fiction by Sean O'Malley
Christopher and I did spend the whole night together just making out mostly. We'd stop to take a short nap wrapped up I each other's arms then awake to more kissing and other more intimate stuff. Around 3AM we called for room service since we both hadn't eaten in hours and were equally famished. The waiter brought up the tray and looked kind of strangely at us as he set it up on the big dining table in the main room of the suite. I guess he was wondering what my 13-year-old son was doing up at 3AM walking around in an oversized bathrobe. If only he knew. I think the more than ample tip I gave him quelled any questions he may have had.

After eating, Christopher and I lay back in bed and just talked for a few hours before we eventually fell asleep curled up in a nice naked ball, our limbs intertwined. We woke up about 11AM and I asked Christopher what he wanted to do with his day.

Christopher: I'd love to ride the roller coasters, even the one on top of The Stratosphere--that one looks so awesome.

Me: You mean you've never ridden the rides here?

Christopher: No. I guess you don't do the touristy things when you live here. Plus I'm too young to go by myself and Nate never wants to go. Will you take me Toby? Please?

He drew out the "pleasssse" and folded his hands as if he were praying. It was so cute I just wanted to scoop him up and take him right there.

Me: How could I say `No' to that cute little face. Get dressed and we'll go.

He ran over to me and gave me the biggest tightest hug a boy can give. He ran into the other room and grabbed his backpack slinging it over his shoulder and running back into the bedroom his little cock slapping against his hard stomach as he jogged. He set his backpack down and picked out some clothes--khaki shorts, a red and white polo and cute little red undies. He placed his clothes very carefully on the edge of the bed and looked them over seemingly making sure they went together in a pleasing manor. I watched as the whole process played out. After a few seconds of looking, he seemed to decide everything was OK.

Christopher: Do you wanna dress me today?

Me: No, I think I'll just watch today if that's OK.

He nodded his head `Sure' and went about getting dressed. First pulling on his tight red undies and making sure everything was adjusted just right, then pulling up his khakis. Lastly he pulled his polo over his head and he was ready. He looked at me and saw me smiling at him. He smiled back a big "kid smile".

Christopher: Hurry up. We gotta go!

I let out a light laugh at his order. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and rubbed my eyes. I then got up and got dressed for my little guy in no time flat.

That day we spent the whole afternoon riding the rides at New York and The Stratosphere the later of the two almost killing me it was so scary. Christopher had a great time, I think he laughed the whole afternoon. It was nice to see him so happy and carefree. It was at that point that I felt myself falling hard for the kid.

We got back to the room about 6PM and he called his brother again to check in. As he was dialing I stopped him.

Me: Why don't you see if your brother wants to come over for dinner tonight? We can order room service again.

The kid loved his room service.

Christopher: Room service? I think that would work, he's supposed to be off tonight. Do you want us both tonight?

Me: No, nothing like that. Just see if he wants to come over for dinner. We'll see where it leads, but no pressure.

I cupped the back of his head and rubbed it a little.

Christopher: You know, I know this sounds weird, but I think I really love you Toby.

If you could have seen my face at that moment. It was like I had just won the lottery and was elected President at the same moment. Fireworks went off in my head, bells rang... You get the idea.

Me: I love you too Christopher. Very, very much.

He moved his lips to mine and kissed me very softly, just our lips barely touching, brushing against one another. He pulled back and looked me in the eyes.

Christopher: Do you still want me to call Nate?

Me: Yes, please do. I have something to talk to you two about.

He grabbed the phone again and dialed his brother. For the next few hours Christopher and were cuddled up on the couch watching TV and just feeling each other's closeness. Around 9PM there was a knock on the door. I opened it and found another cute boy standing there. Christopher jumped off the couch and ran to the door.

Christopher: Hey Nate. Come in. This is Toby.

He looked me straight in the eye and put out his hand to shake mine. I grabbed it and found that it had the same roughness as his little brother's.

Me: Hi Nate it's nice to finally meet you.

Nate: Nice to meet you too Mr. James.

Me: Please call me Toby.

Nate: Yes, Toby. Nice to meet you. Chris has told me lots about you.

Christopher: Guess what we did today Nate.

Nate shook his head.

Christopher: We rode the roller coaster at The Stratosphere.

Nate: No way! You went up there?

Christopher: Yeah and it was AWESOME!

The two of them discussed the rest of the days activities as I watched them interact with each other. You could tell that there was a strong bond between them and that Nate was always looking out for his little brother. When the roller coaster talk had died down I invited Nate to join us in the sitting area of the suite. Nate took the large chair and Christopher and I took the couch. I put my arm around him and he cuddled up into my side.

We talked for awhile about different things, life in Vegas, working for the service, gymnastics. Turned out Nate was All-State in gymnastics his last two years in high school.

Me: So how old are you now Nate?

Nate: I'm 21.

Me: Are you still into gymnastics?

Nate: Yeah I coach now some of the younger guys, like Chris.

Christopher: He's a great coach too.

Nate smiled at the compliment.

Me: Can I get you something to drink, Nate?

Nate: Sure. I'll take a beer if you got it.

Me: I'm sure there's one in the minibar.

I got up and walked over to the minibar hearing the whispers behind my back. I grabbed a beer and walked back to the sitting area handing it to Nate.

Me: Here ya go. So what did I miss?

Nate: I was just telling Chris that you seem like a nice guy. You wouldn't believe some of the freaks we meet on our calls.

I sat back on the couch and pulled Christopher into me, then looked at Nate.

Me: You know I had an idea today while Christopher and I were walking around. How about I buy a condo on the strip for you and your little brother to live in.

Christopher sat up and looked at me then over at his big brother. Nate was skeptical, you could tell.

Nate: Really? What's in it for you?

Me: That's a fair question. First off I'd know that the two of you were safe. Christopher told me that you live in an apartment off of Freemont now? And second, I'd have a place to stay when I come back to see Christopher. It's a good deal for all of us. I'd even provide you with spending money so you wouldn't have to take calls anymore. You could go to college full-time Nate if you wanted to. And Christopher could just have fun like a kid.

Nate: Are you a millionaire or something? And why do you care about me?

Me: I make a very good living and I have no family of my own. I care about you Nate because Christopher loves you a great deal. What do you say?

Nate: It is a good deal, and Christopher is very into you. Can we have a day to think about it?

Me: Take all the time you need... Should we order dinner now?

Christopher: Yeah I'm starving!

Me & Nate: You're always starving.

Nate and I both laughed.

Me: He is isn't he?


After a long dinner of lobster and Porterhouse steaks we retired back to the sitting area in our previous positions. I put my hand on Christopher's stomach and rubbed his "lobster & steak bloated tummy". He grabbed the remote and turned on the TV.

Christopher: Hey Transformers is on. Can we watch it?

Me: Sure if Nate doesn't mind.

Nate: It's cool with me. That's a pretty good movie.

Christopher: You've seen it?

The brothers talked over the opening FBI warning and credits about who had seen it and when and with whom. It was nice to see them interacting so casually with each other in front of me. I was beginning to feel like a father to them. Suddenly, Christopher jumped up off the coach and ran into the bedroom. A few minutes later he emerged wearing one of the bathrobes we had been wearing the previous night. It was too big for him, but he had the sleeves rolled up just enough. He jumped back onto the coach and back into my grasp. I put my hand under the top of the robe and onto his chest tapping it lightly. I looked over at Nate and he just smiled at me letting me know everything was cool with him.

We watched the whole movie just like that, each in our own position. As the final credits rolled Nate got up and used the bathroom. I took the opportunity to lean down and give Christopher a kiss and a little nipple twist. When Nate came back we were both back in our original positions.

Nate: Well I better be heading home.

Me: You're not going home now are you? It's late...after midnight already.

Christopher: Don't go now Nate. Stay here tonight. If it's OK with Toby.

Me: Of course it's OK with me. I don't want my boys going to that side of town in the middle of the night.

Nate: Are you sure it's no trouble?

Me: If it was I wouldn't offer. You're staying here tonight.

Christopher: Yay! It's like a party. Let's go in the hot tub!

The kid loved the hot tub.

Nate: I don't have any swim trunks with me.

Christopher: You don't need any silly. We can go in naked.

Me: If that's OK with you Nate.

Nate: When in Rome...

Christopher already had the water running in the hot tub and had stripped out of his bathrobe as he leaned over testing the water. Nate and I looked at each other.

Nate: He's always like this.

Me: I've noticed. It's kind of sweet.

Nate: Yeah I guess it is.

I started getting undressed. Nate followed my lead and did the same. In seconds all three of us were standing by the hot tub waiting for it to fill. Now I guess I should describe Nate to give you an idea as to what I involved with. Nate was like a larger 5'10'' version of Christopher--strong arms, chest and a tight flat stomach. Nate, unlike Christopher, had a nice patch of hair between his flat pecs and a nice "treasure trail" from his belly button to his pubes which were thick and pitch black like the hair on his head. His penis hung there flacid at about 4 inches and nicely thick accompanied by two low hanging balls also covered in pitch black hair. The same kind of hair appeared in both his armpits which made him very sexy to me. I could only imagine who could have spawned two such beautiful boys.

The hot tub was finally full and thew three of us jumped in, Christopher first of course. I sat on one of the seats and Nate sat opposite of me our legs kind of intertwined without touching. Christopher came over and sat on my lap, I wrapped my hands around his mid-section and pulled him tight.

Me: Nice isn't it?

Nate: Yeah it feels really good.

There was a slight pause as we enjoyed the jets and the warm water.

Nate: You know I've been thinking about your offer.

Me: yes?

Nate: Yeah. I think it's one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for us--for me and Chris.

Me: Well, I think a lot of both of you. Christopher has told me a lot about you. He talks about you all the time.

Christopher: It's true.

Nate: I think we'll take you up on that offer, Toby. As long as we can pay you back somehow.

Me: You don't need to pay me back. Just knowing you're both safe and happy is enough for me. Plus, don't forget. I'll have a place to stay in Vegas too.

Nate: You're a very nice man, Toby.

Me: Well you two boys make me very happy.

Nate smiled and ran his foot up my calf.

Nate: I'd like to make you even happier.

Now it was my turn to smile. Christopher turned around and looked me.

Christopher: I like to make you happy too.

Me: Nate, why don't you come sit here next to me.

He waded across the tub and sat on the seat next to me nestling his head under my arm. His dewy, curly black hair resting on my shoulder.

Me: This is nice. Me and my two boys.