fiction by Sean O'Malley
That first night that I spent with Nate and Christopher was to be one of the greatest nights of my life. The next morning, true to my word, the three of us went to the condo sales office on Tropicana and, after looking at 5 or 6 different floorplans, decided on a beautiful 4 bedroom 5 bathroom unit on the 51st floor overlooking the strip and 2 floors below the rooftop pool/beach. Within the week the three of us had moved into our new home and were pretty settled in. We went shopping a lot and got everything just the way we wanted it right down to the Jonas Brothers poster on Christopher's wall. We were all very happy.

I managed to sell my house in L.A. and moved into the Vegas condo full-time moving my business without a hitch. About a month after I moved I was in my home office going over some spreadsheets I had done for a client when in walked Christopher. As usual he looked cuter than anything I had ever seen with his long denim shorts and black t-shirt both by Tony Hawk (one of his many idols).

Christopher: Hey Papa, are you busy right now?

Me: I'm never too busy for my favorite little guy. What is it?

Christopher walked in and jumped up into my lap. He seemed to be kind of down.

Christopher: What `cha workin' on?

Me: Oh, just some things for a new client I have.

Christopher: What do you do exactly Papa?

Me: Well, I'm a consultant. When someone has a problem with their business they come to me and I help them solve it.

Christopher: Oh. I kinda have a problem.

Me: What is it Christopher? You know I'll do anything I can to help you.

Christopher: I know Papa. It's kind of embarrassing though.

Me: That's OK you can tell me anything.

Christopher: Well you see, I think my penis is too small. I see you and Nate and you guys are huge and I feel so tiny.

Me: You gotta understand that Nate & I are much older than you. You're still a growing boy. And I think your penis is pretty big for your age. Do you want to measure it and see?

Christopher: Can we?

Me: Sure. Run into the kitchen and get the tape measure out of the sewing kit.

He jumped off of my lap and ran down the hall into the kitchen. If a few seconds I heard the scampering of little feet and he was back in my office. He held out his hand and handed me the tape measure, then he undid his shorts and dropped them to the floor. Underneath he had on the cutest little black boxer briefs that clung to his tight muscular body. He stepped out of his shorts and came over to me in my desk chair.

Christopher: You can take off my underwear Papa. I know how you like to do that.

A big smile came across my face and I reached over and pulled his underwear down to the ground as slowly as I could. His little penis came into view and I could feel myself starting to become erect.

Christopher: See how small it is.

Me: Well, it's still soft. You measure when it's fully hard.

He reached down and wrapped his hand around his cock and brought it to full-size in a matter of seconds.

Me: See that's better. Let me measure it now.

I took the tape and held it at the base of his cock and pulled it out to the tip of the head.

Me: Four and a half inches. That's huge for a kid of 13.

Christopher: Really? Is it huge?

Me: You're a huge kid. I say so. Does it bother you when I call you my "little guy"? Cause I can stop if it does.

Christopher: No, don't stop I love that name. That's your special name for me and I love it.

Me: Good I love it too. Now who wants some porno time?

Christopher: Me! I do!

Christopher stepped out of his underwear and ran down the hall to the media room where we had set up a large screen and a projector hooked up to our DVD player. I got up and made my way down to the room too dropping my shorts along he way.

Me: What do you want to watch today?

Christopher: Arabesque, Arabesque!!

Arabesque was an all-Arab film featuring some very sexy Middle Eastern men that Christopher had become fond of ever since he developed a crush on our Egyptian doorman, Ahkmed. I agreed with him and grabbed the DVD off of the shelf and put it in. Christopher plopped down on the couch and patted the seat next to him as he looked at me. I dropped my underwear and t-shirt and took my place next to my boy.

Christopher knew the story by heart and did a comical narration as the DVD started. I leaned over and gave him a little kiss on the cheek as he spoke then much to his surprise I took his hand from his cock and took in into my mouth. It was then that I felt something I lifted off of my boy and looked up to face him.

Me: Hey bud, you've got some nice new pubes coming in down here.

Christopher: Do I really?!?

He took his hands and felt around his cock and balls.

Me: Looks like my little guy is becoming a man.

Christopher smiled his big kid smile, the one that showed off all of his teeth.

Christopher: Wow that feels so cool.

Me: Yep, pretty soon you'll be as hairy as Mohammed up there on the screen.

Christopher: You really think so?

Me: Well, you might want to give it a few years.

I leaned over and mussed his sandy brown hair while I gave him another peck on the cheek.


Later that evening Christopher and I went out to dinner at his favorite restaurant in the Luxor casino. It was just 2 blocks down so we walked enjoying the warm summer air. We made it back to our building around 9PM and were greeted by our doorman Ahkmed.

Ahkmed: Welcome back sir and little sir.

Christopher blushed at being singled out by the hunky stud and managed to eek out a quiet "Hello". Ahkmed called the elevator for us and made small talk until it arrived. You could see that Christopher could not take his eyes off the talk dark man's rather large package the whole time. The elevator arrived and we bid farewell to our doorman and made our way to the 51st floor.

Christopher: Did you see the bulge in his pants Papa? He must be huge. But I guess all Arabic men least they are in that DVD. I really like that DVD can watch it again tonight? I mean if you want to...

Me: Slow down little guy. I think that maybe you had too many cokes with dinner tonight. And I think maybe you have a little crush?

Christopher: A crush? On who?

Me: Maybe on Ahkmed?

Christopher: I guess maybe. He is cute isn't he?

Me: Yes, he's a very attractive man.

Christopher: Do you think he might join us for playtime sometime?

Me: I guess we could ask him, but very discreetly.

The elevator door opened and Christopher and I got out. The elevator opened right into our entryway since we had the whole 51st floor. We heard some rustling in the kitchen and a second later Nate appeared.

Nate: Where have you guys been?

Christopher: We went to the Luxor for dinner. It was really cool, you know my favorite restaurant there. I had a steak and it was really good. And on the way up we saw Ahkmed.

Me: You'll have to excuse your little brother, he's had a lot of caffeine.

Nate: I wish I could have gone with you guys, but class ran late tonight.

Me: How is school going so far?

Nate: It's great. I can't thank you enough for helping me go back Papa I really enjoy it. It's so cool to be learning again.

Me: I'm glad you like it Nate. It makes me happy to see you happy.

Christopher: Hey Nate guess what happened today?

Nate: I have no idea, what?

Christopher: I got my first pubic hairs!

His face shone with pride and Nate noticed.

Nate: No way! You gotta show me.

Right there in the kitchen Christopher undid his jeans and pulled them down to the floor then hooked his thumbs under his boxers and pulled them down to his knees.

Christopher: See.

Nate got really close until his nose was almost touching Christopher's penis.

Nate: Wow that's pretty incredible little bro. Looks like you're becoming a man.

Christopher: That's just what Papa said.

Nate looked over at me.

Me: That's what I said.

Nate: You know what will make them grow even faster?

Christopher: What?

Nate: Whipped cream.

He went over to the fridge and pulled out a can of whipped cream.

Nate: Jump up here and lay on the counter.

Christopher did as he was told. Nate took the can of whipped cream and proceeded to spray a circle around his little brother's genitals.

Nate: Now let it sit for a second.

Christopher propped himself up on his elbows, causing his abs to be displayed perfectly, and looked intently at his crotch.

Nate: Now to make them really grow it needs to be licked off.

Nate laughed and lunged onto Christopher's crotch licking off the thick cream and I the process getting it all over his face. The three of us all laughed hysterically at the sight.

Me: My turn.

I took the can and sprayed Christopher's crotch again, letting it sit for a second and then diving onto him to retrieve the cream with my mouth and in the meantime giving my little guy an erection.

Me: Looks like I win. I got it up, not that it's hard to get this little horndog up.

Nate: Tell me about it.

Nate took the can and sprayed a little rosette on the top of his brother's penis then went down on him sucking the cream and his brother's dick into his mouth. Christopher laughed loudly and gyrated on the counter.

Nate: You've never tasted so good little bro.

All Christopher could do was laugh and enjoy the attention, which he loved. We took turns spraying him and sucking on him until he eventually came in my mouth delivering a rich mixture of whipped and sweet boy cream, not unlike ambrosia, that made me a little lightheaded. I leaned over and kissed Nate deeply giving him a taste of this elegant concoction. In the end we both looked like rabid dogs.

Nate: That was delicious Toby. Thanks for sharing.

Me: My pleasure. That was fun.

Christopher: Yeah that was a lot of fun! I think my pubic hairs are growing faster already.

Nate and I looked at each other and shared a private glance.

Nate: Pretty soon you'll be as hairy as Ahkmed downstairs little brother.

Me: Ahkmed? What brought him up?

Nate: The kid has a big crush on the doorman.

Me: I didn't know you knew about that.

Nate: Oh yeah. He talks about him all the time.

Me: Do you think he might want to join us for playtime?

Nate: Probably. I get a good vibe from him. He seems to flirt with me a lot.

Me: Would you mind approaching him about it? Maybe inviting him for dinner?

Nate: I think I could convince him. Who could say no to Chris?

Me: That's true. Thanks for that son.

Nate: I love it when you call me son...We do love you Papa.

Me: I know Nate. I love you guys too. Now let's lick the hairy little guy clean and go for a swim.