fiction by Sean O'Malley
I was a bundle of nerves--anticipation I guess. Today was the day that I was going to take the virginity of my special little guy, my son Christopher. Finally, it was 2:30 and time for me to go pick him up. I got in the car and drove the 30 minutes to the school. Pulling up I saw him in the courtyard talking to his new friends and laughing. I realized at that moment how much I had really grown to love the kid. He saw me and said his good-byes and ran over to the car.

Christopher: Hi Papa!

Me: Ready for our big weekend?

Christopher: What big weekend?

Me: Our...

Christopher laughed and punched my arm.

Christopher: I'm just kidding. It's all I could think about today. Of course I'm ready.

I put my hand on his head and mussed his hair. We pulled out of the lot and headed for The Venetian and our special suite on the fifth floor.


Arriving at the hotel around 4PM we gave the valet our car and headed inside. Christopher still had on his school uniform and he looked extra cute out on the town in it. We checked in and made our way to the elevators. As soon as the door closed Christopher stood on his tippy-toes and gave me a quick kiss on the mouth.

Christopher: This is gonna be great Papa! I just know it.

We got to the fifth floor and walked the long hallway to our suite, number 514. I opened the door and immediately memories filled my mind of the times I had spent there with Christopher and Nate and even Anton. Christopher ran into the room and right over to the hot tub, his favorite part.

Christopher: Can we go in the hot tub before dinner, Papa?

Me: It's your weekend little guy. Anything you want.

He turned on the faucet and started filling the hot tub then turned around and stood there facing me.

Me: Do you need something Christopher?

Christopher: I'm waiting for you to undress me.

The kid knew me better than I knew myself. Of course I wanted to undress him. I walked over and knelt down in front of him and removed his jacket placing it on a chair. Then I undid his shirt and took it off over his widening shoulders. I took a minute to enjoy the beauty of his well toned muscular torso, so smooth and creamy white. Then I removed his pants and found, to my surprise, that he was wearing his jockstrap instead of underwear. I sucked in my breath as I ran my hand over the soft cotton pouch feeling his cock and balls inside.

Christopher: I thought you'd like that Papa.

I smiled at him and ran my hands around to his naked hard butt grabbing at the smooth firm flesh then grabbed the band and pulled it to the ground exposing my favorite little naked guy. I put my hands all over his body feeling every inch of him.

Me: My turn.

Christopher licked his lips and smiled at me.

Christopher: Can I Papa?

Me: You know it.

I stayed on my knees as he undid my shirt with his small hands. He pulled it out of my pants and over my shoulders throwing it onto the chair on top of his jacket. He placed his small soft hands on my lightly hairy chest and fondled my pecs for a few moments before zeroing in on my nipples and lightly twisting them.

Me: Oh that feels so good baby.

He took his hands and felt my flat stomach and then continued down to feel my crotch.

Christopher: Stand up Papa.

I obliged him and stood up kicking my shoes into the corner of the room. He undid my belt and then my pants and unzipped them letting them fall to the floor. I stepped out of them and stood there in front of him in my briefs and socks. His hands explored the outline of my cock and my ball sac held tightly in my underwear. Then he bent over slightly and licked my cock trapped in its soft cotton prison. I instantly went hard, my cock expanding fast and out of my briefs. Christopher pulled down my underwear and was hit in the neck by my rapidly growing member.

He took his hands and grabbed my cock stuffing it in his mouth. Just then I saw the water approaching the top of the tub.

Me: Just a second little guy.

He pulled away from me and I walked over, erection bouncing up and down, to the tub and turned off the water.

Me: We almost flooded the place.

I looked over at Christopher and he too now had an erection and it was bigger than I had ever seen on him.

Me: You know I think you're the most beautiful boy I have ever seen.

Christopher smiled and blushed a little and we got into the tub. We pressed our bodies together and started to make out, staying just like that until the water started to cool and Christopher's supple lips turned a pale shade of blue.

Me: You're cold, we should get out.

He reluctantly stepped out of the tub and put on one of the bathrobes from the hotel, handing the other one to me. We sat down on the bed and started making out again, me trying to warm up my little guy's cold lips. Gradually he warmed up again and I laid him down on the bed and unwrapped him like a Christmas present exposing his perfect little body again. I took my index finger and traced the outlines of his pecs and his strong abs following his peach fuzz treasure trail down to his semi-smooth crotch area. His penis lay there soft and fat, the head a prefect rosy-purple. I traced the veins that ran through it and circled the head with my fingers. It quickly sprang to life at my touch growing close to five inches in length.

Christopher: Papa you always know how to make me hard.

I smiled at him and wrapped my hand around his erection slowly jacking it up and down, my eyes fixed on his the whole time. I continued to slowly manipulate him until he, a few minutes later, shot his load onto his chest and stomach. I milked out the last few drops before I ran my tongue around his body collecting all of his syrupy juice. I ran to the bathroom and got warm cloth and returned to wipe him clean.

Me: We'd better get ready for dinner. We have reservations at 9.

Christopher: OK Papa.


Dinner was exquisite as it always is at Valentino. I gave Christopher a few sips of my wine and he became even more talkative than usual. After dinner we walked around the hotel a bit and stumbled upon a jeweler. It was late so they were closed but Christopher spotted a ring in the window that he fell in love with.

Christopher: Oh Papa that ring is so cool. Can I get it?

Me: Well, they're closed right now. How about for your birthday, it's only a month away.

Christopher agreed that he could wait and we headed for the elevators. Once inside he leaned up against me kind of tipsy but kind of in a sweet way too. I put my arm around him and held him close. The doors opened and we walked down the hallway hand in hand to our suite.

We got to the room and Christopher immediately stripped out of his clothes giving me a sexy little striptease down to his underwear.

Christopher: Your turn Papa.

I obliged him and did my own little sexy strip dance down to my briefs. Christopher sat on the edge of the bed and watched me rubbing his crotch the whole time.

Me: You are always horny aren't you?

Christopher: Usually.

Me: That's just one of the things that I love about you.

I sat on the bed next to him and took him in my arms holding him close and pressing my mouth to his. He always was a great kisser and I enjoyed our jousting tongues immensely. I rubbed my hands all over his smooth sexy body as we kissed and he felt mine as well.

Christopher: I want you to take my cherry tonight.

Me: As long as you're sure baby.

Christopher: I'm sure Papa.

I grabbed his waist and stood him on the bed where I pulled his underwear down to his feet and let him step out of it. His cute erection slapped against his hard stomach. I then stood up and took off my briefs letting my hard-on go free. I leaned over and kissed the head of his cock getting a little giggle out of him then placed my hands on his sides and laid him on the king-size bed. I jumped up on the bed and knelt between his spread legs. I ran my hands up and down his muscular legs feeling the hard muscle beneath the soft smooth skin.

I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube that I had brought with us and squirted some of the gel into my hand. I worked it into my hands and rubbed a few fingers on Christopher's tight hole spreading the rest on my hard cock. Christopher lay there smiling up at me as I lubed him up.

Me: OK baby, here we go.

I grabbed Christopher's ankles and lifted them in the air resting his feet on my chest. I took a minute to turn my head and kiss his sweet feet and toes getting a loud laugh out of him as I tickled him. I took some lube from my cock and fingered his hole a little getting him ready for the large intruder about to come. He closed his eyes and let his mouth open slightly. I grabbed my cock and placed it at the opening of his tight ass, the head poised to enter him. I pushed slightly and let the top of my cock pop inside his tight hole. He let out a low sexy moan as his ass expanded to accommodate my cock head. I gave him a second before I pushed the rest of my eight inches deep inside his gut. He let out another low moan and started to breathe faster.

(The feeling of being inside my young son was exquisite. His ass was tighter than anyone I had ever fucked and it felt as if there were 1000 small hands gripping my hard cock inside a velvet tube.)

Me: Are you doin' OK baby?

Christopher: Oh yeah Papa. I'm doin' great. You feel so good inside me.

I reached down and grabbed his cock in my hand and slowly jacked him to erection. A small drop of pre-cum appeared in his piss slit and I rubbed it around his cock head with my finger making it shine in the dim light. Then I slowly pulled out of him until just the tip of my cock was still inside. I let him adjust for a second before I pushed back in filling him back up. He let out another loud moan and put his hands behind his head in a relaxed posture.

Seeing him relaxed gave me the go ahead and I started to fuck him in earnest, pulling out and then slamming my cock deep inside him causing his small body to jump with each thrust.

Christopher: Oh...yeah...Papa,

I listened and started to increase the speed of my thrusts, my large balls slapping against his ass. His chute had opened to fully accommodate my cock by now and I easily slid in and out of my little guy.

Me: Oh baby, I love you so much.

Christopher: I love you too Papa.

His cock was dripping pre-cum onto his stomach and it had swelled to its full 5 inches and then some. His small hand reached down and grabbed a hold of his cock, jacking it in the same rhythm as my ramming growing faster and faster. In seconds he was shooting a load of his sweet boy juice all over his stomach and chest and face. I watched as he came again and again feeling my cock expanding in the soft plush tube of his ass.

I felt myself about to come and knew that I had to leave my seed deep in my boy's gut. With one more thrust I felt my cock explode shooting my seed deep into Christopher's ass. Shot after shot of hot cum surrounded my cock. Finally, feeling spent I withdrew from his ass and let my body fall down on top of his feeling his come squish between our bodies. Our mouths met and we kissed with a new passion not yet seen in our relationship. I grabbed his body and rolled him on top of me our mouths never parting, our tongues making love to one another.

Christopher: Papa, that was so wonderful. I never thought it would be that good.

Me: It was wonderful. Anything for my little guy.

After kissing and rolling around a little more we got up and showered together washing to cum come from our bodies. We got out of the shower and put on our favorite bathrobes and lounged around the suite until our ice cream came up via room service. We fed each other ice cream and hot fudge and whipped cream like new lovers do. After a while we took off our robes and lay down in bed our naked bodies intertwined as one.

The next morning I woke up and saw that Christopher was still asleep. I watched him for a bit then got up and went down to the hotel shops. I returned with a small black velvet box that I placed on the pillow next to his head. I stroked his head and slowly his eyes opened. He saw me and smiled then he saw the box and smiled a little bigger.

Christopher: Papa is this for me?

Me: Who else?

He grabbed the box and opened it displaying the simple gold band with three small rubies set in it.

Christopher: But it's not my birthday yet.

Me: It's just because I love you Christopher.

Christopher: I know I've said it before but you really are the best Papa a boy could have.

He put the ring on and showed it to me. It was a perfect fit. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly. I returned the hug and we stayed like that for a long while just feeling each other's closeness.