his lips.

We tongue wrestled while he kept humping me, driving me closer to my orgasm. His balls were stroking the top of my dick and his little rod, which was also lubed up, was poking my groin with every thrust. He stopped on a downward stroke has he moaned into my throat, experiencing his own orgasm. Still breathing hard into my mouth, he started up again. My hands moved from messaging his back to kneading his ass cheeks, squeezing them together around my hardness.

I love you,” we said in unison as I shot my load and he had his second dry cum. “Wow,” we said together as we calmed down.

We fell asleep in that position for most of the night. The cold woke me when the fire had burned itself out. I carefully got up with Pat in my arms, so as not to wake him, and climbed into the trailer, where it was nice and toasty because I had turned on the heater before dinner. I set us both gently into the bunk and I was asleep again almost instantly.

Morning came and we woke at the same time and kissed each other good morning. “We should be at our new home tomorrow, little dude,” I said with a smile. “Time to get back undercover, Mr. Bond.”

Alright,” he said, smiling with a slight hint of sadness for a second. “I want pancakes,” he added, his youthful exuberance returning.

Sure thing, lover, lets get packed up and get out of here.”

Shortly, we were on the road again. We found an IHOP down the road and pigged out. A couple of people gave us strange looks for not teaching my 'daughter' better manners, but joke them if they can't take a fuck.

I burped really loud and said, “Ah, nothing burps better than bacon.” as the same people walked by, getting a giggle from Pat, who tried to outburp me then.

Sure, we were taking a silly chance starting a burping war, but fuck it, this was our time together. So, a burp war commenced for a good five minutes, a for growing up the way he did, he took to it like a natural. Not many people easily learn to burp at will. Finally we ended up burping the alphabet, I did 'A', he did 'B' and so on until we got to 'Z'. A couple of truckers next to us applauded and gave the other people who were staring the finger, of which, Pat and I added our own fingers to the display.

We were chuckling as we paid the check and hit the road about the same time as the two truckers. In the parking lot we introduced ourselves and chatted a bit. They were headed in the same direction as we were, so we got our own little convoy going. I had a CB radio in my SUV, because you can't always count on cellphones, so we chatted it up as we headed down the mountain. Pat's handle was the navigator, and mine was the witchdoctor. I had fun teaching him as much as I could remember of the CB jargon.

It turned out we were gonna hit the same motel too, and it had a diner next to it so we all had dinner together before heading back to our rooms. No repeat performance of the alphabet, but we still had a good time. Pat was getting more comfortable being perceived as a girl in public interaction, but I could still tell it bothered him a little.

I loaded up my friend Jay's IP blocker before logging onto the net this time. I was to get the final info about the new house. I also wanted to tell him to speed up the permanent identity for Pat. He said he would try, but subtle hacking and slipping the money to the right people for the hard copies of the documents takes time if we didn't want to blow it. Plus some of the hacking has to be done onsite, and no matter how much you greased the hands with money, they wouldn't jeopardize their jobs to let him have that much access.

I also found another article about regarding Pat's exparents.

No Charges Filed Yet In Sean Wingfield Case

The police have released the contents of the Sean Wingfield Journal. In it, Sean states that he was gay, and that when his parents found out, they were going to chemically castrate him. His new teacher, the defrocked nun, didn't teach, but rather attempted to sway his person with bible verses and swats with an aluminum ruler. It also states that he knew the police wouldn't do anything because of his father's power. Indeed, it appears that charges may not be filed. The lawyers for the Wingfields are doing their best to insure that. Their maid, who also performed duties as a nanny, was afraid to say anything against her former employer. She was let go after Sean's suicide. She has since found a position with another family. Feelings in this case vary, but one thing is certain, Sean was very unhappy, and at least his pain is over. The last line of his journal entry said: “To my egg and sperm donors, F*** you, and I hope they force you to look at my decayed half eaten fish food body and know that you caused it.” Such a horrible thought that this young man was hurting so much.

I forgot about that part,” Pat said behind me.

Really?” I said with a chuckle. “I'm glad that your alive and well, son. I don't even want to think about an image like that.”

At least my nanny is okay,” he said, wrapping his arms around me.

I delighted in his hug and stood up with him on my back. I trotted around the room and then into the bathroom. It was getting late, so we restricted our activities to getting clean for the most part. Our lust for each other, while by no means satiated, was calming down to where we were happy to just be together. We snuggled into bed and went to sleep holding each other's nude body close.

The next day, we bid the truckers farewell, and headed towards the little town where we could hide in plain site. We were there by lunch time, so we stopped at a McDonald's, which he had never tried before. Although I didn't really need to, I reminded him that this was our new town, and he needed to keep the tomboyishness to a minimum.

After lunch, we headed to the Realtor so I could get the keys to the house. The man was all business and seemed pretty distant, which was exactly what we needed. The house was not large, but it wasn't cramped by any means. It appeared to be pretty much the same as the other houses on the block. We were only a block and a half away from the school, so Pat would be able to walk. I backed the trailer into the attached garage so we could unload. I had the place already furnished for my renter, me. I kept my eyes open as we moved our stuff in. The neighbors kept to themselves like I hoped. I didn't even see any heads peaking through the curtains.

We put the girl clothes into the smaller bedroom, and the boy clothes into the master bedroom. He would of course be sleeping with me all of the time, the other bedroom was more for show, but I did set the desktop computer up in there for him to do his homework.

No food in the house, so we drove about town to get our bearings and hit the grocery store. I have to tell ya, shopping for a ten year old boy is an experience, especially one who hasn't been allowed to try the usual things boys eat. We stocked up on everything, but I guided him towards some nutrition to balance things out.

Finally back at the house, I fixed dinner and we sat back and relaxed in just our underwear, watching the cable that had already been connected, thankfully. After the long day, we decided to get ready for bed. Jay must have picked this house special, because the tub was extra large.

I licked the tent in his briefs, causing him to shudder before pulling them down with my teeth. He loved that, and copied the move. I massaged his scalp as I washed his hair, letting the shampoo drip down over his beautiful body. On my knees, he returned the favor, and we roamed our hands over each other with the body wash, savoring every moment. After rinsing off, I filled the tub, and added bubble bath. I sat down and had him turn around and bend over. Trying something I never thought I would try, I spread his cheeks and dove in with my tongue. He squealed out when my tongue touched his anus. I licked at his hole like a starving man, eventually working my way inside.

Oh, god yeah,” he moaned out when I shoved in really deep.

His bladder relaxed as he shook with his orgasm. I was really getting into this side of him, more than I realised. When his pee hit my chest I started cumming without even touching my dick. Not missing a beat, he quickly pushed his mouth around my shooting dick protruding from the water.

Wow,” we said together, before rinsing ourselves off and heading to bed, our first night in our new home.

A/N. Does anyone know who the young actor is who played the kid Michael in the episode of “Supernatural” titled “Something Wicked”? I haven't been able to find anything on the net, and I think he's a terrific actor, not to mention very good looking. In fact, he looks just like a primary character in a new story I have simmering in my head. Any info would be appreciated, especially a jpg.