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" Through every forest, above the trees. Within my stomach, scraped off my knees. I drink the honey inside your hive. You are the reason I stay alive. " -NIN


   --- July 11 ---

   The weirdest thing about this country sanatorium is the kids...They don't look sick!

   Oh, they are pale and rachitic, assuredly in bad shape. But otherwise, I'm always inclined to think the contrary seeing them cavort in their colorful pajamas.

   In the morning, the gang of ten boys kicks a soccer ball in the sterile hallways. Their screams of joy blare out through the walls of the hospital. Then, they spend hours playing hide and seek in the maze of rooms and passages. None of the kids go outside. Probably because of a UV rays allergy?

   For that matter, the windows are painted black to protect them from the sun. It is quite peculiar. Fools would surely believe they are vampires. Lovely leeches draining the regional blood bank to a record low!


   I don't want to ask too many questions. I'm just a gardener after all. Lawns and plants are my domain, not medicine. The lady doctor in charge of the establishment seems to know what she's doing.

   She pays me surprisingly well to tend the vast gardens behind the sanatorium. The workload is staggering. Thankfully, I'm not alone. There are six full-time employees here. Sturdy men in the prime of life, a few illegal immigrants: an Albanian and a Mexican fellow. I get along well with the group and enjoy the amenities. Our bedrooms on the top floor are sumptuous and the food is simply fantastic.

   Can't complain about anything. That's for sure. Ever since I've been hired last week, I am treated like a V.I.P. customer at a grand hotel! This gig turned out better than I could ever imagine. However, I can't get rid of this bizarre impression nagging me... Can't really put my finger on it. Let's just say, all this seems to good to be true...

   I think the behavior of the ill children is the source of my mistrust. Whenever I go inside to grab a drink, there are always a few of them lurking in the shadows. They leer at me with their creepy piercing eyes and ashen faces. They throw me diabolic smiles that expose their sharp little teeth. I can't deny it makes my skin crawl, especially the way they communicate with a secret language. No wonder their families chose to forsake them and never visit.

   All of the young patients have a disquieting particularity. One of them licks his lips constantly and scratches his elbows. Another one climbs on my lap as soon as I take a seat. He suckles his thumb in a manner that can only be considered, well... obscene. 

   Hugo, the youngest of the boys at seven, sketches dicks. I am always mesmerized by his little blond head diligently leaning above his work. He wears round glasses which give him the appearance of a pint-sized professor. His miniature fingers hold the pencil clumsily as he fills up a multitude of scrapbooks with one subject, dicks and more dicks. The drawings are coarse and naive, similar to the graffiti you see on the walls of public restrooms. All dicks, limp or hard, circumcised or uncut, with hairy balls or smooth. Sometimes, he adds small circles next to the glans to simulate a spurt of spunk!

   Strange little one...

   "You like my drawrings?" he asked me once.

   "Erh...yes. It's pretty," I babbled.

   The tyke beamed, utterly ecstatic that someone showed an interest in his masterpieces.


   --- July 14 ---

   I probably shouldn't be writing this down. My hand is shaking so much that I can barely attach the letters together. But for some reason, I feel compelled to have a record, if only to remind myself it actually happened. From now on, this journal shall be kept under lock and key.

   For this evening, Hugo, the budding pornographic artist, grabbed my wrist and dragged me forcefully. I followed the blond angel pass the swinging doors of the sanatorium's kitchen. At this time, the staff had gone home and only a dim security light illuminated the stainless steel counters. The little boy lured me to a corner.

   "What do you want, Hugo?" I demanded.

   "Look," he whispered, lowering his pajama bottom to the knees. With two fingers, he pinched his tiny erection and glanced up.

   "You are a naughty one," I chuckled, peering at his small genitals.

   He nodded enthusiastically.

   My eyes scanned the kitchen as the fear of being discovered with a half-naked child hastened my pulse. When I returned my attention to the boy, he was pulling down the zipper of my jeans.

   "What are you doing?" I said, feigning shock. Obviously, the boy deemed he deserved a peek once he had showed his. A simple case of childish curiosity. "Do you want to see my dick to make a drawing?"

   "Yes, please," he peeped politely.

   Without giving it much thought, I unsnapped the top button of my jeans. The youngster was so adorable that I couldn't possibly refuse him this harmless request? 

   "Just one quick look, ok?" I smiled. "For the sake of art!" 

   Hugo grinned and scooted closer. I took out my package, letting the kid get an eyeful. It was right at the level of his button nose. His eyes widened in wonderment behind the lens of his glasses. The little pervert gawked at my dangling meat a while and started to study it from every angle. He weighed my ballbag in the palm of his hand. He twisted my limp dong with his sticky fingers and sniffed.

   His explorative manipulations provoked a most unwelcome reaction. My prick inflated like a balloon! I blushed and fidgeted, embarrassed to sport a raging hard-on in front of the innocent child. 

   "Are you done, now? Enough?" I said, losing my patience.

   "It's sooo big!" Hugo cooed and squeezed the shaft. "I'm thirsty," he declared. 

   The next instant, his mouth pounced on the side of my cock and nibbled up along it! He opened his mouth wide to gobble up a good portion of my straining pole. I looked around the kitchen nervously, sweating bullets. This was nuts! The satiny lips slid on my rigid flesh again and again. Right from the get go, the imp sucked my cock better than any of my girlfriends! 

   "You're really good at this, but leave Mr. Johnson alone. It's not a game for little kids," I indicated to him. 

   The stubborn rascal persisted in giving me a blowjob. One of his hands kneaded my balls. The other gripped my cock firmly. My stomach knotted, I stared at him going down steady on my cock, with admittedly, a perplexed contentment. 

   "Holy cow! Hot damn!" I cried out, and prayed no one had heard me, knowing that if I got caught, I would be fired on the spot! But at that point, the pleasure was so strong that reason had no grasp on a man's will. 

   My hand instinctively breezed to the nape of the kid's neck to slow him down. Hugo continued to bob his head, trying to shove as much meat as he could in his moist little mouth. The blowjob turned sloppy. He drooled all over my cock. Once in a while, he cleaned it up. His tongue raced up and down the length to collect the trails of spit. Then he sucked again with a renewed appetite. 

   My mind reeled seeing his skilful slurping. I kept reminding myself that he was seven-years-old. That he could be my son! The grotesque image of his narrow mouth filled to capacity with my swollen flesh rattled me to the core. Weak at the knees, I fell back on my ass. 

   Hugo giggled and crawled in the vee of my legs. His fist wrapped around my glistening phallus and he stroked the base while nibbling on the head. Right then, the small boy looked like a pale fiendish creature with an insatiable hunger, kneeling there between my hairy thighs and playing merrily with my cock.

   "Mmmm, I like sucking your dick," he chirped a candid admission, adjusting the spectacles on his nose. 

   "Ohh shit! You really wanna do this, huh? Then suck it good! Yes, suck my big cock! Ohhhhhhrrrr fuck!" I ranted and raved. Hugo slipped my pole between his lips again. The relentless assault of his little mouth was absolutely divine. I trashed on the floor, enraptured by the voluptuous waves of pleasure. 

   My moans became plaintive as the blond boy pumped my cock with the clear intention of making me climax. Cheeks hollow, he siphoned prodigiously. I couldn't tame the wild river of pleasure any longer. My balls contracted and my cock spit out a first jet of seed on his palate. Contrary to what I expected, Hugo kept my erection in his mouth, holding it there with both hands. He swallowed the squirts one after the other! 

   I groaned like a motor staring at the boy gulping down my sperm. Not a single drop of the abundant sauce escaped his greediness. The storm of my orgasm ebbed gently. I felt the sexual tension loosen its clamp on my muscles. 

   Hugo suckled my prick a while more. He forsook it only when the flesh started to soften and bend. A slimy grin formed at once on his lips and I've yet to regain my composure since... 


   --- July 15 ---

   Today was another eventful day. The lady doctor convened me early this morning. I dreaded the appointment with Mrs. Peterson, imagining the worst. The bad vibes were compounded by an altercation that occurred on the way to her office. One of my colleagues accosted me. It was the Albanian fellow, the one who's bigger than a fridge! He brandished his hedge shears and threatened me. 

   "You!" he barked. "I'm gonna kill you if you touch Hugo again. Hugo's MY buddy!" 

   I pretended not to understand. In any event, it would have been delicate to reveal to him that the kid was one hell of a pervert who lured men in a dark corner... 

   "Hey, I don't give a shit about YOUR buddy, " I retorted and fled the scene. 

    In Mrs. Peterson's office, my heart beat like a drum. The austere woman eyed me behind her glasses. Her lips were pinched and the folds on her forehead betrayed the gravity of the conversation we were about to undertake. 

   She leaned back on her chair and said, "You must have noticed that the patients here are not like any others? " 

   "Erh... yes, a little," I shared my suspicions. 

   "I'm afraid I haven't been totally honest when I hired you," she sighed. 

   "How?" I asked. 

   "The job requires much more than taking care of the gardens," 

   The unexpected turn of our exchange surprised me. But, I was relieved it didn't revolve around the previous evening's... incident. 

   "The children here suffer from a rare disease," Mrs. Peterson continued. "A disease called phortyria. This affliction is caused by a hormonal deficiency linked to phosphorus. The appropriate combination of these two elements can only be found in human sperm and-" 

   "You're kidding me?" I interrupted her. 

   "Not at all. The boys of this sanatorium are hypersensitive to the sun. They are also oversexed and can die if they do not consume fresh semen on a regular basis," she looked at me seriously. "Therefore, I need you in order to balance the metabolism of my patients." 

   "This is totally nuts!" I chuckled stupidly. 

   "Your skepticism is understandable but I assure you it's the truth," she affirmed. "When they become men, the males affected by this disorder can take care of themselves but as children they are helpless and vulnerable. So this hospital plays a very important role." 

   "I can imagine," I said. 

   "Will you help me out?" she asked bluntly. 

   I shrugged my shoulders. "Why not?" 

   "Ok then," she livened up, spreading a set of photographs in front of me. "These patients are available to be matched with an adult. Which one do you prefer?" 

    I examined the shots of the five naked little boys and veered my eyes away, still taken aback by the lady doctor's exposť. 

   "Erh... I dunno, really." 

   "Which one turns you on the most?" she winked. 

   I blushed brightly and paused to reflect on the unusual question. "The five of 'em are cute." I muttered and quickly added, "You know I like women..."

   "Of course!" she threw me a pretentious look, as if I was being silly. 

   "What's gonna happen to the ones I don't pick? Will they die?" I inquired.

   "Oh no, don't worry about that. The other gardeners will gladly make sure that doesn't happen." 

   "I see," 

   "May I suggest Julian," she pointed to the redhead. "He's nine-years-old. He's a docile child, very receptive to physical contact. I'm positive he will be able to satisfy all your desires. I insist on the word all

   I nodded and smiled. "Let's go with Julian then..." 

   "Please know, Sir, that your contribution and your discretion will be greatly appreciated," she concluded.

   Here I am now, pondering if I've not lost my mind. 


   --- July 16 ---

   Tonight, when I retired to my vast suite, the patient that Mrs. Peterson had matched with me was sitting on the bed, awaiting my arrival. His red pajamas lay at his bare feet. I deposited my keys slowly on the dresser, suddenly bewildered by the stark reality of the singular arrangement. 

   "Hey, you must be Julian?" I said. "Are you here for your treatment?" 

   "Yes Mister, I'm thirsty," he answered softly. 

   "You are, huh," I mumbled, studying the nude child. His emaciated frame displayed a cadaverous lividness. He resembled a candle with that unruly tuft of orange hair on his head! 

   I stripped out of my clothes nonchalantly, expecting him to have an adverse reaction. But the boy remained there watching me undress. I joined him on the mattress and tentatively touched his little body. His translucent skin was so silky. My hand descended on his leg to the ball of his heel. He leaned forward and draped himself over me. The contrast of my muscular hairy frame against his, fragile and smooth, was unsettling. 

   Mrs. Peterson had not lied. The redhead purred in my arms. His pricklet stiffened. Within a minute, I got a raging hard-on too caressing his sexy little butt, the only part of his dainty frame with any plumpness. 

   "I'm not used to this. You'll have to be very naughty if you want me to quench your thirst," I informed him. 

   "Yes, I will be very very naughty," he said. 

   I kissed his stomach and went down at his feet to suckle his charming toes, unaware of what kind of foreplay little boys preferred. Julian chuckled. I licked my way up the inside of his thighs, gobbled up his little package and twirled my tongue around the tender flesh. 

   This sparked Julian to life as he shifted into a 69 position. He raised his knee and climbed on top of me, positioning his crotch over my eyes. The satyr gripped the base of my cock and traced the length with his tongue, from the bottom to the top, where he made it dance on the head. My adult prick didn't seem to disconcert him. He began to suck it with gusto. 

   Meanwhile, I licked his little balls and rigid pecker. Julian bobbed his head faster on my cock. The ardor of the nine-year-old kid stupefied me once again. He kept stuffing his mouth, nearly engulfing my entire phallus. His lips were stretched to thin lines around the shaft. 

   Seeing that the kid was a hot little number emboldened me. I parted his buttocks and darted the tip of my tongue on his pink asshole. The minuscule orifice quivered. With small swipes, I moistened the pucker and slipped my index finger in the middle. The tight ring clutched it like the mouth of a starved baby. Right then, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist the temptation of banging that boy. 

   Julian let out a high-pitched moan, half stifled by the meat lodged in his throat. In his eyes, I noticed he recognized that the attention I gave to his behind wasn't accidental. I fingered his hole a good while to prepare him for what I had in mind, still watching his hungry mouth devour my drooling cock. 

   "We need to do something else if you want to have a lot to drink," I indicated to him. "Ever had a dick up your butt?" 

   "Yes," the kid said. "Mr. Carlton sticks his wiener up my butt when I'm thirsty." 

   "Lay down and pull back your legs." 

   I hopped out of the bed. In a drawer of the dresser, I located a bottle of lotion I had noticed earlier. The substance was perfect to lubricate my cock generously. My glistening hard-on wagged left and right coming back to the boy. 

   The obedient redhead had already rolled himself into a ball. He held his short legs in the air under the knees, exposing his cute rosebud. I approached and put the tip of my cock on the target. The anticipation of the tightest fuck of my life made me shiver. 

   "Loosen up," I instructed, applying some pressure. 

   "Ouuuuwoah!" Julian exclaimed.. 

   His sphincter rebelled and compressed my cock head. Nonetheless, I persevered, sinking slowly inside, admiring the cute grimaces appearing on the freckled face of my frail partner. Halfway in, I waited until he got accustomed to my invasion. The sight of my fat cock crammed between his small globes intensified my lust. 

   "That wasn't so bad, was it?" I demanded. 

   "No," Julian exhaled. "I'm used to this treatment now." 

   After a while, our merged bodies relaxed. The wrinkles on Julian's forehead vanished altogether. I grabbed his ankles and started to fuck him, looking straight into his eyes. 

   "Urgh! It's very big!!" he remarked. 

   "You bet," I said, bucking my hips, trying to find a good groove into his small ass.

   The solid lunges began to shake his body. He whined and wrapped his arms around my neck. I bounced increasingly faster on the boy, hearing his wheezy squeals. A quick readjustment and his folded body absorbed the force of my strokes. 

   "Uhhhghh! Ugghh! Uhhhggh!" he cried out on every thrust. 

   "Orrrhh Yess, Here we go! Orrhhhhhh You're so damn tight!" I groaned, telling myself I needed to control the urge otherwise I wouldn't be able to last long! The narrow channel strangled my cock like an iron fist. I slowed the cadence. It would have been a disaster to waste the precious medicine in his guts! 

   For a moment, Julian gurgled comically and masturbated to the repetitive lulling rhythm. He stared blankly at my cock sliding back and forth in the distended ring of his anus. When it was buried fully inside his rectum, he grunted and bit his lower lip. I pulled out, eager to try him from behind. 

   "Turn around," I said. 

   Without my cock up his backside, Julian regained some zest. He flipped on all four and raised his bottom. The provocative position was worthy of a porn magazine. 

   "Like this, Mister?" he made sure I was satisfied. 

   "Yes, spread your buns so that I can stick my dick in your hole easily." 

   Julian obeyed the command. He pulled the left mound with his tiny hand and exposed his dilated anus. "Do it really fast, I'm thirsty." 

   I aligned myself and speared into him. Grabbing his waist, I planted my cock deeply. Right away, I began fucking him in earnest. Julian collapsed on his elbows and bawled in the pillow, "Mmangggnh Mmmmgannghn!" 

   My hands moved to his shoulders. That way, I could drag him to me, plough deeper into his bowel. His thin body froze while I stabbed him harder and harder with my steely erection. 

   "Uggh! Ughhh! Mister! Ugh!" Julian lamented. 

   "Ohhhh Yess! Ohhrr! We're gonna make lotsa good medicine together, lotsa good medicine!" I repeated incessantly 

   "Uggh! Do it fast! Do it fast!" the kid pestered me. 

   "You want that big cock in your butt, huh? You want it, huh?" I grumbled. "Get ready, here it comes!" 

   "Yes! Yes please!" he screamed. 

   Drowning in the euphoria of the moment, I lunged at full speed. My thick rod pumped his lil' white ass as if he was a filthy two dollar whore I'd picked up on the street. My hipbone collided with his buttocks. The bed creaked and banged against the wall!

   Julian hollered and begged me to give him his due, "Arrgh! I'm thirsty ! I'm thirrrssty!" 

   "Yes, yes, it's coming! It's coming!" I reassured him, focusing on the gratifying task of thrusting my cock in his clasping asshole. 

   For ten more minutes, I succeeded in delaying my orgasm, but I was sodomizing the little redhead with such ferocity that the pleasure became unbearable. All of a sudden, his asshole tightened around my erection. I felt the pulsing current of his boyish cum. He screamed like a girl and trembled in my grasp. 

   "OHHH! That's it! I'm gonna cum Julian! Yesss!" I yelled, delivering a few final thrusts. 

   By then, my balls were heavy and full of remedy. I pulled out of the kid's ass quickly. Julian pivoted immediately, his mouth gaping open, ready to receive the salutary beverage. I aimed for the cavity. The powerful jets of my ejaculation flooded his tongue. Some spurts soiled the contours of his mouth. 

   "ORhhh! ORGhgh!" Orgghh!" I groaned discharging the burden of cream. 

   The glutton swallowed the load and opened up again for the next blasts of semen. They were weaker but thicker and more nourishing. 

   In the end, the small patient wiped the seed off his face and licked his fingers. I watched him delight in eating my sperm, happy to have done my duty. The dose seemed to do the trick. Already, he gained some color. His cheeks turned from white to a rosy shade. 

   He let out a sigh of relief and smiled. "Thank you! I feel better."

   I leaned over and kissed the top of his head. "As long as I'm here, I promise that you'll always be in great health...". 


THE END     

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