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The Things We Do For Love

Part 4

I smiled as I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful sleeping boy snuggled next to me. I stared at for who knows how long before he woke up. His eyes flickered open to see my smiling face. He smiled broadly right back at me.

"Morning, dad," he said.

"Good morning, my sweet prince," I replied. "Do you want to go register for school or do you wanna wait a little while?"

"A little while?" he asked.

"Okay, sonny boy. How about breakfast?" I responded cheerfully. "Then maybe we can hook up the PS2, maybe go get some more games and a few movies."

"Cool," he cheered and bounded out of the bed toward the bathroom.

After breakfast, he got into his costume and we headed out. Dvd's, video games, lunch at the mall, then hitting the theatre for a movie, and our day came to an end and we headed back home. Back into normal clothes, he chatted about our day while we ate. I could listen to his high, sweet voice forever.

After dinner, we watched Mission Impossible two, followed by Sorority Boys. He loved them both. He thought it was really funny seeing Lex Luthor in a dress. He decided we should sign him up for school the next day, so he could play undercover. There was less than two months left of school anyway.

The next morning, I heard the M:I theme playing in his bedroom as he got ready to go. I went in and watched as he finished up.

"What do you think, dad?" he asked and twirl around.

He had decided on a knee length pastel green skirt with a white blouse. "Um, you look passable," I said, "but, I don't think ten year old girls skirts are supposed to double as a tent."

He looked down at the noticeable bulge. "Uh oh, um, what're we gonna do, dad?"

"I'm afraid we'll have to use the medical tape, buddy," I said and went to the bathroom to retrieve it.

I had figured this might happen, so I had got some extra wide, tan tape at the store. "You' might have to be able to pee sometime without disturbing the tape," I said, "so I'll just angle your beautiful cock down, so you can pee like a regular girl, okay?"

He nodded a little nervously as I first applied the thin white tape to his foreskin. Then I carefully applied the other tape, leaving the tip of his penis exposed so he could urinate, albeit in a sitting position. Good thing his balls hadn't dropped yet, otherwise this could have been painful.

After slipping the panties and skirt back up, I asked, "Okay, how does that feel?"

He walked around a bit, and said, "It feels weird, but it's okay."

"It doesn't hurt your balls, does it?" I asked with concern.

"Nah, a little cramped, but it doesn't hurt," he replied.

"Alright, and no visible bulges," I said. "Now, think you can do a trial bathroom test? Just in case?"

"Actually, yeah, I need to pee," he replied and headed for the bathroom.

I was starting to get a little turned on as he dropped the skirt and panties and sat down to pee. He screwed up his face a bit, and soon, I heard the tinkle of piss hitting the water.

"Man, this feels so weird," he said as he peed.

When he was done, I inspected the tape, and it was fine. I grabbed some toilet paper, and wiped the dribble away. I told him he would need to do it as well.

All set to go, I grabbed the fake school transcripts as well as the rest of our identification, and we headed down the street to the school. We had our cover story all set, mother died last year, fresh start, really shy, stay out of most activities, big reader, keep to herself, that sort of thing.

We met with the principal, a Ms. Teena Swinton, who appeared to be about my age with shoulder length, sandy colored hair, and vivid brown eyes.

"Hello, Ms. Swinton. I'm Rick Crane, and this is my daughter, Pat," I said, without even a sputter.

"Please to meet you, Mr. Crane, Miss Crane," she said, shaking our hands.

She seemed firm, yet reasonable. There was also something in her eyes, a bit of sadness perhaps, I wasn't sure. I explained our, um situation, and she understood completely. She took our paperwork to the secretary, and got Pat registered quickly. She then took us to Pat's new classroom to meet the teacher. It was lunch time, so the classroom was empty, save the teacher, Mrs. Ruby Paul. The Principal gave her a quick summary of our cover story, and she was understanding as well. She seemed nice enough, so I guessed that I could go.

"Are you going to be okay, Pat?" I said, bending down and looking him in the eyes.

He saw my fear of leaving him alone, I know. "I'm fine, dad," he said reassuringly, and gave me a nervous smile. "Time to HIDE behind some books," he added with a slight chuckle, and I grinned.

"I'll see you back home later then, sweetie," I said with my own chuckle, getting a blush out of him.

"She'll be fine," Ms. Swinton said as she walked me out. "So, what do you do, if I may ask?"

"Um, yeah, I'm a writer," I stuttered out.

"Really? Anything I might have read?" she asked.

"Um, probably," I said remembering my own cover story. "I'm taking a bit of a break right now, but I was consulting and writing instruction manuals for various products."

"So you're the one who makes it damn near impossible to operate things," she said with a smile.

"Yeah, just trying to get people to think more. But right now, I'm taking time off, for the most part. Pat is my life. I've got some money saved, and I'm using that," I said with my own smile.

"Good for you, Mr. Crane," she said as we approached to school doors.

"Please, call me Rick, Ms. Swinton," I said politely before I could stop myself. Damn, need to keep distant. Old habits die hard I suppose, oh well.

"Teena, Rick. Not many men would take such an interest."

"I, um, I'd like to think that I'm not like that many men," I said, my nervousness getting through.

"I'm sure you aren't. Welcome to the neighborhood," she said before shaking my hand and returning to her office.


Back at the house, I finally decided to check out the back yard. It wasn't nearly as large as the last place, but it was big enough. It was surrounded by an 8 ft privacy fence that appeared to be recently installed. A line of evergreens followed the fence all the way, adding an extra bit of security, and they too seemed to be freshly planted. Good thing it had warmed up here, otherwise the trees would have died. Thanks Jay, I thought to myself.

At the back of the attached garage, was a concrete slab, about 15 long, and running the width of the garage. Perfect for basketball I thought, so I immediately went to get backboard and hoop. I went to a sporting goods store the next town over to be safe. I also got the necessary basketball, a soccer ball, and a football to add to the baseball mitts we already had.

I then had a thought, yeah there was enough room. I bought a small round pool, 3 ft deep and 12 ft diameter. It would fit easily behind the house, at the other end away from the garage. The doorwall in the dining room would lead right out to it. I could set it about fifteen feet away from the house, to give room for some lounge chairs and a grill and stuff. It was already getting warm, so it would be a nice treat. I would put it in the garage, and make it a surprise for Pat.

I stopped by a sand and gravel store, and scheduled the sand delivery for first thing in the morning. I couldn't wait to see Pat's face tomorrow when he got home from school. I only hope I could get the thing together by then. I knew it would take probably the whole day to fill with water, and another day for the chlorine to balance out before anyone could go swimming. The weekend promised to be very warm, so it should be ready by then.

When I got home, I checked the spot for the pool. Good thing about these little subs, the ground was level. I mounted the backboard to the back of the garage, at the regulation 10 ft height. I was done in just enough time to start dinner and set out a snack for Pat. I got a overwhelming rush of joy as I looked around the kitchen at the snack on the table, and the casserole slowly cooking in the oven. Normal, everyday, average, parenthood, I thought. Who knew?

I went outside to see if Pat was coming yet, and he was, with a few other kids too. They weren't talking, just walking. He was apparently keeping his distance, playing the part, hiding from anyone that would be suspicious. I knew he would make acquaintances, if not eventually friends.

When Pat saw me, he started walking faster, and then broke into a run, jumping into my arms.

"What's the matter, baby?" I said, fearing the worst.

"Nothing," he whispered into my ear. "It's just as a boy, they might make fun of me for hugging you. As a girl, I can do it all I want, and I want."

I hugged him tight and carried him into the house. "I hope when we move again, and you're not undercover anymore, that you won't stop this, cause I love it too much."

"I won't dad, I promise," he said with a smile as I sat him down at the table to have his snack.

"So, how was your first day?" I asked, grabbing a few cookies for myself.

"Boring," he said, irritably. "You taught me so well, that the work was too easy. I would have gone nuts if I didn't have to pretend I was a girl."

"Perhaps you should try and make a few friends, then. Not close ones, but enough to make things less boring."

"I guess that would help," he said, finishing his milk. "Can we get this tape off now?"

"Sure, little man," I said, "come on." and I led him to the bathroom.

He slipped the wig and barrette off as I pulled the skirt down and off. He lifted his arms as I pulled the blouse over his head and tossed it into the hamper with the skirt. I slipped the panties down his legs, and he gave a slight shiver.

"Hurry, dad. It's getting hard now, and starting to hurt."

I wet a wash cloth in cool water and gently rubbed between his legs, getting a slight moan, and a not so slight squirm from him. I carefully pulled the tape loose at the edge, and then kept pulling until his cock was free and sticking straight up. I freed his foreskin from the other tape and got a long sigh from him. I washed his dick with the cool cloth and stroked it for a while. Then I took it in my mouth and sucked gently, kneading it with my tongue. He groaned out shortly and I felt his stiff little rod expand and then pulse a few times before he got a little weak in the knees. I held him up, and then carried him to our room and threw him on the bed.

"That was so awesome, dad," he was finally able to say.

I slipped some briefs up his legs, then a pair of sweats, followed by a t-shirt. He smiled as I gently put his socks and shoes on and then pulled him to his feet.

"What's going on, dad?" he said as I led him outside and to the back of the garage.

"I thought we could shoot some hoops before dinner," I said as I picked up the basketball and bounced it to him.

He took his first glance around the backyard, taking in the privacy. He then looked down at the basketball and then up at the net. "Where'd we get this?"

"I got it today, so we could have fun. School will be out soon, and I don't want us to get bored over the summer."

He smiled and took a shot. It missed by a mile. He looked so sad when he missed, that it hurt me to the core.

"Don't worry, Pat," I said and knelt down beside him. "You never had a basketball net, have you?" He shook his head and as he looked at the ground. "Well, you have to work on it, and you gotta know I'll help," I then leaned in to whisper because privacy fences only work on sight, not sound. "You're my boy and I love you. It'll take practice but you will get it, I promise."

I then pulled him a little closer to the net, and showed him some arm movements and told him how to aim and let the ball float from his hand. He nervously took another shot. Nothing but freakin net. I was so proud. I picked him up and spun him around as I hugged him. His smile went from ear to ear, I swear. He worked on his free throws for about the next half hour. About half way through, I went to finish getting dinner ready. I watched him out the window as I cooked, he was so bloody happy, and so was I. I'd say he was making 7 out of 10 shots when I finally called him in to wash his hands.

He was giddy as he talked about the basketball while we ate. He wondered if it would be too weird to make friends with boys and then beat them at basket ball. I told him to go ahead, that it would be okay. The so called tomboys can be fairly common at his age, and I wanted him to have fun. I also told him as he got less shy with the other kids, to find some of the more athletic girls first, and that would make it a little easier.

After dinner, he wanted to help clear the table. Of course I let this sweet boy apply his natural manners to our reasonably normal household. Once the kitchen was cleaned up, we went to the living room to relax and watch a little tv, he had no homework to do yet, so we just took it easy.

I sat down in the big recliner and he climbed into my lap and leaned back on my chest. I put my arms around him and gave him a little hug. I started rubbing his tummy under his shirt and then slowly moved one hand down to rub the bulge in his sweats. He melted into my embrace and moaned as I worked his little cock through the cotton.

Then he scooted onto his side so he could rub the bulge in my jeans. It was my turn to moan out as he rubbed my cock. He moaned out again as I rubbed his head and back. I stroked his hair and crotch as he manipulated my boner. I pulled the string on his sweatpants, freeing the knot, and pulled the waistband back and down, so I could let my hand find his brief clad boner. I slipped my other hand down the back of his underwear and my middle finger quickly found his little pucker. I was a little startled when it practically sucked my finger in without lube.

He moaned out when that happened and pushed back against my hand. He wiggled his butt as he squeezed my cock. He pulled open my zipper and slid his hand inside. I nearly came right there, but I held off, knowing what was going to happen soon. I moved my finger around, trying to hit his little button as much as I could. We both started rocking back and forth as we neared our orgasm. I stopped jacking him and pulled his hand out of my fly just as my orgasm was about to hit. I pulled him close, crotch to crotch, dick to dick, and shoved my finger really deep, hitting his prostate, and releasing his bladder.

"Holy shit!" we both said as the orgasms took us, piss streaming out of his cock and soaking our pants, cum streaming out of my cock and coating our underwear.

We hugged each other tighter than tight as we ground our cocks together. It took sometime before we were calmed down enough to move. I picked him up and carried him to the bathroom where I proceeded to strip us both out of our wet and cummy clothes. I enjoyed my usual washing and playing with his hair once we were in the tub. He washed my hair, and then we cleaned each other's bodies thoroughly before hitting the sack.

"When are you gonna fuck me?" he asked quietly as we snuggled together in bed.

I looked down at him and smiled. "Not yet, sweet boy, but sooner than I thought. How did my finger feel?"

"It was awesome, dad," he said and gave me his own smile.

"Well, I didn't even use any lube, so next time maybe I'll use two fingers with lube."

"I can't wait, dad."

We hugged each other tighter and drifted off to sleep.

A/N Many thanks to the readers, and a special thanks to all who helped in identifying the young actor from Supernatural, and thanks for the pictures too. IMDb eventually updated their database, confirming that Colby Paul did indeed play the character of Michael. I've found some pictures on the web that kind of fit the story, so I made use of my homepage, and posted them.