fiction by Sean O'Malley
It was Thursday. But unlike every Thursday that had come before this one, this day was special--at least for Christopher. This was the day that Ahkmed was coming for dinner. All day Christopher had been running around like crazy making sure that everything was perfect for, as Nate and I had taken to calling him, "his boyfriend". Finally around 7:45PM the phone rang and it was him telling us that he was on his way up. (Ahkmed had a special passkey so we didn't have to go down and get him like we did for anyone else.)

A few minutes later, the elevator door opened and out walked the very handsome and quite studly Ahkmed in a bright red shirt and dark blue slacks. His shirt was unbuttoned just enough to see the top of his curly chest hair and his pants were just tight enough to accentuate his nice bulge. All-in-all he was a very nice looking 30-something guy.

Christopher ran up to him and gave him a big hug pressing his cheek against the man's hard stomach. Ahkmed put his arms around the kid and hugged him back.

Ahkmed: Thank you for your welcome little sir.

Ahkmed had called Christopher little sir since we first moved in. Christopher had come to really like the name and always liked hearing it come from Ahkmed's sexy voice.

We sat down to dinner, a wonderful feast of lamb prepared by Nate, and Ahkmed told us of his life back in Egypt. How he had dropped out of college to travel the world. He had lived in France and England and had just moved to Las Vegas about a year ago. The evening was a very nice one filled with good food and good conversation. Throughout dinner whenever Ahkmed would say something funny Christopher would laugh and put his hand on the man's large firm leg and kind of rub it. It was very friendly and Ahkmed seemed to respond to it favorably.

After dinner we had an incredible torte that Nate had also prepared and the grown-ups had brandy, Christopher had a glass of milk. We talked some more until it was around 10PM, Christopher's bedtime--the time he had been waiting for all week.

Christopher: Could Ahkmed tuck me in tonight, Papa?

Me: If he doesn't mind, sure.

Ahkmed: It would be my honor.

They both stood up and Christopher took Ahkmed's hand leading him to his bedroom. Nate looked over at me and gave me his knowing smile which I returned.

Christopher led Ahkmed to his room and shut the door partway behind him. He undid his shorts and dropped them to the floor kicking them into a pile of clothes across the room. He did the same with his t-shirt. That left him standing there before his secret Arab lover in just his boxers. Ahkmed looked at him and grinned, lusting after the boy that stood before him.

Ahkmed: OK, better get you in bed little sir.

He pulled back the sheet and Christopher jumped up into his bed lying down with his hands behind his head. The sight of his hairless armpits appealed to Ahkmed who could feel his cock beginning to swell in his tight pants. He sat down on the side of Christopher's bed and placed his large hairy hand on the boy's chest.

Ahkmed: You are a very beautiful boy you know?

Christopher: Thank you Ahkmed. You are a very handsome man.

The two exchanged a smile. At this point Nate and I crept to Christopher's room and listened outside the door.

Ahkmed had move his hand from Christopher's chest and rested it on the tightening crotch of his slacks where he started to rub and grab at himself as he watched the young boy watching him. Suddenly he stood up and unzipped himself. With one strong hand he fished out his semi-hard cock and brought it outside of his pants. It hung there long and fat an uncut masterpiece of Arabic art. He walked back to the side of Christopher's bed.

Ahkmed: Please little sir, I know you want to touch it.

It was more of a command than a suggestion. Christopher sat up in bed and reached out with one hand, wrapping it around the long tube his fingers barely meeting on the other side. Ahkmed reacted to his touch with a long sigh.

Ahkmed: It feels so good to have a young boy touching me again. It has been so long.

Christopher licked his lips in anticipation as began to manipulate the large cock that hung before him. He pulled back the foreskin to reveal a huge plum colored head that glistened with a single drop of pre-cum. Christopher couldn't wait and he leaned forward and with the tip of his tongue lap up the fist drop.

Ahkmed: Oh that's it. Lick me clean.

Christopher pulled the foreskin completely back and took the large purple head into his small mouth. His cheeks bulged with the entrance of the intruder and he gagged a little bit.

Ahkmed: Take your time little sir.

As Christopher was sucking on the head, Ahkmed's cock began to expand to its full size. The long brown tube grew to an enormous length and the head plumped up to at least twice the size. Christopher let it fall from his mouth, too big to take it right then.

Christopher: Your cock is so big Ahkmed. I've never seen one so big before.

At full size the cock was no less than 12 inches and a good 9 inches around. It stood there at attention bobbing up and down and glistening with a mixture of Christopher's spit and Ahkmed's early goo.

Ahkmed: Use both hands.

Christopher listened and wrapped both hands around the long shaft slowly moving the skin back and forth watching Ahkmed swoon and sigh at the attention.

Ahkmed: Put your lips around the tip.

Christopher leaned in and put his soft lips on the tip of Ahkmed's cock covering the wide piss slit with his mouth and sucking the tasty goo that was dripping out.

Ahkmed: I love the feel of a boy's soft lips on my cock. You feel so good little sir. Please keep sucking me.

Ahkmed's tone was very soft and Christopher was turned on by the hulking man's gentleness with him. Christopher took one hand from Ahkmed's cock and reached into his boxers freeing his hard boycock from its prison. Ahkmed noticed the change and looked down to see Christopher jacking himself off while he continued to work his cock. Ahkmed was turned on by the sight of Christopher's smaller penis and licked his lips.

Ahkmed: Lay back.

He put his strong hand on Christopher's shoulder and pressed him back into bed. Christopher let go of Ahkmed's throbbing cock and laid back. Ahkmed dropped to his knees and put his head directly over Christopher's rock hard cock.

Ahkmed: I haven't tasted boy cock in so long. This is going to be good.

With that he dropped his head down engulfing the boy's cock in one motion taking it deep into his mouth. The sweet aroma of Christopher flooded through his mouth and he kept from swallowing in order to enjoy the delicious taste. He grabbed his own cock in one strong hand and slowly jacked himself as he began to blow the boy in earnest. The long hairs of his beard tickled Christopher and he couldn't help but to laugh and squirm as the big man worked him over.

Christopher fought to hold back his cum for as long as he could but being a boy it was of no use. After about a minute of Ahkmed's skillful sucking he burst forth spewing his sweet boy juice into the waiting mouth of the large Arabic man on top of him. Ahkmed held every drop in his mouth savoring the flavor of young cum, rolling it around his tongue and feeling its heady nectar.

Ahkmed: You taste so sweet little sir. I think you're filled with candy.

The big man took his hands and started to tickle the boy's stomach and chest. Christopher squirmed with delight and laughed out loud like a kid half his age.

Christopher: Now it's my turn to taste you Ahkmed.

Christopher always did a gift for saying things that caught adults off guard and this was a prime example. Ahkmed stopped with the tickling and stood back by the side of the bed.

Ahkmed: How do you want me little sir?

Christopher: Stand right there.

Christopher got up on his knees by the side of the bed perfectly lined up with Ahkmed's very wet cock. First he licked it clean getting all of the prime ooze that had dripped out while Ahkmed was sucking him off. The taste was strong and not all that bad...different. Christopher liked it whatever it tasted like and he lapped at the large man's cock for minutes making sure to get it all. In the meantime Ahkmed had unbuttoned his shirt a little way and exposed his magnificent hairy chest for Christopher to see. The boy looked up and saw this and removed his hands from the large cock in front of him and ran them through the dark mat of fur on the man's chest stopping only to twist his nipples and feel the curvature of his pecs. As he did this Ahkmed grabbed his hard cock and started to pump it into the boy's waiting mouth.

Ahkmed: That's it little sir, suck on that cock. Beg for its juice to come.

Christopher took as much as he could into his small mouth and sucked as hard as he could as he continued to play with Ahkmed's strong hairy chest. He didn't know but Ahkmed loved to have his nipples played with and having such young hands on his body was driving him crazy.

Ahkmed: Oh I'm close.

He grabbed one of Christopher's hands and placed it on his hard nipple moving it back and forth over the erect flesh.

Ahkmed: Yeah that's it little sir. Suck me harder.

Christopher opened his mouth as far as it would go and managed to get almost the whole head in filling himself to the top of his throat and sucking harder than ever.

Ahkmed: Here I come little sir. Open wide!!

With that he pumped himself two more times and unleashed a torrent of come into the back of Christopher's throat that had the boy scrambling to swallow fast enough. Long shots of man cum flooded his mouth and throat causing a back up and surrounding Ahkmed's cock head with a mouthful of his own cum. Christopher took it in as fast as he could but much of it was dripping down his cheeks and onto his neck. The man seemed to cum non-stop for hours shooting stream after stream of spicy salty goo into the boy's mouth.

When Ahkmed had finally stopped cumming he popped the head of his cock out of the boy's mouth and let it stand on its own. Christopher was covered in the man's goo but he leaned forward and licked the cock clean getting what was left. Ahkmed leaned over and licked the cum from the boy's cheeks and neck his beard again causing the boy to get ticklish. He then brought his mouth to Christopher's and gave him a little kiss.

Ahkmed: Thank you little sir. That was a lot of fun.

Christopher: No, thank you. I had the most fun.

Ahkmed smiled. His cock had gone down by now and he stuffed the fat monster back into his pants and zipped up. He buttoned his shirt back up most of the way and sat back on the edge of Christopher's bed.

Ahkmed: I guess I should tuck you in now.

He grabbed the sheet and covered the boy's body with it. He ran his index finger over the boy's soft lips and said "Good Night".

When he exited Christopher's room Nate and I were back in the living room. Ahkmed wandered in and gave us a small wave.

Me: Going already Ahkmed?

Ahkmed: Yes, I have to be up very early tomorrow.

Nate: Thanks for tucking the kid in. Hope he didn't wear you out too much.

Ahkmed: No not at all. He is a nice little gentleman.

Me: Well, we'll see you tomorrow Ahkmed.

We said our goodbyes and Ahkmed left via the elevator. After I left him I went into Christopher's room to say goodnight. I sat on the edge of his bed and caressed his small head.

Me: Did you have a good time tonight?

Christopher: I guess so. Yeah, it was fun.

Me: Did you have fun with Ahkmed?

Christopher: Yeah, he's pretty cool. His penis is enormous!

Me: I bet it is. Bigger than the guys in the movie?

Christopher: I think so. Hey. Thanks for arranging that. It was like a fantasy come true.

Me: Thank your brother, he set it all up.

Christopher: Really? I'll have to thank him in the morning. You guys really do spoil me.

Me: That's what we're here for.

I leaned in and gave him a deep open-mouth kiss letting my tongue taste the lingering taste of Ahkmed mixed with the taste of my special little guy.

Christopher: I love kissing you Papa. You kiss really good.

Me: Thanks. You know what else I do really good?

Christopher: What?

Me: this!

With that I jumped on top of him and unleashed an epic tickle fight.