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The Things We Do For Love

Part 7

What the hell are you doing here?” was the only thing I could think of to say.

Calm down,” she said matter-of-factly. “For some reason, I trust you. I don't think you would be doing whatever it is you're doing without good reason.”

We looked over at Pat, who was busy playing and didn't notice us. I pulled her around the corner so he wouldn't see. I started pacing back and forth, frustrated. This could ruin everything.

Rick, I said calm down,” she started, breaking into my worried thoughts. She looked me dead in the eye. “Listen, I became a principal because there were times as a teacher when I needed to break the rules for the good of a child and couldn't. Hell, sometimes I still can't, but I can look away when needed. Now, be totally honest with me, and I might turn my head. It's obvious the he loves you, and it's also obvious that he's tired of playing dress up. Pat's attitude since since the start of term has been steadily declining.”

I just stared back in her eyes. She was being truthful. Completely honest. I didn't just see it in her eyes, I could actually feel the emotion rolling off her in waves. Chalk up another thing to the shaman bloodlines, I guess.

Are you in witness protection or something?” she said, breaking through my thoughts again.

Or something,” I replied with a sigh. “Hiding as a girl was actually his idea,” I said and then gave her the short version of our story, never breaking eye contact once.

I also told her about Billy finding out, and how much that meant for Pat, and the good time he had over the summer, and then Billy and his mother leaving.

I had heard they got a divorce,” she said and glanced around the corner.

Pat was still playing with the two other boys, enjoying life, just being himself. They appeared to making the sand castle even bigger and more impressive. Pity the tide would eventually destroy it.

Poor Pat,” she said finally. “He does seem to look a lot better as a boy. I imagine puberty will start soon, then the hiding as a girl will be harder if not impossible.”

I know,” I told her. “We will be moving soon, our new identities are almost ready. Please don't let on that you know, I think it would embarrass him.”

Don't worry,” she replied thoughtfully. “I won't treat him any different than usual, although I may increase my efforts to lift his spirits. I don't like seeing any of my kids feeling down. Unless they've done something wrong and are being punished,” she added with a chuckle.

Thanks,” I said.

I really admire you, Rick. Life is so grey yet we're forced to try and live black and white. Good luck,” she said and left.

I relaxed and headed toward Pat and his friends. The closer I got, the bigger the sand castle got. “Boy, you guys did a great job on this castle,” I said strolling up.

Thanks, dad,” Pat said, walking up and giving me a hug.

He showed no shyness at all in that hug, and when I looked at the other boys, I didn't see the expected taunting glare in their eyes, what I saw really, was a sad sort of jealousy.

Dad, this is Johnny,” Pat said, indicating a thin boy with shaggy black hair, “and this is Tommy,” pointing to the other boy, who wasn't nearly as thin, but had straight, shoulder length light brown hair.

Hey, boys,” I said. “Ready to get wet?”

Yeah!” they chorused and we dove into the water.

I had so much fun playing with the boys. Tossing them into the water, having them climb onto my shoulders and throwing them off. Splashing, tag, water frisbee, catch. I didn't even notice time passing as I played with my son and his friends.

Soon I heard a female voice calling them for dinner. I turned around to see two very beautiful women standing over a large table cloth spread out over the sand, and a huge picnic basket and cooler. Pat and I were invited to join them after we made our introductions, and seeing as I had only brought enough for lunch, we accepted.

I almost wished I wasn't gay as these two eyed me up and down. I had kept up with a workout routine, not just to stay healthy for Pat, but to enjoy being able to keep up with him when we played together.

After the meal, the boys went to play with the sand castle again to let their food settle. I found out both of them were married, but pissed at their husbands for not spending time with their kids.

Why are all the good ones gay?” Tommy's mom, Gina, said, and I turned red.

Don't be ashamed, Rick,” Pam, Johnny's mom, said. “This is California, and beach babes like us can tell, no matter how manly they are.”

And you are definitely manly,” Gina added licking her lips, making us all laugh.

Yeah, thanks.” I said, still blushing slightly. “It kinda pisses me off too, the guys that think for some reason being a man means you can't show love to your kids. Those guys aren't real men, they're fucking idiots, pardon my French.”

We agree, but what can you do?” Pam said.

I don't know,” I said. “It seems no one knows to try and find a balance. They either are so sensitive that they're afraid to enjoy life, or the too insensitive to where no one else has fun. I mean, a hug and a few words of encouragement when a boy fails at something teaches him that its okay to fail if you really did your best. Keeps 'em balanced. No more of these shootings and shit when things don't go a kid's way. No more teen suicides cause life sucks.”

They both stared at me. I cleared my throat nervously and smiled sheepishly. “Sorry about that. I figure it doesn't really take an effort to love your son so there really is no excuse.”

I looked over at Pat, Johnny, and Tommy. Pat looked up at me and smiled his killer smile.

Can we go swimming yet?” he asked with puppy eyes that made the women next to me giggle.

Yeah,” I said loudly, ending the awkward moment. “Tag, I'm it,” I yelled out and took off after them, enjoying their shrieks of laughter as we headed toward ocean.

I caught them easily enough and tickled them and splashed water on them. Sometimes one of the boys would jump up on my back, and I would spin around a couple times and throw him to the waves. At one point though, I stopped and stared out at the sky. A few wispy streaks of clouds had moved in, making the autumn sunset unfuckingbelievable.

I heard a few clicks behind us and turned to see Pam clicking off shots with what looked to be a very expensive camera. The boys and I did a few poses in the water as the sun sank below the waves. Turns out she was a professional photographer. Though I was a little nervous, I dismissed it because I would rather have photo memories of our fun together. I gave her a special email account to send the photos to once they were developed.

I built a fire on the beach and the Gina pulled out a bottle of wine. We all played football in the light of the fire. The boys, against me and the women. I thought it was a little unfair seeing as wine was actually pretty strong.

I was keeping up, and I burned off the alcohol pretty quickly. It was getting late and the boys were obviously losing their momentum. Finally we packed it in for the night. The boys had fallen asleep on the blanket while we talked.

Thanks, our boys really needed that. I just wish their daddies would listen,” Gina finally said.

Well, tell you what, get his attention,” I said and made the motion as if grabbing someone's balls, “and tell them to grow up and show some affection to their sons.”

They smiled at me. “We just may do that, Rick,” Gina said.

Oh and one other thing,” I added seriously. “I don't know if you did Johnny and Tommy, but if you did, undo it, and don't circumcise any future sons.”

That statement caught them off guard, totally unexpected. But it turns out, almost unjustified.

Well, I don't know where that came from, Rick, but we didn't,” Pam said.

Oddly enough,” Gina added, “our husbands didn't seem to care one way or the other.”

And we were a little unsure,” Pam continued, “so we left it. I think now we're pretty sure, thanks.”

I'm glad. It's medically unnecessary 99.9% of the time, if that. Infections are caused by uncleanliness. Lots of websites out there that explain it better than I could. I mean really, you don't cut off the tip of your finger to prevent nail fungus. I don't know why I told you this, but we seem to be sharing, but I was cut and I've almost regrown all of it, though the most sensitive parts can't be regrown, they're lost forever. I just don't wanna see any more boys abused, cause it really is abuse. As damaging in my eyes as the lack of affection Johnny and Tommy are experiencing.”

Well, time to go,” Gina said.

I'm sorry, I'm just tired and abuse of any type gets to me,” I said and picked up the sleeping boys one at a time and carried them to our respective vehicles.

No, really, we understand. Hopefully our husbands will too,” Pam interjected.

They packed up the rest of their stuff and Pat was asleep in my arms with his legs wrapped around me and his head on my shoulder as we said our final goodbyes. She took one last picture of us like that, saying how cute we were together, wearing the same clothes, which I didn't realise that we had worn the same trunks and t-shirt. Our wind dried hair looked the same too. I was really gonna be glad to get that picture. It was from the side so you could see both our faces; his asleep and mine smiling with love at him.

It was nearly approaching one in the morning by the time we got home. I carried him inside and I was asleep almost as soon as I dumped him on the bed. We ended up sleeping in our clothes. The next day we just relaxed and decided to stay in the rest of the weekend. We made love and played video games and whatever all weekend. We just didn't want the fun to end, neither one of us.

This year his birthday fell on Thanksgiving, which made him kinda down. When I asked him why he said he was born a month early on Thanksgiving, ruining his mother's high society party. She had always told him that so most times he just felt down. I told him it was a good thing because I was so thankful that he was born. HE was my reason to give thanks this year. That brought his spirits up immensely and we just had our Thanksgiving birthday party by ourselves.

He had trouble thinking of a wish before blowing out the eleven candles glowing atop his birthday cake. He had everything he wanted, and if there was anything more, it would be that it would never end. That we would be together always. He blew them out with one go, so I guess we would be together forever. I could live with that.

I got him some toys and a few more video games. He loved them but he said he loved me even more. We spent the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend playing with the toys and each other. I let myself go and had a blast playing with those toys. We also got the email with the beach pictures to look at.

He had stayed pretty happy since our weekend at the beach, and got a boost on his birthday, but he started getting down again. He was all boy and was tired of pretending he wasn't. As Christmas got closer, decorating the house helped a little, as did the presents under the tree. I got him a slot car set, and a model train set. We played with that all day. In some ways, it was a lot more fun than video games.

The best present though, came on the day after Christmas by special courier. Our new identities. Jay had come through and everything was set. Every last detail. I pulled Pat, no Jimmy, heh, out of school immediately and updated his new transcripts. The Principal was glad, actually, to see that we were going to be alright. By the second week in January, the house was sold and we were packed and ready to hit the road again. But this time, we would really enjoy the tourist attractions between here and the new house.

Jimmy had to play dress up a few last times as we sold the house. The new family had a little girl, and they were happy that I was leaving all the furniture at no extra cost. After that, we packed up the feminine clothing in a bag, and would drop it of at a thrift store on the way out of town.

As we were getting ready to leave, the real estate agent showed up. “Hello, Mr. Crane,” she said walking up.

I glanced inside the house and Jimmy ducked back into the garage just in time. “Hello, is there a problem, Ms. Johnson? I was going to drop the keys off on our way out of town.”

No, no problem. The Krandells wanted to start moving in this afternoon instead of tomorrow, so I thought I'd save you the trip and get the keys directly. My office is a little out of the way from the interstate, after all.”

Why thank you,” I said and handed her the keys. “We were just heading out, you're lucky you caught us,” I said heading through the house for one last check. “Well, that's everything, goodbye, and thanks again,” I said climbing into the truck.

She waived at us but with the tinted windows, she certainly couldn't see us. Trailer hooked up, truck gassed up, and cooler filled up, and we were off. The weather was in our favor and we made some really good time. Our first stop was a motel just over the mountains. I had got us several boxes of dark brown hair dye, to get me back to my original color, and Jimmy to match.

Well, how about that,” I said quietly as I started to dye his hair.

What is it?” Jimmy asked.

Nothing,” I said with a smile, “actually something, but nothing bad.”

What?” he pleaded.

I never noticed, but your roots aren't your natural blond anymore, but the dark brown of my original color. No more dye jobs unless you just feel like highlights or something. You're truly my son.”

He shivered a little when I said that and then grinned really big as I dyed his and then my hair. We climbed into the shower and rinsed out the dye. By the time we got around to soaping each other up, we were both quite hard. We roamed our hands all over our soap slicked bodies.

We took it slow, staring at each other for the longest of times. I leaned in and our lips met. I could taste the sweetness of his youth as we kissed. Our breathing became erratic as we sucked on each other's tongues and nibbled on each other's lips.

We both were as hard as we could be as we ran our hands over each other. His skin, so soft, and slick with soap. Puberty hadn't hit yet, but soon would I guessed. He was so beautiful standing there, and my love for him so great, bubbling over with lust. I pulled him to me in a slippery hug, rubbing my fierce boner over his tummy while his throbbing boyness slipped and slid over my thigh.

I reached down with my soapy finger and entered him. He immediately hugged himself to me as tight as possible as he had his urine filled orgasm. The warm golden liquid hit my balls and sent me over the edge to join him in our lust and love filled bliss. We both seemed to pulse forever, our joy in each other's arms never seeming to end.

We both slowly had to sit down in the shower as our knees gave out. We just sat there and let the water pelt us as we came down from one of if not the most powerful orgasms we had ever had. We looked at each other as the water fell and ran over us like rain, enraptured in the fact that everything was done to make us father and son. We belonged to each other.

We sat there, just smiling at each other, past when the water turned cold. We then quickly rinsed off and got out. We dried each other and then I had the privilege of dressing him. Tighty whities, a t-shirt, and sweat pants, and he was slowly starting to warm up. He dressed me, and I made a call for some pizza. Then we just relaxed and watched TV.

The average temperature for the Grand Canyon in January varies between 40 and 60 degrees, depending where you are. We were hitting above average so we decided to hit several areas. As we were about to rent a couple of horses, Jimmy was looking a bit unsure, so we loaded up one horse with our gear and he rode with me, and I had the pleasure of wrapping my arms around his chest as we went. I don't know much about horses, but these were beyond tame, and with a few instructions, we were off.

I had a few books on various species of plants and animals that we would encounter, and we spent a lot of our time learning about those. At night we would learn about the stars as we snuggled together next to the fire. We made love in the tent every night, and sometimes during the day, too. I probably learned as much as he did about the different animals and plants.

We stayed at the Canyon for about two weeks, and we met a few other tourists, not to mention some locals, while we were there. The weather favoured us the whole time, and we had nothing but fun. One of the best parts, though, was the last few days. We met a Havasupai grandfather and grandson about Jimmy's age spending their time exploring and learning. We camped together and I told them about our mutt like heritage with different Native American Nations. Out exchange was really more one sides as they taught us much more than we were able to impart to them, but it was really good.

On our last day, we were comparing things in our medicine bags. He had a Sharp-shinned Hawk feather, and I was showing him my Raven feather when the coolest thing happened. We saw what was unmistakably a Golden Eagle flying fairly close to us. It was beautiful and it's high pitched call was really something to hear. They usually don't show up until October and there really aren't that many to begin with. We watched it for some time before it dove. It picked off a jackrabbit not more than thirty feet from us, and in its wake, left two very nice feathers on the ground, which we gave to the boys. It was very sweet, I'm still reeling from it.

We said our goodbyes not long after and we were soon on our way again. We didn't say much for a while, just soaking in that last two weeks, focusing on the last two days, or more specifically, those last two hours watching the eagle.

We hit quite a few of the tourist attractions on our trip, even going out of our way a few hundred miles. I wanted our good times to never end. By mid February though, we were on the final leg of our trip.

I was surprised when I checked my email and found out Jay had completed the leg work for my new job at the local school. I called them and did an interview over the phone and had the job. I was all set to start in March. The school was K through 12, so I would always be near Jimmy, which I was really happy about.

On our final day of the trip we had to get up pretty early if we were gonna make it before night fall. Most of our clothes were dirty, and in fact, Jimmy only had one pair of jeans that were clean, and they were pretty tight and worn out. While he looked kinda cute in them, I figured we would toss them after this. We hit a Kmart and grabbed him a couple new pairs of Wranglers and a pack of briefs, he had no clean underwear either.

We were making our way up route 42 in Wisconsin, heading toward our new home. It was late afternoon and Jimmy had drifted off to sleep. I glanced over at my sleeping beauty and fell in love all over again. He had a big smile on his face and a big bulge in his pants. He must have been dreaming because he started squirming and pumping his hips a little.

I couldn't help but smile as we headed up the road. It was hard to watch but I had to keep glancing over as his dream progressed. I reached down and adjusted myself in my jeans as I heard Jimmy squeak. I looked over and saw a wet spot start and spread on his crotch. He really gave a new meaning to the term wet dream. With one final loud groan, he woke up.

Hey, sport,” I said. “Nice dream?”

Um, yeah,” he blushed furiously. “We were in our new home, having fun.”

Well, we're a couple hours from the town,” I said. “You know, it's odd, but the town doesn't show up on the GPS. In fact it's not on most maps. I thought Jay was kidding when he said they're not too fond of outsiders.”

They don't like us?” Jimmy said nervously.

We'll be fine. I spoke with the principal and school board via speaker phone and they seemed to genuinely want me to work there. It was as weird as not finding the town, actually.”

Weird?” Jimmy asked. “Like how?”

Well, they acted all professional at the start. But it didn't take long for them to warm up to me.”

Oh. Well they just figured out how cool you are. Same way I did, that first day.”

I love you, sonny boy,” I said as we pulled into a rest area.

I love you too, dad.” he said as we exited the SUV.

The air was crisp, but not too cold, a little warm for this time of year though. We pulled on our identical leather jackets to keep the chill out. I looked at our reflection in the window. With our long dark hair in ponytails, the leather jackets, and mostly the expressions on our face, there was no doubt we were father and son. I pulled out a pair of the new jeans and a pair of the new underwear and handed them to Jimmy.

Take your time, son. I need to stretch my legs a bit.” I said, stretching. “And go ahead and just toss the old jeans, they've reached the end I think.”

Yeah, I think you're right, dad,” he said, heading for the bathroom.

I started walking around the truck, checking the tires and the trailer, when a state patrol car pulled in. It rolled up next to me and a handsome, and clearly Native American man with long black hair got out.

Good evening,” he said warily. “We don't get many strangers around here. Everything okay?”

Uh yeah, my son needed to use the restroom and I needed to stretch my legs.” I looked him firmly in the eye, but kept my face clear of any strong emotions.

Where you headed?” he asked, fishing for information.

A little town north of here called Mother's Heart,” I replied. “You know of it?”

Yes, I do in fact,” he said, with a hint of contempt in his voice. “I live there, and we don't care too much for strangers.”

Well, I'm the new teacher,” I returned with my own bit of pomposity lacing my voice.

I figured as much,” he added.

Before I could respond to that, the hairs on the back of my neck prickled. I could feel that something was wrong with Jimmy. He was afraid, so afraid that he could not move. “Something's wrong,” I said fiercely and ran toward the restroom.

I ran in the door and stopped. In front of me was a row of stalls, and crouched in the corner next to the wall was Jimmy, very afraid. I looked to see what was scaring him, and was scared myself at what I saw. There was a row of sinks to my immediate left, opposite the stalls. At the other end of those was another door, a door away from the highway near the woods. A door from which a large, and I mean LARGE cat, had entered. Mountain lion, bobcat, puma, lynx, I didn't really know or care. I was just afraid for mine and Jimmy's life.