fiction by Sean O'Malley
It was September 8, the first day of school and standing in front of me were two of the handsomest, sexiest boys I had ever seen. Nate in his t-shirt and faded jeans, his bookbag slung across his broad chest and Christopher in his cute-as-a-button school uniform complete with crest emblazoned jacket. It made my knees weak to see them together both looking so good.

Me: Ok hug.

We all joined together in the entryway and wrapped our arms around each other.

Me: Are we all ready, boys?

Christopher: We're ready Papa.

Nate nodded in agreement. I kissed each of them on the cheek and we headed for the elevator down to the garage where Nate got in his car and Christopher and I got in mine.

The drive to Christopher's new school, The Chadwick Academy, was about 30 minutes and it gave some time to talk about stuff--mostly small stuff. We got there and I dropped him off, watching him wave as he ran into the school building.


At 3 o'clock on the dot I pulled up to The Chadwick Academy to collect my favorite little guy. I spotted him in a crowd talking to 2 or 3 other kids. He turned his head and spotted me and I watched as he said goodbye to his new friends and headed for the car. He jumped in and we were off for home.

Me: How was your first day buddy?

Christopher: It was great Papa. I met lots of cool guys. I really like this new school.

Me: That's fantastic! I'm so happy you like it. How are your teachers?

Christopher: They're pretty cool too. This one teacher Mr. Drake is my favorite.

Me: Why is he your favorite?

Christopher: He has huge arms and he's really sexy. I've had a stiffy ever since his class.

Me: What period is he?

Christopher: Second period, Social Studies.

Me: So you've been hard all day?

Christopher: Pretty much, yeah. It's been killin' me.

Me: Do you want me to help you with it?

Christopher: Would you? That would be great right now.

Me: Open up your pants little man.

Christopher unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He lifted his butt off the seat and pulled them to his ankles. His erection was visible in his white briefs which also sported a large wet spot. The car had tinted windows so he felt free to move around in his underwear. He put his hand in his briefs and maneuvered them down under his ball sac freeing his stiffy to jump straight up, the head dripping wet.

I reached over and wrapped my hand around my boy's hard-on and gave it a good squeeze. Christopher let out a loud yelp.

Christopher: Oh yeah. That feels good. Squeeze me Papa.

I started to slowly jack off my boy as I kept one eye on the road.

Me: Tell me more about this Mr. Drake.

Christopher: Oh he's really hot Papa. He took off his coat in class and his arms were HUGE! I thought his shirtsleeves might rip like the Hulk. And his chest is really thick and hairy too.

I could feel Christopher's cock starting to throb as he talked about this Mr. Drake.

Christopher: You'd like him Papa I know how you like muscles and all.

Me: How do you know that?

Christopher: Well, I know how you like my muscles and they're just kinda small. Mr. Drake is way huger than me.

Then Christopher got quiet and for a few minutes and just closed his eyes and put his head back on the seat and enjoyed his Papa's hand working his nice hard cock.

Christopher: Oh Papa, I'm really close now. I think I'm gonna shoot!

His cock exploded in my hand spewing that sweet boy juice all over his new blue shirt. Drips of cum made their way down my fist and onto his underwear. When he had finished, I brought my hand to my mouth and licked it clean as I continued to drive home.

Me: I think we should send that shirt to the cleaners.

He chuckled and nodded his head as he put himself back into his briefs and pulled his pants back up to his waist.

Me: Just close your jacket when we get home and no one will see your shirt.

Christopher: Good idea.

Me: We'll take a shower when we get home and get you cleaned up, OK?

Christopher: That's another great idea Papa.


Christopher was already in the shower by the time I made it down to his bathroom. I could see his small naked body through the glass doors standing there letting the water bounce off his back. I opened the back door and stepped inside closing the door behind me. His eyes opened and he smiled when he saw me standing there completely naked in front of him.

Christopher: I really love you Papa, you know that?

Me: I know son.

I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close feeling his soft cheek resting against my somewhat fuzzy stomach. I ran my fingers through his wet hair and enjoyed the sensation of the warm water cascading over us. I let my hands wander down his smooth back and brought them to rest on his hard perfectly round ass. I gave the two globes a little squeeze feeling the muscular flesh give to my touch then let my fingers drift to the crevasse between them. With one hand pulling his ass cheeks apart I brushed against his tiny hole with the fingers of my other hand. I felt a shiver go through Christopher's body and I pulled him a little closer.

Me: Is this OK, son?

Christopher: It's VERY OK Papa. Don't stop.

I kissed the top of his head as I continued to graze his tight hole with my fingers brushing up against it with a little more force now. I grabbed a bar of soap and gently soaped up his ass and my hand. Replacing the bar I returned to his hole and with my middle finger circled it then gingerly entered him. Christopher let out a loud gasp as my finger plunged inside of him followed by a soft moan.

Christopher: Oh, that feels really good.

I continued my journey and pushed into him until my other fingers were up against his ass. He grabbed me a little tighter and pulled himself into me. Both of our cocks were hard and pressed between us. As I slid my finger out he gasped again and whispered.

Christopher: Oh fuck yeah.

Christopher rarely swore so I knew he was really in the moment. I took my middle finger and pushed it back into him, quicker this time and deeper than before. I continued to finger my little guy letting my thick middle digit make love to his wet, soapy boy pussy as his sighs and moans increased in volume.

Christopher: Oh Papa that feels incredible! Go faster.

I increased the pace of my love making and had my finger entering and retracting at lightning speed. My cock was dripping pre-cum down onto Christopher's pulsating cock. Just as I thought it couldn't get any hotter in the shower, I took my index finger and added it to the invading force sending two fingers deep inside my boy. That set off his magic button and cum came shooting out of his hard cock onto my chest and stomach washing down onto my cock with the help of the warm shower water.

Christopher's grasp around my mid-section loosened as he recovered from his powerful orgasm.

Christopher: Papa that was the best one yet.

Me: I'm glad you enjoyed it little guy.

I let my fingers fall out of his ass and wrapped my hands back around his back.

Christopher: I think I'm ready now Papa.

Me: Ready for what?

Christopher: Ready for you to make love to me like men do.

Me: You're sure you're ready, because nothing would make me happier son.

He looked up at me with his doe eyes.

Christopher: I'm ready Papa.

Me: Ok my sweet little guy. But it has to be special. I don't want your first time to be just ordinary. How about this--this weekend we'll get that suite at The Venetian, the one where we first met and we'll see what happens there.

Christopher: That would be awesome. I love that place.

Me: Can you wait that long?

Christopher: For you Papa, I can wait forever.