fiction by Sean O'Malley
Nate had had a long day. What had begun at 8 o'clock this morning was just ending at 10PM as he drove into the circular driveway at our condo building. The valet, a sweet Russian kid named Stivel, ran out and took the car from Nate driving it into the garage with the usual speed associated with valets and NASCAR drivers. Nate made his way into the building looking for Ahkmed but found that he was nowhere to be seen. He walked to the elevator and saw the door just about to close.

Nate: Hold it, please!

He yelled out and miraculously the door reopened just for him. As he entered the elevator car he noticed Ahkmed standing there looking handsome in his burgundy and gold uniform.

Ahkmed: Hello Mr. Nate. I am happy to hold the door for you.

Nate: Thanks Ahkmed. Where are you headed to tonight?

Ahkmed: Just up to 47 to get a package from Mrs. Parker.

The door slowly shut on them and their conversation. Nate was feeling rather randy after his long day and the 3 lattes he had had just before 9. He stood in the back of the car and checked out Ahkmed from the back. "Not a bad looking man at all" he thought. "Should I go for it?" He pondered this question long and hard as he watched the elevator readout go up floor by floor. Around 35 he made his move.

He dropped his backpack to the floor and scooted in front of Ahkmed, who was standing in front of the controls, brushing up against him in the process. He scanned the buttons and pushed the one marked STOP. The elevator came to a gradual halt around floor 40. Nate turned around to face the taller and much broader man.

Ahkmed: What are you doing Mr. Nate?

Nate: Ahkmed, Chris told me all about you and I think I need to see it for myself.

He ran his hand up Ahkmed's uniformed leg until it reached his crotch where he cupped his hand and gave the man's package a gentle squeeze.

Nate: I wanna feel it...I wanna touch it...I wanna...

He stuck out his tongue and licked the man's bearded cheek then put his pursed lips to his ear and whispered.

Nate: ...taste it.

Ahkmed's hands instinctively went to his belt, which he undid and opened. He then undid his pants and pulled down the zipper all the while looking Nate right in the eyes. Nate's hand left the man's crotch and grabbed his pants dropping them to the floor. Nate took his hand and rubbed Ahkmed's cock and balls through the thin layer of cotton while he jammed his tongue into his mouth.

The two men kissed for a long time while Nate slowly felt Ahkmed's cock expanding and hardening. Nate grabbed the man's underwear and pulled them down to his knees freeing his 8-inch flaccid cock in the process. Nate broke the kiss and gasped at the sight of Ahkmed's giant monster cock.

Nate: It's as big as mine and you're not even hard yet! Chris wasn't kidding about you mister.

Ahkmed smiled and pulled Nate back to his mouth. Nate's hands grabbed and massaged Ahkmed's cock, pulling and teasing it as it grew to its full size and hardened pointing straight up between them.

Ahkmed: Why don't you suck on it Mr. Nate.

He put his strong hands on Nate's shoulders and pushed him gently to his knees. His large cock leveled out pointing straight out from his body and directly at Nate's mouth. Nate opened as wide as he could and managed to get the swelled head into his mouth. He took his tongue and swirled it around the intruder and sucked as hard as he could all the while running his lips over the massive flange. It was the biggest and best jawbreaker he had ever sucked on.

As he sucked and played with his cock, Nate's hands wandered around back where he groped and squeezed Ahkmed's deliciously hairy ass. His fingers ran up and down the hairy crack searching for his sweetspot but to no avail. Still the feel of the two hard orbs of muscle were arousing to Nate and he could feel his own erection beginning to ache in his jeans.

Suddenly Ahkmed took his cock from Nate's mouth and pulled the boy to his feet.

Ahkmed: I think it is your turn now.

Ahkmed dropped to his knees and undid Nate's jeans, unzipping them and pulling them to his knees. Nate hadn't worn any underwear that day so his erection, all 9-inches of it, popped out and hit Ahkmed in the cheek smearing a bit of pre-cum in his beard. Ahkmed took one finger and grabbed the goo from his cheek and brought it to his mouth sucking it in and smiling up at Nate the whole time.

Ahkmed: You taste very good Nate, just like your little brother.

Ahkmed took Nate into his mouth and deep throated his whole cock until Nate's pubes mixed with his own beard. He opened his throat and massaged Nate's cockhead sending waves of pleasure throughout the boy's body. Ahkmed continued to do this for what seemed like an eternity--he was a very skilled cock sucker after all. Nate leaned back against the wall of the elevator and swooned as the man blew him hard. Then, with the swirl of his tongue, it was over. Ahkmed let Nate's cock fall from his mouth and he stood back up.

The two engaged in another long, deep kiss. Nate loved the feel of Ahkmed's beard brushing against his face. Ahkmed pulled away.

Ahkmed: I want you to fuck me Mr. Nate right here, right now.

He stared Nate right in the eyes as he said this. (Ahkmed had a very intense gaze that both thrilled and scared Nate.) Nate stared back and kind of nodded not expecting this. Ahkmed turned around to face the back of the elevator and pushed his underwear to the ground. He spread his legs as wide as he could and gave his ass a loud slap. He looked up and saw Nate in the mirrored wall of the elevator standing behind him. He put his strong hand on his ass and pulled his cheeks apart.

Ahkmed: I'm all yours Mr. Nate.

Nate licked his lips and walked behind the large man. Now that Ahkmed had pulled his cheeks apart finding his sweetspot was no problem. Nate took his middle finger and circled the man's hole before plunging it into him and fingering him in and out. Ahkmed's reflection was one of ecstasy and Nate knew it would only get better.

Nate dropped to his knees and licked Ahkmed's asshole getting it ready for his cock to enter. The big man moaned loudly as Nate's tongue circle his tight hole and finally pushed in deeply. Nate proceeded to tongue fuck Ahkmed for a few minutes getting him nice and lubed.

When he knew he was ready, Nate stood up. He lined himself up with Ahkmed's asshole and in one quick motion inserted all nine inches of himself deep into the Arab's gut getting a loud gasp from Ahkmed and a tingling sensation in his cock as the man's ass adjusted to the intruder. Nate took his hands and put them on Ahkmed's large muscular shoulders grabbing at the rockhard flesh that mounded there. He loved the feel of muscle and Ahkmed had it to spare. He withdrew his cock slowly letting the man feel every inch of him before he pushed back in. Slowly he established a rhythm where each thrust was met by Ahkmed pushing back to meet him.

The two men fucked like this for a good ten minutes. Ahkmed was the first to cum, his giant cock spraying jism like a firehose all over the mirrored wall of the elevator. Nate saw this and got very close himself. He pulled out of Ahkmed and with a few pulls of his cock shot his load onto the same mirrored wall. When it was all done the wall was dripping with cum and the two men just looked at each other and smiled. Then they got on their knees and licked the wall clean stopping mid-lick to feed some of the cum to the other and kiss. In a few minutes they had managed to clean off the whole wall and they began to get dressed.

Ahkmed: You are a very good fucker Mr. Nate.

Nate: If you think I'm good you should try Chris sometime.

Ahkmed: Do you fuck with your little brother?

Nate: I let him do me sometimes. He's very good at it.

Ahkmed: Yes, there is nothing quite like being fucked by a boy.

Nate: So you know then.

Ahkmed: Oh yes many times.

Nate: Well you'll have to come for dinner and playtime again.

Ahkmed: Thank you I would be honored.

Finally dressed, Nate pressed the START button on the elevator and they were off again. Floor 47 came and Ahkmed said goodbye and got off.

Nate made it home around 11PM. The house was very quiet. He set down his stuff in the entryway and headed for the kitchen. I heard the rustling and left my office to see who was up.

Me: Hey Nate. Long day huh?

Nate: Yeah it was. I had to stay late at the library to research some stuff. Then I bumped into Ahkmed and we talked for awhile.

Me: Don't work yourself too hard. We miss you around here you know.

Nate: You do?

Me: Of course we do. You're part of our family.

I walked over to him and we embraced. He gave me a little kiss on my neck.

Me: You know I love you son.

Nate: I know Papa.

We said goodnight and I went back into my office. Nate went down the hall toward his room but instead stopped and looked in on his little brother. He was fast asleep. Nate went into Christopher's room and sat on the edge of his bed. He reached out and stroked his brother's sandy hair. Slowly he woke up.

Nate: Hey Chris. Long time no see.

Christopher: Hey Nate. Where have you been?

Nate: Just late at school. Oh and I had a little meeting with Ahkmed in the elevator.

Christopher's eyes widened and he sat up against the headboard.

Christopher: What kind of meeting? Did you see it?

Nate: Yeah I saw it all right. You were right it's HUGE!

Christopher got a big smile on his face and he chuckled a little.

Nate: He let me suck it.

Christopher: It was too big for me but I bet you could handle it.

Nate: It's pretty big bro, it's hard to handle. But he let me fuck him too.

Christopher: Really what was that like?

Nate: It was awesome. And guess what?

Christopher: What?

Nate: He said he likes boys like you to fuck him.

Christopher: Really?

Nate: You think you got it in ya little brother?

Christopher: I think I'd like to fuck that hairy ass. It's hairy isn't it?

Nate: The dude's covered with hair everywhere and his muscles are awesome!

Christopher: Now you got me all horny Nate.

Nate smiled at his little brother and massaged his naked chest and stomach a little with his big hand. He looked down at Christopher's boxers.

Nate: Looks like you're goin' camping little bro.

Christopher: Why do you say that?

Nate: Cause you're pitchin' a tent in your boxers.

Christopher laughed a little forced laugh and tossed his head from side to side. Nate hooked his fingers under the waist of his little brother's boxers and pulled them off freeing his small erection in the process and leaving the boy completely nude. Nate reached out and grabbed his brother's cock and started jacking it.

Nate: You've got a beautiful piece here little bro.

Christopher smiled his big toothy grin and beamed a little at Nate. Nate let go of his brother's penis and bent down with his tongue out and licked it from the base to the small swelled head.

Christopher: I love when you do that Nate.

Nate listened and licked it 3 or 4 more times with his big flat tongue. A small drop of pre-cum appeared on the tip of Christopher's cock and Nate leaned over and kissed it getting his lips wet in the process. He then leaned over to Christopher and kissed his soft lips spreading the goo between them. Both boys stopped and licked their lips tasting the younger boy's tasty juice.

Nate: You taste mighty good little brother. I could drink you all night.

Christopher: I'm all yours.

Christopher laid his head back on his pillows and put his hands behind his head as he watched his big brother go down on his cock. He slid up and down so slowly each motion made Christopher wild inside. In just a couple minutes he could feel himself getting ready to come. He put his small hand on Nate's head and held him down on his cock as his juice gushed forth into his big brother's mouth. Nate savored and swallowed each drop of the sweet nectar.

Nate: Thanks little bro I needed that. You think you can sleep now?

Christopher: Will you lay with me until I fall asleep?

Nate: Of course Chris. Slide over.

Christopher slid over Nate laid down next to him cuddling him in his strong arms. He turned to his little brother and kissed him on the top of his head.

Nate: Night little bro.

Christopher: Night Nate.