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The Things We Do For Love

Part 6

I just stared between Billy and Pat. Pat seemed at a complete loss at what to do, and Billy just stared open mouthed for a good five minutes. I had to find a way to contain this. Hopefully, Billy wouldn't have any problems keeping this a secret. Then I had an idea that might work. It was so simple, that it should.

Billy,” I said, sitting down next to him on the couch, “I need you to keep this secret. We're in the witness protection program, and we simply can't be found out.”

Billy nodded and said, “I'll keep the secret, but...” he trailed off and a few minutes later tears started rolling down his cheeks.

I put my arm around him and hugged him to me. “What's the matter? It'll be okay.”

No it won't,” he said suddenly, the tears rolling harder now. “This means I'm gay. I thought I wasn't when I met Pat. I thought I was finally normal, but this just proves that I was gay all along, cause I like Pat.”

Shit, I thought, “Billy, it's okay to be gay, I'm gay, in fact. It's alright.”

He stopped crying and looked up at me. “But I think my dad already suspects it. Sometimes he looks at me funny. He only seems happy when I play sports. I don't mind that, cause I love sports, but he just doesn't seem to care about anything else.”

I know it's hard to deal with, Billy. I had to deal with it too growing up. Please trust me that it will get better, okay?”

Okay,” he said, drying his eyes on the back of his hand. After a few minutes, he said, “so you guys are in the witness protection? That's pretty cool. But why does Pat have to dress like a girl?”

To make it harder for someone to find us. It's only temporary, until our final identities are ready.”

So you gonna move again?” he said, starting to look sad.

Not for a while, yet. You two can be friends for a while,” I said trying to lift his spirits a bit.

That brought a small smile to their faces. We sat and chatted for a while, Billy assuring us that he wouldn't say a word about our situation to anybody. Finally they went out and hopped in the pool, Pat taking the bikini top with him, just in case, while I started supper.

While I was cooking there came a knock at the front door. I quickly went to the patio door and caught Pat's eye. I pointed to my chest and then to him and he got the idea and nodded, reaching for the bikini top. When I opened the front door I was surprised to see Billy's mother standing there.

Hi Jane, Billy's in the pool. Come on in,” I said stepping back from the door.

Thanks Rick. I just came to get him for dinner and talk to you a bit. I wanted to thank you for letting him come over so much. He seemed a little depressed before you and Pat moved in. But it was like a new Billy almost when he made friends with Pat. I don't know what it was, but I'm happy that he's happy,” she said with a sincere smile.

Oh boy, I thought. I couldn't just let her go on, could I? “I think I know what was bothering him before, Jane. But I don't really think it's my place to tell you,” I finally said a little nervously.

Her smile faded slightly as she soaked up what I said. “Did he talked to you? I know he doesn't really click with his father, but if he told you something, I want to know. I'm his mother, and I love him,” she said after a moment.

Um, yeah, he talked to me,” I finally said. “But, um, he was really scared. He might talk to you, but I really can't say how soon.”

She nodded. “He's gay, isn't he?” I just nodded my head. “A mother knows, Rick. It's okay, please know that I still love him, and I know his father won't understand whatsoever, so I won't be telling him.”

I'm relieved to hear you say that, Jane. I guess I worry too much myself about my...daughter's friends.” Whew, almost said son there.

I'm glad you were able to talk to him. You're gay too, right?”

I hope I'm not that obvious, am I?” I asked, a little stunned.

No, don't worry. My brother's gay, and my husband hates him for that reason. So, well, I worry about Billy. I am glad that you moved in, more so now, thanks Rick.”

No problem. Billy is a great kid. He was so afraid of being gay, that's why he works so hard for his father's approval. He does love sport's though, but sometimes I think he does too much, and that might make him start hating sports eventually.”

I've seen that, too. To be honest, Rick, I have fallen out of love with Bill. He's an ass too much of the time, and I'm really starting to hate that about him.”

I didn't know what to say to that, really. After a several minutes of awkward silence, I thought of a lame idea that might ease, or at least post pone tensions between Billy and his father.

Well, Jane, I don't know if it would help or hurt, but I planned on building a small deck for the pool. Billy is more than welcome to help, in fact I could use the help. I would pay him for the help, and he would learn a little about construction. It might even improve Bill's image of his son. What do you think?”

That sounds like a good idea, Rick. But as far as Bill is concerned, I don't know. The more I think about it, the more I think we won't be together much longer. It's just too stressful for me and Billy.”

You're getting a divorce?” came a wavering voice from the patio.

We both looked up to see Billy and Pat standing in the doorway. We hadn't even heard the doorwall open.

Not yet, honey, come here,” Jane said and Billy ran into her open arms, tears silently rolling down his cheeks.

It took all of us fifteen minutes to calm Billy down, with his mother's reassurances that she loved him gay or straight, and she had already fallen out of love with his father. After a group hug, Billy and his mother went home and Pat and I had our own dinner. After dying his hair and having a good bath together, Pat and I hit the sack.

We spent the next day planning for and buying the lumber and hardware for the small deck. Billy was at home doing the yard work that he was to have done the day before, but would be over the following day to help. Both boys took to building quickly. I taught them how to use the compound sliding miter saw, with extreme importance on safety.

Between teaching them how to safely use the tools, and lots of pool breaks, it took a week to finish the deck. Sure, I could have finished it quicker on my own, but where was the fun in that? I'd rather take my time, and show them how to do things properly and safely. It really makes life worth living, and then all of us getting to use something that we built together.

The summer moved on, Billy spending some time with us and his mother dropping by for a chat every now and again. Pat seemed to keep his distance though, always truly friendly with Billy, but not really close. I asked him about it one night as we lay in bed after our usual fun.

Well,” he replied, “I like Billy and all, but just as a friend. We're gonna move someday soon, and besides, I already have a best friend.” He smiled at me and gave me a kiss.

I love you son,” I said and pulled him into a fierce hug, and he hugged me back the same way.

I could smell his sweet hair and scent as we lay there. We eventually fell asleep like that, me stroking his back, and him just hugging me as if I might disappear at any moment.

September was approaching, as was the demise of Jane's marriage. She had been willing to go to see a counselor, but Bill would have none of that. She knew then that it was over. So, about a week before school was to start, she took Billy and left to stay with her brother until she could rebuild their lives.

Pat was a little down, and I was down because he was down. The weather pissed us both off because it was sunny and warm, and we weren't in the mood for that.

I wish it would rain,” Pat said as we stared out the window, moping.

Yeah, me too,” I said, “but the weatherman said it was going to be sunny and warm all week.”

We stared out the window all afternoon. We didn't even notice as it started getting dark earlier than it should have. The first roll of thunder startled us into noticing that the previously cloudless sky was now a solid sheet of storm clouds.

Wow,” I said as we went out and stood on the front porch.

It was pretty dark, and the wind was picking up. A few of the neighbors poked their heads out and looked up at the sky in trepidation. Suddenly there was a gust of wind out of the north. A oddly cold gust of wind, and the temperature seemed to drop a good ten degrees. Then, like a burst water balloon, the rain came down. We rushed back inside and turned on the weatherchannel. They seemed to be flabbergasted at the storm that developed over the last four hours.

Pat and I were happier than we'd been all day. It was cold enough that I built a fire in the fireplace. I guess it was fate that I had cleaned it earlier and got some presto logs. I didn't really expect to be using it before winter. For dinner, we had homemade pizza in front of the fire.

As we finished eating, we relaxed and listened to the pouring rain as the fire sparked and heated the living room. Pat lit a few candles as I put away the leftovers and grabbed a few pillows. The glow from the candles and the fire spread something beyond warmth throughout the room. The storm blew around outside and the rain pelted the roof making everything ...indescribable.

We started kissing passionately as our hands roamed around our bodies. I slipped my hands under his t-shirt and felt around at his smooth skin. His sweet lips giving me chills as I lifted his shirt up and broke the kiss long enough to remove it and take in my boy's beauty for a moment before resuming our kiss with a vengeance. But we didn't limit our kissing to our mouths.

He removed my shirt as our lips touched various parts of each others skin. I don't know if the shivers I were getting were from his kisses or from his delicious skin I was tasting. I am sure it was both. I could feel his hardness through his jeans, and I felt his hand massaging the straining bulge in mine. I unsnapped his jeans and slid the zipper down as I kissed each of his dime sized nipples. He fumbled with the button on my jeans and finally got it loose, unzipping my pants and slipping his hand into my fly, squeezing my cotton clad cock.

He lifted his ass off the floor as I slipped his jeans down and off his strong and hairless legs. I laid down next to them and started licking and kissing them all the way back up to his tented groin, taking his own cotton covered penis into my mouth, eliciting a low moan from him. He soon had my pants off and copied the movement.

We took it slow as the light from the fire danced around and on us, giving it a hue of surreal passion. We looked into each others eyes as we moved up to each other again, probing each other's mouths with our tongues. I don't know how I tasted, but my sweet boy tasted like how I imagine the proverbial manna from heaven tasted like. The thunder over head was loud and sudden, interrupting our ministrations. Nearly a good thing, because we were so out of breath, not to mention close to climax.

I'm gonna go pee,” he said in a hoarse whisper. Noticing my puzzled look, he added, “I want to try this one dry.”

I watched with lust as his brief baring bubble butt walked to the bathroom. It was clear he wanted me to play with his ass. Every time I bring him to orgasm like that, he would piss in varying amounts. Only when I had sucked him or jacked him off did he not. This was going to be a different experience for him. Something new will always be special.

He soon returned and stood before me and I put my mouth over his slightly damp tent, and massaged it with my tongue. I slipped my fingers into his waistband and slowly pulled his underwear down his smooth legs. I took him into my mouth all the way to his hairless groin. I swirled my tongue inside the growing foreskin. He was making great progress and it added to my pleasure, and his I'm sure, as well. I could already feel the increased smoothness of the head from its increased covering.

He removed my underwear when I took a break from my ministrations on his penis. Then he lay down next to me and took my cock into his mouth as I resumed my tongue's motions on his dick. He matched me move for move, lathering my own regrown foreskin with his saliva. He had become quite adept and fellatio, and I was in heaven with my boy.

We continued loving each other as the fire sparked behind its screen. Moans and whimpers echoed throughout the living room as our mouths moved along each other's bodies, always returning to our center of being, our penises.

I lubed up a finger and slid it into his ass, receiving an intense moan as my finger brushed past his prostate. With out missing a stroke on my cock, he lubed up his finger and did the same to me. I responded in kind when he hit that spot inside me.

Because of the differences in our heights, he kept to mainly the head and used his free hand to stroke me. It also kept us at a slow, agonizing pace, as our fingers worked on our holes, and our tongues and lips worked on our cocks.

My free hand I used to rub and massage his body as we kept at it. I don't really know how long we spent at it, but it was a while before my orgasm started to build. I had a few false starts with our slow pace, but it was bitter sweet. I wanted to cum so bad, but I wanted to love my boy as bad. As I felt his dick expand in my mouth when his orgasm hit, I couldn't stop my own, knowing Pat was feeling so much pleasure.

He practically screamed around my dick when he had his dry cum. I growled out at the vibrations his vocal response gave me, and started shooting. We both gave kind of a continuous moan as we came. It was the most intense I've ever felt, and the longest. It seemed to go on forever.

I don't really remembering it ending, I just woke in the morning, snuggled with my boy on the pillows and sheets in the living room floor. The room was comfortably warm. I opened my eyes and got a bit of a shock. The fire was still burning strong. I glanced out the window. It was still raining, but it was clearly daylight.

What the fuck,” I whispered as I looked back at the fire, which started to die down.

What is it?” Pat said as he yawned and stretched.

The fire was still burning. It only now started to dim. Maybe we should throw another log on, it was still raining,” I said.

It's stopping, look. I can see some sun poking through the clouds,” he said.

I looked out the window and, sure enough, the clouds were parting and the sun was shining. Weird. I pulled my clothes on and stepped onto the front porch. The temperature was definitely climbing back to normal. I went back inside to fix breakfast and flipped on the tv. The news was confirming the oddness of the nights weather.

Later that day we went out to stock up on school supplies and see a movie. We had a good time but I think Pat missed Billy because he could be himself more, and now that part of his life was gone. When I asked him that night, he confirmed it, but he said he could handle it.

He was his usual self when school started. I was so proud, and I told him so. He was doing well in school. We got back to our routine, me taking care of things while he was at school, and then taking care of him when he got home. He was breezing through his homework for the most part, but puberty was still holding off, which was a good thing for now. I knew it would be long though.

During the day I kept up my research about my family as well as the specific shamanism of each familial branch. It would seem that I had power, if you believe in that sort of thing. And after the unexpected rain and the weird fire, I was starting to. I tried to do it again, but it seemed I needed just the right emotion for it to work. I thought about how we felt that night, and felt it again as best as my memory would allow. It started raining, slightly, but there was already a twenty percent chance of rain anyway, so, who knows.

I emailed Jay about what I found out and what happened. He thought it was pretty cool, and couldn't wait for a real demonstration, once we got settled into our final house. He was still a ways off of getting the final identities ready, but I told him to hurry anyway.

The days wore on as the beginning of November came, and Pat's spirit started to dip. Halloween didn't really help much. It was clear that he was tired of playing dress up. So I put my best concentration forward, and the weatherman forecast an exceptionally warm weekend.

Hey buddy,” I said on Thursday evening. “It's gonna be warm this weekend, how about we hit the beech?”

I don't wanna,” he answered sulkily. “I don't feel like wearing that stupid bikini top.”
“You wouldn't have to, sonny boy,” I replied back as cheerfully as I could. “There's a beech a few hours south of here. We could go tomorrow, and you could be yourself. No worries about anyone from here seeing you.”

The smile on his face lit up the room. He seemed so happy. It was settled then. We packed our trunks and stuff that night so we could get an early start. The next morning we packed a cooler quickly and hit the road. About two and a half hours later and we were parked at a little known beech. There were a few people taking advantage of the Indian summer, but not many. We pretty much had the place to ourselves.

It was getting pretty warm already as we changed and put sunscreen on each other. We played in the water for a while then had lunch. I told him to play on the sand for a while before going back in the water.

I decided to make a phone call while he played. I pulled a black box out of my bag and went over to the payphone. I used it to place a free untraceable call to my friend Jay as I watched Pat make friends with two other boys and build a sandcastle.

Hey, Jay. It's me, and I need you to pull out all the stops and get what we need,” I said when Jay answered.

Hey, um, I told you before it takes time. I'm getting there.” Jay said.

Yeah, well Patrick can't do the dress up thing much longer. We're at the beech and he's being himself. He's so happy right now that I have to insist that you step it up.” I replied back.

I'll try but I really can't go much faster. If I get caught, that's it, end of story.”

Jeremy James Connors, are you refusing a challenge? What's happened to you? You use to take any challenge almost as a personal insult.”

Yeah, yeah, okay. Geeze. What's gotten into you?”

A little boy that wants to live his life, Jay.” I said firmly.

Okay, well I've found the perfect town and house already. They accepted the offer, so I just have to take care of closing using the dummy company I set up. Then once I take care a few other small details, you'll be good to go,” he said confidently.

Hey dad, come play with us, and check out our sand castle,” Pat suddenly broke in, I didn't even see him walk up.

I'll be there in a second, Patrick, okay?” I replied.

He smiled wide at the use of the name Patrick and said, “Okay.” Then he ran back to his friends.

Having a good time, I hear, eh?” Jay said.

Yeah, a great time. That's why you gotta hurry, Jay,” I said back.

Okay, do a little of your voodoo thing to make things go smoothly, and you can probably move by early January.”

Cool, Jay. Thanks. Take care. Later.” And I hung up.

So Patrick, is it?” said a voice behind me, and I turned to stare into the face of Principal Teena Swinton.

Oh shit,” I muttered.

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