fiction by Sean O'Malley
Christopher?!? It was like he read my mind. There he was standing just outside of my hotel room wearing the cutest board shorts and tank-top, holding a skateboard in one hand and a backpack over the other shoulder.

Me: Christopher? Get in here.

He came in and I closed the door behind us. He dropped his backpack and board and ran into my open arms. It was so nice to have his head pressed against my chest again. My hands wandered over his back and down to his hard little butt. He giggled a bit as I squeezed the hard orbs beneath his long shorts. After a few seconds we broke our hug and sat on the end of the bed.

Me: I'm so glad you stopped by. I was missing you already.

Christopher: I know. My older brother works the phones at the agency. He told me you called lookin' for me tonight. Guess you got Anton instead--I saw him on my way up. I didn't want to disturb you two.

Me: I'm just glad you came. Can you stay?

Christopher: It's my day off. I can stay all night.

Me: Won't your parents be worried about you?

Christopher: My parents are dead a few years now. My older brother, Nate, takes care of me. I told him all about you and that I probably wouldn't be home tonight. He just told me to call to let him know where I am.

Me: I'm sorry to hear about your parents, but I'm glad your brother takes such good care of you.

Christopher: Yeah, he's the best big brother. We do calls together sometimes too. Lots of guys get off on that.

I was intrigued by this idea, but in the meantime I had to make the most of my time with my own little angel. I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his mouth to mine. We kissed each other softy at first then more passionately as our hands started to explore the other's body. I slipped my hand beneath his tank-top and rubbed his the soft skin that covered the hard muscles of his chest and stomach. His body was still hairless and my hand glided across it with great ease. I pinched his small nipples until they were hard to my touch then went and rubbed the ridges of his strong abs.

Christopher: You wanna get into the hot tub, Toby?

I loved the sound of my name coming from the lips of my favorite boy.

Me: Yeah. Let me fill it up.

I ran over to the hot tub and started the water running. I put a few drops of shampoo into the mix to get some nice bubbles going. I looked over and Christopher was just standing there looking at me with those big brown eyes.

Christopher: Ain't ya gonna undress me tonight?

Me: You know I am.

He smiled and let out a soft laugh. I walked over and got on my knees in front of him. I sucked in my breath in anticipation as I looked him over. I put my hands on his shoulders and ran them down his strong, smooth arms until I had his rough gymnast hands in mine. I grabbed them and brought them to my mouth where I kissed each one, then I placed them back at his sides.

Me: You know you are a very sexy boy, don't you?

He nodded a modest nod and smiled his crooked little smile. I ran my hands down the front of his tank-top and grabbed the bottom seam. Slowly I pulled it up exposing his stomach, then his chest and eventually pulling it over his head. I leaned in and kissed each nipple softly then swirled my tongue around the hard bumps of flesh. (Christopher laughed a bit as his nipples were very ticklish.) I took a moment to drink in the beauty of my strong, young athlete's torso.

I ran my hands softly over his body as I grabbed the top of his long shorts and unbuttoned and unzipped them exposing my boy's tight white underwear. I let go of the shorts and they fell to the ground. Christopher grabbed my shoulders and stepped out of them. With the back of my hand I felt the small bump in his underwear, rubbing it a bit and feeling it harden at my touch.

I untied each skater shoe and pulled them off, then held Christopher's side as I pulled off each sock. I ran my hands down his bare muscular legs and felt their strength, strong well beyond their thirteen years. Gymnastics had been very good to my boy. Standing there before me in just his underwear he looked almost Olympian, like a very small Greek god.

I reached around and grabbed at his small ass again, this time running my fingers between the two cheeks pulling them apart. I let my fingers stray under his briefs and onto his ass grabbing one cheek and pulling it open to allow my other hand to find and stimulate his tight, small hole. Christopher let out a slight gasp as I found his sweet spot. I looked up at him and saw his eyes closed and a dreamy expression on his face.

The water in the hot tub was near the top so I left my angel standing there and went to turn off the spout. I returned to Christopher and knelt in front of him again grabbing his briefs and pulling them to the floor. His penis--all 4 inches and wet--slapped up against his hard stomach making a loud thud sound. I leaned in and kissed the head licking it clean. Then, I stood up in front of the boy.

Me: Your turn to undress me.

Christopher got a huge smile on his face and hooked his thumbs under my boxers and pulled them to the floor. My cock--all 7 inches and wet too--slapped up against my hairy stomach with a similar thud. Christopher grabbed it in his hand and wrapped his mouth around the flared head, sucking it clean.

Christopher: I like the taste of you Toby. Not all guys taste good like you do.

Me: I'm glad you like it. It's all yours.

With that we jumped into the hot tub splashing some of the bubbly water on the tile floor. When we were both in we immediately embraced and started to make out, kissing each other and rubbing our bodies together like two rutting animals in love. Christopher's tongue wandered through my mouth lazily as we looked into each other's open eyes. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him closer to me as I jabbed at his mouth with my tongue. The taste of this thirteen-year-old boy was intoxicating to me. I felt as if I was falling in love with him.

Christopher broke our long kiss.

Christopher: I love kissin' you Toby. I've never loved kissin' this much, but with you it's different...better.

The kid had really gotten to me. Not just his beautiful body and angelic face but the way he talked and felt. I sat down on one of the seats in the tub and pulled him onto my lap facing me. He knelt on either side of me and our cocks commingled in the warm water. He wrapped his hands around the back of my neck and held on as I explored his hard body some more with my big hands.

Me: You're like a little bodybuilder you know that?

Christopher: Yeah that's what my brother says. Gymnastics is hard work.

One of my hands had trailed down his body and was wrapped around his hard cock under the water.

Christopher: If you jack me off much more I'm gonna cum.

Me: Is that a promise?

Christopher let out a loud laugh and flashed me a big devilish grin. I let go of his cock and let my hand grab his small balls. I rolled them around delicately in my hand.

Christopher: Oh, I love havin' my balls played with too...

Without warning Christopher moaned and two small puddles of pure white cum floated to the top of the water. Christopher's head went back and his mouth was agape for a few seconds after he came. When he came back around he dove into my mouth attacking my tongue with his with renewed vigor. His hands held my head firmly against his with such strength had I wanted to get away I would not have been able to. Luckily, I wasn't going anywhere.

As we kissed my hands went back to his smooth hard ass and began to explore his small boy hole beneath the water. I spread him apart and let my fingers graze over his tight hole lightly tantalizing it with my touch. When the moment was right I took my middle finger and pressed it slowly until it had entered him. His tongue froze in my mouth as I pressed deeper and deeper until I had fully penetrated him with my finger. I let it sit there for awhile allowing his tight ass to adjust to the intruder. He pulled away from my mouth.

Me: I this OK, little guy?

Christopher: Yes (he replied breathlessly). Yes, it's very OK.

I started to slide out and his eyes closed again, his mouth agape in an "awe" shape. I let my finger slide out completely and just rubbed it against his hungry hole tracing its shape. When I sensed he was ready I thrust it back in him letting the remaining fingers of my hand slap at his ass.

Christopher: Oh yeah, Toby. Fuck me like I'm a bad boy.

With that he submerged his head in the hot tub and took my cock into his mouth. His ass jutted back and I started to fuck it more rapidly now as the boy worked my cock with his mouth and tongue. Bent over his ass was fully spread and his hole opened to my touch. I began to penetrate him in the same rhythm that he had going on my cock. My finger slid in an out so easily now and I could feel the warm friction building in his tight hole.

Christopher came up from the water and took a quick breath then went back down on me determined to drink my cum. His free hand was wrapped around his own still hard cock. I was close to cumming and I wanted him to drink every last drop. He came up for one last breath and when he went back down I unleashed my orgasm filling his small boy mouth with shots of man cum long and deep. My finger was fucking his small ass with lightning speed as I exploded into my favorite little guy. He took every drop, jut as I had hoped, and swallowed like a trooper.

He came back up from the water, my finger still buried in his ass.

Christopher: I like the taste of your cum too Toby. All of you tastes good.

Me: You're a spectacular kid you know that?

Christopher: Really? Thanks Toby. (He paused) Will you fuck me just a little more?

He bent back over and rested his head on my chest right between my nipples. I started working his small ass slowly again and increased my speed gradually. His hand was still wrapped around his hard cock.

Christopher: I think I'm gonna cum again.

He started to moan and sigh louder and louder as I fucked him until he let out a long grunt and shot his load into the water. I pulled out of his ass and held him tightly against my chest as his heavy breathing gradually subsided. I ran my hand over his wet head and down his soft back. After a few minutes he had finally recovered. We kissed lightly for a few more minutes.

Christopher: That was incredible. The best ever. No one's ever done me like that before. I never bottom for anyone, but I really like you.

Me: I really like you too. You're my special little guy.

Just then the phone rang.

Christopher: You expectin' anyone?

Me: No.

I jumped out of the hot tub and answered the phone.

Me: It's for you.

I took the phone over to the hot tub and handed it to Christopher.

Christopher: Yeah?...I'm fine...I'm sure...Is it OK if I spend the night?...Yes, I'm sure...Yes...Yes...OK I'll see you tomorrow...I love you too...Good night...Bye. That was my brother checking up on me. I told him you were cool, but he still worries.

Me: Well, he is like a parent. I can see why he'd worry. Did you say you two do calls together?

Christopher: Yeah we have. Why are you interested?

He got that devilish grin back on his face.

Me: I might be.

Christopher: I can give him a call right now if you want.

Me: No, it can wait til tomorrow. Tonight you're all mine.