fiction by Sean O'Malley
I awoke the next morning wondering if it was all just a dream, wondering if my night with Christopher was real at all. I looked over at the clock on my nightstand and next to it was a business card. I picked it up and brought it close to my contact lens-less eyes. "BOYZ 4 U" it read. I turned it over and scrawled on the back was "ask for Christopher". So I wasn't dreaming, my little angel lover was real. I knew at that moment that once would never be enough.

I spent most of the day wandering in the hot desert wind from casino to casino trying my luck at various games of chance and not winning at any of them. All I could think about was Christopher though, his rough hands on my body, the way his hard little muscles responded to my touch, the way his tongue playfully entered my mouth, the way he tasted.

Around 9PM I headed back to my hotel anxious to make the call. I threw my stuff on the bed and grabbed the phone.

Agency: Hello can I help you?

Me: Yes I would like to use your service again tonight.

Agency: Absolutely sir. I take it you have used us before?

Me: Yes I saw Christopher last night.

Agency: Oh yes, Mr. James at the Venetian.

Me: That's me. Is Christopher available tonight?

Agency: I'm sorry he's not. But we do have some other boys I'm sure you'll like.

My heart dropped. My little angel was not available. Oh well, I was so horny at this point I had to see someone.

Me: Yes, OK. Who do you have tonight.

Agency: Well first up we have Rosco. He's 16, nice smooth body. I think he might be a little old for you though.

Me: Yes I think so.

Agency: The best boy for you tonight would probably be Anton. He's 13 like Christopher and is about 4'9''. He plays a lot of soccer so his body is nicely toned and very smooth except for his legs which are moderately hairy. He's about 4 inches uncut. Will that work for you sir?

Me: Yes, that sounds good.

He wasn't Christopher but he sounded like a good time. I finalized the details with the guy on the phone and began the waiting game again. I stripped down to my boxers and a t-shirt and sat on the couch by the window overlooking the strip. A short while later I heard a soft knock at the door. I jumped up, adjusted my hard-on in my shorts and went to the door.

I didn't bother to check the peephole this time I just opened the door. The first thing I saw was the number 15 as he had his back turned to me. As he turned around I realized he had on his soccer uniform--shiny green fabric with white details, the number 15 in smaller type was over his heart.

Anton: Mr. James?

He stuck out his hand which I took in mine and shook.

Me: Yes, Anton? Come on in.

He broke our handshake and came into my room. He was a sight to behold as well. He looked like he had just come from a soccer game, cleats, guards and all.

Me: Did you just come from a game?

He snickered.

Anton: No. I just like to wear this on calls. Guys really dig it. Do you like it?

Me: I do. I think you look very hot.

I sat down on the couch again and patted the spot next to me. Anton saw and walked over to the couch and sat down. I put my arm around him and pulled him close--he snuggled in to my chest. It felt nice, a good way to start things.

A few minutes later he sat up on the end of the couch and took off his shirt revealing a very toned upper body (just as the man on the phone had said)--nice defined pecs and ultra tight abs. He swung his legs around and knelt on either side of my legs his long soccer shorts brushing against my hard confined cock. He took his small hands and ran them from his neck down over his pecs stopping to play with his little nipples before moving them down his washboard abs and finally over his crotch where he grabbed at his erect boycock.

He then grabbed my hands and took them on a tour of his body as well except this time we took my hands under his shorts and rested them on his crotch. His cock was so hot and hard I thought it might explode right there in my hands. After a minute or so he took my hands and put them back in my lap. He then jumped up and turned his back to me. He grabbed his shorts with his thumbs and pulled them down to the ground, in the process bending over and showing me his fine hard (and slightly hairy) ass. He stepped out of his shorts and slowly turned around flaunting his erect uncut 4-inch cock glistening with a drop of precum.

I was in awe of the spectacular physical specimen in front of me. I reached out and grabbed a hold of his cock. I pulled back the foreskin exposing the ruby red head beneath. He stood there with his hands on his hips and swooned as I slowly jacked him off. With my free hand I reached around and grabbed greedily at his hard ass digging deep to find his little love button.

Anton: Which do you like better, front or back?

Me: I think I like them both.

Anton: You wanna fuck me?

Me: Do you do that?

I was a little shocked at his forwardness.

Anton: I fuckin' love it. Let's see what you got packin'.

He grabbed at my boxers. I instinctively raised my ass off the couch and he pulled them down over my legs.

Anton: It's pretty big, but I think I can take it.

He jumped back on the couch and knelt on either side of my waist. He reached back and grabbed my cock lining it up with his tight hole. With his other hand he grabbed half of his ass and spread his cheeks. I felt the head of my cock touch his asshole and then everything stopped for a second before, in an instant, his asshole swallowed my cock whole and he slid down the full 8 inches burying me in himself.

The tightness of his ass made a warm erotic home for my dripping cock. He put his hands around the back of my neck and pulled my face to his where we kissed deeply. As our tongues played with each other he began to work my cock sliding up and down slowly letting me feel all of him. I took my hands and grabbed at the tight large muscles of his hairy thighs feeling them flex as he raised himself up and down. The kid had skills.

He broke our kiss and with his hands removed my shirt exposing my hairy broad chest.

Anton: You got a nice body Mr. James. I like hairy guys.

He ran his hands over my chest feeling the thick mat of fur covering my chest and stomach. I smiled at his compliment.

He continued to masturbate me with his tight ass as he played with my nipples using his fingers and his mouth, sucking and lightly biting them. I reached down and grabbed at his cock smearing the drops of precum over the short shaft. I took his foreskin and moved it back and forth over the sexy flared head making it shiny with his sex juice.

I didn't want to come just yet and the way he was working me I knew I would so I grabbed his ass and pulled him off of me.

Anton: Is everything OK?

Me: Yeah, I just think it's time to give you some attention.

He smiled and nodded. I grabbed him and carried him over to the bed where I laid him down on his back. I jumped up on the bed on all fours and immediately took his hard cock into my mouth licking it clean with my tongue. The taste was so sweet, young cum so fresh and clean. His head moved from side to side on the pillow as I sucked him off.

As I began to bob up and down on his cock he raised his strong legs and rested his calves on my shoulders exposing his tight asshole for me. I took the hint and thrust my middle finger inside him as I began to finger fuck him and suck him off simultaneously. Just as my finger was starting to establish a rhythm in his ass his cock exploded in my mouth squirting copious amounts of his sweet boy juice over my tongue and down my throat. He grabbed another pillow from beside him and muffled his mouth as he loudly moaned as he came.

As his explosions lessened I withdrew my finger from his ass and his cock from my mouth.

Anton: That was really great Mr. James.

Me: You've got a great taste kid.

He smiled again, a nice smile boyish smile.

Anton: Now it's your turn.

Me: Put the uniform back on.

He nodded and jumped off the bed. He retrieved the green and white uniform from the floor and put it back on. He already had on his socks and cleats.

Me: Now get up on the bed on all fours.

He complied and assumed the position. I came up behind him, naked, and placed my hands on his tight ass. It felt good, nice and hard like an athlete. I grabbed his shorts and pulled them down around his knees exposing that same perfect ass, muscular and smooth. I grabbed at the two perfect globes and spread them apart exposing his lightly hairy ridge and waiting hole. With my thumb I gently prodded his hole watching it open to greet the intruder. I reached down and grabbed some precum from my cock and smeared it on his hole. He was ready now.

I took my cock and with one deliberate thrust put myself inside of Anton filling him until my pubes were smashed against the smooth flesh of his ass. He sucked in his breath as I penetrated him. I knelt there frozen for a minute as I felt his tightness encompassing my throbbing cock. (How sweet to be inside a 13-year-old athlete!)

I slowly withdrew and then thrusted back into him letting him feel every inch of me. I established a rhythm and he began to push back to meet each of my thrusts. We were in perfect synchronicity, each one feeling the others movements. My hands grabbed at his waist and then slid around to feel the flexing of his stomach muscles as I fucked him faster and faster.

His head moved wildly as he whimpered like a newborn pup as I continued to plow him. My cock was swelling making his ass all the more tight as I approached my orgasm.

Me: I'm close kid. You ready?

Anton: Yes Mr. James. Do it. Do it now!

The sound of his voice begging me to come sent me over the edge and I burst forth into his gut. Long streams of hot man cum shot deep inside of him as I buried myself in his ass. My cock throbbed and twitched and delivered pulse after pulse of my juice. Anton felt this and let out a loud yelp that I'm sure was heard all the way down in the lobby.

Fully spent I pulled out of the kid and gave his ass a good slap with my wet rock-hard cock. I grabbed his waist and flipped him onto his back. Still on my knees I crept up the bed until my cock was right over his face then bent over. He stuck out his tongue and began to lap at my jism soaked penis licking it clean. When he had finished I leaned down and kissed his full mouth tasting both him and myself on his lips.

We continued to make out for a few minutes before he got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. I got up and pulled my boxers back on and sat on the couch with a cigarette. A few moments later he came out of the bathroom all clean and came over to me and kissed me on the mouth once more.

Anton: I had a good time Mr. James.

Me: Me too Anton. You're a very cool kid.

One more kiss and he was out the door. I finished my cigarette and went and laid down on my bed reflecting on the past hour. A few minutes later there was a knock on my door. I figured Anton had forgotten something. I jumped up and went to the door.

Christopher: Hey Mister. You busy?