fiction by Sean O'Malley
The three of us sat in the hot tub cuddled up together. I had one hand gently stroking the small patch of hair in the crevasse between Nate's firm pecs while the other fondled Christopher's small but very firm cock. Nate turned his head and began to softly kiss my neck with his full soft lips sending shivers all over my body. I could feel his tongue licking my neck in between kisses. I let my hand wander down his body over his deep abs and belly button, following the trail of thick black hairs until it landed on his very long and throbbing cock. I wrapped my hand around it and began to slowly stroke him. Two boy cocks in my hands--I was in heaven!

We all sat there exploring each other's bodies for a long while. Christopher wrapped both his hands around my cock and began to pleasure me like a pro as Nate moved to his mouth and the two of them began to kiss. It was very erotic to watch the two brothers kissing each other and loving it so much just inches from my face. In a second they both turned around and we engaged in a three-way kiss, tongues all touching and caressing, our lips brushing up against the others for just a passing moment.

Nate: (whispering) I love this Papa. You make me feel so good.

Christopher: Me too, Papa.

Me: Yeah, call me Papa. I like that.

We all went back to our tongue orgy, Nate and I giving Christopher, the smallest of us three, the most attention. I let go of my boys cocks and began to stroke their damp heads pulling them close in turns to feel their mouths with my tongue. Both of my boys tasted great--Nate, a little like beer and Christopher like orange juice, sweet and tangy.

After a few minutes of deep kissing we all pulled away and, licking our lips, looked at each other and grinned. Then the boys went back to their previous places Christopher on my lap leaning against my chest and Nate under my arm.

Me: I really love you boys, you know that don't you?

Nate & Christopher: Yes, Papa.

Me: I want you boys to be just like my sons.

Nate: I want that too.

Christopher: Can we get out of this hot tub now?

Christopher always was the young impatient one.

Me: Of course my little guy. Why don't you get us some towels. Be careful on the wet floor.

Christopher jumped out of the hot tub sliding across the wet floor like he was on his skateboard and ran to the bathroom to fetch some towels.

Nate: You know you're way nicer than our real dad was to us.

Me: Really? Was he mean to you guys?

Nate: Not mean just not there. I think austere is the word.

Me: Well you don't have to worry about me. I'm very loving and I'll always be there for you guys.

Nate: I see that, Papa. I'm glad you came into our lives.

I leaned over and kissed the kid on the top of his head just as Christopher came running back into the room with three towels piled in his arms. He could barely see over them.

Christopher: Here you guys go.

He sat them on the edge of the tub and took the top one and wrapped it around his waist. It looked like a floor length skirt and Nate and I both chuckled under our breath.

Christopher: What?

Me: Nothing little guy. You just look very cute I your skirt.

Christopher smiled and ran off like he was on a catwalk modeling the latest fashion.

Me: He's a good kid. You did a good job raising him.

Nate: Thanks. It wasn't easy but thanks.

I grabbed Nate on the shoulder and we both stood up and grabbed our towels. Christopher catwalked back in to the room.

Christopher: Come on you guys. Look what's on TV!

Nate and I wrapped our towels around our waists and headed into the sitting room. There on the TV was some sort of band made up of three very cute boys.

Christopher: It's the Jonas Brothers. They're my favorite!!

Christopher dropped his towel to the floor and began to do a little dance to the song that was coming out of the speakers. I was torn between watching the cute boys on the TV and the cute naked boy dancing just inches from me. I split the difference and looked at Nate.

Nate: Yes, he's always like this.

Me: Cute though, isn't he?

Nate: He's very cute. I love the kid very much.

Me: Me too.

The song came to an end and Christopher fell on the floor apparently exhausted from his dance. I went over to him and picked him up in my arms. Pulling his stomach to my face I gave him a raspberry right on his belly. He burst out laughing just like a little kid would.

Me: So you like the Jonas Brothers huh?

Christopher: I luv em! Can we go see them when they come to town?

Me: You know I think we'll have to.

Christopher: That would be awesome Papa! I like calling Papa, it's pretty cool. Do you like it too Nate?

Nate: Yes I do, Chris. I think we've found our new Papa.

Christopher: Yay...Is it playtime now?

Christopher was never one to mince words and we all knew what playtime meant.

Me: Since this is Nate's first time we should let him decide.

Nate: I just watched the Jonas Brothers, I'm ready for playtime.

He stood up and dropped his towel to the floor exposing his thick, hard and at least 9-inch dick. It stood straight out from his pubic bush and seemed to be throbbing in a hypnotic manner. I put Christopher back on his feet, his always-hard cock laying firmly against his stomach. I started toward the bedroom beckoning the boys with my finger. Once inside I laid down on the bed still clad in my towel.

Me: Why don't you boys come unwrap your Papa.

They both jumped up on the bed, one on either side of me. Nate grabbed the towel and opened his side while Christopher did the same to his. My cock lay between my two large balls, semi-hard and quickly expanding. Nate took it in his hand and squeezed it before he dove onto it taking it all into his mouth. I quickly inflated to my full size and became extremely rigid as Nate worked me over orally. Christopher knelt between my legs and sucked my balls, one at a time, into his mouth as Nate continued to give me a heavenly blowjob. I put my hands behind my head and watched as my two boys made love to me. The scene was definitely one that I had dreamt about most of my life--to have two beautiful boys making love to me together. The fact that I really loved these boys made it all the better.

A few minutes into this scene, Christopher and Nate switched places. Nate's larger mouth could accommodate both of my balls at the same time and I watched as his cheeks bulged out as he worked me over. Christopher sucked on the head of my cock licking my sensitive spot on the underside just like he knew I loved. I took my hands from behind my head and started to play with my nipples getting them nice and hard and sensitive to my touch. Nate saw this and dropped my balls from his mouth. He scooted up the bed and latched on to my left nipple, sucking and tonguing and biting at it with his teeth. The sensation was incredible and I started to squirm causing my cock to pop out of Christopher's mouth and begin to shoot my load straight up into the air. The first shot landed squarely on my stomach hair. The second shot went higher into the air and landed on my chest and Nate's cheek. At this point Christopher managed to get my twitching cock back into his mouth and he captured the rest of my spunk, swallowing it all.

I reached down and got my cum from Nate's cheek with my thumb and offered it to him. He hungrily took it into his mouth and sucked it clean.

Nate: Um. You taste good Papa.

Christopher: Yeah you do. I like your juice.

I pulled the boys close to me one of either side. Christopher ran his finger through the cum on my stomach and brought it to his mouth licking it clean. He continued this until I was clean and he was full. It gave me a few moments to catch my breath after such a hard-pounding orgasm.

Once I had recovered, I looked down the bed and saw 2 still very hard cocks waiting for their Papa to service them. I jumped up and knelt on the end of the bed looking at the boys.

Me: OK. Who's gonna be first? Now, Nate is older, but Christopher is arguably cuter. No offense, Nate.

Nate: The kid's cute what can I say.

I crept up the bed until I was kneeling directly between them. I grabbed both cocks, one in each hand and gave them a god squeeze. Both boys were extremely hard and dripping pre-cum. I slowly began to jack them both off teasing them a bit at first. I stopped and took my index finger and swabbed some of the pre-cum from Nate's cock. I tasted it--very nice, salty and spicy. I did the same to Christopher, sweet as always just like him.

Nate: Who wins the taste test?

Nate had a great sense of humor. I gave it some thought.

Me: I think I need a bigger taste.

I leaned over and took Christopher into my mouth swirling my tongue around his candy-coated cockhead. I savored every drop of flavor before I took all of him into my mouth and sucked hard. He let out a soft gasp as I deep throated him. After a few seconds I let him go. I leaned back up and rolled his taste around in my mouth.

Next, I took Nate's cock into my mouth and sucked on his head tasting the spicy gel that covered it. There was no way I could deep throat Nate so I took as much as I could and gave him a good suck. After a few moments I leaned back up and savored his taste.

Nate: Well, who wins.

Me: I'm gonna have to go with Christopher on this one.

Nate: I demand a re-count.

He laughed.

Me: The kid tastes like candy. See for yourself.

I took my finger and dabbed it in the pre-cum pooled atop Christopher's cock. I then offered this finger to Nate who greedily took it into his mouth and licked it clean.

Nate: Wow. It really does taste like candy. Pretty cool, kid.

Christopher: I try.

Nate took his hands from his sides and placed them behind his head exposing his armpits covered with tufts of black hair.

Me: Sorry Christopher. Hairy armpits trumps candy cum.

With that I smiled at Christopher before I dove onto Nate's hard, veiny cock. I took as much of the long tube as I could without choking making it about two-thirds the way down. I looked up and saw those hairy armpits again and felt my cock start to expand again. This kid had hair in all the right places. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and started to massage him as I worked him with my mouth. I could feel his cock getting thicker the more I played with him and looking up at him I saw his eyes closed and his mouth agape. I could tell he was enjoying this.

A few minutes later I took him from my mouth and looked up to see the two boys engaged in a deep loving kiss. Christopher was holding his hard cock in his hand as he kissed his brother passionately. I went back down on Nate who I feared was not going to last much longer. His cock had nearly doubled in thickness since I first took him into my mouth. I grabbed his ample balls in my hand and massaged them softly as I continued to suck him off. Every few moments I'd look up to watch the two brothers--my two boys--making out.

Suddenly I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw Christopher's cock erupting onto Nate's belly. The two boys continued to make out as the younger boy came. Nate's hands moved from behind his head to the back of Christopher's head as he held his little brother's mouth close to his own. I went back down on Nate taking him deeper than I had so far, feeling his thick public bush on my lips and began to run my lips up and down his long pole.

I felt Nate's body stiffen and within seconds his cock was shooting long streams of spicy cum over my tongue and down my throat. He must have cum for 2 minutes sending gallons of sperm into my gut, his cock engorged beyond belief. All the while he was kissing his little brother holding him tight against his face.

When I felt his cockhead slightly soften and saw that he had released his brother from their kiss, I let his cock slip from my mouth.

Me: Dessert!

I dove onto Nate's hard stomach and licked up Christopher's cum too.

Nate: Damn Toby, that was the best blowjob ever. I'm gonna have to watch the Jonas Brothers before sex more often.

He let out a loud laugh and sat up pulling my mouth to his and engaging me in a long deep kiss.