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The Things We Do For Love

Part 8

I stepped slowly in front of Jimmy, and started to usher him out of the bathroom, but the state cop was in the way. He had his pistol drawn and was about to shoot the animal, but I held up my hand to stop him.

It was odd, I could almost sense what was going on with the cat. “She's just trying to find food for her cubs,” I said. He said nothing, but kept the gun trained on her.

I kept my gaze focused on her eyes. “You will not harm my child. I will protect him. Leave now.” I don't know if I just thought those words, or spoke them. Perhaps both. I do know that I let out a feral growl and bared my teeth slightly. She looked into my eyes for a moment longer before turning and leaving the way she came.

I turned quickly around and pulled Jimmy into a hug. I couldn't let go for a long time, and neither could Jimmy. It was worse for me, because Jimmy let go before I felt like it.

I'm okay now, dad,” he said pulling away, but I held on. “Can we go, dad? I'm okay, really.”

I was reluctant, but I finally released him. “Alright, son. I was just afraid, that's all. We can go now.”

We looked up at the State Patrolman who was studying us curiously. Finally a small smile played across his lips and he nodded.

I'm sorry, but I did have my doubts, as do some of the townspeople,” he said.

I'm afraid you have me at a loss, sir,” I replied, having no idea what he was on about. I casually glanced at us in the mirror, and noticed again just how much Jimmy and I looked alike, especially wearing the same style leather jacket, and both of us with our dark hair back in ponytails.

Like I said before, we don't like outsiders in our town,” he went on, breaking me out of my trance as we headed out to the parking lot. “The town elders trusted you when they hired you. I'm protective of my town, but I should have trusted their judgment. The name's John Running Bear.”

He held out his hand and I accepted it. “Jim Martin,” I said. “And this is my son, Jimmy.”

He shook Jimmy's hand as well and said, “Please to meet you young man. You sure look like your father,” he added with a smile getting a shy grin from Jimmy.

You still have me at a loss, though,” I said. “I'm just the new gym teacher.”

The town elders said you're to be the new shaman as well,” he elaborated with a smile.

Yeah, right,” I said then realised he wasn't kidding. “I don't know anything about that, really. I mean, yeah sure, my grandfather taught me a few things, but...hmmm.”

It'll work out, Jim, just trust the spirits. You spoke to that bobcat, and I'd say you have pretty strong medicine.”

Come on, Shaman? Me?” I asked dumbfounded.

It'll work, dad,” Jimmy said smiling and I looked into his eyes.

He knew, I could see it in his eyes. The same way I sometimes knew things without learning. And trust. And love. Those feelings were there too. I gave him a smile and nodded.

Okay, um, okay. Anyway, it's starting to get dark. We better get a move on,” I said.

Follow me,” John said. “My shift is over, and I can take you right to Sue's office.”

Sue?” I said.

Yeah, Sue Whitecloud. She's the only Realtor in town,” He replied and glanced at my antenna. “Put your CB on channel 5, and I can tell you a bit about the town and it's people. We got a couple of hours to go, so, it'll help make the time pass.”

It did make the time pass, for me anyways. Jimmy fell asleep after an hour. John told us that the town had its own gossip types like any town, and those were the ones that were hesitant of the Elder's decision. He said they would come around though, that the town protected it's own. Anyone who moved there and didn't seem to fit in with the culture of the town, always moved away within a few months. He was certain we would fit in nicely.

Finally, in just under two hours, we pulled into town. I followed John to Ms. Whitecloud's office. Jimmy was still out and looked so cute reclined in the passenger seat, I just left him there while I went in to see her.

John introduced us and then headed home himself. Sue, as she insisted I call her, had me sign one more document, Jay had taken care of everything else, and we were off. I followed her about a half mile down the town's main road, back in the direction we came, as her office appeared to be north of the house.

As we headed south, I noticed Lake Michigan get closer on our left. We turned right just before a gas station slash convenience store that was set back into a hill. It was set in front of a cinder block wall about ten feet high. The road went up a short incline and into a suburb with some decent size houses. We turned left at the first street, almost immediately behind the gas station. It only had three houses on the back side of the street, facing toward the lake. She pulled into the drive of the last house, and I backed the trailer in next to her. The drive was wide enough for three cars, really, and was situated on the right side of the house along with the attached three car garage, which opened as I back in.

I got out and took a deep breath of the crisp night air. It was ice cold, but still refreshing. Our little side street was separated from the wall of the gas station by a strip of snow about ten feet wide on a slight slope. I hoped there was grass under it, if not I would probably seed it myself. I looked over the roof of the gas station and across the main road and saw a small park. It was snow covered with a few sidewalks coursing through it.

On the other side of the park, were three boathouses, directly across from each of the three houses on my street. It appeared a boathouse came with the property, excellent. Down and away from those on either side was a bit of sandy beach. I was amazed there was little to no light pollution and I could see a lot of stars on this cloudless night. I was in love.

I glanced to the end of my street, and saw what looked like an area to turn around, with a guard rail that had a 'dead end' sign bolted to it. Beyond that was a large field, a sports field, with the school at the far end. I remembered Jay had said that it was K-12, so both Jimmy and I would be walking to school.

So what do you think?” Sue broke me out of my reverie.

I think I'm in love,” I said and took another deep breath of the icy air and stared up at the stars again.

Yeah, it can do that to some people, and you haven't even seen it in the daylight. Or the house.”

It was then that I turned to the house. Holy shit was all I could think. Modified Victorian is how I would describe it. Two floors, plus a full size attic. The area next to the garage on the right side had a belfry.

That's directly above the living room,” she said. “It has a small room at the top, and is accessible from the attic. There's nothing on the second floor, though, and that gives the living room a twenty five foot ceiling.”

Woah,” was all I could mumble.

I looked around and saw that the porch went from the garage. It wrapped all the way around to the other side, where I could see another small driveway going along to the back of the house. I walked toward it to check it out. There was a shed, no, a small barn in the back.

Yeah, that can be used for a workshop and or storage,” she said smiling.

I looked further, and all I saw was blackness beyond that.

The sub is small, and ends there,” she said, seeing where I was looking. “It's a wooded area that goes back a bit. It nearly surrounds Mother's Heart. Keeps us protected.”

This is incredible,” I said. “And this house, I can't believe my friend Jay found it.”

Well, I believe the house found you. The real test of course,” she said and tossed me the key.

I just looked at her quizzically and headed up the front steps, which were completely free of ice.

Thank whoever shoveled the snow,” I said as I inserted the key into the lock.

Some of the kids from your class did it. They were really happy to have a real gym teacher and coach.”

I turned the key and got a bit of a static shock. The door however, opened immediately with a burst of warm air washing over me like the hug of a mother.

Yep, the house found you,” she grinned. “No one's been in this house for fifty years, since our last shaman died.”

What?” I turned to her in a bit of shock.

The house is the test. It's never let anyone in. Locksmiths couldn't even get in,” she said with a shit-eating grin.

You're kidding. You're not kidding,” I said and stepped inside.

It was clean. No furniture, and no dust either. Very clean. The entry way opened up into the giant living room. I looked up into the circular ceiling above. It rose up to the bottom of the room she told me about. A twenty five foot ceiling is pretty high.

Across from the front windows, was a huge, stone fireplace, nearly big enough to stand in. The bottom of the hearth was set about three feet off the floor. I could see though and into what appeared to be the kitchen.

Yes, it goes into the kitchen,” she said and led me into said room. “As you can see, this side of the fireplace is suitable for cooking.”

I saw the kitchen actually extended past the rest of the house into the backyard a bit. That part was a solid skylight, stopping short of the cabinets that were in sore need of replacing. In fact, I knew I would redo this entire kitchen. But that was later, and right now I had a small person i needed to take care of.

This is all well and good, but I want to get my son in here before the truck cools off too much, ya know?” I said and retreated out the door as she nodded.

I pulled an inflatable mattress out of the trailer and took it into the house. I flicked on the mini compressor and it was inflated in a minute, just like it was supposed to. Sue grabbed a fitted sheet, the quilt and a few pillows and took them inside while I picked up Jimmy and carried him into the house. He wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist, but never appeared to wake up, though I could see a smile on his sweet face.

I laid Jimmy down once Sue slipped the sheet on the mattress quickly. I took off his jacket, shoes and socks, and eased him back onto the mattress. I spread the quilt over him and gave him a kiss on the cheek before standing back up.

He's a cute one,” she said and I had to agree with her. “He looks a lot like you, ya know.”

I blushed a bit and went to start a fire before continuing the tour. The wood was already there and pretty dry, especially after fifty years.

It's safe isn't it?” I asked as I knelt down and began stacking the kindling and logs.

Yes. It was a little weird. The Elders suggested this house for you, and when the inspector tried to get in, he was able to. The only one in fifty years. He gave everything the once over, and signed off on it. Nobody's been able to get in before or since.”

I started looking around for fireplace matches but couldn't find any. Then, I just had a weird thought, or it was more like a sensation I guess. My right hand felt hot, so I held my palm up toward the stack of wood. My palm suddenly got really hot, but only for a half a second, and I saw what looked like a faint ball of red light leave my palm and hit the wood. The wood ignited and Sue let out a gasp.

Holy shit, you really are the real thing!” she exclaimed and I shushed her and nodded toward Jimmy, who didn't wake up. “Sorry,” she whispered, “but I've never seen anything like it.”

To be honest, neither have I. It just seemed like the thing to do.”

We stood there staring into the roaring fire and thinking about what I did for who knows how long until I broke the stunned silence and asked to have the rest of the tour. She nodded a little nervously and continued.

At the front of the house on the left end was a good size library with a large selection of books. Between that and the living room was the main floor bathroom, fairly big with both a shower and a tub. At the back of the house on the left end was the dining room. Between that and the kitchen, was a kind of breakfast nook and a doorwall that led to the backyard.

The hallway between the front and back portions of the house was about six or seven feet wide, with a stair well going up to the second floor. Under that, was a storage area that opened both into the library and dinning room.

The house did have a basement, unfinished with the stairway as wide as the one that went up stairs. It was situated at the right end of the house, on the other side of the fireplace in an archway between the living room and kitchen. It was angled toward the back of the house and sat next to door that led down to the garage.

Upstairs and toward the back of the house on the left side, was the master bedroom and bath. It was huge and had a balcony overlooking the back yard as well as a small double fireplace that was between that and the next room. No wonder that little breakfast nook area looked like it was reinforced. I saw also that the balcony went almost the entire back of the house, stopping at the kitchen extension, and connected with the next bedroom, which would be Jimmy's for practical purposes. It had it's own bathroom as well. The last room on that end was the laundry/utility room. There were also two smaller bedrooms on the front left side of the house, with the main upstairs bathroom between them.

The stairs to the attic were right above the entryway. There was a small open area next to that, with a railing that overlooked the living room. I didn't notice that from down there, it was too dark. I looked over and saw Jimmy sleeping peacefully in front of the fire and smiled.

I made a quick check of the attic. Good for storage, or hell, even another room or two. It had more than half a dozen windows in those little extended dormers and both chimneys had small grates in them in case someone wanted to finish it. Someone sure planned ahead. I poked my head into the room at the top of the tower. Because it was round and slightly smaller, it was about half the size of the living room. It had five windows and a coned ceiling. I started to get an eerie feeling about this little room, so I left pretty quick.

Well, this is a great house, and I can't wait to get to work on that kitchen,” I said stifling a yawn.

I'm glad you like it. You can see that the electric is on, but the gas is on as well. So is the phone, the number is on your paperwork. I guess I'll be seeing you around town,” she smiled.

Yeah. Oh the boathouse?” I asked.

Yeah, the key should be in the small cupboard in the kitchen, along with the keys to the barn, the back door to the garage and the two side gates.”

And the garage door opener?”

I think there are two in the garage. Check the shelf just inside the door.”

But how did you open it then?”

I didn't.”

She smiled at my shock and left. I shook my head to clear out a few cobwebs then went and unhooked the trailer. I backed the truck in next to it, and close the garage door with the manual switch next to the door to the house. After grabbing a few things from the trailer, I locked up the house and got ready for bed.

I stripped in the living room and then pulled Jimmy's jeans and underwear off. I slipped under the quilt and snuggled up to him and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

You wanna have fun in our new house, or are you still tired?” I whispered.

Fun, and how did you know I was awake?” he answered and opened his eyes with a smile.

I'm your dad, that's how,” I said and slipped the quilt off of us.

I savored this moment. This first day, or night, of the rest of our lives. We kissed, and frenched, and inhaled each other's breath and scent, never stopping, taking in and relishing the intense love we held for one another. I kiss and licked and sucked at his neck, as he did me, my wonderful boy. My beautiful boy. I slipped my tongue slowly down his body, as he mimicked the gesture, slowly, ever so slowly, working towards our prize.

The taste of little boy sweat from the last of our trip was beyond intoxicating. I was drunk on his beauty, his maturity, his boyness, and the fact that he was mine and I was his. I'm certain he felt it too, that something, whatever it was, was coming off him in waves of emotion and empathy. We felt it, and would not, could not stop as we took each other into our mouths.

I sucked. He sucked. I bobbed slowly. He bobbed slowly. I easily took the whole of him into my mouth, and where he could not, which I was surprised at how much of me he could, he made up for by pulling of and licking the entire length of my cock once or twice before engulfing it again.

I slipped my tongue inside his nearly complete foreskin as he did mine. Slowly, twirling, sucking, licking. Our lovemaking lasted and lasted. How long I did not know, but I reveled each delicious minute, every second.

I sensed our love grow, moment by moment, as we finally headed toward our orgasms. The sweet build up taking its time, making us hurt, ache for release. Our wish was granted. I shot what felt like gallons as wave after wave of intense pleasure swept over me, enhanced and pushed past normalcy by my love for him.

And though I was surprised slightly, I really had expected it, this perfection, as I felt and tasted purest honey in the form of a single little squirt in my mouth. Jimmy had his first real cum, and I was the receiver of such beauty. It was sweet, lacking any bitterness of adult seed, and I savored the flavor as long as I could, it and the act adding to my orgasm.

As our highs came down and settled into relaxing bliss, I climbed up to meet his lips, bringing the quilt with me. He looked at me and I nodded, unspoken answer to the unspoken question about his first time. We kissed, and adored each others mouth as we settled down to sleep, allowing the exhaustion that had been waiting under the surface until we calmed to take us into slumber.

The fire crackled and burned, celebrating our union. It made a sound as of a sigh, as if the house was awed at the beauty of the love we just made. We slept, and it was peaceful. No dreams were needed as we were each other's dream. A dream that I hoped would never end.


I heard bells ringing a little tune, but I ignored it. I preferred to continue enjoying spooning and holding my sweet little boy, especially with him hugging my arm like a teddy bear. Then I heard a knock, knock, knock. I ignored that as well. Then a tap, tap, tap on the front window.

I think someone wants us dad,” Jimmy said and I cracked on eye open.

His eyes were still closed, so I closed mine again. The light streaming in was a bit bright. I should have pulled the tattered drapes close.

I think you're right. Do you think they'll go away if we ignore them?” I asked.

Probably not,” he replied and we opened our eyes and turned around.

A female waved at us through the window. We gave a gentle wave back and settled back into the mattress. I was glad the blanket was still covering our lower halves.

Um, we're naked,” I whispered to Jimmy, and his eyes went a little wide. “I wonder, I said and we turned around to look at her again.

I held up finger, indicating for her to give us a second. Then I stared at the curtains that were tied back and concentrated.

Come on, house,” I whispered. “A little privacy?”

I snapped my fingers and all the curtains along the front of the house came untied and fell closed. They were tattered and worn, but it did give us the privacy we needed. It wasn't dark though, as I noticed there were windows in the tower where the second floor would have been. Soothing white light streamed through them, illuminating the living room nicely.

We got up and grabbed our jeans, sans underwear, and pulled them on. I noticed the fire was still burning, albeit very low, almost ready to go out. It was comfortable though. The house must be well insulated, because I had turned the furnace down.

I stood there with my arm around Jimmy as I opened the door to this lady. She was about 5' 8”, and dressed moderately for the time of year. Her thick blond hair was wavy and shoulder length, and she had the look in her eyes of someone a bit on the nosy side. She looked over my bare chest with interest, then gave Jimmy a glance before she spoke.

Hello there, I'm Joan Murcia, and I'm the welcome wagon of our little town,” She said quickly, and I thought, yep the over-do-it nosy type, but she seems to have a kind heart.

Well, I guess you know I'm Jim Martin,” I said and shook her hand, “and this is my son, Jimmy.”

Sorry to wake you like that, you two looked so cute lying there,” she said as I motioned her in.

Come on in, then. It's a bit cold, and we don't have our shirt's on,” I said as I went over to grab our shirts, tossing his to Jimmy.

I guess you really are the real thing though, unless that was just a trick with the curtains.” She raised her eyebrows as if to catch me in a lie.

I'm still learning, but no, that was no trick,” I said and added a few logs to the fireplace.

I attempted the thing I did last night hoping it would work. It did and the fire roared back to life. I could get use to this. It's more than being a shaman, unless a lot as been hidden from the white historians and such, which could very well be. Hmmm.

She stared at me in slight shock for second or two, enough for me to think those thoughts, and then she went on as if nothing unusual had happened.

I brought you some cinnamon buns,” she said. “I figured you wouldn't have anything available to make breakfast yet.”

Thank you,” I said, handing one of the offered rolls to Jimmy. “There is something else on your mind though, isn't there?”

Oh yes, the council was hoping you could start teaching and whatnot as soon as possible. But I can see you'll need some time to settle in.”

Yeah,” I responded. “I just need to get a refrigerator, furniture and stock up on food, then I could start.”

Great, there's a Lowe's, a furniture store, and a Meijer's just inside the next town to the north past Sue's place, about ten miles. It's all there is in the area. It's enough for us, so we don't let any chains in.”

Cool, thanks,” I said and she eyed me again with a lick of her lips.

After you get settled, maybe would could have coffee later?” she said, looking into my eyes, trying to read me.

I stared right back. “I don't drink coffee, sorry.”

She gave a short harrumph and I chuckled, knowing she got the message.

The council said you were gay, but like everything, I thought they could be wrong,” she said with a playful frown.

They're not the council for nothing,” I chuckled again. “I'll see you around, then. I do drink tea,” I added as she left.

Okay then,” she smiled as she got into her car and pulled away.

Well, it's just us, so what shall we do first?” I asked, turning to Jimmy.

She's weird,” he said and I nodded. “First, you give me the tour of our new house, then go get a fridge and food to fill it with.”

After unloading the rest of our stuff from the trailer, I showed him around, taking in the things I couldn't see or tell about the previous night. Like the beautiful hardwood floors throughout the house, and the fact that the breakfast nook was indeed well built. It was made with a rugged, reddish brown brick, as was much of the kitchen. I knew the fire place needed support, but really. Still, it was beautiful, with it's built in table and bench seat facing the doorwall.

Jimmy liked his sometime bedroom, and loved the balcony. We stood outside, looking into the backyard. It was huge, one hell of an area to mow, with an inground pool. There was plenty of room for a Jacuzzi, which I would most definitely put in later. Off to the right side toward the back, was a green house almost as big as the barn, which I could see from here was a lot bigger than I thought last night. I could just make out that there was a trail at the back leading through the woods, but couldn't see where it went from here. I was gonna have to ask Jay how the hell he managed to find this place.

I love it,” Jimmy said and hugged me tight, breaking me out of my thoughts.

Yeah, me too.”

Jimmy also got a creepy vibe from the room at the top of the tower, and that ended the tour. We would explore the barn and greenhouse later. Right now, we figured on heading out for lunch and a refrigerator.

There's the school,” I said pointing as we backed out of the garage.

Wow, cool. We get to walk to school everyday,” Jimmy smiled wide and took in the park and the lake.

I pulled into the gas station just below the house to gas up. The guy, who introduced himself as Walter Crow Horse, gave us full service, which I hadn't seen since I was a kid. He chatted us up, welcomed us to the town, and let us know he was the mechanic too, if we needed anything. He offered to help us unload anything heavy if we needed it. I accepted of course, I'm no fool, no need to break my back.

In the next town, we hit McDonald's for lunch and then got our refrigerator. I got the best and biggest, all stainless steel, just shy of being restaurant quality. They couldn't deliver before the next week, so I rented a trailer. This town seemed to be just a little commercial plaza, it had everything.

So, trailer hitched up, refrigerator loaded, assorted bathroom supplies bought, cleanser, shower curtain, toilet brush, plunger, that sort of thing, and we were off back home. Walter gave us a hand getting the new fridge unloaded and into the house. Good thing I thought to get the best dolly they had as well, because we still had a time getting it in. Once in and plugged in to get cold, we headed out to return the trailer and grab some groceries.

After getting the groceries, I didn't feel like cooking, so we grabbed a pizza on the way home. We ate in the nook and discussed how to redo the kitchen. I grabbed the laptop and a tape measure, and we worked out different designs for the rest of the night. It was nearly midnight before we were happy with a layout, so we hit the sack, or, inflatable mattress.

The next morning I was up early, and fixed us breakfast, using a few of the pans that came with the place, and the hearth, which was a bit of an adventure itself. I had tried to use the ancient stove, but it didn't work right and was unsafe. I heard the chattering voices of kids out front, so I stepped out onto the porch while the oatmeal was cooking.

Kids waved and said hello as they walked by on the way to school. I suddenly had the urge to go with them to teach. Oh well, soon enough. I headed back in and woke Jimmy for breakfast. After eating and putting the dirty pot in the sink to soak, we grabbed our measurements and cabinet list and headed out. We decided on antique cherry oak for the cabinets, and I got the information about the Jacuzzi foundation and installation for later. We hit the furniture store, and ordered a king size bed for our room, and a full size bed for his. We also got a computer desk for his room, as well as the rest of the bedroom suites for each, all in the same antique cherry oak, sparing no expense in the quality. I thought about getting the suites for the other three guest bedrooms, but decided not to. I was financially secure, but not rich, and I wanted that Jacuzzi.

I ordered a simple, but very comfortable living room set and a nice dining room set as well. They said they would deliver it in two days, which gave us enough time to give the house a thorough cleaning, not that it really needed it. The cabinets would be delivered the next week, enough time to carefully remove the old ones.

We met with the council and the school board that night. They welcomed me to town and had me sign the employment paperwork before showing us the gymnasium and my office, as well as giving me and Jimmy a tour of the school. I was able to meet with Jimmy's teacher, a Ms. Layne Schiff. She was really nice with a good sense of humor. She reminded me of a student I had worked with years ago, kind of like Alyssa Milano.

It was late by the time we got home, so after a quick shower, we went to bed. We did bring each other off quickly, though, before snuggling up and going to sleep. He shot only one little squirt again, and it was as tasty as the first.

The alarm clock went off for the first time in a month, and we were up and getting ready for school. A quick breakfast of cereal and pop tarts, and we were off to school. There weren't as many students walking with us because I needed to be there just a little early.

I think we need a house keeper,” I said as we walked. “Cereal is good, but not everyday.”

I know what you mean,” Jimmy said. “But what if we just get up fifteen minutes earlier?”

That would work I guess. But what about dinner?” I said and looked down at him. “We need a routine, now that I'm on the clock with a regular job.”

We'll be fine, dad,” he smiled and I loved him more.

A routine was definitely needed, as I was starting to feel my waistline expand a bit. Our meals haven't been the greatest for the last month on the road. I don't have the time to cook like I did in California, so I was gonna have to get back some of the routine I did when I pushed myself through college. Except now I had a son to take care of.

Maybe someone to come in a few days a week in the evening?” I asked. “The routine I used in college would get us through, but I want to be able to spend time with my son.”

Oh yeah,” he said. “A few days a week would be a good idea.”

The staff was friendly, as were the kids. They asked a few questions, mainly curiosity about being a shaman. I answered them honestly, that I came from four different lines of shamans , and I was still learning. It was a good day, overall.

That night, Jimmy and I worked together quickly, and made one of the dishes I had learned to make in college. It was another adventure cooking in the hearth, but fun. After a pleasurable bath and swallowing another dose of boy seed, we pulled out a book, and I read to him.

This was fun, maybe we shouldn't get a TV after all,” I said as we snuggled together on the air mattress.

He looked at me as if I was crazy. “I don't think so,” he said.

Just kidding,” I said and spooned up against him, hugging his bare chest and smelling his freshly shampooed hair.

The next day we did get up fifteen minutes early, and together managed to make scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast in the hearth. It was Friday, and the Furniture was to be delivered sometime today. I made arrangements with the Principal to take over the gym class for a couple of hours when I got the call. It came early, and I headed home. They arrived fifteen minutes after I did, and I directed them as they unloaded everything. They worked quickly and I was back by lunch to finish out the day.

Can I have a friend over tomorrow?” Jimmy asked as we ate dinner.

Sure, son. I'm glad to hear you're making friends already.”

Not too hard, dad, really,” he said and I gave him a puzzled look. “The shaman thing, and this old house. I think a lot of people wanted to, but I think they chose one kid to do it, and you'll never guess who.”

Hmmm,” I said and then had a crazy thought, so I blurted it out without even thinking. “The lady that came over that first day. Joan, her kid.”

He stared at me for a moment and then smiled. “Yep. Andy. Andrew Joseph Murcia. He lives the next block over and up.”

Do you like him? Or is this just to, I don't know,” I searched for the words.

He's alright. Part of it is just to satisfy the other kids, but I think we could at least be casual friends,” he said with that too old look and tone.

There you go sounding too old again,” I said.

He relaxed his forehead and sighed. “Old habits and stress?”

Shhh,' I said. “Just relax, invite him over, and have fun. We can even volunteer him to help remove these old cabinets.”

Jimmy smiled and we cleaned up the dinner dishes and headed upstairs to unpack, now that we had dressers and stuff to put things in. Jimmy used his new cell phone I picked up for him to call Andy, and then we situated the new bedroom furniture. We decided to go ahead and put his clothes in his room, that choice seemed pretty obvious. We got the desktop computer set up in his room, and then got ready for bed. I read to him again, and he fell asleep next to me. God, how I love this boy, I thought as I watched him sleep. I kissed him and snuggled down next to him to sleep myself.

The next day Andy joined us bright and early for breakfast. He was the same size as Jimmy, with the dirty blond hair of his mother, though not as long, only to his collar. He seemed nice enough, if a little bit distant, just taking everything in and asking question after question. Finally, as the tour progressed, and his questions were satiated, he started to warm up to us, thought he still had a bit of a nosy, harsh attitude that sometimes made me want to smack him. He loved the house, saying everyone wondered what it was like because no one had lived here for fifty years. He said also that sometimes noises could be heard from the attic.

Well, as the official town shaman, I get a creepy feeling in that room,” I said as our tour ended at the tower in the attic. “We both do in fact.”

He stared at us for a minute and then looked at the door that led to the infamous room.

Care to go in and meet the ghost?” Jimmy said with an evil smile.

To be honest,” I said, “since you're not a shaman, you may not feel anything.”

He looked at me and relaxed a bit, but not much.

Then again,” I added smartly, “It may respect us as shamans, but you it may actually do something to.”

Not chicken, are you?” Jimmy said, smiling.

Hell, no,” Andy said and stepped toward the door.

I could feel the house almost chuckle, is the only way to describe it. This house had a spirit of its own, no doubt. Any doubts in my belief before were fading fast. Jimmy gave me a look that said he could feel it too. I was tempted to say boo when Andy opened the door, but something told me the house had a better idea.

He put his hand on the door knob, and gave it a slow twist. Jimmy and I held our breath at what was going to happen. He turned back to us and smirked, then faced forward and yanked the door open quickly. A ghost floated over and landed on his face, making him squeal out and fall backwards. It wasn't a ghost, though, it was a flimsy curtain in the shape of a ghost, arms, eye holes and a mouth. The window behind it was missing, so opening the door quickly created a vacuum, pulling it over to land on the poor boy.

He was screaming and crying in the two seconds it took for me to figure out what had happened. I yanked it off him and pulled him into my lap, trying to get him to calm down. Oddly enough, Jimmy and I didn't feel like laughing. Not now. Not yet.

It took a good fifteen minutes to get Andy to calm down and then I explained what had happened and held up the curtain to show him. He understood, but was still hiccuping every so often.

Just like the schoolyard stories, this house is alive, Andrew,” I said. “It did that to you because you're a little smart ass. Sometimes being a smart ass is okay, sometimes, you just over do it too much.”

He nodded. “I'm sorry,” he said sincerely. “My mom says that too.”

He went to get up and started crying again, and I immediately knew why.

Hey, Andy, don't worry about it,” I said, rubbing his back. “You had a hell of a fright there, and a funny one at that, now that its over. You can borrow a pair of jeans and underwear from Jimmy, and we'll wash yours while we're out. You can help us pick out some TV's and stuff.”

He looked up at me and then Jimmy. “You'll help me?”

Yeah, no one has to know,” Jimmy said. “I'll never tell, at least not until we're old and it's really funny. Part of the shaman patient confidentiality.”

I guess it was kinda funny,” Andy said and I helped him to his feet. “Ugh, this is gross,” he added as we heard a little squish, then the smell came.

You're telling me,” I said. I thought he had only pissed himself. “Come on, you can use Jimmy's bathroom.”

He handed me his soiled clothes through the door and I took them to the laundry while he washed off in the shower. I rinsed them in the laundry sink first, it was so gross, I don't think I'll ever have babies, then tossed them in the fifty year old washer. I was lucky it worked, something else to add to my list of things I needed. I checked over the dryer to be sure it would work while I waited. By the time Andy was out of the shower and dressed in some of Jimmy's clothes, his were done washing, so I tossed them in the dryer and turned it on. We climbed into my SUV, and headed out.

I gifted myself with the largest 103” plasma TVs for the living room. I figured, what the hell. It had to be delivered though, so for now, I got a couple of 34” HDTV widescreens for me and Jimmy, a couple of stereos for the bedrooms, and an all out sound system home theater for the living room. We already had game systems and games, so we didn't need those. I ordered a top of the line washer and dryer to be delivered with the big TV, so that was done, and quickly too, as it was only lunch time now.

Burger king was decided, then we headed back home and set up the TV's and such. Then the new polite Andrew was most happy to help with the dismantling of the kitchen. Sunday found Andy over again to help finish the job and explore the barn and the greenhouse.

We started to learn about Andy as we worked. He was an only child, father died in an accident early on with large insurance settlement, and mother not spending enough time with him. She did spend time, though not enough in Andy's opinion. Her time was spent overdoing it on various community projects. I had thought I found a little utopia almost, but every town has it's problems I guess.
Joan was vary eager for me to spend time with her son, and also more than willing to meet the delivery guys when they brought my stuff. Since she was the overdo it perfectionist type, I figured I could trust her to do a good job and have the items put where I wanted them. I gave her a copy of the key to the house, and told her the days and times the deliveries were scheduled.

Since we had school again the next day, I started locking up the house right after dinner. I was about to go upstairs to join Jimmy in the shower when the doorbell rang.

Who the hell could that be?” I mumbled to myself.

I trusted the town already, so I just opened the door with out checking who it was. It was John Runningbear and a woman. I stared at them for a moment before remembering my manners. Jimmy came down as I ushered them into the living room.

This is my wife, Clara,” John said.

How do you do?” I said and shook her hand. “Would you care for something?” I asked politely.

No, thank you, Jim,” John said. “Sorry to bother you so late, but we needed to ask you something.”

Um, go ahead,” I said, rebuilding the fire that had died in the fireplace.

As you can see, my wife is pregnant,” he continued and I looked over at her and nodded, seeing her slightly extended belly.

She was about to say something when I absentmindedly used the little heat trick to start the fire going really good. She stared at me and John smiled.

Well, she's due in a few months, and we would like you, well it's tradition for the town shaman to act as a midwife.”

I choked on a soda that Jimmy had just handed me. “What?”

Well, yeah,” he said. “You clearly have strong medicine, and we want you to do it to bless our child.”

I chuckled nervously, trying to laugh it off. “I don't know anything about it.”

There's a class in the next town you could take,” he smiled undeterred.

Well, its just that...” I frowned. “I don't know. I'd probably pass out. Watching a birth is not something I think I could take. I probably kept my eyes closed during my own even.”

You were there during Jimmy's weren't you?”

Jimmy and I glanced at each other. “No,” I said.

The class would have videos,” Clara finally spoke. “To be honest, I wasn't sure about it. But after seeing what you can do for myself, I really would like you to try.”

I think you should do it, dad,” Jimmy said and wrapped his arm around me where I stood pacing.

Okay, fine,” I agreed reluctantly. “But you're coming to the class too, Jimmy.”

I grinned when Jimmy gulped. “But, I'm, uh, you always say I need to be more of a kid. This isn't how.”

I give you permission to be older in this situation.”

John and Clara smiled at us and got up to leave. After closing the door and locking it up again, I sighed and leaned against the door.

S'okay, dad. Let's go relax,” Jimmy said and pulled me upstairs.

In the bedroom, Jimmy slid his hands under my shirt and rubbed my chest and back, making my groan at the luscious feelings my love was giving me. I bent at the waist as he pulled my tee shirt slowly over my head and threw it on the floor.

I got on my knees, and kissed him deeply, running my hands under his shirt, stroking his back gently enough to make him shiver. I broke the kiss as I pulled his teeshirt off in a similar manner, messing up his beautiful hair. He was breathless as I stroked his hair, and then pulled his head up to meet my gaze. We kissed again, stronger and more passionate than before, roaming our hands over the others bare flesh, shivering and groaning all the while.

I picked him up, never breaking our kiss, and he wrapped his legs around me, grinding our jean covered bulges together. I threw him onto the bed, making him giggle, then I climbed in, and started rubbing his crotch, sniffing it, taking in the slight smell of piss dribbles and musky boy sweat. He did the same to me, pretty much mimicking my every move.

I undid his belt and unsnapped his jeans, slowly working a hand inside his waistband. I forced his zipper down, and pulled back the flaps of his jeans. I ravished his tighty whitey bulge with my mouth, sucking on it.

I watched his flat tummy rise and fall quickly in shallow breaths as I kneaded his little penis. It was difficult, as I felt my orgasm building already with his copied ministrations. I think he was in the same predicament, as we stopped to catch our breath.

God, I love you son,” I said and he responded in kind.

We were both so painfully hard, that I didn't know if I even wanted to hold out. I pulled his underwear out and down, and licked his balls gently as I felt him lick mine. I kicked my shoes off and turned around, pulling him on top of me. I worked my dick in beside his balls, over the top of his underwear. I felt his beautiful little dick against my groin in a similar position.

I ran my hands along his ass and back, and up into his hair, smelling and kissing and nibbling every part of him that I could. The moans and grinding of crotches was beyond intoxicating. The shivers kept running through me as I hugged my boy to me. I licked his hairless, sweaty upper lip and then stuck my tongue in his mouth, tasting him.

You're mine, my sweet boy,” I breathed out heavily.

And you're mine, my sweet dad,” he responded almost without any breath.

We hit a crescendo and exploded then. I felt his watery little squirt on my crotch, and felt my own emission mush around my cock. Neither of us went soft as we cuddled there for I don't know how long, just stroking and inhaling each other's scent, softly kissing and tasting every now and again.

We both started to move again at the same time, and started slipping the other's jeans and underwear down slowly, throwing them to the floor once past our feet. The act of that, causing us to end up in a sixty nine position again. I licked the inside of his thighs as I rubbed his tummy, groaning as I listened to his moans and feeling his tongue and hands all over me.

I had to have him, so I sucked his dick into my mouth and swirled my tongue inside his foreskin. I licked inside and out, making him squirm as I sucked in hard. He was giving me similar, indescribably feelings with his mouth, our grunts and moans mingling in the room.

I took him all the way into my mouth, and dragged my tongue across his hairless and wet groin, just above his penis, savoring his flavour. His tongue explored my trimmed pubic hair before taking me in his mouth again.

I felt my orgasm starting to build again, bringing with it my love for my boy, and sharing his love for me. I could feel it, our love for each other transcending the powerful lust that was intermingled with it. Each other, we felt each other, and exploded even more powerful than before. Our orgasms collided with each other, our juice erupting in our mouths, tasting the essence of our flesh, feeling the essence of our mingled souls.

We were one.

We switched around into each others arms and went to sleep with the utmost contentment.

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