fiction by Sean O'Malley
It was August and back-to-school time was rapidly approaching so Christopher and I tried to do something fun everyday to make the most of our days together. This morning we were discussing our plans for the day over our usual breakfast of Fruit Loops.

Me: So what should we do today little guy?

Christopher: I wanna go ride the coaster on top of the Stratosphere again. We haven't done that in like a month.

Me: The Stratosphere huh? Are you sure you wouldn't rather go see The Jonas Brothers Live?

Christopher: Are they in town now?!?

Me: No. But I wish they were. That coaster scares the bejesus out of me.

Christopher laughed at my admission of fright.

Christopher: Oh, Papa you're funny. But really we're going to see The Jonas Brothers when they come to town right?

Me: You know it. Tell you what I'll go on the coaster if you promise to hold my hand but make it look like I'm holding your hand and you're the scared one.

Christopher: It's a deal!

An hour later Christopher and I were in the elevator making the long trip back to ground level. He took his small hand and grabbed mine.

Christopher: It's OK Papa. It's all over now.

Me: Thank god for that!

Christopher: I think you're just about the greatest Papa ever!

Me: Why is that little guy?

Christopher: Because you go on that ride even though you're scared of it just for me.

Me: Well, anything for my little guy, you know that.

I leaned over and gave him a little peck on the lips. Give the security guys something to talk about.

Me: How about we go get you some new school clothes now.

Christopher: Don't you have that appointment to move the furniture?

Me: Not until 3, we have plenty of time.

We made it to the ground and hopped in a cab over to the mall. We went to one of the finer department stores and headed for the young men's section. Christopher was going to a new private school this fall so we just had to buy him clothes that matched his uniform of khaki pants, a light blue oxford shirt and a navy blue blazer. The blazer was provided by the school and had a nice gold emblem on the pocket, very official looking.

I found the khakis and the oxford shirts and we headed into the dressing rooms. Christopher stood there waiting for me to undress him as he knew I loved to do just that. I knelt down and grabbed his t-shirt and pulled it over his head exposing that perfect boy torso that I had come to love so much. I ran my hand over his smooth chest and stomach and down to his shorts where I unbuttoned them and let them drop over his legs to the floor. He had his favorite red briefs on today and I ran my hand lightly over his crotch feeling his soft cock and balls. He stepped out of his shorts and I put them on the chair in the room. I untied each of his shoes and had him step out of those as well. Just for kicks I took off his socks too so I could see his perfect little feet and toes.

Christopher stood there in front of me like the most perfect little man I had ever seen. I could have looked at him forever just like that, but we had work to do. I grabbed the khakis from the hanger and held them out for him to stop into. He grabbed my shoulders to steady himself as he stepped into the pants. I pulled them up to his waist and left them open letting my hand brush against his crotch again in the process. I then grabbed the shirt, unbuttoned it and pulled it over his moderately broad shoulders and onto his arms. I buttoned it and tucked it into his pants copping yet another feel and feeling my own cock getting hard in my shorts as I fastened his pants.

Christopher turned around and looked at himself in the mirror. The expression on his face was one of extreme joy and pride and it brought a tear to my eye.

Christopher: I look great Papa! Really great!

Me: You look like a little man. My little man.

Christopher did a little dance around the dressing room which consisted of him mainly shaking his butt and pumping his arms.

Christopher: Can we get these clothes?

Me: Are you kidding? We're gonna get you a bunch of these clothes you look so great.

He turned around and hugged me tight and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I undressed him and put him back in his shorts and t-shirt and we headed to the register to pay. On the way we passed a huge Jonas Brothers display and Christopher saw a snowglobe that he just had to have. When you shook it the brothers were covered with floating glitter--it was actually pretty cool. He picked up the box and we paid for his clothes and the globe.

As we were walking around the mall Christopher remembered that he needed a jockstrap for gym class so we located the sporting goods store and went in. We found the athletic supporters and got the right size and purchased that as well. That we thought we would wait to try on at home and see how it fit there. After all that it was around 2:30 so we hopped in another cab and headed for home.

Arriving at the building we ran into Stivel (which was pronounced Steev-il) the valet/handy man who had agreed to help me move some furniture around the condo. It was near 3 by then and he was off work so he came upstairs with us. I had a couch that needed moved from the den to the spare bedroom and Stivel was just the strong young man I needed to help me. We arrived at our place and Christopher went into his room to put all of his new things away.

I showed Stivel to the den and to the couch that I needed moved. It was a rather large leather couch and I hoped it wasn't too heavy for him. He was 18-years-old and had a tight wirey build so I couldn't tell how strong he actually was--until he lifted his half of the couch with no problem and stood there waiting for me to grab my end. We lifted it and made our way down the hallway to the spare bedroom and put it against the empty wall. I asked him if he could help me with a chair too and he agreed most kindly.

Having moved all the furniture I had I paid him for his time and asked him if he wanted a beer. He said "Sure" and we sat in the living room overlooking the desert. He sat in the chair opposite of the couch where I was. He looked awfully sexy in his tight jeans and tighter white t-shirt clinging to his muscular torso. We made small talk for a few minutes mostly about where he was from, Russia, and how he liked living in America. Our conversation was interrupted by the sound of Christoper running down the hallway. He emerged into the living room in just his jockstrap and the new black tennis shoes we had just bought for him. The sexiness level in the room got a whole lot higher.

Christopher: Papa, look! ...oh I thought you were done working.

Me: We are little guy. We're just having a beer and talking. Come join us if you want to.

Stivel couldn't take his eyes off of Christopher in his jock and shoes, the rest of him totally bare. Christopher walked over to the couch and jumped up on my lap placing the orbs of his ass squarely on my rockhard cock. I placed my hands on Christopher's knees and slowly let them trail up his legs until they almost reached his crotch then I'd send them back down again. Stivel watched with big eyes as he talked about Russia and how he came to America and his family and such. I could tell he was getting turned on as his pants seemed to be getting tighter and tighter in the crotch area.

As I started talking about something I watched as Stivel let his hand drop on his crotch and start to gently rub his erection as he watched me rubbing Christopher's naked legs. I decided to "up the ante" and let one of my hands wander under his jock and cop a feel of his hard little cock. Stivel sucked in his breath at the sight of this--a father groping his nearly naked son. Christopher smiled and licked his lips as he watched Stivel getting all hot and bothered. I put my lips to Christopher's ear.

Me: Why don't you go sit on Stivel's lap for awhile.

Christopher: OK, Papa.

Christopher got up and gave me a perfect view of his naked ass as he walked across the room to Stivel and sat on his lap, rubbing that same flawless ass against the Russian boy's erection. Stivel's hands immediately landed on Christopher's legs and he rubbed my boy from knee to crotch moving his hands quickly up and down those long legs. I unzipped my shorts and removed my cock as I watched the sight. Christopher squirmed with delight at Stivel's touch and ground his ass hard against the boy's crotch. It was the sexiest lap dance I had ever seen.

Suddenly, Christopher jumped up, spun around and knelt on the chair on either side of Stivel's legs. He grabbed his jock and pulled it down below his balls letting his hard cock slap up against his belly. He then reached down and removed Stivel's tight t-shirt pulling it over his head and dropping it to the floor. Stivel wasted no time and took Christopher's cock into his mouth sucking it all in and working at it with his talented tongue. I got up and walked over to the side of the chair. Stivel saw me and grabbed my cock in his hand and started jacking me back and forth. After a few seconds he pulled off of Christopher and took my much bigger cock into his mouth, sucking it al in and licking it all around.

I leaned over and kissed Christopher passionately as Stivel went between our cocks jacking and sucking them with utter precision. Christopher began to buck and moan as Stivel jacked him off with his mouth and in seconds was shooting his sweet load into the Russian boy's waiting mouth. You could see the smile on Stivel's face as he tasted the sweet cum.

Once he had finished Stivel dedicated himself to my cock opening his throat and taking my 8 inches skillfully. Christopher jumped off the chair and onto the floor where he unbuttoned Stivel's jeans and let loose his hard cock slapping against his even harder abs. Christopher dove onto the fat six incher pulling back the foreskin and taking almost all of it into his small mouth. Stivel pulled off of my cock and let out a loud moan as his cock disappeared down my boy's throat.

Stivel: Oh, fuck yeah! Take it little man!

Me: That's it Christopher, show him what you can do.

Christopher started sucking off Stivel like a hungry little boy, moving his tight lips up and down the hard pole. Stivel returned to me and took me into his mouth and down his throat again. I grabbed the back of his coarsely haired head and held him as I started to rhythmically fuck his sweet face. He held still in my grasp as I entered and withdrew from his wet mouth. Christopher managed to get almost all of Stivel's throbbing cock into his mouth and showed his tongue skills to the young Russian boy. Stivel's moans were stifled by my cock but I could feel his throat vibrating on my cock as he struggled to moan and grunt.

Eventually I pulled out and he let out the loudest moan combined with a howl just as he started to pump my boy's mouth full of his tangy Russian cum. I couldn't see for sure but he seemed to pump 7 or 8 shots deep down Christopher's throat. At the same time I pumped my cock and shot my heavy load onto Stivel's muscular chest and abs. My cum mixed with his sweat and glistened all over the boy's hard body.

Christopher managed to swallow it all without a problem. He pulled off of Stivel and stood up, his hard cock still pointing straight up. He stuffed himself back into his jock and went and sat down on the couch. I pulled up my shorts and repositioned myself in my underwear. Stivel sat there spent and covered in my cum, the light dancing off his sopped body.

Me: There's a shower just down the hall you can use.

Stivel: Thank you Toby. I think I will. You two make quite the team.

Christopher looked over at me and smiled. I took my place next to Christopher on the couch as Stivel got up and went down the hall to the bathroom. I grabbed Christopher and pulled him back onto my lap.

Me: Give me one of those sexy lap dances I saw you giving over there.

Christopher: What do you mean? What dance?

Me: You know where you rub your butt all over a guy's crotch.

Christopher: Like this?

We heard the water start to run just as Christopher started giving me his special lap dance, rubbing his hard butt all over my crotch. I placed my hands back on his inner thighs and started rubbing his legs. I was already hard again.

Me: I think we're gonna have to get you another jockstrap for school.

Christopher: Another one? Why?

Me: I think we're gonna wear this one out before school even starts.