fiction by Sean O'Malley
It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and Christopher (my son) and I had decided to use the workout facility in our building. We took the elevator down to the 30th floor and each took our place on one of the stationary bikes. After a few minutes of peddling Christopher leaned over to me.

Christopher: Papa, see that guy over in the weight area?

There was only one guy there, a rather attractive young African-American guy with a killer set of muscles.

Me: Yeah.

Christopher: Do you know who that is?

Me: Sorry kiddo, you got me.

Christopher: That’s Kevin Gold!

Me: Who’s that?

Christopher: Only the greatest quarterback the Rebels ever had. He was my hero when I was a little kid. Nate and I used to watch all his games. He was awesome.

Me: Why don’t you go introduce yourself to him.

Christopher: Me? I couldn’t. I’d be too embarrassed.

Me: Want me to go with you?

Christopher: Yeah would you?

We got off our bikes and made our way to the free weights area of the room. It was just the three of us in the facility. We walked over to Kevin Gold and waited for him to finish his bicep reps. We both watched in awe as his huge milk chocolate tinted muscles flexed as he worked out. He was a very attractive man with a shaved head and strong facial features right down to his luscious full red lips surrounded by a black goatee. He looked a bit like Kobe Bryant and could easily pass for his younger, stockier brother.

Me: Excuse me, but aren’t you Kevin Gold?

Kevin: That’s me.

Me: My son Christopher is one of your biggest fans.

Kevin stuck out his hand met Christopher’s in a handshake.

Kevin: Always nice to meet a fan, little man. Christopher is it?

Christopher: Yes sir.

Kevin: Well, you must have been just a little kid when I was playing.

Christopher: I was sir.

Kevin: Please, call me Kevin.

Christopher: OK Kevin.

Christopher smiled and blushed a little bit.

Me: So do you still play now or coach?

Kevin: No, I played a year in the pros but then I got injured and had to retire. I run a real estate agency now, Kevin Gold and Associates. Maybe you’ve seen our billboard on the strip?

Me: That’s where I’ve seen you.

Christopher: I’ve seen it too.

Christopher chimed in happily.

Me: You should come up for a drink sometime and we can discuss properties that might be available. I’m always looking or a good investment. Actually I’m not busy today if you’d have some time.

Kevin: Today would be cool. I’m done here so anytime you have is good for me.

Me: How about I an hour—give you some time to clean up and get your portfolio.

Kevin: Sounds great. What floor do you all live on?

Christopher: We’re on 51.

Kevin: Oh, the penthouse. Living in style huh?

Christopher nodded.

Me: Yeah, it’s nice. We like it. Tell you what, why don’t you take Christopher with you that way he can use his key card to get you up to our floor when you’re ready. If that’s OK with you—that way you won’t have to call from the lobby.

Kevin: Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. I can show the little man some of my game stuff too. Sound like a plan Christopher?

Christopher: Yup.


In Kevin Gold’s Place...

Kevin led Christopher down the hall of his condo until they came upon a rather unassuming room at the end.

Kevin: Here it is little man. The shrine.

Christopher stepped inside and was astounded by the number of trophies and balls and jerseys matted in frames. Kevin went over to one of the stands and picked up a battered looking football. He lobbed it to Christopher.

Kevin: Catch, Christopher.

Christopher caught the ball and pulled it tight into his chest.

Kevin: That’s the game ball from when we won the conference championship my senior year.

Christopher: Wow!

Kevin: See it’s signed by all the players.

Christopher: That’s so cool.

Kevin took the ball and lobbed another one to Christopher.

Kevin: That’s from the Fiesta Bowl.

Christopher: The Fiesta Bowl? Awesome! I remember that game.

Kevin: It was a good one…I better go get cleaned up, but feel free to look around all you want.

Christopher: Thanks Kevin. Thanks for letting me see your balls.

As soon as he said it he heard himself and blushed a deep shade of red.

Kevin: It’s OK little man I know what you mean. But you never know…

Kevin’s voice trailed off in a most devilish way as he left the room and headed down the hall to his bedroom to get cleaned up. Christopher stayed in the trophy room looking at all the cool stuff that Kevin had there. A minute later he heard the water turn on in the shower and his thoughts turned to those of Kevin soaping up his strong dark body, the soap running off his broad chest and down over his big black cock. Christopher felt himself getting hard and he stuck his hand down his shorts and grabbed himself.

Christopher left the trophy room and wandered around the condo a little looking at pictures and stuff that Kevin had laying around—nothing special just guy stuff. He was grabbing his erection the whole time feeling his hardness.

Suddenly the water in the shower turned off. Christopher had an idea. He slinked down the hallway toward Kevin’s bedroom. He noticed the door was slightly ajar and he peeked in. He could see Kevin’s closet with both doors wide open. (Boy he had a lot of clothes.) A second later Kevin moved into view sanding in front of his clothes. His naked chocolate ass, still shiny from the shower, was proudly on display. Christopher grabbed himself a little tighter and started to jack-off as he watched Kevin’s backside move around. Then Kevin bent over to grab some shoes and Christopher got a perfect view of his tight asshole. It seemed to wink at him as he stood there. Christopher could feel his breathing getting faster as he watched his childhood hero.

Then Kevin turned around and Christopher for the first time saw a black man’s penis. It was so big he sucked in his breath in awe. It hung there long and fat between two equally fat low hanging balls. Kevin’s hand came down and wrapped around the soft shaft giving himself a few quick wanks. Christopher shot his load quickly into his shorts and left the scene to return to the trophy room.

Kevin came back into the trophy room a few minutes later dressed in khakis and a crisp white shirt. He looked very handsome to Christopher who smiled when he saw him.

Kevin: Ready to go little man?

Christopher: I’m ready.

Christopher was glad that his t-shirt hung down over his shorts hiding the big wet spot there.

Kevin: Let me just grab my laptop and I’ll be ready.


Christopher and Kevin made their way back up to our condo and I was there to greet them as they got of the elevator. Christopher ran to his room to get changed out of his gym clothes and I showed Kevin into the living room.

Kevin: Oh, the view from up here is excellent Toby. I was supposed to show this unit once but it fell through.

Me: Well, I’m glad you’re here now. Christopher sure has taken a shine to you.

Kevin: Yeah, he’s a good kid.

Me: You can set up your laptop anywhere. Can I get you something to drink?

Kevin: I’ll have a beer if you have one.

Me: I’ll see what we have.

As I left to go to the kitchen, Christopher entered the living room in a new pair of shorts and t-shirt. He sat down on the couch opposite of Kevin.

Kevin: So, did you enjoy the show?

Christopher turned a bright shade of red.

Christopher: What…what show?

Kevin laughed a sly little laugh.

Kevin: It’s cool kid. I was interested in guys when I was your age too.

Christopher: So you saw me downstairs?

Kevin: Why do you think I bent over so much?

Christopher smiled and let out a little chuckle.

Kevin: If you’re good maybe you’ll get a close-up show later.

Me: So that was a beer for Kevin and a Coke for Christopher.

Christopher had a slightly stunned look on his face and a mega, dripping hard-on in his shorts.

Me: Here ya go Christopher.

I handed him his Coke and he gently grabbed it and put it to his mouth.

Me: Now Kevin what do you have to show me?

Christopher: Excuse me…

Christopher got up and ran to his bedroom to change his underwear again.


Two hours later…

Me: Christopher come to the table for dinner.

Christopher came out of his room and looked a little shocked to see that Kevin would be joining us for dinner. He took his chair across the table from Kevin and sat down. Within 30 seconds he felt a strangers foot running up his naked leg and reaching into his crotch area. The sensation was heavenly and Christopher could barely eat while enjoying it.

I got up form the table to get something from the kitchen leaving the two flirts alone to whisper to each other.

Christopher: Ask my dad if you can tuck me in.

Kevin: Your dad will go for that? We just met.

Christopher: Ask him, he’ll let you believe me. Then you can give me that close-up show.

Kevin: OK I’ll ask.

I returned from the kitchen and sat back down. We made some small talk mostly about Kevin’s football career. Then…

Kevin: Toby, I was wondering if I could tuck in Christopher tonight, you know being my best fan and all.

Me: Is that OK with you Christopher?

Christopher: That’s cool.

Me: As long as it’s OK with Christopher it’s OK with me.



Me: Goodnight sweetie. Sleep tight.

Christopher: Goodnight Papa.

Christopher and I exchanged a long sloppy kiss that seemed to catch Kevin a little off guard. He put out his hand and Christopher grabbed it and led the football stud to his bedroom. After some small talk about the Jonas Brothers, Christopher got his PJs out of his dresser.

Christopher: You gotta dress me first Kevin.

Kevin: OK little man.

Kevin grabbed Christopher’s shirt and pulled it over his head. He rubbed the back of his large hand over Christopher’s chest and abs.

Kevin: Dude, you are very cut. Nice job on the pecs and abs.

Christopher smiled. Kevin got on his knees and pulled Christopher’s shorts down to the floor. He buried his nose in the boy’s crotch and took a big whiff. He let out a purr as his nose caressed Christopher’s erection. Kevin then grabbed his underwear and pulled them down freeing the large white boy cock, dripping and throbbing at this point.

Kevin: Man you are hung for a white boy and I’ve seen a lot of white boy cock. All those years in the locker room, man you got a lot of those boys beat and you’re how old?

Christopher: I’ll be 14 in two weeks.

Kevin: Little man you should be proud.

Kevin reached out and grabbed Christopher’s cock leading it to his mouth. He moaned as he sucked the boy off fondling his balls as he went along. Christopher was the one to purr now as Kevin expertly worked him over. Never one to hold his orgasm, Christopher exploded in Kevin’s mouth sending a few very long shots of cum down his throat. Once he had stopped ejaculating Kevin took his cock from his mouth and licked it clean.

Kevin: Dude you taste just like candy, so sweet.

Christopher nodded knowingly.

Kevin: OK, now you sit down on the bed. It’s my turn.

With sexy stripper music playing in his head, a nude Christopher watched as Kevin started to remove his shirt, slowly at first, playing with the buttons and exposing just a peek of his broad chest then all at once removing the garment from his immense shoulders. Christopher started to salivate as he looked over the man’s dark body, his large pecs with huge maroon colored nipples on top, down to his deeply chiseled stomach and “outy” belly button.

Kevin then strode over to the bed where Christopher was sitting and took the boy’s hands in his. He rubbed Christopher’s warm hands all over his khaki-covered crotch letting the boy feel his hardness and length. Then he took his hands and placed hem on his belt. With Christopher’s hands in place he put his hands behind his head and flexed for the boy.

Kevin: You like that?

Christopher: Yes sir I do.

Kevin: Why don’t you open my belt for me.

Christopher’s hands were shaking as he fumbled with Kevin’s belt. Once it was opened he looked up at the man hovering over him.

Kevin: Now take off my pants.

Christopher undid the snap and as he was unbuttoning the pants he realized that Kevin wasn’t wearing any underwear and as the last button was opened his pants fell to the floor and Kevin’s magnificently long semi-hard cock came into view. It was at least twice as big as Christopher had seen earlier.

Kevin: Now I know you like that.

Kevin voice was the lowest sexiest thing Christopher had ever heard and it gave him a thrill every time he spoke.

Christopher: It’s huge!

Kevin: Ain’t you never seen a black guys cock before little man?

Christopher: Not before today. How does it get so big?

Kevin: Just grows that way. Why don’t you pet it a little, get it to stand up for me.

The boy put out his hand and as commanded started to pet Kevin’s monster cock watching as it expanded and grew to an incredible size and girth and was pointing straight up past Kevin’s belly button with the head resting between his bulging abs.

Christopher: That’s incredible! You’re like a god.

Kevin: No not a god, just a man—just a man with a huge cock.

Kevin smiled and laughed as he looked down at wide-eyed Christopher.

Kevin: Why don’t you lick it for me.

Christopher stood up, stuck out his tongue and started to make love to Kevin’s long monster like it was a massive fudgesicle, licking it from the base up to the head where he tasted the man’s dripping pre-cum.

Christopher: Oh you taste good.

Kevin reached down and took Christopher’s cock in his large hand and started to gently massage it as Christopher continued to cover the man’s cock with his tongue.

Reaching the top, Christopher took the whole head of Kevin’s cock into his mouth and sucked hard as he swirled his tongue around the swelled bulb.

Kevin: Oh, fuck yeah that feels real nice little man. Keep that up.

Christopher started to mouth-fuck Kevin’s cock running his lips over the flanged head quickly in little bursts of energy. Kevin moaned loudly as Christopher sucked on him. Christopher could barely keep up with the pre-cum pouring out of Kevin’s massive cock and much of it ran down his cheeks onto his smooth young chest.

After a few minutes of constant mouth-fucking, Kevin grabbed the boy’s head with both hands and pulled it up to his own where he planted a deep penetrating kiss on Christopher’s mouth.

Kevin: God I love the taste of my juice. It’s even better mixed in your sweet mouth little man.

Kevin placed his full red lips back on Christopher’s and let his thick tongue explore the boy’s mouth. After a long while of just softly kissing each other Kevin pulled away.

Kevin: You wanna get freaky little man?

Christopher: With you? Sure!

Kevin: You wanna fuck my virgin ass?

Kevin reached behind and gave himself a loud slap. Christopher looked perplexed.

Christopher: I’ve never done that before. You think I can?

Kevin: With that big boy cock of yours? I think you could plow me good.

Christopher: OK, yeah I’ll try.

Kevin gave Christopher one more quick kiss before he jumped on the bed and onto all fours. Christopher saw that sweet asshole that he had seen earlier and felt his cock jump in anticipation. He got up on his bed behind Kevin and jacked his cock a few times getting it ready.

Kevin: Here ya go little man.

Kevin spit in his hand and reached back smearing the goo all over Christopher’s hard cock and saving a little to rub on his hungry hole. Christopher took the head of his cock and lined it up getting it just right before he thrust his hips and penetrated Kevin’s hole in one motion. The sensation drove Christopher wild and he let out a loud yelp.

Kevin: Fuck yeah, that’s what I’m talkin about little man. Fuck me hard.

Christopher started to move his hips, slowly at first enjoying the sensation of having his cock surrounded by Kevin’s tight black ass. In time Christopher got into a rhythm slamming his cock into his hero and slapping his small hairless balls against his ass. Kevin had his cock firmly in hand and was jacking himself in rhythm with Christopher’s thrusting.

Christopher closed his eyes and dreamt back to the days when he and Nate would watch Kevin play football on TV. How he looked in that skin-tight red and white uniform and how it caressed his young collegiate muscles. He remembered back to seeing the other guys pat his hard ass after a particularly good play and how as a kid he had wanted to do the same thing. Then he opened his eyes and realized that that same hard ass was now right in front of him. He grabbed onto Kevin’s waist and held on tight.

Christopher: Fuck, I’m gonna cum Kevin.

Kevin: That’s it little man fill me up with your sweet juices.

Christopher was ramming Kevin at an alarming pace then suddenly stopped and Kevin felt the warm juice of Christopher’s cock flood his love canal. It felt to Christopher like his cock was on fire as it burst into the hot man in front of him.

Kevin: Fuck!

At the same moment Kevin’s long monster cock erupted and squirt long streams of hot, thick cum all over Christopher’s pillow and the headboard of his bed. Christopher, fully spent, fell onto Kevin’s back and lay there listening to his heart race as he wrapped his arms around the footballer’s chest. He was winded and felt very tired. Kevin reached back and rubbed Christopher’s sweaty back.

Kevin: You OK little man?

Christopher: I will be as soon a I stop seeing stars.

Kevin: Just go with it dude.

They stayed like that for a few more minutes as Christopher gradually came back to reality. He slowly let go of Kevin and pulled his still-hard cock from his ass, then sat back up on his knees. Kevin spun around and got on his knees facing Christopher.

Kevin: So how was your first time topping?

Christopher: That was fuckin’ incredible Kevin. How about you?

Kevin: Awesome man. You’re a good little fucker.

They both laughed and hugged each other.

Kevin: I better get going. You’ve got to get up for school tomorrow.

Christopher: Yeah, it is pretty late.

Kevin: We’ll have to hang out sometime. I can tell you some more football stories.

Christopher: Awesome.

They kissed once more and Kevin got up and got dressed.

Kevin: Sorry about your bed little man. I kinda wrecked it.

Christopher: That’s OK. Wait until I tell my brother who came on my bed. He’ll die!

Kevin kissed Christopher on the top of his head and left the room. I met him in the living room and walked him out to the elevator then went into Christopher’s room. It was in a shambles like I had never seen before.

Me: Why don’t you sleep with me tonight, baby boy.

Christopher: Ok Papa.

Me: You’ve got to get up for school and we also have to start planning your birthday party tomorrow. Just 2 weeks left.

Christopher: I can’t wait Papa. It’s gonna be awesome! Oh by the way thanks for letting Kevin tuck me in tonight. That was awesome too.

Me: Anything to make you happy Christopher….anything.