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The Things We Do For Love

Part 5

The next morning found us in our usual position, arm in arm, him partly lying on my chest, leg over mine. I reached up and ran my hand through his thickening hair, and kissed the top of his head.

"Morning, dad," he said before looking up at me and then giving me a full on lip locking kiss.

We got up and did our morning duties, then I made us breakfast. Clad in the heart covered jeans and a pink blouse today, he gave me a hug before heading out the door. I couldn't resist give him a light pinch on his tightly jeaned butt.

"Have a good day at school, my sweet, hot assed, little prince," I said getting a giggle and kiss from him before he started his short walk to school.

I stood down at the sidewalk and watched him until he went around the corner at the end of the block. Then I ran into the back yard to start on the pool, the sand would be here soon. Having helped put up a similar pool with four other guys a few years back, I knew how to do it by myself, because they were fucking stupid. It took us forever because they had started it without attempting to read the instructions.

Using my tape measure, I set 8 stakes in the ground in a perfect circle, measuring the diameter between opposing stakes. By the time I managed to get all of the measurements to match, the sand showed up. On the right hand side of the garage, was the gate. Two gates, five feet wide by eight feet tall each, opened wide enough for them to get the little cat through. It had a pretty good size bucket, so it only took three trips for them to get all of the sand into my little circle.

After signing for the sand and relocking the gate, I headed to the backyard to see how far I could get before Pat got home. I strung twine between the opposing stakes so I would know when the sand was level. Then I put together the bottom rail that would hold the wall of the pool. I sunk some 5 ft stakes one foot down in between the other stakes to hold the wall steady with duct tape until I could get the top rail on. I went around, unrolling the wall and setting into the bottom rail, using a can of compressed air to get the sand out of the track as I went.

I made it all of the way around without too much difficulty and bolted the two ends together and then placed the included tape over the heads of the bolts. I got the top rail on pretty easily because the stakes kept the wall nearly circular. Once that was done, I place a piece of cardboard on the sand and set the ladder on top of it so it wouldn't get caked with sand.

I took off my shoes and climbed in with the liner. I spread it out and then carefully brushed the sand off my feet and started pulling the sides up. I used a dozen of those quick clamps that look like overgrown chip clips to hole the liner in place as I went around. I shifted the ladder over and finished pulling up the liner. I went around then and pushed the liner into the corner and into the sand. I climbed out and put on the final 5 inch wide rail. I put the hose in and turned it on to start filling. It was only noon and getting warm so I went inside for lunch and lemonade.

After lunch, I took off my shirt and put on some sunblock. I grabbed a beer and went back out to start working on the pump. There was already about a half foot in the pool, so it should probably be full by dark. I grabbed my X-acto knife and cut out the in and out ports for the filter and bolted the hardware down. I set the pump on a patio block that I had picked up and connected the hoses. The pump side of the pool was next to the evergreens, so I ran a heavy duty extension cord between the trees and the fence over to the corner of the house where there was an outlet.

3 beers later and it was done, not to mention nearly time for Pat, so I went in to set out a snack and start dinner. Lasagna in the oven, salad in the fridge, and cookies on the table, I went out to sit on the front porch to wait.

Pretty soon, I saw a small group of kids round the corner. My lovely boy was chatting with them, and giggling a bit. As they approached, the group started separating, my love and one other boy remaining together, heading towards me.

The other boy had a shaggy blond mop of hair on his head, freckles, turned up nose, and dimples. He was a couple of inches taller than Pat, and he was smiling as they approached me.

"Dad, this is Billy," Pat said in his sweet sounding, high prepubescent voice.

"Hello, Mr. Crane," he said, shaking my hand. "We played kick ball at lunch today, and Pat was awesome!"

Pat blushed as I said, "Really? I'm proud to hear that," and gave him a hug.

"Yeah. She seemed so shy yesterday. When she ask if she could play, I wasn't really sure, but I let her join my team anyway. We won by a landslide!" Billy said enthusiastically.

"That's great," I said, pleased that my little boy was making friends.

"I told Billy you got a basketball net and taught me how to shoot. He wants to see, can we, dad?" Pat asked.

"Sure, so...weetie," I said, nearly blowing our cover. "Maybe you would like a snack first?" I said and led them to the dining room where the cookies waited. I almost said you guys, but caught myself. This was harder than I thought it would be.

After their snack I led them out to the backyard, but we didn't make it to the hoop right away. They were both staring at the pool. They walked over to it eventually and looked in, watching it fill.

"Dad, when? How?" Pat asked, his voice choking a little.

"Today. I busted ass all day. Any other questions?" I replied.

He looked at me. "Why?"

"Because I love my little princess. What's the matter, don't you like it?"

He quickly gave me a very powerful hug. "I love it, dad. And I love you."

I told them it would at least be the weekend before the pool was ready for swimming, so they played basketball while I cooked dinner. When it was ready, Billy went home and Pat lost the wig and blouse. We ate, and then I helped him with his homework. The pool was full, so I shut off the water. Then came a very wonderful bath, I just love playing with his hair, among other things. I was able to get two well lubed fingers into his ass. He pissed and I came and we reveled in each others arms.

As we lay in each others arms in bed, I asked him if he was sure about having Billing over to swim.

"Yeah, I mean, I thought I would just wear the top of a bikini, and wear my regular trunks," Pat said questioningly.

"I think that'll pass, son. If you're sure."
"Yeah, I mean, he almost treats me like a boy anyway, but I think he likes me."

"How do you feel, Pat?" I asked seriously.

"He's cute, but I love you," he said, almost fearfully.

"Don't worry, son. I love you too, but I also understand that there are some things I can't give you, even as a lover, and thats the love and like of another boy your age. I know I'll feel some jealousy toward Billy, but because I love you so much, I will swallow that jealousy so that you can have an emotional relationship with Billy, if you want it."

He looked at me, trying to put together what I said. After about five minutes, he finally seemed to not only understand, but he also made a decision.

"I get it, dad. I really do. I also know that you love me, and you love boys. When I grow up, I won't be able to give you the little boy love that you might need. I'll swallow my jealousy too, but I hope we can still be together, sometimes."

"Oh, Pat," I exclaimed. "My little man, the sex part can change as we grow up together. I won't want to stop having sex with you, just because you won't be a little boy anymore. As any lovers grow, the visual lust may fade, but the deep love will grow. I admit, I'll still be attracted to other boys, but you'll always be my true love. I know that, because of what we've been through so far."

He stared at me some more, taking in what I just said. Finally he hugged me tight and said, "I love you, dad, Jim, Rick, dad."

"I'll always love you, son, Sean, Pat, Jimmy, son," I said fiercely hugging him back as we drifted off to sleep.

After getting Pat off to school, I set about putting the finishing touches on the pool, chlorine, priming the pump, and topping off the water level. With that set, I went out and picked up a bikini for Pat to wear.

After lunch I decided to begin the genealogy project I had been planning. I knew that I was pretty much a mutt, but I knew that I had Cherokee blood. I wanted to not only prove it, but found out where the rest of my family came from. It was a nice project to work on while I waited for Jay to finish with Pat's new identity.

While I was online, I decided to check for anymore news articles about the deceased Sean. I was shocked with what I found.

Decayed Body Is Not Wingfield Boy

Four days ago, it was reported, the body of a boy was found in the local river and was believed to be that of Sean Wingfield. The body was decayed and had been food for various animals in the water. The parents, who had not been charged with neglect for the suicide of the boy, appeared distraught at the sight. Identification was not possible with the level of decomposition of the body. Dental records confirmed yesterday that it was not Sean. Police have discontinued the active search for the body of the boy. While the parents remain distressed over the death of their son, the uncle remains convinced that the boy ran away, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. He has received no help from authorities, who have advised him to accept the tragic death of his nephew.

Wow, I thought. Damn, even. Pat got his wish, that's spooky. I glanced at the clock. Oh shit, Pat would be home soon. I ran out to get his snack ready, fruit this time. I want to watch his nutrition, so he'll be around a long time. Thanks to his distraught parent's efforts, he didn't have unhealthy eating habits. I could balance it out a bit with indulgences, and still keep it healthy.

Pat jumped into my arms again and I carried him to the table, him chattering about school the whole time. I was just enraptured by the tales of his day. No Billy today, he wanted to spend time with his, um, male friends. As he ate, I removed the wig and brushed out his hair. It was really thick now, and nearly touching his collar. I could see about an inch and a half of his roots. I should die it again soon.

He went to go change after his snack, it took him a while, and when he finally came back out, there was a weird look on his face. One of mixture of disbelief and regret.

"I...they...what I wrote in my journal came true," he said, his expression turning blank.

Shit, I left the laptop on. I pulled him into my lap and held him. "Are you okay? I'm here, son. Please be okay." I said, tears beginning to form in my eyes.

"I'm okay, dad," he said looking up at me, his expression returning to normal. "They hurt me, and they deserved that. I really believe they deserved that, it's okay." He hugged me tight and kissed me on the cheek. "I'm so glad you found me, dad. I love you."

"I do too, sweet boy. Go relax and have fun while I make dinner, okay?" He nodded and headed out back to shoot some hoops. I loved that boy so much. Tonight, I would show him the next logical extension of that love.

After dinner and homework, I had him wait in the living room while I retrieved something that I had had for a while along with some lube. I had him stand in front of me as I looked at him. He was dressed in jeans that fit snugly, but weren't skin tight, and a white t-shirt that was also a little tight, hanging just past his belt loops, his flat tummy clearly showing underneath.

"What's that?" he asked, curiously.

"It's a butt plug," I replied with a grin. "The smallest one I ever found. It'll help make it easier for me to enter you eventually."

It was smaller than my finger at it's narrow end and slightly smaller than two of my fingers at the large end, so I knew he could take it. I held it up to him and he smiled at me with lust starting to appear in his eyes.

He put his hands on my shoulders and leaned into me as I lifted his shirt slightly and slid my hands underneath, massaging his smooth skin. I unsnapped his jeans, and lowered his zipper as he kissed my neck, or more accurately, licked and sucked on it. I slid the jeans just below his butt cheeks and squeezed them through the white cotton of his briefs.

I brought one hand around and gave his little pecker a rub, causing him to moan against my shoulder. I could feel the vibrations from his throat as he sucked. I was sure to have a hickey soon, from the sweet pleasure pain he was giving me.

After a few strokes, I move my hand back around and lowered the soft cotton down, settling it below his beautiful two mounds, next to his jeans. I kneaded and rubbed them, making Pat shiver slightly before I pulled them apart and started stroking my finger along his anus.

I could smell his hair as he continued to lick my neck and shoulder. It smelled of shampoo and a days worth of little boy sweat, goddamn it was so intoxicating that I could hardly stand it. I stopped and tore my t-shirt off and kissed him with a passion that stunned us both. How I loved and lusted after this sweet boy.

After about fifteen minutes of making out with my little prince, I lubed up my finger and worked my way easily into his relaxed hole.

"I want you dad," he said pleadingly against my bare skin.

"I want you too, my sweet boy. This will help a lot," I told him as I lubed up the plug.

He switched sides and started sucking on my other shoulder as I worked the small butt plug into him. He moaned out as it got seated into his hole. I slowly pulled the underwear back into place, and then pulled up his jeans. I snapped the button and then carefully pulled the zipper up over his throbbing little dick.

I looked at him and his face was a little tense. He seemed afraid to move. "Is it tight?" I asked and he just nodded his head. "Feel good?" Again another nod.

I stood up and took his hands to lead him over to the recliner. He resisted as I pulled him. With every step, he sucked in his breath with a little squeak.

"It feels so good," he whispered, almost tearfully.

I looked down, and his eyes followed mine. A damp spot was starting to form on his little bulge. He looked back up at me, in an almost pleading way. I gave him a quick pull and he took the four more steps to the recliner quickly, drawing quick breaths through gritted teeth.

He looked down again. The damp spot was spreading slowly. He took several slow breaths and calmed a bit before looking up at me. When he did, I saw the pleading look fade to one of pure lust. I have never seen that look on a boy his age before, god damn was it sexy.

He closed his eyes and sighed before pushing me into the recliner. "Wait here," he said in a husky, and very sexy voice, as he returned his lustful gaze to my eyes.

He walked away slowly, apparently getting control over the feelings so it would last. He headed to his bedroom, and shortly after that, went to the kitchen. He came out guzzling a bottle of water, which was quickly drained. He came over and climbed up in my lap, facing me with his knees on the outside of my legs.

His pants were pretty wet now I noticed as he leaned onto me, chest to chest. He put his head on my shoulder and just hugged me for a while, wiggling our crotches together.

I felt something under his shirt as he lay against me. I slid my hands up and under and started rubbing his back. When my hands reached his upper back, I felt the cloth string of the bikini top.

"Kinky little thing, aren't you, sweetie," I said as he looked up at me seductively.

"I need you so much dad," he said, the pleading look and voice returning. "I want to try everything with you. I'm so...horny right now. But I want it to last. Make me your boy tonight dad, please. I know we can't go all the way yet, but I want to be yours any way I can. I want to make you mine, too."

"God, son, you ARE my boy," I pleaded out as I kissed him deeply and passionately.

I hugged him and then slid my hands down to his sweet ass. A high pitched moan escape his lips as I pinched his butt cheeks together, forcing the butt plug to rub his prostate. I felt a warmness expanding on my own crotch as I kneaded his butt cheeks together over and over. I never dreamed how sexy it could be to have a boy wet himself all over me. I can't wait until he can cum for real.

We kept kissing and rubbing our hands all lover each other, slowly though, savoring it all. First his tongue would enter my mouth, then mine would enter his. I don't know how long we stayed at it, and I didn't care. I loved my boy.

After a while, I reached down and slowly pulled his t-shirt off him. I wanted to feel his skin on mine. As it came off, the bikini top came into view. His shirt finally pulled free, messing his thick hair up beautifully. I threw it to the floor and ran my fingers through his hair, grabbing hold and pulling his head in for another bout of making out.

I ran my hands over his bikini clad chest as we ground our piss filled jean covered cocks together. We moaned together as our tongues wrestled for who knows how long, perhaps a good hour by now, I couldn't be sure.

What I could be sure of, was that it had been long enough that I now felt pressure in my own bladder as we continued frenching and grinding our hips together. Fuck it, I thought, and thank goodness for leather seats. I tried to relax my bladder, but it was difficult with my hardon.

We both had been have what you could call mini orgasms as we fooled around. Just little tremors of what was to come. Every time I could feel a little pulse, or squirt from him. The next time it happened, I was somehow able to finally let go.

He opened his eyes and stared into mine as we kept kissing. First I saw a little surprise there as I let go. Then I saw some amusement, followed quickly by lust again. That intense lust in his eyes was accompanied by what had to be a very intense orgasm as he stiffened up in my arms and hugged me tighter, grounding his dick into mine. No more piss came out of him, I don't think, but I did feel his sweet little cock pulse against mine.

I don't know when it happened, but during that my orgasm started as well. I think it was when his eyes rolled back into his head slightly as he came. My urine flow was cut off and I shot my gism into my underwear, soaking it more. When I stopped coming, I relaxed automatically and continued pissing. Pat stiffened up again when that happened and I felt his cock pulse some more.


Ow my back I thought as I woke up the next morning still in the recliner. Not too bad though, because I still had my arms full of hot boy. I woke a very happy Pat and got us into the bathroom. I had the pleasure of undressing us and then removing the butt plug so we could have a quick shower together. I got his foreskin taped up, or down, whatever, and he finished dressing for school while I fixed a quick breakfast.

That weekend, his friend Billy came over for a swim. It was as warm as it the weatherman had said it was going to be, so the pool felt really good. I got Pat taped up with water proof tape, just in case his boy's trunks tried to reveal too much when wet.

That night we were invited to dinner with Billy's folks, so rather than be too conspicuous by declining, I accepted. I helped Pat get ready in a skirt and top, and I wore casual dress pants and a Henley. We actually had a pleasant time, and Pat behaved himself like a young lady. I found Billy's mother to be very nice, but his father seemed to be a little rough around the edges, I guess is how you would describe him. We left the restaurant fairly late and headed our separate ways. Well not too separate considering they only lived a couple of blocks away from us.

We got into our routine as time moved on. Sometimes Billy came over and they would play basketball or go swimming. I had to be careful with the rough housing in the pool, so that Pat wouldn't lose the wig. I missed that, and I saw a tinge of jealousy in Pat's eyes when I would throw Billy up and into the water, so I tried to keep it to a minimum.

I also worked on my family tree research while Pat was at school. What I found out stunned me a little. I knew about the Cherokee on my maternal grandfather's mother's side, but I also found more lineage of other Native American Nations on other branches of the family. She gave me 1/16 blood, and so did three others, Shoshone, Blackfeet, and Navajo. Bloody hell, I have a quarter blood total, maybe more if I dig even deeper. But what was the most fascinating, was that each of those bloodlines was rumored to have been from the medicine man or shaman lines. What a heritage to find, I thought to myself.

Pat broke me out of my thoughts when he got home from his last day of school for the summer. It was only a half day, so supper was a long time off. He quickly stripped out of the spring skirt and blouse he was wearing and threw the wig on the floor as he headed for our bedroom. He didn't really need the wig anymore, I thought as he came back out wearing his swimming trunks and headed for the pool.

I would need to die his hair again tonight, though. It was to his shoulders, now, thanks to the special shampoo and vitamins. I get to run my fingers through it every night when we shower or bathe.

"Billy not joining you today?" I called out as he headed for the door.

"Nah, he said that his dad was taking him to get some stuff to fix pipes or something, and then he had to mow the lawn and trim the bushes."

He came in to pee a short time later as I went outside to get the mail. As I got the mail, I didn't notice Billy, who startled the shit out of me.

"Hi, Mr. Crane," he said quietly, making me jump.

"Holy shit, Billy, you startled me. Pat said you were busy this afternoon."

"Something's wrong with the lawnmower, my dad's fixing it. I was hoping to go swimming?"

"Uh, yeah, sure, just let me go get Pat, okay?"

I walked in, Billy following silently behind me. Just as I took a breath to yell out that Billy was here, Pat came around the corner, wet hair plastered to his head, and his trunks tucked under his dick. He was looking down and fiddling with the tape.

"Dad, my foreskin tape came off, can you..." he broke off as he looked up to find a stunned Billy standing next to me.

"Oh shit," I said as Pat quickly pulled his trunks up and Billy just slowly sat down on the couch, his mouth still open in shock.


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